Charlene’s Tale

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A fellow Literotica reader enjoyed reading Traveling with Charlene, my two-part story about a co-worker whom I fantasized about for years. We finally consummated our relationship during my last business trip in Phoenix. He asked to hear about the adventure from Charlene’s point of view. This is her story. Stay tuned for part two that will be published soon.



My name is Charlene. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all around the Western United States with my job as a Telecom Specialist for a major grocery chain in Northern California. I am sent to our stores to install or upgrade telecommunication systems. Since 2005, I have been traveling with the computer systems guru. His name is Rob. We meet many unique people and experience crazy adventures along the way. The travel is never dull with Rob. The one most obvious thing I can say about Rob, is that he loves big tits. He thinks he is being so coy when he meets a well-endowed lady, however, the truth is that he can never hide his true feelings. His eyes bug out, his face turns red and he stutters a lot. Whenever I am near, I just roll my eyes and shake my head.

I stand a diminutive five feet four inches and am blessed with large, round Double-D breasts. Some people would classify me as having a thick body, but if you ask my husband, I have love handles in all the right places and a nice wide bubble-butt just perfect for banging. We have a very active sex life and he loves for me to be on top or he takes me from behind

We make love several times during the week, so when I travel on the week-ends, I am well satisfied. If I do get super horny on the road, I have my nine-inch rabbit vibrator take care of my needs. I’ve nicknamed it Max, short for ‘Maximum Pleasure’. Max never lets me down; he knows exactly how to satisfy my needs. Of course, this is my dirty little secret. Only my husband knows about Max. Sometimes on the road, we’ll enjoy a little phone sex and I’ll have Max buried deep in my pussy, sending me over the edge.

Back to traveling with Rob, I know I shouldn’t encourage his obsession with big tits, but I just love to rev him up whenever we are together on the road. When we are away from work, I rarely wear a bra and will shake or jiggle my boobs in front of him. I know I get to him because I can tell when his cock is semi-erect or totally rigid, when we are together. I’ll constantly glance at his crotch looking for that distinctive bulge or I’ll catch Rob adjusting himself when he thinks I am not looking.

When at work we are all business. I would never put my career in jeopardy by flaunting my body, even for Rob. Secretly, I fantasize about his cock and how big he is and what he might be like in bed. These thoughts have fueled a few sessions with Max. You can’t blame me for thinking about Rob, since I spend just as much time with him as I do with my own husband. We are currently flying to Phoenix to upgrade a grocery store in Scottsdale. We’ll be working most of the day today and tomorrow morning. We must be onsite Monday to make sure everything is functioning properly. This weekend, we will have most of the day on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy some free time. This is a pretty typical schedule for Rob and me.

We have come to enjoy our free time together over these many years. Our travel always includes dining at nice restaurants and enjoying local events wherever we find ourselves. Rob has promised to take me to a Spring Training baseball game this weekend. Whenever we are out together, I do my best get his goat. Like I said, I don’t usually wear a bra when we go out. I’ll shake and shimmy my boobs in front of him just to see his reaction.

We are on our way to Phoenix. I see Rob at the airport counter where we drop our bags and receive our boarding passes. We pass through security and have time for breakfast before boarding the plane.

Rob asks, “What do you feel like eating this morning?”

“Oh, the usual, scrambled eggs and toast.”

Rob is wearing his regular business attire, tan khakis and a blue dress shirt. I have my satin green blouse with matching jacket. My top accentuates my breasts which gets his attention this early in the morning. We sit in a diner and order breakfast. Rob and I talk about the weather and upcoming store visit. We make tentative plans for Saturday and Sunday which includes a ball game.

“You look lovely as ever, Charlene.”

“Why thank you Rob, I am so looking forward to this trip. I am tired of the rain and tired of winter. I need sun. It’s supposed to be in the high 80s and low 90s while we are there. Will you take me out to the ballgame on Saturday? I packed my favorite jersey and cap.”

“That’s the plan, my dear. It may be hot in the sun, so you may not want to wear anything else under that jersey. I have lots of sun screen for us.”

I smile as we are served our meal. While we eat we talk about upgrading the computer and telecom systems in the store. We will put Travesti in a full day.

We finish breakfast and Rob pays the bill. Well, our company pays the bill. We walk over to the gate and wait to board. We compare our boarding numbers, whoever boards first always saves a seat for the other. This morning I have the magic number. Actually, with all the flying we do, we are always in the A group, so finding a seat up front is never a problem.

When the gate opens, and boarding begins, I am the first in line. I hand off my boarding pass and walk down the jet way. After I greet the flight attendants, I grab the center seat in row three. Rob soon follows and sits down in the aisle seat. Before he joined me, I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse. I give him clear view of my black lace brassiere and a bit of the cleavage. I love to fluster him.

Rob whispers, “Starting early, are we?”

“I just thought I’d help you pass the time for the next ninety minutes. I know you get antsy when we fly.”

It’s not a full flight this morning, so Rob and I have the row to ourselves. We appear to be just another couple looking forward to a weekend getaway. After takeoff we settle back and relax. I can tell Rob is a bit on edge with flying, so I lean into him and let his eyes feast on my Double-D’s. I smile and adjust myself which causes my blouse to flutter open. I look down at his crotch and see a tell-tale bulge. The more I stare, the harder he becomes.

I look out the window and it appears we are flying over the Grand Canyon. My inquisitive nature takes over and I reach down and grab Rob’s thigh. He looks at me like he needs an explanation. I look around the cabin and see that no one is paying any attention to us. I wink at Rob and then ever so slowly move my hand over and rest my palm over his significant bulge. I think to myself oh my, he is hard. I feel his shaft pulse; I press my hand down on his cock. Wow, Rob is long and thick.

I lean over and whisper, “I think this weekend may be special.”

In a few minutes, the flight attendant announces that we are approaching the greater Phoenix area and for us to return tray tables to their upright and locked position. I remove my hand from Rob’s cock and look down to see a rather impressive bulge. Rob flexes his shaft and I see the actual outline of his glans. To think that I caused his condition excites me. I know he is moving his cock on purpose, so I look into his eyes and smile. As I feel the plane descend, I rearrange myself and button up my blouse.

We land at Sky Harbor airport right on time and walk to baggage claim. I return to business form and act as if nothing at all happened on the flight. Meanwhile my pussy is tingling at the thought of making love to Rob. We find our luggage in the carousel join the other travelers on the shuttle to the rental car garage.

The Scottsdale store is about a 20-minute drive from the airport and we arrive just before 10:00 AM. On the drive over, we discuss our work details for the data upgrade. I ride shotgun and listen to the GPS guide us to our destination. Every so often, I steal a glance at Rob’s cock wondering if he’ll be hard all-day long. My pussy continues to tingle.

Jim, the store manager greets us at the door and introduces us to several employees. I see him sneak a peek at my boobs, although my green jacket covers the girls completely. I pull out an agenda for the upgrade and hand it to him, as he escorts us to the back room. Once we are situated in the back office, I begin my work on the phone system. I let Rob do his thing. Every so often we touch base to compare notes.

The store manager provided sandwiches and snacks around 1:00 which allowed Rob and I to work until nearly 6:00 PM. I’m ready for a break and tell Rob we need to have dinner if we are going to work late into the evening. I made reservations at a favorite restaurant close by. I need to cajole Rob to take a break. Finally, I get him to complete his last task and grab his hand as I pull him over to the restaurant.

Rob gives our names to the hostess who promptly sits us in a back room high-back booth, just as I requested when I called earlier. He excuses himself to use the facilities. In his absence, I move to the center of the booth and move our table service together. I remove my green satin jacket and unbutton the top three buttons on my blouse. It’s time to tease Rob and see if I can get him hard again.

Rob slides into the booth and I tap the seat next to me. He takes the hint and slides up against me, our hips touch. He sits close and stares down at my cleavage. I casually look over my menu and pretend not to notice. When our waitress arrives, I promptly order a pepper flake ahi appetizer.

When the Ahi and drinks are brought to us, I whisper, “I love working with you and being here for dinner. I can’t believe how quickly the day flew by.”

Rob agrees as we enjoy our conversation and look around the room. We both love Antalya Travesti to people watch. While I survey the room, I move my hand and rest it upon his knee. With my other hand, I grab a piece of ahi and press it to his lips. He slurps the fish into his mouth along with my fingers.

Rob quizzes me, “What are you doing, you little minx?”

“Just playing and enjoying the company.”

He responds, “You know we have more work to do after dinner?”

“I know, but it will be just be you and me in the back office tonight. I hope we don’t get into any trouble.”

I move my hand up his leg and rub his inner thigh. Dinner is served, and I drag my palm across his cock before I take my plate. We talk about work and family and weekend plans as we eat. I catch him looking down my blouse every so often. I shake my breasts and listen to him stutter as we eat dinner. I love to tease this guy.

After we finish dinner, I excuse myself to the ladies’ room. I ask Rob to order ice cream. Once inside the restroom, I walk into the stall and unbutton the rest of my blouse. I remove my blouse and reach back to unsnap my black lace bra. Mmm, it feels good to unleash my boobs. I grab my tits and massage the flesh. I tweak my nipples and trace two fingers around my raspberry red aureole. If I didn’t have to get back to dessert, I’d take time to masturbate right now. Rob is waiting and I’m wanting to tease him some more, so I put my blouse back on and leave my top four buttons undone.

I return to the booth and slide in right next to Rob. I push my hip up against his.

“Hello handsome. Do you have some dessert for me?”

Just as the words leave my lips, our ice cream arrives. We dig in and I notice Rob blatantly staring at my boobs, I shake them for his benefit. I look at Rob with wide eyes and ask, “Is everything OK? How’s the ice cream?”

Rob almost chokes on his ice cream, poor boy. I move my shoulders together to create more of an opening down my blouse. I’m hoping to flash a bit of nipple for Rob. It’s too bad I can’t just take off my blouse and smear ice cream all over my boobs. It would be a nice treat for Rob, and me too.

We finish dessert and decide to head back to work. Rob helps me up from the booth, and I shake my tits one more time. I look down and can see my hard nipples poke against the satin material.

“Oops, I better button up before going back.”

Rob shakes his head, “Ya think?”

I smile as I button up and wrap my jacket around my shoulders. I take Rob’s hand as we exit the restaurant and walk back to the store.

“I like when you look at me and I hope you like the view. I don’t mean to tease you, I hope you are OK?”

Rob says he is OK and squeezes my hand. When we get back to the store it is alive with evening shoppers. We head to the back office and pick up where we were before dinner. It’s back to business for another few hours. By nine o’clock I am exhausted but feel good with all my accomplishments. Rob tells me he has completed his list. I smile as I realize we’ll have the whole weekend to ourselves.

“Whew, I’m exhausted. I think I’ll sleep well tonight. How about you, Rob?”

“Yes, a good night sleep will do us both good.”

We drive over to the hotel and check in. The hotel clerk gives us our separate room keys. Rob suggests a nightcap, but I feign being too tired, so I turn him down.

“I really am exhausted. I’m going straight to bed. I’ll see you in the morning; we have the entire weekend for us.”

I kiss Rob on the lips to give him something to think about and head upstairs to my room. I’m ready for a much-needed shower before bed; with the early flight, I was not able to take one this morning. Feeling a little grimy and a little horny, I turn on the bathroom light and strip down. The wrap around mirror allows me to check my body in detail. I inspect every inch, not bad for a 50-something gal. I naturally check out my best feature, my Double-D boobs and thumb-size nipples. I lift and massage each breast, looking for any imperfections. There really aren’t any. I love their shape and size. I love my raspberry red aureole that stretch four inches in diameter. They are the perfect size to cap my boobs.

As I gaze at my reflection, I think about the only area that I would change, if I could. It would be my tummy. It’s a bit too round, it could be flatter. My eyes drift lower to the full lips of my vulva. I love my puffy pussy lips and smooth skin. There is not a single hair in sight. I’m glad I kept my waxing appointment on Wednesday evening. My mound is silky smooth. I use my fingers to trace up and down my slit and rub around my mons. My touch is gentle and feels good on my smooth pussy. I wonder how Rob’s fingers would feel stroking me, and what he would think about my waxing. I hope he is not hoping to see a full bush.

These random thoughts are starting to make my pussy tingle. I use two fingers to trace up and down my slit again and push Bursa Travesti them in between my folds. All at once, I snap out of my trance and realize why I came into the bathroom. Aw, the shower. I reach into the stall and turn on the water. Once it warms up and a bit steam rises, I grab soap and a washcloth and step inside. The spray soothes my body and clears my mind. I adjust the water temperature to make it hotter. I run my hands up my round tummy and over my breasts before sliding them down over my thick bubble-butt and back around to my pussy. The hot spray feels so good.

I turn my back to the nozzle, soap up the washcloth and scrub my front. I rub the soft cloth all around my boobs and down between my thighs. I apply more soap and run circles around my belly before moving down to my labia. With my legs spread, I move the cloth back and forth, taking time to clean every crevice of my vagina. I move further up my butt crack and rub my little starfish several times. I love the feeling.

When I turn around into the spray, I continue scrubbing my shoulders, back and bottom. Feeling rejuvenated, I thoroughly rinse and shut off the water. I grab a couple of big, fluffy towels and dry my entire body. I move the soft fabric over my nipples several times and watch them become erect. The shower reawakens me and I devise another plan; one that includes my husband.

I grab a couple of fresh bath towels and pull Max out of my suitcase. Walking around the hotel room completely nude, gets my juices flowing. I pull down the bed covers and lay out the towels on the mattress, as I anticipate calling hubby for a little phone sex. I plan to get wet inside, so that my vibrator slides easily between my pink flesh. My cell phone is next to my head with the speaker turned on, as I lie down on my back with legs spread. I move my hands all around my body to warm up. My breasts feel good, my nipples begin to harden, I feel a warmth between my thighs as I anticipate the next thirty minutes.

I reach for my cell phone, dial home and then place it on the pillow next to my head. The phone chirps as it connects. I listen to it ring two times, three times and think Oh no, he’s not going to pick up. Finally, on the fourth ring a voice speaks up.


“Hi Sweetie, it’s me.”

“Oh, hi Charlene, I didn’t expect to hear from you tonight. Are you still working?”

“No, I’m back in my hotel room. We finished the whole conversion tonight and that means we have the whole weekend for fun.”

“That’s great. What’s on tap for the weekend? Are you still planning to go to a baseball game tomorrow?”

“I hope so, I brought my favorite jersey and cap with me.”

“Are you wearing them right now?”

“No silly, I’m lying in bed. I just had a nice, hot shower and I’m naked, talking to you.”

“Is Rob with you?”

“Oh, you are so bad. No, he is not? He’s in his own room, probably masturbating and thinking about my boobs.”

“Did you rev him up today? I bet you did. Well, is Max with you?”

“He is. Do you want to say ‘Hi”?

I grab my vibrator and flip the switch. Max comes alive and buzzes. I hold him next to the phone for a few seconds, before gliding him across my nipples and between my breasts. I love the sensations, my nipples become fully erect and stick out like tiny thumbs.

“It took you a while to answer. Are you in bed?”

“No sweetheart, I’m downstairs on the couch watching TV. I must have dozed a bit, but now I’m wide awake. So, you are naked in bed. What’s your plan?”

“I was hoping you might join me.”

“Really, but I’m eight hundred miles away.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, if I was with you and you are laying naked on your bed, my face would be buried between your thighs. I’d be licking and sucking on that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Oh my, that’s what I am talking about. I wish you were here, so I could stroke your nice, hard cock. Will you stroke your nice, hard cock for me?”

“I think I can do that. Give me a minute to get comfortable.”

While I wait, I move Max down my body and slide him around my puffy outer lips and then up and down my slit. I feel warm juices begin to form within my inner labia.

“OK, sweetheart, I’m back.”

“Oh good, are you naked on the couch? Is your cock hard, thinking about me?”

“I am, and it is. I’m rubbing a nice, hard cock just for you. Would you like to suck on it?”

“Oh yes. I’d wrap my lips around your shaft and move my head up and down. I’d lick your cock from side to side and suck on your balls. Did you shave your balls for me?”

“Gawd Charlene, you are a dirty girl. Yes, I shaved them just for you. You can lick and suck them all night long.”

As I listen to his words, I continue to stroke my pussy with my vibrator. I increase the speed one more notch and Max increases his buzz as I press him to my clit. My whole body begins to vibrate. Max splits my folds and dips between my pink flesh. I push him in a few inches and then pull him out. I lift him to my lips and get the first taste of my girl juice. Mmm.

“Max was just inside my pussy. He makes me feel so good, but not as good as the real thing. I miss your thick piece of meat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Cheerleader Championship

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


A couple of years I was in South Florida attending a business conference I was required to go to. It was the same old thing I did every year. I would go to Florida during the off-season, to listen to some speaker tell me about how I can improve my business and make more money. My wife attended the first conference with me, but because of her career she was unable to go to Florida for the four days of boredom, and I did not blame her.

I arrived at my hotel Friday afternoon and got settled into my room. It was a mid-sized sweet with a mini-bar. The first thing I did was to mix myself a stiff Rum and Coke. Ever since my spring break days, something has clicked in my head making me want get snookered whenever I visited Florida. I flicked through the channels on the T.V to see if I could find any sports or possibly a T & A movie.

I finally found Porky’s Revenge, an Oscar worthy T & A performance. I watched it for about a half hour while putting away about 4 rum and cokes. I finally got sick of the censored Porky’s, and decided to explore the hotel. Even though I love my wife I still love to watch beautiful women in action. Hopefully there would be a hot mother watching her kids by the pool so that I could have something to jerk off about later. So I finished my drink, threw on my swim trunks, grabbed my newspaper, and headed for the pool.

I got to the pool and there were no hot moms to admire. Just a few older couples, a family with an ugly mom, and a young couple. The girl in the younger couple was something to look at, but she wasn’t anything to brag to your friends about.

Just as I was about to pack my things up I heard what sounded like a herd of women. As I looked over my left shoulder I saw at least twenty of the most beautiful, petite women woman that I had ever seen. Some of them were blonde, some of them were dark, a few Asians, a couple of super hot Latinos. The one thing they all had in common was that they all had perfect bodies.

I just happened to be sitting in the middle of a group of about 10 lounge chairs directly in front of a table that had another 6 or 7 chairs around it. Since the majority of the chairs were luckily around me, the girls came in my direction. One of the hot Latino Girls, apparently the most popular, directed the group of luscious girls in my direction. I pretended not to look, but my eyes could not be removed from the Latin girl. Thank god I was wearing my mirrored sunglasses and could play off that I was reading the sports section.

She was gorgeous; she was about 5-2, 110 lbs., very tan, with that curly brown hair that has the reddish blonde tint on the ends of it. She was wearing a very skimpy white bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Her bikini was not even wet and I could see her dark bush through her bathing suit. It looked as though her pussy was shaved in a landing strip fashion but it was hard to tell through the bathing suit. Her tits were humungous for her small little frame. They were definitely a C-cup and were only covered by small triangles of cloth. I could feel my erection grow as I fantasized about tearing off her top and licking her extremely tan breasts.

The other girls began laying their towels out on the chairs on the end while she walked up to me. “Excuse me sweetie, is your girlfriend sitting hear?” She said. I looked up as though I had been transfixed on my sports page and replied, ” No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I mean there is nobody sitting hear”. The other hotties began giggling, I could not have planned what I said, it just came out, and it made me sound like a sweet innocent guy. After all I was not lying, I didn’t have a girlfriend and I was alone, thankfully I left my wedding ring in my suitcase. She then asked if she minded if she sat next to me and of course I said, no problem.

Even though I am in my 30’s I have taken good care of myself. I exercise an hour each day and luckily still have a very full head of hair. I can easily pass for a guy in his mid twenties especially when I am wearing my old college baseball hat like I was that day. I am 6-0, light brown hair, blue eyes with a washboard stomach. My wife is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen, and she admits that her Travesti first attraction to me was my awesome body.

All the girls headed directly towards the pool as soon as they got situated, except the hot Latino next to me. She asked me if the pool was nice and I replied I haven’t been in. ” Well you should, it would be fun” she replied. ” My name is Selina by the way what’s yours?” I’m Brian nice to meet you,” I said. She then got up and said well it’s time for a quick dip. As she got up I got a terrific view of her heart shaped ass. It was so firm that it didn’t even budge as she stood in front of me and ran a finger underneath the cloth of her left cheek to remove the cloth that had crawled up the crack of her lovely ass.

She dove into the pool and swam directly to the congregation of girls at the far end. They began to whisper and glance in my direction. I could see that they were all smiles. I pretended to pay them no attention, and kept looking at them through the corner of my eye through my sunglasses. I could see that the long legged blonde was telling her to go back to my area and I could hear Selina playfully saying stop it. It was obvious that this was a level of chasing women that I had not dealt with since my glory days back in high school and college.

Selina then began the swim back to my seat, and she had a full smile on her face. She got to the edge and lifted herself out of the pool. Just as I had expected, her bikini was totally see through when it was wet. She stood in front of me wringing the water out of her hair. “You should try the water it’s nice,” she said. I could not take my eyes of her nipples I could make out a perfect half dollar through her bathing suit, and Oh yes she did have a shaved pussy!! I watched her glance down at her tits, she obviously new I could see her nipples, but she seemed to enjoy it.

As she sat down all thought of faithfulness left the building, I was back in my old pussy getting form. ” So what are all you gorgeous ladies doing here, are you Hawaiian Tropic girls or something?” No, she giggled. ” We’re here for the state cheerleader championships tomorrow.” “You must be pretty good,” I said. ” We’re O.K.” she replied. “I am just so sick of Cheerleading, it just seems so immature. I can’t wait until I graduate and become a model or a actress.” ” What college do you go to”, I asked. She replied, ” I’m a senior in High school.” I almost fell out of my seat. My lustfull thoughts were enough to put me in jail for 10 to 20. She must have dealt with this age issue before because she quickly assured me that she was 18. I was relieved but was aroused about 20 times more than I was when I thought she was around 22.

I thought to myself, what an opportunity to lie my way into this girls pants. She wants to be an actress and a model and I can be the mysterious nice guy with all the hook-ups. I began by telling her about how I lived in New York and new a bunch of talent scouts and producers who would think that she was gorgeous, even though I lived in Boston and avoided New York like the plague. She immediately bought right into it, thinking that I was going to be her big break.

I asked her is she carried her portfolio with her, and she replied that she didn’t have one. I obviously knew she did not have one but I thought it would be a perfect question for my plan. “That’s to bad”, I said, ” If I had some professional pictures of you I could take them back with me and almost guarantee they would love you.” ” Wait a minute” I said, ” I have an awesome camera in my room.” This was the truth, I did have a very nice camera that my wife had given me. I took it incase I wanted to take a picture of an alligator or something, but I was not too good at using it.

She did not even hesitate she thought it was a great idea. But she told me she couldn’t do it tonight because her coach had them under curfew and she couldn’t go anywhere but her room and the pool. She begged me to take the pictures tomorrow night, so I agreed. It was such a hard decision. We continued to talk about other subjects, like how she loved rum and coke and all that bullshit but I could not keep my mind off the young cleavage that was two feet away from my face. “How izmir Travesti old are you?” she asked. 26 I replied. Wow she said I didn’t know you were that old. Ha Ha I thought to myself. I knew if she knew my real age she would hall ass, but 26 was young enough to keep her interested in me. Just then, two coaches came and corralled the girls back together. As she left she asked what time. I told her 10 P.M in room 302. She smiled and told me with a wink, I’ll be there.

I sat through the whole convention thinking of the night to come. I had jerked off last night to the thought of Selina riding my cock while the others waited in line to lick the cum off my cock. Now that would be the perfect world. By 9 I was back in my room. I had spent the evening trading secrets and drinks with the executivess. And was feeling a little buzzed. I was still nervous so I took the liberty of making my self really buzzed.

It was around 10:30 and I was feeling pretty good.But I was beginning to feel like she had backed out. Just then there was a light knock on the door. My heart jumped into my throat, as I leaped up to answer the door. There she was, even more amazing then I remembered. She wore a gray cut off tank top with no bra. It was cut so high I could almost see the bottoms of her round breasts. Her nipples were totally hard. They made the tank top rise even higher. The shorts she was wearing was a set of white, high cut spandex. When I say high cut, I mean the ones that fit like a pair of men briefs. I could see the outline of her muff through the spandex and her underwear that she wore under them. It was puffy and swollen enough to fit into the palm of my hand. She wore white tennis shoes and white sox, and had her hair up in a frizzy ponytail. She looked like the sexiest women that you might see when you visit a high priced gym.

She blew by me and made her way for the mini-bar. ” I never thought my coaches would go to bed.” She said. As she walked by I noticed that she was wearing a thong. Through her tight spandex I could see how they divided that lovely ass of hers. She grabbed a miniature Jack Daniels, cracked it open and downed it. I told her I had gotten the camera ready and she said we’ll get to it.

I made us a couple Rum and Cokes, one stiff one for her and on weak one for me, and we sat down on the bed while she told my about every second of the championship. I pretended to be interested but I could not take my eyes off her cleavage since every time she bent forward I could catch a glimpse of those dark beautiful nipples. On about her third drink I noticed that she was starting to feel the alcohol. She asked me to look for a movie on T.V. So I obliged. On HBO was Basic Instinct. I paused for a moment on the channel and she asked me to keep it there. She told me how hot the movie was, especially Michael Douglas. She said older men make her horny. She then giggled and said she couldn’t believe she told me that. I told her to relax and that I didn’t think anything she did would scare me to bad.

I got up to make us some more drinks and as I walked by her she reached out and slapped my ass. It was on now. I put down the cups, hopped on her and began tickling her. She laughed uncontrollably as she feebly tried to tickle me back. Without effort I overpowered her. I tickled her all over, with the occasional grabbing of her tits. I took her arms and put them above her head . To keep them there I sat on them with my knees. We both stopped laughing as I looked into her big brown, fuck me eyes. I could feel that my dick was as hard as ever. As I glanced to see that my hard on was not over-apparent, I noticed that her flimsy tank top was pulled up to her neck. I was so aroused about seeing those two gorgeous brown nipples, inches from my fully erect cock I almost came in my pants. To insure I was not in trouble I apologized and got off her arms. She replied, sorry for what, as she reached up and grabbed my cock through my kaki shorts.

With her free hand she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my 9-inch dick. Ummm, she cooed, while looking at me through her sex craved eyes. ” You have a nice cock,” she said. At that moment she pulled me by my dick until I was directly over Konya Travesti her face. She then lifted her head up devouring almost the entire length of my cock. I could not imagine how such a small mouth could consume so much cock. I fucked her mouth for at least five minutes until she pushed me and told me to get off. I thought to myself, figures I’ll have to finish myself off.

She then sprung up from the bed and ripped her tank top off. Without wasting any time she also tore off her spandex and g-string. She stood before me totally nude rubbing her bald pussy. She said ‘it feels so weird, while I was waiting to come down I took a bath and shaved my pussy, do you like it?” It looks great I said, trying to compare it to the see through shot from yesterday. She slinked her way over to me and crawled onto the bed. Pushing me down she straddled my face and said it as her turn. Her pussy was the smoothest I had ever felt. She placed both hands on the wall behind the headboard and humped my face for all it was worth. I licked every inch of her smooth pussy, I did the alphabet frontward and backwards until she shivered and bucked, dumping her juices in my mouth. She collapsed, got off and rolled onto her back.

I laid beside her and rubbed her pussy gently with my finger until she was aroused again. As soon as she began to moan I knew it time to feel the inside of this hot little pussy. She grabbed both her legs and pulled them back to her shoulders and begged me to put it in her. I was so excited to see this young, very hot woman, with a smooth pussy begging me to fuck her, I almost came right there. But I fought it off and slammed my dick into her tight pussy. She screamed, ” Oh my god!!!!” And clawed the hell out my back. Never would I have thought that a girl this young would be so wild. I fucked the hell out of her, pumping her as hard as I could, while she squeezed my ass begging for more.

Finally I fucked her to exhaustion and she was begging me to please just cum. But I’m not wearing a rubber and I don’t want to get it all over the bed I pleaded. She asked, what should we do then. I’ll just cum in your mouth. But I’ve never done that she said. All older girls do it I explained and she agreed. With that I straddled her face and placed the head of my prick in her mouth. I began to masturbate until I came to ejaculation. Being the nice guy I am I pulled the dick out of her mouth and came all over her nose and cheek, while telling her to make sure she didn’t make a mess. She quickly apologized and shoved my cock into her mouth slurping up all the cum. She gagged a few times but gobbled up every last drop.

After she gobbled up my spunk I rolled off her to catch my breath. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. Even though I had just came unbelievably I still got a thrill from watching her incredible body walking to the bathroom. She came back wearing the hotel robe saying that she better go back to her room. Don’t go I said as I slapped my shorts back on. How about another drink I asked. She reluctantly said O.K. We both laid down on the bed and watched another movie while putting drink after drink away. Before I knew it we were both totally shitfaced, and I was getting horny again. I began to rub her ass, and she joked, you like that don’t you. I replied yes, I love it. We then began talking about anal sex, and she said she had never done it. I explained to her that knew a lot of women that loved it.

With that she pulled up the bathrobe and asked me to do it. I grabbed the complimentary packet of aloe and rubbed it all over her tight asshole. Just be easy she said through a slur. Sure I said. I lined up my dick and rammed my dick all the way into her ass. She bit the pillow letting out a muffled scream. It took a few minutes of pain for her to get used to it, but as soon as I put my fingers into her pussy she was ale to enjoy it. Her ass was so tight it took me no time to cum, even in my drunken state. I came hard by pumping the hell out her tight little asshole. As I collapsed upon her she said that was awesome. I couldn’t believe it. I talked this chick into letting me fuck the hell out of her asshole and she loved it.

Selina stayed until about 5 A.M. I continued to fuck her on and off throughout the night. She told me that she had one night left at the Hotel, and that she may have some friends that would be interested in joining us. You’ll just have to see how it comes out in the conclusion.

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“…I got something to tell you…”

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Why shouldn’t I worry? This probably changes things. No. It definitely changes things! Every thing. I had sex with Bart, a married man. Get it, you rash brain. I’m a married woman who just had sex with another woman’s husband. And not simply another woman, but one of my friends. What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn’t.

I glanced over at Robbie, driving us home, tapping on the steering wheel and belting out the words to Billie Joel’s Only the Good Die Young coming over the radio. “You Catholic girls start much too late…”

The irony of it all. I was one of them: a graduate eight years ago of St. Margaret’s Academy, an all girls’ high school run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. In my four years there, I had had negligible experience with boys-just a handful of dances in the gym at the neighboring Catholic boys’ school. I never had a boyfriend. I was never even confident enough in myself to flirt, for I never found the girl looking back at me in the mirror to be anything but plain.

In college, no one had even asked me out until my junior year when Robbie did. I was so flummoxed, so flattered, so sure it must be a charity act that I spent the next two years at Macalester in perpetual gratitude, satisfying his every need. And right after graduation, with a BFA in painting, Miss flat chested and shy, but virgin no more Mary Johnson married Mister handsome, self-assured, going places Robbie Dwyer.

“I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints…” he sang, glancing over at me, suggestively.

Did he do it, too? Did he have sex with Robyn in the hot tub after Bart and I got out? It was entirely possible. In the four years since we were married, he had confessed to at least a half dozen women who turned him on. The Swedish lab tech at work with the impossibly long lashes. The buxom Australian hostess at the Sunshine Factory, our friday night watering hole. The neighbor from Kenya with the wide hips and muscular buttocks bulging out her short shorts as she dragged the sprinkler across the lawn. The Vietnamese manicurist, where I got my nails done, with the alluring-demurring smile on her face. My God, he had a fantasy girl from almost every continent. At least he was ecumenical.

But had he ever acted on any of these urges…other than acting them out in our bedroom? For whatever reason, his fantasies turned me on. They were so absurd, and far from making me suspicious, when he brought them up in bed at night, I wanted to play along. I became the big-bosomed Aussie who smothered him with her tits, or the wide assed African who yanked on his hose. We would start assuming these roles in all seriousness, but soon be laughing so hard that Robbie would get massive, I would become sopping wet, and we’d fuck fast and furious until we came in great gasps. Then we would kiss and hug, saying all those wonderful words of love to each other, before falling asleep entwined.

You know, it’s amazing when you find yourself. All my scholarly life I had struggled with reading, writing essays, taking multiple-choice tests. But one thing I loved to do-and was good at-was rendering landscapes in pastel: layering wheat fields with raw sienna, coating barns and silos in brilliant cad red and alizarin crimson, foliating giant cottonwoods with varying shades of sap green, and stretching cobalt shadows across lawns and patios, bending them up walls of grand white farmhouses.

I guess, in retrospect, it was how I sublimated my sexuality as a teenager. Years later, post art school-and after having given up on Catholicism-I discovered the co-existence of the creative impulse and drive for sexual gratification. It was then that my artistic successes began. People seemed to respond passionately to my new work. Collectors bought four, five, or six of my pieces. Each new series-the Dakotas, the Mississippi-won me acclaim at venues in Minneapolis, Santa Fe, Denver, and Chicago. I almost couldn’t make enough for all the enthusiastic gallery owners. The result was gaining a measure of confidence, not only in art, but in love, which I had formerly never known, and which seemed so natural for others, like Robbie, Bart, and Robyn.

Oh my God, I forgot about Robyn, the red-haired nurse-midwife whose house we were just leaving. Travesti Robbie fantasized the most about that little spitfire-at least, she’s the one who seemed to augment his cock the greatest. I remember his last “Robyn dream,” a mere week ago: he and she were wrestling at the pond’s edge after they emerged from a skinny dip on a sultry afternoon. They had started slinging playful insults at one another, until one literally slung a handful of mud, at which point the real fun began. Soon they were coated with a burnt sienna glaze and needing to go back into the water to wash each other off.

It made sense, that fanciful notion of his. Water was their thing. Robyn got covered in amniotic fluid when her patient’s “water” broke, and Robbie worked as a field biologist with lake flora and fauna. Two science types, always with liquid things to talk about. We had left them in their element, soaking in the hot tub, when Bart and I got out to look at one of his new pastel paintings-our element.

Robbie drummed on the steering wheel. “You know that only the good die young…Tell you baby…Only the good die young…”

I was feeling really clammy now. What if he and Robyn did fuck in the hot tub? Would that be better-for me? After all, if he did it, why couldn’t I? Or… did it spell the end of our marriage? Were we going to become one of those pairs of swinging couples whose relationship divided along fault lines? Little things that once seemed endearing qualities-my need to have everything in its place at home-would become an annoyance to him and an excuse for fleeing to Robyn. Or his insistence in correcting my retelling of a mutual experience-that I formerly had allowed with amusement-would become the hurt driving me to Bart and the consolation of his touch.

Jesus, what have I done? What have we done? We? Maybe we didn’t do anything. Maybe only I did? And Robbie’s trust in me will be shattered forever.

I reached over to touch his head, to pull my fingers through his dark, dark umber hair, with waves as luscious as my grassy prairies at sunset. He looked over and smiled, his gaze penetrating my eyes briefly before it returned to the road. “I love when you do that, Georgia,” he teased, using the name of the artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, whom I had been the most influenced by in college.

He hadn’t fucked Robyn after all. Great. Now I’m the fucker.

“I love doing that,” I replied. “You know how much I crave your textures!”

Did I sound like the same me? Could he tell anything from the dampness of my fingers?

“We’ll be home in ten minutes,” he proclaimed. “Can’t wait to be in bed with you.”

Suddenly feeling queasy, I replied, “Are you wide awake? I’m so tired, I think I’m going to close my eyes for a bit.”

“I’m fine. Another good song!” And he was off, singing in perfect pitch, “But you gotta keep your head up, ohh-oh, and you can let your hair down, ehh-eh…”

Maybe he’s too exuberant? I bet he did do it?

Do it.

Do it.

Did I really do it?

Did we? Bart and I? Do it?

Oh, Father Duffy, it’s times like these when I miss those confession sessions…

…Bart and I had dried off in front of his fireplace. The bromine from the hot tub was so strong we had taken turns rinsing off in the shower. With towels wrapped around us, we ascended the stairs to his studio and his magnificent nudes. If I relished the feel of textures through my fingers, my eyes delighted in the virtual touch of the skin tones in his paintings: strokes of raw sienna melding into caput mortuum, Indian red into purple violet and Thalo blue. His pastels had been blended with infinite patience, layer upon layer of pigment to create arm, chest, torso, groin, giving the effect of a radiance emanating from within.

For someone not in possession of the endowment, he painted the most sensuous breasts-with thick areolas and erect nipples-seemingly emerging from the paper, begging to be sucked.

I touched his arm to point out, on a nearby easel, the pair of lovers he was finishing, a man standing behind a woman, their hands holding five passion fruits against her chest. Excitedly, I inquired as to how he got her skin to glow with such warmth of golden ochre and crimson. He Ankara Travesti nestled my elbow in his palm as he eased me toward the painting and explained his artistic process.

It was fun having another artist to talk with, to puzzle out problems of color and value, to compare favorite painters and art philosophies. In college, I had been so head over heals involved with Robbie, that I did my course work, rushed back to the dorm to be with him, and didn’t give myself the time to make friends, let alone hang out with established teacher-artists in the art department. My BFA degree had landed me a graphic arts job with Minnesota Life, a glossy recreation magazine, and I spent over a year doing computer artwork, but again, no real artist contacts-and no art opportunities. When my school loans were nearly repaid, and Robbie was making enough for both of us to live on, I went back to painting with pastels. Within two years, I was showing in the Twin Cities; then, six months later, in three other major metropolitan areas. That experience brought me into contact with other artisans, most of them women, all of us doing different subjects. We exhibited together on occasion, got together for group-show receptions, but I never really developed an artistic kinship with any painter-until I met Bart.

He leaned into me as we conversed, and I maintained our inertia by pressing back. He took my left hand in his, and slipped his right arm around my back, supporting me as we talked about his lovers’ faces; the aura of contemplation; the mysteries of connection, communion, and commitment.

I told him how much I liked the piece, and he hugged me with appreciation. And that’s when we should have stopped. I could have inquired about the adjacent painting, the woman with the large guava facing the viewer and the man turning away with his smaller one. But I didn’t. His hug felt so good. As did the wine, our soak in the hot tub, my newly-found confidence.

We rotated toward each other. He brought his lips to mine, and, rather than turn to accept his kiss on my cheek, I met him full on with my own. As our embrace progressed, intoxicatingly, I encircled his lanky waist and felt our towels drop away. With his manliness expanding against my belly and his hand raising tingles up my spine, I devoured his lower lip, squeaking a little in excitement when I felt his tongue enter my mouth.

With both hands he lifted up my tiny breasts, his fingers running over my nipples, as ripe as his painted ones, then pulled each with gentle traction, making them ache all the more. I moved off his mouth, and began kissing his chest, lightly brushing the russet hairs with my lips in an ever-expanding oval. Initially passing over his nipples, I returned to suck each to hardness and heard him groan as I bit down on them tenderly.

His finger pads moved down my spine to buttocks, backs of thigh, up to hipbones, and, twisting his hands around, his finger nails grazed across to my pussy tuft and up my abdomen to my back again, in a repeating hypnotic loop of arousal. When my tongue repaid his kindness, creating a saliva trail down his midline, my cheek butted into his erection. I turned deftly toward the large head, now deeply violet and glowing as hot as his figures’ skin tones.

Clumsily, we maneuvered our entangled selves to his model stand, and found our way to sitting upon the shag carpet remnant atop the platform, my mouth locked around him, my juices oozing into the rug. His hand found my slot, and as I drew my teeth up and over his rim, I felt his fingers close around my clit, pinching it rhythmically to our breathing. My shrieks of pleasure were stifled by taking more of his cock deeper in my throat, and, as I rocked onto his hand, he began thrusting into my mouth.

“I’m gonna come,” he whispered, urgently.

Having climaxed once already, and about to scream again, I was fully prepared to grant him his pleasure. Within seconds a hot bolus shot into my mouth, and this time I gurgled with delight as his flood of warmth quieted my cries.

One hand circled my head, his fingers pushing through my perspiring hair. The other, perfumed by my cunt-flower, was rubbed against cheek, neck, and shoulder, all the while he praised my istanbul Travesti beauty in muffled tones. I regained my resting breathing tempo, but all I could mumble was, “Wonderful, wonderful,” as his cock slowly deflated in my mouth.

“You guys up there?” Robbie had hollered from the bottom of the stairs.

“Just gazing at some nudes,” Bart had called back, so nonchalantly, I thought that perhaps I had been dreaming all the while. But of course I wasn’t.

Bart and I had hurriedly wrapped our towels around us. He went ahead of me down the stairs, as I ducked into their bathroom to do a bidet-cleansing of my mouth, then joined everyone below to get dressed and prepare for our departure.

“We’re home,” announced Robbie. “Let’s get right to bed. I love it when you’re brominated.”

I awoke from one nightmare to go back into what I feared was another. What Robbie pronounced was true. Being brominated meant that by soaking in the hot tub, I was disinfected everywhere, and his tongue could explore my private place with relatively impunity. Any other time, his suggestion would have made me forgo my nightly mouth care, but this evening, I delayed our entry into bed by flossing and brushing-with lots of toothpaste. That would cover up any telltale tastes, but I didn’t know if the delay would allow my brain to become re-engaged in love making.

Robbie and I have been very honest with each other. Well, I felt I have been completely honest, and I trusted full revelations would have been forthcoming from him. So as we pulled the sheets over our nakednesses, I wondered if I should bare all?

“Do I tell him,” I asked myself? Did I want him to tell me-if there was anything to tell?

What I knew more than anything was that I needed to have Robbie inside me right now. I had made a terrible mistake, but I needed to be loved by him for who I was-his imperfect wife. The one he comes home to. The one he treasures. The one to him, for all her faults, is the most important woman in the whole world. That’s the way I felt about him, after all.

My decision was made by default. He began to kiss me on my mouth, his hands roaming over my breasts, his warmth surrounding me, making me forget all about the tryst of two hours prior. I felt wholly consumed by this man, desired in a way I hadn’t felt before. He was possessed it seemed, and he ravaged me with his mouth, his tongue, his teeth, gnawing on my neck muscles, biting my nipples, tonguing deeply into my belly button as his fingers poked into my buttocks, scraped down my outer thighs and stroked back up the fronts.

His rigidity pressed against me, but I wasn’t about to let this end too quickly. I kissed him back. Roughly. Biting his lip, his chin, then along jaw bone to ear lobe.

He writhed with the discomfort, but moaned in pleasure, calling out, “Mary Johnson, I love you, love you.”

In a trice he was upon me, kissing me with abandon. I carved my nails down his backside, and his tempo accelerated.

“Fuck me, Robbie! Fuck me hard!!” I urged.

As I gripped his flanks, he pounded me, rocking our bed, the headboard cracking like a sledgehammer against the wall. In a voice an octave higher, I began to whine, inhaling sharply to fill my chest, about to explode into an earsplitting orgasm, when Robbie stopped. Pulled out. Rolled me over.

“What the…?”

“I need you completely tonight, M.J. All of you.”

And he separated my ass cheeks and began nibbling that tender flesh around my anus, which drove me into the pre-ecstasy shudders. I knew what was coming next: his tongue would dive deeply into me, and I would light up our room with carmine, magenta, and cerulean lightning bolts, before flooding the bedsheets with a cloudburst from my womb.

And he did. And so did I. I screamed and screamed. When I was sated and the bed soaked, he turned me over and had his way with me, and I came for a fifth or sixth time-but who’s counting when your man is shouting into your ear and filling your vaginal cup with the most exquisite of liqueurs.

As we lay aside each other in the warm puddle of us, both sweating from the physical effort, he professed just how much he cared for me. I knew exactly what he meant: I couldn’t imagine loving another being more.

Well, yes I could.

With his hand moving over my hair, and warm exhalations against my cheek, he offered, “M.J., I got something to tell you.”

Sighing in relief, I answered, “And I got something to tell you, too.”

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Caught in the Act Ch. 01

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, The Swap series, Interludes 6-10, The Murdered Football Player Series, Case of the Black Widow series, Teresa’s Christmas Story, The Case of the Black Badge series, A Case of Revenge series, Trilogy Series, Dark Side Of The Force series.

Caught In The Act Ch. 1.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

The young stud pumped his huge meat in and out of the beautiful trophy wife’s smoking hot cunt, his hard muscular ass bobbing rapidly as his groin slapped hers and his big balls smacked against her ass. She was meeting every thrust, fucking her young lover back with everything she had. The sweet, staccato slaps of flesh on flesh filled the air of the bedroom as the rutting couple hungrily mated.

It was late afternoon on September 27th, and Shayla Belle was fucking her young lover in her marital bed. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s so fucking good!” she moaned moaned in her deep, husky voice, urging her young man to fuck her harder and deeper, and to pump his full climax deep inside her eagerly receptive cunt. Shayla was short at 5’2″ tall, in her mid-40s, but her body was in shape and perfectly curved, especially her legs and elegant feet.

“I’m close… I’m going to fucking come…” said Seth Warner, his thick head of longish black hair matted with sweat as he neared the crest. Shayla was magnificent fuck, and he loved pumping his huge 9+ inches of hard male meat in and out of her before filling her with his large, virile load.

They did not hear the creak of the floor as the lovers hurtled toward an intense mutual climax, and then Seth was gasping “I’m coming… OH GOD!” Hot jets of molten man-lava fired out of his pistoning prick and into Shayla’s snug, welcoming pussy.


“Mmmm, that was sooooo good.” said Shayla as she and Seth shared warm kisses. “Why don’t I warm you up, and we’ll take our time when we do it again.” She began to maneuver into position, leaning over and licking and kissing Seth’s half hard meat, her hand gently but expertly jacking him to rock-hardness.

“Are you sure your husband won’t come home?” Seth asked, not really worried about it but idly curious.

“I told you, baby, that bastard already filed the divorce papers, so it doesn’t matter. Now let me suck on this big thing…” Seth closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Shayla’s mouth sliding up and down his big man-pole, his cock beginning to throb again, though with less intensity than when he’d first sunk his dick balls-deep into the hot wife’s sopping wet quim.

“Mmmmmm” moaned Shayla around his meat as she deeply sucked him. Seth felt the vibration clear to his balls, and it felt fantastic. He opened his eyes…

“Oh shit!” Seth gasped. Shayla’s husband, Derrick Belle, was in the doorway watching them.

“You whore!” Derrick yelled at his wife as her mouth came flying off Seth’s cock, a thick string of spittle still connecting her wet lips to the young stud’s cock. “You get the hell out of my house right now!”

“Fuck you, asshole!” Shayla countered as she got off the bed. “Been standing there and watching us like a fucking Peeping Tom? Liked what you saw?”

“You cheating bitch! I’m gonna kick your whore ass right out of here–” Derrick growled, taking a step towards his estranged wife.

“Hey!” yelled Seth, moving quickly to protect Shayla from her husband. Derrick Belle was in his early 40s, in decent shape with brown hair and a thick mustache and beard. He’d have been a poster-boy for the ’70s look, but he was no match for the younger, well-built, muscular Seth.

“Stay out of this, boy.” said Derrick. “This is between me and that slut behind you.”

“Not anymore.” said Seth. “You leave her alone.”

“Are you telling me what to do with my wife?” Derrick said, his voice low and menacing as he looked at Seth.

“I’m telling you that you’re not going to touch her, or I’ll whip your ass.” Seth said, ever chivalrous.

“Get out. You’re trespassing.” Derrick said. “And take your filthy little whore with you.”

“Fuck you, turd.” Shayla said. “This is my house, too. You get the fuck out!”

“We’ll see about that.” said Derrick, taking out his cellphone. “I’m calling the police.”

“Come on, Shayla, get dressed.” Seth said. “We’ll come back later… with reinforcements.” He began gathering and putting Travesti on his own clothes. Shayla got dressed and they left the house together.

“Don’t come back or I’ll have you both arrested.” yelled Derrick Belle, thinking he’d won.

Part 2 – The Crime Scene

The air at night was getting cooler as Laura and I sat on the back patio of the Mountain Nest. The kids were put to bed and my mom was in the house watching over them.

Laura’s recovery had gone well, though it would be at least two more weeks and maybe a month before she could have full intercourse again. We were talking about things as we relaxed and enjoyed the night air, the view, and of course each other.

“You’re starting to really get around again.” I said. “But I’m getting very horny having to wait to have sex with you again.”

“Mmmm, it’s going to be sooo nice having you inside me again, but we do have to be patient and let everything heal up completely.” said Laura. “Oh, and the early hormone therapy Dr. Muncie put me on has worked really well. I was getting really horny watching those football players working out today.”

“Well, you take it easy.” I said. “And get completely well… and then you can fuck their brains out and maybe get them to play better..”

“Well, I can still use my mouth… maybe I’ll practice on your iron-hard prick tonight… just to keep in practice, of course.” Laura said as we began kissing. Soon we’d be back inside and I’d be enjoying my wife’s tremendous oral talents–


It was my Police cellphone, which read ‘8:30pm’, and the caller was Lieutenant Cindy Ross. This had better be good, I thought to myself as I answered.

“We’ve got a murder at–” she said, giving the address. “One Derrick Belle. Hit in the back of the head with a blunt object that Labcoat says might be a crowbar or something like it.”

“Who have you assigned to the case?” I asked.

“Claire Michaels and Lorena Rose.” Cindy said.

“You got it handled?” I asked, not really wanting to go out, and also knowing my team needed to work without me on occasion.

“With respect to the investigation, yes.” Cindy replied. “But that’s not why I called you. Your nephew Todd is here. He was one of the group that found the body…”


“Okay, Detectives Michaels and Rose, whaddya got?” I asked upon entering the house, which was in one of the better, though not the very best, gated subdivisions outside the northern part of Town.

“Derrick Belle, owner of the house.” Claire said as I looked at the body. She, Lorena and Cindy were all in plainclothes. Derrick Belle was lying face down, the back of his head crushed in by a heavy, stick-like object. Certainly in this County a crowbar would come to mind.

I swiftly observed the body from head to boots, then looked around the room as Claire continued. “His wife, Shayla Belle, found him when she came back home. She was not alone, though; she had four young men with her. Apparently she and one of those guys were caught having sex this afternoon by our victim here, and they left but came back with reinforcements to get her clothes and stuff.”

“Where are they all now?” I asked.

“On the back deck.” said Lorena Rose. “Rudistan and Morton are keeping watch over them. One of them said he was your nephew and asked us to call you.”

“Smart kid.” I said. “So what have you observed and deduced from this crime scene, Detective Rose?” I asked, testing my youngest Detective J.G. I saw Cindy grimace, feeling sympathy for what Lorena was about to endure.

“He was hit in the back of the head by what was described as a heavy stick–“

“Like a crowbar.” I said, using the word that she’d hesitated to use. “Well, I have an alibi. I hope you have one, Lieutenant Ross.” I said, teasing my partner.

“Best one possible, an Assistant District Attorney.” said Cindy, referring to her new lover, ADA Jenna Stiles.

“Okay, so has a murder weapon been found, Miss Rose?” I asked, steering the conversation back to the crime scene.

“No sir.” said Lorena. “Not yet.”

“The house doesn’t seem to be torn apart.” I said. “Doesn’t look like a struggle took place.”

“Yes sir.” said Claire Michaels, an experienced Detective from L.A. “No skin under the fingernails or anything like that, either. We think he may have been surprised and ambushed.”

“So tell me about the weather, Detective Rose.” I said. I had a point in saying that.

“Sir?” Lorena replied, her pretty face a mask of confusion.

“The weather, Ms. Rose.” I said. “Tell me about the weather.”

“Er, the sun just set, it’s clear outside. It rained early this afternoon, but that moved out.”

“Very good.” I said, then added upon seeing the looks upon their faces: “And I’m not trying to be facetious here, everyone; I have a reason for asking that. Do you see these slight traces of mud on the floor here?” I asked, pointing to some scrapings of dirt and a couple of small spheres.

“Yes Antalya Travesti sir.” Rose said.

“But the bottoms of Mr. Belle’s boots here are clean.” I said. “What does that tell you?” Everyone was watching as Detective Rose got some huge on-the-job training.

“That he didn’t track in the dirt?” Lorena replied.

“Yes, exactly.” I said. “So it stands to reason that the mud came from Shayla or one of her friends…. or from the murderer.”

“I’ll go check and see how muddy the boys’ shoes are.” Cindy said as I opened the small coat closet in the hallway, in front of which I’d found the little dirtballs and trackings.

“Be sure to ask them if any of them stood in this closet.” I said. “Look, see the little mudballs here?”

“I saw those.” said ‘Labcoat’ of the CSI team as he took the first dirt sample into evidence. “I thought maybe someone put dirty shoes in there.”

“Maybe.” I said, “but photograph it and then take the dirt up for analysis. Take some reference samples from the front yard or any place where there is loose dirt around the house. See if this stuff matches.” Labcoat got right on that.

I looked at the fireplace. The brass pokers were on the left side, between that closet and the fireplace proper. Derrick Belle was lying in the middle of the room; his feet were towards the fireplace; his head the other way, towards the front door.

“One of the fireplace pokers is missing.” I said, pointing to a spot. “It’s a set, and the largest poker isn’t here. You can see by the ash spot there that there is a missing poker. Detective Rose, what does that suggest to you?”

“That the missing poker is the murder weapon?” Rose said. “We haven’t found a poker anywhere else in the house.

“I won’t be surprised to confirm at some point in time that the poker is the murder weapon.” I said. I was glad Detective Rose was thinking so well on her feet at such a young age, especially when the Police Commander was relentlessly grilling her. ” And as you implied, it does look as if the murderer took that weapon with him… or her.”

“Okay, guys, y’all wrap this up.” I said after another minute of observations. “Claire, Lorena, before I talk to those guys out back, tell me what their story was.”

Claire filled me in, and I condense the story for brevity here: Shayla and Seth had arrived at the house at around 5:00pm and gone to the bedroom and engaged in sex. About 6:00pm Derrick Belle had surprised them, and there was a verbal altercation. Seth and Shayla left, but around 8:00, as the sun was low in the sky, Seth and Shayla returned with three other guys to get Shayla’s clothes and jewelry and such stuff. They found Belle on the floor, dead, when they arrived.

The names of Shayla’s bodyguards, besides Seth: Todd Burke, Teddy Franklin, and Barry Oliver.


“Okay, Claire, you take Todd Burke into the back left corner of the backyard and interview him. Cindy, you take Teddy Franklin to the back right corner, and I’ll take Barry Oliver. Make sure they understand they’re giving affidavits and will have to sign under penalty of perjury.” I said. “Lorena, keep Shayla and Seth on the back porch for now.”

Taking Barry to the side, I gave him the legalities, then asked what happened.

Barry replied “We got here and went inside. The screen door was closed but the main door was open. Shayla’s husband was lying on the floor, dead. I checked for a pulse but he was dead already. I told everyone to stand still and not touch anything, then I called the police.”

“How is it that you came to be here in the first place?” I asked.

“Todd, Teddy and I were eating dinner together.” said Barry. “We’d been working together all day on getting some stuff set up for our manufacturing. Seth called Todd around 7:15pm and we went to his place. He and Shayla were there. They wanted us to go with them to get Shayla’s clothes and jewelry and stuff, so we did.”

“Anyone armed?” I asked.

“You bet.” Barry said. “You know I carry, and I just joined the Police Auxiliary. Lt. Ross has my gun right now.”

“So you found Mr. Belle dead.” I asked. “As a former police scientist, what can you tell me about the scene?”

“Good bit of blood on the floor from the wound. I think he died due to bleeding out rather than the blow itself, but that’s a guess. I didn’t check very much, but the neck was stiff, so I think he’d been dead for a little while. As you know, sir, rigor mortis starts in the jaw and head area and works down over several hours.”

“Yes.” I said. “Anything else you can tell me?” I asked as I finished writing the notes. Barry shook his head, and I had him sign the affidavit. Moments later, I had affidavits from all the guys. I scanned them quickly, finding their stories to match in every particular.

“Okay, Cindy,” I said. “Tell these three amigos to get their butts out of here, but to stay in Town and notify the Police Department if they do have need to travel. Bursa Travesti You can give Barry his weapon back, too.”

“Wilco.” she replied. “What about Seth and Shayla.”

“Oh, they’re coming to the Station with us.” I said. “Separate interrogations.”

Part 3 – Interrogations

The clock in Interrogation-A showed 3:58am as I watched the interview inside. Shayla Belle had called Jeanine Olivet Burke in as her attorney. Seth had Tina Felton with him.

This had created an interesting situation just after we began interrogating them, when Shayla told Cindy and Claire that she knew her husband had filed for divorce and that she’d retained Jeanine as her divorce attorney. At that point I had to go into Interrogation-A earlier than I had wanted to.

“Mrs. Belle,” I said, “I need to inform you that you might later want Mrs. Burke to answer questions on your behalf. In that case, I’d advise you that you might want to get someone else as your representation.” Jeanine said something to Shayla, but Shayla said she was fine with her current legal eagle.

I had Claire and Cindy interrogate Shayla exhaustively, keeping the now-widow awake and exhausted as they questioned her in every way possible, going back over things. I then peeked into Interrogation-B, where Martin Nash and Teddy Parker, whom I’d called in, were doing the same with Seth Warner. Now, at the end of the road, it was my turn to make the final push. I went for Shayla first, coming in and letting Cindy leave.

“Okay, Mrs. Belle,” I said, “I know it’s been a long evening, so I want to wrap this up. To clarify, you were having sex with Seth when your husband came in, yes?”

“Yes sir.” Shayla said.

“And that was at 5:00pm, give or take?”

“Yes sir, that’s when we got to the house.” Shayla said. “My husband walked in on us about an hour later.”

“So you say that your husband acted as if he was going to physically assault you, but Seth got between you and your husband?”

“Yes sir, but Seth never touched him. Derrick backed off.”

“So you and Seth left, went to his place and talked, then went and got friends to go with you to get clothes?” I asked, setting a trap.

“Uh, we were at Seth’s place, but he called his friends and they came over.” Shayla replied, being consistent and avoiding my trap. “Then we all went over to my house and found Derrick on the floor, dead.”

“Okay….” I said, then after a pause, pretending to read my notes, “… so you say here that your husband had filed for divorce?”

“Yes sir, some weeks ago.” Shayla replied.

“When and how did you find out?” I asked. “When you were served with the papers?”

“I found out before the papers were served, from a friend, Nora Larrington.” Shayla said. “She works at the Courthouse and saw the papers when they were being filed. That’s when I went and hired Jeanine, here.”

Nora Larrington had one side note of notoriety: she was Goth Girl Kathy’s mother.

“Can I have your permission to ask your attorney about this situation?” I asked. Jeanine whispered to Shayla, but Shayla said “No, it’s okay, you can talk to him.” Jeanine then proceeded to confirm that she’d been retained by Shayla, that she’d filed counterclaims to Derrick’s divorce filings, which sought to cut off Shayla completely without any settlement, division of property or alimony from him.

“And you said you knew that your husband had changed his will and disinherited you?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” Shayla said. “He made a point to show me a copy of his new will.”

“And where is the original copy of that will?” I asked.

“With his lawyer, I guess.” said Shayla.

“Good enough. So, to make sure I have this in my head straight… from six to seven o’clock, give or take, you and Seth were alone?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” said Shayla.

“What did you discuss?” I asked.

“The divorce, how much I hated the bastard. After we made out for a while, I thanked him for standing up for me and protecting me by giving him a blowjob.” Shayla said, discussing her sexual actions with Seth as if they’d been no more than talking on the telephone.

“After he came in my mouth,” Shayla continued, her face unperturbed by the lewdness of her words, but not throwing them at us either, “Seth said that we needed to get my stuff out of the house before Derrick stole or threw everything out. That’s when he called his friends…”


“We’re not going to arrest them?” Lorena Rose asked when I came out from interviewing Seth. It was almost 5:00am. Seth had also told us without being prompted that Shayla had given him head while they were alone.

“No,” I said. “I’ve told them to stay in Town, but why should we arrest them?” I was testing my young Detective.

“Sir…” Lorena said, discombobulated by lack of sleep and amazement, “… she’s the deceased’s estranged wife, she was caught in bed with the other guy we have here…”

“And what actual evidence do you have that they committed the crime?” I asked.

“Uh… er… well, none yet, but…”

“Detective Rose,” I said, “I understand what you’re thinking.” I said. “But so far, their stories match and we’re going to need more proof. Now head on home and get some rest.”

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Catherine Ch. 05

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I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch, and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 5

Her Surprise Early Return Part 1

Strange, that last night I didn’t wake up from one of those dreams, or my over pressurized bladder in desperate need of relief, or even the coffee maker beeping when it finished perking this morning.

So after getting a cup of coffee, along with my cell phone, its back to shower, shave and dressed for another week of commuting into the city for that training class. And now that I’m about to leave the house, I touch in the speed call digits for Catherine’s cell phone where the call goes straight to her voice mail. Okay. my thought. I’ll try again from the train station.

And after leaving my truck parked in station’s parking lot and on my way to the station’s passenger platform, where it’s just like the other call to her this morning, it went straight to her voice mail. And again, the same thing on the train ride into the city, it’s still only her voice mail, where the message I leave this time is, “Please call or text me Catherine, just so I know you’re alright.” Where my others were, “Hi it’s me, or It’s me again.” Where my thought now goes to calling her business cell phone, but deciding against it for now. But if I don’t hear from her by lunch time, I will call her business cell phone, or her office number if I have to.

But now that mid morning has come and gone, with John, me, along with the rest of the class having finished the last lab Frank assigned. Which leaves us sitting around waiting for Frank to get back. Where he’s most likely outside of the building catching a smoke, and forgot again how fast we can get through these things. But when I start to say something to John about that, my cell phone buzzes.

Frank insist our phones be off, but we all leave them on vibrate. So when I look at the screen its with my, “Holy Shit!” Its Catherine’s text message, “Sorry haven’t been able to call, big screw up, please call me at my office.”

“Call you at your office?!” Surprised by the message. “What the hell are you doing in your office?” My blurting it out loud!

“Must be the girlfriend, what’s up?” John asking.

“I don’t know John.” I said. “She’s supposed to be in Pensacola, and wasn’t due back here until Friday.” But just as I get up to leave the room to call her, Frank walks back in. “I’ll be right back, nature calls, too much coffee again.” My excuse, as I pass Frank on my way out of the room.

But instead of heading to the rest room, I duck out into the hall by the stair well, touching in the speed dial for her office where she answers in three rings, “Hello, this is…”

“Are you Okay?!” My interrupting her.

“Oh yes Bob, I’m fine.” she says “And Bob, I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. But the lateness of me getting in, and everything else that’s happened when I got in here; Bob, I’m so very sorry. And thank you for being concerned.” She says. “I did get your messages, but I couldn’t reply until just a few minutes ago. Again, I’m really, really sorry!” Her apologizing again.

“Hey, that’s okay Catherine!” I’m telling her. “I’m just relieved you’re alright! But Catherine, what are you doing back here?”

“Well Bob, I’m back here because things got screwed up in DC!” It’s her telling me. “And like I usually do when I travel for company business, I call a contact to check in with them.” She’s telling me.

“So after my plane landed in Pensacola.” she goes on.” I called my contact there while I was on my way to the hotel. That’s when she told me there was a last minute change, the people I was going to meet with in Pensacola that afternoon weren’t going to be there because of a scheduling conflict; some screw up in D.C., She was telling me. So it was a good thing I called to verify the meeting time Bob, or I would have wasted a whole morning. An now everything will have to be rescheduled and retry again in a few weeks.” her finishing.

“Sounds like typical Washington to me Catherine.” My familiarity with that too.

“Yes Bob, my thoughts too!” Her agreeing with me! “That’s when I was right back on the phone to the airline, and what a hassle that was.” she saying. “Trying to cancel my original flights in and out of Washington. Then Bob, it was trying to get a flight out of Pensacola as soon as possible back to here took so many phone calls and waiting on hold, the battery on my business cell phone went dead. So while waiting for that one to recharge, I was using my personal one.”

Her going on now. “It seemed like after dozens of phone calls to each airline, again waiting on hold, I finally got a flight out, but it wasn’t until late last evening.” Her explaining. “Plus they were nice enough to let me re-book the flights to Pensacola and D.C. in two weeks; if everything gets worked out by then?” Where Travesti I here the doubt in her tone of voice.

“So in between those calls Bob.” it’s her going on again. “I called the hotels to cancel the rooms and luckily!” She says now. “I was just under the wire doing that. Now, in between all that.” she’s saying. “I called my Manager Rachael, to bring her up to date on what happened, and about trying to get back home.”

And going on. “Where Rachael tells me she needed me in the office this morning, as early as I could because I needed to move my car; some kind of maintenance activity in that secure area where I was parked. And, after that, I was to meet, first with her, then with everyone else to brief them about my trip; I was just heading there when you called.” Ending her long explanation, also her frustrations too.

“My God Catherine! So what time did you get in last night, and how did you get home?” Is my asking now.

“I got in about twelve-thirty Bob, but I didn’t go home.” She says. “I took a cab to my sisters because it’s closer, plus I was wiped out tired. And going to my sisters would make it easier to get into the office this morning.” Her explaining.

“Then.” She goes on. ” From my sisters, I took another cab into the office for that briefing with Rachael. But first, I had to move my car because of that maintenance activity; I sent you that text on my way to this next meeting with the rest of my group. And Bob, I’m sorry I should have called instead.” Her apology. “But once people new I was back, I started getting phone call after phone call. So…,” her taking a breath, “Where are you?” She’s asking now.

“I’m out in the hallway by the stair well Catherine. My telling her. “And can you have lunch with me?”

“Oh Bob, I’d love too!” she says. “But I don’t know how long this meeting is going to take. And I do have a bunch of things to catch up on here. But is that dinner invitation still open?” She ask now.

Does she really mean it?

“Catherine, are you kidding me?” Her catching me by surprise. “After all you’ve been through these past weeks. Plus, what you had to go through just to get home, and now more meetings too. Catherine, we can do that some other time.” My trying to make it easier for her to bow out.

“No Bob!” she says. “I want to see you! So, what time do you get out this afternoon?” Her asking now, catching me by surprise again.

“It should be around four-thirty; the usual time, why?” My reply

“Why?” She ask. “It’s about you, meeting me, across the street from my building in the plaza, and don’t you dare be late.” And that to me, sounding very affirmative.

“Catherine, are you sure?” Wanting her to convince me.

“Yes, I want to see you. And we’ll figure out a place to go for dinner then.” She’s telling me.

“Sure thing Catherine, and I’m glad your back!”

“You will be!” she says.

“What?” Not sure what she meant.

“Bye Bob, I have to go.”

“Okay, bye Catherine”. Saying it back to her.

Now what did she mean by, “You will be?” Asking myself.

So here I am once again, watching the clock as Frank is droning on and on and I haven’t the slightest idea of what he’s talking about, my thoughts being somewhere else. Where John taps me on the arm asking, “Girlfriend okay?” An without looking at him, “Yeah, she’s fine John, plus I’m meeting her for dinner tonight.” My replying.

“Oh, well, a real date huh! So where are you taking her?” John asking again.

“John, I haven’t the slightest idea!” Replying to John’s question. “She’s been on, what was supposed to be a three week business trip that’s been cut a week short because of some scheduling screw up. So she shouldn’t be back until this Friday.” Explaining more. “But because of that screw up she got in late last night. And now she wants to do dinner tonight. Plus, I told her, John. We could do it another time, but she said no, she wants to meet me after work. So I guess we’ll figure something out.” My wishful thinking, not saying that to John

“Well, good luck old boy.” John sympathizing. “Every nice place around here usually requires a coat and tie, along with a reservation.” John reminding me.

“Yeah, you’re right John!” In reply. “So maybe we’ll just go back to the 16th and Arch street Deli. We had a good time the last time we were there; we laughed ourselves silly.” Filling John in on that.

“Wow! You…, are, one, cheap, date, aren’t you Swaggart?” John mocking me. “That will sure impresses her!” John, shaking his head in disbelief!

“I assume you two know everything I’ve just been talking about?” It’s Frank interrupting John and me.

An with John giving me a quick look, “Sure Frank, piece of cake.” He says. Where my lack of confidence in John’s reply has to be written on my face.

“Okay.” Frank’s saying. “Then everyone will do the lab at the end of this section and hand it in. I’ll mark them and hand them back after morning break.” Frank’s Ankara Travesti instructing us now.

But I guess John and I must have been listening each with one ear because when Frank hands back our lab papers after break; we aced it. But shit, it’s still over half the day yet to go.

Now at last, it’s four thirty! An with a quick good bye to John and a few others, I’m out the door, hitting the stairs at a dead run. Where it’s out the side door heading to the plaza to find a bench that’s closest to that street she’ll cross after leaving her building. But damn, it, is, cold!

The sky is that gray everyone says could mean snow. An tucking my scarf in a little closer around my neck as I sit down on the bench, sticking my gloved hands into my jacket pockets as now I wait. I teased her about going to a Mickey D’s. And that could be where we’ll end up unless she knows some place better we can get into without a reservation.

Staring across at the ice covered statues in the fountain, while lost in those thoughts, I suddenly feel somebody sitting down very close to me. And when I turn to see who it is, she leans over giving me a light kiss on the cheek, “Hello, been waiting long?” she ask. It’s Catherine.

Of course I’m surprised by the light kiss on the cheek, but I’m even more surprised at how close she’s sitting next to me, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder even. And when I turn to reply, her face is so close to mine, I almost lean into her and kiss that beautiful mouth! And looking into her beautiful eyes, I wonder, does she want me to? But instead, “No, only a few minutes, plus I’m surprised your here so early yourself.” My reply to her question.

An without her moving a inch, and with her warm breath condensing in the cold late afternoon air as I’m watching her lips moving, “I would have been here sooner” she says. “But Rachael, cornered me with more questions, plus she wanted to know if she could take me to dinner, where I thanked her, but told her I already had a dinner date.” She tells me.

An just as soon as she’s finished telling me that, Catherine leans closer to kiss me lightly on the lips and the feeling is like, a tingling electric current passing through my body. It was only a light kiss, but it’s enough to get my blood rushing in my ears, my heart skipping beats too.

“You’re killing me Catherine.” My telling her. Where she hasn’t moved an inch, “I don’t think that will happen.” She says, a sparkle in those beautiful blue eyes.

Struggling to hold back what I really want to do is, kiss the daylights out of her, instead its, “Catherine, on top of all your other aggravations you had to put up with, but I’m sorry to say, I wasn’t able make reservations for dinner at a nice place.” My lament.

At that she slightly backs away as I go on. “An now Catherine, I haven’t the slightest idea of where to go for dinner, so…, maybe you should have accepted Rachael’s invitation.” My reluctant advice.

Where again, smiling her gorgeous smile, “I don’t care Bob.” She says. “I just wanted to see you. So, why don’t we go to the 19th Street Pub and have a drink while we think of someplace. But first I have to put these in my car.” Her indicating the things she has with her.

“And because they took up so many parking spots for that maintenance they were doing, and of course everyone else having taken over the regular parking areas; there weren’t any open spots left in the garage.” She’s telling me more. “So if you don’t get one early, you’re usually out of luck. But I have a backup, where I can park my car in a lot I know of that’s close and that’s where I moved it to this morning. Plus it’s where I know it will be taken care of.” Her filling me in.

At the same time she’s been telling me that, I’ve done nothing but listen to her voice and watching her beautiful mouth move as she spoke the words.

“Catherine, I promise, the next time I’ll be better prepared. This time it was you who caught me by surprise.” My excuse, but not my fault.

“Bob, I’m not worried.” she says. “I’m sure you’re more than prepared enough.” She says.

“Huh?” My confusion.

“Come on!” She says. “It’s cold and a glass of wine always gets me warmed up.”

Standing now it’s her purse, her laptop case, along with her brief case I can see. And being the nice guy I am, offer to carry something for her.

An with that she picks up and hands me the brief case, where I can’t help seeing how very well made it is, and obviously expensive.

“You have nice taste in leather Catherine.” Seeing it up close now. Also remembering the leather jacket she was wearing that day, how nice it was too.

“Thank you.” she replies. “I like the sensual feel and the smell of fine leather, so I have quite a few things, like jackets, coats, boots, purses, luggage, mainly because it holds up well if taken care of.”

Where she puts the purse strap over her shoulder, taking the lap top case in her right hand, and me already istanbul Travesti holding her brief case, where I couldn’t help noticing a name embossed into the handle of the brief case when she handed it to me, and most likely the name of its maker; a designers name I bet.

“Yes it does Catherine!” Saying in agreement. “And that’s why I finally broke down and bought this jacket with it’s warm zip out lining.” Where I already knew what she said about the leather items, and like my jacket, a bomber style by, Hammacher Schlemmer. Also knowing she wasn’t trying to impress me with the quality of the items she has with her.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” She says. “You looked so handsome standing there on that train platform. But, like I said at lunch, it was just one of the many things I’ve noticed about you.” Her compliment.

An now the two us walking back across the plaza, with Catherine on my right, the occasional bumping against each other, where our hands keep touching. While at first, I didn’t think much of it because we’re walking so close together; my thinking it was just accidental.

But the next time it happens she takes and holds my hand as we go around the fountain heading towards the far side of the plaza. But when she doesn’t let go, gets me turning my head to see her sideways look at me along with her smile, before it’s back to her looking across the plaza. An that’s when my wrapping her hand in mine has her looking back at me, with a smile this time is bright enough to burn away the dark gray clouds that may bring the predicted snow. “I’m glad you finally took the hint.” Her teasing me.

With a slight movement of my head back, and forth thinking to myself, “Lady you got me, hook, line and sinker; and you know it!” It’s now she squeezes my hand a bit harder just as a shaft of sun light makes a break through those low gray clouds.

Now with both of us staring straight ahead as we’re crossing the plaza to wait at the curb for the light to change. Then it’s across the street to walk by a lot where I thought her car must be parked. But no, we keep going until we reach the lot belonging to the building where my class is located. Then as we turn into the lot a skinny man comes out of the attendant shack with a big toothy grin and, “Good afternoon Miss Catherine, shall I get your car?” He’s asking her.

“Not yet Willis. ” she tells him. “I’m just going to put my things in it. But I’ll be back later to pick it up.”

“Okay Miss Catherine, your car is in the reserved section, number eight.” Mr. Willis in reply.

After that, and with her telling Mister Willis thank you, I follow her to the far side of the parking lot where I watch as she walks up to, what looks to me, like a brand new steel gray Porsche Boxster convertible. And Catherine, using her key fob to open the rear trunk lid where we put the brief case I carried, along with the lap top case she kept in with it. An with her closing the lid and hearing my, “Nice Catherine, very nice; looks new.” My telling her, as I eyeball the car with envy, and of course, knowing how expensive they are.

“No Bob.” Her reply. “It was a birthday present two years ago.”

“Well, happy belated birthday Catherine! Somebody must have been a good girl.” Half teasing her.

“Only a present Bob; a substitute.” she says. As she walks up to me, taking my hand again, “Just one of many substitutes.” Leaving me thinking, better not ask questions about that remark Swaggart, as we walk hand and hand back towards the lot entrance.

But just before we’re about to leave the parking lot its Catherine’s to Mister Willis, “I’ll be back later, will you still be here?” her asking him.

“Yes Miss Catherine, I’ll be here until ten.” his reply.

“Well, I should be back before then.” She’s telling him.

“Okay Miss Catherine, I hope you have a nice evening.” Willis, expressing his wish for her.

But as we’re leaving the lot it’s with me asking, “Miss Catherine, he knows you? So how is it you get to park in a private parking lot that belongs to the company I work for? When your building has that underground parking garage.” My curiosity coming out.

“Bob, remember I had to move my car. Plus, sometimes I don’t want anyone to see who I have in my car when I leave there.” Her saying that fueling my curiosity.

“Really, can I ask why Catherine?”

Of course not knowing it, asking her questions of that nature, will cost me more than just my well deserved smack down.

But Catherine, not replying to my question until we’re back at the corner of 18th street, where we’ll cross to go west to 19th street when its Catherine with, “Bob…, there’s a woman I know, who also works in our building who would like to keep where we go and what we do discreet. She’s what’s referred to as, someone in a corner office position. And Bob, she just happens to have the same interest I do.”

Catherine looking at me now to see my reaction. So assuming what she means by, same interest. It’s only a quick look back at her, then back to where we’re going without my saying a word about it. as Catherine continues with, “She’s a very attractive forty-five year old bundle of excitement, also married. So that’s why the discretion, no office gossip.”

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Chameleons Ch. 03

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“And how do you feel this evening?” The Chameleon circled an arm around Lavender’s waist from behind and dropped a kiss on her neck.

Lavender laughed a bit, “My ass is still a bit sore from last night.” Recalling how The Chameleon and another man had double-teamed her – her first threesome and her first assfuck at the same time – she felt a little pulse begin between her legs. Damn him. She was about to begin the third of a promised seven nights of sex with him at Prism, and already she’d let down so many of her walls and done so many things she’d never done before. The club’s anything-goes attitude and creative settings seemed to inspire endless acts of dirty debauchery, and she still had four more to go. Lavender thrilled at the idea, though she hoped before it was all over she wouldn’t be getting off while slaughtering a chicken or anything.

The Chameleon ran a hand down her hip and across her ass cheek, his fingers grazing just below the high hemline of her blue mini-dress.

Tonight was the Blue Room. Lavender had no idea what that meant – every room at Prism was a surprise to her. Still, she’d worn blue.

His big palm smoothed over her ass, and back again. The gesture soothed the slight ache that still lingered between her ass cheeks, a tender massage. Under his warm hands, she felt herself turning to putty he could shape into whatever he wanted her to be. As he repeated the motion over and over, he licked her earlobe just as slowly. Then, he stopped. “I’ll see you in the room.”

“What do I need to do?”

“You’ll see.”

He disappeared then, gone into the thick crowds of patrons. Lavender made her way down the dark hallway and approached a blue door. A large man with an earpiece stood guard.

“Hi,” she said. He didn’t reply. “I’m Lavender?” Why she made it a question, she didn’t know. But he looked at her for a long moment, listening to something in his ear.

“You can swim, right?”


He reached back and opened the door, allowing her entrance. The room was entirely black, except for a small swimming pool. Duh, she thought. Blue. Water. Makes sense.

“Get naked and get in,” the doorman said flatly, and closed the door behind her.

Lavender could see nothing except the lights in the water. She took a moment to orient herself. There was enough residual glow from the pool for her to know the room was completely enclosed and she was the only person there. That was comforting. The previous two nights, every part of her had been on display for all to see. She’d enjoyed it, and gotten off hard on the thrill, but she wanted a little time alone—really alone—with The Chameleon. Her curiosity as to who he was had begun to eat at her, and she felt a growing need to know his name, and how he knew her. Clearly, he knew her from outside the world of Prism. Maybe this was the night he’d be revealed to her.

The pool was built like a weird reverse doughnut, or the Target logo. The outside circle was deep, but the center of the pool was shallow, a circular platform. Lavender slipped out of her dress, having left panties at home that night. They’d done no good the past two nights, so she’d decided they weren’t going to be a thing she wore to Prism anymore. She walked to the edge of the water and sat her bare ass on the cool tile, dipping her feet into the water. The water lapped against her feet and the temperature was pleasant, just a bit warm. She moved her feet around in the water for a moment.

“Here goes,” she whispered. Then she went in, entering the water up to her shoulders. The water felt warm on her bare skin, and she held on to the edge of the pool with one hand, waiting while not knowing what she was waiting for. She swam the few feet to the middle platform and pulled herself up to sit, the water only coming up to her waist.

She supposed he’d be arriving soon, The Chameleon. Fucking him in a private pool sounded delicious. For a moment, she wondered about the sanitary elements of the pool, then smelled the chlorine in the air and remembered just how decadent and opulent Prism was and realized the pool was probably cleaner than any pool she’d ever visited in her entire life.

She sat, naked, on the platform in the water. She kicked her feet over the edge into the deeper part.

When she felt something brush against her foot, she yelped.

Down in the water was a form, circling her under the water. As she looked Travesti closer, she saw it was a man’s form but different. He swam a little closer to the surface of the water and she saw he wore a scuba suit and equipment.

“Are you kidding me?” She exclaimed, mostly to herself. She didn’t know if he could hear her, but damn – Prism was a crazy place. All kinds of things got people off.

He circled again, and reached for her. A rubber-clad hand took hold of her foot, and pulled her so she was on her belly in the water with her shoulders, neck, and head above the surface, bent at the waist over the edge of the round platform.

Rubbery hands took hold of her ass and pulled at her cheeks.

“Holy shit,” she breathed aloud as she braced herself. The hands pulled her cheeks apart, squeezing at her butt and kneading the flesh. A slick rod, she imagined it was a finger, ran up and down her seam in a repetitive motion that immediately made her nipples hard and her breath speed up. The finger stopped right on her clit and stayed in place, ever so slowly building in pressure until she was throbbing for him.

Then his finger plunged her, and Lavender exclaimed a profanity that echoed off the walls of the small room. Since she was bracing herself in the water, she couldn’t move her hands, and was entirely at his mercy. He pushed his finger all the way inside her until she felt a fist of rubber against her pussy pushing hard, so hard he moved her whole body forward.

“Fuck,” she breathed.

From slow to fast, he went in a flash, finger fucking her rapidly, causing the water around her pussy to rock in small waves. His knuckles bumped into her on each impact, and she tingled. She managed a look over her shoulder at her mysterious lover.

He wore a scuba mask. Of course he wore a mask. He’d been in every hole of her body and she had no idea who he was. He worked a second finger into her pulsing pussy and she didn’t know who he was, and it made him seem even hotter.

Lavender’s pleasure rose and threatened to explode through her body. But just before she came, The Chameleon pulled his fingers from her and slipped back into the water. Lavender rose on her knees on the center platform and looked around, seeing his dark form circling the platform.

She noticed something as he swam past her on his back under the water. There was a cut-away in the wetsuit, and his erect cock and his balls were free. The next time he swam by her, she reached down and brushed her fingers over him. He circled twice more, teasing him while he teased her.

On his next circle, he stopped himself. He rose in a back float out of the water, his cock breaking the surface first. Lavender reached down and took hold of the bare cock. Using the water for lubrication, she began to jerk at him, fisting the tip of his cock roughly. He’d used her roughly the night before, she wanted a little bit of sensual revenge. He held onto the platform with one hand while she bent over and pulled at him over the edge of the platform. His cock was so hot and thick, even in the cool water. It filled her palm and fingers and she remembered it filling her in other ways.

“How good are you in the water?” The Chameleon spoke quietly through his mask.

“I’m epic in the water.”

“Come in here, then.”

She did, and he pinned her against the platform with his rubber-suited body for a moment, pressing his dick against her thighs. Lavender slipped around him so he was against the platform, and put her hands on his body. “Hold on to something.”

He held the railing, and she used her grip on his waist to lower herself under the water until her mouth found his hard cock in the water. She took him in, and tasted chlorine and the salt of his skin as she moved him in and out of her lips beneath the surface of the water.

Needing air, she came up and held onto his shoulders to breathe.

“You’re a dirty mermaid,” he said with ragged breath.

She took a deep breath and submerged again, sucking him fast and using one hand to jerk his cock at the same time. It felt like a race, to get him to the edge before she ran out of air.

Lavender came up again, and he used an arm to boost her up and take a hard suck of her nipple. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground herself into him for a moment before letting go and falling down his body again. She deep-throated him, letting izmir Travesti his cock push against the back of her throat for a long moment, before letting him leave her lips and lowering her head to take each of his balls in her mouth and suck on them.

Out of air, she had to rise up.

“I need to fuck you,” he managed.

“My mouth,” she answered with a nod, and submerged again.

She got herself in place and held on to his hips. He began to thrust his dick in her mouth, taking her in the water. She swirled her tongue around his tip as best she could, and held on as long as she could before needing to breathe took priority.

“Fuck,” he said as soon as she’d come above water. “I need your pussy, Lavender. Give me your pussy. Or your ass. Give me something to fuck.” The desperation in his voice charged her. “I need you.”

“You need to hold on,” she ordered. He held to the side of the pool and she tied her thighs around him tightly, putting her hands on his slick shoulders. She lowered herself onto his cock, feeling the cool water swirl around their joined bodies. And then she rode him, as hard as she could make her body work against the water, the fat cock pushing in and pulling out of her while she splashed.

He let one hand go of the railing he held and reached for one of her bouncing tits, pinching the nipple between his two wet fingers and pulling on it until she yelped. When he released the nipple, he squeezed the breast hard. He slid his hand over her chest to the other one and squeezed it just as hard. Then he returned to the first breast.

She bounced herself on his cock under the water while he alternated squeezing tits, and the two of them both felt a rise in their body temperatures. The rubber hands of the suit gloves felt wild against her breasts, and Lavender couldn’t stop watching him. He looked otherworldly.

“On the platform,” he managed.

As she slid him from her, he boosted her up and onto the platform. He rose from the water, looking like a creature from a 60s B-Movie. His whole body was covered in slippery fabric, and he squeaked against her bare skin as he lay himself on her and pushed her thighs apart. She sat back and held herself up on her arms, able to watch their bodies beneath the shallow water.

His cock went right into her pussy, no hesitation.

“You like masks,” she giggled a little. “I can’t believe I still don’t know who you are.”

“That’s right,” he answered. “Do you want to know?”

“Of course I do.”

“Your wish..” Lavender’s eyes widened as he pushed his cock far inside her and pulled off his scuba mask. Fair hair came out, rumpled from the gear. She gasped. Of all the people in all the world. “Hello Lavender.,”

“Mr. Rivers.” Two blocks away from her school stood a high school, and the Vice Principal at that school was a stud. Her stud, it seemed. Her Chameleon was Michael Rivers, the administrator she’d seen in passing over the past year, but made note of.

Michael Rivers’ cock was in her pussy. How about that for a surprise?

He looked down at her with a devil in his eyes. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since that day of orientation when you ran into me,” he pulled his slick cock out of her just a little as he spoke, then slowly pushed it back inside her. As he talked, he continued fucking her with a painful slowness, his eyes grazing down her body to his movements. “I wanted to take you, your lips and your pussy and your ass and I wanted to come all over those tits and your ass and in your hair. And I didn’t want to do it the traditional way, after awkward dinners and movie dates. You’re too sexy of a woman for that. I wanted to come into your classroom on lunch break and push you down and shove my cock in your mouth. I wanted to hide under your desk and eat your pussy while you taught about Frankenstein. Lavender, you make me crazy.”

Lavender didn’t know what to say. Everything was overwhelming. For a moment, Mr. Rivers looked afraid, like she’d run screaming from him now that he’d revealed himself and said those things to her. He slid himself out of her, but kept the tip of his dick resting against the lips of her pussy.

It didn’t matter who he was. She wanted him too bad for it to matter anymore.

“Tell me more,” she whimpered. “And don’t you dare stop fucking me.”

Mr. Rivers’ eyes shone. “You like it when I talk dirty?”

“I like it Konya Travesti when you do anything, I suppose.”

A big smile crossed his face, and he pushed himself into her with a hard thrust. Lavender moaned and closed her eyes, her body taking control of her. “Do you like to be fucked by me?”


He thrust hard again. “Do you like the taste of my cock?”


He thrust again. “Do you like to be a dirty girl?”


He thrust again. “Are you my dirty mermaid slut?”

“Oh my Christ, yes.”

Mr. Rivers beamed broad, and pounded her then. He kept pounding at her pussy, making her whole body bounce against him, while he managed to ask, “Are you my dirty girl, and mine alone?”

“Yes. Oh, fuck, yes.”

He reached forward and put a hand around her neck. Lavender was surprised at the gesture, but his grip wasn’t hard and it didn’t hurt. “Tomorrow is the black room. I’m going to tie you up and gag you and slap your ass until you cry for my cock. Is that alright with you?”

She almost came right then and there, and he dragged a thumb down between her breasts. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Good. Now, come for me.” Mr. Rivers, formerly The Chameleon, reared himself up and pounded her as hard as she’d ever been pounded. At the same time, he used both his index fingers to tease her yearning pussy. Her tits bounced wildly and the water splashed around them and over her body and he gave her tits a slap and Lavender realized she was going to have a screaming orgasm from being fucked by a scubaman in a pool inside a nightclub.

What would her mother say? There wasn’t time to think about it, her body bent as the eruption or orgasm wrecked her. Lavender’s back arched, sending her tits high out of the water and into the air. The Chameleon reached down and pulled hard on one nipple while never ceasing his rubbing of her clit. Her head fell back and she screamed loud and lustily.

She’d barely come down from the pinnacle of passion when he thrust hard into her and called out, then pulled himself quickly from her pussy and moved up to come all over her face, rubbing his dick along her lips to coat them with his hot liquid. Lavender met his eyes and licked some of it into her mouth, and he jerked suddenly and pushed his cock into her mouth before a second wave of salty cum burst from him. He took hold of her face, keeping himself deep in her throat, and she swallowed. She’d never swallowed cum before, and was pleased to find it didn’t make her gag.

When he pulled himself from her, she wiped her sticky lips. “You’re full of surprises, Mr. Rivers.”

The only sound was the lapping of water as the waves calmed with the calming of their bodies.

“Damn,” he breathed. “You’re incredible.”

They got out of the pool. Mr. Rivers unzipped his wetsuit and stepped out of it, and Lavender got to see him for the first time, his naked body and his face uncovered by a mask. He was a delicious piece of manmeat alright, and though he’d made her orgasm only minutes earlier, she began to think about feeling him against her.

But she’d wait. She’d have more opportunities to taste him and to be filled by him. He handed her a towel, and got himself one. They dried themselves off, not talking.

“So tomorrow is the black room,” she spoke. She remembered what he’d said t her. “I should wear black, I presume.”

He shook his head. “I have something for you to wear. I’ll bring it to you. What period do you have lunch?”


“I’ll come to your classroom.”

“Will you cum in my classroom?” She tied the towel around herself and looked up at him, a challenge in her eyes.

Michael Rivers smiled down at her and put a hand behind her head, winding his fingers hard into her hair and pulling her face to his. “I will cum anywhere you want me.” He kissed her, then, and bit her lip until it hurt. “Say the word.”

“Tomorrow night, black room, I want you to cum in my mouth. Completely. I want to almost choke on you.” Her words surprised both of them. Lavender had come to realize vanilla sex would no longer be good enough for her. She wanted the exquisite pleasure that came with wild situations and almost painful encounters. She wanted to be pumped and pounded like no man before Rivers had done to her.

“Your wish is my command.” He kissed her fingers, and went past her out the door. At Prism, a hot naked man in only a towel wouldn’t even cause the patrons to blink.

Mr. Rivers, the vice principal. Lavender watched him go, feeling satisfied and surprised. This was a development she could totally deal with. She slipped back into her dress and left the Blue Room.

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Case of the Murdered Chessplayer Ch. 04

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The order of my stories to read is:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series.
Case of the Murdered Lovers series.
Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

The sex is near the middle of the story. The puzzle solution and the shocking twists are worth reading through to the end, though…

Part 11 – The Final Break

6:45am. There had been no deals during the night. After dinner I had ordered that we cease and desist from any more talks with any of the perps or their lawyers, and made sure the four men were not in the same holding cells. Then I had gone home to The Cabin, but my mom wasn’t there. She’d left for Apple Grove earlier in the day, to finish packing and take care of all the little details up there. It was strange being alone in bed, but it did have one benefit: I got some much needed sleep.

I could not say that about others at the headquarters: Teresa Croyle came into the MCD room, looking exhausted. She reported what had happened the night before. A woman had been brought to the Emergency Room entrance of University Hospital by a large black man.

After laying the woman on the gurney, the man disappeared. The E.R. Nurse, a pretty young Asian woman, had instructed the orderlies to rush the woman into a trauma room, then looked back to ask the man questions, but he was gone.

Meanwhile, the woman had heavily overdosed on cocaine, and she didn’t make it. Her name was Margo Bailey, wife of Sean Bailey, who was the best sales agent for a pharmaceutical company. Teresa had had the sad duty of calling her husband, then later informing him of his wife’s death.

“What’s really ugly about this,” Teresa said, her face an angry scowl, “is that Margo had a history of drug problems, and her husband had said he’d divorce her if she didn’t clean up. Well, she DID finally get clean, and she had stayed clean for several months… but last night two of her ‘girlfriends’, and I use that term very loosely, took her out on the town… and they took her straight to the clubs where the drugs are sold. They said they left her talking to a young man, and the description of the guy is of someone well-known in Vice for bringing people to locations that have been set up to buy fixes.”

“Those women,” I said, “they just left her? They didn’t try to help her at all, or look after her? Just threw her to the drug recruiter?” I asked, as Teresa handed me a small sheet of paper with those women’s names.

“Yeah,” Teresa replied, staring into space, her face dead to anything but Justice as she spoke. “Those fucking bitches just left her… maybe even took her there on purpose to set her up to get drugged, but of course they’ll never admit to that…” Looking at Teresa “Cunt” Croyle, I knew it would be a bad day for those women if they ever ran afoul of the Law with Teresa anywhere nearby…

Waking up from her reverie, Teresa continued “That’s not all. There was semen in the woman’s vagina, pretty fresh, when she was brought in. They used a full rape kit, just in case. The Crime Lab’s rape division has gotten into a habit of making an immediate comparison of raped and drugged women to a certain rapist, and the result will interest you.”

She handed me the preliminary report, completed half an hour earlier. While it looked like two men had ejaculated inside the woman, one of those men who had deposited his semen into the her was pretty much without doubt my nephew Ned.

“The bastard’s in town. Put out an APB in case he left town in the night.” I said. Teresa replied that she had already done so.

It was 7:00am, and we knew what that meant: Bettina!

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” the reporterette began somberly reporting. “Margo Bailey, wife of wealthy BigPharmaCorp sales rep Sean Bailey, died last night at University Hospital of a severe cocaine overdose. Mrs. Bailey was out with friends last night, who lost track of her and had believed she had gone home. A few hours later she was brought to the hospital by an unknown Good Samaritan, but doctors were unable to save her. Mrs. Bailey is survived by–“

“Good Samaritan?” Teresa scowled.

“In other news,” Bettina Wurtzburg reported through our TV, “the police department is interviewing four men in connection to the murder of Russian chess master Vladimir Kurchikov. Channel Two News has also confirmed that two police officers were called to that location earlier in the evening, where reports of shouting and Travesti fighting in that apartment were lodged by the neighbors. One of those police officers is reported to be Sergeant Carroll, who was suspended without pay for a violation of police policies. The Police Union representative has demanded Sergeant Carroll’s immediate reinstatement–“

“They’re throwing him to the wolves, you know.” Teresa said. I whirled to look at her, realizing that I was receiving the answer to an earlier vague question.

“Is he dirty?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Teresa said, “but that’s the way things work around here. Giving the Press a story about a procedural issue is telling the world that he’s finished.”

I just nodded. So that was how “things” worked. This put an interesting new light on things.

At 8:00am sharp, ADA Paulina Patterson came into the MCD room. “This may be it– Vince Rossoliano wants to talk to you…. without his lawyer.”


“Go.” Vince told his lawyer once we were in the interrogation room. “Get out.”

“But… but..” the lawyer sputtered.


“GO!” Vince roared. “OUT!”


Once the lawyer is was gone, Vince said “If I tell you everything I know, is the immunity still on the table?”

“Here’s the deal.” Paulina stated, bringing out a document. “You tell us everything, sign it in writing, testify when we ask you to, for the Grand Jury or at the killer’s trial, and you’ll be given full immunity. You’ll be deported after the trial, and if you enter the United States again the immunity will be voided. “

“Good enough.” Vince said. “And I am only going to talk about this night and this murder, yes?” Paulina and I looked at each other, then agreed.

“You are right,” Vince started, “we would meet from time to time to arrange our drug deals. This Town was convenient because Baptiste was a foreign exchange student here, Dill-Worthing’s company has a branch here, Kurchikov could easily come from the City, where he teaches chess, and he leased this apartment where he could prepare for big chess matches, and Gomez… well, he likes the college girls and the prostitutes in your Tenderloin District.”

“The woman?” I asked.

“I do not know much about her.” Vince said. “Baptiste knew her in France; I believe they had a drug operation in Paris, and he wanted to bring her into our cartel as our American representative. Each of us has a country to grow our own businesses in, and Kurchikov would arrange drug shipments to each of us from time to time, using the chess tournaments he participated in as cover for his travels and deliveries. I had no problem with bringing in this woman, as it would mean less travel to America and I would still get a cut. Of course, my people would have to check her out.”

“Did anyone oppose her inclusion?” I asked.

“Gomez was not sold on her, but I think he just wanted to fuck her first. Dill-Worthing had objections, and discussed them with Kurchikov. Let me explain: we would play bridge, and whoever was in dummy would talk in the kitchen with Kurchikov. He was our supplier of drugs; we each placed our orders with him. Kurchikov would balance the numbers, arrange shipments from one of us to another whenever we needed it. He was very good with numbers, very smooth.

“Sometimes we would get into arguments, we would get passionate. The redhead cop, the Sergeant, he would always respond if there was a problem. I do not know for sure, but I believe Kurchikov paid him to keep the Police Vice squad from coming after us. I say this because sometimes that cop would come around, and would talk to Kurchikov alone.

“What about the night of the murder.” I asked. “What happened?”?

“It was a very typical night. We drank, we smoked, we played cards, Gomez cheated like hell at the cards, we argue, police come, we quiet down and start making our deals with Kurchikov, we talk about adding the woman as our partner. Then we all left, sometime after 11:00.”

“And only one person opposed the inclusion of the woman.” I said, to confirm what I was hearing.

“Ehh, we were all cautious, of course… but yes, Dill-Worthing was the only one strongly opposed. Kurchikov even suggested to me in private that she could be his replacement, if Dill-Worthing didn’t like it.”

“So you all left after eleven o’clock.” I said. “Did you see everyone leave?” I asked.

“Except for the woman, we all left and went to our cars. Baptiste was in front of me, I followed him to the main road. He went to a strip club, I went to my hotel.”

“So you didn’t see Dill-Worthing leave?”

“He left with us, and his car was behind me, but I don’t remember seeing his car follow me. I was not really paying attention.”

After several more questions for clarification, I nodded to ADA Paulina Patterson, who signed the immunity agreement and gave it to Vince as his seething lawyer returned to the room.

Part 12 – The Party Never Stops… Antalya Travesti Nor Does The Sex!

As the sun was setting in the evening, Melina walked down the path by the lake with her date, her hand on his arm as he escorted her, the restaurant they had eaten at in the distance behind them. She was wearing a lemon-yellow dress with a white pattern imprinted on it, and very high heel white pumps. The young man she was with was in a suit and tie, looking very handsome to her as they walked and chatted lightly. He was “The Leader”, the young man she’d met at Todd’s celebration not long ago.

Sitting down on a bench and enjoying the lake view in the fading light, they chatted lightly for a while, mostly about some of his adventures with the Ten Inch Team and some of her work on sexual subjects with Dr. Laura Fredricson. The discussion of sex already had her loins melted, warm and wet, and she had noted the considerable bulge in her young date’s pants. The talk ebbed as the couple began sharing kisses, light at first, then deeper and more passionate.

“So what’s that saying? ‘Your place or mine?'” the young man asked Melina as he kissed her neck and openly groped her breast.

?”Mine.” she said. “I want you to take me in my own bed.” They walked back to his car and drove toward the Tower Condos, a building next to the University Hotel and externally the twin of it, but with condo apartments. This one had been Laura’s, and Melina had swapped Laura this condo for the house on the hill that Don’s mother was going to live in.

Nearly an hour later, Melina was lying naked on her bed, enjoying the soft light of the room and the sight of the young man at the foot of the bed stripping naked. She admired his muscular, slender body as his eyes hungrily devoured her luscious nude beauty. He was more broad-shouldered than Todd but not taller (few men were), and he exuded a sense of male power and confidence that really turned Melina on and made her wet with desire.


His cock sprang into view, hard and long and thick, ten full inches of throbbing power, ready to fuck her into a frothy puddle of pure pleasure. As he eased onto the bed, he confidently, almost arrogantly spread her legs apart and settled between them. Not asking permission, he began kissing his way up her thighs to her sopping wet quim.

“Ohhhhhhh….” Melina moaned quietly as The Leader’s tongue slid up her swollen labes and lashed at her clit. As the young stud began eating her pussy more deeply and in earnest, she let her memory float to that previously heavenly night…

She remembered Todd’s initiation. After he had come and several women had used their tongues to clean her body and pussy of his semen, a full-blown orgy had begun. She remembered The Leader having his penis sucked to rock-hardness by a gorgeous natural redhead who was wearing wedding rings.

Then Todd had called the Leader over to the bed that she, Melina, was still lying on. Todd introduced her to him, then they began rudely talking in rather crude terms about her.


“She’s a really hot fuck.” Todd told The Leader. “Her cunt will suck the cum right out of your balls before you can stop yourself from coming.”

“Sounds like a challenge.” The Leader said. “She’s definitely got the best legs and hottest ass in the room.” Letting his eyes bore into Melina’s, he asked, “Hey baby, how would you like to try a real cock instead of this kid’s little thing?” His overwhelming sexual power reached out to her as, without waiting for her answer, The Leader eased down and mounted her.

“Oh God!” Melina gasped as The Leader began driving his huge cock into her already-fucked cunt. Pleasure rocketed through her body as she was stretched and filled with his hard male meat.

“Damn, gorgeous, you buried it.” The Leader said. “You took me with just one thrust.” He began pumping in and out of her with a slow steady rhythm, letting her get used to his size and begin matching his thrusts. He began speeding up, noting with pleasure that she was meeting and matching his strokes perfectly, speeding up right along with him, their loins smashing together as they began to fuck hotly.

As he relentlessly fucked her, Melina noted out of the corner of her eye that the gorgeous redhead was now sucking Todd’s cock to hardness with lust-filled abandon. The Leader noticed Melina watching the other couple.

“That’s Audrey Nethers.” he whispered, his voice low so that only Melina could hear him. “She’s married, and she is the best cocksucker I’ve ever encountered. Her husband is one of our members, but he couldn’t be here tonight. She’s a Libertine, also.”

“What’s a ‘Libertine’?” Melina asked as she wrapped her legs tightly around The Leader to urge him to keep fucking her hard and steady.

“It’s a Swinger group. There’s two of them in the county, the Libertines and the Hedonists. Ask your boss Dr. Fredricson about it.”

“How– how did you know that I worked for her?” Bursa Travesti Melina asked, her eyes snapping onto The Leader’s and boring into him.

“Todd told me when he said he was going to invite you to this initiation.” The Leader said. “We had to be sure you weren’t one of those people that want to fuck us over.”

“I see.” Melina answered shortly. “Well, I do want to fuck you over, until your balls are drained and screaming for mercy.” Her wicked smile and the intensity of her eyes gave The Leader a sexual jolt. He quickly pulled out and straddled her chest, shoving his cock head into Melina’s luscious mouth.

“Todd was right, you’ve made me come. I’m going to come, baby.” he grunted. “I’m going to come in your mouth. UHH!!! Take it babe– UHK!!! AHH!!!”

He shoved his cockhead practically into Melina’s throat as she felt his huge organ throb and pulse. She gulped down the thick, relentless squirts of his hot jism as he ejaculated them into her mouth, struggling to stay ahead as he tried to fill her throat to overflowing. Pleasure rocked through her loins as she fingered her clit, the joy of having a virile man come in her mouth adding to her tremendous pleasure…

Later, once hard again, Todd had been slowly and deeply fucking Melina dogstyle. Several other men, many of whom she never got a name for, came up to her and fucked her face with their huge cocks. As she sucked their manhoods, she noted that some were thicker than others, but every cock was blessed with that long, ten inch length.

Melina reveled in the feelings overwhelming her, being fucked by a handsome young man while sucking other huge cocks. Each man was near the crest when he approached her, and she remembered swallowing several large loads, enjoying her meals of pure male protein. She also remembered being kissed by several women, feeling their tongues exploring her mouth and trying to lick out some of that cream.

She was exhausted after endless orgasms as the night’s party neared its end. Most of the men and women were spent; they were lying around, watching Melina being fucked slowly and deeply by The Leader one last time. He was gentle with her, having really lubed up his cock and made sure she could handle one more fuck, and she knew he was doing this to show his stamina, his endurance that outlasted all of his male teammates. She knew that every man and woman in the room was admiring him for being the very best, sexually, and she was proud that it was her vagina servicing and pleasuring the young stud’s cock in front of all these hot, sexual people.

It was after he came inside her, his load feeble compared to earlier ones, that he surprised her by quietly asking her for a date. She accepted on the spot, and made sure to give him her phone number while Todd was not watching…

The Leader was nuzzling her neck and grinding his meat into her well-filled cunt in the condo bedroom. He had come once, and this time they were simply enjoying a slow, deep fuck. The Leader still fucked her with raw, hard power. Melina realized that she was deeply enjoying this fuck, and that she was deeply enjoying being with this much younger man.

Her thoughts drifted to Todd. She thought of Todd’s baby that she was carrying now, joy filling her whole being. But she also realized that while she loved Todd, she was not “in love” with him, not like she had been with Don… and with Jack… and she also knew that while she physically loved The Leader, she was not truly in love with him either…

As she felt The Leader ejaculate into the depths of her womanhood to end the consummation of their date, Melina wondered to the Universe who her true soulmate was, and where was he now….

Part 13 – The Solution

It was about 9:00pm and we had just returned from dinner. I had forbidden any talk about the case during dinner, which suited most of my team. But that had the lovely Paulina Patterson chafing, as she wanted to ask questions. And she hit me with the barrage as soon as we walked into the MCD room.

“So it’s either the woman, who you think is your sister Elizabeth, or it’s Keith Dill-Worthing.” Paulina said. “Which one?”

Before I could answer, Paulina’s cellphone rang. “Dill-Worthing. His lawyer is asking to see us.” Paulina said. I asked her to come with me and Tanya.

In the interrogation room, the lawyer for Dill-Worthing said in a smooth and oily voice “My client has reconsidered, and wants to make a deal with you.” His English client sat next to him.

“Oh really?” I said, my voice neither smooth nor oily, but very sarcastic in tone.

“Full immunity in exchange for his truthful statement and testimony.” the lawyer offered, his voice intentionally toned to suggest he was doing us a huge favor. I knew otherwise.

“Let’s hear it, then we’ll consider it.” I said. “And it damn well better be truthful.” Dill-Worthing looked at the lawyer as if he did not want to do it, but the lawyer nodded.

“Okay,” Dill-Worthing said. “this is what happened.” His story was nearly identical to Vince’s earlier in the day, but with two important exceptions: he did not mention the woman, and he said he had left and followed Vince down the road, but had turned off to go to his hotel.

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Carol , Jeremy: An Interview

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We walked down the hallway to our apartment, half-drunk, giddy, and with a desperate energy. It was another Friday night as a young couple in the city, doing the whole dinner with one set of friends, then drinks with another thing. Fresh off another uneventful work week, we had wound down the evening and was heading home to let off a little steam. The evening had felt much longer than it was.

* * * * *


So, Carol showed up at the restaurant as we were having a drink at the bar, she was in her ‘professional’ gear, all dark, that skinny skirt cut just above her knee, matching blazer and tight green blouse. Buttons were undone, I wanted to fuck her there and then. In fact it was hard not to maul her as soon as she sidled up beside me. I gave her a peck on the lips, and carried on with the conversation with friends.


To be honest, all I wanted to do was go the fuck home. But you have to socialize right? You get into your late twenties and start seeing less of your friends, lose track – next thing you know you’re on the couch getting fat and watching Netflix 24/7 wondering where your life went. But seriously, after the week I had – I just wanted to go home. Seeing Jeremy was a relief, cuddling up under his arm felt so good. I loved smelling him after a long day at work, because he had this mixture of like, his manly smell, with whatever traces of deodorant had hung around. I just so badly wanted to put my mouth on him. Instead, I nuzzled into his side, putting one arm around his back, and resting my other hand along his tummy. He flinched a bit, because he’s ticklish there. I don’t think anyone noticed. So I squeezed him tighter.


Sorry, but I know these guys are friends and shit, but it all just started sounding like the same bullshit conversations we all have getting together nowadays. So I tuned out for most of it, just nodding like you do. All through dinner, Carol and I had taken turns groping each other under the table. By the time coffee was winding down, everyone had taken to checking their phones. Carol had texted me.


Yeah, I did. I texted him like “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you”.


No, no – you were like “I’m gonna fuck you dead”. Like it was super harsh


(laughs) Yeah, maybe, whatever. We hadn’t fucked all week, it’d just been stupidly busy for the both of us. I just wanted him so bad. But like, when I get like this. Or when WE get like this – its kinda different.


So anyhow, like, we finished dinner and shit, then said goodbye, met up with some of her friends at another bar and had a drink or two.


Thats Travesti when he got really bad. He was all over me, almost embarrassingly so. He just wouldn’t keep his hands off me. So eventually I told my girls I needed to get him home.


I wasn’t drunk, I was just mad horny. And so I was feeling a bit buzzed, and horned up. I just wanted my girl bad.


The cab ride home felt steamier than it was. We tried to keep our kissing brief, but it felt like we hadn’t had any time together in so long, so it was tough not to just mount him then and there. Sorry Uber, I gotta have it! (laughs)


She kept grabbing at my cock through my pants, which hey, she can do easily. I wanted to return the favor, but its hard to not be so obvious about that, right? Anyways, we got upstairs in the apartment, and it was just grab ass going down that hall. She got her keys out and unlocked the door, and I’m just staring at that tiny perfect little ass. Once that door is closed now…


The door wasn’t even closed, and he had me pushed up against the wall, hand around my neck, grinding into me, kissing forcefully. I struggled against his weight, and bit his lip. He looked at me with anger, and picked me up in his arms, pressing me against the wall. I felt his hands push my skirt upwards as he kissed and nibbled down my neck. “I’m fucking YOU” is what he growled at me. I had wrapped myself around him, arms on his neck, legs around his waist. I loved it when he made me feel small, contained. With one last bounce against the wall, he slid me down, and then fell to his knees. He looked up at me hungrily, and then pushed his face into my crotch.


Okay, now, she was wearing this tiny little business skirt, but she also had on black pantyhose and these baby blue panties. And it always seems fucked up to me, because like, you get underneath that skirt,and nothing matches. Its like she put on her panties with one thought, and then got dressed up to go to work. But I want to lick that pussy, so I just wanna get rid of everything.


He’s being really rough, and I’m going from uncomfortable to ‘oh my god’ in a heartbeat. He’s kind fixated for a second, and I realize he’s chewed a hole in my pantyhose with his teeth. So now he got his beard scruff against my inner thigh and Im ready to lose it. He’s tearing open the crotch of my pantyhose and burying his face. Its just a shredded mess down there, my thighs all raw and wet with his saliva, torn panyhose, and he’s pulling my underwear to the side to stick his tongue in my cunt. He’s fast and eager, eating me out in the hall izmir Travesti of our apartment. I grab a handful of hair in my fist, and pull him up for air. He looks at me.


My face is wet, and my eyes are wide. She’s got me by the hair, looking down at me, and I’m feeling like I’m in trouble now. She pushes me down on my back and wiggles out of her pantyhose and panties. Fucking hell I want that pussy so bad. She crawls down and straddles over my face, so I just lick around blindly. She shifts for a second and I can’t breathe. I realize she’s grabbed my wrists and has all her body weight down on them. I just keep frantically licking, hearing her moan. She shifts again and I gasp for breath, she won’t even look at me. She sits on my face again, just riding me hard.


(laughs) Fuck me eh? No sir, I’m gonna fuck you first. I love doing that. His tongue goes really deep in my when I’m on top like that. I like to think I know when to let up, but I think its hotter when he’s that desperate. Of course, it usually gets me off pretty quick, which I try to push through, but I think he feels when I get a little weak and need a second to recuperate.


Yeah, I know. That’s my fucking window to take shit back.


Okay, so I’m trying not to just go limp after the first orgasm. And he goes and twists me around so now I’m on my back taking deep breaths. I close my eyes but can hear him take his jacket and shirt off, throwing them across the hall. I open my eyes again, and he’s shirtless, and redfaced, grabbing me by the foot and dragging me across the hardwood towards the bedroom. He’s catching his breath and cursing me as I watch his back muscles. He picks me up and bends me over the bed, pushing my skirt up over my ass. He spanks me while calling me a ‘dirty slut’, and I can hear him undo his belt and unzip his pants as my face is mashed into the mattress. One second there’s no contact, then he grabs at my pussy, thumbing at my lips, before taking his hand away and replacing it with his cock. This fucking feels awesome, he’s just putting all his weight into sticking his cock up in me, and really trying to go deep. He pulls in and out a couple times, then he’s got like a rhythm and he’s just fucking pounding me from behind. He grabs my pony tail in his fist and arches me backwards as I cry out.


I’m just giving her all I’ve got. Just trying to brutally fuck her as much as she can take.


He pulls out and flips me over, letting me scamper back onto the bed. He kicks off his pants and climbs up, straddling my chest. I’m bottomless, still wearing my blouse Konya Travesti thats dirty and hanging open loosely. He jams his cock in my face smearing my juices across my lips. I normally don’t like to taste myself, but hey — in the moment…So he’s sawing his cock in my mouth as I’m trying to suck him off. He pushes forward making me deep throat him, and I gag. He pulls out and asks me where I want it


Where do you want it slut? You want it in your mouth or on your face?


Lemme taste it, put it in my fucking mouth


Here it comes baby, suck my cum. Suck it.


(laughs) I actually like to swallow. Its a bit tough laying down at that angle, but I like swallowing him and seeing his face. Like he just loses it, he closes his eyes, and he’s making noises and shit, and he doesn’t care that I’m watching him. He doesn’t even know it. I’m draining his cock, and watching him turn into a little boy right in front of my eyes. I gulp back a mouthful, and he falls backward in the space between my legs. His cock disappearing. When he opens his eyes and grins at me…


Ha, yeah, she ain’t smiling back at me. Her face is red and her eyes are wet, and she’s licking her lips, but she’s opened her legs up and is expecting me to do my business. So as exhausted as I am, I crawl down the bed and lay on my stomach, put my lips on her pussy. I first use my tongue to massage the area at the top, before searching out the clit, and flicking it back and forth. I slide my tongue down along her slit, parting her lips to go deeper and burying my face into her crotch. The tangy metallic taste encouraging me. I replace my tongue with two fingers, plunging them inside her vagina, and going back to lapping at her clitty, as I saw them in and out of her. She moans and swears and calls me dirty names.


I try to keep him down there for awhile. (Laughs). He’s good at it, what can I say. I love cumming hard on his face. And I love it when he crawls up beside me for a deep, breathy kiss. I can taste my pussy juices on his mouth, and I’m sure he’s probably tasting his own cum —


Ha, not gonna talk about *that*


Oh shut the fuck up, you get off on all this crazy shit. C’mon.


(long pause) Y’know, it took a while for us to kinda reach this level. And we’ve talked about it all quite a bit


We have


Like we’ve talked about fantasies and shit. And we’ve done a lot. But like, it takes time to figure out each others boundaries and like, how far they’re willing to go, and to figure out how not to hurt each other.


Its true. We’ve talked. A. Lot. But like, whatever we’ve done, and talked about – I’m okay with whatever. Because I love him, and I trust him.


I love you too baby. I’d give you anything.

** end **

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Black Journal Ch. 11

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Big Tits

Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Mom’s Bestie

Maxine Griffin. My mother’s best friend and one of the thickest, well-shaped, mature, African American women I have laid my eyes upon. She’s the same height as my mom, which is about 5’4″. She had two daughters, and they got their sizes from her as well. She would always bring her kids with her and I would pretend to be their boyfriend. As I got older I started looking at Maxine more and more. She was single at the time and she and my parents would go out together every so often. She’d stop by in a tight dress to the 9’s showing off her curves. My dad didn’t bat an eye and just welcomed her into the house like normal.

She would come and hug me and I nearly jizzed in my pants just by the touch. I was only in 8th grade then. Her daughters must’ve been with the dad. He and my dad usually got along until the subject of marriage came up.

So I was on my summer vacation. No summer classes for June so I had to wait for the July session. I was at the house as usual sitting in my area and doing some hobbies. I hadn’t eaten yet and I was getting hungry. I went to take a shower when the house phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it because it rings all the damn time. I answer it anyway and Maxine was on the other end. She knew my mom was at work so I didn’t know why she called.

She was happy to hear from me though because it had been a while. She talked about her daughters and how at times they talk Travesti about me. While she drudged on about the two females I had already shared a bed with I began stroking myself. Maxine has a nice, mature voice with a little country twang added to it. As she talked I had only responded with “mhm’s, yes, or ahs” which started to sound more erotic than they had to be. It was a simple catching up conversation; nothing to write to playboy about.

She had asked a question at the wrong moment, something about college, and I unleashed my load with a raspy yes. There was silence for a while, then a dial tone. I shrugged it off and then went to clean myself off. I was at the table working on a FEMO for a client of mine. Actually she wanted three and I had started with the second one. The doorbell rang and I got up to answer. I didn’t think twice that I was only wearing some elastic underwear, and a t-shirt. I answered it and Maxine came storming in. She was looking around the house for something or someone. She confronted me about what I was doing while we were talking. Of course I denied it; none of her business.

She pressed harder by getting closer than normal, but she didn’t scare me or intimidated me. I just made a quick decision and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. I said she was jealous that her daughters had gotten to experienced what a Cyrus is all about, except for her. She did look at my dad like she wanted to jump Ankara Travesti his bones all the time. I know my pops well enough that he is a serial monogamist. To be honest I had sex with her oldest, and her youngest just gave me a blowjob. They told me they were left satisfied.

Maxine doesn’t have to compete with her daughters, but you know how people like to prove they are the best. Maxine grabbed my hand and shoved me onto the couch. She pulled down my underwear and grabbed my dick with cruelty. I had to tell her to calm herself because I don’t like that rough stuff being done to my third leg.

She did and carefully lowered her mouth onto my tip. She licked and sucked it like a pro. She jacked my shaft with a twist. She definitely knew what she was doing because she took her time. She stopped jacking and then went up and down on my tip with a little suction. She kept watching me for my facial expressions.

I began moving my hips upward and she gladly opened her mouth to receive me. She let her tongue hang down and out while she gagged a little. The sound was exquisite and then I upped the tempo. She had to brace herself on my legs until she finally couldn’t take anymore.

She turned around and dropped her shorts and then her thong. She grabbed my rod and positioned it so her pussy could land right on its mark. She first started off with a good grind session. My junk was swimming in her juices. She replied istanbul Travesti with moans of acceptance. She bent forward and put her hands on my knees. She twerked my steel with her big buns clapping.

Her oldest did something similar but she had her hands on her knees and she talked to me more for confirmation if I was enjoying it. Maxine just did her thing and adjusted if need be. I was just enjoying it as long as it could last because I figured that would’ve been the last time I was able to bang my mom’s best friend.

I stopped her and put her in doggy-style over the top of the couch. I shoved it in with a fury. I wanted her to beg me to do it harder; to show her no remorse. Maxine started to whimper in between her grunts. She was trying to remain in control but that is only reserved for me. I began spanking her with every thrust, hard ones too. She screamed with appreciation. I widely expanded her cheeks and pushed in full tilt without resistance. She loved it because she yelled all kinds of thank you’s and appreciatives.

I was finally ready to bust and she reached behind to splurge me onto her back. I fucked her hand in the process to keep that good sensation. When it was over we went to bathroom to clean up. We showered together and I gave her one more orgasm by rubbing her clit. Since we were in the tub I gagged her with my wrathful tool and she upchucked a little. I sprayed my seed on her face. Another cleaning and we were done. She thanked me for the fun and told me we couldn’t do it anymore. I agreed without complaint; mostly because her daughters were scheduled in the next two days. I had the oldest the next day, and the youngest the day after. A good friend indeed I am.

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Bitch in Heat

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He saw her get off her bike and lock it up, a smile on his face, feeling slightly aroused as he thought about what he had planned. He was impatient for her and wished she would hurry up through the building to their flat. Hearing footsteps he waited at the door and hearing the rattle of her keys he swung the door open and pulled her through. She stared at him with wide eyes, she fearing it had been someone she didn’t know. He looked at her face and licked his dry lips, dry through anticipation. He bent to her neck and took a deep breath. He murmured, “That smell… Oh Heaven.”

“It’s sweat, let me go have a shower. It’s the deodorant.”

“No.” He said sternly. She looked at him with fear again. She saw a look of hunger in his brown eyes. Inside he felt like a dog with a bitch on heat. He had waited a long time to have sex with her just after she had got home, before she could shower and wash away the smell of exercise. Her look of fear relaxed and she eyed him more, “Come with me into the shower then if you must.”

“No, here, now.” He drew her to him, not letting her go.

“Let me take my coat off…”

He shook his head before kissing her on her wet lips. Coming up from her coat was the smell of the damp outdoors and he felt himself becoming even more aroused. He pressed his tongue through her lips and into her mouth, teasing hers with his. A hand moved down her izmit escort back and underneath her trousers waistband and under her knickers. She closed her eyes as she moaned softly and wrapped her arms round him.

She was pressed so close to him she could feel him rising under his own trousers. She began to become aroused as well. Wanting him to do more she stepped away from him just to take her coat off and then her t-shirt. He stopped her there, murmuring, “No further. Let’s go slowly.”

He bent his head and gently kissed her lips and then moved to her throat, making her smile and close her eyes again. The kisses moved down to her cleavage, where her cross lay between her breasts. She felt his hands swept up her back and softly unclip her bra. He drew it away from her, revealing her breasts, creamy, the colour of hidden skin, unlike the rest of her tanned body. He pushed her up against their flat’s door and with one hand locked the door while the other took one of her breasts into his hand, softly rubbing it while his lips whispered over her other, his tongue brushing against her damp skin and twisted itself round her nipple. He felt her breasts hardening as he massaged each in turn in his hand, massaging hard with a violent tenderness.

Her hands when for the buttons of his shirt and undid a few before slipping her hands in to touch gölcük escort his chest, rubbing the skin with her thumbs hard. He moaned into her breast. Her hands withdrew and pulled his shirt from his trousers before slipping her hands in and finding his penis, teasing it.

His hands left her breasts and moved down to her waistband and undid her trousers. His lips remained on her breasts, his tongue softly moving over them, tasting the sweat of her exertions. He could feel her rapid breath on his lips and he smiled as her chest rose up and down.

He knelt before her and slipped her trousers down her legs, taking her knickers with them. She held her hands on his shoulders as he kissed her calves and then moved to her inner thighs. They crept up and then his tongue was slipping into her opening, sweeping over her clit, tasting her. His hands were around her buttocks, holding her up as she was sure she was about to drop to the floor from all that she was feeling. His nose brushed through her pussy making her moan and push herself into his face. He murmured, “Not yet.”

“Please, I…” She moaned. She pulled him up and he obeyed though his fingers moved to her opening, rubbing her so hard she felt she was becoming swollen. She moaned again but her hands were rapidly undoing his trousers. They dropped to the floor and this boxer shorts followed. escort bayan Her lips were on his chest, kissing him, feeling the few hairs that were on it. Her hands had hold of his hardening cock, rubbing it, making it harder than it had been. He moaned into her hair and closed his eyes. She mumbled, “Do so now then.”

“No, not yet.”

“If you won’t I will.” She said harshly into his chest, feeling tears welling up in her feeling of desperation, wanting him desperately, so much more than she had ever felt before. She felt his fingers move further into her and she gasped and gulped. He felt her wetness all over his fingers and not wanting her to have an orgasm before him he pressed her up against the door again as he withdrew his fingers from her opening.

She still held on to his hard cock and guided it between her thighs. He drove his penis inwards as she wrapped her legs round him, holding on to him as he thrust harder into her, pushing her hard up against the door. His lips were on her throat again and her head was up as she moaned and then cried out, “Harder, fuck me, come on, I know you can do it.”

Her hands were round his buttocks as she pushed on them, forcing him deeper into her. She rammed her hips into his and he moaned. She shuddered as she felt herself finally satisfied by him, reaching her orgasm with all her feelings exploding inside her and over his diving penis, though he was still going, plunging as deep as he could into her. She let him finish and he forced himself deeper than he had ever thought he could go, his hands pushing her into him so he could. Finishing, he gasped hard in unison with her as she placed shaking feet on the floor…

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