Why Did I Do It

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The invitation came as something of a surprise. Sarah had worked at the office for the last three years but we hadn’t really had much to do with each other. Her wedding was coming up and she was having a hen party. Wendy delivered the invitation to me and said that she hoped I’d come.

When I opened the invitation and saw what it was I immediately told Wendy that I didn’t think I would go, citing the age difference between myself and the rest of the women as the reason. I am in my fifties, Wendy is not quite forty but the rest of the women are in their twenties. I thought they could get a bit wild, as young women seem to do nowadays, and I didn’t want my presence to hold them back from enjoying themselves.

It sounded as if there were about thirty women going to be there. One of them, Julie, lived with her parents in an opulent house in the Surrey countryside. Her parents would be away in America so the hen party was to be held in the ballroom at the house. The fact that the house was big enough to have a ballroom tempted me to go as I’d never been in a private house of that sort of size.

Eventually it became apparent that I was the only hold-out from the office. Wendy tried to persuade me that I should go by saying that they were organising some male strippers but that made me even more uncertain about the wisdom of going along.

With only a week to go I finally gave in to the peer pressure and agreed. I warned them that I wouldn’t be drinking much because of the need to drive home but that was when Wendy explained that everyone else was planning on staying over and that, really, I should do the same. I told her I would consider it.

All that week I was unsure what I would do but when I got dressed to go I found myself packing an overnight bag too. I told myself it was “just in case” and because I didn’t want to be seen as the office fuddy-duddy. I ‘phoned Wendy and told her that I had decided to stay over after all. She said that in that case we might as well go together and that she would pick me up and drive us the 30 miles or so to the house.

It had been a while since I had been to a hen party and I hadn’t ever seen a male strip revue so I was slightly nervous as I waited for Wendy to collect me. I found myself imagining the young fake-tanned and shapely bodies of the strippers and wondered how I’d react to seeing them in the flesh. I assumed there’d be two strippers and I smiled as I remembered the film The Full Monty and wondered whether there show would end with the same denouement as the film, i.e. with their thongs being thrown to us ladies.

I the middle of the afternoon Wendy’s car pulled onto my drive. I collected my overnight bag, set the burglar alarm and jumped into the passenger seat of the car. Wendy was a married mother of two who had been working with me for at least 10 years. We had been to quite a few works parties and had bumped into each other a few times on nights out but this was the first time we had arranged to socialise together.

As I joined her in the car I noticed that, like me, she had elected to dress casually but smart in a light coloured blouse and jeans. We exchanged brief compliments on each others’ appearances then we were on our way. The traffic being what it was on a Saturday afternoon, it was almost an hour later that Wendy pulled up in front of some elaborate wrought iron gates. Wendy lowered the driver’s window and smiled at the camera and the gates immediately opened to let us through.

The drive from the gates to the house seemed to take a long time but it was probably less than a minute before Wendy parked alongside a dozen or so other cars in a gravelled area around the side of the house.

We climbed out of the car, collected our bags and made our way to the front door, where we were greeted by a girl I knew as Elaine.

“Wendy, Sue, at last.” She slurred slightly. “We were wondering when you’d arrive. We’ve had a glass of wine or two to start things off but the party won’t really get going until this evening. Follow me.”

Wendy and I followed Elaine down a hallway towards a room from which I could hear music playing and the general background noise of women talking and laughing. As we walked through the door I was taken aback by the size of the room. To my left about 30 feet away was a slightly raised stage with a set of steps leading up to it. To my right about 10 feet away was a curtained off area that stretched across the full width of the room. I assumed that was going to be the changing area for the strippers later in the evening.

All of the women were gathered around drinking mostly wine but one or two looked like they had started on the cocktails already. After a quick round of hellos and a welcoming drink everybody headed off to their rooms to freshen up and prepare for the evening.

At approximately 6.30 I made my way back to the ballroom – I only took one wrong turning on my way down – and grabbed some nibbles and a drink from the buffet that had been laid out at one side of the room.

I had stuck with my blouse and jeans so eskort gaziantep that I wouldn’t be too bothered about any drinks or food spillages but I thought I looked pretty good. I wasn’t “in competition” with any of the women but I didn’t want to look like the “dowdy aunt”.

Of course the evening started properly with us giving Sarah a few gag gifts such as lotions, creams, cuffs, suspenders and so on. One of the women had presented her with a somewhat oversized dildo and someone also gave her a set of ben-wa balls. When I saw those my mind drifted back to a time when an ex had given a set to me and I seemed to spend the next three months with them inside of me for most of each weekend, with brief respites when they were teasingly withdrawn and re-inserted.

Recalling that time of my life gave me a nice feeling and when Wendy nudged me and asked me what I was thinking about I felt myself blushing. She burst out laughing saying that I would have to tell her about it later.

The party noise gradually increased and then Julie walked up onto the stage, dragging our attention in that direction. Someone else turned the lights off then some raunchy music started playing.

I was slightly surprised to see ten very hunky men walk onto the stage and stand in a line behind Julie. Julie then introduced them as the evening’s entertainment then ran quickly off the stage and joined us all in the main area of the room.

As soon as Julie left the stage then men shuffled their positions then started moving in time with the music. I have to say that they were all in very good shape. They were well choreographed with half of them moving to the front of the stage and removing an item of clothing, then the other half replacing them. That meant that we all had plenty of time to savour their torsos and thighs as they were slowly revealed.

After about fifteen minutes they were down to their thongs and the women were pretty loud chanting “Take them off! Take them off”! I found myself drawn into the game, chanting along with everyone else and clapping my hands.

The men made their way off the stage and stood in front of the women, shaking their hips and flexing their muscles. I was very surprised when one of them stopped in front of me and I found myself staring at what looked like a nice size package sheathed in a very thin covering.

I was even more surprised when he reached down and took hold of my hands. I nervously looked around and saw that the other men were doing the same with other women. He opened my hands and moved closer, his hips and groin mesmerising me as they undulated in front of me. My hands touched his thighs and with only a little encouragement my fingers started stroking his hot flesh.

The next thing I knew he was guiding my hands together over his groin. Just as my fingers made contact with the material covering his cock he turned 180 degrees so that I was stroking his smooth bum cheeks. By instinct I clenched my hands so that I raked his bum with my nails. He jumped slightly but then pushed back against my hands.

With the encouragement of everyone else I was digging my fingers into his cheeks, massaging them. I wanted to lean forward and bite them but just couldn’t bring myself to go that far. After a few minutes of that treatment he turned to face me and my hands were, once again, achingly close to his cock. He again took hold of my hands and this time looped my fingers in the bits of material either side of his bulge.

As the current song ended he held my hands then stepped back suddenly, causing the thong to come away from his groin wrapped around my fingers. It was obviously only loosely held together because it fell away from him completely and I found myself looking at a very healthy cock. Not too long but quite thick and with a nicely shaped head. It seemed to be semi-erect but its constant bobbing and shaking due to him dancing around made it difficult to tell.

I reached forward to take it in my hands but he stayed just out of reach. Suddenly he turned away and, together with the rest of the men, walked back towards the stage. The noise from the women was incredible but I was silent as I looked at the line of quite well-endowed young men standing in front of the stage.

For some reason I had a reality check. I realised that I had almost been drawn into going what I thought would have been “too far”. I couldn’t believe how close I’d come to stroking a stranger’s cock in front of my work friends. I turned to the table to take a drink and recover, and Wendy and the other women in my group were looking at me and smiling. Wendy mouthed a “Wow!” then our attention was drawn back to the stage.

Julie was standing at the centre of the line.

“Well girls, aren’t these lovely?” she said as her hands were stroking the thighs of the men either side of her. As we watched the men adjusted their positions slightly and her hands were suddenly on their cocks. There was an audible sigh throughout the room as she started stroking them.

“Mmm, play gaziantep eskort bayan time!” she called and the other men headed back out onto the main floor and walked amongst the women. I watched as several women began to suck on their cocks as they strutted their bodies in front of us. The one who I had exposed was one of the two who Julie had been stroking and I was surprised to feel a tinge of jealousy at Julie’s good fortune.

I looked around the room and saw one of the women already being stripped down by a young hunk. Then I realised it was the bride to be, Sarah. The women next to her were watching with such lustful expressions that I wondered just how the stripper was going to cope with them.

A few minutes later two of the strippers had made their way over to my group. The woman I’d always thought of as one of the wildest at work, Helen, immediately took one stripper’s cock into her mouth. I might not have been surprised at that but I was certainly taken aback when I turned in the other direction to see Wendy going to town on the other’s cock. I had never imagined Wendy would behave like that, especially in public, but there she was, working over the guy’s cock while her hands were glued to his bum, holding him still.

I noticed that three of the women, including Sarah, were now being fucked by the strippers and it looked as if Wendy was about to be next. Wendy continued to suck his cock hard as I tried to move my chair away from the action to give them space. Wendy had been working the man’s cock for about 5 minutes when he began to pull her shirt up over her breasts. He groped at her exposed flesh as Wendy sucked even harder on his cock.

I turned back to the stage and saw Julie standing on the stage itself as the two whose cocks she had been stroking began to strip her clothes off her. Julie’s boobs were spectacular, although I suspected that they had been “enhanced”. She was now topless and she knelt down in between two studs and started to suck on each of their cocks.

As the sound of sex increased I looked back towards my friend Wendy, who was now standing with her top fully exposed and the stripper stood right behind her. Wendy turned herself so that she was leaning against our table grinding her hips back and across the stripper’s groin. He reached around, loosened her belt and opened her jeans. Then in no time at all Wendy’s jeans were down around her knees and the stripper pressed high on her back to bend her over the table.

The stripper hesitated slightly and said something. I saw Wendy nod then the stripper reached down between them. He ripped off her thong, placed the head of his cock at her entrance and then pushed forward quickly. I heard Wendy groan out loud as the stripper began to fuck her hard over the table. He fucked her hard for several minutes, his balls meeting her bum on every thrust, as Wendy’s pleasure and groaning increased. I think she had at least two orgasms as he pounded away. Then after a third shook her body she just flopped forward onto the table breathing deeply.

The stripper took that as a signal to withdraw. I thought he had come in Wendy but he was still erect and his angry looking cock was suddenly pointed in my direction. Despite the horniness I was feeling I just wasn’t ready the lick my friend’s juices off his cock so I turned him away and pushed him in the direction of another group of the women.

As his bum headed away from me I wondered why I had really done that. Was I still shy at revealing my passion and arousal in front of these women?

Wendy, in the meantime, eased herself slowly up off the table and pulled her jeans back up, momentarily looking for her thong. She spotted the now useless garment on the floor by her feet. She just kicked it away under the table then staggered to her chair where she just flopped down and sighed deeply. She had that sparkly look that confirmed that she had definitely orgasmed several times on the young strippers cock.

I looked back towards the stage and Julie was still there. She was now totally undressed as she rode on top of one stripper’s cock whilst “my” stripper’s cock was being eased in and out of her mouth. As I watched Julie was moved onto all fours in the middle of the stage. The stripper she had been astride began to fuck her hard from behind while she continued to suck the cock of the other.

My mouth was feeling dry so I moved to the table at the side of the room and grabbed another drink. I could feel myself becoming more interested in proceedings but was still determined not to succumb. As I returned to my seat I was compelled to watch Julie being well and truly fucked on the stage. Both men suddenly withdrew and their cum spurted almost in unison over her bum and her face.

Julie had made her way slowly back to the table with a smile on her face. She had found her top and skirt and had put them back on for the moment. My mind was in a whirl. Seeing Julie and Wendy fucked was playing with my mind. I was taken aback at just how quickly the gaziantep eskort strip show had developed into a sex party.

About 30 minutes later the stripper who had fucked Wendy walked back over to my group. He whispered in Wendy’s ear and she got up and walked towards the curtained area at the back of the room with him. I’m sure my mouth gaped open and my eyes were wide as I watched them part the curtains and disappear.

Almost 15 minutes later Wendy returned. Her blouse only had one button fastened and she was carrying her jeans. Her hair was a complete mess as she tried to work what looked like cum out of it. “Sue, you have to go back there. He is good! He fucked the hell out of me!”

I adopted my best school ma’am tone and said “No, not me. What were you thinking? You are married!”

Her reply was pretty blunt. “So what? I need fun every now and then. What happens here stays here! Seriously, though, you ought to try it! There’s no doubt you would enjoy it!”

I looked around the room again. The bride to be, Sarah, now had a cock embedded in her mouth and two of the women at her table were in a tight embrace. As Sarah sucked on his cock the stripper reached down and pulled her top up over her breasts. He felt her breasts and played with her nipples as Sarah continued to suck on his cock. A few minutes later the stripper yanked his cock out of Sarah’s mouth and began to cum all over her small breasts.

I turned in the other direction and saw that Janet had a cock in her mouth. Julie had disappeared and I wondered if she was getting fucked again by one of the strippers in the relative privacy of the curtained off area.

I realised that I was probably the only one who had not actually gotten fully involved with one of the strippers or another of the women, apart from when I removed “my” man’s thong. I watched as Janet was getting hot and heavy with her stripper when I felt a body sidle up to me. I turned my head and there in front of me was another fine specimen of manhood. My eyes drifted up to some tight abs but his cock and balls hung down only inches from my face. He started to move his hips and I was mesmerised by his swaying tool.

His cock waved around in front of my face. My mouth was getting drier but my tongue was licking my lips and there was definite moisture elsewhere. His cock disappeared as he turned around to show me his gorgeous ass. As he turned back and his cock almost hit my face I heard Wendy say, “Go on Sue. Why not try it!”

The stripper took her words as encouragement even though I hadn’t moved a muscle. He moved forward and straddled his body over me. He then pushed his semi erect cock up against my lips. My resistance gave way as I started to lick the head of his cock. A few minutes later his cock was fully inside my mouth and I had my hands on his bum cheeks. His cock was reaching the back of my mouth. I knew I couldn’t take any more.

I ran my tongue around and around the head until he withdrew it slightly then pushed forward again. I encouraged him with my hands and periodically groaned to send vibrations through his length.

He continued to fuck my mouth for several minutes the he bent down and whispered “I want you to finish me off!” Then he took his cock out of my mouth and reached down and pulled me off my chair. He led me to the curtained area. I followed him in a daze with Wendy’s encouraging “Yes, go for it!” echoing in my ears.

I saw him signal towards two other strippers and assumed he was just letting them know he was going to be busy. I was very surprised when they actually followed us through the curtain. I stood in the small curtained off area. I turned a full circle and found myself surrounded by three hunks. I couldn’t make my mind up about what I wanted to do next.

Effectively my mind was made up for me as their hands were all over me, stripping me of my blouse and bra. All three of them groped my breasts and tweaked my nipples causing pleasure to course through my body. Hands pressed gently on my shoulders and I was quickly kneeling whilst surrounded by three bobbing cocks. I began by sucking on one cock and taking the others one in each hand.

In a move that must have been choreographed they all suddenly stepped back move slightly and then stepped forward again. I was presented with a different cock for my mouth and my hands were again put to use stroking the “spares”. This process was regularly repeated. I would suck on one cock and stroke the other two and the strippers themselves decide when to shift position, moving around me to ensure they all got their fair share.

My mouth was beginning to ache a little when the first stripper took charge again, moving me over to and laying me down on the small bed. He hovered over me, gazing into my eyes.

My eyes didn’t leave his as I felt hands loosening and removing my jeans and panties. I lifted my hips off the bed to help with their removal then allowed my legs to part as he settled between them. I felt his cock at my entrance and he seemed to hold it there just teasing me. Our groins were moving towards each other and his cock settled between my lips. We continued to stare into each others’ eyes for a few more seconds then he eased his cock into my pussy. I moaned out loud as he bottomed out, his groin against mine, and then started fucking me. He started slowly then picked up speed, all the while staring right into my eyes.

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