A Brighton Weekend Pt. 02

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The Supervisor.

I slept well following my fallacious yet wonderfully sensuous charade with Cassie, although it had taken me sometime to finally settle and relax following the hours we had spent together. Every time I closed my eyes I saw her in my mind’s eye, every time I inhaled I smelt the perfume of her body, every time I licked my lips I tasted her and relived those wonderful moments of passion over and over. If I slept, would I dream of her and in my dreaming would I relive our incredible scenario?

Suddenly I was awake, I blinked, the room full of morning sunshine and I could hear the seagulls screeching, their morning hunt for food now well underway. Oh fuck and I rolled away from the glare and covering my face with the sheet, but unable to blot out the persistent squawks of those damned gulls. Usually I enjoy watching them ride the wind, but today, all I wanted them to do was shut up!

‘OK Aimie, your wide bloody awake now. What time is it?’

Peering over the sheet I glanced at the alarm clock: 09:17.

‘Hmm, breakfast is served until 10:30, so you better get your sorry arse out of bed, do the things you have to do and get downstairs… Damn I need a pee!”

I got to the Dining Room in record time, probably due to the fact that I dressed for a morning jog, no make up, and no doubt looking like something the cat dragged in. Oh well, what the hell, 09:52 having pee’d, washed, did my hair and dressed was still a good time, and, as they say in all the good ‘Old Bailey’ TV Drama’s: ‘The condemned woman ate a hearty breakfast!’ Yummy, Eggs, Bacon, fried Tomato, toast and marmalade. Why is it everything tastes better at the seaside, or is because I didn’t have to cook it? In retrospect I should not have eaten so much a fact that came to light during my after breakfast jog, a jog which rapidly deteriorated into a walk! No matter, by the time I returned to the hotel I was feeling great and looking forward to a shower, getting dressed, made up and planning the rest of my day.

I already knew where I was going for the evening, a friend had recommended an LGBT Club & Bar called ‘Charles Street’ which apparently offered a great atmosphere, a great group of people, a large dance floor and on certain evenings, hopefully this would be one of them, a Drag Cabaret. Who knows, we shall have to see, but what about this afternoon? Looking through the literature in the Hotel Lobby I found tours for the Royal Pavilion and the Theatre Royal, each within easy reach of the hotel. I was a little unsure as to whether or not the timing would permit me fitting in both tours but if I could, cool, so long as I could be back at the hotel in good time for a leisurely dinner before getting all dolled up for the Club.

Stepping into the Lift I pushed ? 3 and the door started to close; about half closed a hand slipped through the gap, tripping the sensor and when the door re-opened, there stood the ‘Supervisor.’ I felt a small shiver, but seeing me, she stopped. “Oh I am sorry, I’ll get the next one.” I later learnt that Hotel policy was that staff should not ride with the clientele.

“It’s fine, please come on” I blurted, hoping that the sudden excitement in my voice wasn’t to evident!

“Well, if you don’t mind… Thank you”

“Busy day?”

“Yes, but gladly not as rushed as yesterday, that was a long day, should be able to let the girls leave early today though.”

‘Damn it,’ I thought as the Lift came to a stop on my floor. Having no reason to pursue our brief interaction I moved to step out ‘The Supervisor’ held the button to keep the door open, I thanked her, telling her I hoped she had a good day and moved to walk away, but stopped as I heard her speak:

“Excuse me Mam, but will you out after luncheon? I have to come around today to check Fire Alarms and would not wish to be an inconvenience.”

“I am planning a couple of tours later, but if I am still in my room please, you just come right on in, no problem!”

“Thank you, that’s very kind.”

An opportunity? I mused as I walked the corridor returning to my room, chuckling to myself. Why is it I always get the room at the end of the corridor. Damn she is so cute, probably about my age, cant be more than about five feet tall, but she had a figure that believe me; was all very, beautifully proportioned, and knowing she was lesbian, well that I was hoping would increase the possibilities of yet another; how do I phrase this? Shall we say: ‘Opportunity Fuck!’ Memories of yesterday, even though it was only the back of her head in Cassie’s crotch, flooded back to my memory, the sounds of her enjoying the body that I had enjoyed later that day… Oh Aimie, you really do ascribe to the philosophy of ‘while the cat’s away, the mice…’ I laughed, as the alternative idiom came into mind: ‘don’t count your chickens etc., etc.’ Never-the-less, the recent catchphrase of a TV comedian “Oh, what fun!” caused me to chuckle as I slipped into my room.

I jumped in shock as someone grabbed https://www.escorthun.com my waist and I spun around. There stood Cassie, a big smile beaming from her face.

“Fuck Cassie, you scared the crap out of me!” I chuckled as I playfully slapped her thigh.

“Mmm” she murmured pushing my back against the wall and delivered one of her amazing kisses. I melted in her arms as our tongues revived memories of her, dare I mention, ‘seduction!’ Holding me Cassie continued:

“So, can I take it you have no regrets about yesterday, I mean, that kiss was just… Yummy!”

Smiling broadly, teasingly coy, “Oh my..? I am in such a quandary of guilt!’ I laughingly responded whilst grabbing her to me and kissing her deeply with opened mouthed, tongue invested and mutually responsive passion.

Standing back Cassie continued: “Honey I can’t stay now, we’ve been told we can leave early and I have stuff to get done, but what are you doing this evening?”

“I was going to ‘Charles Street’, someone told me it was great place, but I’m open to alternative suggestions!”

“I love ‘Charles Street’ how about I pick you up? Shall we say 8:00 p.m., out front?”

“Works for me!”

Taking my hand and placing it on her breast, she kissed me again, “Great, see you then” and hurried out of the room.

Phew girl, ain’t you glad you picked this place… When I tell Linda about this she is going to be all over me, wanting to know every little detail and wanting to plan the next available chance for us to come back together… I can hear her now: ‘Share a room, or, two singles?’ Ha ha, horny wench lover of mine!

Alone again, noting the time was well into the lunch period, my thoughts returned to the ‘Supervisor.’ I wonder what time she’ll be around to check the alarms? Maybe…? I laughed as I put the thought out of my mind and stripped off for a long awaited shower… Wow, where had the time gone? I rang down for Room Service ordering a light salad lunch and a glass of Chardonnay. I had initially planned to go down for lunch, but with horny thoughts in mind, I pondered that if I went, the ‘Supervisor’ might come when the room was empty and, although seduction was by no means a certainty, that eventuality could lead to an opportunity lost!

Lunch eaten, cleaned, preened and perfumed I dressed commando in a light yellow cotton skirt in company with a frilly fronted, sheer white cotton blouse, carefully leaving the top two buttons undone sufficient to expose just a glimpse of bra-less cleavage. Checking it out for full effect in the bathroom mirror I was happy with the way I looked. In the room I positioned the armchair to not be able to see the tele, but should the opportunity arise, to also be able to flash a little inner thigh.

Three quarters of an hour later I was still sitting there, watching a bit of tele and halfheartedly thumbing through a magazine, a prop which I thought might prove opportunistic if I were to drop it, causing me to uncross my legs to lean down and innocently expose my tits… But it appeared that all my efforts were coming to naught. I was about to reconsider the tour idea when there was a knock at the door and her recognisable voice sang out:


Quickly rearranging my blouse and placing the mag on my thigh I called out: “Come in!”

Peering around the edge of the door the ‘Supervisor’ smilingly inquired: “Hello again, OK if I check the Alarm?”

“Yes, of course, please come on in.”

Entering the room she brought with her a small four teared step ladder, and although careful as she carried it in, one could not miss the way she looked at me, lightly biting her top lip, intermittently looking as she opened the ladder beneath the ceiling alarm. While her concentration was focused to the alarm, her back toward me, I slid the hem of my skirt a fraction higher. Standing on the fourth step, supporting herself with a a hand rest extension, utilising a short metal probe she now tested the alarm. A sharp ear piercing shrill filled the room and she stepped down, turning to explain it would go off as soon as it was registered on the main board at the Front Desk. Momentarily the room fell silent:

“Wow, that sounds better!” she declared.

Moving in my chair I dropped the magazine, and I caught an instant of her glance at my cleavage as I leant forward, unnecessarily straining to reach for the mag. “Oh please, allow me” Moving directly in front of me she bent to pick it up, her eyes once again taking a quick look as she stood to return it to me.

“Thank you, by the way, what is your name?” I knew it from Cassie’s throws of passion yesterday, but perhaps this was my opportunity for continued conversation. It was, but most certainly not the opening of a conversation that I had envisaged…

“Margaret, and your’s?”


“Nice name, actually I have seen you before, you would not remember me, but I remember you!”

Truly taken aback I moved in my chair, not meaning to expose more flesh, which turned out to be the case and it was an exposure that elicited yet another interested glance. However, in this particular moment I was more interested in where we could possibly have met!

“Really, I must admit you have the better of me, where did we meet?

Margaret smiled, it was a smile that filled her face:

“Before I came to Brighton I was a Student Nurse at Canterbury, I did two years of training but then my Mum got ill here at home, so I had to give up training. Took a job here as a Housekeeper and then became a Supervisor. Well the money is good, I like the hours so I have stuck with it, at least until we lose Mum. Then perhaps..? We’ll have to see.”

“So how exactly did we meet, I think I would have remembered you!”

“For a group of us our next assignment was to the Operating Theatre, you came and delivered a presentation, telling us about your work and the kinds of procedures that we could see in the various Theatres within the Group. Actually, I found your enthusiasm quite electric and even gave some thought to Theatre work when I qualified.”

“Margaret, that’s awesome, really, and thank you for the compliment of remembering me!

“Oh, I found you very easy to remember, you were interesting, stimulating and I felt that we shared something!”

There was a hidden tone in her voice as she said “felt that we shared something,” it was a tone which caused me to ponder the question:

“Shared something? What would that be Margaret?”

Stepping toward me, Margaret’s hand very boldly slipped within my top, her fingers gliding to my nipple. Other than closing my eyes, I didn’t move, as she continued:

“Our shared love of women, our mutual joy of being lesbian!”

Opening my eyes, I smiled my acknowledgement, reaching to her waist I pulled her to me. Margaret sat on my lap, her fingers continuously playing excitedly over my available breast and nipple, a gentle kiss gradually became more ardent, more filled with passion, our mouths open, wanton, vigorous; oh yes this woman could kiss and kiss in the way I really liked…

Never taking her hand from my tit Margaret asked: “Can you hold that thought?”

“I have to take my report to the desk, make sure the carts have been stocked and then let the staff go, but I could be back in say, twenty minutes?”

As we stood her hand ran over my back, around my hips finally settling to stroke over my mound…

“Commando, hmm, I like that! If your naked in bed when I return, I’d like that also!!”

“Go do your thing baby, you got twenty minutes… Go!”

In a trice she snatched up the stepladder and was gone.

Exactly eighteen minutes later the door opened and wearing her own clothes she danced into the room.

“OK if I leave this in the bathroom?’ she asked holding up a holdall.

Her face lit up seeing me naked in the bed, my torso uncovered, my tits fully exposed to her view, ready for attention to her every pleasure.

I watched as she very deliberately stripped in front of me, dropping her bra to the floor. She may be only five feet tall but damn she looked good. Her tits looked awesome; her areolar a darkened circle of brown beneath two gorgeous nipples each of whom were awake, ready for more arousal, ready to be sucked. Turning away from me she bent forward, lowering her culottes and exposing a beautifully shaped derriere, the thread of a throng lying in the cleft of her buttocks. Two globes with which I knew I was soon to become well acquainted; oh fuck yes!

Standing there Margaret flaunted her body to me… Staring sexily she began to slowly gyrate her body, her pelvis in a controlled shake, her abdominal muscles rippling as she moved insidiously toward me… Oh fuck me this gorgeous lesbian could ‘Belly Dance.’ Standing her ground for a short while she again began to move forward, her manner of approach sensuous, sexy, evocative and downright fucking amazing to watch. Now, only a foot or so away, as her stomach shimmied and her pelvis shook in the dance, her voice quiet, almost hoarse in sound, she asked:

“You like?”

“Oh yesss, I like!”

“It gets better when I sit on your face and do it!”

My mouth instantly went dry. Licking my lips I somehow released the words “Show me!”

Margaret stood on the bed, standing with her legs astride my hips. I watched mesmerised as this image of divine loveliness slowly danced her way up and over my body until her pussy, her lips shining wet above me, slowly, rhythmically descended to lightly dance above my face, barely touching my nose, teasing me with her pussy lips. Reaching down she took hold of my hair and with devastating slowness dropped her slit to my mouth, her pelvis gyrating as promised on my face as she demanded:

“Lick it baby, lick me, bite me, fuck me with your mouth and your tongue, let me know you’re there!”

Grasping her buttocks I pulled her to me, my tongue taking her cunt in one easy cunt lubricated swipe before fucking her hard, fast and deep.

“Come on bitch, you can do better than that!”

The taunt had its effect! Pushing her body up I told her:

“I’ll give you bitch my honey slut, just you fucking wait!”

Slapping her cunt back to my face, I extended my tongue as far as I could get it, lapping vigorously over her entire crotch. Biting and sucking onto her labia, licking again the gossamer folds of her Minora before changing tactics to suck in and devour this incredible woman’s clit into the confines of my lips… Sucking, licking and biting as I pushed two fingers into her cunt before sucking again onto her ever budding clit… Margaret screamed and in that moment, quite unexpectedly to me, she creamed cum juice as her body writhed in orgasm over my face, almost falling off of me but managed, with my help, to retain her position as spasm after spasm shook her body… In the end, she had to fall to my side… My face, my neck, even my hair was wet from all she had just given me.

Now at my side I fell to her tits. I had admired them during the dance to the point of lust and even if she was fucking knackered, I was going to take my fill of their delights. I suckled and licked these wondrous soft hemispheres and gorged my fill until I was ready to take my pleasure elsewhere.

Rolling her onto her face I lightly, but knowingly scratched my nails down her spine, a prelude to slapping each of her cheeks as I told her to open legs legs… My finger tracing a line down her cleft, sensing the heat from deep between her cheeks as I proceeded to finger the periphery of her butt hole… Leaning forward I dribbled spittle into her crack…

Margaret mewled in anticipation, lifting her butt as my finger stroked circles around the puckering circle of her hole and I watched in delight as I saw the goosebumps envelop her skin… She was mine now, her anticipation becoming more palpable as I encouraged her to open her thighs wider. I knew what she wanted, but not today… Her thighs now wide, in her anticipation she had slightly risen to her knees. From my vantage point at her side her pussy was now fully open to my view, with a light touch at her ring, as she took a deep breath of expectancy I forced two fingers into the very depths of her very, very wet cunt, and proceeded to fuck her, even harder now as she screamed:

“Oh you fucking bitch!”

Just as quick as I violated her cunt, I now pulled them out, grasping her side I stealthily rolled her to her back, forced her legs apart with my own and fell upon all of which I had hitherto craved and once there; trust me, there was going to be no fucking around…

Margaret had already exposed her liking for a ‘bit of rough’ and it is a liking that I share. With Cassie I had been carefully soft, wallowing in the delights of her seduction. Yes, we had moments of hot and demanding passion but I had not exposed my love of taking and being taken as much as was now going to be the case. Next time with Cassie, possibly tonight all may well be different, but at this very moment I had in my bed a woman who likes to fuck just the way I like it! My mouth fell onto her pussy, lips totally encompassing her Labia Majora as my tongue slithered into her slit and then to her cunt.

Margaret gasped as I pushed her legs wide and her knees all the way up, enabling my tongue which could now get as deep as it could go… My head drew back and forth in company with my tongue. Margaret was pulling my hair again and I loved it! Pushing my hands under her pelvis I lifted her arse from the bed and began to lick her tail. A tremour traversed through her body as I got her rear hot and wet, ready for my fingers, two of which now forged their way within her, my thumb simultaneously pushing into her cunt as my tongue lavished its attention to her slit and her lips. She was screaming her lust, totally indifferent as to where we were and I just didn’t care, all I wanted of her was her absolute passion and I let her scream!!

A screamer myself I loved every sound that was penetrating my ears. I relished in her lust, I relished in her cunt and her clit and once again, sucking and licking with every ounce of my being, finger fucking her ass and her cunt whilst I devoured her clit, she suddenly fell totally still, totally quiet… Unashamedly I kept going, hungrily taking my joyous fill of this stunning piece of cunt when, slowly, insidiously her body began to move. Whispering murmurs reached my ears, murmurings which gradually became a rising crescendo of incomprehensible mutterings, rising again to an apical lust created persistent scream as her body shook and shook under my mouth, her second orgasm seemingly endless in its veracity of tenure within her as she flooded my face and my eager mouth with the nectar of her being, until, as it must, her body went limp to my touch, her legs sliding flat to the bed, her elbows to her sides and her hands resting on her abdomenm totally quiet, without movement other than the excursion of her chest as she breathed, her eyes open, looking to my own as she slowly recovered to finally whisper:

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kaptan Pilot Konuştu Ben Bittim :)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kaptan Pilot Konuştu Ben Bittim 🙂

[görüntü ]http://i.hizliresim.com/9p237Q.jpg[/görüntü ]
[b ]Yeniden Merhaba 🙂 [/b ]

Uzun zamandır vakit ayıramıyorum yaşadıklarımı yazmaya.(içlerinizden Bir çoğu yanlış yerdesin,sen gerçek değilsin,bu kadar güzel kız burda olamaz gibi mesajlar atıyorsunuz özelden..Arkadaşlar öncelikle profil sayfamda burda bulunma amacımı özetledim..Her güzel kıza bu bana bakmaz dediğinizden dolayıdır ki Güzel kız çirkin erkek,çirkin erkek güzel kız çiftleri elele geziyorlar ve sizlerde hayretle bakıyorsunuz 🙂 Bilmem inanırmısınız ama ben gerçekten burdan düzgün biriyle görüşüyorum yani bi bakıma arkadaş olduk çünkü dünyaya bakış açısı farklı ve bana sadece hayran yani beklentisi yok benden buda benım hosuma gıdıyor..

Neyse hikayemi anlatıyım 🙂 Hikayemde yer alan tek salladığım kısım hikayenin kahramanlarının isimleridir.gercek kişilerle alakası yoktur sonra aaa bizim selin mi acaba felan demeyin sonra 🙂

Beni daha önce takip eden, hikayelerimi okuyanlar bilir..Kaana aşıktım ilk o bana sahip olmuştu ve bundanda hic pişman değilim hatta o günden sonraki yaramazlıklarımda kaanla yaşadıgım o geceyi mukayese ediyordum ama şu gerçek ki bir kız 100 kişiyle sex yapsın ilk kez verdiği kişi onun için kutsaldır.(Yani şöyle söyliyim şuan hayatınızda olan eşiniz,sevgiliniz,nişanlınız sizden önce biriyle birlikte olduysa ve sizinle sex yaptıktan sonra harikasın daha önce hic boyle olmamıstım gibi sözler sarfediyorsa yalanlarına kanmanızı tavsıye etmem 🙂 )

Hostes olmadan önce kız arkadaşlarım hep oooo pilotlar felan artık seni tutamayız diye takılıyorlar bu arada hic bir kız arkadaşım benim yaşadığım deneyimlerimi bilmez ama ben onlarınkini biliyorum 🙂 herkes basta abim pilotlara yüz verirsen adın cıkar dikkat et atılırsın felan bir sürü nasihatlarda bulundular bende kendımı hazırlamıstım hıc bır sekılde bır pılota yuz vermek yoktu..

ilk ucuslarım işi öğrenmek istiyorum ve fazlasıyla sorular soruyorum amirlerime..
Host arkadaşlar felan hepsi cok yardımcı oldular…Veee ben öğrendim 🙂

3.hafta sonra….

Bu zamana kadar uçuşlarımda kaptan pilotlar hep yaşlıydı torunuma benziyorsun diyen bile vardı içlerinde.
hosteslerin arasında hep bir rekabet vardı kokpitte ucmak istiyorlardı orada sadece 3 kişiye servis ediyorsun veee üçüde kaptan 🙂 ben yeni olduğumdan dolayı sürekli içeride merhaba iyi ucuslar ne alırdınız demekten bi hal oluyordum..

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Bu sabah kendi sesimle günaydın demek istedim dedi…
Pardon? Anlamadım dedim.
Benim arda dedi..
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bense muthıs bı zevk bır o kadarda acı cekıyordum..Artık annee diye agladıgımı hatırlıyorum bı ara o ses tonumu duyunca arda gerı cıkardı ve ben ustume pike alıp bı taraftan agladım bı taraftan acısının gecmesını bekledim ardaysa benim üstüme gelmiyor ben dinlenirken sadece arkama yatıp boynumu opuyordu daha sonra elimi sikine götürdü ve oksamamı istedi daha sonra benı önünde diz cokturdu agzıma soktu yaragını gıt gel yaparak agzıma bosalmak ıstedı son anda agzımdan cıkardım büyük bölümü yüzüme geldi.Aletinin broşalırken titremesini ve broşalma anındaki o fişkırmasını hic unutamıyorum…..

Bitti 🙂 Ardayla şuan halen yaramazlık yapıyoruz ama bu kadarına asla bidaha izin vermem … Hata Bir Kere Yapıldıysa Hatadır , İkinci Kez Yapıldığında Hata değildir . Onda Ya Kasıt Ya Da Aptallık Aramak Gerekir !…

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I.D. Please…

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They approached cautiously, looking around and giggling. Both blonde, cheer-leader types, nineteen or twenty, with tight asses wrapped in low-rise denim and perky tits barely hidden under crop tops.Pausing beside me they looked at the door, then at me. They both smiled brightly.“You will have to show your I.D. to get in,” I told them. “You have to be twenty-one.”“Oh,” the taller one replied with a sly grin. “I forgot it Ankara escort at home.”“Then you can’t get in. Sorry.”They whispered to each other while looking me up and down, and the shorter one stepped close.“What if one of us gives you a blow job?” she offered seductively.This was an unexpected but exciting development.“What if both of you do?” I replied, hoping to get a positive response.“Uh, Ankara escort bayan okay,” she giggled.“Sure,” the taller one replied. “Where?”I gestured for them to follow me around the corner of the building, leading them to the trash bins, and stepped into the area beside them. They glanced around nervously before dropping to their knees in front of me, putting their purses Escort Ankara between their legs, and smiling up at me.I unzipped and unbuttoned, lowered my pants, and pulled my cock out. Short blondie grabbed it quickly and gave it a few strokes before taking me in her mouth. She sucked a few times before moving away and letting her friend take a turn. My dick was hard and my balls full, I had a week’s worth built up.The lips and tongues bathed my shaft, soaking it with their spit and drool, and their small hands cupped my balls and stroked my swollen shaft. One took me deep, gagging before getting all of it down, and pulled back gasping. The other tried and failed as well, managing about the same before backing off.

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The Rise and Fall of Jordan M. Ch. 02-04

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What happened in Chapter 1: Jordan discovered that Jackie not only had soft womanly curves, but also had a very responsive and prominent clitoris. This turned out to be slightly problematic as Jordan was engaged to Barbara, a researcher working on a unique lie detector who found Jackie’s discarded panties on her desk.

Chapter 2 Saturday, April 9 0 days to erectile malfunction

Jordan woke up a little later than usual, and put his arm out to caress Barbara. Her side of the bed was empty. He sat up, and felt an odd twinge in his bum. Looking over at the bedside table he saw an empty syringe and vial lying on its side. The label on the vial was handwritten. “Veritas” it said in Barbara’s writing. At this point Jordan was starting to get a little worried. He gently massaged his right buttock. There was no doubt about it. He had been given a shot while he was asleep and, none too gently either. Beneath the vial and syringe Jordan saw a manuscript. He was sure that it wasn’t there when he went to sleep. He picked it up and looked at it.

To be submitted to Science contingent on approval by the Office of Naval Research

Novel Method for Instant Visualization of LIE Gene Expression.

Barbara Steward a,b, Dylan Crossb and Adrien Brodya*

a: Harvard Medical School 25 Shattuck Street Boston, Ma 02115

b: Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 31 Ames Street

Cambridge MA 02139

* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed


In vivo production of nitric oxide (NO) has been observed when the LIE gene is expressed in the presence of isosorbide dinitrate. Prior work has shown (Nature 1998, 395, 625-626) that the LIE gene is only expressed in homo sapiens upon a deliberate distortion of the truth. Nitric oxide is a neural messenger and is crucial to formation of the male erection in homo sapiens. By coupling NO production with LIE gene expression a portable inexpensive lie detector has been developed. Isosorbide dinitrate henceforth referred to as “Veritas” has been shown to have no side effects. The veritas effect is instantaneous and the resulting lie detection technique can be applied to male homo sapiens without any special equipment. It is non-toxic.

Keywords: isosorbide dinitrate; LIE gene; veritas


You Shit! Since you are such an idiot I shall summarize this paper.

If you lie you will get a massive hard-on. When you tell the truth your dick will shrivel-up and die.

I injected Veritas in your hairy ass.



Jordan was trying to absorb what he had read when Barbara came into the room. She pulled the duvet off the bed leaving Jordan more exposed than he was comfortable with given the current circumstances. Jordan liked sleeping in the nude and the feeling of freedom it gave him. Right now, it only made him feel vulnerable. Before he could question Barbara about Veritas and what-the-hell she thought she was doing, Barbara very politely asked Jordan whether he had had a good night last night. Reflexively Jordan replied, “No, I missed you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, darling. Are you sure you didn’t enjoy your dessert a little more than you would have if I had been there?” purred Barbara.

Jordan made the mistake of trying not to think of the dessert he’d enjoyed, he tried his best not to think of Jackie’s opulent hips covered in ice cream, his tongue buried deep in her fertile valley and the proud clit that stood tall over-looking her wetlands. It didn’t work his morning wood grew harder and taller than it ever was.

“What do you mean? We missed your conversation and presence during dessert,” Jordan replied, trying harder and harder not to think of what had happened last night. Particularly since he knew that his thoughts were fertilizer to his highly exposed penis.

“You didn’t lick the raspberry juice from Jackie’s thighs? Surely my presence and our conversation would have put a damper on your oral explorations of her smelly pussy. Did she moan and groan when your kindly tongue cleaned the last vestiges of ice cream from her swollen clitoris?” Barbara asked in a deadly cool voice. Barbara’s accurate, descriptive questions made it impossible for Jordan to empty his mind of last night’s feast. How the hell did she know what had happened on the dining room table?

” Where do you get your crazy ideas? I ….,” Jordan didn’t get to say a word more. His cock seemed to have grown an inch. Did that Veritas shit really work, he wondered.

“I’ll be back tonight for one last test. You sure failed this one. You lied! You creep, just look at your rotten penis, it’s telling the truth,” said Barbara whacking his fully-grown manhood and walking out of the room.

Barbara was satisfied with round one. The weasel had lied and his pecker had responded as it should. Now it was time to do some real work in the laboratory. For the next eight hours she would forget all about him and his little escapade. Barbara was fairly sure that Jordan would be unable to relax and that he would Escort Avrupa yakası be in a mentally weakened state when she came home for round two.

After having been humiliated by both Barbara and his inappropriate erection, Jordan had a shower. The water relaxed him a little bit and woke him up, but it didn’t reduce the size of his wood. It would be a pity to waste such a well-constructed high rise Jordan thought as he started to stroke his manhood. It really seemed longer and thicker than ever before and it felt so good. His prick was lubing so much he didn’t need any artificial lubricant. Images of Barbara and Jackie clashed in his mind. The climax, while standing stretched on his tippy toes, was satisfying. The typical male ejaculation is 3.5mL and contains 150mg of proteins. For some reason he gissismed at least 7.0mL.

Jordan still loved Barbara and wanted to marry her. Having Jackie for dessert had been a big mistake, an enjoyable lapse that he now deeply regretted. But it wasn’t a big deal. His love would overcome everything. He would convince Barbara that he hadn’t fucked Jackie. His phone interrupted his musings.


“Hey Studmuffin! Want to have some dessert?” asked Jackie.

“Hi Jackie. I am so glad you called. I was about to call and ask you a question.” He really had wanted to call her, to ask her if she had told Dylan or Barbara about their evening. He just had not gotten the nerve up yet.

“Great! Why don’t you come over to my apartment. Bring my panties with you. Perhaps we can play around on the washing machine while we launder them,” Jackie replied answering Jordan’s question before he even got to ask it.

“Oh man Jackie, you wouldn’t believe what’s happened to me. Barbara must have found your underwear and now she thinks we had some sort of affair or something. You have to help me. Can’t you call Barbara and tell her you somehow forgot your panties at our apartment?”

“Jordan! You are such a guy. What do you mean she thinks you screwed around? She knows you screwed around. Those panties were covered in ice cream and raspberry juice. What am I going to say to her? “Hi Barbara. Remember me I was the chick over at your place last night. Well, after you left I had to go and piss big time. I jumped over the table ripping off my panties and they fell into the dessert bowl. When I came back Jordan was there sucking away at the panties. I didn’t feel like putting them on after that, so I just left them there. Jordan asked me to call you and tell you all of this because you somehow got the mistaken impression that we screwed around or something. I promise you he never touched or even saw my naked body.” Do you think she would believe that?” Jackie asked.

” My goose is cooked,” said Jordan, finally appreciating the extent of Barbara’s knowledge.

” Keep my panties, Jordan. I don’t think you’ll be much fun on the washing machine anyway. Tell Barbara the truth, and tonight when you are lying in your empty bed you can keep my panties on the pillow next to you. Bye.” Not much sympathy there — and Jordan wasn’t much impressed with the advice either.

He spent most of the late morning and afternoon trying to study, when that was unsuccessful, he watched some college hoops. Perhaps that would take his mind off all his troubles. It worked for a while. However, the thought of Veritas floating through his body was never far from his mind. Especially not when he had to go and piss. Jordan held his cock in his hand and looked at the urine streaming forth. What was going on in his firehose? He didn’t deserve all of this, imagine only getting an erection when he was telling a lie. Jordan wasn’t quite sure whether he believed in the drug. Maybe it didn’t work or perhaps Barbara was playing mind games with him. He went to the bedroom took off all his clothes, and admired his body in the mirror. Not bad he thought. He could understand why Jackie was interested in adding his banana to her fruit salad. Practice makes perfect, so Jordan stood in front of the mirror and rehearsed what he was going to say to Barbara. It wasn’t going to be the truth and his penis was going to remain as flaccid as an amoeba.

“Barbara, I love you. I can’t believe you suspect me of having an affair with Jackie. You know she is not my type. My erection this morning wasn’t caused by Veritas or the lies I was telling, but by a full bladder. I have spent all day trying to figure out why you could accuse me of being unfaithful to you and I think I know why. It’s the strawberry panties you found, isn’t it? Yesterday morning I went to the laundromat and washed all my clothes. When I came home, I found this pair of white underwear in my laundry bag. I forgot all about them until I spilt some of the dessert on the tablecloth. I couldn’t find a cloth to clean the mess so I took the panties and used them to clean up the mess. Honey, I love you and would never be unfaithful to you. Isn’t it great – we have sorted this out? Now please do something about this drug you have Ataköy escort injected me with. I can’t go around with my dick jumping up and down like a jack in the box, depending on what I say and not on what I feel.”

Jordan was extremely proud of his story and of his penis, which had not risen a single degree. He was a little worried by the fact that perhaps the drug only worked when someone was telling a lie to an audience and was very nervous. So white lies would not produce the LIE protein, nor would telling lies to a mirror. To make sure his penis still worked and to further ensure that his traitorous manhood would not rise when he told Barbara about finding the panties in the laundry Jordan turned on one of their porno videos. Jordan loved watching the muff diving scenes. He fast forwarded the tape to one of his favorite spots and lay back. His sloppy dong soon metamorphosed into a workable hard-on and after forty-seven strokes his seed was blowing in the wind.

At the very same time that Jordan was cleaning the sperm from his stomach, Barbara was having a coffee break. Dylan came up to her and thanked her for the lovely dinner they had last night.

“I’m sorry I missed the dessert. Jackie told me it was one of the best she has ever had,” said Dylan, unsuspectingly opening a can of squirming, wriggling worms.

“Dylan, I wasn’t going to say anything but now I think I have no choice. Was Jackie wearing a pair of white silky panties with strawberries on them last night?”

“Yes, but how the hell did you know that?” Dylan wanted to know.

“I found them, thrown onto my desk, covered in ice cream and raspberry juice. I am afraid my Jordan did not behave himself. But don’t worry I am going to make Jordan suffer. He’ll never forget his infidelity.”

An hour and twenty minutes after she normally returned home, Barbara opened the front door to find an edgy and fidgety Jordan waiting for her. He didn’t get a chance to present his well-prepared argument.

“Jordan, I know you were unfaithful last night. Veritas is infallible. I am going to ask you some questions. I want you to answer the questions carefully and truthfully. Remember if you lie like you did this morning you will get an erection, if you tell the truth your penis will stay flaccid. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Jordan said, watching stunned as Barbara started taking off all her clothes right there and then. It wasn’t a gentle seductive strip show. It was much more in your face than that. She unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra. Even her nipples sticking out from her small breasts seemed as if they were aggressively challenging him. Barbara sat down and untied her shoelaces, took off her socks and started wiggling out of her jeans.

“I just wanted ….” Jordan didn’t get any further.

“Shut up or I leave like I am and I will fetch my stuff tomorrow,” Barbara said pulling off her black Victoria’s Secret panties. She lay down, spread her legs wide open. This was normally reserved for birthday’s and special occasions, although Barbara enjoyed sex and was sexually adventurous, her pussy was shy and Barbara did not see the point in showing her goods. “Do you love me? Yes or no?” she asked Jordan who was utterly confused.

” Yes and …..” was all Jordan could say. Barbara leaped up, wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her tongue into his mouth. He was speechless, totally shocked by Barbara’s behavior, this was not what he had expected. She was grinding her red, fiery pubic bush into his soft and retreating willy.

“Oh dear, Jordan, you really do love me. You have always wanted me to be aggressive and sexual. Well, look at me now.” She hopped off and stuck her finger in her furry cleft. “See how wet I am, and your penis is not up to it. Boy, that Veritas of ours really works. I am glad you really love me, but you betrayed me and from now on your penis will betray you.” She bent down to pick up her shirt pointing her perfect freckled bum in his face, a sight that would normally set his body on fire. Nothing doing. No action.

“Did you kiss Jackie’s pussy?”

“No, of course not” Whoops, a lie. Jordan’s dick grew and grew.

“Wow, Jordan look at your cock I bet it is at least 7 inches. That is bigger than I have ever seen it before. Bet it would feel good in my pussy. Pity I am not interested. Did you fuck her?”

“No never.”

“Oh my god. If you lie anymore your dick will explode — what a whopper. Hahaha I am so funny your dick and your lies are a whoppers. Let me measure your cock — eight solid rock-cock inches. Look at me, my traitorous pussy it is leaking. It wants some of your big cock meat. Should we just bygones be bygones and fuck like bunnies?”

“Yes, please that is a great idea.”

“Guess that must have been the truth look at your cute little peepie. It is the size of my little finger now. Too bad I was looking forward to riding your lying sledgehammer. Oh, this is such fun, it looks like I can play mental whack-a-mole with your cock. I can make Şirinevler escort bayan it go up and down whenever I want.” Then she turned around looked him in the eyes while she put on her shirt, jeans and shoes. No panties, socks or bra. She leaned forward, squeezed his limp appendage and left him for good.

This was the first time Jordan’s member did not rise to the occasion. He had never had problems getting it up before, in fact he was pretty proud of his regenerative powers in bed and on the dinning room table. His brain could only think of two things and neither of them was good. Barbara was gone for good, he had messed up a longstanding and healthy relationship and he felt devastated about that. That was bad enough, but he was more worried about the effect of the Veritas injection. How long did it last? Would he have to lie to all the girls he wanted to take to bed with him? Would any woman ever experience the joys of his crystalline cock again, or would they all laugh at his limp member? He was so fucked.

Chapter 3 April 12 Wednesday 4th day of erectile dysfunction

Veritas was not going affect his life, he was placing his penis in long-term storage. It was time to concentrate on the rapidly approaching exam season. Jordan went to all his classes. He managed to take decent notes, understood most of the work, but forgot to hand in a paper and got into trouble about that.

Barbara was an extremely focused individual, and all her attention was currently focused on her research. She was spending fourteen hours a day in the laboratory, and hadn’t spent much time thinking about Jordan. Occasionally when she was working on the LIE gene she wondered whether Jordan had been lying lately, and how he was dealing with the behavior of his penis. If Barbara had known how depressed Jordan was she would have been very proud of Veritas.

Barbara was staying in an apartment with three other girls, and it was time to get all her belongings from Jordan’s apartment. She knew that Jordan would be in class, so she went to the apartment, and steadily and meticulously removed everything that belonged to her. Even things she didn’t need. She took everything that was hers and left nothing, no forwarding address, not even a “Dear Jordan” letter. Barbara had no intention of ever coming back again. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen tragic circumstances, she would have to return to the apartment one more time.

Chapter 4 April 15, 2000 Friday 6th day with erectile malfunction

Friday Jordan had to see his parents at the country cottage just outside Kennebunkport, Maine. Jordan’s father had inherited the four-bedroom cottage. It stood on 3.4 acres of ground, just 8 minutes walk from the Atlantic Ocean. Tom Clarke was the cottage caretaker. He came in three times a week to mow the lawn and take care of the house. Jordan’s parents lived just outside of Boston and only came up to Kennebunkport once or twice a month. They had a hectic and full calendar in Boston and Jordan saw more of his parents in his occasional visits to Maine than in Boston. Tom’s wife Edith cooked for the family when they came to stay for the weekend. The only thing Jordan was looking forward to this weekend was Edith’s cooking. She had cooked for the family since Jordan was four and he loved her food.

Jordan had barely switched off the engine of his Lexus when the door to the cottage opened. There stood Janice Evangeline Marshall. Not a hair out of place, which was not surprising since her hair was always perfectly coiffured and her make-up was immaculately applied. During the height of Hurricane Gloria, Janice had gone outside into the 75 mile per hour winds to collect her purse from her Jaguar. When she came back indoors not a hair was out of place, her lipstick was perfect and the only way Jack could tell that his mother had been out in one of the worst storms in the history of the Northeast was by her wet clothes.

“Jordan, darling it’s so splendid to see you again. Where is that gorgeous fiancé of yours? I have the most fantastic news for the two of you.”

“Hi Mom. It’s good to see you too. I am afraid Barbara’s not coming this weekend. I’ll tell you more once we are inside and settled down.” Jordan said carrying his case into the house. He had to be very careful not to knock over or scratch any of the furniture. He went to his bedroom and put his bag on the bed. He had slept in this bed since he was old enough to get out of his crib. His mom never let Barbara sleep in his room. She was terribly conservative. Right now, Jordan was glad that Barbara had never slept in this room, at least there were no memories of her associated it. When Barbara came she always had to sleep in the guest room. Jordan would sneak over to her room when everyone was asleep. The guest bed didn’t squeak, his did.

Jordan knew there were Martini’s waiting in the library. He gritted his teeth and hoped Edith, the housekeeper, had made him a strong one. His mother was waiting for him, Martini in hand.

“Darling, I can’t wait for Barbara I just have to tell you my news. I have managed to book the most beautiful church and restaurant in Nantucket for your wedding. I know you haven’t set a date yet, but this opportunity isn’t going to be available again. Don’t look so glum. It’s June 2024, nearly two years from now. So please don’t feel as if I am rushing you.”

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Good Neighbors Ch. 11

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Lena Gets Behind the MILF Rules

Hi! Lena here. It’s been a busy summer! It is hard to believe I’ve come so far from grieving over the loss of my fifth husband in just these past two-and-a-half months. It’s also hard to believe our young men are preparing to leave for State College in only a few days. We have all learned so much about ourselves, about our young students and, most important of all, I believe we have all discovered just how important having meaningful, productive purposes for our lives can be.

Liz, Abbie and I have talked mornings over coffee and our workouts about all that has gone on and we have slowly, gradually begun to agree about so much of the important work we have undertaken this summer. Each of us has memories – adventures, really that have become truly defining moments for each of us in these past few weeks.

We have all come to hold some very strong convictions regarding our work with these five young men. Educating them, preparing them for the responsible roles we were certain they were to play in the world has become our calling. This may sound silly to you, but we were truly energized and united in our devotion to educating and enriching the lives of these young men. We felt we had become their guides for the next phase of their lives. That’s what MILFs are for.

Liz, Abbie and I were so taken by the gravity of all this that we have taken two important steps to help guide us. First, we defined ourselves and what makes us the unique women we are.

The definition of a MILF: A MILF is any mature, attractive woman who has been fucked by a grown man young enough to be her son.

Next, we developed seven rules to guide us in our work. It took some time to develop these rules, and each has come out of a great deal of sweat, dedication and heartfelt experience. What follows are our seven rules.

In the presence of impressionable young men, a MILF:

is always prepared
appreciates and responds warmly to compliments
expects thoughtful, gentlemanly behavior at all times
takes every opportunity to educate her students
dresses to be appreciated
never conceals the joy of her orgasms
strives to learn and improve for her students’ benefit

Now, make no mistakes about how strongly the three of us feel about our new rules because we each embrace them fully. I do, however, support and live by a few of them more reverently than others, as do Liz and Abbie. Young men still find me attractive, and I intend to use that fact for both their benefit as well as mine for as long as possible.

I personally contributed rule three. Young men ought to exercise a high degree of propriety and civility – particularly when it comes to this grandmother’s snug little exit door. My first experience with Jeff and Benjamin convinced me the two of them were in dire need of a lesson in etiquette. I took up the task of their first lesson the very next weekend.

“Good to see you both,” I told them as I welcomed them the following Saturday morning. I had managed to dig out that snug little pair of pink shorts Benjamin had swooned over so many years ago and I can honestly say with pride, my ass looked magnificent in them. They were snug at my waist and left just a hint of my cheeks exposed in back. My most recent husband, Norman had loved those shorts too. He would grab my ass every time I wore them, give my butt a squeeze and groan out, “Damn, woman you’ll give me a heart attack showin’ off your beautiful ass in those shorts!”

Sadly, I did give him a heart attack, but fortunately for Benjamin, I wasn’t wearing these shorts at the time, or I would have thrown them out ages ago. I didn’t expect to give Benjamin or Jeff a heart attack, but a hand on my ass and a playful squeeze from them would be ever so reassuring – if they asked me politely first.

“Who-o-o-ee!” Benjamin whistled when he caught a glimpse of me from the rear.

“Does that mean you like, young man?” I asked, thrusting my ass out for them both and looking over my shoulder at them.

Benjamin’s eyes grew huge, and he immediately leaned toward me, both hands poised to grasp my bottom as if his life’s work had suddenly become holding and fondling my cheeks.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I scolded them both, “How do you know I want you to put your hands on my bottom?”

“B-but-!” this dynamic duo whined out, almost in unison.

“But nothing. Did you ask? Politely?” I challenged.

The smiles began to drain from their faces. This time it was my turn to take advantage of their shock in this situation. I wasn’t about pass up an opportunity for two handsome young men to caress and admire my bottom but first they would need to learn a thing or two and they would of course have to work a bit harder before they could rest a hand on my backside.

“May we -uh examine those lovely shorts you’re wearing?” Jeff asked, a bit more contritely.

“You can check them out from right Avrupa yakası escort bayan where you are, gentlemen. Do you have some good reason for examining my shorts?” I asked.

Benjamin, the true lover of my ass in the room, spoke up, “Well . . . they fit you so perfectly . . . and you look so . . . comfortable in them. I just thought you might want to let us feel how comfortable you are in them.”

“So, you like the way I look?” I asked, pressing them for more.

“Oh, god yes!” Benjamin sighed, his eyes never straying from my outthrust posterior.

“Well, since you’ve asked me nicely and you’ve expressed an appreciation for my -um shorts, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything if each of you placed a hand here,” I said with an exaggerated gesture to my left cheek, “And here,” as I motioned to my right cheek, “Then you both could walk me to the living room.”

The two eased forward, more cautiously and reverently now. Their big, warm young hands each clasped my ass gently and we set off ever so slowly into the living room on our way to the couch. Their hands cupped my bottom more carefully and with far greater care this week. It was a lovely and remarkable turn of events to have my bottom being appreciated with such loving attention. It was so nice I stood for a long moment when we reached the couch and simply let them fondle me my ass. I was in heaven.

Finally, when I began to fear I wouldn’t be able to hold them off, even if I had wanted to, I said, “Why don’t you boys sit down, and I’ll get us something to drink.”

It took a moment, but they did finally and reluctantly withdraw their hands and sit. I noticed they left a narrow space between them. It was just enough space to accommodate me and leave me snugly hip-to-hip with them both.

“I’ll get us all something to drink,” I announced before sashaying off to the kitchen.

I returned two minutes later with a small tray containing two sodas for them and a glass of merlot for myself. Both young men appeared to be quite disappointed after taking the drinks I offered them when I sat in the armchair across from them.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable sitting here, between us,” Benjamin suggested with a glint in his eye.

“No, I wouldn’t,” I answered directly, then added, “Not until we’ve had a little talk.”

I crossed my legs, turned slightly in my chair to let them appreciate the full length of my smooth thigh and began, “You took advantage of me last week. You caught me at a very vulnerable time, what with my grieving over my last husband’s passing and all. You both were pushing your luck – and you probably need to know you can go to jail for what you did to my backside right there on that couch.” I pointed to the spot between them where Jeff had pulled me down on his big, throbbing cock and kissed me while Benjamin had climbed atop us both and planted himself deep in my asshole.

Their eyes grew wide at this last bit of information. I guess it never occurred to them that sodomy might be anything more than naughty.

“B-but we didn’t mean to do anything wrong!” Jeff sputtered.

“Yeah! We just thought the shock of it might help you. You know . . . maybe snap you out of the funk you’ve been in for the past year,” Benjamin added nervously.

The shock had indeed made a big difference, but I wasn’t about to tell them this just yet. I intended to lay down a few rules they needed to live by from now on. While the two of them worried about their possible legal problems, I took a long sip of my wine and let them stew.

Finally, after my second sip of wine, I spoke up. “Your little scheme went a long way toward snapping me out of my ‘funk’ as you call it. So did both your performances with each other’s mothers in the wee hours of the morning a few days ago. Seeing you with them is what really lit my fuse.”

“What performance?” Jeff asked defensively.

“What exactly did you see?” Benjamin asked with every bit as much surprise in his expression as Jeff was showing.

I’m sure these boys weren’t having half as much fun with me as they had hoped. After all, we all still had our clothes on and I was certain they were both a long, long way from growing any kind of stiffness in their pants.

“You two won’t get jealous or embarrassed now, will you? I mean, what I saw did involve your mothers and you – and not necessarily in the proper order,” I half-teased them.

Jeff glanced at Benjamin, then back to me and answered, “I guess we can handle whatever you can throw at us.”

I paused a second, smiled at them both and began, “Well, I was sitting on the front porch – another one of my sleepless nights – when Marty’s rickety car rolled into your driveway, Jeff. Marty and Preston got out and then, Benjamin your mother crawled out. She was naked as the day she was born and walking like she owned a good piece of the world. After she kissed Preston and Marty in a most Escort Ataköy unmotherly way, she got you, Benjamin, to walk up to the garage door with her, holding hands the whole time. The way she was walkin’ – well, let’s just say a streetwalker didn’t have anything on her.”

I paused to see if anything I’d said had struck a nerve in either of them. They were calm, so I went on, “When your mother got Benjamin in the garage, she pressed him against the car and pulled his pants down to his ankles and then she ran off into the house. The last I saw of you before the garage door closed, Benjamin, you were tearing your pants off like they were on fire and hopping real fast to get in the house after Jeff’s mother.”

After another pause, I added, “I don’t think either of you went in the house for milk and cookies.”

At this, Benjamin managed a grin and mumbled, “No cookies. We went straight to bed.”

I was surprised by his comment. I was also surprised that Jeff didn’t show any shock at Benjamin’s comment. I could only guess that the two of them had already spoken to one another about at least some of this.

I pushed on, turning my attention to Liz and her arrival a few minutes later, “After Marty and Preston pulled their pants on and left. – Did I mention that they didn’t have any clothes on either? Well, they didn’t! – A couple of minutes later a big ol’ pickup truck rumbled down the street and pulled into your driveway, Benjamin. There were two people in the back, and they were both gruntin’ and breathin’ real hard. I don’t think they were Indian wrestling, either. . . Anyway, the fellow in back turned out to be Edward. He popped up out of the bed of the truck so I could see him and then you, Jeff got out of the front of the truck. Pretty soon after that, Edward picked Benjamin’s mother up out of the bed of the truck. She was limp as a dishrag. She must have been worked over pretty good from the way she was hanging in Edward’s arms. Anyway, Edward handed your mother over the side of the truck to you, Jeff. You had her punch in the code on the garage door opener to get inside. It took her a long time. Then you carried Benjamin’s naked mother inside in your arms. I have no idea how or where her clothes went to. And I also don’t think you two went in and had milk and cookies before bedtime, either.”

I let the silence settle on them before continuing. “Now that you know a bit more about the things that helped to end my grieving, I hope you’ll understand if I don’t fall all over myself to thank you for all that rough treatment. Besides, I’m also going to try my darndest to get to know Marty, Preston and Edward much better too!”

“So, what do you plan to do about what we – what I did to you?” Benjamin asked cautiously.

“We-e-e-ll . . . I want you to know I’m not nearly as upset as you might think. It may shock you or it may just give you reason to be proud of yourself, but you were the first man who ever managed to shoe-horn yourself into my backside. And I’ve had several men try. You two were also the first to ever double-team me like that. I have never had two men cream me the way you two did,” I told them calmly before smiling. “And . . . I might just try it again – under certain conditions.”

Benjamin and Jeff sat up a little straighter there on the couch at my words. Benjamin almost let himself grin.

“What ‘conditions’?” Jeff asked cautiously.

“For starters, you’d have to ask permission. I mean, you can’t just shove a greasy dick up my ass without so much as a ‘howdy-do.’ And that’s just for starters.”

Benjamin frowned and asked, “Exactly how do we ask something like that?”

“I’ll get to that, but first there are some other ground rules. After asking, you have to be patient and you need to be willing to help me prepare for anal sex. I’ve thought a lot about this, and I have a few things I’d like to try if you really want to do this. Some of it you may not like doing. Some of it will take a good deal of time.”

“Like what?” Jeff asked.

“One of my childbirth classes taught me some relaxation techniques that might just help. I figure if they can help me through twelve hours of labor contractions and passing an eight-pound screaming baby out of my belly, they might just help ease several inches of hard throbbing dick up my rectum. Along with relaxation, I’m thinking an enema might just cut down on the mess as well. It might also make a little more room for the two of you inside me. Have either of you ever given an enema?” I asked matter-of-factly.

I got two radically different reactions from them at my question. Benjamin’s face lit up. You’d have thought I’d handed him the keys to a Ferrari and told him to find out how fast it would go. On the other side of things, Jeff’s face twisted up into something wrinkled and ugly. You’d have thought I had smeared my own shit on the tip of his nose.

I took note of the shock and glee I was seeing and Şirinevler escort told them, “This is an all-in or all-out proposition. You both have to agree.”

They looked at one another, exchanged an almost imperceptible nod, and I knew instantly that before these two were finished with this fifty-eight-year-old grandma, I would likely either be hospitalized or left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step that would last through Christmas.

“As long as I’m the one giving the enema!” Benjamin almost shouted.

This, I told myself, was going to be an opportunity for my young studs to learn some valuable lessons at my knee.

“Oh! One last thing – along with the enema kit, I want one of you to get a small – and I mean small butt plug. I think I’m going to need a little stretching to get ready for this. Also, we’re gonna need some kind scented oil for lube.”

“Okay. I can do that,” Jeff volunteered quietly.

We sat in silence for a moment, Benjamin grinning happily and Jeff sitting quietly, but clearly just as alert and interested as his partner in this lesson.

“Did you gentlemen want to do this today? If so, you’d best get to it!” I told them.

“Today? Now?” Jeff asked.

“Can you think of a better time?” I challenged them.

Sixty seconds later I was closing the door on two very eager young men on a mission. Twenty-five minutes later, Benjamin reappeared on my doorstep, enema kit in hand.

“We split up. I thought things would go faster that way,” Benjamin explained as he fidgeted with the package in his hands.

Jeff arrived five minutes later, a little out of breath and clearly excited. “I had to drive a little farther. Boy, that sex shop downtown by the hardware store has some . . . well – interesting stuff!”

He held out his hand to display a shiny, clear glass plug that was perhaps six inches in length. It looked awfully big in my opinion, but then, I was also imagining how it would feel lodged in my rectum. That made it much more personal. It had a small knob-like handle on one end and the other half was a pear-shaped pommel that tapered to a blunted little tip. I felt my rectum tense slightly, imagining all that smooth glass stretching me, my little sphincter at first straining to accept the broadest part, and then suddenly snapping down snugly about the narrow stem immediately above the handle. I was in for one of the great challenges of my life. I already knew the two of them would work in absolutely perfect unison together and I could only pray Jeff and Benjamin would be gentle and considerate with me throughout our lesson. Of course, as I reminded myself, that was the whole point of this lesson.

“Jeff, why don’t you put that in your pocket and keep it nice and warm for later. As a matter of fact, why don’t you put that oil in a nice warm place too,” I told him.

We were together in the living room again when I asked them, “Do you still want to do this?”

They nodded eagerly and so I prodded them, “Then you’ll have to ask me for it.”

“Silver Fox, we would very much like to fuck you in the ass. Would you mind?” Benjamin asked without a moment’s hesitation.

His question, direct as it was, struck me as, well – rude. Yes, Benjamin was certainly about to fuck me in the ass but the saying ‘fuck you in the ass’ was a little too crude for my tastes. There had to be a better way to discuss this all and I racked my brain for a more suitable way to frame our little adventure.

“Instead of ass-fucking or anything that crude, could we refer to it as a rear-end collision?” I asked them finally.

Jeff grinned and said, “Oh, you mean like a three-car pileup?”

“Then you don’t mind getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic?” Benjamin chimed in.

I kind of liked the way this was going and added, “Well as long as we don’t have to call a tow truck and I don’t need any bodywork when we’re done. Let’s see if we can keep the damage to a minimum.”

We all got a laugh out of that and finally I said, “Sure, let’s go see if the three of us can create a controlled pileup together.”

“Better buckle up. This could be a bumpy ride,” Jeff joked.

Once upstairs in my bedroom, I sat them both on the bed and gave them the rest of my ground rules for this adventure as well as instructions concerning a proper and safe enema. As Benjamin prepared the apparatus, I spread a towel out on the bathroom floor to lie down on. While an enema is always unpleasant, the process went smoothly enough, and I emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later clean once again and now quite nude. I discovered Benjamin and Jeff sitting on the bed, both equally naked. Now, most men are quite skittish about spending their time in the nude with another male but that definitely wasn’t the case with Jeff and Benjamin. Perhaps Abbie and Liz bathed them together as children or possibly it was simply a part of the deep, almost spiritual connection the pair shared with one another, but they were most definitely primed and ready for me when I appeared.

They didn’t stand when I entered the bedroom, but their cocks certainly came to attention for me. It’s so reassuring for me to know that at fifty-eight years old I can still draw the attention of such handsome and virile young men!

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The Hedonism House

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18.

Hello again. The following is another mature woman story, minus the romance. Rather, it is about an uninhibited older woman indulging in a sexual escapade of fantastic proportions. It’s just slightly longer than my other work. I hope you enjoy it.


The Hedonism House

The Hike

Jessica pulled off the old road just before the barrier gate. The gate was rusty and old but still looked quite formidable, as did the chain and padlock. According to her map, the resort was still another six or seven miles up the mountain.

Jessica sighed. She’d hoped that she’d be able to get a bit closer before having to hike. “But when did anything ever go to plan, right?”

Jessica got out of her trusty Subaru and opened the rear hatch to get her backpack and her camera case squared away. She left the dashboard note and locked the car, stowing the keys in her camera case. The note was a just-in-case measure.


It pays to be careful and Jess always tried to be when she was exploring solo. Jessica Cassidy was an urban explorer. That’s someone who specializes in exploring man-made objects and buildings, ancient or new. It was also called urban spelunking or building hacking. It was Jessica’s passion, but it amounted to a hobby. Her vocation was photography. Jessica’s work had been in TIME, LIFE, National Geographic, and many other magazines, from her travels all over the world. Usually, while she was exploring some old ruin or abandoned building. Urban exploration as a hobby had been growing globally over the last decade, with many websites and even a few TV shows dedicated to it.

This trip was something she’d been researching off and on, for a few years. The Hudson House. There couldn’t be a more unpretentious name for a luxury resort. Jessica believed that was the point when you think about what had been rumored to go on there and with whom. There was a marked lack of information on the place to this day. According to the internet, it was just an old resort dating back to the roaring twenties and had been owned by the same family until it closed in the eighties. It had been an exclusive resort and according to the locals nearby, not just anyone could get in. The locals referred to it jokingly, as the Hedonism House.

Jessica shouldered her pack and slung her camera case strap to place the case on her right hip. The top was unzipped giving her quick access to her camera. She wasn’t gunslinger-quick on the camera draw, but quick enough and it had resulted in some remarkable candid photos in the past. The kind that magazines and news agencies pay big bucks for.

Jess gazed up the road and was glad that she had a road to follow even though it did wind a bit. Six miles uphill is nothing to sneeze at and Jess was glad she was still in good enough shape at forty-four to do so. At five foot, six inches, she had a sturdy frame and good muscle tone. She was naturally blessed with the curves that turn men’s and even some women’s, heads.

“Well, this mountain isn’t gonna climb itself.” Jessica took a swig from her water bottle and started up the road. The road hadn’t been maintained in forty-plus years and Tennessee winters are rough at this elevation. She was careful with her footing, keeping her booted feet on the best of the remaining blacktop. It was early September and it was already a flannel shirt over Cold Gear thermals weather. She had warmer gear packed if the need arose. Her jeans hugged Jessica’s shapely legs and ass. It was a perfect day for the trip, with no rain in the forecast for over a week. As she walked, she mulled over the last few days she’d had.


David looked at her from his side of the bed. “Jess, I’m not comfortable with you doing this one alone. There is zero info on this place on the internet. You’ve no idea what shape the buildings are in, what hazards might be there after forty-odd years.” Jessica was sitting up on her side of the bed, with the file folder that held the limited data she had, on the Hudson. Her bare breasts shone in the morning light. Jess looked back at him, taking in his naked body, lying on the cool sheet. God, it was hard to concentrate when he did that.

“Then I guess it’s a good thing that I’m the boss and you’re the assistant then, isn’t it?” Jessica said smiling.

David was so much more than her assistant. She’d hired him three years ago. He was very good at his job, handsome, intelligent, and capable. Fourteen months ago, the thirty-year-old had become her lover. Much Avrupa yakası escort more than an assistant. Technically, what they had was non-exclusive, but Jessica hadn’t been with anyone else since, and as far as she knew, neither had he.

David slid over and pulled the sheet down off Jessica’s naked lap, dragging the file folder and its contents with it, grinning. He rolled onto his belly and spread her legs while pulling her towards him.

“Now don’t think I’m gonna see things your way just because … Oh!” Jessica gasped as David licked her labia minora. “Oh, you bastard, that feels good.”

David was a marvelous pussy licker. A gods-damned sexual savant, Jessica had always thought. David took his time. He licked all around her inner labia, licking her pussy lips and taking them into his mouth. That always got Jessica super wet.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Jessica sat up and pulled away from him. David just looked at her. His own version of puppy dog eyes. He was somehow able to put his caring, disappointment, and desire for her into an expression that somehow didn’t look ridiculous. It looked fucking sexy, is what it did.

With a frustrated growl, Jessica pulled her legs under herself and grabbed David; rolling him onto his back. David laughed. Jessica threw her leg over David’s head and mounted him in a sixty-nine position “We’ll see who makes who, cum first.”

As Jessica began sliding her wet pussy across his mouth, David was able to mumble back. “Challenge accepted.” And he wasn’t playing around, he knew Jessica’s pleasure spots as well as he knew his own. Grabbing a pillow, he jammed it under his head and began his assault on Jessica’s vagina, sucking on her sweet pink folds. Jessica had a lovely pussy with thick heavy lips that felt wonderful when they slid around his cock. Sucking them into his mouth was a visceral experience that he never grew tired of. He loved sliding his tongue between them, lapping at her pussy juices as they leaked from her.

Jessica eyed David’s hard cock an inch before her eyes. It was thick and veiny, the absolute perfect size. Perfect for her anyway. The fucking holy grail of penis-dom. Her mouth watered as she opened it and slid his hard cock into her. She massaged his balls with her hand as she slid him in and out of her mouth, sucking insistently.

David moaned as he began sucking on Jessica’s clit. As Jessica sped up her efforts, David began tongue fucking her slippery opening. David felt his balls tighten and knew he was in trouble. Damn, she was good at that. If she had been on her back so that he could employ his fingers fully, she’d already be a quivering mess on the sheets.

David redoubled his efforts and began sucking on Jessica’s clit with wild abandon. Jessica came in a wave of bliss as she ground her wet pussy on David’s face. But just a few seconds after David shot his creamy load down Jessica’s throat. Their final moans echoed through the mostly glass house. Afterward, David spooned up behind Jess and they both lay gazing out the window, over the lake.

“Listen, I’ve got some shit to work through. I’m going to do this one on my own. I’ll be extraordinarily careful. I need this right now. Think of it as a mental health retreat. We’ll talk when I get back.” Jessica whispered.

“Okay.” David paused. “You likely won’t have cell service up there, but call me the moment you get back to the main road. If I don’t hear from you on the evening of the ninth, I’m calling in the frigging cavalry.”



Jessica continued up the old road, resting and drinking as needed. She pushed her black hair from her eyes and hooked it over her ear. Thick black hair and dark eyes had been her father’s genetic gift to Jessica along with his pale complexion. Her mom had left when she was small and Jessica didn’t remember her. Jessica supposed she’d gotten her high cheekbones, plump lips, and shapely figure from her because the ladies on dad’s side were pretty scrawny. Dad wouldn’t tell her much about her mom. He seemed happier not thinking about her so Jess learned to keep her questions to herself. Jessica’s dad had remarried when Jess was ten and as far as stepmothers went, Jessica figured she’d gotten off lucky. They got along pretty well.

Between mom and step-mom though, she’d been close to her dad. Her dad had a fondness for old movies and they’d spent many after-school, after-work hours on the couch watching some old western or war epic, usually in black and white.


The House

Jessica had been trudging up this road for a little over three hours when the perimeter wall and gate to the resort came into view. The wall and the gatehouse were built from red brick. The gate, Jessica was not surprised to see, was missing. Probably made of wrought iron, someone had likely stolen them, which explained the barrier gate back where Jessica had parked.

Wanting to get Ataköy escort bayan an overview of the resort, Jessica was overjoyed to see where a pine tree had grown up at the base of the wall and then died. The branches made a pretty handy ladder to the top of the wall. Climbing up carefully without her pack on, she was able to get to the top with her camera. From her new vantage point, the resort grounds spread out before her. Jessica let out a whistle of amazement.

The grounds were huge. The walk to the house was still another half mile. The house itself looked quite out of place in the hills of Tennessee. It looked more like a manor house from some ancient English or Scottish estate. She’d crawled through several over the years. Jessica took some good photos of the sprawling overgrown landscape and the resort as a whole, before climbing down.

Jessica grabbed her pack, stepped through the open gateway, and started toward the house. She’d timed it well. When it was going to be a hike-in hack, it was always best to time it so that you arrived in the late afternoon. Jess liked to have time to do a safety check and find a decent place to camp, in the building if possible. She preferred to start exploring first thing in the morning, so she had a full day of sunlight ahead of her.

One detail jumped out at her as she stepped through the gate. Usually, places like this are covered in No Trespassing signs. Jessica hadn’t seen one. Not even on the barrier gate. With a clear view of the front door to the house, she stepped off the road and began crossing what must have been an expansive front lawn. As she walked, she spotted vine-covered masonry and statuary, and rusty plumbing from the system that likely had watered this enormous garden. The cost of maintaining an area like this today would be out of reach for any but the wealthiest. As she neared the house, she spotted a pair of buildings to either side of the manor. According to the limited data she’d found, the one on the left was an old carriage house that had been converted into a garage for the resort’s vehicles. On the right were the servant’s quarters. The staff that entertained or serviced (both?) the guests, had lived there.

The rumors of this place were shrouded in mystery. After reading first-hand accounts and the few interviews she’d been able to conduct of locals that had worked here, very few were willing to go on the record of who was here and when. But a few hinted that this place existed for the rich and famous to indulge in wildly debaucherous behavior. Celebrities of all sorts, politicians, and heads of state. But only certain ones. It was by invitation only, but once you were invited, you were allowed anytime there was room for you, and you could afford it. Rather like the infamous Playboy Mansion, Jessica supposed, though this resort existed decades before Hef’s place.

Jessica approached the front of the building and started across the old parking lot. Like the road, the blacktop was pretty well destroyed by the freezing of the many winters since this place closed. Rumors were, that the cost of this place and severe mismanagement by the ownership was what caused this place to close in the 1980s, and tax records bore this out. But one old woman who lived locally had told Jessica, that it had been the AIDS epidemic that was the final nail in the Hudson’s, coffin. Debauchery had gone out of fashion.

From a distance, Jessica was able to see up the enormous front staircase that the front doors were pretty seriously boarded up, with chains wrapped through the ornate brass door handles. Based on her experience, the servant’s area was the next best place to check for entry. The windows of the first floor were twelve feet off the ground, and most of them were still intact. She’d avoid climbing if possible.

In no time, Jess found an employee’s service door on the east side of the house that had been un-boarded and kicked in. Jessica figured she wasn’t the first building hacker to visit here but had found no exposés or reports on the resort at all. Like it hadn’t been interesting enough to even mention.

Jessica kept no less than four light sources with her at all times. She had a headband light and two handheld flashlights, as well as a small LED lantern. The lantern and one flashlight were solar, and she kept plenty of batteries for the other two.

Jessica flipped on her headband light and stepped into the house. As she expected she found herself in the kitchens first.

“This can’t be right” was Jessica’s first thought. She looked around, mystified. With the light coming through dirty windows and her headlamp, she was able to make her way into a dining area.

“This is amazing! It’s all still here!” Jessica was stunned. Every table, chair, light fixture, stove, sink, and food cart were still there. In nearly every other building she’d explored, such things were missing or destroyed. Plumbing was ripped from walls and sold for its weight at the scrap yard. But it was all still here, albeit filthy, moth-eaten, Escort Şirinevler broken, and rotted in most cases. Wallpaper drooped off the walls like clocks in a Salvadore Dalí painting.

Jessica checked her watch. “Time to find a base camp,” Jessica whispered to herself. During the day, the big cavernous rooms were fine, but at night they freaked her out. Jessica searched for a staircase up to where she assumed the suites would be. There she’d find a small bedroom with an intact door to wedge closed and windows to provide a way out in an emergency.

Jessica headed in the cardinal direction that the front door should be along, knowing the architecture of the period would usually include an enormous foyer with a staircase. She was not disappointed.

Jessica’s jaw dropped when she saw the enormous chandelier that hung in the foyer. A few pieces of its crystal littered the bulging and filthy tile floors, but even so, the antique that still hung was worth tens of thousands today. Perhaps much more. Staircases are always dodgy in these old buildings, but the grand staircase was of black marble with wrought iron railings. It looked as hale today as it had eighty years ago.

Jessica walked up cautiously nonetheless, listening for any telltale creaking or other sounds of fatigue, but there were none. At the top of the stairs, she turned right and traveled down the dry rotted carpet in a hallway that featured many doors spaced evenly, until the hall ended with some sort of metal gate. Two had always been her lucky number, so she chose the second door on the right, knowing it would provide a room facing the front of the building.

The door stood open and Jessica stepped through into the suite. Every piece of furniture was present as it must have been in the old days. The windows were cracked but intact. She’d never sleep on any of the furniture for fear of mold but the room didn’t smell of mold. It had a dry smell like an old book. The floor of the main room was carpeted and dry-rotted, but the first room on the left was tiled. It was a bedroom.

“Bingo. We have a winner.” Jessica thought. After opening her pack, she put on a particulate mask and slid the old mattress off the bed and into the main room. Then she pulled her trusty air quality monitor from her pack. After a power-up sequence, it reported no concerns. Then Jess checked the door. Solid enough. Base camp established. Jess quickly surveyed the rest of the suite but found no obvious hazards.

Jessica closed the bedroom door and added a portable door jammer, to the bottom. It was a handy little spring device that made the door nearly impossible to open from the other side. She ate her better-than-average military field ration and drank a bottle of water. Jessica unrolled her camping mat and sleeping bag. The last thing she did in the light of her solar lantern was to check her camera equipment like a soldier would his weapon, while in the field.

Lying on her back and looking up at the cracked ceiling plaster, Jessica thought about David. Jess was pretty sure that he was in love with her. It was in the way he looked at her, and the way he whispered her name. The way he kissed her. David knew how Jessica felt about the L-word. He wouldn’t be the first to say anything.

The love thing just wasn’t Jessica’s style. She’d said it and meant it once to a lover after college. That relationship had ended nearly immediately thereafter. It hadn’t broken her heart but surely had left it badly bruised. Since then, she’d had her work and took lovers as she wanted them. No permanent attachments. No hurt feelings. Then David squirreled his way into her life. She didn’t want to lose David, but was that love? He was the yin to her yang, in so many ways, but she just didn’t know. Jessica intended to take this week to figure it out. If she did love him, and Jess could admit the possibility existed, what would he want of her? Marriage? Kids? The house with the picket fence? None of that appealed to her. Only being with him … did.


Welcome to Hudson House

Jessica was awakened by a shaft of sunlight on her face. She stretched lazily. Oh, she’d slept so well. The mattress was so comfy and her covers felt like … silk?

Jessica sat up like a shot, near panic. She was laying in the bed she’d moved the night before. Jessica’s eyes were wide and her mouth shut tight against the scream that was ready in the back of her throat. The room was immaculately clean and well-decorated. The windows and mirror were spotlessly clean. Paintings hung on the wall and a clock stood on a dresser. No cracks in the ceiling plaster.

Jessica looked down at herself to find that she wasn’t wearing her own clothing but rather a beautiful blue silk nightgown. Jessica slid out of the bed like a soldier trying to avoid making herself a target. She crawled to the window, poked her head up, and gazed out.

Jessica’s head swam. The parking lot in front of the building was in perfect condition and filled to overflowing with the most gorgeous cars to ever leave a Detroit factory. A glance made her think of the late 1950s. Huge cars of glass, chrome, and Pittsburg steel. The grounds beyond were a detailed and manicured garden masterpiece. Elaborate topiaries, hedges, and statuary were spread about with an artist’s touch.

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In Humiliating Service Ch. 01

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I am a thirty-six year old, good looking, rugged, bisexual male. I am very athletic, in great shape, with good Nordic looks. I ride motorcycles, love extreme sports, am well educated with a degree in Engineering and an MBA, own my own successful business, have lots of friends and am sought after by attractive women. I love having relationships with great looking women and also love having occasional flings with men. There is a darker side to me though. I love humiliation. It makes me hornier that anything and gives me those oh so nice butterflies in the belly. This series is about how I get this humiliation by having sex with very unattractive people that very few would touch. I get off on sexually servicing these people that would probably not be getting any sex if it were not for my debasement. This series is a few of my adventures and each chapter can be read on its own.

I love riding motorcycles, and on nice days I like taking rides outside of my city. I love riding for an hour or so and stopping at local Redneck bars or Honky Tonks and having a couple of beers. These places are great because you meet the locals of whatever small town you are in and the patrons are usually fine with their lots in life. It is not like in the trendy city bars and clubs where everyone is trying to show how great they are.

One Saturday I rode to a small town about two hours outside of my city. The ride was great, all on back country roads. When I reached this town, full of Main Street decayed old buildings I noticed a bar. I stopped in and ordered a beer. There was a college football game being played on a big screen and the few patrons were really into the game.

Two seats down from me on the bar was an old very fat lady. She was probably mid-sixties about five foot four and well over two hundred pounds. She had shoulder length blond bleached hair. Her face was not that wrinkly because the fat stretched her skin out but one side kind of sagged, I guess because of a stroke. She had HUGE saggy tits, a big gut that protruded more than her tits, a humongous ass that flowed off the bar stool and very thick thighs. I could see the cottage cheese texture of her thighs very easily because she was wearing shorts.

She kept talking to me about the game and the players of team she was rooting for. Since she was talking a lot to me, I moved a seat down to be next to her. She seemed happy with my move and continued talking about various players and how great they were. I listened politely and made a few comments of my own.

I learned that her name was Phyllis and confirmed by her slurred speech that her half sagging face was definitely from a stroke.

Within five minutes she spread her massive cottage cheese thighs so the one next to me touched my thigh. I pushed my thigh into hers with a little more pressure and she did not mind at all, so I started touching her with my hand when we were talking to each other. On various plays she would grab onto my thigh which was less than a quarter the size of hers.

My cock was as hard as it would get. She was the perfect woman for me to humiliate myself with, and I leaned in to listen to her with interest as she talked. The thought of burying my head in her old fat snatch sent shivers of horny shame through my bones!

When the game ended, I started asking her personal questions about herself and her life and she was thrilled to answer in length. I found out that her Husband had died from a work-related accident eight years go and that she had never dated or been with a man since. Tüyap escort bayan Her kids were all grown up and lived with their spouses. She lived by herself in a mobile home, four miles away and comes to the bar to watch games.

By now she was holding my hand tightly and I knew that I was going to service this fat old lady. Finishing my beer I told her, “I never drink more than two beers in a bar. I don’t want a DUI and I need to be safe on my motorcycle.”

“That’s a shame.” She slurred, “I am having so much fun talking to you.”

“I am also having a great time and don’t want to end the conversation.” I replied. “Why don’t we go back to your place and continue?”

She quickly agreed with as much of a smile as she could manage. I told her I would follow her to her trailer on my motorcycle.

When she got up off the bar stool I could she even better how fat and cellulite ridden she was. Her thighs and arms just wobbled as she said good bye to the bartender and waddled out the front door. She was disgusting and I was going to humiliate myself be feasting on her!

She hoisted herself up into an old beat-up pick-up truck as I put on my helmet and revved my bike. Within five minutes we were at her trailer.

I followed her in and she took two cans Keystone beer out fridge and opened them for us. I took a sip from mine and said, “Thank you.”

Before she could sit down, I grabbed her and just leaned in for a kiss. I could see the shock in her face but she latched on to me enveloping me in her massive chest and kissed back with passion. We made out for a few minutes and I enjoyed feeling all of the rolls of fat on her back and ass.

“Why would a great looking young man like you be kissing a Grandma like me?” She asked, when we finally parted for some air.

“I just find you so fun to talk with and I am very attracted to you Phyllis.” I replied, taking her hand and putting it on my rock-hard cock, “You can feel that I am not lying.”

“Oh my!” She exclaimed, “It has been years since I have felt one of those!”

She then grabbed me really hard and Frenched me with years of built up passion! I grabbed onto her kissing back. I kind of melted into her flab and could taste the cheap beer on her breath. I was so disgusted with myself but just needed to feel this shame of servicing her!

We made our way to the sofa never letting go of each other. Phyllis pushed me down onto it and she flopped on top of me. I was smothered in her flesh and we continued making out. Her lips were soft and flabby and I so knew that I was making out with an old woman. My forearms almost disappeared into the rolls of fat on her back as I hugged her tightly. Her tongue was huge and juice and completely filled up my mouth when I sucked on it. This was such delicious nastiness.

I felt all of her fleshy back, ass and cellulite ridden thighs as we made out. My lips were starting to get sore by the time Phyllis sat up and pulled of her huge T-shirt and unsnapped her massive bra.

Her tits were humongous! All fleshy and sagging with huge areolas much bigger than silver dollars and nipples the size of cherry tomatoes that were not defined at all but just melded into her massive breasts. Her stomach was bigger even yet. Filled with stretch mark scars and even some varicose veins. It was truly disgusting and I was going to spend time being intimate with her! I felt shame burn in the pit of my stomach and my cock got even harder with precum wetting my underwear. It was only right that I debase myself Escort Tüyap in the service of this old fat lady who would probably never have sex again in her life if it were not for me.

Phyllis also pulled my shirt off and laid back down on me. I could now feel her warmth more, and sweat was building up between us. We made out for a while longer and then she sat up and I sucked on her huge nipples. While doing so I kept grabbing mounds of her breast and stomach flab squeezing and massaging it. I could tell that Phyllis was loving it by the absolute blissful faces she was making.

Eventually Phyllis climbed off of me and said, “Let’s move to the bedroom. It will be much more comfortable there.” With that she took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. Once in she Kicked off her shoes and pulled down her shorts along with her panties.

Man was she one big tub of fat. I could see how her stomach hung over her crotch, like a huge third tit, completely blocking it from sight. Her ass was also huge and it sagged with its weight and age. She had tons of varicose veins all over her calves and some on her thighs, stomach and the exposed sides of her tits. Phyllis was a walking lump of cottage cheese! So much cellulite!

Phyllis went down to her knees and started sucking my cock. It felt wonderful. She knew how to avoid using her teeth and was very gentle. Her huge tongue was so soft. In less than a minute I pushed her away telling her that I was already on the edge. Once I came there would be no way I would do anything with her.

I pushed Phyllis back onto her bed and started kissing and sucking the rolls of fat on her stomach slowly working my way down to her thighs. Pushing her massive stomach over to the side I could see that she had a huge bush of black and gray hair. No razor had ever seen her snatch. I could also smell her arousal so earthy and intoxicating. I nuzzled my face into the ripples of fat on her thighs and continued kissing and sucking on her cellulite up and down both thighs.

She moaned with delight as much as I burned with shame for doing this. I eventually made my way to her fat pussy. I pushed the bush hairs away with my nose and made a long lick from taint to hood. She was sopping wet and shivered.

“You are a god!” She moaned to me, “It have been over 30 years since my late husband ever went down on me. Please don’t stop.”

There was no way I was going to stop. Being on my knees on the floor feasting on this fat, wet, hairy cunt was just where I was meant to be. My whole body burned in my debasement and my cock leaked precum with no end. This would be my service to the less fortunate.

I lightly licked her taint and the very bottom of her opening for a few minutes. Phyllis moaned, shuddered and grabbed the back of my head telling me that she needed more. I obliged by giving her some long licks from taint to hood. She seemed to be trying to pull by head to her clit so I shifted my focus. Her clit was huge, as big as the last part of my pinky finger and I could suck on it almost as if it was a little cock. Suck on it I did and in less than a minute I felt Phyllis clenching her fat thighs around my head as she shuddered in a huge climax.

My face felt the wetness, and my whole world at that point was her huge snatch. I could feel her rough hairs on my cheeks and forehead. Phyllis’s thighs seemed to get warmer and then she released her vice grip on my head throatily exclaiming how great it was.

I did not stop I kept sucking lightly on that clit Tüyap Escort and started lightly rubbing the bottom of her huge opening with my right index finger. Phyllis shuddered in three more powerful orgasms within ten minutes.

“Enough!” She exclaimed, “I can’t take it anymore. I need you inside of me.”

I climbed up on the bed and got on top of Phyllis I kissed her lightly, feeling how my thin body just melted into all of her flab. Her huge gut and massive tits were so soft under my firm abdomen and chest.

“I am going to enter you now, Phyllis.” I told her, “What I am going to ask of you might sound weird but please promise me this. When I cum and roll off of you, climb on top of me and straddle my face. Feed me your well fucked pussy!”

“Why would you want me to do that to you?” She asked with a perplexed look.

“I will make me horny again so that we can continue our fun.” I replied.

“Are you sure?” She asked once again.

I shook my head yes and penetrated her to the hilt. Her cunt was so big and wet my cock just slid in easily. Her pussy was not tight at all. It felt like I had velvet wrapped around my cock. It was so silky and wet. It just lightly tickled the sides of my cock. I slowly fucked Phyllis taking care to pull my dick all the way out, totally removing the head from her labia and penetrating to the hilt.

Her pussy felt so great I could only last a minute and had a massive climax. So much shame, and a huge load of cum poured out of me, deep into her gash. As soon as I calmed down, I regretted my request and what was about to happen but knew that I needed it. It would humiliate me even more and confirm my service.

I rolled off of Phyllis and laid on my back on the bed. Phyllis rolled over on to her side and hoisted herself up to her knees. I was amazed by the sight of all her huge fleshy bulk. I watched mesmerized and she waddled over to my head on her knees and swung a knee and thigh over my face. She leaned forward and planted her crotch right on top of my face. I breathed in her musky scent and could feel all her stomach flab and massive tits weigh down on my stomach and chest and then my world went dark.

I reached up and grabbed huge armfuls of her big rippled ass cheeks and began sucking and licking her snatch. At first, I could only taste Phyllis’s wetness but time and gravity finally took over, and my load started leaking out. I sucked it in and swallowed it down. This was so disgusting. The humiliation of what I was doing and the bitter bleachy taste of my load making me horny again. I started licking and sucking with renewed vigor and stuck my tongue and lips as far into her wet folds as I could. Not much cum came out but the taste kept on filling my mouth.

I thought about what all my friends, family, coworkers and hot exes would think of me if they could see me now. The thought of them seeing me in my current debasement burned deep in my stomach and my shame grew. I got hard again and started sucking on Phyllis’s clit once more.

Phyllis had another small orgasm and rolled off of me totally satiated. I climbed on top of her putting my head on her massive tit and wedging her huge thigh between my thin legs so that my balls were mushed into here thigh cellulite.

It felt so comfy and Phyllis declared, “I can’t believe you are hard already! I can’t go again; you have tired this old lady out.”

“That’s OK Sweetheart.” I replied, “I will save it for next time I am out this way.”

I snuggled with Phyllis for a while letting the burning shame of what I had done burn deep into me. Eventually we got up and Phyllis fried us some eggs and bacon and sent me on my way. Not before hugging me really tight and forcing a good make out session on me.

I promised to call her next time I came her way. I know I will be on a regular basis.

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Petra’s Erotic Photo Gallery Ch. 01

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Eight of my Petra stories appeared in Exhibitionist and Voyeur as “Petra’s Pictures” and “Petra Poses”. The attractive college senior has a preference for older men with experience, which leads to posing suggestively for her professor’s Fine Arts curriculum. She always ends the sessions in bed with him and others.

This new series picks up two years later. Petra has graduated and opened a little art gallery downtown. It is struggling, but when her former professor drops by to visit, he offers a solution and an orgasmic renewal of their good times together.

The Fine Arts 345 class was packed to the rafters, every seat filled to the top of the big lecture theatre. There were plenty of jocks up there, but they were awake and alert, eager for Professor William Edwards to start projecting today’s photographic treat. The brunette who was always featured in his teaching slides motivated them far more than any interest in design trends through the ages.

Every time he used the now two-year-old images, Edwards felt a nostalgia for the Friday nights when he shot the pictures. Back then he had asked an attractive student in his class, Petra Stanwick, to pose for him in clothing representing different periods in design. The idea stemmed from his friend, Ronald Dennison from the English Literature Department. The use of Petra’s images in his Shakespeare class had drawn in legions of students and earned him a promotion.

Both men missed Petra, the bold young woman who literally came alive in front of the lens. Mostly they missed fucking the living Hell out of her, the typical conclusion of their red-hot photography sessions at Edwards’ apartment. Separately and together, they had plied Petra’s lovely body in every way imaginable, driving the young lady to stupendous orgasms over and over. She was insatiable!

Her experienced blonde girlfriend Emmeline Jones was another devastating loss, a fantastic lay no longer available. She had especially enjoyed being pounded relentlessly by Dennison’s mighty cock while Edwards zoomed in close to record every bit of the wicked action. And there’d been those intense girl-girl scenes between Emma and Petra, male fantasy played out in intimate detail by two shameless beauties.

Those were the good old days. But then Ms. Stanwick graduated and went out to make her mark. She told Professor Edwards that she intended to start a little business, her own art gallery, where she could put what she’d learned to good use. He wished her well, and then lost touch with Petra as waves of new students inundated his time. But he still had those slides to use in his class.

It was time to start another Monday morning lecture. Damn it! Why did the administrators keep giving him such an early time slot? It was because they knew students would line up to register for Fine Arts 345 even in the worst possible spot in the weekly schedule. They were right- a few hundred of them sat anxiously waiting for the Professor to begin.

“Ahem!” he cleared his throat to begin. “This week will feature design in the Tudor period. It might interest you to know that the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet was written then and I just happen to have a wealth of very ‘engaging’ pictures from that work. You will probably recognize the young woman playing Juliet, though as always, her face remains hidden. Later this week I’ll tell you a little secret about her.”

This set off a loud buzz, with students calling out playfully, demanding to hear the secret now. But no, the Professor had no intention of telling them yet that the model had once been someone in his Fine Arts class. On no account would he ever reveal her name or that of her photographer.

“Here are some images of that famous scene where Juliet calls down from her bedroom balcony, ‘Romeo, Romeo. Wherefor art thou, Romeo?’ Look what she’s wearing. It’s typically Sixteenth Century, and she fills it out so nicely, doesn’t she? You probably noticed how the little brocade waistcoat cinches tightly at the waist, highlighting her abundant ‘charms’, shall we say.

This brought a big laugh because no-one could miss the fact that the brunette model, her face partly obscured by shadow, packed a fine set of tits!

“Now she’s opened it up to reveal the little camisole she wears underneath. You might have noticed several buttons are undone as she leans forward over the railing, looking for her lover below.” Then referring to the deep cleavage on display he added, “Be careful nothing falls out, Pe… Juliet.”

The class laughed again while Edwards took a deep breath and gathered his panicking wits together.

“Damn! I almost said her name! Be more careful, William,” he reminded himself before continuing.

“The skirts were very full in Tudor times. You can see that when Juliet balances herself on her knees peering down into the garden. She has no stockings here. Usually nothing more than an ankle was revealed, but Juliet is being risque, flashing most of her legs like that. And… did you realize… people istanbul escort seldom wore knickers,” he mugged before adding, “Really… it’s true!”

After the hubbub died down, the professor moved on.

“You’ll like the next scene. They’re in Juliet’s bedroom, and this is what a young woman might wear to bed then. The fabric varied with wealth, all the way up to the finest silk. It looks like Romeo is eager to strip her, there by their wedding bed.”

Professor Edwards leaned toward his computer and projected another picture on the overhead screen.

“Close up, you can see the quality of Juliet’s nightwear. Diaphanous best describes it. Just gauzy enough to hide her body, but rather sheer to show the bare skin underneath it. This is a beautiful woman dressed in an expensive imported gown of the finest fabric. I hope Romeo takes his time so that he doesn’t tear it.”

He’d teased their interest enough, but couldn’t resist showing just one more tantalizing image. Romeo had his arms wrapped tightly around Juliet. Her now-naked breasts pressed into his bare chest, as the young lovers French kissed. Juliet’s hand pulled hard against his ass, driving his groin into hers. It took little imagination to see they’d soon be in the bed beside them.

A collective gasp rose from the lecture theatre!

“Liked that one, did you? I have more to show you in our two other classes this week as we examine the Tudor Era. Then on Friday, I’ll reveal a secret about the model,” Edwards reminded them.

He already knew that the room would be full both mornings.


It was another frustrating day for Petra Stanwick. She slouched on a stool behind the cash register at her gallery waiting for customers. Now and then, someone would look through the window to see if anything inside was of interest. Occasionally a small group of women might come inside to check out the new shop in the old storefront. And on a good day, some of them would buy an artistic print or two from those hung on the walls and filed in open folios. But not today.

Petra knew that her business wasn’t succeeding. No-one was interested in what she was selling. She wondered if the rented location downtown was wrong. It had seemed perfect- a deep shop with plenty of storage room in the back. And the apartment she took right above her shop was perfect for her. Maybe it was the product? Or the prices? Perhaps she should be advertising more- but that was so expensive.

This morning Petra had given herself an ultimatum.

“If this week is like the rest of the month so far, I’ll seriously consider giving up. Why keep at this when I’m spending more for rent and product than what’s coming back in sales. I tried my best, so by the end of the week, I might throw in the towel!”

It was near the end of the day, long shadows beginning to fall across the cobbled street outside. Petra had made just one small sale. She felt very discouraged, then the shop door opened. A tall man had his back to her as he turned to close the door behind him. Petra could see by the long woolen coat and the expensive shoes that this fellow had money to spend.

“May I help you, sir?” was scarcely out of her mouth when Petra saw that the man now facing her was an old friend.

“Omigod, Professor Edwards! So nice to see you! It’s been such a long time…”

“Yes. Yes. Ronald and I have missed you so much! I just learned today that you did open the art shop you talked about.”

“Well, here it is…”

“May I kiss you, Petra?” William interrupted, suddenly overcome by a rush of emotion. “We were so close. It still seems appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Of course!” And she hugged him tightly as they kissed each other firmly on both cheeks.

Edwards stepped back discretely, his head spinning a bit from her familiar perfume and the touch of her full lips to his face. A flood of memories washed over him: Petra French-kissing; Petra sucking and fucking; Petra coming wildly, her passionate cries echoing in his ears. He could feel his member swelling at the very thought of Friday nights with this beautiful creature.

“Nice little shop you have here, Petra. Plenty of art to choose from.”

“I thought so too, but to be honest, things aren’t going so well. Not enough sales- only one print today.”

“Oh… that’s unfortunate. I know you were so excited about this when you graduated.”

“I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. I’m going to have to give up on this whole business and try something else.”

“Surely not!… Oh, I see that it’s almost 6:00. Is it time for you to close?”

“It is, but you don’t have to go. Stay and we’ll talk for a while. It’s been a long time.”

“Sure. Lock the door and pull down the shade. Would you like to tell me more about your shop? You’re obviously very discouraged.”

“You have no idea!” Then Petra had a thought. “My apartment is above us. Would you like to come up the back stairs for a drink? Do you have istanbul escort bayan time? Maybe you have some ideas that could help me? I even have some scotch. I know you like that.”

William Edwards had never been known to turn down the offer of a drink in a woman’s apartment, especially not an invitation from the likes of Petra Stanwick. Soon they were seated in her lounge with sparkling glasses of scotch and white wine at hand.

“I remember how much you liked to drink my Chablis, Petra, on Friday evenings.”

“My favourite… the wine I mean, though those nights were fun too. I was so wild then and it’s a little embarrassing now.”

“I still use your photos in my lectures, and Ronald does too. They boosted his Shakespeare attendance so much that he was promoted to Assistant Professor Dennison.”

“Glad to help out!” Petra commented. “Ronald and I always got on famously. Posing with him was a crazy experience…”

“And you’re more conservative now, aren’t you, Petra?”

“Yes, I think so. How can you tell, Professor?”

“You’ve graduated. Call me William now, OK?”

“So, how can you tell, William?”

“Your look- that casual Boho mumu with Birkenstocks.” He hesitated before going on, hoping not to offend her. “Not the sexy young woman I knew two years ago. Now you’re Bohemian, with almost no makeup or lipstick. No curl in your hair, either. Don’t get me wrong- you are lovely… but much understated now. Ever heard the phrase ‘putting a lamp under a basket’?”

“Yes, I had a sexier look, a different vibe, when I was in school.”

“You’d get male customers with that old vibe, Petra,” Edwards grinned. “Especially if you promoted yourself that way, say in some advertising, maybe on the Internet or local television.”

“I suppose that I could try that. Any other ideas?”

“Perhaps some sexy product too? Do you carry any erotic art in your shop? Something to set you apart from all the other little art and gift shops around the city. Something special to bring a certain type of art lover in here. You could promote erotic art on the Internet with your own sexy image.”

“A sex shop! I don’t know if I want to run anything like that. An art gallery, yes.”

“Your shop could offer conventional art, say in the front, and erotic art in a second room you could set up in the back. I don’t mean porn. Tasteful stuff, with naked torsos, male and female. Suggestive stuff with entwined lovers in the nude. You could sell plenty of black and white erotic photos. Just look what a little nudity did for my Fine Arts lectures!”

As the minutes stretched to an hour, Petra began to see some merits in William’s erotic art idea. And as the wine bottle was emptied, she started to feel a tingling in her pussy, just like on those wild photo nights. Edwards was getting aroused too, watching this lovely woman whom he had known so intimately, smiling across at him. He liked everything about her. Everything.

“It’s getting late, Profes… I mean William. You’ve missed your supper.”

“We could order in, like we sometimes did back then,” he suggested.

“Good idea. What would you like to have tonight?” she asked with a sly smile.

Had Petra looked at him suggestively when she said that? The professor knew her ways well enough that he was quite sure she was talking about more than just food. So, he replied with a double entendre.

“I’m very hungry. You and I haven’t had any sustenance together for a long time, have we?”

Now Petra wondered. Had he picked up on her veiled invitation for more than just a meal? She would play this game of hidden meaning some more.

“Yes, I’d love to gorge myself with you, William,” she grinned wickedly while pushing her tongue out against the inside of her cheek to suggest cock-sucking.

“Let’s just skip the food, Petra. I’m not hungry anyway… except for you,” he replied invitingly.

Five minutes later they were stark naked in Petra’s double bed. Their clothes lay tossed around the room, and bedding had been hurriedly pushed aside. Edwards was crouched on his knees, while Petra’s hand and mouth were locked onto his swollen member. His head was tilted back in ecstasy as Petra delivered one of her patented blow jobs, the best he had ever experienced. Too good!

“Not much more, Petra,” he groaned. “I’ll blow my stones before I even get into you!”

So, she came up for air.

“No. We wouldn’t want that. Anyway, it’s your turn now.”

That said, Petra released her grip and stretched out on her back with her knees bent and thighs spread wide apart. Then she used her legs to lift her bum right off the bed.

“Slide that pillow under me so you can find everything that I have down here,” she said, nodding toward her wet pussy.

For Petra, there was something special about sex with mature men. They had experience and some finesse, especially with oral. She’d had enough of young men’s heated rushes to much prefer a skilled older guy in bed, escort istanbul someone with years of practice and plenty of patience.

Soon Petra was begging for mercy as her former professor put his mouth and fingers to the task. He parted her fleshy pink outer lips and bore down on the stiff little pearl hidden where everything came together.

Ah, Petra’s clit! The taste, the musky scent, the juices- the wonders of her exotic pink now came flooding back to him- quite literally. Edwards could hear her moaning as he sucked the little bud hard between his lips. This is what they both had been missing for the past two years!

Petra was gasping now, but William was eager to get on with the main event.

“Let me fuck you, Petra. I can’t wait any longer!”

“Only if you promise me at least one orgasm tonight,” she sighed.

“Guaranteed! Stay right on that pillow. The angle is perfect and believe me, your pussy is ready!”

“Give me that big cock!”

William balanced himself on straightened arms above her as she held his hard shaft against her dripping folds to guide it home. Deeper, deeper, deeper… now he was buried to the hilt in her unforgettable pussy. It enveloped him. It squeezed him. It begged for his cum.

“Ohhh… William…. I forgot how good this feels! Give it to me now. Fuck me until I can’t take anymore!”

“Damn! You are so exciting! Don’t know how long I’ll last….”

Then he was plunging into Petra as she thrust her strong hips back up at him. His cock felt like a big piston hammering in and out of the slick channel wrapped so firmly around him. How did she do that? How did she hold his cock so tightly, at the same time lubing it completely with her copious juices? Was there any other woman who could…”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” broke his mental ramblings and set him to even stronger pounding.

“Harder! Harder!” Petra cried out, just like in the old days. Who was he to deny her? How could he deny himself?

“William! William!… Give it to me! Fuck me!” She was as vocal as ever.

Now he could feel the cum starting to surge up from his bursting balls, destined for their ultimate target. A flood of spermatozoa was on its way to a much better place!

“Cumming! Cuu…mming!” Edwards gritted out, as he pumped furiously into Petra’s tight cleft.

“Give it!… Give it!… Give it to me!” she chanted, nearing her own climax now.

Then all Hell broke loose as their stratospheric trajectory peaked! Edward’s groin jerked wildly while Petra’s stomach muscles clenched tightly over and over. These were tremendous orgasms like before- the young woman bouncing wildly on the bed while her professor filled her body with his male offering.

One- two- three blasts, and it kept shooting out as she bucked hard against him. Four- five… and six! Then he was absolutely spent, and she was falling back down to Earth now too.

“What a fuck!” William gasped. “Nobody else…”

“Incredible! I haven’t cum like that…”

“Some more?” he grinned, though he knew it would be impossible at this point.

“Another time. Soon,” she suggested, recognizing that it would surely happen.


Professor Edwards staggered into his apartment that evening. His balls ached a bit from slapping so hard against Petra’s strong body, but he was smiling like a fool. He hadn’t had such good sex in a long time. Certainly not with those barflies Lezlee and her sleazy friend Desiree, whom he and Dennison could summon to party whenever they felt the urge.

He slept well that night, exhausted from their pleasurable exertions. Next morning there was no rush to get to the college until his Fine Arts 101 lecture in the afternoon, those eager bastards thirsting for the raunchy pictures they’d heard so much about from older friends. No, they’d need to take 345 next year for that treat.

This morning William had some time to think about Petra’s struggling art gallery.

“Could I help her out with more than just ideas?” he wondered.

Then it came to him, a Eureka moment!

“Of course! I have a ton of erotic black and whites of her already! Half clothed. Nude. Sucking. Fucking. I could carefully crop a few good ones to show her the product. Nobody would know that it’s her, but they’d want to buy a framed image of a beautiful naked woman. Perfect!”

Within minutes, Edwards had his computer open, examining countless pictures he’d taken of an aroused Petra two years earlier. They were good! And with some judicious cropping or edge-fading, he’d be able to show her several shots that could hang discreetly in a separate back area of her little shop. William quickly set to work selecting from the lurid images of his exposed subject.

The choices were bewildering. Petra’s naked breasts. Her pointed nipples. Petra’s spread pussy. Her wonderful clit. Petra’s open mouth stuffed with cock. The sexual wonderland seemed to be endless! He’d have to home in on one set as a sample; otherwise, he’d spend the entire day on this and forget to go to the college.

So, Edwards went right back to the beginning, the Art Nouveau images that he’d shot when this erotic exploration all began. [Petra’s Pictures: Art to Porn, Ch. 01, in Exhibitionist and Voyeur] Pictures of Petra revealing her wonderful body brought a wealth of memory.

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An Interesting Day

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After reading stories on Literotica for more than a decade, I decided to throw my hat into the ring for writers. This story will be a multi-part story; this first chapter lacks any intense sex scenes but does have strong hints of coming scenes. I want to thank Alohadave for proofreading the story and making great suggestions for changes in word choice and phrases which helped me a lot. The story fits into the genres of both ‘Mature’, and ‘Loving Wives’, but I’ll submit it as a ‘Mature’ tale.

There are two main characters, a late 70’s male and an early 50’s female. No characters taking an active role in the story are under 21 years old.

This story is intended to be one chapter of a longer story and I envision the next chapter to be the prequel to this one.

Please, after reading, take a moment to click a star rating. And if you are feeling generous, leave a comment or suggestion. I’ll read them and respond as I am able. Feedback from you the reader is so very important, much like applause for a performer on stage helps the performer become better at their art and craft.

This is a story based on personal experience, of a much older retired photographer in Florida and a middle-aged wife from New Mexico. A tale of two souls drawn together by karma to help each other safely navigate some potentially dangerous waters as they each struggle to come to grips with the reality of the never-ending march of time. They are both wondering if their decades-long monogamous marriages have caused them to miss out on extramarital experiences that others have enjoyed.


7:00 AM Wednesday

I finished breakfast, checked the cameras, batteries, lenses, and memory cards, and packed the camera bag. I loaded the last bits of photo gear into the car. The bigger packs of lights and stands were loaded last night. My checklists have been completed.

Now it’s time to sit down, watch the sky getting light, and enjoy a cup of coffee as I prepare for the most interesting day ahead of me. A day that could well prove to be one of the most interesting, exciting, and creative in many decades. While enjoying the coffee, I wonder what forces of nature, or karma, or whatever, have conspired to place me and my photographic subject into this very unlikely situation today.

After several months of trading messages back and forth on IG messenger, the day has finally arrived for our photoshoot. The person I’m meeting is in town from out of state, visiting relatives who live here along the coast of Florida. She has explained to me she wants to make a gift of seductive and sexy photos for her husband back home. He is not aware she is planning to do the photo session. The photo book and CD compilation of images will be a surprise for him.

He is also unaware that we have planned to do more today than just take photos; we have come to a mutual decision that we both need to experience an extra-marital fling that we have both denied ourselves over decades of monogamy. While she is younger than I by more than twenty years, she is feeling the clock ticking – she knows she is in great shape; her years of eating properly, taking care of her body and the many hours each week in the gym have her early fifties body looking better than the average 35-year-old woman she sees in the gym. But she knows that her physique is going to soon be more and more yielding to the realities of time and gravity.

She can be truthful with herself as she looks in the mirror – her breasts still appear to defy gravity – standing almost as proud as they did in her late twenties, with expressive nipples that stand proud and erect at the least provocation. Her tummy is mostly flat with just that small paunch that seems never to go away, even as the abdominal muscles are well-defined enough to look great.

Innumerable squats and hours on the stair master have helped shape her butt into a shape that fills out her jeans or yoga tights in a way that attracts the eyes of men and women as she walks into a restaurant or the grocery store

I’m in my mid-seventies and have settled into that long slide of physical decline from an active old man to an older couch potato, then to that dark realm where all must go. Over the previous few years, I was surprised by how easily I was sliding into that role of a useless old man; doing not much more than waiting to die.

The Haramidere escort thrill of life and living it was rapidly disappearing, if not already gone. I had become willing to accept declining physical abilities, all the while knowing that I could forestall and delay so much of that decline by getting back to the gym, getting back into photography, and getting back into traveling with my wife in our RV.

Instead, I was becoming just another old man, sitting at a computer, scrolling through endless posts of people actually doing fun things and living life. If not at the computer, I was sitting with a book in my hands pretending to read while more often than not, I was drifting off into nap time, jerking awake at some sound or movement. Life for me consisted of reading about what others were doing.

Now, surprising myself greatly, six months after an initial cryptic message on Instagram, I’m ready to face a new life-affirming adventure that I had never in my wildest imagination, dared to even envision. The past six months have seen major changes in my attitude, zest for living, and my physical being. I’ve lost a few pounds and regained some muscle mass and definition in muscles and body structure that had been neglected for far too long

I’m back to a state of being that is much closer to what and who I was twenty or thirty years ago. I’m in better shape, have been practicing photography again, and am enjoying life far more than most men approaching eighty years of age.

Life is Good.

8:45 AM Wednesday

I’m a little winded from walking up the stairs to the second floor, but I do feel great considering just a month ago I suffered a heart attack, caused by a blocked artery. I was really excited to be doing this photo shoot this morning, so I consider the effort to be very worthwhile.

Shifting the backpack that contains my camera gear, and setting down the bag with lighting equipment, I knock on the door. I see a shadow come across the peephole, I hear the chain unlock, and the door opens to a sight that almost makes my knees buckle

Standing there, a big sly grin on her face is Melissa, the real-life version of a woman I’ve seen numerous times in photos that she has sent to me over the past couple of months. The red strappy heels she is wearing increase her height a few inches, but at only about 5′ 5″ in the heels, she still has to look up to see my face. Her eyes are sparkling with hints of mischief, her blond hair is perfect for my way of thinking. Not carefully coifed to the point of needing to be super cautious not to muss it up, but bright and shining in the sunlight through the big glass doors to a small patio overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Her oh-so-subtle makeup seems very well done, with just a sheen of gloss on her kissable lips framing bright white teeth. Does she do this herself, or did she have a makeup artist here earlier this morning?

The blue shirt she is wearing is probably one of her husband’s, certainly quite big on her small frame, the tails coming down to near her knees. With no buttons buttoned, her superbly shaped breasts are on glorious display. Her left breast is covered with only a portion of the areola showing. The right breast is completely exposed by the action of opening the door. Her exposed nipple is standing proud with goosebumps appearing on the areola and a blush spreading across her upper chest.

She stands there for a moment, her left hand on the interior door handle and her right hand on the door frame, a bit above her shoulder height. She is displaying herself to me, striking a sexy pose while I drink in the sight I have been waiting to see in person for what seems like years.

“Wow,” I finally manage to say as I get my brain back into gear and look up from my not-very-quick scan of her luscious body in those heels, lacy thong, and that open shirt. My mouth is watering as I recall many occasions in my younger years when in similar situations. I knew I would soon be enjoying the feel of those beautiful globes in my hands and nipples between my lips. I know she wore that shirt just for me. I had mentioned several times how seeing a woman in an open shirt was a real turn-on for me. During our text and message exchanges she had been rather flirty, but now seeing her in the flesh, eyes sparkling with that provocative pose and expression on her İkitelli escort bayan face, I began to wonder what I was in for today.

I shake my head to clear those memories of my youthful ways and begin to focus as well as my now scattered brain will allow on the reason for being there. This session today is not about me and those pleasures of which I would have availed myself in my younger years, but about the long-planned photo session. I will use my photography experience in a collaborative effort with her to create for her and her husband (that lucky dog!) a portfolio of sultry, sexy, seductive images of her in what to my mind is the best time of a woman’s sexual timeline. Gone are the silly, poorly formed concepts of the late teens and twenties, and the often far too serious attitudes of their thirties. Now in her fifties, a woman can be herself without having to prove anything to anyone.

Melissa is obviously comfortable in her role in life and has kept her body in good shape. She knows she looks great and she turns heads wherever she goes, however she is dressed. She exudes confidence and self-assuredness that is not taught easily to younger people. This woman in front of me is an example of what has long been my ideal package! Bright, outgoing, confident, not overly tall nor short, not rail thin, but with curves that scream “I’m all woman!”

I hear a car door shut and a light tap on a car horn behind me. Looking over my shoulder at the parking lot, I see a quick flash of headlights and a driver giving me a thumbs up out the window as he backs out of a parking space

“Let him look. He is far enough away that he can’t see much, and I know he’ll never see me again!” Melissa says as she steps backward to give me room to get inside with my gear.

I step into the room which is larger than I expected. There is a small sofa near the sliding doors. The big king-size bed with oversized pillows is the main feature of the space. There is a small kitchenette to the right. To the left of the door is a large bathroom with clear shower doors on a large tub. I can already envision her in the shower, water cascading down her well-toned body, with her mouthwatering breasts flattened against the glass as she looks into the camera lens. I know we will get that picture, and I wonder if during that gaze into the lens whether she will be thinking about him or me.

I took off my backpack and set it on the sofa. She walked up to me, breasts softly swaying, nipples playing peekaboo with the shirt. She opened her arms wide, stepped closer, and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. I can feel the wonderful warmth of her soft breasts, the large tight nipples pressing into my chest. She tilts her head up, kisses my neck under my beard, then opens those soft supple looking lips and says, “Welcome to our secret little world, where you are free to open up your mind and soul”.

“Melissa, you look wonderful, and it is so great to meet you!” I finally manage to say. “You sure do know how to greet a man,” I say with a grin that she returns.

As she hugs me, I smell traces of her shampoo, some light scents of an elegant perfume, and maybe a slight whiff of an aroused woman. My arms wrap around her back, under the shirt, and I stroke down from her shoulders to her narrow waist, enjoying the feel of the toned muscles in her back. As my hands reach her waist, I feel a slight shiver and notice some goosebumps appearing along the sides of her waist.

I release her and step back to create some space between us. She reluctantly lets her hands slip from around me, across my chest as she looks a bit wistful at the loss of the warm embrace.

“I knew you were dangerous,” I said, as I shook my head attempting to understand how in less than three minutes in the room, I had lost my bearings as a professional photographer. I had always made a rule of ‘no touching the model’, and I had now already been caressing her bare back. I was almost salivating over the thought of not just photographing those shapely breasts but also thinking of scraping my teeth along them.

Unbidden, and surprising me with the intensity and clarity of my next thought – almost like a memory – I could see her on the bed, on her knees and hands. Her lovely heart-shaped butt in the air with labia peeking out between her legs. She looks back over her shoulder and Escort Çapa says, “Smack it. My hubby likes to see a handprint or two.”

“Get a grip!” I admonished myself as I looked around the room to start planning which of the shots we had planned would be done first, where I could set the lights to augment the fabulous light streaming in through the large glass doors facing the ocean.

Melissa went into the kitchenette and retrieved a bottle of champagne from the fridge. I then noticed the two flutes that were on the counter. She smiled at me, flashed that mischievous grin, showed me the bottle, and said, “Open it.” The tone of her voice made it clear there was no question mark after those two words.

I looked at the bottle, then at her breasts with nipples tight and high. The light blue thong was thin enough to leave no doubt that she was cleanly shaven or waxed, with a light hint of dampness showing.

God knows, she was a sight to see. I felt my resolve wavering. This had never, ever happened at any of my previous photoshoots, even with models I had worked with several times. This was uncharted territory for me. My mind racing, I was feeling that tingling in my groin that signaled an erection forming, and my mouth was dry

I knew the champagne would taste wonderful. I could already imagine the bubbles tingling in my mouth as I kiss her, then slip my tongue into her mouth and deliver the champagne from my mouth to hers.

She pushes the bottle into my hands and looks at me with those expressive eyes and a mischievous grin as I come back from that imaginary kiss.

I close my eyes for a moment, take and breath and say “No. Maybe later. We will do what we came here for first.” I worried she would feel I was rejecting her obvious advances.

She looked really surprised and said “Later for sure! I’m going to get you to loosen up today and have more fun than you know you are capable of! Like I said earlier, this is our own little secret world. No one needs to know what happens in this world except us. We will get lots of great photos to show how diligently we worked, then have some bubbly and discuss more important things.”

Over the preceding months, our text messages had gotten more and more sexually explicit, with pictures and videos exchanged. She knew early on that she was going to seduce me, and I had only recently accepted the reality that I wanted to experience the seduction and enjoy the time we would share after our planned photo shoot. At times during our exchanges of photos and messages, the sexual elements were discussed more often than were our plans for poses and wardrobe.

I knew that if I did not get my camera out and get to work soon, my resolve to maintain the proper decorum as a photographer would disappear and I’d take this small bundle of teasing beauty and show her what fun I was capable of.

I also knew that my jeans and underwear were straining to hide the bulge that had been forming since the moment she opened the door.

Another first for me – an erection during a photo shoot. This woman was really turning me on, and I was not yet sure if she was just playing with me to help herself get into the mood of looking sexy for the camera, or if she was seriously wanting this day to head off into some more intimate, more pleasurable activities than just a photo session. I know she is a married woman who has never been unfaithful to her husband, but she seems to be wanting to spread her wings today.

During my more than 35 years of marriage, I had not sexually touched a woman other than my wife. There had been temptations with close friends during vacations we had taken together, and even a few make-out sessions between me and our friend’s wife with some fondling of her tits, but never going further.

Lord knows I do hope Melissa is just playing the part, and not wanting this to be more than just a photo shoot because right now I seriously doubt I would have the strength or will to not go there.

I look at the clock and realize I’ve been there for only twenty minutes, and that soon she will be posing in some of the most erotic and sexy poses I’ve ever been fortunate enough to see in person, much less photograph. I also know she will look at me with those eyes and open herself to the camera as she poses to excite her husband. In ways that will heighten his libido and create in him a desire to take her, to own her, to dominate her, and to make love to her on seeing the photographs. I can only imagine the effects those poses will have on me, in the same room, watching and directing the action live.

As I position my lights and get the cameras on tripods, I’m thinking it’s gonna be an interesting day.

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