Women I Have Known Ch. 01

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If you are looking for stories about people with perfect bodies – 38D silicone breasts and 10 inch penises – who can fuck non-stop for 8 hours, then I most certainly am not your author. If, however, you enjoy a story that’s based virtually on fact, then remain in your seat and perhaps you’ll enjoy a fond recollection of mine. I hope to make this the first memory of ‘Women I have Known.’


I will guess this happened in the mid 1980’s. If I am off by more than a year or two I’ll be shocked, and the date has little bearing on the story. It happened in my college years on a west coast campus.

Most people date a variety of people while at university, and, unless we marry them, most fade off into the sunset of our sexual memories…perhaps returning occasionally if they had some special skill or if we shared some epic sexual moment.

Kelly was cute to be sure, but nobody would recall her based solely on her looks. She was an outstanding athlete in the sport of soccer. Her height and weight were average, and she tended to the side of being overly-muscled. She had small breasts, lovely green eyes, and as I recall the most exquisite stomach: taught, defined, and no fat. Her hair was medium length, brown, and worn mostly in a pony-tail to make life easier as a student-athlete. Her two from teeth had a small gap, but if anything that was alluring rather than a flaw.

I was tall, lean, blonde and at least decent enough good-looking to be able never have to go for any prolonged period of time without being able to sink my cock into some willing coed’s wet pussy. My sport was tennis, and I met Kelly through some mutual friend of hers who was on the woman’s tennis team.

We met at one social gathering or another. She was too drunk to drive home. I offered her a ride back to her dorms, and before the night was over we’d had a passionate make-out session in my car. An official first date followed. The obligatory waiting times were observed and within a month I finally fucked her in her dorm room on an evening her roommate had gone home for the weekend. The sex was good. I think she came, but I was too much the novice to really know for sure…and I was too self-conscious to ask directly.

We fell into a routine of dating and she went on the pill. The sex was good but infrequent. We were both relatively diligent students, we both took our sports seriously…she more so since she got a partial scholarship, and we both had roommates who also seemed to have the nerve to want total access to their quarters to study in.

September can be boiling hot in California, and thus was the case this Thursday. Kelly had a soccer match at 4, and I had a tennis match at 5. As was my habit I watched eryaman escort the first half of Kelly’s match before walking across the street to the tennis courts. Kelly played well. She was knocked to the grass several times, and took an elbow to the cheek, but this did not deter her efforts. By the time I had to leave I could see the sweat dripping into her eyes and her wet shirt was clinging to her lithe body.

With this vision in my head I trotted off to my match. I had not finished warming up before sweat was dripping from the bill of my cap. By the end of my match my shirt and shirts were soaked through. I don’t recall the score, but I know I won since I was in a good mood. I poured a bottle of water over my head, drank another, and enjoyed two bottles of beer with my teammates. I could feel the salt residue on my face.

I assumed Kelly would be back to her dorms by now. I headed over, since I wanted to see if she and her team had been victorious. I arrived in the lobby at the same time as her. She had indeed won, and had just come back from a victory pizza party. She showed me her mouth as we walked up the stairs. Her gum had been cut in the clash with the opponents’ elbow, but victory had taken the sting out of the injury. She had switched into flip-flops but still wore her soccer jersey and shorts. They looked as sweaty and gross as my own tennis gear. Her hair was a mess. The pony-tail had become largely undone and wisps of sweaty hair hung across her face.

We entered her dorm room and I knew I wanted to have her.

“Got time for a fast shower and some fun?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.

She eyed the digital alarm clock. “Linda (Her roommate) had lab until 3 minutes ago. She’ll be home in less than fifteen minutes. So it’s a shower or fun.”

She came over and kissed me. I could faintly taste the blood in her mouth, and her kiss had a distinctively pepperoni quality to it. I could feel the salt on my cheek acting as a mild abrasive against hers. With my arms around her I could feel her jersey top was wet where her pony-tail had prevented the sweat from drying, and the smell of sun cream and athletic victory hung heavy in out nostrils.

All-in-all it should have been a most repelling situation, but perhaps it was so far beyond mildly gross it became heightenly sexual again. As if the scale of hygiene runs in a circle and not in a line.

Kelly broke off the kiss. The look in her eyes was unusual and she unbuttoned my tennis shorts, unzipped them, and yanked them down to my ankles. No doubt I would have told her to stop had I had time, but after she had pulled my clothing down around my ankles her sincan escort face was near my waist, and my cock was in her mouth.

Whatever embarrassment I might have felt about my sweaty, salty cock being near my girlfriends’ mouth was quickly forgotten as she feverishly began to bob up and down on my dick. I kicked the shorts and soaking wet jockey shorts over my tennis shoes as Kelly sucked me for all she was worth. (Kelly was always a talented fallatrix but her style was usually measured: steady, and with a goal to either get me ready for sex or get me to blow a load into her mouth before her jaw got sore.) Today she seemed almost feral; she alternated sucking my cock and then sucking my balls as she pumped my now fully-erect dick. I knew I had to stop her…otherwise risk coming too soon.

“Take off your clothes,” I demanded as I untied my shoes and pulled my shirt off – adding it to the pile of my other wet clothes. Kelly, only wearing flip-flops was naked before I was.

Kelly’s oral skills as well as the erotic nature of the scene made me realize that once I began to fuck her I would not last very long. Certainly not long enough to get her off. (After a woman has had your sweaty cock and balls in her mouth you want to make sure to leave her happy.)

She protested as I spread her legs and kissed her thighs. I swore I could smell the grass and dirt from the soccer field all over her. Her protests lessened and then ceased entirely as I finally spread her hairy bush and began to kiss and then lick her pussy. Kelly had always enjoyed being eaten, and that was the surest and quickest way to get her to come, but she normally would not let my mouth near her goodies unless she was freshly showered.

The taste was new to me. It was salty and unmistakably funky in a very feminine way. She tasted nothing of soap or shampoo. I paid special attention to her clit – the key to her coming. I did not ignore her lips either. She began to buck after only a minute or two. Normally her orgasms could not be coaxed out of her in anything under ten minutes of intense pussy-eating.

And then her own hand came down and began to rub her clit. This was something I had only seen her do once before – when she had been fully drunk. I continued to eat her pussy as I watched her masturbate herself to an orgasm. Her hips rose off the bed as she began to come. I even used to opportunity run my tongue around her asshole. (I had tried that on one or two other occasions only to be rebuked – today she was already beyond the point of reason.) She came for what may have been nearly a minute: her hips writhing and my mouth trying to stay in contact with either etlik escort her pussy or asshole.

She eventually wound down and looked at the clock. “If you want to fuck me you’d better hurry. Linda will be home any sec.”

The upside of getting your lady off, and knowing you have to be quick, is a great feeling. You know you don’t have to worry about disappointing her, and the stigma of coming fast is gone too.

The room was warm and I knew it smelled of sweaty athletic clothes and well-fucked coed. I mounted Kelly. She looked so relaxed. Dirty, sweaty, natural, and perfectly beautiful. Her pussy was awash in her own juices as well as my own spit. I was balls deep in her in one or two thrusts.

I made no effort to do anything but fuck her as hard and fast as I could. There was no pretense about her pleasure. It was a race to come before her roommate open the door and caught us. Sweat rolled down my face to my chin and nose and began to drip on Kelly’s face and chest. Kelly was now coated in her own sweat, my sweat, grass, dirty, and sun cream. Her own come was leaking down her thighs and the crack of her thin ass.

She was a mess. A perfect mess. My God she was perfect. My balls tightened. I tried to hold off on my orgasm but the train was leaving the station. At that moment I did something I had not done with Kelly before. I pulled out and stoked my cock. For a moment she looked perplexed, then she just smiled and closed her eyes. The first shot of semen flew like rope and landed from her chin down to her bellybutton. The second did not go as far but did manage to hit her left breast. I don’t recall ever having come so much. Kelly was now coat in a half dozen different types of dirt and bodily fluids.

I was going to apologize for having defiled her, but that conversation had to wait a few days since we both heard the keys in the door. I was up in a flash, racing to get my disgustingly wet tennis gear back on. I had left Kelly to fend for herself.

She eventually yelled, “Just a sec, Linda. Don’t come it right now. Please!” Kelly and I were both back in our fouled athletic gear in about twenty seconds: she without her undies or bra which she stuffed under her pillow.

Kelly said, “OK, you can come in now.” I looked back at Kelly. I quickly walked over to her and wiped a glob of semen off of her neck and chin.

Linda walked in. It was clear what had been going on. “Geez, Kel, you should have said you were busy and told me to leave. I can take a hint.”

Kelly was bright red…from athletics, embarrassment and our most memorable fuck session ever. “Nah, that’s OK, we’re done, and he’s just leaving. I think I need a shower.”

I let out a small laugh, “Ya think?” I sat in a chair, put my tennis shoes on, and stuffed the socks in my shorts’ pocket since they were too disgusting to put back on. As I drove home I relished the thought of my shower and getting clean, I also relived the thoughts of the dirtiest girl I would ever fuck.

At that moment I loved Kelly perfectly and fully.

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