Work Party Gone Wild

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Sequel to Bachelor Party Gone Wild. You can read the first one or just this one. The characters will make a little more sense. Essentially a husband and wife partook in a bachelor party that got a little out of hand and the wife (Hailey) and a friend (Zoey) ended up being strippers with extra benefits at a bachelor party. Now you’re caught up. On with the story.


My wife Hailey and I relived our bachelor party fun many times after that fateful night. No actual re-enactment though. Just bedroom dirty talk and “remember how we” whisperings that never failed to get both of us pretty hot and bothered. My wife loved whispering in my ear things like, “Your slut of a wife needs a good fucking,” or, “My cunt is soooo empty… I hope there’s someone who can help me with that.”

It always resulted in a very thorough, very satisfying session that would leave us both sweating, panting and laughing as we lay in bed afterwards. We mutually agreed that it was very likely to be a one time thing and that neither of us had any compelling interest in doing it again or making it a recurring event.

And so our life continued for several months. My sister and her new husband moved away from LA and seemed very happy. She thanked me multiple times for keeping her husband out of trouble at the bachelor party. Based on conversations that Hailey and my sister had, she also thanked her husband in a lot of ways as well. About eight months after the wedding, my sister called and, during the conversation, mentioned that Zoe and Danny had gotten divorced.

“I’m not surprised,” I told her.

“Yeah… Aidan loves Danny but he’s a dick.”

“They seemed like a pretty mismatched couple. Zoe was really terrific and he was kind of an ass to her.”

“Kind of? He cheated on her constantly and treated her like an idiot just because he’s older. He’s an ass.”

“Not gonna argue. She definitely could do better.”

“So you liked her?” my sister asked. She didn’t know the details of that night as far as I was aware so the question made me a little defensive.

“She was nice enough. I didn’t get to talk to her much.”

“She’s smarter than she looks. I thought she was just some bimbo, airhead Danny hooked up with but much smarter. You should hang out with her.”

“We’ll probably never see her again,” I said, shrugging my shoulders reflexively despite my sister being unable to see.

“She’s moving there. I gave her your number.”

“What? Really?” I asked, confused.

“Yup… she and Hailey really hit it off at my Bachelorette party and I knew you guys would be able to help her out.”

“Uhmm…” I said, glancing over at my wife who sat oblivious on the couch.

“Don’t worry big bro. Hailey’s not the jealous type as long as you look but don’t touch.”

We finished our conversation though my mind was a bit of a whirl. How was Hailey going to take the news. Darla was right, she wasn’t the jealous type. But you didn’t have to be jealous in general to be apprehensive about the hot girl that your husband fucked a few months ago moving to town and hanging out.

I hung up the phone and my expression must have given things away to Hailey. “What’s wrong, babe?”

“Uhmm… Remember Zoey?”

My wife looked at me and a crooked smile came over her mouth, “Uh-huh,” she said slowly.

“Uhmm… she’s moving to town…”

“Ughh…,” she bemoaned, “We are NOT going to start hanging out with them. She’s cool enough and I know you think she’s hot but Danny’s a prick. I couldn’t take him on a regular basis.”

“Well… uh… that’s good because she divorced him.”

“What? Really?! Awesome!” she said and jumped up excitedly. “Is she here already? Should we invite her over?”

Of all the responses I expected, that wasn’t on the list. I ran my fingers through my hair and took a breath, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean…”

Hailey looked at me and her smirk returned, “What? Because you fucked her?”

“UHmm… well… I mean… yeah. Won’t that be weird for you?”

Hailey walked up to me, “Why? Should it be? Do you want to fuck her again, Sam?”

“No,” I said quickly as Hailey pressed herself up against me. She was wearing a thin white t-shirt and a pair of plain panties. She looked really cute without any makeup and her hair still messed up from sleeping. Despite the appearance that she’d just rolled out of bed the twinkle in her eyes showed exactly how alert she was.

“Seriously? Maybe you don’t remember her well. Remember those nice big tits she had when you were sinking your fingers into them?” she asked huskily as she grabbed my hand. She slid my right hand up her shirt and placed it on her tit where I could feel the hard nipple poking into my palm. “Remember how absurdly tiny her waist was? Didn’t it feel good to grab her waist,” she said as she pulled my other hand above her hip and sighed as I kneaded her breast. “…to grab her waist and ram into her. Was she tight, baby?”

I swallowed and nodded, unwilling to risk a sound that might break escort tanıtımları whatever spell my wife was weaving.

“Didn’t she fuck you good?”

Another nod.

“So you really don’t want to fuck her again? Really?”

“Uhmm… I don’t know,” I said.

Hailey raised herself onto her toes and kissed me, our tongues snaking together needfully. When she broke the kiss she pulled away and said, “Take me to the bedroom and fuck me like you want to fuck her. Show me how much you ‘don’t want’ to fuck her, stud.”

She practically drug me to the bedroom and I had her bent over and was buried inside of her only moments later. She urged me to call her ‘Zoey’ as I pummeled her and she kept telling me how much better and bigger I was than Danny. “I’ve missed this cock Sam. I’ve been getting fucked by that pencil dick loser and now my slutty little fuck hole is ready to get a real man’s cock again. I need to get fucked by real cock. He won’t pass me around anymore because he’s so jealous of how well you fucked my cunt. Fuck that’s good… fuck me… fuck me… I’m so glad Hailey is okay with sharing you. Fuckfuckfuck,” she screamed as I emptied inside of her.

Hailey rolled over and I collapsed in the bed next to her as our juices oozed out of her making a mess. “Fuck that was good. I’m glad you showed me that you don’t want to fuck her,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” I said, playfully slapping her thigh. “I didn’t exactly have a defense there. You weren’t fighting fairly.”

“So if that hot little red head came on to you just like that you wouldn’t be able to resist either?”

“She wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“Way to dodge the question, lover,” Hailey said with a smirk.

I rolled over and hugged her, giving her a quick peck on the lips, “You are all the woman I ever need. We had a fun night and got to sew our wild oats but I don’t need that again.”

“Need and want aren’t the same thing.”

I looked at her eyes, unsure what to say. She smiled up at me, “It’s okay to want things, Sam.”

“I know… but I can separate the two.”

Hailey kissed me softly and sweetly and we let the subject come to a close. We started getting dressed and Hailey looked over at me before saying, “It’s okay to get the things you want sometimes.”

I really wasn’t sure what to say to that so I just kept me mouth shut. My wife clearly had thoughts that she wanted to keep to herself and that was fine with me. I knew not to press too hard.

About a week later, Zoey called and talked to Hailey.

“Yeah… yeah… no that’s fine. No! You should stay here while you’re looking. We have plenty of room… no… yes… well sure… Totally. It’s fine. We insist. We’re just glad you finally dumped that loser, Z. Okay… Okay… YES! We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You invited her to stay here?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not for me it’s not,” I said trying to sound lecherous and creepy.

Hailey laughed and threw a sock at me, “You’re just hoping to see her walk around the house in her underwear.”

“Why should she be wearing underwear?” I asked which earned another flung piece of clothing, this time a pair of jeans.

“Don’t get your hopes up. She just got a divorce and she’s probably not going to be interested.”

I tossed the jeans back to Hailey who snatched them deftly out of the air and folded them quickly, tossing them into the pile of clothes on the bed. “Yeah… cause SHE’s the reason why nothing will happen.”

“She should be… only reason I could think of,” Hailey said with a smirk, tossing two bundled socks back to me across the room where I tossed them in a drawer.

“Of course there’s other reasons. What’s gotten into you Hailey? I thought we decided we’d left that behind?”

“We had… I’m kind of just messing with you.”

“But you’re kind of not?” I asked, reading between the lines.

Hailey looked up at me with her head still turned partly away. She looked really sexy and sneaky. A dangerous combination. “You fucked her once and didn’t leave me. I got to fuck a bunch of guys that night. I figure another tumble with her would still leave me in debt.”

I grabbed Hailey and kissed her, “Don’t think about being in debt. It was hot for me that night. I loved it. But I don’t want you to fuck anymore guys and I don’t need to fuck anymore girls.”

“But you want to?” she asked.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” I said.

“I did. And I don’t think of it as being in debt. I just… well… I didn’t get to see much that night. I was a little distracted. And… uhmm… I wouldn’t mind having my own little private replay is all.”

“Wait… you’re being serious?”

“Yeah… absolutely. I trust you and I’d love to watch you fuck a slutty little hottie like her.”

“Interesting,” I said as I stroked my chin, doing my best evil genius impersonation. A t-shirt quickly smacked me in the face.

“Stop mocking me, jerk,” Hailey said playfully. We kept folding the laundry, getting gaziantep escort tanıtımları the house tidied up for our new guest. Zoey showed up about an hour later and Hailey practically sprinted to the door. She did a little happy hop as she opened the door and the two girls squealed and hugged each other excitedly. When they stepped back, I got my first good look at Zoey.

She was even hotter than I remembered. She was wearing a short pair of low-rise jean shorts and a loose crop top. Her tits were stretching the green fabric of her shirt and her the shorts looked like they were painted onto her hips. Her curves were on complete display all the way from round hips through a tiny little waist and up to her bountiful breasts. Her red hair was twirled together and hung over her left shoulder leaving the dragon tattoo on her right shoulder clearly visible. She had bright red lipstick on and I saw her lips curl into a smile when she caught me staring. And I was definitely staring. I was probably a little slack jawed too.

“Her eyes are up there,” Hailey said and the two girls giggled. Hailey grabbed Zoey and showed her to the small guest “bedroom” we’d rigged up. Our 1 bedroom apartment wasn’t particularly big but there was a little alcove in the living room that we’d moved a book shelf next to it to make it a little larger than hung a line and a cloth to give her a little privacy. It wasn’t ideal but she seemed very happy with it. I grabbed her other bag, a small duffel that she’d dropped on the floor when Hailey hugged her and brought it over.

“Not much stuff,” I said. “Do we need to take you shopping or anything?”

“Oh… I’ve got tons of outfits, they’re all just skimpier than this. I wanted to be a little modest when I showed up.”

My eyes bugged out. She had to be joking. Right?

“Is he alright?” Zoey asked Hailey as they stared at my stunned face.

“Yeah… he grew up in a pretty conservative household so hearing you call this outfit modest has short circuited his little mind. Don’t worry. He’s fine.”

“I mean… I could wear a bhurka if he prefers,” Zoey said, teasing me a little as she jutted her hip out and placed her hand on it sexily. The move accentuated her already curvy figure and I involuntarily traced her entire outline up and down.

“Girl… you’d still make a potato sack sexy,” Hailey said and yanked the bag away from me and tossed it on the bed. “Don’t worry, Sam can have some pleasant eye candy for a few weeks. It won’t do him any harm.”

And with that, we started off on this great new chapter of our lives. Things went by great for the first few days. I was in a perpetual state of arousal because, it turns out, Zoey was definitely NOT joking. Her entire wardrobe was skimpy and sexy. Tight little skirts, low cut shirts, t-shirts that were two sizes too small. I’m pretty sure she didn’t own bras or panties and she only slept in a t-shirt so anytime I got up in the night, I got an eyeful because she never seemed to sleep when we did. Frequently she’d be in the kitchen cooking at 3am and I got to see her perfect little bubble butt in all its glory multiple times.

At the end of the week, I was nearly bursting. Hailey had been the biggest beneficiary, fucking me every night and most mornings. We had more sex in that week than we had since our honeymoon. At first we were a little self-conscious and tried not to make too much noise but Zoey mentioned that she kind of liked hearing us and rather than make us quieter, that got Hailey really going. From that point on, it seemed like Hailey wanted to do everything she could to show off how well I fucked. She even started pretending to be Zoey again. Knowingly and intentionally shouting so that our new housemate could hear. I tried to shush her but that didn’t work so all I could do was try to fuck her hard enough that she wouldn’t be able to talk. If you haven’t tried that, you definitely should. It was pretty fun to listen to her words descend into mindless screaming.

The next morning, Zoey was sitting in the kitchen (did she EVER sleep?) without any clothes on at all. “Zoey!” I said. Hailey padded out behind me and laughed.

“I’ve been giving you peeks all week and now you guys are roleplaying fucking me… I figured you should be able to have a good mental image when you’re doing it.”

Hailey walked up to Zoey and looked at her. The redhead looked up at my beautiful, blonde wife and looked a little concerned for the first time. Like maybe she’d gone too far. My wife simply reached out and traced a finger up Zoey’s side and scraped it across her pink areola, teasing the nipple with the barest of grazes. Zoey took in a sharp breath and straightened her back, sticking her tits out more and shuddering. “She is hot, babe. Enjoy the view,” she said with a wicked smile.

These girls were killing me and I was actually happy to get out of the house and get to work. I’d recently started a new job at a logistics company. I’d only been there a couple months gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları but already really enjoyed it. It was a new world to me, much more blue collar than my last job. I was running the back office staff in charge of planning and acquisitions. The job was really challenging and, thankfully now that Zoey had moved in, insanely busy. I couldn’t have thought of the hot, naked redhead at the house even if I wanted to… and boy did I want to. Most of the days were long but I enjoyed the challenge. Around 7pm that night, my boss walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

“Hey… Sam. How’s work been?”

“Fine,” I said slightly nervously. It’s always a little bit worrying when your boss closes your door.

“Look, this is a little awkward but I’ve got something to ask.”

“Uhmm… sure?”

“My son works down on the docks,” he said. That was news to me. The company did almost $90 million in annual revenue. I wouldn’t think that the son would be the working-the-docks type. “Not many people know,” he said, recognizing my surprise, “He wanted to learn about the company in all the facets which I respect.”

“You want him to come work in my department?”

“Oh no… he had your job before we hired you,” he said with a laugh. That really took me aback.

“You moved him from my job to working at the docks?” I asked in shock. I hoped that wasn’t the career trajectory he saw for me.

“No, no my boy. Not for that reason. Goodness no. He just hadn’t done dock work yet and wanted to keep seeing how everything worked. It’s been really good for the company. That change we made to the manifest system last week was based on his suggestion.”

I nodded. It had been a good change and one that hadn’t occurred to any previous logistics or loading manager.

He continued, “He’s been down there for a couple months and he likes to throw a little party when he moves on to another section of the company. I normally throw a little bash for him but he said, given who he’s working with, he thought something a little… uhmm.. Rowdier might be in order.”

“Uhh… okay… why me?” I asked, still confused.

“Well, I heard you mention to Darryl the other day about that bachelor party you and your wife attended…”

I face palmed. I literally face palmed. The company had celebrated a MASSIVE new contract and our boss had bought us champaigne. We’d all gotten a little tipsy and I’d gotten a little bit too full of bravado about the bachelor party. Darryl, my friend who I’d worked with at my last job and had gotten me hired, had been bragging about how hot his wife was and how she fucked like a pornstar. And… well… I’d decided to top that. Apparently the old man had overheard. Damnit.

“I’m not saying it needs to be her but… well… my son thought it would be a big hit,” he said.

“You told your son?” I asked incredulously.

Now it was my boss’s turn to look embarrassed, “Look… I just know you know what a crazy party looks like and thought you’d be able to help. If you can’t, I’ll find someone else who can.” He didn’t say it like a threat, Mr. Sumner wasn’t like that. But as the new guy, I still took it as one.

I held my hand up, “I’ll think of something, Sir,” I said. He backed away, still looking awkward and embarrassed and said his goodbyes. I sat there in my dimly lit office, alone with my thoughts. I took a long time getting home that night. I rode the subway for aimlessly before realizing I’d missed my stop… by a lot. I had to get off and reboard and ended up getting home really late. Zoey and Hailey were sitting there chatting. Both thankfully dressed. The last thing I needed was a brain shorting episode.

Hailey looked up at me, “You’re home late, babe. Everything okay?”

I looked at Hailey and was instantly torn. On the one hand, that bachelor party had been a real glass breaker for us. It had livened up our sex lives and brought us closer in ways neither of us had ever imagined. A part of me… a big part of me if I’m being honest, wanted to do it again. To see her get fucked by a bunch of dock workers would be pretty hot. On the other hand, I really didn’t this to be “our thing”. That possessive lizard brain part of me didn’t want that. And I didn’t want HER to want it. I liked that she enjoyed reliving it and fantasizing but I really didn’t want it to become our lifestyle.

“Nothing… just… the boss asked me for something at work.”

Zoey and Hailey turned to me intrigued, “What was it?” Hailey asked.

I took a breath then decided just to recount the story. I apologetically told about my drunken bragging to Darryl and explained what Mr. Sumner had asked for. Hailey looked at me and smacked my shoulder. “Bragging about your slut wife… you should be ashamed,” she said but she couldn’t contain her grin.

“You’re not mad?” I asked.

She shrugged, “A little annoyed but not really. It’s actually kind of hot that they think that about me.”

“Really?” I asked, confused.

“A little… not like, ‘oh my gosh I’m so wet’ hot but more ‘nice low grade tingly sensation’ hot.”

My eyes flicked to Zoey who was enjoying the confusion on my face, “Sometimes us girls like to think of ourselves as slutty. Sometimes we like guys to think of us that way too. I think Hailey’s thinking about walking into the office and all the guys looking at her and mentally undressing her. Right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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