Wonderous Age of Woman-part 2

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With a smug smile, Woner Woman opens the closet wide. In it, she finds the source of the noise, of course. ˝Colin Greer…I presume?˝, she asks quite politely at first, to which the confused and startled man nods slowly. ˝T-that is m-me…yes.˝ He is not only embarrassed because he’s been caught in something scandalous, but also, he is stunned by the looks of his savior. ˝It’s good to see the terrorists have not caught everyone. However, I’m curious…why do Earthly men seem so pompous and unrefined on the outside, but act like weaklings secretly?˝, Wonder Woman asks Colin directly, folding her arms as she expects an answer. Her face hides some of the confusion, but also growing contempt for men in general. ˝Weeelll…I’m not much of a man on the outside, either… I do not own guns, I don’t have good tolerance for alcohol…˝, Colin replied, blushing and smiling apologetically.

˝At least you’re honest. But also weak. Are you sure you like the contents of those videos on your computer? Follow me.˝, Diana says firmly, then turns around, while the confused scientist goes behind her, showing some clumsiness in getting around the desks. Once she came over to the knocked out grunt, she spoke again: ˝Watch.˝ Her tone of voice was sort of cold. Then, she picked the man up quite easily, holding him up above her head. Colin knew he wasn’t dealing with a human being, at that moment. Then suddenly, she tossed him up in the air, while flipping into a handstand. Her legs crossed, then quickly locked around the falling man. Still unconscious, he can only wheeze as the hold tightens. Diana feels pleasure from this. Her body heats up. Groaning from the thug only makes her body turn firmer, almost like stone. Her facial expression is a mixture of bliss and focus. Snap. A rib cracked. Wonder Woman moans loudly- she feels her nipples harden. This is it. Men are weak, powerless against women.

Colin freezes in shock at what he sees. To be fair- one part of him is moving. Growing. His trousers have a tent now. The man will be killed- he is almost certain of that. Even if murder is morally reprehensible, Colin is aroused for some reason. Female beauty united with strength and deadly intent. He moans. The heroine of Themyscira smirks. ˝Pervert…˝, she muttered, squeezing harder. Series of cracks can be hard, as the soldier wails, his eyes wide open. Sex hikayeleri Diana’s sensual moans mix with his anguished groans, as she applies the last squeeze. Blood comes out of the man’s mouth. Then strangely, Diana’s legs bend, before she hurls him upwards by straightening them. Her legs are not crossed any more when she catches him. Moaning deeply, she squeezes his mangled torso. Then, the legs part in a scissor-like motion. Two halves of a human body fly in opposite directions, while guts paint the wall. Diana lands on the ground, convulsing and screaming in pleasure. ˝Y-yes~ Ahhh~ I came…!˝ Colin gasps at the scene, nearly falling on his ass in shock. It takes some time for Diana to recover from the orgasmic throes. When she jumps to her feet quickly, her eyes spot a blotch on the brown trousers of the scientist.

˝You liked what you saw?˝, she asked, still a bit breathless, and before Colin even finished nodding, she scoffed. ˝Psh. So-called ˝men˝…˝ The confused Colin just stood there, not moving an inch. ˝Where are the facility schematics?˝, Diana asked bluntly, with a hint of feistiness in her voice. Stuttering, Colin came over to his desk: ˝H-here…amongst…the jumble of paperwork…˝, he replied sheepishly. He did prove though, that he was the master of his own disorder. Somewhat triumphantly, he pulled out a large booklet. ˝Evacuation and safety scheme.˝ Without much courtesy, Diana grabbed the document and took a look. ˝On your knees.˝, she orders firmly. Quite quickly, Colin obeys. Smiling very slightly, Princess Diana came to him, then began to strip herself. ˝You will kiss and lick my boots, until I order otherwise. Understood, sissy?˝, she orders, with her voice oozing confidence and unadulterated dominance, but above all- a newfound power and purpose. Colin nods, and kisses the lower part of the right boot. Diana lightly moans, and makes a seductive smile when he looks up at her while licking the boot upwards.

While Colin licks the boots of Diana, the Princess of Themyscira, she smiles confidently, shifting her position slightly from time to time, to facilitate the process of removing her costume, as well as to focus her obedient slave to another part of the boot, while giving off sensual moans that gained pitch as time went by. She was getting off on power over a male, and the realization of Sikiş hikayeleri how she would use him fully by sexualizing the situation, all the way to ending his existence in a glorious orgasm of hers. After she took down the top with the double W, the Amazon stood on one leg for some time, then switched to the other one, in order to take off her star-patterned panties. This process led to some interesting positions, and surprisingly, Colin had caused Diana a mini orgasm by kissing the soles of her boots, the staggering Amazon had to regain stability before giving an order in a rather calm tone: ˝Stop.˝ Colin pulls his head back, lifting it slightly, as he hears the order

˝Stand up…look at my perfect body, wimp…˝, Diana continues, her voice being smug and seductive. Colin rises, his whole body trembling, something that worsens when he looks at the gorgeously proportioned Amazon body, fully nude all the way down to the knees. She simply came over to him, smiling, before grabbing his scrawny form by the shoulders and pushing him against a wall. The rough impact jarred Colin, and he groaned, truly aware and at least somewhat intimidated by the bold and strong female that was firmly in charge of his destiny. ˝Worship my breasts.˝, Diana orders almost flatly, and before anything, Colin begins to kiss her breasts, soon beginning to lick away at her nipples. The Amazon gasps, then drives a knee into Colin’s genitals, closing her eyes in bliss. The scientist groans and wails into Diana’s right breast, to which she grunts and says hotly: ˝Keep pleasuring me, you spineless sissy…˝ As the scientist obeys, her eyes suddenly open, and she says coyly: ˝On that note…˝

Grabbing hold of Colin’s shoulders, Wonder Woman hoists herself up as he groans, having to briefly support her weight. She quickly wraps her legs around his torso, crossing them behind his lower back. SHer wet pussy is aligned with the tent in the grayish trousers of her victim. Her natural alure had caused him to get as hard as he could possibly be, even after having shot a load before. She guides herself onto the tent, moaning as it enters her vulva. Then, she begins slamming Colin into a wall hard and fast, pounding him, despite being female. While groaning into her mounds from the vibrations her thrusts cause, Colin doesn’t understand that the reason for the Erotik hikaye pain in his back that began a few seconds ago, is the result of Diana squeezing her legs tighter and tighter around his back, while also applying dirrect pressure to the spine by pressing the feet into the small of his back and grinding them up and down. As the thrusts combine with this brutal hold to exert horrible stress on the vertebrae, the agony-wracked Colin can only kiss and lick her breasts, with one of her hands guiding his head to stay in the right place.

Ecstatic cooes and moans come from Diana’s lips as she nears a magnificent orgasm. The excitement causes her to tighten the hold on the poor, but strangely consenting Colin, who is having trouble breathing due to a fractured rib and has already sustained some damage to his spinal cord. As energy rushes through her body, Diana cannot control herself any more. Trembling, she screams out: ˝Feel my power, you impotent dick!˝, and in that moment, her muscles stiffen, drawing from the power of the orgasm. A wet, prolonged crunching sound is heard, as the scientist, who is in excruciating pain, accidentally bites into Diana’s flesh. He has been paralyzed from the waist down, a good few of his ribs are broken, but he manages to cum, staining his trousers from the inside. The sensation caused by the bite is actually pleasurable to her, though, and it serves to give a second wind to her orgasm. ˝Y-yessss!˝ Colin falls, but Diana’s weight causes him to fall into a kneeling position, while her legs break more of his ribs.

Her orgasm is also lengthened by the fact that she- lactated during the snapping of Colin’s spine. Amazed by the sight of milk running down her breasts, Wonder Woman simply holds Colin still for a few moments, before deciding on his fate in an impulse. Pulling his head away from her chest, she surprises him with a kiss, penetrating his mouth witzh a tongue while making very passionate sounds. However, this was no love. In fact, Diana’s orgasm was fueled by inner hatred for men- the moments of pleasure she allowed Colin were due to the remaining vestiges of her old self, which still valued honor and repaying a favor. Thus, the scientist slave had a wonderful death as he tasted her lips and mouth, before her precisely positioned hands twisted his skull in an unnatural direction, breaking his neck, lengthening Wonder Woman’s orgasm a little bit more. With the pervert used, dominated and murdered, Diana stood up, gritting her teeth, as she formed a vague plan of waging war on all men…

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