Young Woman’s First Experience

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My name is Harriet and I have a secret, I love showing off my body. I was a very early developer and often about 6 inches taller than all my friends. I became very self-conscious about my ungainly figure, especially among the boys, who all used to stare at me being the first to grow breasts. I was a very academic student, well spoken, and generally what you would call a good girl, expected to go on and do well at a top University.

I had a bit of a sheltered life I suppose being a very academic girl, concentrating hard on my studies, but over time I became more and more aware of my older brothers’ friends who came over the house and began to take more of an interest in me. It was right at the end of my sixth form and I had just turned eighteen when my attentions really started to stray to other things. When my brother’s friends came over I would often parade around the house in my school uniform, which was often a bit on the small side because I kept growing so quickly. My white blouse stretched a little across my fully grown 34C breasts, and my skirt, although the regular length came to an abrupt halt well above my knees, showing off my lean long legs. I’m sure they often had flashes of my knickers as we watched TV together, and I would casually lift my legs up onto the sofa and forget to pull my skirt over my legs properly, affording them a nice view of my panties, and possibly a few wisps of pubic hair.

Thomas was my brother’s best friend. He was a bit rough and arrogant but we had all grown up together and got on well. One night I was getting ready for bed and didn’t realise he was staying over, although it wasn’t unusual for him to do so. He and my brother would stay up late sometimes on weekends watching a film or having a drink and he would stay in the spare room which was just next to mine instead of going home. I had some music on, not that loud, although we had a big house and it wouldn’t disturb anyone and I was dancing as I was getting changed for bed. I only had on my blue bra and panties and I was doing some sexy moves to the music. I had been dancing for about 3 or 4 minutes when I happened to spin around and see Thomas looking in through the gap of the door at me. I froze for a moment and he very quickly turned and ducked into the bathroom which was just opposite my bedroom door.

I was initially just shocked and then a bit pissed off. Had he just happened to come past at that moment or had he been watching me, and if he had been watching me, for how long and what had he seen me do? I felt really embarrassed that this Kartal Escort arrogant boy had seen me in such an intimate moment, being really silly and making sexy girly moves in just my bra and knickers. I quickly put on my nightshirt and turned the music down really low. I suddenly realised as I heard the toilet flush that in my confusion I hadn’t closed the door. Part of me was quite terrified that he might come in and another part quite wanted him to. I didn’t have to wait long as I heard the aftermath of the toilet suddenly grow louder as the toilet door opened. I turned round and just froze. I just stood there in my bra and knickers and nightshirt which came down to just above my knees showing off my nice long naked legs. I waited for what seemed like quite a few seconds when I finally thought he had gone when I heard a “Hi.” from the doorway. I looked round a bit startled again and saw Thomas standing in the doorway.

“Oh, hi Thomas.” I said nervously.

“How are you Harriet?” he asked quite naturally.

“Oh, I’m fine thanks I didn’t realise you were staying sorry about the music.” I said blushing.

“Hey no problem turn it up if you like I don’t mind.” he said as he stepped into the room. “You’re a good dancer Harriet.”

I blushed madly again, as I realised he had been watching me for at least a little while. My mind flashed back to me gyrating in front of my mirror thrusting my hips to and fro and backwards and forwards real slutty.

“You’ve got the legs for it.” he added.

I blushed again and automatically looked down at my legs. I looked back at him and realised he was quite drunk. Strangely it made me feel less vulnerable and probably a bit relieved because I thought that maybe he wouldn’t even remember me dancing like that.

“Oh yeah, you’ve got great legs, you’re quite a babe.” he said looking at me and pursing his lips quite suggestively.

“Thomas I think you’re drunk, you should got to bed.” I said.

“Great idea, you coming?” he asked.

“No.” I said, quite firmly.

“Oh Harriet, I don’t think I can sleep until I’ve had some relief you know.”

He stepped forward as he spoke and put his arms around me pulling me close. My initial reaction was to keep him away and hold him at arms length, but he crushed his body into mine and I felt his erection press against my thigh. I exhaled a little breathlessly and he spoke close to my face.

“Please Harriet.” he pleaded.

“No.” I said quite indignantly.

“Just a wank then?” he asked again.

His Yakacık Escort sudden directness took me back for a moment, and I hesitated and then said.


He looked at me for a second and chuckled briefly and said.

“You thought about it though.”

I suddenly felt a little exposed, and flustered. I had thought about it, and had to admit it was quite an exciting thought I had never done anything with a boy before but was certainly curious

“You’d quite like to play with my cock wouldn’t you.” he said.

I didn’t quite know where to look or what to say, I was quite flushed and confused.

“It’s ok, no-one will know. Here have a look at this.”

He let go of me and stepped back a little unsteadily and before I realised what he was doing he swiftly unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. I was wide-eyed with amazement. His semi-hard penis stuck almost straight up, it was a good 6 inches and it looked thick and enraged. He just looked me up and down and slowly pulled back his foreskin revealing his shiny cockhead. It all happened so fast and before I knew it my eyes were transfixed on his lovely stiff cock. He took my hand and placed it around his shaft. I had never touched a penis before and for some reason I was surprised how warm it felt and how totally rigid it was, my little display had obviously got him very aroused.

“There you go. You like that?” he asked as he cupped my hand inside his and ran it up and down his length.

I looked down as his cock in my hand quite amazed and fascinated but not saying a word.

“Oh you do don’t you.” he asked again.

“Hmm, maybe” I said, smiling slightly

He leant forward and kissed me gently and then I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth and I was kissing him back too. He manoeuvred me to the bed and we slowly sat down still kissing with me still rubbing his penis slowly up and down.

He quickly undid his trousers completely and pulled them down with his underwear kicking them off his feet and pushed me back onto the bed. The next thing I knew before I could object he put his hand up my nightshirt and straight down the front of my panties. I gasped as his finger darted over my thick patch of pubic hair and his fingers nestled in between the lips of my vagina and started to rub up and down my girly slit and I became wet very quickly.

He fingered me first with one and then by putting two fingers up me. I had my mouth open and was groaning gently as he continued to finger me.

“You like being fingered Kadıköy Escort Harriet?” he asked as I wanked him off.

“Yeah.” I said breathlessly.

“You been fingered before?” he whispered in my ear.

“No, only by myself.” I said shamefully.

“Oh good girl.” he said. “Dirty girl putting her fingers up her.” he said.

“Yes.” I said, breathlessly agreeing with him.

He stopped momentarily and I looked up a bit disappointed, but then realised he was just pulling my pants down. He slipped them off my feet and dropped them on the floor leaving us both naked from the waist down and he smiled broadly as he had a good look at my pussy close up as he leant over to lower my knickers. We resumed our position kissing on the bed, his hand between my legs and mine on his stiff cock wanking him off.

“Wow.” he said as he looked down again momentarily, watching his fingers manipulating my vagina. “You’ve got a great pussy.”

I just carried on wanking him and I opened my legs a bit more. I liked what he said about my pussy and I liked him looking at it. He was pushing two fingers in and out of me with some vigour and I was matching his speed tossing him off when I suddenly heard him make a strange noise.

“Oh keep going Harriet.” he said, a little urgently, as if he were suddenly holding his breath.

I looked at his cock as I masturbated him and felt really slutty as I watched myself playing with his stiff cock. Suddenly I felt it jerk and a shot of come spurted out onto my thighs and then another and another shot all over my nightshirt. I got sperm all over me. Thick wet blobs were clearly visible over my shirt, my belly and my legs and even some in my pubic hair.

To my surprise and disappointment he just pecked me on the lips and said thanks, as casually as if I had just made him a cup of tea! Then he just stood up and started getting dressed as he stared between my legs. To my shame I didn’t attempt to cover myself up as I still felt really horny from his fingering, and I have to admit I opened my legs wide open and smiled at him as he looked at me as he dressed. Then he just smirked and winked at me as he turned and staggered out drunkenly, leaving me alone.

I felt a bit used, but still quite excited by the incident. I picked my knickers and studied his come as I slowly used them to wipe it off me. Then I opened my legs wide and masturbated on my bed leaving the door open deliberately this time hoping he might watch me again but in truth I think he was so drunk he just went next door and straight to sleep. I didn’t mind replacing his fingers with mine, but it was his cock I thought about. I had been on the pill for a couple of months because it calmed my periods down, so fucking wouldn’t have been out of the question, but I suppose that would have to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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