Win-Win! Pt. 04

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Ask anyone currently in college, or anyone who had already graduated, and they would most likely tell you about the useless, menial, and unneeded classes added to their curriculum. Why would a nursing major like Jade need a Calculus I class as well as a Native American Art class? Why would an Engineering and mathematics major like Hannah require an English literature class?

Well, the difference between Jade and Hannah was that Jade would be able to focus enough to complete the useless classes with good grades. Hannah on the other hand…

Well, if you’ve never met Jade and Hannah, you wouldn’t know that they’re a couple going through college, doing weird things, and generally a good pair. Jade’s the quiet goth one and Hannah’s the short, loud, and savant redhead. Got it? Good.

Anyway, Hannah didn’t much care for her English class. In fact, she probably put a combined half hour of thought into it throughout the semester, since Jade came to find out that instead of paying attention, Hannah was doodling mathematics in her English notebook during the course.

That’s all well and good (because college level English classes are jokes now a days), except that Hannah was a 4.0 student, and it was in her best interest to remain that way.

In regards to Hannah and Jade’s relationship, some would describe Jade as having ‘big sister energy’. She was protective, and never above stressing out if it meant keeping Hannah out of trouble. So when Jade found out that Hannah was set to completely bomb her English final with one week left to go in the semester, she resolved to do something about it.

Jade had time to spare. As a nursing major she was already though the worst of it. She just had a practical exam that was of minor concern to her. She would just need an hour or two and she would be at 100% confidence, according to Hannah’s equation on exam confidence. Junior year for nursing majors was the easiest one, as generally agreed by the nursing majors.

So what would Jade do with her spare time? Well, the answer would be of course to force Hannah to prepare for her English presentation (which was worth 90% of her grade, because college level English classes are nothing more than complete nonsense that discriminate against introverts and people who actually enjoy literature. How many times does someone need to read Romeo and Juliet? That wasn’t even one of Shakespeare’s better works!)

Jade spent a good portion of the afternoon pouring over the syllabus, mainly this presentation that Hannah was set to deliver next week. It was your standard ‘read literature, analyze it and make interpretations that the author wouldn’t agree with and say something Maltepe Escort to the effect of ‘it’s not that deep’, pretend you’re indoctrinated enough to pass for a neo-liberal college student, and so on.

Shadow Over Innsmouth was a solid choice for this project. It was short and interesting enough for Hannah to possibly enjoy, Jade knew the story well (as many weird goths do), and since Lovecraft was a racist Hannah could publicly denounce it and get pats on the back for her totally unique, stunning, brave, and groundbreaking stance on the matter.

Hannah had a thermodynamics class that was set to end in an hour, which gave Jade just enough time to prepare.

Leather clothing: check. Duct tape: check. Boots/authority: check. Noise canceling Bluetooth headphones: check. And that was the bulk of it.

The first order of business was to change into an outfit more suitable for this last-second cram session. Doing so put her in the right mindset. Plus, Hannah’s leather fetish had grown on her.

Jade went to her room and kicked off her black leather combat boots. Hannah had cleaned them with her tongue last night, and as badass as they looked, a night like tonight required heeled boots.

Jeans? Gone. A gray sweatshirt with a dark windbreaker jacket? Get out of here.

This is what Jade ended up deciding on (it took her a while, since the effectiveness of this project depended greatly on Hannah’s enjoyment): Knee length black leather boots, three inch heel, buckle a few inches south of the knee and two more at the ankle. Mid-thigh black leather skirt, two fake zippered pockets. Fishnet stockings (because could a goth girl really call herself such without at least one pair?), a black leather spiked dog collar, and a high-cropped black leather jacket. The whole nine yards, zippered pockets, spikes on the shoulders, zippered sleeves (which was a big turn on for Jade… for some reason), and a belt that had been tightened near the bottom of the garnet. There was a good three inches between the end of her jacket and her bellybutton. The contrast between the harsh black leather and her porcelain white skin was simply stunning. Of course, the black leather gloves. She stuffed those in one of the jacket pockets for now.

Midnight black lipstick, her black rimmed glasses, a good amount of eyeshadow, and raven black hair carefully curled completed the look.

She couldn’t resist posing for the full length mirror in her room. She knew that she could easily make more than a nurse by selling her body online, but where was the honor? Where was the respect? There was certainly none from the men and women giving her money while Anadolu Yakası Escort at the same time objectifying her and other women. None in the countless young adults having their brains turned to rot via pornography addictions, not to mention her feeding into an industry that directly supports human trafficking.

No, Jade would be a nurse. She would help people, not corrupt them.

She felt powerful. Hannah loves her, she looks great, and she was just a few years away from being a nurse. Why would he degrade herself now?

She looked to the clock, just fifteen minutes left. She needed to get a move on.

Next she went into Hannah’s room to pick and outfit on her behalf. Hannah’s body was shorter and just a little wider than Jade’s, but Jade liked it that way. She liked the way that the leather hugged her body. Dark brown leather was the best color, it went well with her copper red hair.

A brown pair of leather riding boots, no extra straps or buckles, since the submissive doesn’t have any need for such auxiliaries. A knee length brown leather dress, the same one that Hannah was wearing when she was stuffed in a closet not too long ago, and a brown leather bomber jacket with a gold colored zip and two pockets at the breasts.

Jade felt the subtle vibration of Hannah walking up the steps to their apartment. She positioned herself a few feet from the door. A roll of duct tape in one hand, and the other hand firmly on her hip. She mustered her best annoyed look, and she felt the jolt of excitement run up her spine as she heard the door open.

The first thing Hannah saw was the boots, and she knew that this was going to be a fun night. Her eyes slowly drifted up her girlfriend, getting progressively more excited as she did so. She took a step inside and closed the door behind her, but when she saw the syllabus for her English class on the dining table, she turned around and put her hand on the doorknob.

“Hannah!” Jade sternly barked.

Hannah turned around, her face already red.

Jade snapped sharply with her free hand, and she pointed to the ground immediately before her.

What could Hannah do other than obey? She walked forward, and she saw the pile of brown leather on the floor. No doubt for her, since that was most often the color she went with. But before she dared put the clothing on, she did as Jade commanded, and stood before her. The height difference as of a great benefit to both parties. Hannah loved being dominated by someone much taller than her, and Jade found it very arousing to be dominated by someone so much shorter than her.

Without a word, Jade started the roll of İstanbul Escort duct tape and buried Hannah’s mouth under three layers of tape around her head. The trick to getting tape like that off as painlessly as possible is wetting the hair before peeling the tape off.

“Hannah,” Jade began, noticing that Hannah was now looking up to her, no doubt enchanted by every word coming from her mouth. “I know you don’t want to do that English presentation, but surely you knew that you couldn’t just blow it off.”

“Mmpshmm?” Hannah asked.

Jade gave her a soft slap across the cheek. “Shut up. You need to pass this class with at least a B.”


Jade slapped her again. “I said shut up! You’re going to be a notable alumni of this university, no doubt of it, but it’s not going to look good if it shows you flunked English.”

Hannah’s eyes drifted over to the pile of leather clothes. Jade’s hand shot up and clutched Hannah’s chin. “No. You can put that on when you get done reading the literature.”

Hannah would’ve visibly pouted, but she knew that if she wanted to put those clothes on, she would need to obey.

“Good,” Jade said, putting her hand from Hannah’s chin to her shoulder. “I’ve chosen Shadow Over Innsmouth for you. It’s short, and I think it will do nicely for your presentation. Listen to it once, pass a little quiz, and we can have some sexy time, and we’ll work on that presentation. Now get on your knees.”

Jade then got to work binding her pupil in duct tape. She did so lightly since eventually she would be changing clothes. A band around the calves, the wrists, and the waist. She put the headphones over Hannah’s ears, and with a kiss on the cheek, she put a thick pillowcase over Hannah’s head. With a playful push of her booted foot, she tipped Hannah over onto her side. She then pulled out the phone, and started playing the audiobook of Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Jade smiled and put the phone down on one of the coffee tables. Two and a half hours would pass, then Jade could continue employing some advanced learning strategies. Plenty of time to finish up a movie on her laptop and touch up her makeup. Hell, If she really wanted to she could finish up studying for that practical. There was something deeply satisfying about doing mundane things while Hannah was tied up and immobile just feet away.

“Study hard, Hannah,” she said with a giggle as she strutted to her room, leaving the prone Hannah laying on the ground like a stuffed doll.

Hannah groaned, barely hearing herself over the narration of this story that she had never heard of. She remembered what Jade said about the quiz. How was she to enjoy being tied up and prepare for a quiz at the same time?

She groaned again, and she flopped over to her back. The pillowcase was easy to breathe through, but thick enough to block out most of the light. Perhaps this was the best way to enjoy literature, especially from Lovecraft.

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