You Told Me You Had Deleted Them

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“You told me that you had deleted them all. You promised me that nobody else would ever see them. What do I find? Not only do you still have all of our naughty photos in your Google photos, you also have photoshopped images of me that you have let other men do which make me look like a slut. How could you?”

Abby’s husband didn’t know what to say.

“And who the fuck is this Jake person who’s sending you emails and stories about me? He had better not be someone local who knows me.”

Abby started sobbing. Jim tried to console her. She pushed him away and started beating on his chest. He thought to himself that he wouldn’t have been in worse trouble if she had caught him cheating. He knew he had betrayed her and of course he wished that he hadn’t but he couldn’t help himself. Deep down he wanted her to be a hot wife who would cuckold him. He couldn’t tell her that of course, so it had found its expression in him sending revealing photos of her to strangers now and then.

Jim wished he had stopped communicating with Jake when one of the stories seemed to have elements which were close to home. The name of the pub used in the stories, The Wanderers, had made Jim think that Jake knew more about him than he was letting on. On reflection Jim realised that Jake used common names and situations that would seem to closer to the truth than they were.

He knew he had been careless with his phone. He knew he should have kept the photos zipped up or somehow password protected, and he should have logged out of his emails after reading them, but İstanbul Escort it was too late now. A fleeting thought crossed Jim’s mind, “I hope Abby’s payback is that she really does fuck someone else.”

Jake wasn’t Jake, nor was he Ed, Charles or any of the other names he used as aliases on the net. Nor was Jake some anonymous person who lived miles from Jim and Abby. After years of surfing the web, writing stories, creating photoshopped images and the like for other people someone he knew had finally made contact. Not wanting to spook Jim, Jake had not let on he actually knew him and Abby.

Jakes wife, Louise, is a friend of Abby. Louise and Jake have an open marriage. She is fully aware that Jake has internet friends who share their wifes’ photo with him. Jake has shown her the pics of Abby sent by Jim. She is surprised Abby would pose like that.

Louise invited Abby round for a coffee. Louise brought the conversation around to naughty pics, telling Abby that Jake loves to take them of her. Abby blushed. Louise pressed Abby to tell all and slowly but surely she spilled the beans. Abby claimed she was always drunk when she posed and Jim had promised every time to delete them when the night’s fun was over. Abby told Louise that Jim had kept some and he had even let other men see them. She said she had found them and they were in a bad patch because of it. The coffee became a bottle of wine, then a second bottle. Abby’s tongue loosened as Louise steered the conversation around to their husbands’ fantasies.

“Jake would Anadolu Yakası Escort like to see me with another woman, preferably someone as busty as me.”

When Louise’s hand touched hers Abby realised the direction of the conversation and said “I better go now…”

Jake had been listening at the door but walked in at that point. Louise kept the conversation going, telling Abby that Jake really wanted to take some snaps of Louise with another woman.

Another wine was poured for Abby. Because she had cut Jim off from his nuptials she had also been denying herself. She liked Jake and for a moment imagined him naked and giggled. The wine was affecting her judgement. On her shoulder was a devil egging her on, that and a vague memory of Jim trying to encourage her to watch lesbian porn with him.

“Fuck it, why not?” from Abby took Jake and Louise by surprise, she added “You must promise to delete the pics though Jake, but only after you give me copies on an SD card for Jim. It can be his Christmas present.”

It was awkward at first but Louise and Abby started with a little touching. It wasn’t the first time for Louise with a woman so she took the lead. Jake snapped away merrily. Very soon the girls were in their underwear and shortly after that the aroma of aroused pussy filled the air. Sucking on each other breasts gave way to fingers in each others’ cunts. Jake tried to direct and have them pause for clear photos but they were lost in their own pleasure.

Louise knew how and where to please another woman. Kartal Escort Abby had not had a female lover but she knew how she like to be touched and assumed Louise would enjoy the same. The bed was large but they managed to use it all. Their soixante-neuf almost became a whirlpool of activity. The wine had dulled Abby’s inhibitions but not her senses. Lou’s fingers probed her, Lou’s lips teased her and Lou’s tongue did both.

When Louise’s orgasm started she motioned Jake to hold Abby’s head to her crotch and squirmed under the pressure and pleasure, she just didn’t seem to stop coming. Abby vaguely wondered if she became the juicy when Jim licked her to a climax.

Louise was sated but the vestiges of inhibition in Abby were keeping her from having her own climax. She looked at Jake, then at Louise, who nodded, then back at Jake beckoning him climb between her legs.

Jake didn’t need asking twice, he was naked by the time he got to the bed. Louise was still kissing and caressing Abby’s breasts as Jake’s cock slid effortlessly into Abby’s cunt. Louise had primed Abby, it took but a few strokes before Abby writhed under Jake, her body not in her control.

Sanity and sobriety returning, Abby kissed Jake and Louise. She told them it must be their secret. In her hurry to get dressed and leave she forgot all about the photos Jake had been taking. Her thoughts for the few hundred yards or so to her house were about jumping in the shower and about how she had been seduced. She was determined it hadn’t been her fault but she hoped it would happen again. She wasn’t going to say a word to Jim.

Jim was unexpectedly home from work, laptop open showing what she had just been up to. Jake had put the photos and videos into a dropbox folder so Jim could download them. Jim took Abby’s hand and led her to their bedroom…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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