Winter At Beech Mountain – 8

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Having settled in my place here at the ‘gym’ , I wandered downstairs to see if I could help out with Donna or Sandra. There were shipments of energy drinks, protein drinks, cases and cases of various juices to stock as the guy with hand trucks kept stacking them behind the juice bar. As he finished, I watched Sandra pay him in cash, over a grand from what I could see.

“ You ladies need some help with that?” I asked.
“ No thanks Dano, just mingle with the members and let them know you’re on the staff now– especially the young ladies.”

Sandra was in a very nice mood.. Too bad she was side-tracked by the shipment and didn’t make it upstairs earlier. I would make it up to her later.
“And please call Debra , and tell her I’d like to see her today, in an hour if possible.”

I stepped outside with my cell and found her number.. She answered , and was very excited that things were moving so quickly for us. She said give her about 20 minutes to get there.
“ What about the bar, won’t Stanley expect you there soon?”
“ I got a friend to cover for me. I told him I had to see my Doctor today.” We both laughed and she hung up..

I returned and introduced myself to at least 25-30 members , male and female.. A couple of the guys wanted to know if I done men also.. I said not as a rule, unless it’s a sports injury.. Most men aren’t that comfortable with another guy’s hands on their bodies.
My brain clicked and I told them I planned to train a female assistant to offer the members a choice..
I was an instant friend to them then, and I asked them to help spread the word to their friends to join up while it’s cold. That way they could exercise and be in great shape for the following spring..

I made my way back to Sandra and asked to speak with her in the office. Once inside, I pitched my ‘idea’ of training the girls to massage the male members—and females if they preferred them.
“ I think it’s an excellent idea Dano! See – I just knew we would do great things together..”
“Debra would be perfect for the job, I think. I’d just work with her a couple of hours a day, so it wouldn’t interfere with Donna training her to run the juice bar.”

“We need to cover our ass on this.. I meant to ask you –Have you ever been busted for having sex with clients?”
“ No Sandra, it’s all perfectly legal in my book– if the client requests my “ Erotic massage” while on the table..That’s why I’ve always worked off referrals from my repeat ladies.
Word gets around, and a satisfied client is my best advertisement. I don’t “solicit’ sex for money.”

“ As long as there’s a service provided for the rate charged– the massage is what they pay for– any sex that might happen is a personal thing between two consenting adults.”

“ Sounds like you’ve been to law school..” Sandra was impressed.

“I’m not worried .. It’s in the “ethics” of massage therapy not to get sexual with clients.

The masseur than trained me 30 years ago said that times were changing, and if you didn’t adapt, you would be left behind.
He instilled in me the philosophy to give the client whatever they asked for—within reason.”

There was a tap at the door, and Donna came in with Debra.. She was in her ‘goth’ outfit and looked good enough to eat.
“ I’m Debra– and Dano said you wanted to interview me.. I’m sorry about the outfit, I was getting ready to tend bar when I got the call ..”
“ It makes me want one” pouted Donna..”I think you turned every man’s head in the gym when you walked through… I’m getting wet just looking at you..”

Sandra and I laughed as Debra’s face blushed.. “Don’t pay us no mind – We’re all one big happy family here, and Dano and I have a plan to get us all stinking rich..”
Sandra had Donna to go tend the bar while we talked. We sat her down and went over our plan to cross train her as Donna’s assistant and when needed, she would train as my apprentice in the fine art of massage.

“So , I’m still gonna be working two jobs … That’s nothing new to me. I just want out of that place up there. At least you won’t be taking half my pay..—Which will be what?”
Sandra spoke up and said —
“ I’m going to be fair as possible and start you out at $450 a week..and you get to keep any tips you may get. Donna averages $100–$150 in a week in tips.
This is a salary, so it stays at that even if you pass 40 hours in a week.. If you’re out sick, you still get it.. if you need a personal day, you still get it..If you lay out on me and I find it out, I’ll drop you like a bad habit. We open at 8am and close at 7pm six days.. Sundays are 1pm till 7pm..”
“ Both you and Donna will be here during peak hours, but Donna will work out the details for time off..
You will be her responsibility till you are trained..Dano and I will be in and out a lot covering other places I have.. You do me a good job and you could very well be one of my managers in the future.”
“When do you want me to start?”
“ Do you plan on giving Stanley a notice..?” I asked..
“Yes– I think I’ll give him the same one you did…”

I thought Sandra was going to roll out of her chair with laughter, and I couldn’t help but pull Debra up and hug her tightly..
“You go back later when Stanley’s off duty, pack your bags and my table , then give him your notice by phone after you’re loaded. I have an extra bedroom you can use till we find you a place.”
She thanked Sandra and giving me a quick kiss she left.

“That is one hot little lady, Dano..You sure you’re not gonna keep that all to yourself?”
“ I’ll admit she is an ’11’ on my 1 –10 scale , but I would be cutting my own throat to tie down with her, or anyone else for the present. I ran this by Donna, so we all understand.”.

“ There should be no jealousy between any of us– if we can remember that, we will get along great together.” I said.

“ I would love to watch you two sometime – or you with Donna – or a three/four-way with all us girls and you.. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but my sex drive has gone into overdrive since we’ve met.”
“Sandra, I love all of you dearly, but I’m not –in love– with anyone..can you accept that?”
“Of course , no one has said anything about love.. This is just the best sex I’ve ever had ,and it pisses me off that it took so long to find out what my body is capable of.
I was never ‘multi-orgasmic’ before you came into my life, and you’re gonna gaziantep bayan escort ilanları be a hard act to follow.”

“ I think we should all get together tonight and experiment. Donna told me about you and her, and I’m just curious to see Debra’s reaction when she learns you two are Bi..
It would really open up some possibilities for her if she were. She could get the males, and females business on the table.”
“ Don’t push her into it, Dano.. I can tell she’s got it bad for you right now.. She needs you to lean on until she spreads her wings on her own, whichever way it may be.”

“ I’m going to chill out up in my new place.. Got a lot to put up and get me a power nap in.. I got a feeling I’ll need my strength later.” She smiled as I headed out.
I went out to my car and opened the trunk, getting my large duffel bag out. It held the Sybian and all it’s attachments..Yep, I had a real surprise in store for my new ladies tonight. I stuck it in my bedroom and lay across the bed..

At 7:45pm I woke to feel very refreshed. I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen in search of a snack. I settled for some roast beef and cheese on wheat and a bottle of water..
I sat at my front picture window watching the tiny headlights moving up and down the mountain as I ate.
The gym had closed at 7 , so I wondered why Donna or Sandra hadn’t come up.. I dialed Deb’s number and she answered on the second ring.

“How’s the packing going?”
“Oh- Just fine. I’m in the car now and will be there in a few minutes. Stanley came in and saw me loading up. Wished me good luck , if you can believe it.

He said since I wasn’t giving notice, he would have to withhold a $100 penalty..I told him fine, I could live with that.”

He still says he’s gonna stomp your ass if he sees you..I’m pretty sure it’s not for quitting, but for fucking me last night when he was so sure I was his.”
“ I’m shaking with fear..I don’t see how that cocksucker sleeps at night., the way he treats his people.” I said.
“O.K.– I’m parking out front… You wanna come and help me? “

I was out the door and unloading her car very quickly.. Still no sign of the others. Maybe they went to or each other… With Deb’s stuff in the spare room, I fixed her a sandwich also.. We sat watching the lights while she ate.. Now was as good a time as any to pick her brain.

“ There’s something you should know Deb.. Sandra and Donna are Bi .How you feel about that?”

She smiled, and said- “ I knew it the minute she made the remark about my outfit. It’s crossed my mind on occasion, but I’ve never had close girlfriends or the opportunity..”
“ I was an only child, and home schooled till high school. Those two guys I referred to about sex were total idiots compared to you.”
“So—you’re saying you would be open to the idea? It could really make you some serious money in the massage business if you went both ways.”
She looked at the cars a few seconds more and smiled at me..
“I’ll try anything once.. is it gonna be with ‘them’?”
“I’m saying they’ll probably show later, so just play it by ear, and follow my lead… I know they are both hot for you.”

We sat cuddled on the sofa for about 30 minutes talking.. I heard the door to the gym open and close downstairs , and the two ladies giggling. We kept our place to see what they were up to.

“Danoo– You awake ?” Donna said.. They made it up and cut the corner arm in arm. Both of them were decked out in “Gothic” attire..
Sandra was in a ‘wet- look’ black patent leather mini skirt with matching over the calve black boots. A black mesh nylon pull over something was cut just above her navel..She raised her mini high enough in the back to reveal a white thong to accent her great ass and tanned legs.
Donna was dressed as a ‘Gothic squaw’ Indian .. A short black leather skirt with leather strips down the sides, a black leather halter top, and black leather moccasin -style boots with the same leather strips that came nearly to her knees. Raising her skirt, she showed off a pair of red lace crotchless panties..Both sported a black leather choker with the little silver spikes ..

“It would seem you’ve made quiet a first impression on them, Deb..” I drooled..
“ They are definitely Hot!! “ she replied..

“ Debra –or can I just call you Deb? Let’s go down to the bar and I’ll fill you in on how to blend the different beverages we serve.” Donna said.
“Sure thing – I want to hit the ground runnin in the morning..”
Donna came over and pulled me to my feet, wrapping her arms low around my hips.. kissing me deeply.. “What’s that all about “ I asked.

“Just wanted to show my appreciation for helping me get a promotion..
You’re looking at the new manager here , and I got a great raise , with a commission on sales.
The new outfits were Sandra’s idea, to celebrate.. We got em in Boone, at Victoria’s Secret…”
“ I don’t suppose Deb’s attire had an influence on the dress code?”
I used a finger to adjust her swelled breast that threatened to expose her nipple. She spun and hooked Deb’s arm in hers and they made their way downstairs , giggling like a couple of schoolgirls..

”You really like it? “ Sandra done a slow turn, with her arms outstretched ..
“It makes me feel so decadent –and sexy!!” I couldn’t agree more.

“ I feel as if I’ve died and went to “ Goth Heaven “ … You ladies are all gonna get my best work tonight, and I’m not talking massages .. I also have a friend who’s going to help me.”
“ Friend ?”
“We’ll discuss it later.. I’ve talked to Deb and she’s very open minded to the Bi thing – said she’d try anything once.. so don’t disappoint her..Let’s go see what they’re up to.”

Once downstairs, we glanced to the bar to see them looking at the overhead drink menu, Donna pointing and Deb nodding. I took Sandra by the waist and moved to her office.
“We need to move this massage table to a more permanent location..” Sandra said. I broke it down and she had me follow her to the sauna room entrance.
“ There’s an office for you to work out of just across the hall here..” she pointed. Inside was an area as big as her office, same type desk, file cabinet , furniture , etc. Had it’s own shower in the private restroom.
“It was Donna’s but she will be using mine now.”

I set up the table, and went back to get gaziantep bayan eskort my oils and stones. Sandra dressed down to the thongs, leaving the sexy choker and top on. She went to check again on our ‘help’.. finding them sharing a large juice with two straws. They saw her and came around to meet her .

“Dano says we’re all in deep trouble.. said something about having a friend that was gonna help him out.”
“Yeah –Well I gotta see it before I believe it!”- Donna cut in , saying I’d told her about a 22 lb vibrator. Both their jaws dropped in disbelief.

“ Deb – would you mind bringing my duffel bag down to my new office?” I asked.
“ On the way “ she replied. We walked back to the office and clued Donna in about Deb..
“ Oh- she’s so fucking hot ! Can I have her first ? I’ll suck her damn guts out!” Donna’s eyes went wide in anticipation..
“ Be cool sweetie , and let things just happen. We don’t know what this guy has in mind yet.”
Sandra seemed very confident I would have some kind of plan..

Three hot ladies and only one cock required serious thought, which is the reason I’d bought the $1,200 vibrator. This was no toy..It was a “saddle”.. Every woman I’ve ever let ride it either fell off passed out, or had to be helped off it…

Deb came in with the bag slung on her shoulder, bitchin about it being so heavy.
“What in the hell have you got in here? Damn bag weighs a ton! “
I took the bag with one hand, and set it gently down..

“ O. K. — My office— my rules..” I said, looking them up and down sexily as I could.
“ First , all three of you get those things off and hit the sauna , and don’t come out till I come after you. Second, you each must strip as the others watch—beginning with you Deb..”

I leaned my ass on the edge of the massage table while Donna and Sandra chose the couch.
Deb took the hint and done an imaginary ‘Bump & Grind” , letting the short mini skirt slide down over each side of her ass,one cheek at a time.
Turning, she bent to step out of it,showing her red thong and great ass. I thought Donna was gonna come off the couch and tackle her, as she had me ..

Sandra restrained her, holding her down as Deb turned and removed the vest and black tee.. She wore no bra, and both ladies drooled at the sight of her puffy pink nipples , the tips rock hard.. Donna licked her lips as she came up to strip, stopping to look at Deb’s trimmed mound…
“ You are so beautiful..” Donna said. She imitated the dance, and finished by showing her fine ass as well ..Sandra was in heat, visibly sweating , a fine line across her brow. She practically tore hers off, but still tried to do it in a sexy manner.

My cock had swelled also, leaving a respectable bulge down one side of my camo shorts. They all seen it , but Deb made it over to place one hand on it while kissing me deeply, with tongue. She gripped the thick shaft, then let her fingers scratch playfully down the length to the head.
Donna and Sandra were now at my side, kissing my neck and trying to get at my stiff cock also. I had to push my way clear to breath.
“We’re gonna hurt you Mister” Deb said sexily..
“ Yeah, right..” I smiled at her confidence..
“Hit the sauna, and keep your hands to yourselves.. no quickies!”

Soon as they were gone, I pulled the saddle from the bag. I located a few large towels and spread them over each other to form a pad for the saddle to sit on, and provide the ladies relief from carpet burns on their knees. I set it in the middle, and plugged it into the wall outlet.
The business end of it was in the center of the saddle on top. Two motors, one for vibration, the other for rotation, were concealed inside the cavity. It was covered in brown vinyl, to make cleanup easy.
It came with several attachments, one being a life- like 7” penis that I placed in the holder. I draped another towel over it and sat a large tube of Astroglide gel close by.

I was as prepared as I could be for this,but I still hoped they would ease Deb into it carefully. I would try to control them as long as possible. I stuck my head inside the door of the sauna and told them that it was time……. Soon as they entered , I had Sandra to hit the table on her tummy.Oiling my hands, I had the girls watch me as I talked them through my basic moves.

“ Always begin with the feet , and work towards the heart..Work up to the calves ,then the upper the place where legs meets buttocks.”
Donna was standing behind the slightly shorter Debra, with her heads side by side. Deb copied my moves on Sandra’s other side as I continued.
“ Repeat the moves at least twice. At this point, we move to the front of the table, facing the client. Begin with a light touch with the pads of the fingers, massaging the scalp and crown. We’ll cover the finer points of this later.”

“Then move down to the neck, being very careful with the amount of pressure used. The shoulders, back and spinal column are complex, so for now just watch..”
I moved quickly, to show the order I used ..
“This is a crash course,and I don’t expect you to soak it all up at once.”
I was talking as slow as I dared , trying to be as professional as possible.

“ The spinal column is arranged in the following order.. There are 7 Cervical vertebrae , 12 Thoracic vertebrae, 5-6 Lumbar vertebrae, 5 Fused Sacrum vertebrae, and 3 Coccyx – or tail bone.
“Arriving at the L-5-6 region, we next come to the buttocks.
Always work each one separately. When using the stones, take care to hold them a second or so in your hand to transfer some of the heat.
Place it in your palm and rub it in wide circles to dissipate the heat evenly on each cheek. A properly heated buttock will be a light rose in color. Our next massage will involve using the stones, so keep that in mind.”

Deb’s open palm ran across Sandra’s cheek and round in circles like mine. Sandra moaned loudly. Deb’s eyes were on mine ,as if searching for a clue of what to do next.
“Deb, I want you to go over her again, in the order I described ..but at a more relaxed pace. You should never rush a massage.”
“ Oil your hands and begin while I introduce Donna to my friend.”
She smiled and began … The towel was just a few feet to the side of the massage table. Donna came around to my side and looked at the towel covering my ‘ friend ‘.

I reached down and removed the towel as gaziantep escort Donna gasped..
“ I’ll be damned ! I thought you were jerking my chain!”
I picked up the control pad and explained it so all could hear. Sandra had her head out of the face cradle and turned to the side watching me. Deb’s voice sounded a little shaky as she commented–
“Y-You mean that”s what I carried down from your room?”

“ The pad has two on/off buttons”.. I clicked them both on and a red and green light appeared.
“ The two dials control speed and rotation, starting from the left on each– you turn it clockwise to the right—if you dare.”
I turned one and the cock began to vibrate,increasing as I turned it. I done likewise on the rotation ,and the cock began to oscillate in tight circles … I brought the vibrating– gyrating cock to a stop..You could have heard a pin drop as they looked at first at me, then each other.

I handed Donna the tube of Astroglide and told her to lube up the 7” cock sticking up from the saddle. She went to her knees and slid her hand up and down the silicone replica , commenting how real it felt.
“Now slowly lower your sweet little Indian pussy onto my friend…. I’ll drive for the moment.”
She squatted onto it, as the others watched, mesmerized as the highly erotic scene unfolded.
“Get on your knees please, cause you’re gonna be there a while.”

Using the vibration mode only, I cranked it clockwise to the 12 o clock setting.
“Whew!!– Th-That feels soo good!” Donna exclaimed as she sat squarely on the base of the saddle..
I increased the vibes, doubling the intensity.. Her long black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail with a wide rubber band in the crown of her lovely head.

I watched her lean back on the saddle, to direct the intense vibes onto her G spot..That produced sounds from her throat that were more of a growl , coming from deep inside.. I added the rotation slowly, more as a precaution cause I was sure she had never experienced this double stimulation before..Less than two minutes passed before it hit her.

“Aaiieee!!– followed by her native chants served to let the others know what my ‘ friend ‘ was doing to her. I vowed to myself to learn some of the Cherokee language…Her young body shook in spasms as she squeezed both breasts, pinching the erect nipples.
“C-ccumminnngg!” Donna managed to say as I put the Sybian into another gear, but nowhere near it’s limit..

Checking the table , I saw Sandra and Deb transfixed to the scene, Deb’s fingers had disappeared into the oiled cheeks , and Sandra was loving it, backing her ass up on her hand..
Debra smiled at me and winked.She pulled her hand up and licked Sandra’s juices from her soaked fingers, only to put them back inside.. I knew from that moment on she would be fine with this.

Donna’s eyes were clinched shut, writhing in orgasms, her breaths ragged and loud, still chanting.. I stepped to face her, and letting my shorts drop, my cock stood out and touched her cheek.

Seeing my cock made her grin as she took hold of it and began to pump it. Her other hand went to her clit,rubbing it furiously.. She licked at the wide head,catching the clear drops that she was milking from me.
Catching the wide head in her mouth, she engulfed it and about half my shaft, keeping her hand around the thick base..
“Mmnnnnn” – she moaned , putting a death grip around the base, making the head swell even more.

Donna sucked cock well, considering her condition.. her orgasms were coming at closer intervals, and it wasn’t long before she had me ready to cum. I had to push her head and mouth away to keep from losing my load..

I motioned for Debra to come over.. She stepped into my position as I passed her the control, and Donna’s hands quickly went Deb’s asscheeks, pulling her glistening cunt to her lips.

“ Ahhhggg-Yes !! “ Deb screamed as Donna’s tongue found her swelled clitoris.
She sucked at the nub noisely, with her fingernails dug into Deb’s ass cheeks. Debra held the Cherokee’s head with her hand , moaning loudly as her spread thighs jerked from the intense tongue action.
Deb watched my hand as I turned the rotation to the 2 o clock setting.. Her fingers dug in deep as she screamed her ass off, pulling Deb almost on top of her face.

I moved to the foot of the table and flipped Sandra over , who was watching the spectacle while masturbating her large clit. She smiled and said-
”It’s about time I got some too ! “
I placed her spread thighs wide and let my dripping cock sink into her slick cunt..taking her breath.

Moaning loudly, it was beginning to sound like a whore convention.

All three were moaning and screaming at different levels , I couldn’t keep count of the orgasms the women were having. I was driving my cock deeply into Sandra’s gripping snatch, getting a pussy fart here and there.
I saw Donna’s legs convulsing on each side of the Sybian and knew her time was running out.
She had the control now and had cranked the rotation wide open.. cumming continuously now, but still eating the redheads pussy ..
Deb’s hands clutched handfuls of Donna’s hair as she screamed that she was cumming again..grinding her pussy onto the tongue that had buried deep inside. Her spread thighs were convulsing also, making it difficult to keep her balance.
Donna spun Deb around and began to run her tongue up into her ass cheeks .. Spreading her cheeks wide , she rimmed the redhead , then tongue fucked the tight pink muscle..

“Hey –Donna – Quit hoggin the saddle and let Deb ride some..” I said.
She slowly tried to stand, but couldn’t on her own. Debra helped steady her as they switched.. All the while I had kept my slow fuck with Sandra, who was still playing with herself..
She had already had several orgasms, but watching those two in the floor had to be the height of the evening..
I felt my balls tighten as I fired several thick jets of cum up Sandra’s spasming pussy.. Just as Debra screamed to high heaven , Donna shoved her cunt onto her lips and ground out her release again..Her juices ran down the sides of Deb’s mouth..It was Erotic as hell to witness.
It was absolutely one of the wildest nights of sex I had experienced to date.. I had created three nymphomaniacs , without even trying. I was rather proud of myself…..
I would always love each of them, but I hoped I would never have to choose one over the other..

It was 2 am before we all called it a wrap and went to bed. Donna took Sandra home and probably slept there with her. Debra and I went to my place, had a long shower together, and slept together in my huge bed..
I planned to fly out soon with Sandra to check out her other places, but that’s coming soon, if enough interest is shown.

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