Wife’s First BBC- Hubby Regret Pt. 04

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The Bull, The Wife, and The Sissy Cuck…

Friday evening had arrived, and Jessica was in high spirits as our friend Jhonas was visiting and sleeping over at our home. Jess had spent the entire day changing the bedding in both our room and the guest room and had also cooked a wonderful chicken curry for us all…what an incredible wife!

We had both received a text message from Jhonas at 5pm stating that he would arrive at our house around 7:30pm. Jessica in her enthusiastic state had decided to start getting ready from 4pm, washing her hair, re-painting her nails, shaving, showering, doing her makeup, and getting dressed!

Unlike Jessica’s war and peace, my process was far simpler! I had taken a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on some fresh clothing in 30 minutes, easy peasy! It was now 6:30pm and my wife had taken over our bedroom asking me not to enter as she wanted to make a grand entrance for me and Jhonas!

Jessica: “Andrew, I won’t be ready on time! Will you sort Jhonas out with drinks and snacks when he gets here?” She shouted through the closed bedroom door.

For the next hour, I waited patiently for Jhonas to pull up in his Mercedes, secretly praying that he would cancel on us. I was dreading the thought of greeting him at the door and our conversations becoming uncomfortable and stale! I felt my heart palpitating in panic as my mind replayed traumatic memories of Jessica and Jhonas…

…This is the man that dry fucked my wife on the dance floor, stoking his fingers against her wet pussy!

…This is the man that has been texting my wife and meeting with her alone!

…This is the man that Jessica wants to fuck, watching Big Dick porn to satisfy her needs!

…This is the man who is playing along with my wife’s fantasy, calling me a cuck out of disrespect!

…This is the man I watched flirting with my wife, as I was forced to wank and cum!

‘Oh shit!’ I thought as I sweated profusely with anxiety. I could feel my heart smashing against my chest, causing my legs to shake.

The terror had gotten the better of me, so I ran upstairs and banged on the bedroom door in utter distress and cowardice!

Me: “Jessica, I can’t do this!” I shouted through the bedroom door.

Me: “I feel humiliated and embarrassed, please call Jhonas and cancel tonight!” I said whilst begging my wife for some reassurance.

Jessica: “I’m not cancelling tonight!” She said sounding abrupt!

Jessica: “I’ll tell you what! Go stay in a B&B for the night honey, treat yourself!” She said with an empathetic tone.

‘What the fuck’ I thought! My wife would rather Jhonas stay the night, whilst her husband is forced to stay in a B&B.

Me: “Jess I’m not leaving my home! I’ll pay for Jhonas to stay in the B&B instead…just call it off!” I said firmly to her.

There was a moment of silence before I heard Jess walk and stand on the opposite side of the door to speak with me.

Jessica: “Jhonas is staying the night whether you like it or not!” She said assertively.

Me: “Jess why are you doing this to me?” I said in disbelief at her response.

Jessica: “You’re such a selfish arsehole! Our friend has travelled a long way to visit us, so he’s sleeping here, or you’re not!” She shouted aggressively.

Me: “And what if I refuse?” I stupidly asked.

Jessica: “You have two options…either my husband spends the night with me and Jhonas…or you’re out of the house!” She said aggressively, reminding me that I was disposable to her.

Me: “Okay…Okay baby…I’m just nervous that’s all. Please don’t kick me out of the house!” I said, begging and grovelling.

Me: “I’m just scared that the flirting between you and Jhonas will become something more! I don’t want my heart broken by the woman I love most in the world.” I pleaded to her.

Jessica: “It’s only flirt and nothing more you idiot! I won’t cheat on you, I’m not a whore Andrew!” she said sounding fed up with my whining.

The doorbell rang which startled me!

Jessica: “Get the door, that’s him! I’ll be down in 10.” She said excitedly.

I walked down the stairs and anxiously approached the front. My palms had started to sweat forcing me to wipe them on my jeans as I reached for the door handle.

I opened the door with a sincere smile on my face, only to be greeted by a large Black Man towering over me.

Jhonas: “Andrew…it’s a pleasure to see your face again, instead of perving from your car window!” He said laughing.

He was taller than I remembered, forcing me to look up at him! His physique was strong and muscular, like a professional bodybuilder or boxer. As he shook my hand he gripped it, asserting his alpha dominance, his hands were like shovels!

Jhonas was wearing a fitted pale blue shirt with the buttons undone beneath his chest, showing chiselled pectoral muscles. His biceps were aggressively big, showing their definition through the sleeves! He wore black tight chino pants which made his legs look massive, like a rugby player.

Me: “You look gaziantep escort smart Jhonas! I like your style!” I said admiring his presence.

Me: “You must go to the gym! Look at the size of you!” I said with praise.

Jhonas: “Yeah I hit the gym every day, chicks love the muscles! And I love the chicks!” he said whilst entering our house.

Jhonas: “Cosy place friend, very nice! Where’s the missus then?” He said looking around the living room.

Me: “She’ll be 10 minutes. She’s been getting ready since 4!” I said whilst rolling my eyes.

Jhonas: “It’s good to have a wife that makes an effort, it keeps the marriage fresh and exciting!”

Me: “Are you married?” I asked out of curiosity.

Jhonas: “Not a chance, I have my Iron in many fires and prefer it that way!” He said whilst turning to me.

Me: “By Iron do you mean jobs? Are you a businessman?” I asked showing interest.

Jhonas: “My Iron in many fires is a metaphor, the multiple women I sleep with being the fires!” He said laughing at my naivety.

Me: “The Iron being your…manhood?” I said whilst chuckling out of embarrassment.

Jhonas: “That’s exactly what I mean! Oh…and some advice from a man…never use the word manhood! Say things like dong, cock, and dick…just try to focus on sexier-sounding words…It will make Jess wet…trust me!”

I felt ridiculed as Jhonas classed himself as a man and left me out of the equation! How does he know what makes my wife wet, and what has Jess been discussing with him?

Me: “How do you know what makes my wife wet?” I said abruptly as my eyes showed signs of distrust and worry.

Jhonas: “Relax my buddy, I’m a sex therapist for couples, it’s my full-time job! I charge £160 an hour to fix people’s sex lives and save marriages.” He said showing off his expensive watch.

Jhonas: “Jess hasn’t told me anything so don’t worry, I’m just offering some advice!” He said smiling at me.

We sat down and drank together as Jhonas explained how long it had taken him to become a qualified Sex Therapist, bragging about how many marriages he had saved…this man was quite remarkable.

Eventually, our discussion led to Jhonas telling me that he cannot commit to any long-term relationships as a result of being diagnosed as a Satyriasis!

Me: “What’s that, Satyriasis?” I asked wondering if his condition was life-threatening.

Jhonas: “Don’t worry…It’s just the equivalent of a woman being diagnosed as a Nympho. It means that I have an excessively highl drive!” He said in a serious manner.

Me: “Really…? That exists?” I asked in shock.

Jhonas: “Just imagine having to empty your balls 8 times a day otherwise you’re stressed and can’t sleep!” He said whilst feeling sorry for himself.

Me: “I can’t begin to imagine! I only need to orgasm once a month!”

Jhonas: “You’re lucky my friend!” He said sincerely.

Me: “Have you pulled any women since visiting Middleborough?” I asked showing empathy for his condition.

Jhonas: “Unfortunately not! I’ve had 2 days of constant arousal and no relief! It feels like my testicles are swollen and bruised!” He said as he swigged a drink from his bottle.

Me: “You should masturbate to relieve them?” I asked thinking this was obvious!

Jhonas: “Absolutely not! That’s what women are for…cum loving whores, am I right!” He said smiling and raising an eyebrow.

Me: “I wish Jess loved cum…she hates it! She doesn’t want it in her or anywhere near her!” I said feeling sorry for myself.

Jhonas: “Seriously? Damn, that’s awful! I guess I’m lucky then, every woman I’ve met has begged for my cum!” He said staring at me in disbelief.

Jhonas was clearly assertive in the bedroom and understood how to make women submissive to him, a skill I do not possess. I envied him, this man was everything I wish I could be, dark, handsome, charming, seductive, authoritative, and dominant!

Me: “I wish I was more like you! Jess wouldn’t be able to resist me.” I said openly to him.

Jhonas: “Thank you Andrew, I appreciate your compliment. I guess women love me because I’m a dominant alpha male, whereas you’re very submissive and weak!” He said in a serious tone.

Me: “What can I do about it?” I asked him, hoping Jhonas would guide me to being an alpha male.

Jhonas: “Nothing my friend, just accept it. Use it to your advantage and enjoy watching your wife flirt with real men.” He said, believing his words were comforting me.

Jhonas: “Like today for example…You sat in your car wanking over your wife flirting with me!” He said whilst grinning at me.

Jhaonas: “On that note…You should be thanking me! It took all my willpower to resist your wife at the coffee shop…She looked smoking hot!” He said laughing.

Me: “…Thank you!” I said nervously, did I just thank a man for resisting his sexual urges towards my wife?

Me: “I’d also like to apologise for watching you with my wife, that was insecurity on my part!” I said feeling ashamed of my actions

Jhonas: “Dude, Jessica loved it! As a sex therapist, I meet lots of adventurous couples who enjoy watching their partners flirt with other people!” He said with enthusiasm.

Jhonas: “A submissive husband watching me flirt with his wife was highly arousing if I’m honest, so take that as a compliment.” He said chuckling at me.

We stopped our conversation as we heard the bedroom door open above us and eagerly awaited as Jessica headed towards the stairs.

Jessica: “I’m ready boys!” She said whilst posing at the top of the stairs. She had placed her back against the wall and slowly lowered into a squatting position…as she descended, her hands moved over her breasts and between her cleavage…stroking down her stomach and against her pussy, eventually moving them between her legs…then spreading them apart!

Jhonas: “You’re a lucky man Andrew!” He quietly muttered to me as he began to clap at my wife’s erotic performance.

Jessica confidently strutted down the stairs in black stripper heels. She was wearing a slutty red dress which was extremely short and tight, leaving nothing to the imagination! Down each side of her dress were inch-wide horizontal gaps which showed off her outer breasts and thick thighs.

Her boobs were begging to be released as they bounced against one another with every step she took…Jess looked like a porn star!

Jessica: “What do you think gentlemen?” She asked whilst spinning around on the spot.

Me: “You look magnificent Jessica!” I said feeding her ego.

Jessica acknowledged my compliment with a wink and then turned her attention to Jhonas.

Jhonas: “The things I’d do if you were single!” He said looking at my wife whilst biting his lower lip.

After hearing Jhonas make this compliment, I felt relieved that Jessica was married and devoted to me.

Jessica totted over to Jhonas and threw herself into his arms as he lifted her several feet into the air.

Jessica: “Andrew…Look! Have you seen how strong this man is? Look at his physique!” She said as Jhonas placed her gently on her feet.

How could I argue with her logic, even I was jealous of this man’s God like body!

Me: “He’s a giant Jess!” I said smiling as Jessica inappropriately rubbed his biceps.

Jess entered the kitchen and plated up the food, calling us through to sit at the table. I placed myself at the head of the table, whilst Jess and Jhonas sat across from one another. As Jessica sat down, she was forced to lift her enormous tits onto the table, banging them down to rest them so she could eat!

Jhonas: “Damn girl, you got to rest them on the table? I don’t know whether to eat this curry or those melons!” He said as they both laughed at his comment.

Jessica: “They are far too big! It takes two of Andrew’s hands to hold one of them!” She said confidently.

Jhonas: “Andrew, if you need any help with her tits give me a shout, those babies are a two-man job!” He said biting his lip whilst staring at her breasts.

I’m not sure if all women with big boobs experience this, but Jessica often drops food on them, so it was no surprise when she dropped curry between her cleavage!

Jhonas: “Jessica…you’ve dropped some curry on your…chest!” he said pointing at her assets!

Jessica: “You mean my tits yeah?” she said looking down at them.

Jessica: “Thank you babe…These gigantic boobs love getting mess all over them!” She said whilst making intense eye contact with Jhonas. She then wiped the curry with her finger and began to suck it clean.

Jhonas enjoyed Jessica’s slutty behaviour, forcing him to adjust his dick beneath the table.

Jhonas: “Nothing wrong with a bit of banter!” Jhonas said patting me on the shoulder.

It was hurtful watching Jessica flirt with Jhonas at the table, leaving me feeling disrespected and degraded. All I could do is remember my wife saying that this was ‘only flirting and fantasy’ which was a little reassuring.

Once we had finished our delicious meal we headed back into the living room to continue drinking.

Jessica: “Right seating plan…me and Jhonas will sit here on the large two-seater, and Andrew can sit on the single chair facing us…Andrew, you can be our wine barer…or gin barer…whatever!” She said laughing in her tipsy state.

Me: “Why have I got to sit on the single chair, I should be sitting with my wife!” I said feeling like their third wheel.

Jessica: “Nope, creeps that like to watch their wives have to sit on their own!” She said laughing at me.

Jhonas: “The wife has spoken ey!” He said whilst joining in with her banter.

I sat down in my chair facing Jessica and Jhonas as they got comfortable! Thankfully I felt relieved as there was plenty of space between them.

Jhonas: “Jessica…I can see that you like to be in control…it’s rather interesting!” He said looking at my wife.

Jhonas: “You enjoy belittling your husband and forcing him to watch you flirt with other men!” He said whilst raising his eyebrow at her and grinning.

Jessica: “When did you become a psychologist?” Jessica chuckled whilst pointing her thumb at Jhonas.

Me: “He’s a Sex Therapist Jess…like a sex guru!” I said trying to find my place in their conversation.

Jessica: No shitting way! Seriously Jhonas?” She said as it piqued her interest.

Jhonas: “I’m qualified to save marriages!” He said whilst patting my wife’s knee.

Jessica was absolutely stunned by this revelation, leading to a wider discussion among the group.

Jessica: “Will you help our sexy life?” She said abruptly, disregarding any of my feelings.

Jhonas: “Okay then…What’s bothering you in the bedroom Jess!” He said whilst beginning to stroke her knee.

Jessica: “Well…For me, our sex life is stale and boring…No offence to Andrew!” She said looking over at me.

Jessica: “There are things I want to explore and try in the bedroom, desperately!” She said looking at Jhonas for the answers.

Jessica was clearly drunk as she discussed our intimate lives with a stranger, leaving me feeling humiliated and insecure!

Regardless of Jessica’s hurtful comments, the conversation had become an eye-opener for me as I didn’t realise how bored she was in the bedroom!

Jhonas: “So you want adventure in the bedroom, and you want Andrew onboard, am I right?” he said whilst Jessica nodded at him in agreement.

Jhonas: “Andrew…How about it…Would you like to join your wife on a sexy adventure?” He said winking at me as a form of encouragement.

Andrew: “I’d so anything for my wife.” I said smiling at Jess.

Jhonas: “You do realise that love and sex can be separated into two parts…? He said as Jessica watched his hand caressing her knee.

Jhonas: “The first part is the most important…Love. This captivates trust, romance, affection, care, and solid foundations!” He said as his words resonated with me.

Jessica: “What’s the second part!” Jessica asked enthusiastically.

Jhonas: “Someone’s eager ey Jess! The second part is my favourite…Meaningless, filthy, erotic sex! No feelings, no regret, and no strings attached…Animalistic mindless fucking!” He said as Jessica’s eyes widened, and her smile lit up the room.

Me: “So that’s what you want Jess? To experience animalistic sex?” I said whilst opening my mind to Jhonas’s advice.

Jessica: “That’s exactly what I want babe!” Jess said smiling at me, knowing that her feelings were heard.

Jhonas: “What about you Andrew? What do you want in the bedroom?” He asked whilst gesturing for me to speak.

I found it charming that Jhonas was trying to help fix our issues in the bedroom, offering us both a safe space to discuss our desires and concerns.

Me: “Honestly? I guess I Just want to be able to satisfy my wife! I always let her down with my performance!” I said whilst Jessica enjoyed Jhonas massaging her knee.

Jhonas: “Andrew…What do you think Jessica needs in the bedroom then?” He said whilst unconsciously moving his hand inches up Jessica’s thigh.

Me: “She needs deep penetration…like real deep! But my penis isn’t long enough!” I said feeling humiliated!

Jessica: “Or fat enough babe!” She said reminding me of my poor attributes.

Me: “She needs a lot of sex to be able to orgasm, but I don’t last long enough for her!” I said looking into my wife’s sad eyes.

Jhonas: “How long do you last before Cumming?” he said whilst gripping my wife’s thigh.

Me: “Probably 3 minutes on a good day!” I said, not knowing how long the average person lasts.

Jhonas: “Most White Boys last around 5 minutes, so I’d say your stamina is poor!” he said feeling pity for me.

Jhonas looked to Jessica for her reaction and noticed that she also felt pity for me.

Jessica: “Jhonas…not meaning to be crude or racist…but how long do Black Men last?” my wife asked him, showing genuine curiosity.

Jhonas: “Well…I can’t speak for all Black Men…But…in all honesty…I usually have to fuck deep, hard and fast for a solid hour, otherwise, I can’t cum!” He said whilst moving his hand towards my wife’s inner thigh.

Jessica: “Seriously? Jhonas, you’re a stallion!” She said whilst opening her legs for Jhonas’s fingers to reach higher.

Jhonas: “Women can’t handle me Jess! Even after I cum, within 10 minutes I get hard again and need to fuck!” He said whilst making Jessica’s eyes open with shock.

Jessica: “I wish Andrew was like you! Once he shoots his small sack he’s done for the week, isn’t that right babe?” She said looking at me with a pitiful stare.

Me: “Yes…and I’m sorry babe!” I said feeling at my lowest point of the evening.

Jhonas: “Jess, if you need deep penetration and plenty of stamina, why don’t you invest in a large dildo?”

Jessica: “I don’t want to use toys! I need skin-to-skin contact, a real man!” She said passionately.

Me: “But I can’t give you that Jessica, I’m not physically capable!” I said whilst looking down at the floor, feeling like a loser.

Jhonas: “Well I do have a couple of options you can explore together?” He said reassuring us, whilst lightly smacking Jessica’s inner thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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