Working Out Of Town

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Several years ago, I was out of town working on a project, in Salt Lake. Wow, what a breathtaking place. The Mountains, the people and we got to stay just across from work in a very nice hotel. It was a popular hotel with the college campus just next door, so we had lots of sports people their, conventions, and the like. I had been going there for several weeks, hanging out in the bar for supper and drinks. There was the really cute waitress who usually waited on us. One night the place was pretty slow, so she sat down and we started talking.

She had been raised there but had left the church because she didn’t believe in all the stuff they demanded the girls do. She was kinda like you in that she had a boyfriend she had been seeing for over a year but he was out of town a lot. It had snowed about 7 or 8 inches that day and I was pretty taken by its beauty. As we talked and time went by it was time for the bar to close. She was amused that I was so taken by the snow, but coming from Florida what would you expect. She asked me if I wanted to go up on one of the hills where the view of the city was fantastic. I said “sure”! It was about 25 degrees and I told her I needed to go get my coat. She said wait a minute and she would go with me. We went up to my room, got my coat and headed out to the mountains. I had no clue where we were going. After about 45 minutes of driving on narrow windy roads she told me to pull off and stop. She opened her door and we got out, walked over to the edge of the road and it was a perfect view of the snow-covered city and all its glistening lights. It was pretty breathtaking.

We stood there for several minutes, then she looked over at me and said “don’t you want to kiss me”? I reached me arms around her and demetevler escort we went into a long deep tongue-roaming kiss. As we stood there my cock had grown to a full hard on as she began to straddle me leg and press her pussy against me. I reached down grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly into my body. I could feel her breathing as well as mine as a rapid pace as we continued our embrace. I could feel her ass moving as she hunched her pussy against my hard cock her hands began to rub the outside of my pants. I eased her to the side slightly as I slid me hand down the front of her pants. She sheiks as my almost frozen fingers touched her naked skin. I could feel her sucking her stomach in to allow my hand to travel to her waiting pussy. Well I have to admit her pants were so tight that I only got to her clit but that was enough for her as I began to massage it between my fingers. After a couple of minutes she broke our embrace and said we needed to go. Here I was with a raging hard on, she was dripping wet and “we had to go”?

I didn’t argue and we got back into the car and headed back to the hotel. On our way back, I had the heater going and it was getting pretty warm in the car. It was really dark, we were out in the country and had not gotten back into the city when she said give me your hand. She took and slid it down her pants, which she had unbuttoned. Her pussy was really wet and the aroma of sex was in the air. I started masturbating her as we drove playing with her clit and fingering her the best I could. Then I felt her hand join mine as she started to rub her pussy. Her moans were getting louder as she thrust her hips into the air and came. She took my hand and slid otele gelen escort it out of the pants as she reached over and started to unzip my pants. My cock was wadded up but she finally got it out. She seemed to be very pleased with its size as she began rubbing her hand up and down. My pre-cum was beginning and I knew that if she didn’t quit I would have cum all over my pants. As we rounded the curve I saw the hotel down the road and she stopped rubbing me and said that I had to make it get small again. We got to the hotel and sat talking in the car for a minute, I of course invited her up and she accepted. She told me that she had to go in another way but would meet me in my room in 10 minutes. I had just got the door closed when there was a soft knock on the door. I opened it and she walked in.

She grabbed me around the neck and planted a long kiss as we made every attempt to undress each other. I took her coat off, went around in back of her as I slipped her sweater over her head and unsnapped her bra letting it fall to the floor. She had already unsnapped her pants and I slid them and her panties down. I couldn’t wait any longer I leaned her over the bed and began licking her pussy and ass. It was really great. After about 5 minutes I laid her down on her back pulled her legs up rested them over my shoulders and began to lick her and suck her clit. I would run my tongue from her ass hole toward her clit letting it slowly trace it’s was up her pussy parting her lips darting into her hole and then I just focused on her clit. Licking and sucking as I easily slid two fingers up her pussy.

It was only minutes until I could feel her second cum of the night beginning. I balgat escort slowed my pace to keep her at her level if excitement as wave after wave of her love juice oozed out her pussy. Her legs were tightly squeezing my head and her hands were burying my face into her pussy. Then she pushed my head back, I just laid there admiring her shaved pussy. It was soft and slick and needless to say very wet. She told me to lie down on the bed and I did as she began to suck on my cock taking as much as she could without gagging. I wasn’t through with her either as I reached to pull her leg over my head and began to slowly run my tongue up and down through her lips. I really didn’t touch her clit nor stick my tongue into her hole, as I wanted to get her really hot as her juice started to really flow again, I began to flick my tongue over her clit. She slide back just a little to give me better access as her hips began to move. I stuck 3 fingers into her pussy and one up her tight little asshole as I continued licking and sucking her clit.

I was getting pretty close to cumming in her mouth when she raised up off my cock as her climax started. This one was very strong her moans were really loud and I could feel her muscle contractions getting stronger as we continued. After what seemed like 10 minutes, I am not complaining, she finally began to relax. I wanted her to ride me knowing that I was probably only minutes away myself. She turned around and faced me as she reached between her legs to guide my cock into her waiting hole. She didn’t waste any time as she impaled herself on it in one quick stroke. Then she started to ride it for all it was worth. I could feel my cum as it was only seconds away when she grabbed my shoulders and pushed down as hard as she could. I really wasn’t paying any attention, but she and I were cumming together as she just pushed down really hard and moved her muscles inside to get herself and me off. She laid on my chest for a while then said she had to go home to her boyfriend.

She got dressed and left. We saw each other two or three nights a week for the next month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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