Young Days Ch. 01

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Jerry was all alone that afternoon and he was furious that his girl Amy had ditched him once again. This has been happening quite frequently in past few weeks. He suspected that she has been fooling around with someone else since these few weeks. Last time when she said she was out of town, he had seen Drake’s car parked outside her home while her bedroom’s light was on. She sure was getting fucked by Drake that night, who was captain of the baseball team of the nearby college.

“Bitch!” shouted Jerry out loud banging his hand on the nearby wall.

It was a hot afternoon of April and he was all alone at home since his parents were out to visit an ailing aunt and would return next day. He was lazily lying on his bed staring blankly at the ceiling. His blood was gushing in veins and the heat outside was catching up with the heat inside his body. He wanted to bring Amy home today so he could drill her.

They used to look out for various opportunities always so they could have sex till the last breath that they could catch up with. Their relationship was more or less nowadays based on just sex rather than the love which had founded this relationship. But Jerry wondered now was it ever love that brought them together or was it pure bodily lust and yearning.

Earlier days the sex in between them was romantic and delicate. The tender touch with which Jerry fondled her would spark up a fire in her. Likewise, her soft lips would make his manhood take a leap and spring to life with joy and rogue-like spirit.

In initial days, Jerry found it hard to control himself while he was around Amy or even thought of her. He also found it difficult to keep a tab on his beastly manliness. On one such day, Amy was lying on the bed in her delicates and Jerry had only his vitals covered. They had fooled around many a times but had never had real intercourse up till now. They thought they could hold it longer and wanted to fuck in a way that would really make the moment memorable for both of them.

That day, her toned glistening legs rattled inside the bed sheets and when his warm body touched that of hers, shivers went through their spines. Her plum soft breast, covered with a silky purple bra, would raise up above the bed and touch his gym toned firm chest that held pointy nipples. While he held up his all weight on his hands, she furrowed her nails on his back and pulled him down clenching him and igniting the passion further in both and giving mardin escort the final green signal that they both were waiting for since long. Their slow body movements turned rapid and Jerry’s dick raised inside his undies. He rubbed it vehemently on Amy’s pussy which was covered by her lacy thong. She started panting and Jerry started rubbing vigorously.

All the foreplay they had had for more than an hour so far had made them impatient. He could feel how her vaginal lips were parting and making way for the armored solider of Jerry to barge in. But alas! Jerry could not control much and he shot out a warm stream of cum that his undies blocked. Amy felt the wetness and giggled. They both took it in a sporty way and laughed it loud.

But Jerry did not like it much and was disappointed as well as was angry on the way Amy had laughed at his poor despicable performance. Nevertheless, Jerry did make it good for her by deploying his tongue and lips at the service of Amy. That day, she came instantly too when his tongue encroached inside the walls of her pussy. Jerry licked her pussy dry once and decided to not stop at all. Amy kept moaning when he had stopped his tongue but instead was using his fingers now. He reached deeper this way and whirled his fingers opening her more. Her fingers were gripping the bed tightly and her chest was heaving while his fingers kept digging in more. With her closed eyes and sweaty body, she was suddenly surprised when her pussy was suddenly filled up with the thick amorous tool of Jerry. He stroked rapidly giving big pushes and Amy started crying out loud “Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!” and opened her eyes to looks at Jerry. They both had a smile on their face and she begged him to not stop anytime soon.

After multiple humps and about 15 minutes later, Jerry shot in another warm thick juice straight into her cavities and she lay on bed restless with this climax. She didn’t dare laugh now and Jerry had a smirk on his face now finally after having shown her his potency.

Jerry and Amy went to same high schools but had different subjects. But when their hormones desired, they bunked their classes and humped in remote secluded areas within their school or outside. Jerry loved getting his thick cock sucked inside his car and they never lost any chances to get such quickies done. He would many a times drive in the slow lane so his right hand would finger and poke Amy easily and keep pleasing her. She would marmaris escort grasp his thigh tightly and he knew from the grip that he was hitting the right spots. She would ooze out warm juices that would wet her panties. Many a times, she would keep extra panties in her bag for her to change over. They nearly were going to face a problem when once cops pulled them over. Luckily they got their game straight at the right time and made normal faces till the cops reached their window.

That day they drove outside the town, on the deserted road that was headed towards a small hamlet. In the twilights and since no cars passed by on that road, Jerry took the car off the road into the ground. They started kissing each other in the backdrop of the romantic music being played on the radio. While their lips encroached their mouths, he unbuttoned her shirt and let her breasts feel the cool evening breeze. The tender white bosoms glistened in the dim moonlight while he grabbed them firmly from down and kept bouncing them matching the beat of the music. Her hands were busy fondling his muscular biceps and played with strands of his hair that fell on his back neck. They went butt naked and took their leisurely time with slowly fondling and caressing each other’s genitals.

When it turned dark, they decided to get to the back seat but fiddled to cross from inside. They both stepped outside naked and the cold wind gripped them. Jerry pushed Amy against the car and as the cold metal touched her torso from front, her nipples peaked up. He slid behind her and provided warmth to her body. His hands cupped her breasts and rubbed them gently. His semi erect penis was dipping itself in her soft ass.

His tongue started circling her neck and finally reached her ears. He gently pulled her earlobes with his teeth and Amy pushed her ass more closer to Jerry feeling the titillations all over her body. He moved his right hand over her torso crossing the navel, where she would wear a clip-on navel ring. His hand went further down to the warm folds and his longest finger found its way into the honey-hole at the same time when his tongue started poaching her ears. Amy’s grip on the car tightened and her neck tried to move her ear away from the invading long tongue of Jerry. She left the car and lifting her hands up tried grabbing Jerry’s head and grasping and pulling his silky hair. She tried pulling him apart but only making him more aggressive in nevşehir escort his ways. He held her both boobs firmly with his left hand and his right hand started whirling her hole. His tongue went in more deep in her right ear and his left hand pinched her erect nipples.

It made him happy to please his girl in such a manner. While his tongue tip went further in, his ring finger also started assisting in fucking her pussy. She let go of his hair and banged her hands on the car’s rooftop. Jerry’s hand became fully wet from the juices that started flooding out and she breathed deeply for she had never cummed so quickly before. Jerry’s fingers inside her tight pussy and that snake like long tongue inside and around her ears had made her day. Never had she thought of this before and had noticed it only now that Jerry had a remarkably long tongue that would make a narrow point and go inside her ear easily. She hoped he used that anatomical marvel to slurp her thingy.

Opening the door to the back seat, she went in half way and provided a good view of her fanny to Jerry. Jerry stooped down and spread her thingy with both his hands and massaged it well before starting to lick it. Amy was biting her lips and patiently waiting for Jerry to keep the magic going on. After some time, shivers went down her spine while Jerry’s pointy tongue went deep to the places that it had never been before. But Jerry could not hold any longer with all the foreplay. His cock was arching and pulsating. Additionally, he was feeling cold as his back was exposed since long now and he wanted more action. He got up and with a single thrust his dick went inside Amy’s vagina and she let go of a gasp. For a moment Jerry stayed and then started ramming into her, to and fro. He held Amy’s waist with both his hands and as his pace increased, his body started getting warm again. He felt the grip around his shaft loosing when Amy’s meat-massager started ejecting juices. He pulled himself out and gave a push to her ass indicating to move inside.

The public show that had been under the sky had moved under the car roof now. The leather covers of the seat started squeaking and sticking to their naked bodies while they ruffled in the compact space trying to discover the best position. At last they found that the vanilla sex position of missionaries was the easiest and also the best for the tired bodies of theirs. Taking it slow from thus forward, he made sweet love to Amy on the back seat giving ample time for cozy cuddling and spooning. She slurped his dick at the end and swallowed it all, for the first time today. They returned home late night and had a hearty laugh while they crossed the spot where they were pulled over by the cops in the evening.

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