You want to be My Little Toy

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My sex toy collection is huge, isn’t it? I thought you might like to see it. I’ve tried pretty much everything. Look at how big this yellow one is. I bet you’d like to watch me play with it. You would?

You’re so sweet.

I have a better idea.

How would you like to be my little toy today?

You would?

Put your hand on your cock, over your clothes.

This is mine.

I’ll tell you when to take it out.

This isn’t your cock anymore, it’s my little plaything.

Take your hand off and get some lube. I’ll wait.

Undo your pants and bring my toy out for me.

Isn’t it wonderful? I just got it. I love how thick it is, just right for my pussy whenever I’m feeling a little horny at work or after watching a romantic movie in bed, I can just pull it out and fuck it whenever I want.

Put some lube on my toy for me.

I like it nice and wet for my pussy so it slips right in. Make sure you get every part of it nice and slick, rub it all over for me, slowly so I can watch.

Good boy.

This is a very special toy, it throbs and pulses realistically. I know, isn’t that amazing? I love how realistic it looks. It even feels warm when you touch it, feel? Give it a squeeze.

Now stroke my toy for me. I like to watch it get harder and harder for me. I only want it when it’s ready.

What’s that? You think you might come? Just from watching me play with my little fucktoy? You must be desperate for some pussy. You are not allowed to come. Do what I say and play with my toy for me.

That’s it, slide your hand over it, I want you to feel where it’s bigger, where it’s smaller, where it’s soft, where it’s hard. What do you like about my toy? I bet you wish I would play Escort Bayan with it for you. I’m sure you’d like to watch my toy disappear into my pussy.

But you have to get it ready for me, just like that, up and down.

Good boy, play with my sex toy while I watch. I bought and paid for it, I should get to enjoy it. Make your hand tighter, really feel the ridges of the veins, feel how it throbs under your hand. This is why it’s my favorite toy; it looks so good when somebody slides their hand up and down it, just like a real cock.

Watching you stroke has made my pussy so wet, bring it over here.

Stand here, by the bed.

I turn on my favorite music and leave you waiting while I use the bathroom. You slide your hand up and down my dildo while you wait for me to return.

I come back in lingerie that frames my bare pussy and get on all fours in front of you. You watch my ass line up with your stomach while you stroke, your belly fluttering as you get to see my pussy for the first time.

Now stop.

I reach down and grab my toy from your hands and begin to play with it at the opening of my pussy, sliding it in only a little, then back out. I rub it over my clit and moan.

You are so lucky to get to watch me play with my sex toys.

I slide my dildo in and my pussy softly envelops it. I begin to fuck my sex toy and you watch as my ass bounces in front of you, hands by your side. I squeeze my toy inside me, making it tighter as I fuck it down to the base.

You wish you could cum, watching this, don’t you?

But toys don’t get to choose, they have to obey.

Lie down on the bed.

I straddle you and sink down onto my favorite dildo, smiling. My tits are bouncing as I ride up and down on it. You can see my pussy lips parting around the shaft of my sex toy, its veins standing out, bending realistically as I lean back and fuck it from a different angle, rubbing it slowly against my g spot as it slides in and out.

I spend as long as I want playing with my toy. I stop and rub it against my clit, shaking it like a vibrator. I slide it into my ass and fill my pussy with another sex toy. I fuck them both until I start to get tired.

When I get tired, I feel a little bored.

This toy isn’t interesting me very much anymore.

If only it could do something different from the rest of my toys.

I pull it out and stare at it, then slide my dildo into my mouth and suck it clean.

I want to fill my pussy with my toy and make it cum. I want to squeeze these balls at the base like a little pump and make cum shoot out of it.

Do I want it in my pussy or to watch it squeeze out in my hand?

I decide I want it in my pussy and climb back on top.

I want you to make my sex toy come in me. I want this little dildo to cream inside my pussy. That would really make this toy the best dildo in my collection.

Cum for me.

I squeeze the balls and feel my toy squirt hot cum in me. I laugh as ream after ream of it spills inside me.

Wow, I definitely got my money’s worth on this one.

I think this is the best sex toy I’ve picked yet. It’s so disappointing when you spend so much money on one and they don’t deliver.

I squeeze the balls again and a little more cum trickles out, making my dildo shake.

I begin to rub it again and it shakes, vibrating as I palm the sensitive head and balls and rub it, hard.

I think I could use it again, my pussy feels ready.

My dildo is throbbing and turgid and shaking as I scrub at it with my closed fist.

I slip it back into my pussy and ride it, squeezing the balls tightly.

Now why can’t I get it to cum again? Maybe it resets on a timer? Maybe you have to fuck the balls back to fullness? I try it, sliding up and down as my toy shakes-I like the extra vibration.

I think I feel the balls filling again-they are drawing back up toward the base of my toy.

Giddy with excitement, I squeeze them as hard as I can and am rewarded with a deep spurt of cum. I laugh and take a picture for my friends, showing them the sticky toy and my sticky pussy.

“Best toy I’ve bought this year, 10/10 would recommend (eggplant)”

They send back eager texts. I tell them where they can find it.

I wipe my toy clean with a wet washcloth, but I want to see it come again. It is raw now, spent and tired but I am determined. I work at it with the rough washcloth as it shakes in my hand.

I sigh, feeling bored again.

Then I wonder what this cum tastes like.

I put the tip of the toy in my mouth and suck like a lollipop, letting it pop out of my mouth. It tastes good.

I pull it into my mouth and begin sucking on it, licking it. I like it. I squeeze the balls harder and harder but that only makes the toy vibrate more-I’ll have to remember that next time I use it in my pussy.

I slide my warm, soft mouth over it again and again, sucking and tasting. It tastes soft and sweet, not at all like plastic.

It comes in my mouth and I laugh, swallowing some, running the rest over my tongue before swallowing.

“It tastes good too,” I send them a picture of the spent toy, now lolling on my bed, my chin covered in dripping liquid.

You can put my toy away now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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