Your Best Friends Flower

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Chapter 1: Clovis’ arrival.

Thing’s were always hectic in the apartment complex. Customarily, the owner managed to chime in with prodigious profanity and argumentative banters up and down the apartment complex with none other than Clovis; one of the apartment renters. When they aren’t endeavoring to assassinate each other they would take it all out on the remaining holders within the involute, something so unsafe and unwanted became authenticity. Their arguments consisted of Clovis and how tardy he was to come back to his apartment after his long partying an swinger life. That would no longer be a factor.

George, the landowner had kicked the intransigent prodigal son. Now he was out and about in hopes to find a place to remain, procure an incipient home, and perhaps move on with the life given to him.

The rain pelted the ground heavily. Comical, morning wasn’t anywhere to be visually perceived. It was precisely 9 o’clock at night by the time Clovis made it to where he wanted to be; his friends home. Mark was and will remain Clovis’ best friend for as long as the terminus never came. Thanks to the tournaments they regaled themselves in and competitive nature between the duo. A bond that could not shatter no matter what; so it was preached. Though, Clovis was more of the freaky type, Mark was more earnest and well, everyone doted him for his smarts among their minuscule group of friends. Recollections were then drilled back into Clovis as he reminisced on what took place on the last day between the two.

Knock! Knock!

Two knocks conventionally denoted Clovis was around, but this was exigent, Clovis needed a place to stay for a few days so the knocking furthered. Suddenly, the door opens and in lieu of visually perceiving his friend his eyes were fixated upon Mark’s girlfriend? Aunt? Sister? Who was this woman? The lovely, the busty, the so seductive woman of his friend. His orbs of jade green only stared whilst his mouth remained as if ensnared. He gulped and verbalized softly, no longer feeling struck by her loveliness but rather turned on. He was more than turned on. Clovis found fair game in this woman. His incipient prey. Oh how delectable this game would be. He’ll have her hooked in no time.

“Hey, eerr, is Mark home? Ummm, I was told that I’d be able to stay here while away training if anything transpires between my parents and I.”

She managed to make it home before the rain got too bad. Her wet hair indicated that she still got a bit of the sprinkles, but nothing major. The blonde entered the home with a huff, kicking off her heels and brushing off any leaves that managed to blow in her direction and stick. She was welcomed by warmth and the subtle scent of peppermint, a candle that they picked out together that she secretly hated.

He loved it, though, so she compromised. “Got caught in the rain?” The voice made her jump but she was secretly happy to hear it. She watched him welcome her, helping her take off her jacket to become more comfortable. She gave him a smile and he shot her one back, the warmth tingling down her spine more than just the heat radiating in their home. Mark, a gentleman of sorts that she met a while ago.

They met at a party hosted by her modeling agency, displaying their new clothing line or something of that type. Their eyes met in the crowd and she couldn’t help but be drawn to him. They managed to talk all evening, danced, laugh. It was history and she was hooked. There was something about those eyes; that smile. She didn’t know she would ever get to this point of smitten eyes and clandestine whispers of how much they adore each other. She never knew she was that type.

“Yeah, it’s gonna pour soon.” She replied.

Mark sighed, hooking her jacket in the hallway. He wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing her damp shoulder. “Unfortunately I have to go out in it all. Office called.”

The blonde pouted, watching him and wiping off a small stain that threatened his perfect skin. “But I just got here. They always call in the most inconvenient time.”

“I know, darling.”

He kissed her shoulder again and then, finally, stole her lips.

“But I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

She didn’t say a word; just watched him go. He got his things, fixed his shirt, and grabbed his umbrella. He managed to check his phone, her amethyst eyes wandering to find that he had an impressive number of notifications. From his boss? From someone else? Her mind couldn’t help but wander. He said his goodbyes, gave her one last kiss, and then poof! He was gone.

The thunder began to come rolling in, hearing how the rain began to pour. She sighed, twirling down the hallway to reach the kitchen. Her eyes wandered the fridge carefully, picking at half empty Chinese containers to find the noodles still fresh from last night. As she was about to heat up her late dinner for one, she jumped at the sound of knocking. It was loud, consistent as if they were going to break down demetevler escort the door if they weren’t let in at this very second. It was understandable, seeing the weather conditions outside. Beatrice ran up to the door, opening it to find a stranger stare right back at her.

Her eyebrows raised in surprise, watching this man stand before her, green eyes hypnotizing her. He was quite tall, towering over her petite figure with a noticeable difference. The blonde pursed her lips, trying not to stare at this mystery man upon her door.


she managed to utter.

“You just missed him. He got called in at work.. B-but come in! It’s pouring outside.”

She guided him away from the rain, trying not to caress the muscle that kissed her fingertips. Immediately, she strayed away, watching him drip from the heavy rain.

“I’m Beatrice, by the way. Sorry, Mark never mentioned you. I’ll get you some towels.”

Solidified by truth, a stern retelling of the title bestowed upon the youthful and young beauty, her alias was spoken. Clovis, the lone audience member to the likes of the bombshell ran a slightly vehement tongue down his lower lip, drying the water that dribbled down his maw and for other reasons, of course.

“Ah, Beatrice, forgive me for the intrusion, but yeah, I’m Clovis Albright, I’m surprised Mark never spoke of me…I’m his best friend after all.”

He knew fully what her name was even before entering this warm abode. Mark spoke highly of her, and for a damn good reason, too.

Her tone was harmonic to the present member to the Mark bullet club. A smirk of his own tugged at his side painting his wet and handsome visage whilst the remainder of his canvas had blond locks clinging to it as though life was short and ready to be gobbled by death itself. Though she introduced herself and reassured him of not being a bother by allowing him hospitality within her home, he nodded in shivering mess, his hand gesturing to his shirt before he swiftly un-clinged the wet shirt from the well built bod. Stark, strong, and chiseled this male was. A scrumptious V line revealed leading all eyes down to what package had been hidden could leave any awe-struck. Off wne the shirt immediately. Why did he de-cloth though?

“H-here you go…”

He whispered handing his equally as soaked shirt to her.

“D-do yo have an extra shirt I can borrow?.”

He stated, his closeness ending that gap between them, his eyes taking one hell of a long look at the woman before him that dared peak even whilst shaded by a hint of crimson. Delicious. So he thought. That scene was swiftly deterred though and he gripped at the shirt he held in palm. He played his role well, even though he wasn’t expecting her to answer the door. He sure as hell did get kicked out, he sure as hell was in need of help, but what he didn’t know and was sure of was what a bombshell he’d be met with. One that could potentially melt him good.

Smiling, a hushed blush painting balmy cheeks, he would recall her words and the where about of Mark.

“Well that does suck. But yeah, umm… is it possible to use your phone to contact him to let him know I am here?”

The shivering mess of a man stood rather close to her, the heat that radiated from her comforting him some. He awaited to see her reaction to all that had transpired. Though everything happened rather swiftly, she now had a chance to collect herself and everything thrown on the new playing field. A field in which sin… would bloom in an astonishing flower of lust.

Amethyst orbs glowing in the midst of the poorly lit hallway watched him carefully without staring. Teeth nibbled down on her bottom lip, averting her gaze as she tried to compose herself of a wet, toned physique sculpted before her. She guided him toward the living room, unfazed if he got any of the furniture wet. It would dry off quickly anyhow. Looking over her shoulder, the blonde locks fell, kissing her petite waist in a cascade of gold.

She listened to him explain his status in Mark’s life, nodding as she slowly realized that he did sound familiar.

“Oh! Yes.. I’m sorry,”

she apologized again, cursing herself for doing it repetitively at this point.

“He has mentioned you before. I guess we just haven’t had the chance to meet.”

And now that they have, she couldn’t help but feel absolutely starstruck. He was an Adonis, sculpted to perfection as if he were kissed with the marble from the Gods.

Beatrice pursed her lips, immediately averting her eyes as soon as his shirt was stripped away from his body. She cleared her throat, trying not to stare or become immensely flustered by such a perfect sight. Every nervous quirk appeared, fingers tapping rhythmically against her thigh to distract her. From the corner of her eye, she watched him.

Built like a mythical God, she watched as every single drip of his muscle was caressing otele gelen escort his sculpture. Every slow drop led her to the amazing view of his pelvic dip, pure decadence in tanned skin. Without averting her gaze, she grabbed ahold of his shirt, listening to the words and waiting for her response. He came closer and she tried not to meet that seductive temptation by closing the rest of the space in between them. Realizing her stare, she backed away, fondling the wet fabric in between her fingers.


She answered, trying to collect her thoughts. Her eyes tried not to meet his, in fear of falling into his trap once more. “Mark has a few shirts that I’m sure you can fit in.” She tossed his shirt off to the side, regretting it immediately as she hoped he wouldn’t see how her hands started to shake. She’ll blame it on the cold, as she did catch a moment of the rain.

Listening to more of his requests, she nodded slowly. Her mind finally wasn’t clouded and she could think clearly. This was just Mark’s friend, nothing more. He was merely a stranger to her but she hoped she would know him more… As Mark’s best friend, of course. If she kept saying it, she would eventually believe it. She would have to be careful.

“I’ll get the shirt for you. And, um.. I think my cellphone is in my jacket. It’s hooked in the hallway if you want to reach Mark.”

Softly, she gave him a grin, hoping that it would mask how nervous she was around him. He kept coming closer and she could smell his natural sweet, crisp and fresh due to the rain but still strong. A scent that she couldn’t describe; something way more luxurious than cologne. Without another gaze, she turned away to head down the opposite hallway. Turning down, she reached their bedroom, closing the door behind her.

She tried not to become too entwined in her own thoughts about how amazing it all was – his body, his stare. When her shaking had finally stopped, she realized that she was just as affected by the rain. She threw off her damp clothing, walking toward the closet to pick out a few things to change into. Beatrice grabbed one of Mark’s shirts for Clovis, throwing on an oversized sweater that hugged her curves but still slinging over her shoulder in an adorable peek of skin. With one final sigh, she grabbed the shirt and reached for the doorknob.

As she fondled with it, she tried to remind herself that this was just his best friend. This was just a friendly encounter.

“Keep telling yourself that.”

Let the games begin.

The beginning phases of demise had already run it’s course with just a simplistic gaze upon true divinity; an Adonis carved right from marble marvelous stone. A sight for sore eyes. Meandering past the checkpoint of the home and through the hall Clovis found ever niche and nuance of her actions to be rather adorable. The nibbling to the hastened rosette claiming her cheeks foretold him of what she truly hadn’t received yet; and that was a spectacular sight such as his.

This meant she never sampled what delicacies this man had, too. What a shame it was indeed. Finally, her tour guidance held him paused at the entrance to the vast and widely comfortable and sizable living room. He quickly gave the room a scan; radar like glimpses over the so called ‘battlefield’. Why did this all matter to him? This would all come into play as his new mission escalated further. Now came the lullaby of her tone explaining what needn’t be explained. He gave a cocky smirk knowing damn straight why Mark never spoke of the Alpha between the two.

“Oh? Is that so? Well, least now we’ve got the time to meet and get to know everything about each other. And boy do I mean everything, I’ve got to know how you keep that bod in shape like you do.”

He complimented adding spice to it as well with such a lewd compliment. Though they were but somewhat of strangers, the two had one flag of a connection; that was Mark and this home of his. With Mark gone, though, Clovis found the only connection between them being the warm abode and, well, their well-endowment something he’d mix and mix well. Dribbling down his body, past lines of perfected V, the male shivered slightly from exposure.

Though he was drenched, the shivering would cease for the warmth of the home had him feeling a tad bit better. Closer, much much closer to the prize Mark left all for him, Clovis smirked at the manner of her shake in her grip after the thrown shirt. Sadly, she hadn’t been in the cold torrential downpour as he was so this certainly amazed him. He merely wanted to press on though. He would do it as best as he could. Running a teasing sweltering tongue across his lips he spoke in return.

“Oh, well if I could get the shirt, that’d be great… unless, you like what you see and much rather me remain this way.”

He teased, poking further at the blockade that held her libido in check. For now.

The nervousness balgat escort that radiated off of her in such a precious aura was intoxicating. He just wished to swim all in that; in her. Patience was a virtue Clovis knew all too well. After she mentioned where the cell was the taller, muscular, and defined male mounted an operation to the whereabouts of the phone that euphoric scent of his wafting right off to the direction of her coat.

The drenched male made short work of attaining the phone, and on speed dial with phone on speaker he patiently waited for his best pal to answer the phone to his would be girlfriend. The booming phone was quite loud, enough for her to listen from the room. Though she was in her own corridor, the male decided this would be the opportune time to escalate the brain washing. So, with a planted unused condo, he would await for her return to inquire about what condom he planted in her coat.

“Hello? What is it Beatrice?”

Questioned Mark. This was rather exciting to Clovis. Why? Simple, this wouldn’t be the last time Mark would hear his best friends voice over his girlfriends phone. For now, of course, Clovis was but a mere homeless male, for the next time though, that’s a tale for another time a time rapidly approaching with the coming week of mischief Clovis had planned. Clovis explained all that was needed to be explained and all Mark could utter, due to time restraints was this. . .

“Oh yeah, make yourself at home, man. Do whatever you want, just don’t make too much noise with the loud television or whatever, I know how much you like that damn thing blasting. Also have Beatrice take care of you.”

Those words brought a wicked smirk over his face. This was almost like an initiation to do whatever he so pleased, even without it. . . Clovis planned on it. He had yet seen Beatrice and boy would thing’s turn once she comes right back out in that tightly fitted sweater of hers. Only more attacks on her sanity, her blockade would be made. How would she fortify this time?

Before she left the room; before she could battle the demons that returned to her mind, she saw it. Her fingertips teased the bronze knob, tapping awkwardly as she responded to the call of the picture. It was betwixt of serendipity, smiles and intertwined hands. She had ingrained his innocent smile into her memory and how it made her feel, like his hands were running up her spine and taunting her shivering. Reminiscing from one glace of a picture, she knew all the details of when they first met.

He was always so careful with her. The way he touched her skin made her burst with colors; blues, yellows, and reds dancing in a tango of passionate stares and irresistible touches. His lips were there and the bubbles from the champagne made it tempting for another taste… And another… Until she could feel that she was intoxicated from just his presence alone. She could feel her fingertips no longer shaking; her mind no longer clouded in the sinning thought of another person touching her like he could. Slowly, her golden locks kissed the sides of her face, caressing the pale skin as if to reassure her.

A sharp ring broke her out of thought, finding the sound of his voice on the other end of the door. The way he said her name made her melt, heart pounding at the thought of those eyes staring down at her. It all went back to that night when he first uttered her name.

“Beatrice? Quite a lovely name for a lovely lady,”

he said. With that, she thought he was just another man who knew how to put his words together into a melody of sweet nothings and lingering seduction. The conversation between them had ended with the promise that Mark would be home late, possibly in the morning. This only left her with the demons in her head, but she knew that it wasn’t that. It was the god of all trades; it was only him.

She escaped the room, knowing if she stayed there any longer then that meant trouble. However, if she walked out here, it meant even more trouble then she could ever possibly imagine. Walking down the corridor, she quickly pulled her sweater over her shoulder where skin was no longer exposed. The large fabric clouded her figure but it was still enough to see every curve; every mindless thought of how skin would feel against his own.

Her amethyst eyes found him for a moment. The jade in his eyes promised her the same feeling; the same dance of colors that would bless her night sky with amazement, wonder. She hesitated on that; tips of her fingers fidgeting as she finally approached him. There they were again, space limited, breaths mingling into one source of absolute heat. The scent of him was still there and it was more than just the clouded memory of champagne on Mark’s lips.

This was strong, euphoric as it grabbed a hold of her in a comforting embrace. It danced with her, stroking her very skin as it paid close attention to every nervous twitch, every goose bump that managed to threaten her beauty. The rain still lingered on his skin, reminding her of morning and how the fresh dew brightened the grass in its luminescent glow. His skin was nearly flawless – the gods taking its time to carve the arch of his muscle, the calling sway of his V. Eyes couldn’t help but wander each and every time, wanting more of his sculpted body to be burned into her.

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