Let The Punishment Fit The Crime…

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This didn’t work out entirely as planned, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway!


“I’m really, really sorry.”

She glared at him. Sorry might be the hardest word, but she would have much preferred him not to have let her down in the first place.

“If there is any way I can make it up to you…”

“Have you the slightest idea how fucking embarrassing it is to be stood up on Valentine’s Day? I looked like a complete loser…”

He closed his eyes for a second, the expression on his face pained.

“Oh, God. Look, I know I fucked up…”

“Just a bit,” she interrupted with a snarl.”

“Please, please… Honestly, it was unavoidable, I… I really, really wanted to be there. You have no idea how much… I will, I really will make it up to you, I swear…”

He was pleading now, and although she let no sign of it show on her face, she couldn’t help being slightly swayed by his protestations. It was, after all, true; lawyers at his firm were not supposed to have personal lives, and short of quitting the job that meant they could afford their Chelsea flat, he had not had much option. And forgetting her cell phone when she’d set out for the fancy restaurant had not been a wise move on her part, either.

She turned her back on him, and let a fleeting grin pass over her face. No, it wasn’t the divorce-worthy offence it had felt last night, when she had been sat, alone, looking like a total ass, and totally livid, but… she had been right. There was definitely mileage in this one to make him pay.

She felt him move up behind her, burying his face in her hair as he murmured his apologies into her ear. Yes, she definitely had the upper hand she had been hoping for, preparing for… she might as well make use of it.

Slowly she turned around into his arms, as she moved beginning to unfasten the buttons of her blouse. His eyes widened in confusion, and she felt him start to respond to her.


He was still completely confused. “OK what?”

“You can make it up to me. Starting now.”

She had reached the last button and the white cotton gaped open. “You know what I like,” she told him, leaning her backside against his desk, her tone curt and businesslike.

“I… I…”

She glared at him; she could see the sentences forming in his brain, that this was his workplace, that the door wasn’t even locked; that though the junior staff members would not dare disturb him, the senior partners could walk in at any moment. That she should not even really be here.

He had evidently decided that her wrath was liable to be worse than his boss’s, or at least that hers was staring him in the face. His boss might discover him in flagrante delicto and bust his ass, but at least it was only a possibility, not the certainty of anger right in front of him.

He reached up and pushed the material away, exposing the swell of her flesh under the pale pink lace of her bra. Tenderly cradling her breasts, he bent to tease her nipple through the satin of the cup with his teeth and his tongue, and she let her head loll back. He caressed and massaged, and she sighed with pleasure, but eventually she reached up to hook her thumb into the edge of the right cup, dragging it down till the nipple popped free.

“Come on,” she muttered, liberally lacing her tone with annoyance, so he would know she was not going to let him off lightly. He glanced up at her; she could see on his face that he was struggling between the realisation bahis firmaları that she was going to push him as hard as she could, with no thought for the consequences, and the reluctant arousal that came with the risk, the fact that there she was, in his office, practically forcing him to undress her. She grinned as he lowered his mouth again; she would bet that if she cared to find out, she would discover that he was already rock hard.

He swirled his tongue expertly over her nipple and the naked skin of her breast, and she allowed herself to groan gently, reaching up to caress his dark hair. Evidently deciding that he might as well enjoy his role, he slipped his hands around her back and deftly unhooked her bra, then pushed her blouse off over her shoulders. She quickly shrugged it off, but let him slowly peel away her bra, teasing her with light touches from the tips of his fingers as he did so.

He gazed at her for a moment, enjoying the sight of his wife half naked on his own desk. Without even thinking about it, he reached up to loosen his tie, and she slapped his hands away and then grabbed the offending item and tugged him close.

“You don’t get to be comfortable,” she whispered, then summarily pushed his face back down into her cleavage.

He got the message.

She let him boost her up so she was sitting on the edge of the desk, and then on impulse lay back so that he had to lean over her. She was, she knew, probably crushing important legal documents, but she was more engrossed in the feel of his mouth as he took each of her nipples into his mouth and then both at once.

He was getting into his part; he mouth moved to her belly without her insistence, and she let herself drift as he nibbled and licked his way south, his hands lightly feathering up her sides and then moving back to tweak her nipples.

He hesitated at her waistband, looking up at her with pleading eyes. She gave a one shouldered shrug. The implication was clear — she was not going to let him off that lightly. He pulled away and turned, moving towards the door.

“Don’t lock it,” she barked, and his face fell. He was debating the wisdom of giving in to her, but the idea that they could get caught at any moment was too enticing to give up out of pity. She stared him down, and eventually he let out a breath, resigned, and crossed back to look down at her.

Unrelenting, she pointedly placed his hand on the zip of her skirt; he drew in a deep breath, and slowly edged it down, as if he were hoping she would change her mind. She flicked open the button herself, and then sighed with satisfaction as he slipped the garment down her thighs until it dropped to the floor.

She heard his groan, one part lust to two parts despair, when he saw that she was wearing hold up stockings and tiny, shiny black bikini briefs. She leaned her head back to the desk and allowed herself another grin as she let her thighs fall open slightly. She knew exactly how he would react to the barely-clad sight of her freshly denuded pussy, and it had been worth every strip of wax.

He pressed himself into her, reaching for her breasts, and she could feel how hard he was through the formal trousers as he leaned over her to kiss her. Or at least to try to.

“I don’t want you kissing my mouth,” she said, then smiled lasciviously. She could see in his face that for a moment, he had forgotten that he was atoning. The realisation that his cock was going to have to wait its kaçak iddaa turn fell like a shadow across his expression.

“Oh fuck,” he murmured, his voice unnaturally high pitched.

“And no cheating,” she added. “I want your–” she grabbed his crotch “–full attention.”

He nodded; “Habeas corpus,” she thought to herself, as she let him go and pushed his head down to her belly again, then lay back to enjoy his ministrations.

His senses on high alert, he noticed for the first time in years how good her skin tasted, how soft it was; how much of a turn on it was when he nipped her flesh and she shuddered at his touch.

Even reluctant, his perfectionist spirit forced him to be thorough; she squirmed in pleasure as he nibbled his way lower, his hands stroking her backside, tickling her inner thigh. He let his mouth drift achingly lightly over her, the fine, semi-transparent fabric just enough to make her wish he would rip it off already, and then ran his tongue up the crease at the top of her leg.

Already turned on by the situation, by the power she held over him, the teasing she was used to was suddenly almost unbearable. He licked her through the fine material and she bucked beneath him; he slipped a finger inside her panties to run along her slit, and she swore aloud. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of the briefs and began to side them slowly down her legs, and she had to bite her tongue not to tell him to get a fucking move on and eat her out already.

With each inch of flesh exposed, he kissed her skin again, deliberately letting his lips trace a line somewhat tamely down her leg, knowing it would infuriate her. Then finally he let the garment drop down to her ankles. Gently, he spread her thighs, hooking her knees over his shoulders.

“You’re delicious,” he murmured, and the heartfelt words turned her on almost as much as his skilful and well practised foreplay. He leaned in close, and she heard him inhale; she imagined his face as he savoured the scent of her arousal. He leaned in a little further, and she felt his breath against her, hot against her skin; and then he gently licked into her.

The contact that she had been anticipating since before she had entered the room was electric, and her chilly facade dropped as she gasped his name, and grasped hold of his head, tangling her fingers in his hair.

Hungrily, he lapped at her, sucking and licking like a man dying of thirst whose only source of moisture was her wet pussy. She had been used to getting good head, but today it seemed like he was inspired. His tongue danced over her slick folds, and when he took her clit into his mouth she almost cried out. Biting on her lip, she managed to stifle her moans of pleasure. She felt him slip a couple of fingers inside her; she moved against his touch, and then gasped as he found her g-spot. The orgasm she had been trying to hold back burst over her, and she bucked under him. Still he licked her, and as the spasms of ecstasy began to fade he sucked hard and despite her best efforts she couldn’t help crying out as she began to come again.

Intent on her own pleasure, she clasped his head to her crotch, and he continued to lap at her, circling her now swollen and sensitised clit, riding the very edge of what she could bear.

Finally, she could take no more, and pulled him away. His face was soaked with her juices, and he looked dazed — a little how she felt, she realised.

“Need you… inside me… now,” kaçak bahis she gasped out, pulling herself up so that she could reach for him, fumbling to get to his fly and free the hard on that was making a tent in his trousers. For a moment he was still not caught up with events, but then he was aiding her, and his cock was free in seconds, his hands parting her thighs again, entering her even before she was ready, afraid she would change her mind.

He was hard and thick inside her, and she relished the feel of him, how he filled her, how he parted her lush wetness again and again. Her body and senses already flying, it seemed only moments till she was gasping again, so close, her arms around his neck but her head thrown back, and then she shuddered as another intense orgasm rolled over her.

He did not lose his rhythm for a second, and as she resurfaced she could hear in his voice that her body contracting around his hard-on had brought him close to the edge. For a moment, she considered having mercy, and then she pushed him away and scooted herself further onto the desk; missing the feel of him inside her, but reminding herself that this was, after all, his punishment.

He stood, gaping, his cock shiny wet from her pussy, and looked at her, dumbfounded. She gently shoved him away from the desk to give her room to hop down, and began to gather her clothing.

“But… but I… you…”

Slipping her skirt up over her thighs, she glanced up at him.

“You don’t get to come just yet, my sweet,” she told him, her voice saccharin. She quickly donned her bra and then retrieved the crumpled blouse from the floor. As she buttoned it, she commented, “Damn, I am going to have to iron this again…”

He simply stared at her, his face a picture as he realised that yes, she really did mean it.

She picked up the black briefs and shoved them into his unresisting hand.

“You can keep these for the moment.” She grinned wickedly. “There’s a matching bra… I was wearing them last night, too.” She cocked her head to one side and looked at him speculatively. “If you’re very, very good, I might show you.”

She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, and he realised, with a jolt that made his cock ache, that besides the extra flush to her cheeks, no one would know she had just come her brains out, or that her delicious, naked pussy was only inches out of sight under her staid looking skirt. Suddenly she reminded him of the eighteen year old he’d met at college, and he remembered how they had fucked like rabbits every chance they had got…

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said, and the strolled away from him, as casual as if she had just stopped by to drop off a card. “You should let me down more often.” She turned back to look at him with her hand on the door and looked him up and down, nodding in satisfaction as she noted the raging hard-on that still refused to fade. Later… later they would both get what they wanted. And this would fuel their fantasies for weeks, she was sure. “See you at home.”

She winked and sidled out, closing the door behind her. He stared at it for a second, then down at his erection, wondering which was the worst risk; being caught jerking off, or attempting to work through complex cases with her scent hanging in the room like nasal Viagra and most of the blood in his body concentrated in his crotch.

He shook his head as he crossed the room and locked the door, then turned to lean on it, so in need of immediate release that he didn’t even move to sit back down. She knew how to make her point, he thought, as he began to pump his hand up and down his cock; and he wondered if he’d have to wait till next year before he got the chance to stand her up again…

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Surfing Lessons Ch. 03

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The following is a work of fiction. Certain places and events are actual, but the names and relationships are all a work of imagination.


I had a momentary flash of guilt. I thought I heard a sound outside, but after hushing him, I listened and all I could hear was the shallow breaths we both were taking after the workout. He was still at full-mast while I was starting to deflate. Not like usual, but definitely not rock-hard still. The stimulation of the experience was tremendous and I know he enjoyed it too.

“I’ll need to go crash now.” I told him

“Yeah, me too in a bit, I need to clean up some more.” he told me.

I told him goodnight and left the bathroom. I stopped at the foot of the stairs and listened but there were no sounds from upstairs. Then I policed the den, shut off the TV, cleaned up some glasses and turned off the lights.

Going back by the still-shut bathroom door, I heard the unmistakably familiar sound going on inside. Clark was undoubtedly still turned on by everything and decided to rub another one out.

“Good for him, I remember those days” I thought to myself, and wishing I could see inside; watch him when he thought he was alone. I wasn’t so busy earlier that I couldn’t see how enraptured he was while jacking with me.

I stood quietly by the door, listening to the squishing get into a steady rhythm until he softly groaned and I heard the splatter of another load blasted. The boy did have a porno money shot for sure! I was hard again too; my shorts getting uncomfortably tight and still just a bit sticky from earlier. It was almost too much to take but I headed upstairs for bed.

In the morning, I got up at my usual time, put the coffee on, check the news online and basically puttered around. Clark was usually about 30 minutes behind me and I checked the bathroom for any trace of last night’s fireworks. When he finally emerged, he slapped me on the back and asked how I slept.

“Fine,” I told him, “after that workout I needed some zzzz’s to recuperate!”

“I hope we can repeat sometime.” he winked at me and said. “I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“Enjoyed it so much you had another round by yourself?” I asked? “You missed a few spots cleaning up!”

Clark grinned sheepishly, “Yeah I guess I had a little more left in me.”

I told him we’d get another chance sometime soon since it looked like him mom was having a rough time, health-wise, we’d have plenty of time by ourselves.

I went on to work, he to school, but my mind was racing all day with the memory of how he looked, we looked, side-by-side in the bathroom mirror. I probably spent more time with a semi-hard that day than I had in many years. But it was my son! Maybe not the fruit of my loins, but still! I wondered how it was going to happen again, or when.

I managed to make it through the day and called home to see what was going on. My wife was in the midst of packing when I called. Her sister had called and she wanted her to come visit for a few days. Something about the kids and a school pageant or musical and costumes and blah, blah, blah. You know how it is. I asked when she was heading out and she told me right after I got home. It was about a 4 hour drive and she wanted to get in before too late.

“I’ll come see you off.” I told her, “Tonight’s a workout night but I’ll blaze out of work right now and spend some time with you before you hit the road. I can go to the gym afterwards.” What a loving husband I am, right?

“Just so long as you skip the titty-bars afterwards.” she joked with me. This was sort of a long-standing joke between us, not that I went to them (that she knew).

“No worries, I’ve decided I’m not into tits anymore!” I joked back. So I packed my briefcase and headed out the door to see her before she left. When I got home, her SUV was already packed and gassed. We ducked out in my car to grab a bite from Chick-fil-a and talk about what she was going to do while she was gone.

“You stay away from those single teachers.” I warned her. “Some of those boys canlı bahis fresh out of college have a thing for soccer moms.”

“Right, like they’d know what to do with me.” she replied.

After about 20 minutes, she checked the time and announced she need to hit the road before traffic got too heavy. I took her back to the house and kissed her goodbye, just as Clark came in from practice. She had sent him a text message earlier telling him goodbye, so he knew what was going on.

“What a good son, coming to tell your mommy goodbye!” She cooed at him. He blushed and kissed her before she closed the door.

He leaned against me as she drove off and I playfully pushed him down “Get your sweaty soccer ass off me, boy!”

How got up and made a show of brushing the dust off himself. “Hey, I’m going back over to Donald’s, we’re working on this damn project and he has more room to spread out. Eric and Brandon are coming over too”

“What class is it for?” I asked.

“Economics,” he said. “we’re setting up a soccer league website and have to create ads and games and game stories and shit.”

“Sounds fun; almost like real work or something. Well, I’m going to hit the gym for a while, work some kinks out of my back and shoulders.” I told him. “Don’t be too late tonight, you were up late last night!”

He grinned, “yeah, I know what you mean!”

Gold’s Gym was too fucking hot tonight. It smelled like a gym, only there was an extra funk of Indian summer and god knows what else. I finished my shoulder, back, chest and abs routine and hit the shower. While I was there, I spotted this college kid that I’d seen before. Today, I caught him glance at me while I was on the roman chair but I couldn’t be sure. Instantly, I was comparing his body to Clark’s. Both were about the same height, his hair was darker and curlier. His muscle development was more filled out than Clark, who was still very lean, although he had some good beginnings in some muscle groups.

I felt a little stirring down low and instantly turned the shower to cold. Almost too late and I had to turn towards the wall to avoid showing this kid some hardening cock. After finishing the soapdown, I started to rinse with my head under the shower and through the streaming water I could see the kid with a semi-hardon of his own staring over at me. I had to shake this image out of my head or else what was asleep was going to wake up, plus, I wasn’t prepared to make an ass out of myself in a gym I’ve been a member of for a few years.

But, damn, he was hot looking!

I retreated to the sauna to relax and soak some heat in my weary, old muscles. Even though I had one at home, it felt good to stretch out in this one. Hardly anyone ever used it so I could just about count on some alone time. It felt great, the scent of eucalyptus smelled better than the gym and before long, I was dozing (yeah, I know, not a good thing to do in a sauna). I heard the door open and sensed, rather than saw, someone come in and sit opposite me on the other bench tier. Yeah, right, my shower buddy. This was going to be rough.

He lay on his back on the top tier and draped his towel over his groin. I don’t think he even dried off from the shower as he was still soaking wet and before long, I could see some steam rising as the shower water evaporated off him. His hair was in wet ringlets and dripped onto the teak with a little sizzle every time. I kept glancing over, peeking out of my left eye as I lay on my stomach, which was a good thing, since I was fully hard by now. I shifted my hips around to give my cock some room and the towel slipped off me, and dropped to the floor.

“Fuck” I whispered and reached for the towel, and when I did, I noticed his towel was starting to poke skyward. I retrieved my towel and flipped it back over my ass and shifted again to find a slot in the teak deck for my already, uncomfortably squished cock. At this point, I was stuck until it subsided or he left, and he wasn’t showing any signs of doing that.

“Damn this heat feels good to me,” I heard him say bahis siteleri “I love this room when I’ve had a bad day”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but I’ve never seen you around here this time of day.” I said back.

“I finished my last final this afternoon, and I thought I was going out with some friends. I usually come here either first thing or last thing.” he continued.

This conversation wasn’t helping me. I’d heard a story a while back about some college kid who would hit on some of the older gym members. Some of the guys were calling him a “rent boy” but there was no proof he was doing anything for money. Could this be him?

He was silent while I was musing. I glanced again and could see the head of his cock under the end of his towel, which appeared to be a little further up from where it was before. I groaned inwardly and shifted again, trying to block out the sight of this gorgeous stud and my overwhelming urge to sit up and show him just what state I was in. I heard him moving around and assumed he was shifting like me or moving to cover himself better.

Suddenly, I felt him sit below me and then stretched out like he was on the other side. We were head to foot, but me on the upper level, him on the lower and me with my cock jammed between the boards on this bench.

“Is this your normal time here?” he asked me, just like a natural continuation of our conversation. “It seems a little dead in this part of the gym, I’m used to more guys in here, I almost never get to stretch out like this.”

As he said that, I glanced at his towel and saw the exposed head of his hard cock sticking out of the top part of the towel. The head was red and oozing just a bit of precum back onto the “happy trail” leading to his belly button. I squeezed my eyes shut and lightly shook my head.

“Yeah,” I answered through clenched teeth “this is about par for the course this time of day.”

Suddenly, like an electric shock, I could feel fingers caressing my cock, wedged below me in the sauna bench. It felt magical, exciting, scary, sensual and thrilling all at once. I raised my head to look back at him and saw him wink.

“I couldn’t resist,” he said with a grin “you look like you needed some attention”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Less than a day after I had jacked off with my son in the bathroom, this stud was stroking me in the sauna of my gym! And I wanted it! And I wanted to stroke him too, I wanted him to blow me and I wanted to blow him . . . . . . . what the hell was I thinking? Someone could walk in at any minute and we’d have our pictures on the news for sure! But the simple fact of the matter was, I wanted this to happen, and I knew damn well that no one would come in. Not in 5 years had I ever had someone else in the sauna with me at this time of day. This was perfect!

Perfect, yes! Perfectly hot, yes!

“Let’s get a little more comfortable,” I head him say “can you get up from there?”

“I just hope I’m not wedged in too far.” I joked. And with that, I raised up and popped out of the gap.

“Not a problem, but I would have had to use some saliva as lubricant if needed.” he said smugly and resumed his gentle stroking. He spun around on the bench, letting his legs dangle underneath while he positioned himself between my legs and started rubbing with both hands, his left alternating by caressing my balls and then my shaft. I leaned back and moaned, enjoying the sensations of what he was doing.

“I’m Bryson, by the way.” he said. I muttered my name to him but was so caught up in the sensations I have no idea if I actually said it or just thought it.

“Enough of the intros,” I heard him say “I’ve got something I need to do.” and with that, he leaned forward and pulled my hips toward him and swallowed my cock all at once.

“Holy fuck!” I said and looked down at this beautiful cock sucking boy who was expertly taking me down to my pubes like he was born to it. It must have been minutes, or could have been hours, I don’t know. It was heaven. Yeah, I’ve been blown by guys before bahis şirketleri but this kid was en fuego. It wasn’t long before I knew what was coming and I could tell by him slowing down that he knew it too.

“I’m not long.” I whispered. I saw him look up and me and wink and then focused back on what he was doing. His pace slowed a little more until I felt the swelling, my balls tightened up and he pulled off till just the head of my cock was between his lips and the flood began. He let the first two jets coat his tongue and then dived onto the cock again, sucking greedily, pulling every drop of cum out of it, not wasting a drop.

I could feel my cock pulsing and twitching as he pulled off finally. He had one hand in his own lap and was tugging on his cock.

“Sit up next to me” I told him. “Let me help you out” He sat next to me on the top bench and I reached into his lap and started a slow stroke on his drooling cock, using his precum and my saliva to glide across the shaft. He closed his eyes and leaned back as I took care of him, hips gently moving in rhythm with my stroking. The dry sauna environment meant I needed more saliva so I leaned over and dribbled some on his cock as I stroked. I looked down and decided “what the hell” and leaned over to take the head of his cock into my mouth.

“Mmmmm” he moaned as I slowly moved up and down on his shaft. His cock was not as thick as mine, but certainly as long, if not longer. The neatly flared head fit perfectly in my mouth and it felt natural to be leaning over and giving him head in return for his marvelous demonstration of oral talents. While it was a bit darker in color, the shape looked just like Clark’s and as I was swallowing more and more of it each time I bobbed lower, I wondered if this was how Clark’s would be.

I didn’t have time to speculate any longer as he tapped my head and whispered “I’m about to cum!”. I gave him the “thumbs up” sign and kept sucking. In seconds I could feel the shaft pulse and spurts of warm, slightly salty-sweet liquid coursed into my mouth and throat. I was a bit shocked and the intensity of the pulses and let some leak out of my mouth and onto his balls and thigh. I made sure he was finished shooting before I pulled off but I kept stroking, out of habit, I guess. To my shock, he pulsed one more time and a jet of cum shot over his chest, landing on his chin.

He reached out and scooped it up into his mouth, remarking “tastes NOT like chicken”.

I laughed at that and then leaned back, releasing his cock and off-handedly rubbing mine. I could still taste his cum and he was right, definitely not like chicken. He leaned over and gave my hand and cock a little caress and looked up at me.

“I may have to come back thins time of day again!”

“Hell,” I replied “I may have to change my hours to late night.”

We both sat there for a little bit, towels wrapped back around us and on opposite sides of the sauna. Finally, I got up to leave, suddenly remembering that Clark might be home in a while and I had no clue what to do about dinner.

“I’ll see you around.” I told Bryson.

“Yeah, enjoyed the cock, dad!” he joked with me, but I got a slight chill from it. He reminded me a bit of Clark, and the similarities were so striking that it was almost like I had just traded blowjobs with my son in the sauna . . . . . . .

I drove home euphoric from Gold’s. I really hoped Bryson and I could meet again, but even if we never did, this had to be one of my hottest experiences ever. The similarities with Clark were there, but Bryson knew exactly what he wanted from the moment he stepped into the sauna. I really doubt Clark would be as bold.

The house was dark when I got there. He still must be at Donald’s, working on their project.

Or were they???? My mind wandered, easy to do after tonight’s encounter. What if he was already toying around with his friends? They were all as damn hot as Clark was, in their own different ways. Donald was tall and rangy, pale skin and all lean muscled, dark hair and eyes. He looked like he craved attention. Eric was painfully thin, with dark olive skin and long streaked hair that always seemed to fall over his green eyes. Brandon was a fireplug of muscle, all Italian boy it appeared.

I wondered.

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Super Moms Ch. 02

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Thanks for all of the kind words and encouragement. I’ll likely add another 2-3 chapters, depending on the feedback. As with most multi-part stories on Literotica you should read the previous chapter(s).


Katie Martinson and her son Rick were face to face, legs entwined, nearly dozing in the bask and then waking with a mellowed energy. Both caught glimpses of the other’s closed eyes, hearing breath and sighs – Katie’s soft, dreamy, Rick’s guttural, cheeks blowing out the relieved pressure. Rick loved his mother’s curled smile. He’d never seen her so relaxed. It was like seeing her face as young girl, the wear of life and time gone. Both of them were now totally dried by the sheets and the heat of their first fuck.

She stroked his cheek. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed.”

Rick laughed, wondering if this place made them mind-readers, too.

She tweaked his nipple. “What’s funny, mister? You laughing at me?”

“Ow! No. It’s just I was thinking the same thing.” Rick’s right hand roamed, rubbing his mother’s full ass. “It’s like this place is magical or something.”

“Well, they definitely know something about all of us here. I bet every couple here is fucking the way we just did. We know about Cyndi and Beau, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for what’s next.” Katie came in to kiss her son’s lips, palm pressing his face. “I love you so much Ricky. I hope we always have this, each other. This way.”

“Me too, Mom. I love you.”

“I know that, baby. But… that doesn’t change everything, Rick. I have to say this to you. You’re still going to see Sandy, or whomever you want. And if I want to be with someone, I’m going to be with them. I never want to lose this, right now, Ricky. You’ll always be the first man in my life. But not my only one. And you need to find the woman that going to make you happy. Or however you want to live your life. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Rick moved his hand from her ass, stroking her tangled brown hair. He looked into the depth of her green eyes and felt breathless. This was love – poem love, song love. What people talk about. “I do, Mom. And I really like Sandy and I want, well…yeah, other women. But you’ll always be first for me. Always first.”

Katie slid over, rolling Rick onto his back. She put her head on his smooth chest, listening to his heartbeat. “Good. And I’m still going to kick your ass when you don’t listen to me.”

“That’s fine. I’ll take it out on your ass later.”

“Oh, you little shit.” She pinched him again and he jolted. They laughed and Katie’s hand slipped down. Her son’s cock responded instantly, growing hard again. It had felt so perfect in her pussy. Thick but not too thick, big but not too big. Her breath quickened at the life-force pulsing through it. She threw the sheet back, moving down to put the now rock-hard meat in her mouth. She let her spit pool, lips pushing it down the shaft. Katie pulled back and slurped, tongue licking its sides, over the squishy head. Katie moved to straddle her son’s ankle, sliding her pussy, teasing it along the bone and muscle.

Rick’s hips bucked, wanting to grab her head, fuck his mom’s face, it felt so fucking good. But she was in control, hand pushing him down. She grinned, dimples popped. She winked and stroked him, hand so slick and wet. “No. This is MY blowjob, sweetie.”

“Aww, fuck yeah. Suck my cock, Mom.”

Her head bobbed, taking almost the whole length, popping off it to breathe in, then back down, tickling the back of her throat. Katie’s hips rocked on her son’s leg, pressing her clit. She moaned, slurping, swallowing.

“Would you like a big cock fucking you right now, Mom. Beau’s big cock, smacking into your ass, fucking you while you sucked my cock?”

Katie moaned around Rick’s cock, the thought tingling down her spine, juicing her pussy. She popped off the head. “Oh yes, Ricky. I’d love to be fucked while I’m sucking my boy’s big cock.”

“I can eat Cyndi’s pussy, right over my face. Do you want to watch me do that?”

“MMMM.” Slurp. “Yes. Baby.”

“Beau and me… ah, fuck, yes. We can fuck both of you. You can both…”

Katie rose up and sat on her son’s cock, sliding down, into her pussy. She leaned in, belly flattening against him. Her hips rotated and lifted, pussy clenching to milk her son’s cock. Her lips near his ear. “You want us to kiss? Me and Cyndi? You want me to eat her little pussy, lick her little asshole and suck her tits, Ricky? Do you want to see Mommy do that?”

“Oh, fuck yeah Mom. I want to see you eat pussy, see you get fucked.”

They met for a hard, suckling kiss, tongues rolling. Breaking, eyes open and inches away, Rick was stunned by the intensity in his mother’s eyes, hot breath on his skin. Katie marveled at her son’s possessed face. Fierce. She wanted to serve him, be taken. Fucked by her man.

“Good, baby. ‘Cuz I want that too. I want to watch you fuck Cyndi…and Carmen. I watched you. Watched her big, sexy ass. bahis firmaları Yeah? Fuck them good for me, baby.”

Katie pushed upward, higher, pussy clenching him, her hands braced on each side of her boy’s head. Rick lifted to take her tits into his mouth, sucking, nibbling. Cumming hard, Katie’s hips shook as a sloshing squirt of juice sprayed onto her son’s crotch.


With the lowering sun, Rick and Katie walked to the reception. Katie wore a short black cocktail dress, off the shoulder and low heels. Rick in a colored sport shirt and thin, tan trousers. The other couples in the large dining area were dressed similar – lots of color, lots of skin showing on the women, sensually casual. The lights were low; rhythmic, sensual music under the mingling conversation. The stage area toward the back of the room was lit brighter, in a subtle blue, set a few feet above the height of the round tables. Rick noticed a slow roil of fractal patterns on the stage’s back wall, similar to the video Rick and Katie watched at home weeks ago.

The waitstaff knew everyone’s names, bringing anything requested, mostly wine and prosecco for the Moms, mostly beer for the sons. Rick and Katie saw their own satisfied, well-fucked expressions with all of the other couples. Boys being boys, the women mostly carried the conversations. All of the couples spanned every corner of the country and profession. Katie loved meeting Jill, a tall, dark-haired and athletic San Francisco police detective and her daughter Sasha, a smaller version of her mother with spikey plum-dyed hair, a lip piercing and a full sleeve of tattoos.

Monique was a black high-school principal from Philadelphia. Her son, Julian, was tall and fit with a sly smile and soft voice. Rick and Julian talked a quite a bit about photography and movies. Rick loved the contrast of Monique’s dark skin with her short yellow dress, showing off her shiny, thick thighs and arms. She had a flirty white smile and long, wild black tresses, reminding Rick of a thicker and softer Serena Williams. Kate and Rick also spent time talking to Hailey and her son, Sean. Hailey was a plump business owner from Des Moines, all boobs and wide hips with an edgy Midwestern-librarian look. Her black-frame glasses and natural, no-make-up face were balanced by a cocked-eyebrow naughty smirk and purple/pearl-dyed tips in her shoulder-length, straight brown hair. The 44+ cleavage of Hailey’s short purple dress drew Rick’s attention as much as Sean’s large, roving hands along his mother’s hips and the fat bulge in his black jeans drew Katie’s eyes and warming pussy. Hailey was asking if Katie and Rick had enjoyed their hot tub yet when Carmen Stone took the stage.

Carmen’s platinum hair was down in soft waves. She changed to a silver dress that made her curves flash and boom under the stage light. Rick muttered under his breath, gobsmacked.

“Welcome, everyone. It looks like everyone’s been having a great first day. All of our Super Moms and their special, great kids. I see a lot of smiling faces and affection out there. Cheers to that, huh?” Carmen raised her champagne flute.

Laughs and a few cheers and hoots. Rick and Katie clinked glasses with Hailey and Sean.

“My mother, Veronica, will be out to speak in just in minute. In the meantime, our staff is setting out the table designations for dinner. It’s two couples to a table. We’re going to rotate through the week, so everyone will get a chance to dine together. So, before you sit, grab another refreshment if you’d like and I’ll see everyone after dinner. OK?”

After a spate of applause, Rick and Katie moved with the others toward the tables. They found themselves off to the right side, seated at the round table with Monique and Julian. Each mother and son sat together. Rick and Katie’s hands found each other under the tablecloth. Across the room, Katie saw Jill and Sasha share a brief tongue kiss.

Veronica Stone strode onto the stage in a black pantsuit, with a collar halter top and loose-legged black pants, showing off her shapely ass. Her exposed arms and shoulders were tan and well-toned. The wireless mic was unseen, not mussing her coiffed ash-blonde hair. She was in incredible shape, her firm C-cups cored in muscle. Rick smirked, remembering an old Dave Chappelle comedy bit, about some people actually having a glow coming off of them. Rick James…

“Hello hello everyone,” Veronica said under the sustained applause and cheers of the eight couples. “You have no idea how happy I am that you’re all here. This is our fourth Super Moms week and I knew this was going to be the best.”

She prowled the stage, looking everyone in the eye as she moved. “I see a lot of happy faces. A lot of satisfied faces, kids full of love and appreciation for their Moms. Moms for their new awareness of their kids. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking you all learned something new about each other today in your first day at our compound. And it’s our kaçak iddaa compound – yours now as much as mine. It’s pretty invigorating to take a leap of the heart, isn’t it?”

“OK. So, a couple of things to get out of the way. No, I’m not a witch. No, I’m not a mad scientist. No, I’m not a hypnotist. No one is going to stand up and start clucking like a chicken or run around and start acting crazy. Well, maybe a little crazy, but in fun way. Right?”

Laughs from the crowd.

“I will admit we employ a few scientific and mental suggestions to our selected Super Moms couples. But they will not work if the desire to love and explore isn’t already there. We don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. We couldn’t. And we would never want to. After careful scrutiny, you were chosen to join us because you’re all remarkable people. People we believe can reach a happiness that everyone in this world deserves, in whatever way they can find it, which is what we pursue through the foundation – our schools and job programs, food programs, medical programs. But you Super Mom’s couples have the something extra. A sexual force as powerful as anything in nature. That something I’ve been enjoying with my son’s and daughter for years. A gift that has sustained me, us – “

Veronica gestured to Carmen and her two sons seated side-stage.

” – and lets us go that further step. To lead and do our best work. Experiencing a divine joy of ultimate love and the joy in helping others. And that’s what we’re hoping for all of you. Incredible sex leads to incredible things.”

Cheers, laughs, pussies grew wet, cocks hard…

“So, let’s all have some dinner and I’ll see everyone later tonight and all week long. And if you’re shy about coming to say hello, don’t worry. I’ll be coming to you, OK?”

During the meal, conversation became flirtation between Kate, Rick, Monique and Julian, from warm to simmer. Compliments and references to the great sex each mother/son couples had been exploring spun thoughts and savoring looks at each other.

Monique reached out, the tips of her red nails tracing Rick’s jawline. “You have the most incredible blue eyes, baby. I could just eat you up with a spoon. I bet you just get lost in those, don’t you, Kate?”

“Mmm, I do, Monique. I can get wet just watching Rick. Actually, looking at Julian gets me pretty warm, too,” Katie said, looking at the young black man. Katie took a forkful of her desert cake, winking at Julian. He smiled at Katie. She licked her lips, swallowing. “Plenty to eat, I bet.”

“Mmm, you know that’s right, Kate.”

Rick and Julian’s grins split their faces, heads shaking at each other. How lucky…

Monique sipped her prosecco. “You boys have no idea. Fine ass is not easy to find.”

“And I see two fine asses at this table, Monique.”

She smiled, nodding. “Damned fine. I’m thinking we should take these two young men back to our room and try out that hot tub. What do you think about that. Kate?”

“Sounds wonderful to me. How about you boys?”

Julian laughed. “Yeah. That’d work.”

“Well, I’m game. But what about our suits?” Rick said, touching Monique’s hand as it still stroked his cheek.

“No, no, Rick. Monique wants to see all that fine pink skin of yours, baby.”

Katie stood, taking Julian’s hand. “Then let’s go.”


Back at Monique and Julian’s room, Rick and Katie stripped outside on the patio. Upon entering the room earlier, Monique requested “Ashley”, the audio assistant, turn on the hot tub and some music. Rick and Katie stepped into the warm, soft-lit bubbles.

Katie turned to Rick, kissing him. “You’re OK with this, baby?”

“Oh yeah, Mom. Monique’s fucking hot.”

“I know. And I really want to fuck Julian, too.”

“I love you, Mom.”

As they kissed, Monique and Julian walked out from the sliding glass doors with beers, wine and waters.

“And what kind of nastiness is this? A naked sexy mother tongue-kissing her naked son. My word.” Monique dropped her purple silk robe to reveal her dark, naked form. Huge, heavy breasts capped by jutting, near-black pinkie-thick nipples. Her strong thighs V-d to a shaved pussy, a soft droop of belly over it. As Julian set the drink tray next to the hot tub, Monique’s hands turned him and they embraced, tongues dueling. Julian was bare except for a pair of boxers, which Monique dropped as they kissed. Julian was lean, tightly muscled at his stomach. His cock hung long and low. Katie inhaled seeing it, pussy twitching.

Monique and Julian slipped into the water, Monique sliding close to Rick while Katie crawled over on top of Julian, kissing him, hands roaming his shoulders as if sculpting them.

Monique’s grasped and stroked Rick’s hard cock under the bubbling, warm water. “MMM. I’ve found a new friend, I think.” She leaned over to kiss the 18-year-old, pausing a moment to stare into his eyes. She grasped the back of his head, pulling him close as their kaçak bahis tongues met. Rick’s hands moved up to caress her tits, rolling his thumbs on the nipples.

She broke the kiss, a hefted breast flowing over her hand. “You wanna suck Momma’s big titties, Rick? I think you should.”

As Rick lowered above the water’s surface to nurse on the thick, dark nipples Julian was reaching back, spreading Katie’s ass, his big hands gripping both cheeks. Kate moaned in his mouth. Julian’s cock now rock-hard, pressed wetly against her, up to her belly button.

“Oh yeah, suck on those titties, baby. Feels so fucking good.” Her hands massaged Rick’s scalp as Rick’s right hand reached to Monique’s pussy, playing over the smooth skin, lips parting for his touch.

“Oooooh. Fuck baby. Mmm yeah.”

Katie slid her face to Julian’s ear. “Sit up on the side, Julian. I need to suck this big cock.”

“Yes Ma’m.”

Monique looked up at the splash, seeing her son’s long, gorgeous piece of meat tall and glistening wet before Katie plunged her mouth down on it.

“Stand up, Rick. Your momma’s got the right idea. We need to get the first one out so you boys can fuck us all night long.”

As Monique took his cock in her mouth, Rick looked over at Julian, head thrown back, groaning. He knew what Julian was feeling when his Mom was twisting her head like that, stroking as she sucked. Suddenly, both of Monique’s hands grabbed Rick’s ass cheeks and jerked him forward. He looked down to her big brown eyes staring up at him. Knowing what she wanted, he started thrusting. Fucking her face. Monique gagged as she swallowed all of him, taking a half-dozen of his full length thrusts from his balls to the tip of his cock head. She pulled off, gasping breath, strands of white spit dripping off his bobbing cock and her thick, supple lips. Monique slurped and drew in Rick’s cock some more, hands grabbing his ass, pulling him in. Rick loved the contrast of their skin. She was a tigeress, consuming him…

“Oh, fuck. Monique. Oh my God…”

Katie slurped on Julian’s cock, sucking hard. She could wrap both of her hands around it, jack, and still suck the wide, purple head. It pulsed in her mouth, so alive. “Oh you’re like candy, Julian.”

“Fuck yeah. Keep sucking. Suck that dick, baby”

Within another two minutes both boys were treating the mothers to explosive, ropy streams of cum. Monique swallowed all of Rick, moaning at the sweet taste, while Katie enjoyed the first splash of Julian on the side of her face, giggling. It was like Julian’s cock was this little creature, the cum some kind of happy, loving kiss for making it feel so good. Julian leaned back as far as he could on the edge of the tub, groaning while Katie swallowed the last two syrupy pulses. He reached for a water bottle and chugged.

Everyone took some water and dried off from the stack of towels next to the tub. The trade continued, with the black and white mothers carefully drying the other’s son. The sons taking care of the other mother’s curves. Kisses exchanged, hands caressed, gentle moans in the warm nigh air. The light and dark skin above the glow of the hot-tub, mixing, mingling…

In the room, Monique lay back across the bed near the headboard, tossing the pillows to the floor. She spread her big legs, red-tipped fingers spreading her pussy lips, big clit like a pink jewel. Rick slid forward across the bed, burying his face into her pussy, tongue licking up the juice, swirling the clit. Her pelvis pushed upward as she moaned.

“Oh yeah. Eat Monique, baby. Eat that pussy up. Such a good boy.”

Katie kissed Julian and eased him onto his back near the foot of the bed, parallel to Monique and Rick. She squatted her pussy and ass above his face and she leaned forward to suck more life into his cock. She wanted this in her pussy soonest. As she ground on Julian’s face she was delighted at his lips and tongue toying with her pussy lips, clit and asshole. His big hands spread her cheeks, tongue going deeper, licking. Monique or someone had taught the boy well.

Rick licked all around Monique’s lips, finger inside, sucking her clit. A shot of fluid covered his face, Monique screaming out. The taste was sharper and different for his Mom’s but he licked it up all the same, gulping. Fuck it was good. Monique’s big thighs pressed against the side of his head, her hands massaging his head.

“Oooooooh fuck me, baby. Soooo good, oooh. You eat pussy like champ. Get up here.”

Monique pulled as Rick climbed her big frame, mashed against the black woman’s big tits. They kissed, Monique licking the squirt from Rick’s cheeks. She grabbed his recharged cock, licking his ear. “Now you fuck this pussy, baby. Fuck it like you own it. You hear me?”

Rick glanced to his right. His mother, Katie, was grinning at him with a mouth full of thick black cock, her dimples popped, brown hair a wet mess, plump ass twerking on Julian’s face. She winked. Rick smiled and started thrusting into Monique. Owning it. The way she wanted. He put the woman’s thick legs up on his shoulders, grasping tight, up and down.

“Oh yeah. Fuck it. Fuck that shit. Tear that pussy UP. Oh my God. Fuck fuck FUCK!”

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Sunburned Saturday

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Author’s Note: In case you haven’t lived in any of the border towns, a bit of vocabulary might be useful:


Oso/Osito= Bear/Little bear

Dale (two syllables)=Go!

M’ija=contraction of my daughter, term of endearment


My mom had to work the weekend after my 18th birthday, so it was natural for me to celebrate with my favorite extended family, Tio George and Tia Rosa. Tio had been born “Jorge” in Hermosillo, had walked across when he was 15, learned English, worked like a dog, became a citizen and changed his name to “George.” He was a brawny bear of a man so I also called him Tio Oso, and his wife referred to him as “mi Osito”. The two had not been able to have children of their own, but they made up for it by hosting virtually every celebration in our sprawling family.

My birthday party on Friday was fun but uneventful, I whacked what would probably be my last piñata, ate cake and went to sleep with the traditional cry of “Dale, Dale, Dale” ringing in my head…

The next day Tio loaded up a car-load of cousins and we went to the water park out in Marana. Tia had gotten called in to work so wasn’t able to go with us. Before she left for work, though she came and gave me a big hug, then holding me at arm’s length, inspected me, giving me a thoughtful look that I couldn’t interpret. She really didn’t want to leave our party, and I thought I understood. In many ways at 40 she seemed much younger than my 36 year old mother. It was going to be a fun day, and she had to go to work. As I learned later, that wasn’t it at all.

I had on my suit, a basic one-piece speedo that I knew would stay on in the slide or during chicken fights and a thin old UA tshirt as a coverup. I wasn’t one of those girls that like to wear bikinis and then act all surprised and shreiky when boys untie the strings…My adult woman’s body was still new and novel to me, and frankly I was in no hurry to have it mauled and ogled. I didn’t want to be my mother, who was pregnant with me at this age…

So, we all piled in and proceeded to have a great day. I must have ridden the big slide a million times. My cousin Ramon and I dominated during the chicken fights, and the only bummer was, I forgot to reapply sunscreen and got scorched.

When we got home that afternoon, my cousins all left, and when I pulled off my tshirt, Tio, gasped: “Oy m’ija you got really burned today. You keep forgetting that you’re only half Mexican, pobrecita. God gave you the soul of a Mexican, but, lo siento, la piel de tu papa.”

Apparently my father had been some kind of blonde Viking guy, because I was tall for a girl, 5’11”, and strawberry blonde, freckled, green eyed. I never knew him of course. He took off when he found out mama was pregnant with me.

“Go take off that wet swimsuit, shower the chlorine off. Put on Rosa’s robe, hanging behind the door. When you come out, Tio George will put some aloe on you.”

I did as bid and then came back out to the living room. Tio had gone outside and cut off a bunch of aloe. He had slit several of the leaves open longitudinally, so that they formed wide, slightly gooey swabs.

“Nature’s burn ointment, m’ija” He said as he tenderly rolled back the top of the robe and began to smear it on my bright red shoulders. His touch was so gentle, that that was half of the medicinal value. As a child, anytime I got sick and needed to stay home from school, Tio George had been the one to take care of me. He worked nights at Hughes, but he never refused my mother’s entreaties, even though it meant that he effectively worked for 24 hours straight on those occasions. “La familia es primera, mija,” he would say as he made me caldo con queso…I was the only girl in almost 20 male cousins, so I was doubly special to him. Tio was also the one who protected me from the depredations of all of the drunks at my quinciera. I never saw him touch alcohol. His brothers used to tease him about being the family “Mormón!”

After covering bahis firmaları my shoulders and arms with the cooling goo, he knelt by the couch and starting covering the backs of my poor fried legs.

It felt so good I was almost drooling. Since the robe was Tia Rosa’s, who was about 5 foot nothing, it covered my ass but only came down a couple more inches onto my thighs. When he reached the bottom of the robe he stopped.

“You probably want to do the rest, eh, m’ija, hasta tus chonies?”

“No, Tio. Your hands feel soooo good. Keep going please. “

I spread my legs slightly, so that he could catch the inside of my thighs, and then I felt him raising the robe to reach the rest of my legs…assuming that I was wearing chonies, he flipped it up over my butt…but I wasn’t wearing anything. Only the robe.

I held my breath for a long moment fearing that he was going to get mad at me or something. Neither of us moved. Then finally I heard him exhale and continue to apply the balm where he had left off. When he got to the bright white line where my red skin stopped and swimsuit covered butt began he stopped for a moment.

“Todo bien m’ija?”

‘Si Tio, todo bien.”

“Spread your legs a little, honey, so I can get in there too.”

I could feel his hands shake as he spread the slimy gel between my legs. I shivered, and found myself covered in goosebumps. It was the closet anyone had been to my sex, and the feeling of exposure and lust was intoxicating.

Very softly he said, “OK just rest awhile and let that soak in. Then you can roll over and you can do your front.”

I heard him leave the room. A few moments later I heard the shower running. Later I learned that he ran it ice cold, trying to quench the wave of lust that the sight of my white naked ass had had on him. It didn’t quite work…

I dozed off right there, on my tummy, the robe off of my shoulders, really only covering my midsection. I awoke sometime later to find him sitting beside me on the couch. He had showered and changed into basketball shorts and a tshirt. He was gently stroking my hair.

“Are you ready to turn over so you can do your front now, angel? It has soaked into your back.”

‘OK. But will you stay here with me?”

He hesitated. “Ok, if you like.”

“What I would really like is if you did it for me. You have magic fingers!”

He laughed at that and said “How can I refuse a request like that?”

He turned to face my feet and said, “Ok, rollover, princess.”

I turned over, careful to cover up with the robe. I held one hand clasped to hold it closed over my breasts, and another to keep it closed below.

He started on the tops of my feet. By the time he reached my thighs, I had goosebumps again.

“Want me to stop? You take it from here?”

“No… I like it when you…touch me,” I whispered.

He turned to look me in the eyes when I said that, and I met his gaze, unblinking.

He sat on the edge of the couch. Facing my head. Once more he raised my robe, but this time he was prepared for my nudity so was careful to arrange it so that my sex was just covered. Once more he spread the coolness right up to the line of sunburn. And stopped.

“OK, chica, just a little more on your escote and we’re done!” He said emphatically.

Tio reached up and proceeded to smear the sap on my upper chest. I closed my eyes, and slowly lowered the top of the robe until I knew that the white upper slopes of my boobs were exposed. Just the nipples were covered. Tio applied to the burn line. I barely stifled a moan. He ventured onto the white slope. I arched my back. He smoothed lower, brushing up against the robe that I held as a barrier. He brushed up against the robe again, applying a slight downward pressure.

I took the hint.

I let go of the robe, allowing my left hand to fall limp to the floor.

With agonizing slowness, he caressed me. He no longer was bothering with the pretense of the aloe. He was now kaçak iddaa reveling in my young flesh. My young taboo flesh.

My nipples were already hard from the anticipation, but now they could cut glass. Gentle circular motions with his fingers. Kneading the flesh, squeezing, then tweaking the nipples. Rolling them between his finger and thumb. I opened my eyes. He was transfixed. Staring unblinking at my boobs…

I croaked, “te gustas, Tio?”

“Yessss,” he hissed. “They are perfect. You are perfect princess.”

“They are all yours Tio. You are the only man to ever touch me.

With that I released the grip that my right hand had maintained on the lower half of the robe, and allowed my left foot to drop to the floor. I was still covered for the moment, but …

He leaned down and began to suckle my breast. At the same time, he allowed his left hand to slide down, down over my ribcage. Over my belly. Pushing the robe aside…to my sex.

After a few exploratory passes up and down my lips, he began to stimulate me in earnest. The suction on my tits was indescribably wonderful :easily the greatest sensation I had ever experienced, but then when he found my moist clit sticking up… well.

I came hard. The first non-self -induced orgasm that I had ever had.

I covered my eyes with my right arm as I came down from that first one. My left hand found its way onto his lap, and there made another discover. My uncle was huge.

Through his gym shorts, unbidden, I began to stroke his erect cock. It grew under my ministrations. He raised up slightly so that he could slide his shorts down to release it and then I opened my eyes and propped myself up so that I could see my first hard cock.

Tio gave me minimal direction as I fumbled through my first hand job. He would lean over occasionally and allow his spit to drool onto the head as lubricant. The fact was he was as worked up as I was-even my inexpert efforts brought him to a thunderous conclusion in just a few short minutes. He leaned over and lay atop me, both of us totally enervated, when suddenly he bolted upright.

“Rosa gets off at 6! She could be here any minute now!”

I sprang up too, and ran to the guest room that was my basecamp when at their house. As I put on a sundress, I heard the garage door rumble up…

An hour later, Rosa knocked on the door and said “wake up sleepy head, dinner time”

I was so obviously sunburned that I had an excellent excuse for my subdued affect. Tio tried to be his usual boisterous self, but I knew it was work. Luckily, Aunt Rosa was exhausted as well, although she was tired from being on her feet for 10 hours at Northwest hospital.

I volunteered to clean up the kitchen though, and she gratefully acquiesced. She gave me a kiss and a big hug, and said “Happy Birthday, mija. Good night.”

Tio and I silently, dazedly went about the cleanup ritual. I bent to load the dishwasher and that was when he came up behind me. He was hard again, and he took my hips in his big hands and briefly ground himself against me. Then, as though ashamed, he left the room.

I was confused. In one part, still high, and aroused, and in another, well…he was my UNCLE.

I had fallen into a fitful sleep when I became aware of a presence in my room. When I opened my eyes, I could make out Tio standing by the head of the bed. He was illuminated from the hall light spilling through the open door.

He was looking down at me. Silent. Then he reached down and cast the sheet back…I was in an old three button PJ top and panties.

Something brushed the side of my cheek. Bending over, he grabbed me under my armpits and bodily hauled me around so that I was crossways on the bed, my head hanging over the side.

When I opened my mouth to protest this uncharacteristically rough treatment, he shoved his penis in my mouth. He forced himself in me, bending my head back to shove it deeper into my throat. I gagged. I flailed, my eyes watering with kaçak bahis pain and terror. I thought I was going to suffocate. He pulled back out enough for me to catch my breath, then rammed it back in. Reaching down he ripped apart my PJs, exposing my tits to his mauling attention. And that was how Tia Rosa found us, some time later. My favorite uncle, my hero raping my face, mauling my breasts, me crying and gagging, trying to catch a breath when I could.

Jorge Luis Martin Sandoval! VEN ACA!

And that was all it took. She shoved him out of the room, and came to me. Cradling me in her arms, She cooed to me until at last I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to the welcome smell of tia’s coffee. She had brought me a little tray with a cup of café con leche, a few galletas and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. That was how she always awoke me when I slept over…But this time she sat on the edge of the bed and again cradling my head and stroking my hair asked how I was.

My throat was sore, and I sounded froggy, but I told her that I was OK.

Bending low, she whispered in my ear: “I hope you can ever forgive us m’ija…”

“Tia, you saved me. You have nothing to be forgiven for.”

“No, m’ija, I am as much to blame as that beast that is your uncle. He is at confession now. God knows he has much to confess. No, I am to blame because I know how he is…the way he used to be after your mama…I was so relieved when you came out so gringa, because I was afraid that he was going to turn out to be your father…”

This was a lot to take in. “You mean mama and tio…”

“Oh, yes. I knew about it of course. But in a way I was glad that he kept himself in our family. Your mama is my best friend, and she was lonely, and I was working all the time in those days…For me it was better than him going off with some gringa puta… And when I saw you yesterday morning, I knew I should call in sick. God was talking to me, and I didn’t listen. You have become such a woman, m’ija, and it seems like just since we last so you…”

“I forgive you Tia, if you feel you need my forgiveness…”

“Thank you child. You have always been a good soul.”

Then briskly she said, “I got called in, and so I can’t delay much longer, but I can take you to work and then you can have your mama come get you…”

I was silent for a few moment, thinking.

“No Tia. I’ll be alright. I need to face the bear sooner or later. Best not put it off…”

“That’s my girl. He’s a good man. But he is a man, and sometimes the good gets buried. “

With a twinkle in her eye, her final words were, “And if he is going to stray, at least he’s going top drawer!” Chuckling to herself, she trotted off down the hall and left for work. With her final words, I realized that Tia Rosa had basically blessed his/our transgression…

I was still lying in bed, enjoying my coffee, when I heard the garage door rumble. My heart raced as I thought about facing my uncle again. I sat straight up in bed, the sheet pulled up to my chin.

He stood in the doorway, unsure. He had been crying.

“You can come in Tio. I patted the side of the bed and he perched there uncertainly. He wouldn’t meet my eyes. Suddenly he blurted out, blubbering through his tears: “M’ija I am such a bad person. You are the most precious thing to me in the world and I hurt you, I was greedy and cruel and I wish I could die…”

We had just finished reading The Tempest , so it was natural for me to say, “Tio, it was just your Caliban coming out. C’mere.” And I motioned for him to lay his head down on my breast, cradling him as Tia had me not 20 minutes before. “I forgive you old bear.,,I just didn’t like that you wouldn’t stop when you were hurting me…” this brought a fresh wave of remorse and self -recrimination…

I continued, “and I don’t want to lose my virginity to my uncle…here,” continuing to stroke his head, I slid the sheet down so that his face was against my bare breast. “This is for my bear. He gave me a tentative kiss between my breasts.

Then, bending to his ear, I whispered the words that every man wants to hear: “If you lube up and promise to be gentle, you can take my rosebud…”

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Lena , Tori Ch. 02

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Public Sex

The car was quiet when they drove off again. Lena started laughing.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. It was just so funny when Benton grabbed your dick. I though you were gonna die,” she said.

“I thought he was gonna pull out his dick and compare them,” Ethan said and groaned.

Charlie laughed. “Maybe he just wanted some advice on how to make his bigger.”

He drove right to the McDonald’s and parked in a spot at the back of the parking lot beneath a tall, overhead lamp that bathed the car in a pale, bluish light.

“Can I get you anything?” Charlie asked as he got out.

“Nothing for me,” Lena said.

Ethan pulled a couple of dollars out of his pocket and handed them to Charlie.

“Just a couple of double cheeseburgers,” he said.

Charlie shut the door and left. Ethan and Lena were uncomfortably quiet together. Only the sound of the crickets all around them kept them company.

He glanced down at Lena’s thigh, which was highlighted by the light coming in through the windshield. He was dying to say something to her. She was probably thinking what an idiot he was.

“I never smoked hash before,” Ethan whispered, and winced as he heard the words coming out of his mouth.

Lena looked at him, a slight grin turning up the corners of her mouth.


“Why are we whispering?” Ethan said, and they both giggled like kids.

“I don’t know. It’s so quiet,” Lena said softly.

She placed her hand on his thigh. Ethan stiffened. Her fingers were very close to the end of his erection.

“What’s it like?” Ethan said.

“What’s what like?”


“It’s intense, not like weed. You’ll love it.” Her hand gently glided up his thigh to the ridge made by his penis. “You’re still hard. Don’t you ever go soft?”

“Not when I got a girl like you sitting so close.”

His hand came up and squeezed her tit. Her nipple was a hard point under the thin, flimsy shirt.

Without another word, Lena tilted her head and kissed him. Her wet tongue pushed its way into his mouth. He couldn’t believe how nervous she made him.

She climbed up on the seat. He slipped his hands down around her slim waist and lifted her all on his lap. Her legs parted and straddled him. Her warm mound pressed down on the hard lump in the front of his jeans. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, moaning faintly. His hands slid down her backside and squeezed her ass.

“You wanna fuck me, don’t you?” Lena said with a deep breath.

“I think so,” Ethan said.

“You think so?”


“You wanna do it right now?”


“Me too.”

She reached down, opened his pants, and pulled out his erection. It stood straight up between them and she stroked it fast and hard. Ethan’s hand slipped inside the back of her flimsy panties.

“Do these have a slit crotch?” he said.

“No. Tear them off,” Lena said.


“Really. Do it.”

He bunched them in his hands and pulled. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her tits into his face, but the panties didn’t tear. He tried again, grunting with a hard tug. The fabric shredded in his hands like tissue.

“Yes, yes,” Lena squealed. She raised herself on her knees and guided his cock between her legs. “I’ve been dying to know how this thing feels all night.”

Ethan was too excited to speak. His heart pounded in his chest. Slowly, the warm, wet heat of her pussy envelope his cock as she lowered herself on it. She was deliciously tight. He groaned.

“Oh God … Oh God … Oh yes,” Lena gasped, piercing herself deeper on his cock.

“Does it hurt?” Ethan said.

“Mm hm,” Lena said between clenched teeth.

She continued to lower herself on his lap, gradually taking the entire shaft inside her, until all of her weight was resting on his lap. Her eyes fluttered open and gazed into his.

“I only thought I’d taken large men before.”

“Are you just saying that to make me feel good?”

“Sort of,” Lena admitted with a shrug and a smile. Her lean body began to move up and down in his lap. “That doesn’t mean it hurt any less.” She pulled her top up away from her tits.

Ethan nodded. “You have a point about that.”

Lena groaned, baring her clenched teeth. Moving up and down in his lap created smacking sounds from her wet cunt.

“Of course I do. I know about guys like you. I date them all the time.”

“Charlie’s not like that.”

“He doesn’t count. We’re just friends.”

“Some friends. I don’t know married people who fuck as often as you.”

“Married people don’t fuck, silly. They just watch tv,” Lena said.

Ethan glanced at the driver’s side mirror. Charlie was walking toward the car with a bag in each hand. He sighed. It was too soon to tell Lena tha they had to stop. He opened his mouth to speak when a car flashed by in the mirror. Charlie stopped in his tracks. The car door opened and a bunch of guys in Medford High School jackets got out.

“Get up,” Ethan ssaid, and lifted Lena from his lap.

“What? What?” she said.

Ethan bahis firmaları tossed her off and her hip hit the steering wheel.

“What the hell are you doing?” she said.

Ethan yanked his jeans up. “Charlie’s in trouble.”

Lena’s expression instantly changed.

“Where?” she said, searching out the back window.

Ethan was out of the car in a hurry and ran toward the group of guys gathered around Charlie. From their brush cut hair, these probably weren’t hockey guys, but football jocks. He would enjoy beating the shit out of them more than if they were on the Medford hockey team.

Two of the biggest guys he had ever seen were moving toward Charlie. One of them was pointing at him and saying something. Charlie could only back away. His jaw hung down and his eyes were wide open.

Ethan ran toward them as fast as he could, but was helpless to prevent Charlie from getting hit. He watched the big, ugly guy who had been pointing at him raise his fist and thrust it forward. It connected with Charlie’s face with a vicious smack, flattening his nose and snapping his head back. He crumpled backward to the pavement, still clutching the bags in each hand.

Ethan shoved past a couple of the other guys and barreled into the guy who just hit Charlie. He launched himself into the wide form like he was checking him into the boards, his forearms up and his shoulders down, one of the things he was best known for on the ice.

Ethan collided with the football player’s, knocking the wind out of him in a rush, lifting him off his feet and carrying him three or four feet. He dropped back to the parking lot with a thud.

Most of the other guys were too stunned to react. It had happened so fast and was so violently. The other big guy, however, responded with a sucker punch from behind that grazed Ethan’s jaw.

He turned to face him, anger glowing in his eyes. He was heavy set, a round face with the round body of a lineman, and the expression on that face changed instantly when he looked into Ethan’s eyes. He had been hit harder by junior varsity defensemen half the size of this oaf, who was quickly realizing that his punch did nothing more than draw attention to himself. Ethan’s clenched fist whipped out and struck his jaw like a sledgehammer and nearly twisted his head all the way around. He dropped to his butt and grunted.

Ethan looked at the other guys. One or two of them had wide open eyes and mouths. He wondered briefly why none of them was moving toward him, then realized they were looking past him. He had forgotten about the first guy, who was probably coming up behind him. That was a mistake.

He spun around just in time to get punched in the face. It was a good, hard blow that caught him off guard and staggered him backward. The guy stepped forward and punched him again before he could get his feet set. His left fist connected with his jaw and jerked his head sideways. Ethan shook his head, tasting blood in his mouth.

He saw the next punch coming, a poorly telegraphed blow he easily deflected with his raised forearm. Before the football player could counter with his other fist, Ethan clocked him across his jaw with a quick right. The thug’s head snapped back. Ethan popped him again with another right cross. His knees weakened and buckled, and he slumped to the ground.

Someone jumped on his back. Someone else grabbed his leg, and they dragged him to the ground. All he saw was a flurry of fists punching him and feet kicking. The last thing he heard before everything went black was the wail of a police siren.

* * * *

Ethan was embarrassed to be recognized by one of the doctors at the hospital, as well as a couple of the nurses and most of the staff. They kidded him about being in another fight. When he explained to Lena that he spent a lot of time in this hospital because of fights in hockey games, she laughed, covered her mouth with her hand, looked at him with uncertainty, and laughed again.

They were sitting on a bench against a wall in the hallway of the emergency room. Across the hall, on a similar bench, were three of the six football guys who had been fighting with Ethan. Standing in the center of the hall between them was Officer Shenton, with a disappointed look on his face. The other three football players were in one of the rooms along the hallway, one with a broken nose, one with a broken arm and one, the biggest of them all, with a broken jaw. Ethan had suffered a bloody nose, a swollen, cut lip, a nasty gash on his left cheek just below the eye from the oversized football player’s trophy ring, a mild concussion and badly scraped knuckles on the back of his left hand. The gash required a dozen stitches and the overexuberant intern had bandaged his whole left hand.

The three guys facing them had suffered only scrapes and bruises. Not one of them could keep their eyes off Lena’s long, bare legs, including Officer Shenton.

Finally, Charlie came out, followed by the young intern who had bandaged him. He was walking slowly, his head tilted back. It was a little extravagant for just a bandage kaçak iddaa over the bridge of his nose, but then, Charlie had never had it broken before. Ethan fought the urge to snicker and got up.

Lena rushed to him.

“Oh Charlie. Does it hurt?” she said, holding his arm and guiding him carefully.

Charlie just groaned. Ethan hoped he could hustle them out of there before the football guys started laughing at them behind their backs.

It was late when they got to Lena’s apartment. Charlie had lost his appetite and wouldn’t let them stop to get another dinner to replace the one lost in the fight. Ethan was starving, but he didn’t say anything. He only followed Lena’s directions to her apartment while she tended to Charlie in the back seat.

Charlie had been quiet since they left the hospital. Ethan watched him in the rearview mirror. He was a good guy, but not tough.

He sat beside Charlie on Lena’s sofa while she went to the kitchen to get some aspirin. Charlie had his head tilted back and was breathing through his mouth when he began to chuckle.

“What?” he said.

“Nothing,” Charlie said, slowly shaking his head.

“Oh, bull. You’ve had me sitting here worried to hell about you, so if you’re feeling better you’re damn well going to tell me what’s so funny.”

“Ok, ok, Jesus. You don’t have to jump all over me. It was just the look on that guy’s face when you jumped him. He hit you so hard and you didn’t go down.”

“Yeah,” Ethan said, and chuckled.

Lena returned with a glass of water and a couple of aspirin.

“Take these,” she said.

She dropped the white tablets in his open palm and handed him the glass. As Charlie swallowed the aspirin one at a time, Lena sat beside him and opened her purse.

“Anybody wanna smoke some hash?” she said.

She held up the plastic bag and grinned like she was selling candy to kids. She ran her other hand up the inside of Charlie’s thigh.

“Or maybe you’d like to do something else?”

Charlie turned to Ethan. “Do you mind?”

“No. Go ahead.”

“Good. I’ve been waiting for a chance to do this all night,” Lena said, and had Charlie’s jeans open and his penis out. It grew erect in her hands.

She leaned over his lap, her lips only inches from the tip of Charlie’s erection. She opened her mouth, stuck out her pink tongue and licked the soft skin on the underside of the head with just the very end of her tongue. Holding her tongue lightly on that soft skin, she gently closed her lips around the head. Charlie sighed.

“Man, that feels so much better than getting punched,” he said.

Without releasing the head from her lips, Lena climbed off the sofa to the floor between his legs. Looking back up at the two guys, she slowly slid his cock into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat.

Charlie groaned from deep in his gut. Ethan’s eyebrows arched up. Lena sucked loudly, moving her head up and down over Charlie’s lap in long, slow strokes. Charlie’s cock disappeared then reappeared from her mouth, drenched with her saliva.

Ethan squeezed his legs together. He wanted to look away, but couldn’t. He’d watched girls suck his own dick many times, but it wasn’t often he got to see another guy getting his dick sucked. Charlie’s cock wasn’t as long as his, but it was just about as thick. In Lena’s small mouth, however, it looked like an immense, throbbing beast with a life of its own. It was a deep red with thick, dark, ugly veins that stood out just under the skin.

“Excuse me,” Ethan said and got up.

“Are we bothering you?” Charlie said.

Ethan turned away and headed for the kitchen. “No, no. It’s just that …”

Lena pulled Charlie’s cock out of her mouth and licked up the drool that hung from the corner of her mouth.

“Do you mind if we go to my room?” she said, rising from her knees.

“No, not at all.”

Lena helped Charlie to his feet. “Ok. We might be a while.”

“Take your time. Have fun,” Ethan said.

He watched them go off to Lena’s bedroom. As they went through the door, she waved with a cute smile like she was waving goodbye to a little kid on his first day at school. The door closed behind her and the apartment became quiet.

Ethan sighed. He’d had better nights. The local anesthetic to numb his cheek before it was sewed up was wearing off. His whole head throbbed, as did his right hand. He held it close to his chest, willing the pain to go away. Coach Riley was going to be pissed if he couldn’t play next week. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Sometimes he just wished he could keep his pants on.

He found a Coke in the refrigerator and a People magazine to keep him occupied while he tried not to notice that the two of them were taking an awful long time in her bedroom. Nor could he ignore that fact that Lena was making a lot of noise, as if she wanted Ethan and the rest of the apartment building to hear that she was having sex without him.

He looked up when he heard keys in the lock of the door, which swung open. A girl stopped just outside, looking in, holding a ring of kaçak bahis keys in her right hand and a stack of books in her left. She was beautiful. He immediately forgot about the magazine.

She had long, dark hair that hung to her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and exotic and searched the room. Her cheeks were high and round, her nose tiny and her lips full. She wore a short floral print dress. She stepped just inside the door and stared directly at him.

“Who the hell are you?” she said.

“I’m Ethan,” he said.

She shook her head. With the bandages on his face and hand, he probably didn’t look too friendly.

“Charlie’s friend?” he added, and she nodded.

“Who does she have in there?” the girl said, pointing in the direction of Lena’s bedroom.



She started toward the kitchen.

“Who are you?” Ethan said.

“I’m Tori. Lena’s sister.”

“Oh,” Ethan said.

She sounded none too pleased to find a strange guy sitting in her living room while her sister was fucking one of her boyfriends in her bedroom. She set her books on the table, avoiding Ethan’s eyes, and went into the kitchen. He let out a deep sigh. Could this night get any more difficult?

He looked toward the door to the bedroom. Lena’s high-pitched squeal was very regular. There was only one other door, which was open and led to the bathroom. Did Tori and Lena sleep in the same bed? Images of the two girls laying naked side by side flashed through his mind.

“Oh yes … Oh yes … Oh God yes,” Lena shouted from the other side of the door.

Ethan buried his face in the magazine to try to ignore it. He didn’t look at Tori to see if she was trying to ignore it as well.

Finally, her screams died and the apartment was quiet again. Tori was moving around in the kitchen, doing something with some silverware or something, but didn’t look in her direction. Why didn’t she come out to visit with him? Was he that repulsive?

After a few minutes of flipping pages, the bedroom door opened. Ethan looked up. Lena came out and closed the door behind her. She was naked except for the tiny, white lace panties on her hips and the splattered drops of pearly white cum on her belly. She grinned real big. Her skin flushed with goose bumps and her nipples stood tall and hard. The crotch of the delicate panties was soaked with her wetness, and the drops of cum ran down her hard stomach muscles and soaked the top edge. She rubbed a finger through the cum on her belly.

“I see you met my sister,” she said.

She knelt on the couch beside him, spread her legs over him and settled on his lap, straddling him.

Ethan put his hands around her waist. Tori still had her back turned.

“Sort of. She didn’t seem too thrilled to find me here,” Ethan said.

“She’s shy around strangers. Not like me, of course.”

She scooped up a drop of Charlie’s cum on her finger and licked it off.

“Of course,” Ethan said.

Lena climbed off and patted his knee.

“I’ll talk to her. She’ll open up once she gets to know you.”

She went to the kitchen. Ethan looked down at the wrinkled magazine beside him, where her knee had squished it into the cushion. He had no desire to pretend to read it anymore. He got up and went to the bedroom.

Charlie was laying face down on the bed. He had fingernail scratch marks across his back. He looked up. His face was still red around the bandage on his nose.

“I made her cum pretty good,” Charlie said and grinned, looking pleased with himself.

“I heard.”

Charlie chuckled. “I’ll bet the whole building heard.”

“They did.”

From the kitchen, they heard the girls’ laughing. Charlie looked confused.

“Who else is out there?” he said.

“Tori,” Ethan said.

Charlie’s face brightened.

“Really? Did she talk to you? I told her everything about you, I mean everything,” he said.

“Why’d you do that?”

“Because I thought you’d like to meet her. She’s cute, isn’t she?”

Ethan shrugged. “Sure, she’s cute. Look, I just wanna go home and go to bed.”

“Already? Don’t you wanna smoke some hash?”

Ethan shook his head. “It’s late. I’m tired. Can I take your car? I’ll bring it back in the morning.”

Charlie sat up, leaning on his elbow. “Sure. Lena put the keys on the dresser.”

Ethan stepped over the sheets and blankets piled on the floor at the foot of the bed, took the keys off the dresser, and went back to the doorway.

“Sorry,” he said, turning back to Charlie.

A hand touched his shoulder. Lena appeared beside him. Her hand moved down over the front of his jeans, feeling for his penis.

“You’ll have to wait your turn. I’m not done with Charlie yet,” she said.

She jumped on the bed, giggling.

Ethan turned to leave.

“Ethan?” Lena said.

He stopped at the door and turned back.

“Go fuck Tori. I happen to know she’s been dying to find out what you’ve got in your pants,” she said.

“Sure,” Ethan said and nodded.

Charlie and Lena were giggling and rolling on top of each other when he left. He turned back to the living room, feeling an aching stiffness between his legs. Tori was still in the kitchen with her back to the living room. He was glad. It made it that much easier to leave.

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Summer with Mother

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Asian Doll

My mother and her new boyfriend rented a large cottage on Long Lake, in Maine for three months. Mother has not worked since Dad died three years ago. Tom her new boyfriend is wealthy in his own right and plans on coming up on the weekends to spend time with mother. This was a great time for me as it was my last summer before starting college in the fall.

At first it bothered me that my mother would sleep with this guy but after I thought about it I can understand how she could have loved Dad and yet have a need for man in her life. I guess they call that moving on. I call it being horny and needing a fuck.

I am much the same way. I had not been laid for a few weeks and so I called Cindy Louise to come up and visit me on the weekend. When I told mother I had invited Cindy up she was disturbed at first. Not so much because I was fucking her sister’s adopted daughter but because she did not want Cindy to see her with Tom. But what the hell fucking is fucking and we all seem to be doing it. Oh, yes one more thing Tom had dated my Aunt Carol before he started screwing Mom. I got the impression Aunt Carol did not know yet that Tom was now fucking my mother.

This was Wednesday evening and we were still talking about how we would work out the sleeping arraignment on the week end. The cabin had three bedrooms two up stairs and one down behind the kitchen. Mom suggested that I and Cindy use the one down stairs and she and Tom would stay up stairs. This was fine with me as Cindy did get a little raucous from time to time.

Mom said she wanted to go for a walk and wanted me to join her. This sleepy little summer town was just coming awake and even though I thought it safe enough I agreed to go along. We walked down past the little strip mall. Turn north at the highway and walked over the bridge into the center of Town. The hotel was open and we stopped for a drink. We sat at the bar with one other couple and one single guy that had his eye on Mom.

Mom is really a very lovely lady for forty two, tall slim, nice size knockers and killer legs. A pretty face out lined by long dark hair. If one looked close you could see a few gray hairs in among the dark ones.

Her mouth is broad and she colored it dark red which set it off against her pale winter skin tone. The tall stranger watched Mom and I watched him watching Mom. But there was also a very young pretty girl with the man to our left. I thought at first they were a couple but after a few words I sensed they were Father and daughter. That is when I noticed this pretty young girl looking back at me. I smiled and she smiled back. I was wondering how one might find out who she was when a strong voice turned my attentions to the lone single man setting across the bar. “HI folks may I buy the bar around of drinks?”

Mother smiled at him and said “Of course why not. We are the Wilson’s I am Gail and this is my son Blair.”

The man on the other side of mom said “Well we are the Kirby’s this is my daughter Katrina and I am Milord.” The tall stranger walked around so he was now standing behind us and between mother and the other couple.

We all turned around to look at him. “Hi my name is Cartwright Jones. Let me welcome you all to my hotel and as my first guest for the summer the next round is on the house.” Then he looked at the girl and said “I guess there is no need to check ID’s tonight since this is a closed and private party.”

We all laughed. Music came on and Cartwright reached out a hand to mother and she accepted his offer to dance. For some reason I watched my mother very closely. She was graceful and moved with a sense of purpose in other words she was moving very sexy and sensual as if she were showing off her God given beauty. I found my eyes were focused on her hips and tightly enclosed ass. Her shorts were tight but loose enough to let her move inside them as she danced. I could not help myself I was getting a hard on and I was sure it show in my none too loose cut offs.

The girl Katrina came over and said “Do you dance?” I hopped off the bar stood and took her in my arms as we whirled onto the dance floor.

Her father was more interested in drinking than being social. The four dancers laughed and danced. Over the next few hours we all downed a few too many drinks.

Cartwright sent the bartender off for the night and closed up the bar. Mother was getting really smashed and so after the next dance I suggested we call it a night. Milford was smashed and Cartwright said he would have some one drive then home. I said mother and I would walk as we needed the air and besides it was not all that far. So we all hugged said our good-night and promised to see one another again.

We made it across the bridge before mother started to really get stumbling around. I took her in my arms and held her close to me. I had never seen my mother drunk and I thought funny. She hooked an arm around my waist and leaned into me. Her breasts were falling out of her low cut jersey top. Her half bra had done its job by showing every one how well endowed she was. Now it was my turn to bahis firmaları get to see my mothers’ fine firm breasts up close. I had always known my mother was a fine looking lady but this was different. I was looking down into her cleavage and they looked very sexy in the near darkness. As she leaned more on me I reached under her arm and took a grip on her tit. She looked up at me and smiled. She was going to go any minute so I scooped her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way.

Something was seriously wrong I was getting hornier and hornier. By the time I carried her up the stairs to her bedroom my cock was throbbing out of control. I laid her on the bed and stood there looking down at my mother’s body. I was beside myself and so aroused I was near crazy. I lifted her to a sitting position where I removed her top, bra and all. Her tits were gorgeous perfect in shape and form. God want a fantastic set of tits.

Letting her fall back on the bed I pulled her shorts and panties off in one motion. Now I gazed at her nakedness feasting on every curve and valley. Her hair had been trimmed so it would not show when she wore her bikini. There was a dark patch just enough to cover her mound. I let my eyes run over her body. That is when I saw the tiny scars close to her ribs under her tits. My mother has had a boob job. I laughed out load. No wonder they looked so good. I took each in hand and felt them. They were as firm as Cindy Louise’s. I must admit Cindy’s tits were smaller than but not as firm as my mother’s fully enhanced tits.

I was getting really turned on as I stood there. So I dropped my shorts and stood there over my mother jerking on my cock. Mom moaned rolled her head but never opened her eyes. She lifted an arm to her head. I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

He long slender fingers curled around my cock and I swear that was a smile on her face. I leaned closer so my cock was very near to her face. I was nuts, crazy for what I was doing but I did it any way. I leaned even farther over the bed till my cock head touched her lips. Mother opened her mouth and my cock head disappeared out of sight. I jerked and caught my breath. I was taken by surprise and the very idea that my cock was in my mother mouth sent shivers through my body. I yelled “Oh God” and came.

I jerked uncontrollably fucking cum flew in her mouth, and all over her face as well as on her shoulders. I was jerking and cumming like a jack rabbit. Thick spatters of creamy white fluid were all over her. Milking my cock for the last few drips I help my cock close to her mouth. She licked her lips and sucked the few droplets from my cock.

I turned out the lights and went down stairs to my room where I fell across the bed exhausted. When I woke the sun was up and I was sick as a dog. Dropping the remnants of my clothing I made my way to the bathroom. One hand on the wall behind the toilet the other trying to aim a river into the bowel. Most of it got there, some got on my feet. My eyes were not focused and were still glazed over with a fog as I opened the shower door and stepped in.

Wow that was quick the shower was warm already and running. That is when I jerked my eyes open to see my mother standing there. I did not know what to do so I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth. She crumbled in my arms as her legs gave out. I scooped her up and held her to me. She was shaking and whimpering saying words that did not make sense at all. “Oh Blair, Oh Blair forgive me I was so drunk? Can you ever forgive me? I am so ashamed. What on earth did I do? Oh, please Blair.” she cried over and over again.

But her words could not stop the raising of my cock. It came right up between us. The head wiggled its’ way past her wet pussy lips and entered her pussy. Her legs gave out a little more and as she dropped in my arms she became fully impaled on my cock.

She caught her legs under her and straightened up. But as she straightened up so did I keeping my cock planted deeply and firmly in my mother quivering cunt. I was taller then she so as I lifted my self on my toes I was jammed up into her over and over again. She looked up into my eyes and she knew I was fucking her because I wanted to not because we were there still half drunk.

Cupping her ass I both hands I lifted her up so I could get my cock in deeper. All of a sudden she shrieked and let out a howl tossing her head back so violently I thought she had hurt herself. Her arms came up around my neck pulling me down to her face. She growled and made strange sounds. This was not my mother this was an animal from out in the deep woods. She bit my mouth till I tasted blood and clawed my back till her nails were digging into my flesh. She hooked both legs around my waist bouncing and banging into me.

I reacted to her every move and drove my cock into her so hard I think I was trying to hurt her and I think I did.

We stumbled backwards knocking the shower door open. We made it into the bedroom with her still locked around my waist. When we were close to the bed I rose up lifting kaçak iddaa her as high as I could and tossed her on the bed with me coming down hard on top of her. Our bodies came together so hard every thing hurt the pain was unbelievable. But yet she howled and clung to me. She stiffened and I came still locked together with her legs gripping my waist. We both came together and we both passed out together. I woke slowly my head filled with strange dreams of sex and pain. Someone had beaten me all over with a baseball bat. When I tried to move I found I was still in some kind of vise grip there was a heavy weight around my neck and waist it was my mother and she was still asleep.

Slowly carefully I pried her legs and arms loose enough to get free from her. The last was my cock to slide from her warm slimy pussy. Even tangled in a mess she still looked beautiful. What had happened between us I was still unsure? But what ever it was it was unlike anything I would ever experience again in my life time. However it was a bases for what was to come during this summer.

I made sure I kept out of mother’s way for the next few days. However a few hours before our weekends guests were to arrive Mother came to my room. We looked at one another sheepishly and after a few moments I stood and took her in my arms. We cried and hugged. Mother started to say something two or three times but words failed her. So I said ”Mother loving you was the most miraculous thing I ever experienced.” Then we cried again.

Cindy arrived just ahead of Tom. They introduced themselves in the driveway. Bags in hand I watched them walk towards the house. I smiled to my self from the up stairs bedroom where mother had just sucked me off. Mother followed me down the stairs to greet our guests. I kissed Cindy and Tom kissed mother. I wondered if he tasted my cum.

I showed Cindy to our room down stairs and Tom went up stairs with Mom on his arm. It was over an hour before Cindy and I emerged from our rousing romp. It was another fifteen minutes before Mom and Tom came down.

Cindy and I sat out on the porch a cold beer in hand when Mom and Tom came out to say “HI”. Mother gave me a wink and a shay smile.

It was late and the sun was doing its best to slip down behind the hills across the lake. Tom suggested we all go to town for dinner.

Tom drove us in his big old Lincoln and parked around behind the hotel.

We entered by the side door and went directly into the dinning room. From where I sat I could see into the bar. Cartwright was behind the bar but not serving drinks. The bartender tonight was a tall blonde with a great pair of knockers. In her cute little outfit it was plan to see why Cartwright hired her. The waiter took or order for drinks and we looked up as Cartwright came by to say “Hello” introductions were made and we explained to Cindy and Tom we had come down for drinks a few days ago. I could see Cartwright was delighted to see mother again. I wondered what he would say if he knew how we had entertained one another after we got home the other night thanks to his drinks.

Mother was to my right and as we sat talking she reached over and rested a hand on my leg how nice a mother showing her loving son tender affection. But what that touch did to me was not so much more than simply mother son affection. My cock jumped to attention faster than a Private First Class in a Generals presents. I smiled at something Cindy said and moved mother’s hand so it rested on the hard ridge in my pants. Her fingers tightened on it and dug in squeezing in until it hurt. I damn near climaxed. If the waiter had not returned with our drinks I would have.

Mother seemed to accept what we did in the drunken throws of passion and once we talked about it we felt that it was a welcome event in our lives. That is why I had gotten a blow job just before our guests arrived. Now as I sat there I wondered how long this week end was going to be till mother and I could be alone again.

Cindy was like a tiger every moment we were alone. Even later that night in the dark we walked down to the little wooden dock where our boat was tied up. The moon was only a sliver and even it only darted in and out of the clouds leaving us mostly in darkness. Cindy could not get enough so as we sat on the end of the dock she took out my cock and jerked me till I was about ready to climax. Then quickly went down to suck the stuff out of me. As great as it was I could only think of how exciting it was to watch my mother slide her mouth up and down my cock. When I came Cindy sucked me dry and licked me clean before she returned my limp cock to its hiding place. Later that night Cindy lay naked on the bed sound asleep and I lay awake listening for any sound from up stairs.

Tom and Mother had gone up about ten when Cindy and I had gone down to the dock. So I guess they had ended there sex early while we were out. I slipped on a wrap around, one of those things that snaps around your waist. It was just long enough to cover a limp cock.

I opened the refrigerator found a cold beer and closed it as I turned kaçak bahis around. Unseen when I came in mother was sitting in the darkness. I whispered “Where is Tom?”

She said “satisfied and asleep.”

I told her it was the same with Cindy. She rose and I went to her in the deep shadows of the kitchen. Her silky robe hung open as our body came together. Her marvelous tits pressed into my chest. We kissed and hugged. Her hand went up under my wrap around and found my cock growing hard. I cupped a firm tit and we kissed. I was beside myself with passion. Even if our house guest heard us I really did not care. I turned mother around, she bent over the table and I aimed my cock for her wet pussy. It slipped into her easy as her cunt was filled with Tom’s cum and her juices. I did not care that she had been fucked; all I cared about at that moment was that I wanted to fuck her.

Holding her by the hips I plowed deep and straight filling her up with one very hard cock. She coughed and gagged as if my cock were in her mouth. I kept on pounding her from the rear. It did not take long for me to flood her sweet love chamber with a hot shot of molten sperm. She wiggled her ass and joined me. Her knees were about to give out when I pulled free from her.

I wiped my dripping cock across her ass and rubbed the tip up between her cheeks. I held my cock in hand and wiggled the head up and down a few times across the tight little back entrance. I had only fucked one girl in the ass and she had loved it. I wondered how mother would feel about me wanting to put my cock up her ass. The thought gave me a shiver and took my breath away. But we were done for the night and that would have to wait till another day.

I don’t know what mother said to Tom but the next morning he remembered he had to go back to the city. Taking Cindy off to the side I told her mother was very upset and would her mind leaving us alone and I promised I would see her later in the week. Cindy agreed and understood. She really did not have a clue but she followed Tom by an hour. Mother and I were alone by ten Sunday morning. I had her by the hand by ten after ten pulling her to my bedroom behind the kitchen. Thirty second later we were locked in a sixty-nine.

My tongue in her pussy and my cock in her mouth. To test the waters I gently pushed a finger into her tiny ass hole. She did not object.

As eager as I was to see if she would accept my cock up her ass I was more eager to get my cock in her pussy. So we changed position. I was between her legs and her legs were high above my shoulders. Pounding into her pussy was a thrill, banging my body into hers was exciting. Then almost without thinking I reached back and slapped her on the thigh hard very hard.

Her closed eyes flew open and there was a sneer on her mouth. “Bastard, you rotten bastard fucking your mother. Filling my cunt with your dirty cum what kind of son are you?” She screamed at me.

This time I held myself up off her on one arm and slapped her across the tits back and forth my hand smacking her tits. She cried out in pain and locked both arms around my neck. We fell together still wiggling and shaking as we climaxed. All I could hear were those same animal sounds I heard that first night. I followed her lead and howled like a wounded wolf.

It was ten minutes before we could move. I rolled off her and she slipped off the bed and trotted to the bathroom. I watched her ass bound as she moved even that was exciting. I did not join her but waited till she opened the bathroom door. We passed without a word as I entered. When I returned mother was sitting naked on the window seat looking out into the woods that surrounded the cabin.

Coming up behind her I placed both hands on her neck and applied pressure. I had never given a massage but knew many people enjoyed having there neck rubbed. Mother rolled her head and gave a slight sound of pleasure. So I kept it up. My cock started to get hard again. The pointed head cane up between her arm and rib cage. She held out her arm to allow my cock to come up into her arm pit. I rubbed her neck working out to her shoulders and moved my hips at the same time. How strange that was fucking my mother’s arm pit and rubbing her neck. After a few minutes I took her by the shoulders turning her to face me.

Her hands came up to hold my cock. She tilted her head so her cheek was resting on my cock head. She was just being a lover and showing affection.

I said “Mother what happened? This time and the first time were different from anything I have ever experienced in my life.”

“Oh, Darling what ever happened between us it was wonderful. You have made me feel so alive and never in my life has my blood boiled as it has with you. I want to do so many things I have never done before Things I have only heard of or read about. Strange exciting things lustful and sorted dirty things only the weird people do. When you slapped my breast it hurt and yet it lighted a fire in my soul that drove me wild. I wanted to hit you back but when those words flew from my mouth I knew they were exciting for you.” She said this with a low voice almost unemotional. Yet it was not wasted on deft ears. Mother was looking up at me with her large brown eyes. She was smiling as she held my cock tightly.

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Housemother Confidential

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College is expensive. I know that’s not earth shattering news, but everyone has a different experience. My ex- husband ran off with one of his dental assistants when our daughter was ten, but I’d still managed to do ok. She visited him for summer vacations once he moved to Houston, so, luckily, except when I drove her to visit, and he brought her home, I never had to see the bastard again.

My parents obviously had misgivings about him from the start, because, when they retired to Florida they only left me a life estate in their house. It would eventually go to my daughter Andrea, or Andy as we call her. I was a little hurt, but once I was caught up in a messy divorce, the silver lining was he couldn’t touch the house I grew up in.

Things were going pretty well financially. I had a good job with a credit analysis firm. Then my company was swallowed up in a merger. Adios to job security, hello financial panic.

Even though I didn’t have a mortgage, I still had taxes, insurance, repairs and all the other fun home ownership entails. Here, in summer, the air conditioning bills are ridiculous. I knew it would be hard finding a quality job in this economy. Just when things were looking pretty bleak, Andy presented me with a plan.

She’s a pretty good kid. I’m sure there are things I don’t know, but she and her friends do pretty well. They make good grades, play soccer and have done all of their community service for college admission. Andy and a couple of the other girls were also cheerleaders. About eight of them had been close since Middle, or grade school.

Apartments, or even dorm life can be expensive, still most kids want the freedom of being out from under their parent’s thumbs when they go to college. Andy thought some of her friends might pay rent to live here, if I wasn’t too demanding. We have a nice pool, a couple of acres and we’re not too far from the main campus. We have four bedrooms, and an office that could easily be converted. If I could make enough to pay my household expenses for a little while I could be a little choosier about my next job.

What did I have to lose? Three of her friends were interested right away. Tia was a pretty, athletic brunette, Sienna was a taller, skinnier version of Tia and Sherry had been a friend of Andy’s since grade school. With her dark auburn hair and green eyes, she’d been a Miss Texas Teen finalist.

So far so good. In a week two more girls had signed on. Lee looked like the Texas version of a California surfer girl, all blonde hair and long slim legs. Jade was Andy’s cheer captain. She was tall and black, with an amazing body and flashing amber eyes. She had known Andy longer than any of the other girls had. Then there was Gemma who was an international mix of about every type you could think of, but on her it worked. If I said she looked like a Brazilian model, you’d get the picture.

I’m pretty easy going, so the rules were simple. Clean up what you mess up and buy some food if you want me to cook. Clean sheets would be provided once a week and clean towels whenever needed. Several of the girls sheepishly approached me about doing laundry for a little extra. As I’d just bought a state of the art washer and dryer before I lost my job and didn’t want anyone else using them, I agreed.

Andy and I had been on our own for a long time, so it seemed strange to have so much noise and activity in the house. In a strange way it kind of made me feel younger. Since I’d known theses girls for years, I was less shy than I would have been if I was living with strangers. I secretly hoped they didn’t consider me old. At 39 I still feel like I’m pretty hot and pretty cool, but who knows what teenage girls think.

What with classes and part time jobs, there were a lot of comings and goings at any given time, but the girls were young and cute and I kind of enjoyed living in what felt like a perpetual slumber party.

Since there were seven girls and only three spare bedrooms, I bought another bed and fixed up the office. Strangely, no one but Sherry the local beauty queen seemed particularly interested in having a room to themselves, so that worked out nicely.

Jade would stay with Andy in her room, Lee and Sienna in the next one, and Gemma and Tia were in the third on one side of the house. My room was on the other side of the family room, which was fine because the girls could get noisy.

By the fourth day, laundry was starting to accumulate. That morning once everyone was gone and things were quiet, I went to collect the laundry baskets. Andy and Jade were sharing a basket. When I bent down to pick it up, I noticed an intoxicating, but familiar smell. I looked around instinctively to see no one was watching and rummaged through the basket. There was a red satin thong, unmistakably stiff with cum. I don’t know what came over me but I just had to sniff it. I felt weird and a little guilty, but I couldn’t stop myself. The two inches of fabric where her pussy pendik escort went smelled so good I could hardly stand it. Jade had clearly been enjoying herself.

I finally recovered a portion of my senses and took the basket toward the laundry room, but the whole time I was putting the intoxicating fabric up to my nose to inhale my little treasure. This was giving me more guilty pleasure than I could ever have imagined.

When I passed my bedroom a rather twisted notion came over me. I took the panties and went into my room and closed the door. I began sniffing them, but that’s not all I wanted to do. I slipped my jeans and top off and began rubbing the panties on my pussy. I began getting wet almost instantly, especially when I caught sight of myself in the mirror rubbing them up and down and pinching my clit with them. I looked hot, though I did have a kind of crazed look on my face. By now I knew this wasn’t going to be enough.

I lay down on the bed and spread my legs, inhaling the mingled smell of our two scents while I finger fucked myself and rubbed and spanked my little pussy. It couldn’t have been more than a minute once I began rubbing my clit with Jade’s panties, now soaked with juices of my own. I came all over myself. Before I realized what I was doing, I took the panties and wiped my sticky juices with them, mingling our two unique fragrances. After a few moments of lying back and savoring the most exquisite cum I’d had in a long time, I realized I had three more baskets of goodies. Suddenly I couldn’t wait to do some more laundry. I was probably going to want to enjoy this pair again before lunch so I put them on the top shelf of the closet.

I couldn’t wait to get to the next room. I never thought I’d be looking forward to doing the laundry so much. I was working left to right. Lee and Sienna’s room was next. With a guilty backward glance, I rummaged through the basket for what I was looking for. It was strange there were only four pairs in the basket, even though two girls had been in the room for three full days and this was the fourth. There was no cum on any of these and I had no way of knowing who had worn which pairs. I took all four pairs and subjected them to a smell test. I must have a pretty good sense of smell for the fourth pair smelled completely different than the other three.

I got the sense that one girl, which one I didn’t know, wore three different pairs and the other pair were worn the whole time by the other one. The three that smelled alike gave off hot womanly smells, but the third, a black thong decorated with little pink hearts was much stronger. It was musky in a way the others were not. I thought I might want to save them for later too.

The phone was ringing so I grabbed the basket as I stuffed my secret treasures into my bra and took off to grab my phone. I could smell a hint of their fragrance as I answered. I listened to an old business contact I hoped had a job lead for me while I massaged my nipples with my new trophies. My nipples were getting so stiff and my pussy was beginning to tingle so it was hard to concentrate. Finally when he hung up I nervously stopped by my room and put the best, muskiest pair on the shelf with the other pair.

After I put the next load of laundry on, I came to Gemma and Tia’s room. There were seven pairs between them. I once again indulged in my new hobby and tried to imagine which girl wore which. While both girls were pretty, I had to admit Gemma’s exotic good looks made me feel kind of hot. I liked to imagine that the pairs I liked best were hers.

I’d done three rooms and I had one to go. This was getting exhausting. I have to admit when I cum I have a tendency to get sleepy, especially if I don’t get up and get busy right away. I went into Sherry’s room, my former office. It had turned into a nice bedroom once we added a few girly touches. She was the neat and tidy one. Her folks were pretty well off, so she had one laptop for school and one for home which sat open on her neatly organized desk. The basket was in the closet. I rummaged through it and came up with my prizes. Sherry wore expensive panties, but I didn’t care about that. I listened and glanced back at the door. I must have looked pretty silly because I put all four pairs around my neck and took turns sniffing each one.

Once I’d tended to my tasks it was time to do something for me. I went into my room and locked the door. I took the first heavenly pair provided by Jade, the second mystery pair with the strong scent and a third emerald green thong from Sherry’s room. The strong mystery pair surprised me for after lying on the shelf for about an hour, they smelled perfect. They were still robust, but the scent was softer now.

I stripped and put on a little black nightie I didn’t get to wear much and admired myself in the mirror. I’m not tall, about 5’5, but well proportioned. I have a nice ass and good legs. Even though my breasts aren’t big, they’re shaped well and escort pendik don’t sag at all. They have pointy little nipples that sometimes show through my clothes at the most unexpected times. I have dark brown hair, fair skin and blue eyes. It’s not that I haven’t had any chances, but what with working so much and Andy and all, I just hadn’t had much time for dating. Besides, you know how it is; most of the decent guys I meet are gay or married.

After I had sniffed nearly my fill, giggling at the sight I made in the mirror, I rubbed each pair seductively back and forth, pressing them tight against my pussy and rubbing my clit hard with my borrowed booty. I went to the bed and lay the panties down and opened my drawer. Like a lot of ladies who are single, and some who aren’t, I have a few mechanical friends. I selected one that’s kind of small, but has a long handle for, how shall I say, maneuverability and deep penetration.

I lay back and savored the enthralling scents of each pair as I used my little friend. I alternated between putting it deep inside me and rubbing my clit with it hard and a little rough. Like I said, it’s small, but it has a powerful motor. I took the panties in the order I had taken them and put them on my pussy as I rubbed them back and forth against my clit with the tip of my toy. Soon that wasn’t enough, I was using it to push them inside me and rub them against the walls of my pussy.

I thought of each girl, so different, yet all young and hot. Between the scents and my sick imagination, it didn’t take long until I was quivering with an even better orgasm than I’d had earlier.

With what I’m sure was a blush, I jumped up, changed and rushed reluctantly to put my treasures on the delicate cycle, but I hated to part with my little friends.

The next day I was feeling sort of guilty. What had I been thinking? But by the day after that I was sneaking into the bedrooms for clandestine activity of the same sort. It was as if I couldn’t control myself.

I wasn’t expecting to see this.

By the second Saturday we had settled into a fairly pleasant routine. Some of the girls even offered to help out around the house a little bit. Like I said, they’re nice girls and I’d known most of them for years. The only problem was that the panties seemed to have affected my thinking. I had begun having sexual thoughts about them. It was as if the distinctive scents of each girl drove me to different fantasies.

With Jade we were always on some forbidden tropical isle and I was usually licking her pussy, until she licked mine. Sienna and I were in a tree house in the rainforest. Lee and I rolled around in the surf and sand. You get the picture, different girls, different settings, but always plenty of sucking and finger fucking their young pussies.

I was kind of shocked at myself. While I was sure I would never make a move, I’d known some of these girls since they were kids. They weren’t kids anymore though, so I’d have to watch my step.

That Saturday the house was pretty quiet. Some of the girls had part time jobs. Sherry taught tennis lessons to children at the club. A couple of them worked at the mall and the others were out doing errands. That’s what I needed to do, a little personal shopping and a get a few groceries. I figured I would be back in about two hours.

When I came back, I couldn’t really tell who was home. The girl’s park in a long carport out back where my dad used to park some stock cars he liked to work on in his spare time. It was getting hot, so I figured I better turn on the drip irrigation around the pool landscaping. Things were going so well I’d told the girls they could have a pool party next week and I didn’t want the flower beds looking crappy.

I walked around the outside of the pool house. It’s not that grandiose, little more than a shower and bathroom with some space for towels and clothes and a big comfy recliner to sit and change on. I was startled to hear what sounded like giggling coming from inside. There’s a window on the shower side, but it’s covered by a big cherry bush. I was so curious; I couldn’t resist peeking in to see what was going on.

What I saw came as a complete shock! There was Andy lying back in the chair with her legs spread wide and Jade was on top of her sixty-nine style with her pussy in my daughter’s mouth! Jade was licking and then play biting Andy’s clit as my daughter moaned and hungrily licked Jade’s pussy with long and seemingly expert strokes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked. Could this be why Andy and Jade had wanted to share a room all along? The scene before my eyes was getting the better of me. I was getting wet. I would give anything for Jade to suck my pussy that way. I lifted up my skirt, tore my panties to the side and began massaging my clit and finger fucking what was now, my very wet pussy.

I never knew a recliner could be so much fun, for the girls had increased their speed and force, fucking each pendik escort bayan other’s faces with more passion than I could have imagined. I needed to get out of there and tend to my own self, before I was caught.

I got back to my room out of breath, locked the door and felt behind my jewelry box for my panty collection. I had become quite a connoisseur. By then I could determine all six different girl’s individual perfume. I’d done a little snooping in their dresser drawers to find out who wore what.

I placed all of them around my neck but Jade’s. After what I’d seen, I wasn’t going to need much help. I imagined Jade on top of me, fucking my face while I licked her pussy, my hands caressing her hard, round ass. I was in ecstasy for several minutes when I heard some of the girls. They startled me into cuming hard when I so wanted to make it last.

What Were You Doing?

There was a lot to do for the party. It wasn’t going to be a big deal, hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs on the grill, fixings, sides and drinks. But along with my other chores I was pretty busy.

I was finishing up the laundry in Sherry’s room. As I bent over to put down the basket, a voice made me jump. “I know what you’ve been doing.” I whipped my head around and there was Sherry, standing in the doorway with a slight smirk on her face. “Don’t worry, I think it’s pretty weird, but who am I to judge?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Sherry, but you can tell me what you think is wrong,” I said this as my heart began pounding. I could feel my damn changeable complexion turning beet red. “Let’s go to your room and we can discuss it,” she said, clearly thinking she had the upper hand. I agreed, what else could I do.

She followed behind me, so I didn’t see she had her laptop, until she came into the bedroom. She set it on the bed. I had a sinking feeling I knew what was on it. Damn, I should have been more careful, I thought to myself as she motioned for me to come and sit beside her.

“I guess I should have mentioned I leave the camera on most of the time.” She didn’t need to tell me, I already knew, and there was probably no use playing coy. While I racked my brain for something to say that wasn’t stupid, she continued. “Don’t worry, I didn’t have it on because I suspected you of anything, but my boyfriend likes to watch me masturbate and I let him sometimes. I forgot to turn it off” She said this with a wicked twinkle in her eye, like she was trying to shock me.

I wasn’t really shocked, she was old enough to do what she wanted, but what did she want with me. “Let’s just see what you did,” she said with just a hint of humor in her voice. I turned away and shook my head. “I know, but I want you to.” She turned it on, went to whatever file she had it in and clicked.

There I was looking around and taking a big sniff of those damn green panties, with the others hanging around my neck. I’d never felt so humiliated, but Sherry’s eyes were glued to the screen and her breathing was increasing.

She turned and looked at me, “I know what you want. I want it to.” I didn’t know what to say, so she took the laptop over to the dressing table and came back to the bed. She took my hand and placed it under her sundress. She had no panties on. “I thought I’d give you skin to play with instead of cloth. “I, I,” it was useless I didn’t know what to say, but I knew what I wanted to do.

“Pardon my language,” she said with a purr in her voice and that same sly smile, “don’t say anything, just fuck me.” With that she kissed me hard on the lips and began to unbutton my jeans. One of my hands was rubbing her pussy, while the other caressed her ass, but I was still speechless. That was ok; she seemed glib enough for the both of us.

She pushed me onto the bed and pulled my jeans off by the ankles and then did the same with my panties. I got up the nerve to take my top off, I wasn’t wearing a bra. “All you had to do was ask,” she said as she roughly spread my thighs apart and took one long deep lick up and down my pussy. Oh my God, it had been so long since anybody had gone down on me that I didn’t know how much I could take. She wasn’t going to let me get off that easily.

“Get on your hands and knees.” I did as I was told, and looked back between my breasts to see her naked body poised above me. She sat back on her knees and rubbed her clit for a second before beginning on me. Then she did something I’d have never suspected. She slowly spread the cheeks of my ass and licked all inside them. She then became more demanding as she poked her tongue as deep as she could get it. No one had ever done that to me before. Oh it felt good, especially when I reached back and rubbed my pussy while she did it.

She soon became bored and pushed me over onto my back. She stood above me with her legs spread and caressed her pussy. “Tell me what you want, now,” she demanded. I swallowed hard, talk had never come easy to me, but I’d better try. “I want you to get on top of me. I want to suck your pussy.” There it was out, but that wasn’t going to be enough for her. “Beg to suck my pussy, whenever I say.” “Please, let me suck your pussy, I’ll do it whenever you want.”

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House Perks Ch. 01

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Asa Akira

Congressman Philip Sundermann, a Republican from Pennsylvania, had just finished moving into his office and apartment in Washington, DC. This was his freshman year in the U.S. House of Representatives, having easily beaten a social conservative in the primary and trounced a left-wing Democrat in the general election who had proved too radical for traditional blue-collar workers. Sundermann was 30 years old, a former Army veteran of the Afghan War, and a moderate on social issues, all of which appealed to key swing voters. He had taken an impressive 58% of the district’s vote: not a landslide, but a sizable victory nonetheless.

He was not looking forward to dealing with his party’s leadership on his most important committee assignment: the House Commerce Committee. The amount of pork and pet projects involved in this particular committee on both sides of the aisle would have surprised him, had he not researched and made a point of it during his election campaign. This was another reason that he dreaded facing the Chairman: James D. Fuller of Michigan, a man extremely comfortable with the very religious right that Sundermann blamed for costing the GOP its commitment to personal freedom and the Constitution.

Fuller was a little too fond of bragging about his concern over “family values” and “public morality”. To Sundermann, these were euphemisms for imposing religious teachings on the people through legislation, thus abusing the democratic process. The Chairman was 56 years old and lived up to his name, being “fuller” of bullshit and rhetoric than even most of his colleagues on Capitol Hill. He made a major point of being happily married, with children and grandchildren. This didn’t mean squat to Sundermann. He was more concerned with the man’s career in public office, after 12 years of wasting taxpayer dollars. The man was no more interested in “smaller government” than the liberal Democrat he had replaced.

Sundermann also knew that he would have to meet with the Ranking Minority Member, a sanctimonious lefty named Rep. Hamilton Bryce of Maine. Bryce was a true “limousine liberal”, down to his Dartmouth degree, suffix, and trust fund. He had never done anything in his life but work for campaigns and hold office, sailing into the House after just 4 years in the state legislature. Of course, Bryce was not QUITE as corrupt as Fuller, due to his lack of interest in money (after all, he had his own). However, he was very much an “insider”.

As the Congressman walked out of his personal office for the day, he saw another member of his committee, of whom he was aware despite not having met her in person yet. It was Congresswoman Angelica Vasquez, a member of the same class of the House and a typical New Mexico Democrat: liberal, passionate, and independent. New Mexicans were not given to blindly following party discipline if they saw a need for bipartisanship and reform. Conservative, moderate, or liberal, they were perfectly capable of breaking ranks for the common good.

Vasquez, 38, was a single mother of two who ran for Congress out of anger at some of the bankruptcy and banking laws that had been passed under the previous Republican administration. She had no doubt strongly backed the new President and the return of the Democrats to the White House. She had been lucky enough to run against an incumbent with a history of kickbacks and the wrong voting record to refute her charges of corruption and callousness toward the common people. She had also benefited from the few coattails that the President had in his slim victory.

Sundermann had mixed feelings: he wanted a Republican President, but one of the fiscally conservative/socially progressive wing of the party, not a friend of the Christian Coalition. There had not been a true member of that element in the Oval Office since the elder President Bush. He was glad to be rid of the extremist influence on the Presidency, but he didn’t like seeing the radical liberals try to pressure the new Chief Executive to move to the far left. He also knew that there would be some infighting in his own party, as many centrists like himself would blame the religious right for defeat and semi-fascists like Fuller would respond with outrage at the notion.

“Representative Vasquez, I presume?” he greeted her.

“That’s right. You are?” she inquired, not having done as much research as Sundermann.

“Representative Philip Sundermann of Pennsylvania. I’m a freshman too. I think we were too far apart at the swearing-in ceremony to meet each other. We’re both on the Commerce Committee,” the Congressman introduced himself.

“Angelica Vasquez from Las Cruces, New Mexico, but I guess you already did your homework there. What part of Pennsylvania do you call home?” she asked her colleague, somewhat fascinated and curious about him now.

“Harrisburg, the state capital. That’s in Central Pennsylvania. I went to Penn State, where I took ROTC and majored in economics. So, tell me, are you ready to tuzla escort handle the leadership? They’re probably going to try to ‘put you in your place’, as they see it,” Philip responded.

“Well, they have misread this Latina if they think I will be intimidated. I don’t care about committee assignments, campaign donors, or re-election. I am here to do some good for the people of my district for 2 years and let them judge my performance at that point. If the leadership has good ideas, I will support them. If not, that’s their problem, not mine,” the Congresswoman declared.

“What about Caucus? Will you vote for a new Whip, for instance? I hear there is a challenger to Representative Murphy. What is his name? Lance Panitski, the former high school coach from Springfield, Illinois, I believe,” Sundermann wondered.

“I AM planning to back Panitski, yes, whatever the consequences to my political career. He’s dedicated to good education reform, which would be great for my kids. Unlike you, I never went to college. I barely got a diploma. I want my son and daughter to have more hope than I had as a teenage girl. I don’t regret having them, but I aim to make their lives better than mine,” Angelica stated.

“Well, that’s a good sign. I may not agree with Panitski on every issue, but he is interested in more than power and fundraising. He’d make a better whip than Murphy, who is probably one bad check away from another House Bank scandal. The current Whip owes too much to the Minority Leader and special interests who have bailed him out so frequently. Of course, those interests want to keep Murphy right there so they can exert influence on the Democratic leadership,” Philip pointed out.

“You have clearly researched the political establishment, haven’t you? I see that I can ask you for necessary information in the future. I should have done more study, but it’s hard to do while raising a pair of teens. I gather that you’re not a dad,” Vasquez reacted.

“I’m a widower. My marriage was falling apart at the time she overdosed on speed. She was a junkie and I am a lecher. It made for a bad combination, since she neglected me to pop her pills and I constantly slept around on her. We both ruined it, but her lifestyle ended up killing her before we could admit that it was over. Things were so bad that there was no danger of idealizing the dead, as some bereaved spouses do with their deceased mates. We were both very flawed people at that point in our lives,” Sundermann admitted.

“Damn, that IS a sad story! Not many men would be honest about what kind of husbands they were during their marriages. A lot of them would have ended that statement with the mention of their marital status. Others would stop with the overdose. I suppose that you were young and rash at the time?” she replied.

“I was 21 when we wed and 23 when she died, so yes. That would be a fair description of both of us. What about you? I take it that you broke up with your boyfriend long ago,” he probed.

“Yes, we went together for 15 years, but he decided to dump me for an 18 year old who had just graduated from his Math class. How typical is that? A 35 year old high school teacher falling for one of his students! I wouldn’t be surprised if they started screwing earlier than he told me. He was probably more afraid of losing his job, pension, and tenure than of angering me with the truth,” Angelica explained.

“How long was that?” Philip asked.

“3 years ago. We were the same age and I thought that was fine with him. Apparently, it wasn’t once he found a girl young enough to be his daughter,” she snorted.

“It looks like he made a mistake, didn’t he? Sad for him, but we have other things to consider. We were both about to head home, weren’t we? There’s no reason to stick around in the Capitol chewing the flab when we could do that elsewhere. Would you be interested in an early dinner or a late lunch? If you have other plans, I’ll understand,” Sundermann proposed.

“Who says that those plans have to conflict? Why don’t you eat dinner with me and the kids, then wait until they go to bed for us to do the same? That IS what you were after, right? A skirt-chaser doesn’t usually change his ways, not that I mind in this case,” Vasquez winked at him.

“So you prefer the direct approach?” he commented.

“Sure. At my age, I don’t have time to beat around the bush. If I did, I might never get anything done,” she noted.

“I don’t always go about my desires the right way, but I don’t apologize for my interest in women. I suppose that I’m just not cut out for monogamy. If others have a problem with that, that’s their business, not mine. I found you attractive, so I flirted with you. I don’t deny that. Call it whatever you wish,” Philip answered her.

“Sundermann, is that German?” Angelica asked him as they arrived at her place.

“Yes, it is. I’m descended from German immigrants, as are quite a few Pennsylvanians. It may have been founded by Quakers, but tuzla escort bayan my family was among many that were Lutheran. The Revolution turned brother against brother, as several believed that any resistance to a king was sinful. Others went Deist or simply disagreed with Martin Luther on that point, joining the Patriots and sometimes the Continental Army itself. What about you? It’s pretty clear that you’re Hispanic, but how many generations has your family been in New Mexico?” Sundermann wondered.

“Just a couple of them. I’ll admit that my grandparents were illegal, but times in OLD Mexico were pretty bad in those days. The PRI was still in charge and they were corrupt and unconcerned with the fate of the people. All of their vaunted principles were ignored. Alvaro Obregon must have turned over in his grave. When my mother was born in Las Cruces, they got a virtual guarantee of staying, since she was automatically an American. I can remember her telling me not to put this country down, as it was what kept my grandparents and herself from starvation. So I’m proud of my Mexican origins, but I’m also very patriotic about the USA. I just want to keep the Federal Government from becoming the ‘government of SOME people, by SOME people, and for SOME people’,” Vasquez explained.

“You mean a government controlled by a wealthy, moralistic elite? That’s EXACTLY what I’m fighting too, in my own way. Despite our politics, we have the same basic goals. The Founders intended a republic, which would have both aristocratic and democratic parts, not a sanctimonious oligarchy run by bureaucrats, clergymen, and CEOs. If they WANTED a theocracy or police state, they would have created one.

“I just hope that we get some judges soon with a respect for civil liberties, not ones that think politicians have an automatic right to pass any law that might improve their chances of re-election. The Constitution is the SUPREME law, which means that it supersedes any federal, state, or local statutes that contradict it. ANY bills that conflict with it are invalid, hence they are not laws at all. Even treaties are subject to the Constitution, contrary to what some diplomats think.

“The 9th Amendment clearly states that just because a right isn’t stated explicitly, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The right to privacy falls into that category, despite the views of fake strict constructionists who think otherwise. The 14th Amendment expands the protection of civil liberties to keep the states from violating them too. You would think that this would drummed into children’s heads in civics courses, but it is not. They are taught how the system works, but not how it SHOULD work. BOTH are important, if they are to learn that the Constitution is being disregarded by extremists,” Philip ranted.

“Interesting points, but do you want a drink?” Angelica teased him.

Right about then, the Congresswoman’s teenage son and daughter arrived, the former having driven the latter there in his new Lexus. Evidently, Jose Vasquez was counting on his mom’s new $200,000 Congressional salary to improve HIS standard of living personally. That was typical for adolescents, Sundermann smirked, even though he had never fathered any children from his short-lived marriage. The 18 year old high school senior was only slightly more responsible than his 16 year old sister Felicia, who was busy chatting on a cell phone with a girlfriend of hers. Her conversation sound like normal teenage gossip, nothing more.

“Philip, this is my son, Jose, and my daughter, Felicia. They ARE why I’m in Congress. Now, if I can just get my firstborn here to graduate! He says that he wants to get into Georgetown, but his grades make me doubt him. My dears, this is Rep. Philip Sundermann of Pennsylvania, who is on the Commerce Committee with me,” Vasquez introduced them.

“Is he a Republican or a Democrat?” Jose suddenly inquired.

“Republican, but not the same kind as the former President,” she told her son.

“In other words, he’s a CUTE Republican,” Felicia needled her mother.

Philip didn’t blush at sexual innuendo, but being called “cute” was a bit much for him. He really didn’t think of himself as that, in spite of his ability to bed a lot of women. He regarded that as a matter of brains and skill, not of simple beauty.

“Did she embarrass you?” Angelica asked him, when she saw his face turn red.

“Well, I’m not used to compliments on my looks. It’s okay, though,” Sundermann said, recomposing himself.

While somewhat surprised at seeing family members actually sitting together at a table (a “family value” that DID make sense to Sundermann), Philip got over it and enjoyed the food. Vasquez made fajitas, rice, and beans. Of course, with her schedule being so involved, it wasn’t made from scratch. The Pennsylvania Congressman didn’t care. It was delicious anyway.

After a long dinner, followed by TV and some homework (with which the Congresswoman helped her children), escort tuzla Sundermann and his lovely hostess drank some beer and retired to the master bedroom. He noticed that Angelica didn’t keep her clothes on any longer than necessary. Her blouse and skirt were off rapidly, allowing him to see that she wore no panties.

“Is that a habit with you?” Philip joked with her.

“Actually, yes,” Vasquez shocked him with her admission.

“That’s not info likely to give any mixed signals, I’ll give you that,” he grinned.

“I don’t want to give mixed signals. When I want a man to fuck me, I make it plain and obvious. Why delay what you desire?” she commented.

“Well put, baby,” Sundermann said as he completely undressed.

“No, IT will be ‘well put’ when it is IN me,” Angelica invited him, lying backward on her bed.

Philip responded to that statement by moving his tongue between her legs, sampling the sensual womanhood of this gorgeous colleague. Her shaved pussy was steadily affected, dampening with each lick and kiss of his mouth on it. When he lowered it to her pucker, she gasped and sighed from the stimulus that he applied to her.

“Madre de Dios! That is wonderful! I’m going to fucking shiver!” the Congresswoman screamed, as his lips and tongue excited her.

Sundermann smiled over that, as he continued to manipulate her cunt with his mouth and now his fingers. He ate and rimmed Ms. Vasquez ravenously, clearly enjoying the flavor of her holes. He could see the goose bumps on his new partner, indicating her imminent climax. She jerked and squirmed, trying to prolong her orgasm and the pleasure from it. It was in vain, as she could only wait another minute before cumming at last.

“Thank you SO much, Philip! That was very nice and I didn’t have to ask for it. Just for that, we’ll do WHATEVER you want next. Hell, I’d probably have done that anyway. I wasn’t sure what position to use, so I would have gone along with anything,” she declared.

The Congressman saw his chance, grabbing the sweet Latina in front of him and putting her on all fours for the “doggie” position. She was a little tighter than he had anticipated, but then he reminded himself that a single mom entering politics as a newcomer would have little time for sex during a campaign. As he plundered her cunt, he noted her relaxation from the accelerating ecstasy of getting fucked so deep inside her sex. The Pennsylvanian’s length was perfectly effective at pleasing her, as her moaning proved.

Philip was already turned on by slamming his cock into Angelica’s cunt, so her response to his entry made matters “worse” for him. His erection swelled to its complete length and width, pounding her ruthlessly. Her groans demonstrated her total gratitude and enthusiasm, while the Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania invaded the Honorable Representative from New Mexico.

The sex was rougher than what Sundermann had known in his marriage, but it was also more exhilarating. He didn’t know if that indicated love, but he wouldn’t rule it out for the future. Even as a fling, this would be one of the best liaisons of his life. His late wife, strung out on drugs and rather vanilla in her sexual tastes, lacked the vigor and energy required for this kind of lust on her best days. His extramarital trysts had been quickies most of the time and even the ones that weren’t lacked the wild, animalistic intensity of this encounter.

Then again, he had been with younger, less experienced, and mostly conventional ladies who tired of him when he didn’t wish to change their relationship into something romantic. He had wised up already, not wasting his time with the “no sex on the first date” crowd, and the sudden end of his miserable marriage coincided with his further enlightenment. Only girls with no urgency for a more permanent deal need apply with him. That led to plenty of uncomplicated and drama-free fun, but even those women were inferior to this 38 year old. He regretted none of his post-marital pleasure, but he would remember this night much more happily.

Vasquez, meanwhile, had been with far fewer sex partners than this man who fucked her at the moment. Nevertheless, her ex-boyfriend and the handful of other men with whom she had copulated were less impressive than him. She didn’t want to make plans for something understood as a casual situation, but she wouldn’t exactly mind if it became more serious. True, he was not being very tender right then, but she liked it rough at times and her other partners had not been too gentle either. In any case, she reveled in the dick ravishing her at the present, as it was being used to its full potential.

Knowing that he would cum VERY soon, Philip pulled his cock out of Angelica’s pussy and lubed her asshole quickly, before easing his meat into her backdoor. He almost exploded as soon as he entered her butt, since it was a virgin hole. He had taken her anal cherry without realizing it until after the fact. That she didn’t resist or protest his penetration of her sphincter puzzled him briefly, until her invitation to use her body as he pleased came back to his mind. Apparently, she meant PRECISELY what she said about that.

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Again I’d like to thank my readers, especially the BBW’s to whom my stories are dedicated. Ladies, you make it very easy to think these atories up.

My apologies for the delay in posting a new story. I’ve had major computer problems over the last three to four months. Even my new one has been down more often than it has been up.

I’ll try to post a mite more often in the future. In the meantime ladies, I’ll be thinking of you in great detail!!


I had opened just about every gift there was under my tree, when I spied a small, brightly wrapped gift box. The box was slightly larger than a bar of soap.

The bow surrounding it had obviously been professionally tied. I figured it was probably a watch, cufflinks, or some other form of jewelry from some upscale department store.

I looked at the attached gift card.

“To Don, from your Snugs.”

Just looking at the gift card made my cock swell. “Snugs” was my term of endearment for Diane. Diane was by far the wildest and most imaginative lover I’d ever had.

If she could have figured a way to do it, she would have packaged herself into this box so that, when I opened it, she could crawl out and fuck me on the spot.

That thought made me quickly look up and scan the room.

“Nope”, I thought. “No boxes large enough for her to get into.”

I chuckled to myself and shrugged. Hopefully I’d see her shortly anyway. I had some gifts for her, including one that needed unwrapping as quickly as she could manage it. I smiled as I looked at the bulge in my briefs.

I opened the small box and found what appeared to be a credit card. I took it out of the box. Underneath was a small, neatly folded piece of paper.

I looked at the credit card briefly. It was generally non-descript. The face of the card read, in large block letters, “HOTM”. The back of the card showed a toll-free number and an alpha-numeric customer code, “STONE487”.

Try as I might, I could not figure out what it was for.

I opened the folded piece of paper.

“Don, I really wanted to stop by and tell you but, I knew that if we got together, I probably couldn’t leave. I have to go to Scottsdale with Mr. H to set up the new offices. I’m being reassigned there for at least the next year.”

My cock deflated and the smile dropped off my face. My holiday cheer quickly dissipated.

I continued to read on.

“I hope this present helps ease some of the stress I know this is causing you. I had to set it for the 15th of each month. Just call the number on the card anytime on the 14th. Take care. I hope to see you again real soon. All my love, Snugs.”

I didn’t feel like opening any more presents. I set the card and note down on the coffee table and went in to take a shower.


The hot water beating down on my chest felt good. I just needed to relax and collect my thoughts.

My initial response was anger. The usual “How could she do this to me?” reaction.

The more I thought about it though, it made sense. She had been positioning herself for the promotion ever since she started with the company.

She was deserving of it too. If there was anything she was better at than sex (and I couldn’t imagine that was possible mind you) it was work. If not, work definitely came in a real close second.

When the merger between Holcome Industries and Applied Genetics Research Laboratories was announced, she was the obvious choice to promote to Executive Director. I had to hand it to Holcome though. He played this one real close to the vest. Not even a whisper was leaked about how the promotions would play out.

“Damn. Scottsdale would definitely be the place to be right now”, I thought. “What a mood she would be in.”

My thoughts ran wild as I pictured her excitement over the promotion and how she would display that happiness to me.

I could feel her hands massaging my chest, pinching and tweaking my nipples, slowly, inexorably, working their way down my body towards the steel pipe jutting proudly from my groin. I could feel the hair on her pussy sponging my ass cheeks clean as she ground against me.

I imagined her hands latching onto my dick, stroking it harder and harder, willing my balls to release their load of hot, sticky cum.

I could feel it welling up in me. I could feel the pressure as my sperm prepared to jet through the length of my prick.

“God it would feel so good to cum for my Snugs”, I thought. “It…would…feel…so…fucking…good!!!”

Blast after blast of thick, milky cum splattered against the tiles of my shower. It dripped down the wall, almost as if the tiles were crying along with me.

I placed my face under the shower stream to wash off my tears, and then got out of the shower.


After I dressed, I went back into the living room and dropped down onto the sofa. I picked up the note and credit card.

I reread the note, inwardly hoping that somehow I’d read it wrong, and she hadn’t really gone. To my dismay the note still read the same.

It wasn’t pendik escort like I could just pack up and head for Scottsdale. I own my own small business and I couldn’t close up shop on short notice even if I wanted to.

Our relationship was just not in the cards I thought to myself.

That thought made me think of the credit card. I turned it over and over in my hands. It wasn’t like a regular credit card as there was no account number.

It seemed more like a club card. The type of card issued by an elite nightclub or some fraternal organization.

“How could this possibly make me feel better?”, I thought. “What the hell is HOTM anyway?”

I knew Diane told me to wait until the 14th but curiosity got the better of me. I picked up the phone and dialed the toll-free number on the card.

A taped female voice answered.

“H-O-T-M. Please enter your customer number followed by the pound sign.”

I typed in S-T-O-N-E-4-8-7.

There was a brief clicking noise and then another taped female voice came on the line.

“We’re sorry Mr. Stone. Your account has not been activated. Please call again on January 14th. H-O-T-M operator number 19.”

The phone clicked off and reverted to dial tone.


I met Diane outside of a movie theater back in July. It would have been hard not to notice her. A big woman in a silk blouse, open enough to expose more than ample cleavage, attracts my attention every time.

I could tell that she appreciated the attention. The smile she shot my way made my stomach flutter and my cock jump.

We talked briefly in line and I found that she was seeing the same movie as me. She was supposed to hook up with a girlfriend who had cancelled out sick at the last moment.

I seem to remember making some dumb comment like “her loss is my gain” or something equally inane. In any event we decided to see the movie together.

The movie itself was forgettable, but not the day I had with her. She had an infectious laugh, and ten minutes into the film she was holding my hand and leaning against me.

Her perfume and the heat of her body kept grabbing my attention. Soon I found I was paying very little attention to the movie.

I found myself stealing glances at her every chance I got. She had a beautiful smile and full, very kissable lips.

She was not wearing a bra, yet she had little discernable sag despite the size of her breasts. Every time she laughed her breasts would bounce and jiggle, the silk material of her blouse causing her nipples to harden.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was totally entranced by this woman who I’d known a total of twenty minutes.

As it was mid-July, I was only wearing loose-fitting gym shorts and a T-shirt. I could feel my cock tenting the shorts but I didn’t care. The theater was dark enough that I could adjust unobtrusively enough, if I needed to.

As if our thoughts were interconnected, Diane suddenly laid her hand onto my lap and slowly began to massage my erection, through my shorts.

“Oh my Don. I can feel that my nipples aren’t the only things that are hard in this theater”, she laughed.

I could only groan a response. It felt so good to have her hand working its magic on me. I could only hope that she wouldn’t stop.

“You ARE going to cum for me aren’t you dear?”, she asked. Her voice was husky and dripping with lust.

Damn it felt good. My cock was already jerking in anticipation of the grand finale.

“Just don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”, I begged.

“I won’t”, she said pleasantly. “Just make sure you tell me when you’re about to cum. Okay sweetie?”

That was only moments away at that point. Diane knew how to get the most bang for a buck in a short amount of time.

“Right now”, I moaned. “Right fucking now.”

Diane’s hand quickly left my cock and slid inside of my waistband, regrasping my cockhead immediately. Her hand was so soft and I wanted to cum for her so badly.

There was no chance of my stopping. A bullet train of cum burst from my cockslit all over her fingers. The slimy, hot goo made her fingers slip and slide like lubricating oil all over my cockhead.

This only intensified the feeling, and I let fly with shot after shot into her waiting fingertips.

Finally I had no more to give and my cock began to deflate. Still Diane continued massaging the last dribbles of goo into my cockslit, causing me to jump and jerk with each electric thrill this elicited.

Finally Diane withdrew her hand, still wet, slimy, and dripping with my spunk.

She raised her hand up to her mouth and quickly licked a dollop of goo from her ring finger.

“Oh hon. You taste so good”, she gasped.

Her other hand latched onto the hem of her skirt, pulling it up and exposing her pussy to me. She wore nothing under the skirt. The sight of her dark triangle, even in the dim light of the theater, caused my cock to thicken again.

She dropped her gizz covered hand on top of her pussy and immediately sank two fingers into her slit.

I turned escort pendik towards her. I wanted to fuck her right there and then in front of the whole movie-going crowd. I didn’t care who saw or heard.

“Don’t touch me”, she hissed. “This is my fantasy. I want to cum for you. Let me see your cock. Let me see your beautiful, hard, fucking cock.”

I sat back in my chair, stunned, but hotter than I’d ever felt before. I raised up out of my seat and pulled my shorts down. My cock stood straight up for her to admire all she wanted. I would have walked around the theater and displayed it to everyone if she had asked me to.

My prick was so hard it could have scratched glass. I gently stroked the length of it using only my thumb, fore, and middle fingers, so as not to obstruct her view. I marveled at how it glistened from my already spent cum, and the dribble of pre-fuck juice oozing from my cockslit.

“I know what you want. I saw how you looked at me. You like big, nasty women don’t you hon?” She breathed heavily.

“You want to feel me riding that cock of yours, don’t you? You want to feel me cumming all over that big dick of yours, oozing cunt juice all over that fucking rod.”

“I know what you want Don. I know you want to watch my breasts bounce as my big ass grinds down on you. You want to fuck my juicy pussy and cum in me. You want to cum real deep in me. You probably even want to fuck my hot ass.”

She was working her magic on me again only this time she wasn’t touching me. I was enthralled with the way she held nothing back, explaining in great detail what she wanted; what I wanted.

My cock stood straight and tall like a totem. Rivulets of pre-cum streamed from my cockslit, rolling down the shaft and pooling on my fingers.

She was obviously working magic on herself as well. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Her breasts rose and fell quickly, nipples fully erect, pressing tightly against the material of her blouse.

I could smell the pungent odor of her sex overpowering every other scent in the theater. Her eyes never left my cock. Her fingers were pistoning in and out of her pussy with lightning speed.

I could tell that she was going to crest any second but she seemed to be holding back, waiting for something.

I was never going to find out what though as the excitement of the moment was too much for me.

My balls clenched tightly and another volley of sperm raced through me, eager to find a target, any target. A small geyser of white-hot goo splattered on the back of the seat in front of me.

I felt Diane tighten up beside me and saw her thighs squeeze together, locking her hand against her clit in a death grip.

“Oh yes baby”, she whimpered. “All for me.”


The HOTM card was burning a hole in my wallet. I couldn’t find a thing out about it. Nothing in any toll-free directories. Nothing in any reference books. Nothing on the internet. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Other than the card there was no evidence that there was such a thing as HOTM. I thought it might drive me crazy before the 14th arrived.

I had tried several times to contact Diane but all I got was her office voice-mail advising that she was in Scottsdale. Even calls to her friends at work revealed nothing more about her status.

Deep down I hoped that HOTM would reveal something about what was going on, but I certainly wasn’t going to hold my breath.

On the morning of the 14th I took the card from my wallet and dialed the number.

Again the taped female voice answered.

“H-O-T-M. Please enter your customer number followed by the pound sign.”

I typed in my customer number and tapped the # key.

A series of brief clicks was followed by the following taped message:

“Good morning Mr. Stone. Your account has been activated. Our records show your day to be January 15th, 2005. Thank you.”

The phone went dead and moments later all I heard was dial tone again. I wanted to rip the phone out of the wall.

“What the fuck is going on?”, I thought.


January 15th, 2005. I had heard nothing else about HOTM and calls to the toll-free number simply initiated the “Your account has been activated” taped message followed by a quick disconnect.

By the time I got to my office I had all but forgotten HOTM. It was going to be a busy day. I had three scheduled meetings and a shitload of paperwork to work my way through.

The morning flew by and I was surprised at how much was accomplished in such a short time. I had to hand it to Mary, my assistant. She is a gem.

By 11:00am I had already met with Burke, my production manager, and laid the groundwork for clearing up a major production backlog.

Mary had all four memoranda I had dictated, typed and on my desk. Additionally, both letters I’d written to Yazaki, my customer and friend in Kyoto, were completed and simply waiting on my signature.

As I was signing the letters Mary called me on my intercom.

“Mr. Stone. Ms. Miller is here for your 11:00 meeting. pendik escort bayan Should I show her in.”

Maureen Miller was the sales rep for a well known tool and die manufacturer. I did not use their product but Mary had set up the meeting noting that our planned expansion would probably require such services in the future.

I didn’t know Ms. Miller personally but I was very familiar with the product and the reputation.

“Sure Mary. Send her in”, I said cheerily.

I would blow this sales woman out the door in fifteen minutes and then take a long lunch.

Maybe I’d even try to call Diane again.


When Maureen Miller entered my office I know I let out an audible gasp. She was definitely not what I was expecting from a tool and die salesperson.

Ms. Miller couldn’t have been a day over 25 years old, but she had a confident air about her that made her seem far more mature. She stood about 5’10” tall and weighed, I guessed, 270, maybe 275.

Her blond hair was professionally styled and she definitely knew how to apply make-up to her best advantage.

The conservative business suit couldn’t hide the hourglass figure that was definitely more expansive in the upper 9 to 3. Her briefcase said business, but her body language said vixen.

Mary asked Ms. Miller if she wanted coffee or tea, and when she declined, Mary shut the door and left Ms. Miller with me.

She walked towards my desk, her hand outstretched.

“Good morning Mr. Stone. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see me.”

I shook her hand and offered her a seat at my office table.

“I’m always more comfortable at the table than staring at someone over my desk”, I said as I pulled a chair away from the table for her.

I pulled a chair out directly across from her.

“What can I do for you Ms. Miller?”, I asked jovially.

“Please Mr. Stone. Call me Em. All my friends call me Em”, she chimed.

Her voice was melodic, almost angelic it seemed. I could tell immediately that I liked this young woman. She would go far in this business.

“Certainly Em, and please call me Don.”

Em took off her suit jacket and placed it on the back of her chair before she sat down.

I couldn’t help but notice that my first impression of her was correct. Her chest was massive. The buttons on her blouse strained to remain clasped.

Em smiled sweetly.

“Don. As I told your assistant when I called, I represent a major tool manufacturer whose products you may have some interest in.”

Eager to impress her with my knowledge of the products and services her company supplied, I politely corrected her.

“Tool and die manufacturer. Yes, I’m well aware of your company’s reputation in the industry.”

I felt pretty good about how this meeting would go. Em would see I was no easy push-over. Wham, bam. Give her ten minutes to pep talk her product and I’m out of here.

“Oh no Don”, she said as her smile widened. “I represent a major TOOL manufacturer. I’m sorry if there was some kind of miscommunication.”

I made a mental note to discuss with Mary how that kind of miscommunication could have occurred. I didn’t want to sound flustered or misinformed and lose my upper hand.

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry Em. A major TOOL manufacturer. Please continue.”

Em opened her briefcase as she elaborated for me.

“As I’m sure you know, a good tool can be used for a variety of things. It can be used to pound, grind, screw, burrow, or piston. Why, just about anything you can dream of, can be made possible with the right tool.”

Em licked her lips.

I really didn’t know what to say. I was trying for Business Executive but I know I sounded more like Business Jackass.

“You’re quite right Em. Tools are essential. Particularly in my line of work.”

“And also in mine”, Em said. “Take this tool for example.”

Em pulled the biggest, longest rubber cock I’d ever seen from her briefcase. It was every bit of 18″ long.

As she took the tool from her briefcase she quickly stood and raised the hem of her skirt to her waist, and then sat back down. Her legs were spread to either side of the chair and I had an unobstructed view of her completely shaven, bald pussy.

It glistened wetly and the scent wafted up to me making me heady. I was speechless.

Em continued explaining to me, very matter-of-factly, as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

“This particular tool, when used by an expert, can explore the deepest regions of my body. Without such a tool those areas would remain unexplored. Virginal if you will.”

She began to feed the head of the monstrous snake into her pussy, splitting her vaginal folds wide as the rubber cock sank deeper and deeper.

I was mesmerized. Part of me wanted to get her out of my office as quickly as possible before we were discovered. The other part of me wanted to fuck her brains out.

“Are you an expert tool user Don?”, she asked. “Would you like to test drive this thing before you make a deposit?”

Virtually in a trance, I moved my chair over next to her and wrapped my hand around her impalement tool. Already a good six to eight inches of the rubbery tube were imbedded, and she was asking for more.

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Sam Gets Married

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I couldn’t stop the tears from forming in my eyes as I stood among a large crowd of friends and family, watching a car festooned with colorful ribbons and trailing a string of clanging cans drive away with my only child in the arms of another man. Even though I knew they would be back in three weeks from their Hawaiian honeymoon, living not far away, I was feeling the loss and sadness every father feels when he sees his daughter suddenly choose another man to live with and love.

As the crowd thinned, eager to get back to the bar and the dancing, I still stood watching the now bare driveway, happy for my darling Samantha but also wishing she’d never left.

“Earth to Mister Ross, Earth to Mister Ross, helloooo!”

Coming aware suddenly, brought out of my introspective musings by a familiar voice, I turned, and then smiled when I saw the two dazzling, pink clad creatures in front of me.

“Barbara, Naomi,” I almost sang, delighted to see my Sam’s two best friends, such good friends of my daughters that she had insisted that they both act as her maids-of-honor, not willing to choose one over the other. “Why aren’t you two inside dancing up a storm, making every other woman in the room jealous,” I asked mischievously as I draped an arm over each of their shoulders.

“What, and leave the most handsome man at the party out on the sidewalk sobbing,” answered Barbara slyly, winking suggestively at me and then giving me a light kiss on the lips, an almost chaste kiss, but a kiss with just a touch of tongue and moisture in it, enough to hint at some other possibility.

“Now, now Babs, only married nine months and you’re already calling other men handsome. Where is your Don anyway?”

“I think old Dons had a little too much to drink Mr. R,” Naomi, the tall, auburn haired beauty interjected laughing.

“God, I can’t believe any man would get drunk while he was out with you Barbara. Who’d you come with tonight Naomi; I didn’t see any of your usual beaus at the wedding?”

Still laughing, the vixen answered, “I figured you might need a date tonight, poor Mr. R, all alone for once.”

I had to chuckle at Naomi’s comment, as we all knew that Samantha had suggested to me rather forcefully that I wasn’t to bring one of my strumpets (as she called all my occasional girlfriends) to her wedding. “Well then,” I said as I hugged the two to me, and giving them both a friendly squeeze, turned with them towards the doors and added, “I hope you two brought your dancing shoes –we’re going to daaaance tonight. And I must say the two of you look simply deeevine in pink.”

Blushing and obviously happy at my remarks, the two girls both wore dazzling smiles as we entered the hall arm in arm. It surprised me momentarily how comfortable these two girls felt on my arms, how these two who had spent the last fifteen years playing around the house with Samantha, who even in their teenage years had never sexually excited me, now seemed like the most alluring of attractions, their pure femaleness a beacon to my already twitching organ.

As I escorted them to their table I thought it was strange to not only realize how sexy they were, but to somehow know that I would bed both of these beauties in the days ahead, that their curvaceous bodies would soon writhe under my hardness, and be finally bathed with my seed.

Barbara’s husband, Don, a neighbor’s boy, now 25 years old and a recent graduate of the Law School, was as Naomi had warned, almost blotto. He was actually a nice boy, and even if not a real go getter, he was friendly and kind and he would probably make Babs a good husband in most ways.

But I didn’t feel bad as I contemplated sleeping with his wife because I knew he’d never satisfy her carnal desires, that he’d never fill her or fuck her like she needed. After talking to Don for a couple of minutes I led Naomi to the dance floor, promising Barbara I’d be back for her soon.

“Well sweetie,” I said to Naomi as we danced across the floor, “Two down, one to go. When are you going to get married? You look so pretty tonight that if you play your cards right you just might find a husband before dawn.”

“Oh Mr. R, I’m still pretty young, I think I’ll try a few more men before I settle down. I don’t want to rush into it and miss something, do I? Someone like you, maybe,” she whispered huskily in my ear, letting me feel her firm breasts as she moved against me.

As we danced through the crowd, I smiled and talked to friends as we passed, but although appearing nonchalant to others, I finally let her feel my size against her groin, let her contemplate my penetration of her already moist pussy. “I know you won’t want to miss this Naomi,” I whispered back, “In fact I think I’m going to help you take off that pink gown tonight young lady. Yes, and then I’m going to lick you from head to toe before I fill you up.”

As I walked her back towards her table, she was blushing from the tops of her breasts to her ears, and clearly excited and nervous, mumbling asked, “Really?……. You promise, ………you’re bursa escort not joking with me are you?” Seeing my smile and feeling me gently squeeze her trembling arm, she beamed radiantly, and added, her lips just caressing my ear as she spoke, “Oh gosh yes, I’m soooooo happy Mr. R.”

Donny had almost passed out and two of his buddies were helping him up as we got to the table. “Oh Barbara, are you leaving? Darn, I didn’t get my dance. Do you have time for a quick one before you two leave?”

“It’s okay Mr. Ross,” Donny slurred, “I’m going with Pete and Joe here. They’ll get me home. Barb can stay and get a ride later.”

“But Donny,” his young bride complained.

“No, no honey, you stay and have some fun. I’m sure Naomi or Mr. R will get you home,” he finished as his buddies half carried him from the room.

“Well Babs, I guess you have no excuses left now,” I said. “The beautiful, tall, sexy blond will finally have to dance with this decrepit old man,” I added chuckling.

Grabbing my hand, an evil grin on her lips, she led me towards the centre of the dance floor, and then added, “Well Mr. R, maybe we’ll just have to see how decrepit you really are.” Within seconds her body was plastered against mine, and although she didn’t talk at first, her every movement screamed to me of her desire for sex, for me.

Finally she said, “I love Donny you know…….. Maybe it doesn’t show but I’ll never leave him…… It’s just that I need something else,….. something maybe I think…. God, maybe something big…….something you can give me. I know I’m not talking clearly but….”

“I understand honey, promise.”

“It’s just we’ve always wanted you Mr. R, Naomi and I, I mean. Cripes, even Sam wanted you. We used to talk about you around your pool, God, like when we were sixteen we used to joke about what a good body you had. When you used to stand next to our boyfriends, they looked like geeks; you were so much bigger, stronger than them.” The words were now gushing from Barbara’s mouth, her inhibitions gone in her rush to confess. “Oh shit, you’re so big there too,” she murmured huskily, her lower body grinding against my cock.

“I’m sleeping with Naomi tonight,” I whispered regretfully in her ear, “I promised her before.”

“What! ….What about me?…….Please Mr. R,” she pled, “I want you too. It’s not fair,” she added pouting. “Why Naomi and not me,” she finished, a plea in her eyes, as we returned to the table

Back at the table I watched the two girls franticly converse, and sensed that they would share me this night, that both their mouths would envelop my hardness, and that they would both take a barebacked ride on my long shaft before dawn.

As I watched them talk I thought back to the years I had known them, to the last exciting weeks leading up to the wedding……………………..

…………………………..…The three girls had always been friends, meeting their first day of kindergarten and becoming inseparable ever since. One blond, one red headed and my daughter Sam with her long, rich black tresses, they had all been tall, gawky teenagers, more interested in sports and studying than boys, and it was only when they went to the University together that they blossomed as women.

They had gone to the University at seventeen and the other two girl’s parents and I had insisted the girls live in residence first year, all of us recognizing that it would be good for the girls development to live independently, to start to learn how to live as adults.

Their sophomore year the girls had taken an apartment together minutes from their downtown campus and it was during that year that they had metamorphosed from frisky teens into gorgeous women. All of a sudden they were surrounded by hordes of eager, panting young men.

Their tall bodies had exploded, sprouting high, firm breasts, taut full bums and wide deep hips. All three were 5′ 9+” tall and looked like Parisian runway models except they carried five pounds of extra weight spread seductively over their frames. It was during the summer of 2003, after their second year, a summer during which the three spent most of their free time in my backyard by the pool, that I realized how beautiful, how incredibly erotic they were.

Most weekends the girls lounged around the pool, the latest micro bikinis their only covering, the small pieces of cloth no match for their ripe fullness. Usually they were surrounded by boys, men really, and it was that summer that Don and Barbara fell in love, and although Samantha’s future husband hadn’t yet arrived on the scene, she and Naomi were never alone.

It was also that summer that they took the first steps towards attracting ‘Daddy’ as the three referred to me. Up until then they had regarded me as all teens regard their parents – a complete lack of interest combined with a certain disdain that someone so old could tell them what to do.

But like all young girls, once the boys had started to be attracted to their new sexual personas, they couldn’t get enough of the compliments and attention they received, bursa escort bayan and even demanded that an old man like I pay obeisance to their allure. Like frisky young colts they couldn’t help themselves, teasing me almost unconsciously with their bodies, and of course were even more intrigued when the old man didn’t bow down before them like just about every other male they met.

And as they paraded in front of me, brushing against me, or lying topless by the pool, or making out with their young boyfriends in front of me, I could see they were watching me in a new light, all of a sudden curious about what lay hidden beneath my surfing shorts.

I was forty that summer, twenty-one years older than the three girls, and still carried much the same body that had allowed me to play safety in the Big Twelve and got me a five minute stop in the pros. At 6′ 2″, 215 pounds, and with blue eyes and blond hair, I knew I cut a certain figure, and had had no problem attracting the ladies since my wife had walked out 12 years ago.

I had teased the girls a bit myself that summer, often bringing a good looking date over for the lazy afternoons by the pool, women who I knew would attract the young men surrounding Samantha and her friends. Invariably I heard that night or the next morning from Sam that my latest was ‘too old or too young’, ‘too fat or too thin’, or ‘not smart enough’ etc., etc, etc.

“But Sam,” I’d protest, “Don’t you want your Dad to have a girlfriend? Don’t you think,” and I’d mention whoever that days date had been, “would make a good mother for you?”

This always provoked groans and puking gestures from Sam (and her friends if they were around), but she’d always add the proviso that “Of course I want you to be happy Daddy, but her?”

I’d also, but only when it was just the girls and I who were around the pool, pick one of them while she was lounging in the sun and easily lift her, screaming and protesting but also giggling, and toss her into the pool. I knew they all liked being picked, they loved how effortlessly I could handle them, and they loved the feel of my strong hands on their developing bodies.

In response they would often sneak attack me while I swam, thinking three strong girls could handle me in the water. Often as we wrestled in the churning water, with their bodies rubbing against me, I’d feel a hand probing, darting in to touch my ass or penis and then retreating quickly. I’d reciprocate of course, often innocently grabbing a handful of firm ass and at least one of the girls tops would invariably come off in the water whenever we played, and hard nipples would be pressed against me before they’d retreat shrieking.

My Samantha was often the most aggressive, proud of her new sexuality and eager to show her Daddy what a big girl she had become. She loved to rub against me, pushing herself into my penis as she hung onto me. It was still play of course, and neither I nor the girls were really interested in going any farther, all of us respecting some invisible line that we wouldn’t cross.

When the summer ended and the following school year started I saw much less of the three, Barbara was now seriously dating Don and they had set a wedding date for the following summer, and the other two were busy most of the time at the University, their summer of games with the old man almost forgotten. The summer of 2004 was quiet, as both Naomi and Samantha had gone to New York to work for the summer and it was only on the Labor Day weekend when Barbara married Don that I saw them all together again.

Sam had brought a date to the wedding, Jimmy Brown, a man who had graduated in Medicine from the University and was now interning at the local Medical Centre. He had been over quite often that summer and I could see that the two were becoming serious and I knew and feared that I would lose her far too soon.

I hadn’t liked him at first, at 5’8″ and 135 pounds; he was both shorter and lighter than Sam and I had the big, athletic man’s aversion to small men who were cute rather than handsome. I had wondered how he would ever satisfy my girl but slowly he had won me over, first tolerating him and then actually liking the bright guy whose bubbling personality clearly had won over Sam.

I danced with all three girls that night and arrived home incredibly sad, knowing I had missed a sexual opportunity the likes of which I had never before enjoyed. I slept fitfully that night, the visions of myself making love to all three awakening me again and again with throbbing erections.

The insistent calls of “Daddy, daddy, wake up, hurry wake up,” roused me at what seemed like dawn the morning after the wedding.

Rolling over to face Samantha, and rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I asked “What is it honey, Christ what time is it anyway?”

“Aaaahhhhhhh Daaaaaddddy,” I heard, almost shrieked in response.

“What is it baby? Are you all right?” I blurted, my groggy mind now clearing, the worry I detected in Sam’s voice catching my attention.

“Daddy!” she said, escort bursa her arm almost involuntarily raising and pointing at me.

“What Sam?” I started, but then saw she was staring almost transfixed at my groin, my morning erection pointing proudly at her.

Finally coming to her senses, she mumbled, “Sorry Daddy, sorry,” and turned to leave.

“Sam stop! What the hell is going on anyway? Come back here!”

Turning toward me, clearly embarrassed, she finally said stuttering, “I sorry Daddy,……. Gosh, I should have knocked…… I didn’t think… I…”

“Honey, what are you babbling about?”

Drawing a deep breath, her eyes continually moving downwards and back, she said, “I was excited Daddy, I wanted to tell you something wonderful but gosh…..it surprised me, I’ve never seen one like that…its different from….”

Patting the edge of my bed I told her, “C’mon here and sit down and tell me your news. I didn’t know a sophisticated young lady like you would be so upset at seeing her Daddy’s penis. What’s so different about it anyway?” I asked, putting one hand on it and pretending to examine it closely.

“Dadddy,” she started to protest, but then said, “Its just…..well…..I don’t know,” she started, blushing a deep red, “But it seems pretty big….I mean I’m no expert but……Geeeze….. Why is it hard in the morning anyway?” she finally demanded, “You don’t have a woman in here do you?” she finished, her eyes reluctantly leaving my penis to examine the room in more detail.

“Sweetie, it’s pretty normal for men to wake up with hard-ons, it’s just the way we’re made.”

“But isn’t it bigger than most men’s?” she struggled to ask as her skin turned even brighter.

“We come in all sizes Sam, I’m a big man so maybe I’m a little bigger than most. By the way honey, how many erect penises have you seen anyway?” I asked, a small grin on my face.

“Daddeee!” she exclaimed, and at last back getting back in control of her emotions, held her hand up and proclaimed, “Look!”

“My God,” I exclaimed, and although I had been expecting it, I was still stunned to see the diamonds shining on her finger. Struggling to smile, I sat up and hugged her to me, and as I held her finally said, “I’m so happy for you sweetie,” as tears started to flow over my cheeks.

“Daddy, you’re crying”

“I know, I don’t know if it’s because I’m happy for you or because I’m going to be losing my beautiful princess,” I blubbered.

“You’ll never lose me Daddy, never, never, never…….. I love you so much,” she finished, and as the tears started to fall from her eyes, hugging me even tighter, she gave me a kiss on the lips. An innocent father-daughter kiss yes, but it lasted second after second, and even after we broke apart I could taste her sweetness on my tongue and feel her hard nipples against my chest.

We both backed away from each other, almost jumping apart, and then started to talk, trying with our words to fill the awkward gap between us. With any other woman I would simply have pushed her back and then filled her trembling, moist cunt with my hardness but… my daughter….. on the morning of her engagement…it just seemed impossible, and fortunately the manic urge soon passed.

I could see the same thoughts, the same emotions pass across Sam’s face, knew she had felt my hard cock as we kissed, but I also noticed the regret she felt that we didn’t consummate our love, and knew she saw the same regret in my eyes. We spent the next twenty minutes discussing Jimmy’s proposal and her plans for a late June wedding, promising me “Daddy, we’re not moving from the city, I’m marrying him but he’s going to have to understand I’m never going to leave you.”

As she got up to go, to show me that she had completely regained her composure, she asked, giggling and pointing at my still rampant prick, “Daddy, does that mean I’ll see one of those every morning when I’m married?”

“I hope so sweetie,” I answered chuckling, but even then I was pretty sure Jimmy wouldn’t be wielding anything like what I had pointing upwards from my groin, and from the rueful grin on Sam’s face I think she knew the same thing.

The year passed in a blur and before I knew it we were in early June, just three weeks before the big date. Barbara and Naomi had taken the month off and the three were spending all their days at our house planning for every possible eventuality. I loved to see the three of them together again, but a little sad, knowing they’d probably never again have this opportunity to be together.

Owning my own company I was able to schedule myself as I wanted and soon found myself spending most afternoons with them by the pool. They had changed since the summer of their sophomore year and I was surprised at how open they were as they talked, discussing the most intimate of subjects with each other. They were also much more confident women now and with only me around were always topless as they lounged.

They seemed to have come to some secret pact among themselves, a pact that allowed me into their inner circle, a circle I soon found often embarrassing. It amazed me what women would share; Barbara seemed to start every conversation with a description of her last night’s lovemaking and would then insist Naomi and Sam cough up with similar details.

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