Willie’s War Ch. 04

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Fraulein Dietz was inconsolable for days about the fire that had gutted the library, but no look of suspicion settled on Willie Froehlich. The cause was clear, she said. The electrical wiring in the building had not been renewed since it was installed at the turn of the century, and it was just one more reason why it was so important to have everything at Ravenskopf renovated.

With no more of Professor Dietz’s notes to write up, Willie was assigned as Celina’s personal assistant and secretary and stuffed into a small, bare closet room behind a table littered with papers, files and the Fraulein’s unwashed coffee cups. He was given the household accounts to manage and he fretted a good deal about that for a while, because he couldn’t make them balance properly. But after some careful investigation the reason became apparent. Fraulein Dietz had been clumsily manipulating the figures for months to try and make her deficits look smaller. When he eventually presented them to her with honest totals, she scowled and grunted, but said nothing.

Impatiently Willie waited for Eduard Dietz to return to Ravenskopf, but events in the outside world seemed to conspire against that. The war in Poland had been brought to a satisfactory conclusion within a few weeks, but it did not bring an end to hostilities. New dangers reared up when France and Britain declared war on Germany, and the newspapers said that the new enemies were already massing on the frontier.

His only companionship during that uncertain time came by way of Rosalyn and Loti. They were pretty and flirtatious and they made a lively pair who, despite Fraulein Dietz callous treatment, were always full of playful fun. But Willy had always felt different to them, set apart by his thoughtful ways and his passion for learning.

Literature and art meant everything to him and in a perfect world he would happily have spent his life studying such things, or perhaps even teaching others about them. Nevertheless, when he felt restless he often visited the room they shared for some company, and sometimes when the others found him mooning around like a lovelorn schoolgirl they took him there.

The two transvestites were so beautiful and glamorous that Willie always felt like a mouse in their company, and he hated the way their hair always looked so good. He didn’t resent them in any way; he just wished he could look more like they did. Their figures were far more voluptuous than his own, and next to them he felt he always looked like a little girl. And they seemed far wiser in the ways of men too. They talked to them far more often than he did and they relished teasing them and driving them insane.

Willie was more modest both in looks and in character than either of them, and he made comparisons redundant. Completely feminised by then, he always entered a room with a helpless suppliant air, as if seeking a pair of broad shoulders with strong arms to which he could entrust his evident womanliness. This attribute was unpractised and imprecise, but quite devastating to certain types of men, and it always amazed those around him that he didn’t make more use of it. It certainly infuriated Fraulein Dietz who could make profit from such charm, but she was held in check by Willie’s association with her brother.

As he so often did when Willie had joined them, Loti turned on the wireless and carefully tuned it until it produced some American dance music. Noticing Rosalyn was fixing the hem of one of Fraulein Dietz’s skirts he glanced sideways. “Can you dance, Willie?”

“A little. I’m not very good.” he said, bashfully.

“Make up a couple with me. I’ll coach you how to dance backwards, like a girl is expected to do.”

They began awkwardly, Willie watching Loti’s feet as well as watching his own. Loti wore only his underwear, lacy French pants and a bra, but everyone understood Willie never became amorous with other ‘girls’, and that was doubly the case since he had become so badly smitten with Eduard Dietz.

Before too long they were gliding around the room in a graceful two-step, and Willie rolled his eyes wistfully and began to put words to the music:

“…Must you dance… every dance… with the same fortunate man…?”

His voice was unselfconscious, slightly squeaky, slightly off-key, but quite sincere and charming. It made Loti smile. “You sing in English, Willie.” he said, “Do you speak English?”

“A little bit. Enough to sing along with some American tunes anyway. And he continued: “…You’ve been dancing with him since the music began. Won’t you change partners, and dance with me?”

Suddenly he stopped. “Oh, Loti, I’m so sad. Do you really think Eduard loves me?”

“Of course he does. He writes you letters all the time.”

“Yes, but when I first met him he practically ignored me.”

Loti laughed. “Oh, Willie, you’re so innocent and you know nothing about men. Eduard thinks you’re gorgeous and he’s totally in love with you. When men act like you mean nothing to istanbul travesti them, it means they are madly in love. And when they make a big fuss and say they love you wildly, they’re usually lying.”

Willie laughed himself at such worldly wise observation, but took it to heart and hoped it was true. It could be true. He knew Loti was far more sophisticated than he was, and he had good instincts about such things. He was fearlessly flirtatious and painfully adept in understanding the ways of men.

Rosalyn looked at him strangely. “You get on so easily with Eduard, but I’ve always been a little afraid of him.”

Willie considered that in amazement. “Afraid of Eduard? He is not the sort of person one should fear. Admiration and respect I understand, but not fear. That’s impossible. Never that.” Finding nowhere to turn he gazed unhappily at his hands. “He will be flying in the sky somewhere. He will be in his aeroplane trying to shoot people down, and they will be trying to shoot him down. And if he dies it will be unbearable.”

Loti placed a consoling arm about his shoulders. “Everything will be fine, you’ll see. Fraulein Dietz says he may be home soon on a furlough.”

“Oh, I do hope that’s true. I really do.”

Eduard did come home on furlough eventually, and there was an agonising delay in meeting him for Willie, because although Fraulein Dietz was aware of his relationship with her brother, she still regarded Willie Froehlich as house staff, and he knew she would be violently indignant if her rushed forward to greet him.

Standing several yards away, he was transfixed when he came through the door. And every kind of hormone in his body became focused on him with eager interest. He had an unexpected and dangerous urge to ignore everything and have him acknowledge his presence, talk to him, ask him that he was experiencing the same heart-wrenching, familiar needs that he was feeling.

His heart gave a painful jerk. The sight of him released all the anguish he had fought to ignore. For an awful heart-stopping few moments he thought Eduard was ignoring him purposely, but his patience was eventually rewarded. The agony did end when Eduard winked and smiled. But he had to contain his impatience and watch from a distance while Celina met him in the hall, and took him in for tea.

“Eduard!” Willie’s heart leapt when at last they were permitted to greet each other alone in a downstairs room. Eduard looked almost unbearably handsome in his uniform, and he knew there was real muscle beneath the tailoring too, eager, dangerous and aroused.

At the exclamation of his name Eduard’s head snapped up, almost like a meddlesome charger. Tall, winsome and Aryan went nowhere to describing his full male magnificence. He was more than that, much, much more! Willie could feel his body responding to the sexiest man he had ever seen or was ever likely to see.

“I’m so pleased to be home again, Willie.” he said has he settled into an armchair and offered an exasperated look. “It often seems to me you and I are the only gentle people in the world. Celina can be so abrasive at times. Hurting people if you know what I mean, keeping them apart. But then, my own nature has always verged on meek.”

“Meek?” Willie laughed; it was a sweet and engaging sound. He was aware of the shiny new medal on the man’s chest, and how quick Eduard had once been to deliver him from the clutches of Herr Hahn.

He gave him a lovely, spontaneous smile. Even though he knew him well he was always dazzled by how manly he was, and how kind. “Are you sure you are meek?”

“Of course I’m sure.”

“I disagree. You are just excessively polite to your sister, that’s all.”

“Then I must apologise to you for being excessively polite.”

Willie grinned. “And naturally I will enjoy your apology.”

“And you’re going to get it!” Eduard replied, reaching up with an expression that verged on lust and hauling Willie down onto his lap.

His movements were so swift and supple, so masterful and so intent, Willie had the sensation of loosing his balance as he went down. But he was glad to be so close because he was starving for the taste and feel of him. “What have you been getting up to whilst I’ve been away?” Eduard demanded.

“I’ve been a good girl. I’ve been saving myself for you.”

Eduard clutched at him while his hand circled his chin. “Many pretty girls have crossed my path in my travels, but there have been none to match you. Your mouth is the colour of vermillion.” he murmured hypnotically, his thumb moving up to slide over it.

Willie’s heart shook with desperate passion. “You once loved it.”

“Yes, I did! And I still do.”

Time seemed to stop. He drew Willie’s head down and took possession of his mouth in a kiss so brief, brief yet so deep and urgent that Willie’s body flowed towards it. Then he kissed him again, longer this time. Kissing him was like tasting a freshly picked peach, each taste making kadıköy travesti him yearn for another and another, so he could forever remember his unique sweet juiciness.

Willie completely forgot about propriety. His heart, his mind his body – all filled with pure unmitigated pleasure as the man’s tongue slowly caressed his cheek. He could feel a dangerous ache inside, in his breasts and everywhere.

For a moment Eduard paused. Perhaps the unrequested celibacy of his life over the past few months will have had some effect on his behaviour to Willie Froehlich.

Like hell it did! The sudden tension in his groin told a different story. The slick, warm wetness on feminine-like skin on his tongue caused images of shocking sensuality to burst in his head. He smoothed his hand over Willie’s hip to remind himself of the she-boys shape, then a hand tracked down to his knee and slipped beneath the skirt before ranging high again, beyond the woollen stockings to savour bare skin and pluck at the lacy trim of panties that encased a delectable she-boy bottom.

Their mouths separated and they looked at each other with hope and with fondness. “We must remember where we are.” Willie admonished him, his warm breath mingling with his. “People can just walk in and see us here.”

Eduard cupped his face in his hands and kissed each of his eyelids lightly. “You started it.” he whispered. “And I intend to finish it. Upstairs, my girl. Right now.”

He reached out and took hold of Willie’s arm, his grip firm and compelling. Willie felt his blood beating up around his encircling fingers as his body reacted to his hand, and he giggled wildly and felt jubilant as Eduard chased him up the stairs and shepherded him to the master bedroom, where facilities were grander than those in the servants’ quarters.

They undressed quickly, breathlessly tugging at each others clothes, and Eduard felt Willie’s body move against his own, heard the soft, hot sound of excitement he made against his own aroused body. He raised his hands to cover Willie’s naked breasts and he enjoyed the taut nubs pushing eagerly against his palms.

Closing his eyes Willie leaned into the male body, waiting hungrily for Eduard to return the pressure of his lips and part them with a swift, hard thrust of his tongue. This was it! This was him! His dragon-slayer and protector, the magical lover he had dreamed of in all his most vulnerable moments. The hero he had so long yearned for.

The man continued to excite him until he had a sensation of falling. Their bodies became crushed together, impaling them both on a rack of tormented feverish longing and need as they each sought to make themselves one. Blind and deaf to everything else around him, Willie made a soft sound of pleasure deep in his throat; an aching whisper of female-like surrender. . As the flame of love in his heart rose high, he pulled away from Eduard’s kiss to press his own lips to the man’s throat, and then his chest, stroking his fingertips through the soft warmth of his body hair to claim his rights of territorial possession. His tongue-tip rimmed his navel and he felt the fierce clench of his muscles. His lips became poised to inflict a tender kiss against it, but Eduard’s objection savaged the movement. He was already magnificently rampant and impatient for other things.

Although the bed was large and made up neat, Eduard ignored it and Willie found himself lifted up and carried bodily to be mounted on the top of a chest of drawers, his back pressed to the wall, his feet hooked up on Eduard’s shoulders. The man’s testicles looked so big and full, and he began feeling so vulnerable he didn’t quite know where he was.

His nostrils started to quiver as he breathed in a discreet hint of cologne, underwritten by something very male and subtle that sent his self-control crashing into chaos.

Eduard drew back his foreskin and advanced the press of urgent, engorged flesh drooling with liquid heat.

Ooooh! Oh, God, Willie thought. I love you – love you – love you. I’ll never stop loving you.

Like someone lost in a trance he looked up at him. An instinct deeper than any thought or action seemed to have taken control of his body, and he was powerless to do anything other than give in. Held fast around him, Eduard’s hands controlling Willie’s ability to move and there was nothing that could be done other than submit.

Submit! This was submission, wondered Willie?. The hungry meeting of his own flesh with Eduard’s? That feeling of hardness spiking into him and stabbing his bowels whilst his own hands gripped the man’s shoulders to urge him on? No, none of that could be submission, he was certain. He was responding to him. Allowing Eduard to possess him. And he was possessing Eduard equally. That’s the way lovers did things. That was the way they worked.

But he didn’t want to think about what anything meant right then, he didn’t wish to think deeply, in fact he anadolu yakası travesti didn’t want to think at all. He simply wanted to know – to experience – to feel the heady, heated thrusts of high passion. He wanted to be there in that place with that man, and to keep whatever they were sharing forever.

In a haze of dizzying desire Willie felt his senses slide like melting ice-cream from the heat of his eyes to the curve of his mouth. His whole body was galvanised by a series of tiny tremors and he exhaled on a small, soft female sigh of wanton joy.

Eagerly he opened his legs and urged Eduard forward, welcoming him into his soft warmth, whimpering with pleasure so intense it was barely distinguishable from pain. Passion ran through him like wild fire, but more than that, as his hips lifted and writhed he realised that it wasn’t just his body that desired him. His heart and his mind wanted him too.

A frantic moan departed his throat as he shivered and jerked against him, while his muscles contracted of their own accord about the hard shaft. A moment later he felt a sobbing series of convulsions deep inside, but by then he was content to merely clench everything tight and hold still.

He felt drained, like a spent husk, and yet at the same time deliciously complete. Eduard was nuzzling his cheek, slowly playing his fingers down his body, and when they kissed their lips felt tacky, their skin damp.

Eduard remained at Ravenskopf for a week, and they made love three times each day. Willie counted them and treasured every moment. On their last night together as they lay in a damp and relaxed tumble of arms and legs, Eduard marvelled at the intensity of pleasure an imitation woman could provide. The solution to every problem in the word seemed clear and evident when Willie put his head on his chest and had his arms wrapped hard around him.

He gently kissed the top of his lovers head. “I wish I didn’t have to go back to the war.” he said sadly. “I hate the idea of going back. It’s not at all the glorious event I imagined it to be. There is far too much blood and carnage and so much despair in war. I’ve seen dead people, and bits of dead people, not all of them soldiers. Now I think of it as just a ghastly job that I wish to end quickly.

He smiled reassurance down at Willie, “But I think it will be over soon. Once the French have been beaten to their senses everyone can go home.”

Willie nodded, thinking that normal life was still too far away, and unable to bear how desperate he would feel if something happened to Eduard before then.

“I wish I could agree. But I think that once someone puts guns into men’s hands, they don’t let go of them easily. I have a terrible fear it could go on for years. I’m sick with it already. Sick with you. Sick of the long, lonely nights without you. I’m sick of the whole murdering business of war.”

Eduard looked concerned. “When I leave – you’ll be alright?”

“Oh, yes,” Willie said lightly, “I’m always alright.” He snuggled close to him, purring like a cat, entwining himself around him, rubbing against him and using his whole body as stimulation. Crisp, almost prim in public, he was shameless in the bedroom and a delight to each of them.

“You are, aren’t you? You think like a woman and cope alone. Men don’t need to do that on the whole, they usually have constant companionship.” His serious expression lifted. “How do you do it?”

“There is no other choice. I must swim against the current if necessary.” Willie said.

He was swimming against more than Eduard’s current now, his hands massaging him so he became too distracted to dwell on serious matters. His lover had arrived home tired, and emotionally washed out. Now the fatigue vanished under Willy’s brushing, stroking, tickling fingers as his young lady-love slid down the bed, took Eduard’s penis in his hand and contemplated feasting on its bulbous tip. “Why did this happen?”

“Why did what happen?”


The man shrugged. “I don’t know. I only know it did happen and I’m glad of it.”

He drew Willie’s head back up and nibbled his ear and looked at him for a long moment, lost in his blue eyes, which were even darker than his own. He looked like a painting there, lying elegantly against him in his satin underwear, he was looking like a very glamorous young woman.

Without giving him any warning, he slipped his hand down below his waist and held him between the legs. “Wouldn’t it be nice if troubles between nations could be sorted out by people such as us? We could just make love, talk things over and agree a solution, instead of the way things are, with young men dying on battlefields.”

Willie grinned wickedly. His heart expanded in his chest until he was almost breathless. He felt warm and secure and loved. This must be what heaven was like, he thought.

“Oooh, Eduard, that vein in your cock is huge and it’s throbbing. Let’s not talk about dying, let’s concentrate on love. Can we play trains?”


Throughout the winter of 1939-40 the huge army that France had mobilised and blended in union with the small element that Britain furnished, had postured defensively along the German frontier seemingly uncertain of how to proceed. In April the Wehrmacht made its own move; it invaded Denmark and Norway.

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