Worshipping Judd Ch. 01

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Judd sat in the armchair leaning back. He was as fit as fuck as they say. He was 4 years older than me at 23 Everything about him was beautiful. His smouldering eyes looked out at you from narrow slits that made him look like he was squinting all the time. A chiselled jaw, full sumptuous lips and wild crazy wavy mid length hair the colour of mud that he mostly kept tucked into his baseball cap. He wasn’t what you’d call ripped. But he was very slim and firm with just a hint of a six pack. Nothing about his physique was extreme. He was just right. He was a proper scally boy with just enough of an attitude to make him intimidating. He exuded confidence where I was a rather pathetic figure in comparison.

He slung his legs wide open over the armrests.

He was staring at me intently. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms and eased them around the magnificently firm orbs of his buttocks revealing his hairy trench.

“Come here, you want my smell don’t you, you need it, I know you’re aching to sniff my fucking arse ya dirty cunt.” he said. “Come here and take a whiff, DON’T TOUCH!”

Like a lion stalking its prey, I crawled closer sniffing the air. I could smell him from five feet away. My nose was like a missile, locked on to its target. My tongue involuntarily poked out tasting the air like a snake as I moved. His thick meaty aroma was promise of the taste to come. The nearer I got, the more I was able to distinguish the funky buttstink from the unwashed sweaty scent of his oversized balls which were exposed just beneath the waistband of the deep blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms he constantly wore. They hung low, stretching the loose hairy skin that contained them looking like two medicine balls in stockings.A testament to the alpha male he was.

I was nearly there, just a foot away. The intensity and richness of his stink had taken over and I was helpless. The mere whiff of him held me captive, totally under his control. I inched further until his trench hairs touched my nose. That was as far as I dare go. I hated having to breathe out. It interfered with the stream of pheromones entering my nose and mouth, which flooded my brain with endorphins. I drank in all I could of this man’s body odours.

“Gaw on cunt, get your fix.” Judd instructed.

I stayed fixed to the spot, motionless, save for the flare of my nostrils stealing as much of his smell as I could. It was like catnip to me. It drove me wild with Maltepe Escort excitement. I stayed rooted to the spot, like a Pointer dog indicating it’s found game. Ten minutes seemed like only seconds and the disappointment was visible in my expression when Judd barked.

“That’s enough cunt, you can do me feet now. I know you wanna taste me brown eye innit.You got work to do first cunt. You know the drill.”

As I’d done a hundred times before, I moved to the side of the armchair. His Nike TN’s were worn and battered but stunning on his feet. They did an excellent job of trapping the cheesy foot stink that lurked inside. He wore them all day long, day in, day out. I was about to have access to this amazing lads extremities. His foot hung in the air alongside the arm of the chair. Every fold and crease of the socks that his trackie bottoms were tucked into was perfect. He Was perfect. He was my drug of choice and I needed him. I was fully under his spell, his intoxicating scent.

I approached his foot with due respect, sniffed all around the godly footwear before very carefully and slowly easing off his Nike. It released an invisible cloud of scally footstink that hung in the air. I stuck my schnoz inside the shoe and breathed in the heavenly aroma. It was warm and thick and clung to the inside of my nose and mouth allowing me to taste it. I pressed my face against the sole of his socked foot. The sock carried the dirty imprint that the sole of his foot had made when in contact with the dirty smelly inside of the shoe.Everything about his feet was magnificent.

I Peeled the sock from his foot and got to work licking and kissing it all over, paying special attention to get between all of his long toes. I slurped each toe and sometimes two in my mouth and sucked them clean. I bathed his foot with my saliva. All the time I was cleaning his feet with my mouth I kept one eye on his rear end that was still exposed. I knew I had that pleasure to come. Judd liked his hole to be worshipped. It was easy to tell as when I rimmed him, he would push his ringpiece out and pull it back in.

Inevitably, I came to the end of this wonderful experience. There was no more dirt or sweat on his feet. I had consumed every last morsel.

“Good job cunt.” Judd asserted. “Now you can av a taste ov me shit ‘ole.”

Judd’s fragrances, from his armpits and sweaty bollocks, to his feet and arsecrack, all had their own individual notes. Anadolu Yakası Escort Each one giving untold pleasure in their own way. But nothing could compare to the taste and smell of his scally hole. I dutifully took up position in front of his most intimate cavity. The familiar smell caused a further surge of blood to my cock. I’d been so hard all through my duties, that the extra surge made my cock positively ache. I asked myself how come I was so lucky to be in this position. How could I be so honoured to be the one that Judd allowed to be so close to him.

First off, I gave his hole a proper snog. I kissed his pucker like it was a pair of lips that I was in love with. I was in love with it. I long licked his hairy valley from the top of his buttocks to his perineum, skipping lightly over his dirty shithole. I swear I would be able to tell Judd’s taste from anyone in the world if I were blindfolded. I drank in the sight, the smell, the taste. Once I had exhausted the nectar on the outside, it was time to get my tongue inside him and taste his innards. I was an expert at darting my tongue in and out of that tight pink elastic entrance and when Judd pushed his hole, I was able to get further inside him.

All too soon, like his feet, the job of cleaning his dirty scally arsehole was over. But there was still one gelatinous prize to come. Judd was a heavy cummer. If it was early in the day, his spunk would be thick and creamy. Later in the day, and it was a little thinner, but always, there were copious amounts to swallow. I guess you could describe it as morning fucksludge, evening fuckslop. I adored both and would lovingly consume all he had to give if I were allowed. I would devote my life to giving him pleasure.

Judd stood up and told me to assume the position. I knew exactly what to do. I jumped onto the chair, slung my legs over the back and lay with my head hanging off the seat cushion.

“Open up cunt.” Judd demanded.

He pushed his tracksuit bottoms down to his ankles and knelt down. It was such a glorious sight. Judds cock was perfection personified. It was a good 8 or 9 inches, noticeably thick in girth, and he had the type of foreskin that covered his helmet almost completely, save for a small round hole that his piss slit was visible from. He was so hard he might have snapped it if it were bent too far. My mouth and throat were already anticipating the invasion of his joystick. No messing about, İstanbul Escort Judd pushed it in my mouth and started to pump it back and forth. Fairly slowly to start. Once he got comfortable and he was nicely slicked up with saliva, he started fucking my gob in earnest.

He banged away taking his pleasure, using the soft warmth of my mouth to bring him to climax. My cocksleeve of a mouth did its job, along with my expert tongue work. Before I knew it he was spewing his seed into me. His cock blew its love muck down my throat like a bee’s sting pulsating its venom into its victim. I thanked the lord for this gift, this fluid that rejuvenated my soul. Judd slid out of my mouth and it was all over. I was already thinking about next time. Judd had taken me from a novice to an expert in sucking cock, rimming and footworship in the short space of a couple of months. But this was only the start. He had more surprises up his sleeve for me.

“Alright, you can fuck off now cunt.” Judd said, dismissing me.

If all that were true I would have been the luckiest lad alive, but none of it was. It was all in my head. It existed only in my imagination. I opened my eyes. I’d shot my load with such force that globs of cum were dripping down the headboard. I’d got it on my chest, face and in my hair.

“You coming/” Judd called from the living room. Yes, Judd was real. He was my friend and roommate. It would be an understatement to say I had a crush on him. An obsession was maybe a more accurate description of my feelings for him.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” I hollered back.

I cleaned up as quickly as I could and joined Judd in the living room. We were off to go and meet his girlfriend Sue and our other friend Mike for an evening of drinks and smoke, as was usual on Friday nights. I said that Judd was my friend, but really he was my best friend. We’d known each other since we were much younger. In all the time I’d known him he was nothing but a ladies man. He’d gone through several girlfriends and didn’t give a fuck as long as he was getting pussy.

He wasn’t one of those chav type guys that had a crew and all that shit. He was his own man, a loner if you will. But that didn’t stop him taking charge when he wanted to. He was assertive, confident and at ease with himself. I’d had girlfriends to keep up the pretence of being straight, but girls weren’t my first choice sexually. I was lucky that I did get sexually aroused by girls, so it was fairly easy to maintain the illusion. I was sure nobody knew of my attraction to men.

I was stuck, trapped between my imagination and reality. Destined to worship Judd from afar. Forever to relive my dream on an endless loop. What was I to do?

To be continued……..

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