Affair with an Older Woman Ch. 01

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As a preface, I thought I’d write about this affair I had with a married woman when I was younger. Let’s call her Gemma. I was 20 and she was about 10 years older and married to a guy she didn’t love. We snuck around a lot while her husband was at work or out of town. We had many sexual encounters, and she was the first woman I had sex with. I’ll write about many of these escapades as it was an interesting time in my life. The sneaking around was sexy but not the smartest choices I’ve made in my life. I think writing about them would be fun to relive some of these moments. Also know, it’s every boy’s fantasy to be with an older woman with sexual experience. This would be a continuation from My First Sexual Experience Ch. 03 which you can find in my writings.

Since the first time having sex with Gemma, we met at her place weekly for a few consecutive weeks. It was during a week day when her husband was at work. We would have sex for hours every time. Gemma told me a conversation she had with her best friend, with whom she talked about our little affair. Her best friend asked her, ‘is it a good 3 minutes of sex?’ ‘you mean a good 3 hours.’ Gemma said back. ‘I wish someone would fuck me for 3 hours every week.’. I had a chuckle being told this and felt proud of myself for lasting so long. At this point, I still took a long time to cum because I was still getting familiar with the whole sex feeling. As I explained in my earlier stories.

I’ve forgotten exactly how many times we had met up when this story took place. It wouldn’t have been more than 5 times. We were chatting on ICQ organising Escort Haramidere our next meeting at her place when she told me the previous night, she had sex with her husband. I didn’t get mad or jealous or anything. Didn’t feel anything at all. I figured at some point she was going to have to since they were married. She said ‘I feel like I cheated on you. I’m sorry but I had to or he would get suspicious.’ ‘It’s ok, I understand.’ was all I said back to her. She went on to explain a bit more. ‘It was really gross but he only lasted a couple of minutes.’ I left it at that as far as I remember. One of the following nights we were talking about our next meet and I said I’d bright a tape of one of my favourite movies over, Hudson Hawk. Video tapes back in those days.

On the day we met, I again went to her house and knocked on the door. She let me in, it was almost routine now because we’d done this a few times. We went to her living room where the tv was and I put in the tape. There was a bean bag on the floor, couches and armchairs. She sat on the bean bag on the floor and I sat up against her and we started watching the movie. We didn’t get very far in at all when we started kissing and feeling each other up. She had on a black skirt and no panties. I had on jeans and a shirt. My hand felt up the inside of her thighs and up to her pussy and she was grabbing and rubbing my dick through my jeans. Gemma was very wet, she must’ve been anticipating this for a while. I stood up and took my jeans off. She laid back in the bean back and pulled her skirt İkitelli escort up exposing her legs and pussy. She opened her legs and I knelt between them. I rubbed my hard dick up and down her slit. She let out some sexy moans ‘ooooo that feels good. Put that dick in me.’ she said. I slowly pushed the head of my dick in and pulled back out, then back in again.

‘ooohh yeah, fuck. Put that dick in please.’.

I did as she asked and pushed my dick in and out, going further and further inside her with each stroke. I was not such a noob anymore and learning quite fast. I had a good teacher I must say. I lent down and kissed her on the lips and she opened her legs further to let me sink into her. I was fucking her with short strokes not taking my dick out of her very far each time. Then we must have settled into a new angle, and we her legs so far opened, I pressed into her and started grinding up and down instead of in and out. I felt the tip of my dick rub against something inside her. She moaned loudly at that instant. So I started grinding and really rub the tip of my cock there. It was her cervix and i’d never reached it before.

Gemma’s breathing went really fast as I was rubbing my dick on her cervix. Then she started panting at the same rhythm as my grinding. She put her arms around and pulled me close to her and started saying ‘fuck fuck fuck oh oh oh. Fuck fuck fuck.’ she started to cum. ‘fuck yeah. Cum on my dick.’ Gemma continued. ‘oh oh oh.’ she was panting. She went all tense and hugged me tight as an orgasm ripped through her. I remember Çapa escort bayan it clearly to this day how sexy she was cumming. After she calmed down, she said to me ‘that’s never happened to me before. That felt good. Do you need to cum?’ ‘not yet but let’s keep going’ I answered.

I started fucking her again and her pussy was a little wetter after cumming. After another 15 minutes or so, her pussy started getting dry and it was rubbing on my dick. She pushed me off her and pulled at my dick to her mouth. She started sucking my dick straight from her pussy. Her mouth felt so good, almost as good as her pussy. She gave me a very wet blowjob getting my dick nice and wet to go back in her pussy. ‘put it back in.’ she commanded

I put it back and started fucking her again. I felt my orgasm build up and I quickened my pace. I felt I was about to cum and I pulled out of her, stood over her as she was lying on the bean bag. She grabbed her tits and moaned. I grabbed my dick and stroked my cock hard over her came all over her tits. It was a decent load of cum.

‘oh yeah cum on my tits.’ she said. I collapsed next to her out of breath. ‘that was fun’ Gemma said ‘yeah that was good. I hit the end of your pussy before.’

‘yes I liked that. I’m going to get a towel and wipe all your cum up before it drips everywhere.’

Gemma got up and got a towel. We ended up eating some lunch and watched the movie. During the movie, I let my hands feel her breasts and play with her nipples. I had a hand under her skirt and I was rubbing her clit and fingering her. Between playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit, she was horny and wet by the end of the movie. We had sex again after the movie. She had another orgasm and I pulled out and came on her belly. It was a great day and I think of it fondly.

We said our goodbyes and was on ICQ that night reliving and talking about our day.

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Helen and Alex are not alone

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I had finished getting dressed for the evening. I loved dressing up for evenings in the fabulous cocktail lounge bar at the hotel. Alex loved seeing me in dresses that suited my figure. So, I wore a short red cocktail dress, one that just covered my bottom. My legs were freshly smooth and moisturised so they were silky and shiny. The dress had a naughty cleavage that plunged almost to my belly button. With my small boobs, it created a sexy look, but wasn’t especially trashy. I wore my hair up in a tight ballerina bun. Something I had done a million times. It pulled on my forehead and took away all the lines on my face. There weren’t many, I was lucky, but Alex thought I would easily pass for forty. That was good enough.

Dinner was the usual mix of lovely food and laughter. Alex and I could laugh at almost anything. His gorgeous face would light up at the same things that made me smile. It was powerfully sexy. He could not take his eyes off me, that made me so confident. Across from him was his sixty-year-old lover, still slim, I had a tiny waist, long dancer-toned legs and my grey hair tied up to show off my face. I had been described as the poster girl of Team GB in 1984, my young face was on many of the television broadcasts. I was gorgeous back then. But I’m older now. Alex thinks I am stunningly beautiful, and I have come to terms with my age, my insecurities and inhibitions. I am at my happiest when I’m naked, making passionate love to this young man and his beautiful body. Alex is thirty-six years younger than me, and until tonight, it had not been such a big deal. Until we went into the bar that evening.

We found a table in the middle of the lower level, near the bar and slightly quieter, so we could talk. We were probably going dancing later, Alex loved showing me off on the dance floor. For most of my life, I had been paid to dance classical ballet. But that training, that discipline hard wired into my body also meant I could dance anything and everything, including modern street styles. I loved dancing and loved being with Alex.

And then she walked in. The same girl we had seen at breakfast. She was tall, slim and model beautiful. Brunette hair and long, lovely legs. Someday I knew this was going to happen. I had a sense that she was going to be the one. There was just something about her. Actually, she seemed to be perfect.

I’d already resigned to this, to the stark reality of losing Alex to a young body, a woman who could give him the things I could not. A long future of happiness and a family, which I know he would want one day. I needed to feel in control of that moment, not someday finding out in a hurtful, or undignified affair.

“There’s the girl from breakfast, the one who could not take her eyes off of your body, even though you were wearing those ridiculous flip flops.”

“It is. I’m curious as to why you mention her?”

“She is very sexy, just your type Alex.”

“Hmm. I’m on holiday with the most beautiful, smart, funny, sexy and incredible woman I have ever known. That’s surely enough, isn’t it?”

I didn’t reply. He was quite the most beautiful man that has ever been in my life. He was sincere and I knew that is how he really felt about me. I was the one working myself up about a random girl who quite naturally admired an attractive man. I decided to let it pass. I was going to ruin a lovely evening, over absolutely nothing.

Alex went to the bar to refresh our drinks. I always liked to see him move across a room. He was so tall and masculine, toned and athletic. It made me a little aroused just seeing him walk. My body was still full of his thick, gorgeous sperm after this morning’s lovemaking, and I still had the sensation of his huge penis inside me, even after all these hours had passed. He was big, filling me completely and stretching my vagina to its limit. How could I not desire him forever?

The girl was also at the bar. Alex seemed to deliberately avoid her, perhaps consciously telling me that he was not interested in a conversation with her. But she moved along to speak with him. Just a conversation, nothing more. Seeing the two of them together, I realised, had seemed natural and perfect. I smiled to myself. A nervous smile, borne from a new sensation of sadness inside. A confirmation of the strange feelings that I had growing inside that Alex and I had no long-term future.

After a few minutes he returned, with fresh drinks and a beaming smile on his face. I was not a jealous woman, I really am not, and so did not ask him the topic of conversation. That would come across as jealous, because in reality, I was quite comfortable for him to have a conversation without interrogation from me.

So, in due course, we finished our drinks and left for the club. The night spot was right on the beach and it was perfect for dancing until the early hours, which we fully intended to do. Neither of us are particularly big drinkers, we much preferred dancing our way through the night. He loved seeing Haramidere escort bayan everyone watching me dance and he always kissed me on the dancefloor, whenever our faces came close together.

As I sat down at our table, I felt someone coming behind me. It wasn’t Alex, it was a much lighter footstep.

“Excuse me. I’m so sorry to bother you. I feel I should apologise to you for my behaviour earlier.”

“Apologise? You’ve no reason to apologise?”

“Well, I’m sorry, I thought you were, well I mean, I didn’t know that your, er, husband was, well your partner. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, you mean you thought I was his mother, not his girlfriend?”

She lowered her head. It was obviously excruciatingly embarrassing for her, and I really wanted her to stop worrying.

“Don’t be silly. I’m over thirty years older than Alex. Of course, you would think I am his mum. I’m older than his actual mother, so you’re forgiven. Completely and totally forgiven. Here, come and sit down.”

“Oh, thank you. Well, anyway, I am sorry. He is your boyfriend and he is clearly totally in love with you. I really meant no offence. You look incredible, by the way. If I may say, you are a very stunning lady. I’m envious of your legs and you move with such incredible grace. Can I perhaps buy you a glass of wine?”

“Yes, perfect! Why not. But what makes you say that Alex is in love with me?”

“Well, in the hotel I asked him if he wanted to come out dancing here with me tonight, you know, just us two. He told me that he was here on holiday and whilst he was very flattered to be asked, he was completely in love with you. I’m so sorry. I’m Charlotte, by the way.”

“Hi. And I’m Helen. Alex is a wonderful man for sure. But I’m guessing you find him attractive then? He is rather lovely.”

“Well yes, he is gorgeous. You are very lucky. Well, no not lucky, you are stunningly attractive. Sorry. I’m really putting my foot in it, aren’t I?

“Not at all, here, you sit and I will go and get some wine. Don’t move from that spot Charlotte.”

I caught up with Alex at the bar. He was still waiting to be served. He is tall, but far too polite. He just stood there, waving his euros.

“Let me try, my love. We will need a bottle; we have a guest at our table.”

“A what?” Alex looked around at our table. He saw Charlotte sitting, still looking a bit embarrassed and sheepish.

“A guest. Her name is Charlotte and she said sorry for trying to tear you away from me.”

“Hang on! She didn’t do anything.”

“Ha, I know. I’m teasing. She is a really sweet girl. Let’s get to know her a little better.”

I squeezed under the waving arms and caught the barman’s eye. I’m a good flirt and in my dress, I can usually get what I want. The queue parted and I quickly returned with a fresh bottle of conversation.

Charlotte was a newly qualified lawyer. This was a trip she was taking with two university friends and they were halfway through their week, a bit like us. Her friends were somewhere on the dancefloor and she spent some time pointing them out.

Alex was clearly nervous. I think he was consciously trying to definitely not flirt or show any interest at all. In fact, he did seem a bit sullener than I had ever seen him. He held my hand, but it was less a hand hold and more of a hand placement. I was being unfair, putting him in this situation.

After I had poured three large glasses, I picked mine up and kissed Alex on the forehead and told him I was going for a quick dance to a number I really enjoyed. He should stay and chat with Charlotte.”

As I sipped my wine and moved across the dance floor, I could see Charlotte. Her body language changed. She was clearly attracted to Alex; her movements and body language were quite plain to me. She fancied him, through and through.

Alex was almost motionless. He was talking to her, but I’m sure he found this situation all too awkward. Perhaps I was overplaying this feeling of mine. Maybe I was manipulating them both. It felt wrong. I felt ashamed. I felt sick suddenly.

“Alex, I’m going to go back to the hotel. Stay here with Charlotte and I will see you later in the room. Charlotte, lovely to meet you. I’m sure I will see you around the hotel.”

Alex half got up to leave, he seemed totally confused. It was all my fault. I had changed something and it upset me. Let them be friendly, let him be amongst unattached young women and let’s see what fate brings.

Four hours later, I heard the door open with the click of a key card. I was on the balcony, naked with just a slightly see-through wrap around my body. I wasn’t sure what Alex was going to say, do, mention or deny. I wasn’t sure what I wanted him to say. It was wrong of me to put my beautiful man in such a position. I was going to apologise. And I was going to suck his huge, gorgeous penis all night long, to make it up to him, if I had to.

“Helen, Charlotte is outside. She wants to say Escort İkitelli goodnight. She isn’t drunk or anything, but I think she wants to say sorry one more time.”

“Oh, she really doesn’t need to. I’m feeling really bad that I…”

“Helen. I wanted to see you. To speak with you. I just wanted to say something. Can I come in?”

I was conscious that I was naked and although I wore a revealing bikini by the pool, I was completely nude in this wrap.

“Er. Yes, of course. I’m not dressed though.”

She smiled and stepped inside, deliberately keeping her eyes on mine. She was so beautiful. She was the image of me, thirty-five years ago. Gorgeous, sexy and we both have the same figure, except her boobs were obviously a little bigger and fuller than mine.

She looked at me, smiled and her expression softened.

“Alex has not stopped talking about you. I just wanted to say sorry one more time. There was no need to leave earlier. It was me that should have left.”

I lifted my hand and placed it softly on her cheek. To my shock, she tilted her head on to my hand and slowly ran her fingers along my wrist. An electric spark of arousal shot through me.

Oh, my goodness! Oh fuck. Fuck…fuck…fuck.

Charlotte gently stepped to me, one tiny movement and our faces were almost touching. She looked down and lifted my hand to her mouth. She kissed my palm and rubbed her cheek against mine.

“Please don’t be upset. If I have embarrassed you, I’m sorry. Can I just kiss you before I go?”

I placed my finger under her chin and lifted her beautiful face to me. I kissed her gently on the cheek. She was warm and smelled divine. Her skin was soft. I’m so used kissing Alex and his stubble intimately, but this was a new sensation. I had never kissed a girl. But, right now, I wanted to kiss her. In fact, devour her, but I just didn’t know how.

She turned her face to me and our lips met. Neither of us were used to kissing another woman and so it was awkward, but also sexy, raw and unexpected. We both went with the moment.

She placed her hands on my waist and drew me in a little, kissing me more deeply, slowly parting my lips and exploring my mouth. One hand lifted to behind my head and she started to kiss me passionately, sighs of pleasure as her tongue stroked mine, our mouths locked together. She was so very sexy.

I lifted my hand to her hair and found her hair grip. I knew the style and unclipped it, letting her hair drop around her shoulders. The scent of her hair filled the room.

I was standing at the doorway, naked in my wrap, deeply kissing a beautiful young woman. Her tongue was eagerly circling mine, exploring my mouth and pushing deep. Charlotte I later found out was twenty-five, but for now I was passionately kissing a stunning and mesmerizingly beautiful young woman.

Her hands moved from my waist around to my stomach. Her fingers trailed over my abdomen and up towards my breasts. Charlotte whispered softly into my ear.

“You have an incredible figure, Helen. You have muscles on muscles. I’ve never seen a sexier body than yours.”

She slipped her warm hand inside my wrap and on to my small boobs. She caressed my shape. Ran her fingers around them, feeling their size. She cupped them and gently stroked my body, clearly enjoying the sensation. As her fingers settled on my nipples she sighed, a deep, pleasure laden sigh.

“God, you are so hot Helen.”

“I’m so turned on Charlotte. I really want you. I’ve never done this. I don’t know what to do really.”

“Well, neither have I. Let’s not judge, let’s make love. Call me Lottie.”

She stepped back and slipped off her dress, once unzipped from the back, it fell to the floor. She wore black underwear, tiny knickers and a bra that contained her gorgeous boobs. I really wanted to know what young, firm, large boobs would feel like.

“Do you want me to be naked Helen?”

All I could do was nod.

She took my hand and lifted it to her chest. I could feel her heart beating fast. I guided her to the bed and gently crawled on, not letting her go. She joined me, the two of us kissing again in the half light of the moon. Alex was on the balcony and the warm breeze created a perfect moment.

She took the cord of my wrap and opened it up. It fell off my shoulders and on to the bed. I was now naked with a young woman and she was making love with me.

Lottie bent down and kissed my boobs, first gently, then more urgently, she moved down and sucked both my nipples. Her touch was soft and yet, she sucked my nipples much more firmly than Alex. It was a lightning bolt through my body. It was such a different sensation. Her mouth devoured my breasts, she pulled them into her and sucked me, licked me and kissed my boobs all over.

She laid me down and gently got on top of me, I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed, our legs moving together, wrapping around one another and letting our skin touch Çapa escort everywhere. She was eager, keen and like me, inexperienced with a woman. In fact, we had no experience at all. This was all so unexpected.

“I want to be naked for you. Will you take off my bra?”

I reached and found the hooks and eyes. Backwards I found it tricky but then her straps parted and her bra fell on to me. She moved forwards and her large, perfect breasts bounced free of her bra and on to my face.

I licked whatever I could reach. Her skin was soft, warm and every touch of my lips made her squirm in pleasure. Her breasts were full, heavy and firm. My lips found her nipples and I tried to replicate the sensation she had given me. Her nipples were solid, aroused and I imagined the feelings of pleasure my touch was sending through her. My hands grabbed her hair gently, I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. I was finding my feet with this gorgeous body.

I slipped my hands down along her waist and to her hips. I found the band to her knickers and began to pull them down. I could not move them any lower than her bottom, but then I felt masculine hands on mine. He lovingly stroked my fingers and took hold of the cotton fabric. Alex was on the edge of the bed and had taken Lottie’s knickers and was slipping them off over her ankles. He had a perfect view of her cute, sexy bottom. We were both now naked. She was still wearing her heels and I thought, why not. Alex is here as well. Nobody is getting hurt. Let’s fuck one another.

Lottie gently parted my legs. She lay between them and I felt her pubic hair against mine. She moved slowly against my clitoris and I realised that our vaginas were touching. In fact, I could feel her soft labia sliding over mine.

I could feel the wetness on my vagina. I suddenly realised that it was Lottie’s pussy that was so wet and it was sliding against mine. The feel of thick, slippery juice was delicious. I ran my hands over her back and kissed her, drew her body to mine and let our two cunts become one.

“God you are so wet Lottie. You are soaking my pussy.”

“You make me wet Helen. Your fucking gorgeous body is driving me crazy.”

She kissed my neck and ears. She gave out a deep, full body cry as Alex placed his hands on her.

He had run his tongue along her tiny, sexy bum. His tongue tracing the line of her bottom and then his hands had slowly parted her slim cheeks. He had moved his tongue deeper, searching out her anus and had found it, hot and damp from our lovemaking.

Lottie’s mouth moved to my ear and she sighed deeply in pleasure.

“I’ve never had this before. I’ve never had my bottom licked like that. God it’s fucking amazing.”

Alex licked her anus and I could feel her rocking to his touch, in and out, back and forth. Her vagina was free-flowing with thick and sticky cunt-juice. Her young cunt was preparing for Alex’s huge penis. I’m sure Lottie had never had a cock like Alex. Her juice was smearing all over me and I could feel myself aroused and wanting to orgasm with this wonderful experience.

Then she stiffened and cried out again. Alex had moved his tongue to her cunt. He had searched out her clitoris and was eagerly licking her. I could feel his chin. Then he found my cunt and sent sparks of pleasure through me. His two willing lovers were screaming in pleasure, as we fucked one another and Alex licked two adoring vaginas locked together in a sexy fuck.

I sensed him move off the bed and seconds later I could feel his huge cock slipping between our two cunts.

Lottie gasped, she could feel his thick head and shaft slide over her vagina, over mine, between us. His movement was powerful and masculine, he was fucking our labia, searching out our clits and as he was doing so, he held Lottie’s beautiful bare bottom in his hands. I could smell her vagina now. It was heady and arousing for Alex and for me.

I felt his cock against the entrance to my soaked vagina. He pushed slowly inside me, then deeper and more powerfully. His long shaft pushed all the way to the end, hard against my cervix. In this position, his cock pushed against me, bulging my abdomen and Lottie could feel him fucking me. She could sense his huge erection pounding my soaking wet cunt. Slippery and lubricated by Lottie’s thick cunt juice.

“Oh my God. Is he really big?” I could not answer, I just threw my head back and screamed in pleasure. My toes pointed to the sky and I wrapped my legs around this perfect woman’s body.

Alex fucked me. He was loving the sensation of just being able to enter and fuck me, my cunt soaked and slippery with Lottie’s juices. He pounded my sixty-year-old cunt hard and deep, holding his cock deep in me with each thrust. On top of me, Lottie’s clitoris was being pushed hard against his body as we fucked, causing her to scream and tremble in pleasure.

Alex pulled out and before he could move away, Lottie lifted up from me and quickly turned around.

She looked at Alex’s enormous erection for the first time. She was clearly turned on by his size and thickness. She shuffled to him and kissed him deep on the lips, her hand reached down and grabbed his cock and moved her fingers up and down his thick shaft, soaking her fingers in the wetness from my vagina.

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My Busty Neighbour

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Big Dicks

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.

Jill looked out of her bedroom window. She had heard the gate to her driveway opening. Jack, the son of her best friends Su and Tom, had arrived to cut her grass.

Jill was a fifty-five-year-old widow, living alone on the outskirts of a small college town. Her husband Bob had passed away three years ago.

Jill was only now beginning to pick up her life following the death of her husband. God knows what would have happened to her without the support of her friends and their son Jack. Su had been there for her, making sure that she ate properly and looked after herself, and finally persuaded her to get out into the community and start to live again.

She had turned down an opportunity to meet up with an old boyfriend from her pre-marital days. Bob had also lost his mate and had suggested that they see if they could revive their previous relationship. She had thanked him for his offer but had told him that she was not ready to move in that direction.

Jill was a voluptuous lady. Her body had stood up well to the test of time, no doubt aided by not bearing children. She had remained faithful to her husband throughout their married life, although many men had shown interest in her over the years. She had enjoyed the attention but had consistently declined.

Tom and his son Jack had looked after all the physical work around her house and considerable property since Bob’s death. Young Jack came over several times a week to do her lawn and garden or shovel snow in the winter. Despite the fact he was attending the local college and had part-time job evenings and weekends.

Jill had noticed unhappiness or possible depression in Jack over the last six months, which was unusual for such an outgoing young man. She suspected it had to do with women. His mother, Su, had indicated that he never appeared to have a steady girlfriend.

He was a good-looking young man, well built with a friendly open face. Jill wondered why girls were not chasing after him. She suspected that she would have been after him when she had been 19 or so. He was tight and muscular, the bulging thighs and tight butt of a young man who had enjoyed sports all his life. She smiled at the slight twinge in her pussy, as she watched him get out of his car.

I headed for the backyard to retrieve the lawnmower as Jill pulled on a pair of tight pants and tucked her breasts into a tight-fitting top. She smiled in the mirror as she applied a touch of lipstick. Here she was trying to look sexy for a young man she had known all her life.

Jill heard Jack finishing up. She stepped out to the rear terrace to greet him. He smiled at her and waved. It was a warm summer evening, and he had worked up a sweat; his tee-shirt was moulded to his upper chest. Jill took in her breath as she felt another surge of warmth in her pussy. ‘What is wrong with me,’ she wondered.

“Jill, you look great”. My eyes ran unashamedly up and down her body. We had always had an open and frank relationship. We were always direct in our exchanges and could say exactly what we felt. The comment was not meant to be a pass at her, just an expression of my thoughts.

“Jack, you have worked hard. Let’s have a glass of wine? She smiled. But she did feel good at his compliment. She glanced back as she left to get the wine to see him looking at her ass and legs. She swayed her hips a little, letting him know that she knew that he was looking at her butt.

We sat on the back patio, exchanging chat and stories, much as they had done for many years.

Jill asked, “How is your love life? I never hear much about your girlfriends. Are you too shy to tell me about them?”

“I am afraid there is not much to tell Jill. I don’t do very well with the ladies. I have dated a few, but it never seems to get anywhere.”

This confirmed to Jill that whatever his problems were, they originated with a girl or girls. “I can’t understand that Jack, you are a great looking guy, play sports, excellent student and well-liked by everyone I know. Tell me about it.”

“Oh, I’m not sure what to tell you. When things start getting a little more personal with a girl, that’s when they start to lose interest,” I said, not looking directly at her.

“Are we talking matters of sex here? Some women don’t want a guy to move too fast. Are you being too forceful? Maybe just take it slower is all that you need to do.”

“Oh no, I don’t rush things, and I usually do get to first base,” I said.

Jill looked at him closely, “You mean they let you intimately touch them.”

Jack was very defensive, “Yes, I get to touch them alright.”

Jill said, “And then?”

I didn’t look at her when I murmured in a low voice, “It’s down to my size.”

My reply completely caught Jill off guard. She thought, my god, the poor soul must have a tiny penis; no wonder he looks so down and depressed.

“Jack, you must know that a lot of guys have that problem; Escort Sarıyer it’s not the size that matters; it’s the technique that’s so important. Have you talked to someone about it?”

“I can’t bring myself to talk to anyone, except now with you,”

“What about your Dad? This may run in the family?”

I smiled, “Dad’s never even told me about the birds and the bees. But, Jill, I have got a massive cock. I was in the toilet in a bar once with dad. I saw his cock. My cock is twice the size of dad’s. When any of my girlfriends see or touch my cock that scares them off. “That would split me in two. That’s too big for me”. I have heard it all; I wish it weren’t so big, then I’m sure that I’d be having an exciting sex life.”

Jill couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her pussy was getting so wet. She glanced at Jack’s groin. A massive bulge was forming in Jack’s trousers.

The discussion was turning both of them on. Jack could see Jill’s nipples pushing through the cloth of the top while she squirmed in her chair. Jill noticed movement in his tight shorts, a bulge forming down along the inside of his thigh.

“Don’t let this worry you too much. You will soon find a pretty girl who likes a big cock, and a lot of women love a big cock then your problem will disappear.”

I said, “Did you have sex before you got married?”

It was Jill’s turn to be defensive. She started to deny it but felt that she should be open with him in return and said, “Yes, I did have several affairs before I married Bob. Why do you ask?”

“Well, did any of your lovers have problems like I am having?”

“Not exactly, but first times are never terribly satisfying at that age. It takes a while to become relaxed and comfortable with sex. There was a lot of messing around, and even then, the foreplay was usually better than the sex. One or two guys did get off too quickly, although they were in my pussy when they came.”

Jill was thinking about a guy with a massive cock, though Jack’s looked thicker and longer. Who was married, but he had given her the best fucks of her life. She still fantasised about his massive cock when she gave herself relief.

“Jack, I think we should let this be for now. However, I am glad that you were able to talk about it with me, and maybe that will help.”

“Jill, it was a relief to discuss it with you. I felt so comfortable telling you about my problem instead of having it in my mind all the time. Thank you for that. Can we talk about it again some time?”

They stood up, and Jill put her arms around him and kissed him softly on the cheek, “Of course, Jack, if it helps, then I am happy to chat about it anytime with you.”

I could barely keep my hands still as she pressed her breasts against him. Finally, I allowed my hard cock to brush her hip and felt her hesitate. I knew that she had thought it when she returned the pressure. Then I left.

Jill tossed around sleepless that night. She could not forget the exchange with Jack. She was very aroused at the thought of his problems. Ideas flowed through her mind like crazy. Maybe a hand job to get him off. Then he would know that he could get some sexual pleasure. Maybe a blow job, she was sure that she could deep throat his monster cock, she did it often with her married lover. Perhaps she could help him become a more accomplished lover. Maybe she could seduce him. Her cunt was dripping now.

Her slit was slippery and wet as she made little circles around her clit. She slid a finger up inside her pussy and clenched her legs tight around it. She got off for the first time in a long while, prompted by visions of Jack’s massive cock buried in her.

I showered when I got home and wanked myself off with the thought of Jill’s body wrapped around him. She had always looked pretty. And in recent years, he had often imagined being in bed with her. But now, she seemed more available, and he thought of little else for days.

Later that same week, Jill called and asked me if he could come over for a short while to check out her laptop.

She was wearing a tight top and a push-up bra which made her tits look massive, and her short skirt. Her hair was beautiful, her eyes were bright, and her lips glistened. Jack’s hands became hot at the sight of her. He wanted to touch her. Jill showed Jack her laptop. She had forty windows open in her browser. Jack closed them then restarted her computer. All was good.

She invited him into the living room, and they sat side by side on the sofa. But then, Jill got to the point.

“I have been thinking about your problem. And to be honest, our chat excited and aroused me. So straight out, I would like to try and help you. You might overcome it by practising with me. There would not be any pressure for you to be anxious about pleasing me. And I would love to show you some techniques that arouse women.”

The thought that Jill had any interest in him sexually had only recently entered his mind, and even then as pure fantasy. “God, Jill, are you sure? Silivri escort bayan I would love it.” I reached for her, but she smiled and pushed him back.

She said, “Now there you are, going for the girl too quickly. Making love should not be a race to the finish. Most women, including myself, enjoy the seduction part. Every move should be only a lead-in to another move. And you should wait for her to respond. First, let me touch you and see if we can get past the first hurdle. Then, think of me as a teacher and forget about getting into my panties.”

Jill was not as objective as she sounded; her blood was racing, and her nipples were hard. But she wanted to keep him calm.

Jill moved closer to Jack on the sofa. She could see his stiff shaft lying along the inside of his trouser leg. She said, “I’m going to touch you now.”

I could barely breathe as I said, “I am hard already.”

Jill leaned into me, allowing one breast to rub on my arm. She let her open hand rest on his bulging shaft. She could feel the heat building in her pussy, as she said, “Let’s not worry what will happen. If you cum it’s okay, nothing lost; you won’t be putting it in me anyway. And I imagine that you will recover quickly enough to try again.”

I said, “I can get hard fast.”

She slowly closed her fingers around the shaft through his pants. Her eyes focused on his as her hand began to stroke him slowly. Finally, she felt him start to throb and lifted her hand. I pleaded, “Don’t stop, Jill.”

“Close your eyes, Jack, think of something else for a while. We want to stretch this out as long as we can.”

With that, she unhooked my belt and pulled down my zipper. She felt me tense as she gently stroked the outline of my cock through my shorts and then quickly pulled the band of his shorts down to allow my cock to pop out. She wound her fingers around my shaft carefully, squeezing it just below the bulbous head. She felt me throb again and released me. Jill was amazed at the monster cock Jack had. If she had been a young virgin, she would have worried about taking it in her tight pussy. She knew then that she wanted it inside her.

She considered herself an expert in hand jobs but had never played this role before. So it might be her and not he who got off first.

“Fuck Jill, that feels so good.”

I lifted my butt as Jill tugged my shorts down, freeing my entire stiff cock and big balls.

“It is exhilarating for me as well,” whispered Jill, “you have a very beautiful cock.”

The monster was so thick there was a two-inch gap between her fingers. My balls were as big as any of the enormous hen’s eggs she had ever seen. I slid one hand inside her top. I cupped her massive left tit. I felt the hardness of her nipple. Jill bit her lip to contain her excitement,

She circled two fingers just below the burgeoning knob and stroked him slowly with the other hand. She remained calm and gave no sign of her inner turmoil. She wanted to suck it but felt that should come later.

“Jill, I am close? Should I cum?”

She pulled her hand away and said, “We are doing well. Settle down and relax and see if we can hold back a little more.”

She sat back and took off her top. Her massive tits looked amazing. There was hardly any sag at all. Instead, her nipples were big and hard. She also pulled her panties off but kept her short skirt on. She wanted to excite him more, but her pussy might be too much to show him now.

“Don’t cum now, Jack. We have gone further than I dreamed we could, but nothing lost if you do cum. We can start again. You have a gorgeous cock. I love it. The size of it so arouses me. You are very desirable. Never forget that, Jack.”

She settled back in beside me, both breasts pressing my arm and chest. Her hand slipped quickly around my cock, and she whispered, “Touch me now, touch my pussy, feel and play with it. You must get to know it and don’t think about getting your cock in it. Just feel and play with it.”

My heart was racing, my fingers trembling as I moved my hand up under her skirt, along the silky skin of her inner thighs and finally to her mound. I thought only of her pussy and not my cock as I felt her smooth mound with two fingers. She opened her legs slightly, and I pushed two fingers inside her slit.

“Now my nipples, women loved to have their nipples sucked as you play with their pussy, make sure you do that each time. Oh, my big boy, your lips are hot and wet.” Her hand started to move on his cock, stroking him gently.

I lifted the hem of her skirt around her waist, but It was too much for me. I then shot my load as Jill wanked me and milked all my cum out of my cock.

We had pushed too close to the edge, and with a sudden jolt, I closed my hand around hers and blew my load. We kissed lovingly, a full open-mouthed tongue-sucking kiss as my cum spurted out.

“Fuck Jill, see what I mean? I thought I had it, and then suddenly just lost it,”

“Don’t worry about that. We jumped some hurdles before you Topkapı escort got off. When you come before your partner, you must perform. You have to consider the lady. She would want to get off, and I certainly do. Give me your hand, and I will show you how to pleasure a woman with your fingers.”

She settled back on the sofa sideways to me, spread her legs and pulled his head down to her tits. “You should always start on the nipples, kiss and suck them lightly.”

I found a nipple with my lips and sucked on it.

“Use your tongue, baby; run around the nipple with your tongue. Good, feel good, suck now. But, ah, the feeling goes right to my pussy, makes it tingle and get wet. The other one now.”

“You should be good for a while. You just got off, so you can probably feel me without losing it,” she whispered hopefully.

She took my hand and guided it to her mound. My fingers toyed with the hairs on her bush. “Yes, yes, play with the pussy, rub it with your fingertips. Good, do you feel my legs soften and part? That’s an invitation. Gently Jack, use your fingers to tease my clit. You have already made it wet and slick. No, don’t thrust them in, slow and easy, along my slit bottom to top. Yes, now use one finger to tease my clit. Just make soft little circles around it. Be easy with it, feel it swelling, oh goodness.”

I could sense Jill slowly surrendering herself to my fingers. I felt in control now, feeling her rotate her hips in response to each move. Finally, she pressed my finger into her slit, and I felt her pussy close and tighten on it.

I bent down and slurped a hard nipple into my mouth. Jill gasped and pulled my head tighter to her, her hips now writhing, her legs closing. I instinctively began stroking and then slipped a second finger in as she spread again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned as her hips began to drive back and forth on his two fingers now buried deep in her pussy.

For the first time in his life, I experienced the thrill of getting a woman off. It was not lost on me; I realised that touching and kissing her had produced such an erotic result.

Still pressing her hands on top of mine, she slowly opened her legs again. I continued to rub her mound and finger her. Her pussy lips were swollen and trembling. I looked in wonder at this gorgeous woman, her body still trembling.

She reached down and found my cock, stiff as a rod once more. She closed her hands around it and said, “Fuck, look what I have found, ready for more so quickly. But, Jack, do it now, or we may never have the courage to do it.”

With that, she lay back in the corner of the sofa and pulled me up, her tits bare and skirt bunched up around her hips. I fumbled around, suddenly excited again, jabbing at her pussy until she whispered, “Slow down, it’s not going anywhere, take a deep breath, let me show you.”

I slowed down and raised myself over her, supporting myself on extended arms placed on each side of her head. She had room to reach down and guide the bulbous head of my cock to her long sex slit.

“Easy Jack, just go in slowly, try not to think of where it is. That’s right, baby, nice and slow, you feel great, and you feel wonderful in me. Now lay down on me, cover me, feel my jugs against your chest, and make love to me.”

I closed my eyes, my mind now only on the woman beneath him, the feel of her body pressing against mine, her legs slowly encircling my body, trapping me inside the hot wet warmth of her pussy.

I began to stroke her slowly at first but quickly lost it. The natural need to plant my seed in a woman took over. It did not last long. I jammed my cock deep in her and let loose. My legs stiffened, my toes curled, my hands pulled her up against my body, and with some slow grinding strokes, I experienced total relief for the first time in his life.

We lay there for a while, her hands holding my ass cheeks, my mouth on her neck.

I finally lifted off of her and smiled down at her. “Oh, Jill, that was so great.”

Jill said, “No thanks needed, I wanted that as much as you. But we can’t make a habit of it, can we? People would soon find out, and it would not do anybody any good, including your parents.”

“Maybe we could have a few more classes and tips,”

“We are all sticky; you can’t go home like that. Did you ever shower with a woman?” she smiled.

We jumped up and ripped off our remaining clothes, and raced to the shower. Soon they were in a cascade of warm water, taking turns with the soap. The young stud was erect once more. Jill moved behind him, her oiled tits crushed against his back, her arms around him soaping his cock.

Jill whispered, “One more lesson today. I love oral sex, and you should learn about it. So today I will give, and you will receive, but I expect to be the receiver the next time class is called.” She turned me around, facing her, my body protecting her from the shower stream.

She dragged her tits down my body, looking up at me as she did so. I was trembling already. This would not take long. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock. She closed her fingers tightly just below my bulbous head before slipping her lips over and around it. She looked up at me again. I was standing rigid with my eyes closed tight. “Just let go when you want, baby. I’ll look after things I want you to enjoy.”

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How I Seduced Kate Pt. 03

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Part 3

Tomorrow couldn’t come quickly enough for me. I walked to her house with more than a spring in my step. The world seemed ok — even good — the hawthorn hedges were alive with the chatter of dunnocks bathing in the spring sunshine. In fact, it felt like summer had come early and for the first time in such a long time I felt complete. I didn’t question this elation — it was the same every time I bedded a conquest — and it was no different this time. For now I was content to ride the seas of good fortune and see where they cast me.

I raised my hand to the bell but before I could ring it, the green front door sprang open an inch. Kate peered out from behind the crack and upon seeing me darted behind the door. A moment later it opened fully and I stepped inside, puzzled by the sudden coyness. My puzzlement did not last long though as she was dressed in nothing more than the same short mini-skirt that she had worn yesterday and a black cupless bra. Her breasts bobbed and danced as she embraced me, kissing me firmly on the lips before pulling me down into her bosom. I clasped her backside, eager to explore its crevices. Knickerless, I ran my fingers over bare skin searching every nook and cranny, and with each moist probe she moaned audibly.

“I want you to do wicked things to me,” she whispered into my ear, “filthy wicked things.”

She skipped into the living room like a teenager, turned her head over one shoulder, and smiled in that knowing way. Cheekily she slipped on a black satin blindfold and knelt down.

“Please Sir, don’t take advantage of me, Sir” she pleaded. “I definitely wouldn’t want you to give me a good fucking Sir.”

She then bent over and slid off her skirt revealing the lips of her honeyed cunt. She turned round and knelt down on all fours, arching her back like a cat in heat.

“Please Sir, don’t fuck me, the thought of your big hard cock rammed into my cunt is enough to give any girl nightmares.”

This behaviour caught me by surprise. When I had met her, she had been mortified that her little dog had barked at me as we passed in the street. Several weeks later our encounters were still no more than a few words about the weather or the freshness of the air, but now, transformed, she was a vixen with no sense of shame. She was eager for me to take her and as if reading my mind she continued, “I want you to fuck me any way you want. A marriage guidance councillor isn’t easily shocked.”

“Have you been a good little girl,” I asked, “or a dirty little slut?”

She paused, momentarily caught off balance with this new turn.

“A little slut Sir, a dirty little whore. Yesterday I sucked someone’s cock and I enjoyed it.”

“I see”, I said, “do you know what happens to little girls who are naughty.”

As bright as a sparrow she chimed in, “Yes Sir, I do. They get punished. Wicked, dirty things happen to them. Unimaginable things, humiliating things even.”

“Good,” I said. “Perhaps you have been punished like this before?”

“No Sir, never. I’ve been a good girl. I’ve been pure all my life, … and recently quite virginal, but lately I’ve been beset with naughty thoughts the likes I can’t contain. Dirty thoughts that need a good fucking Sir.”

Taking advantage of the situation, a dark and perverted thought crept across my mind. “Bend over the back of the couch.”

She dutifully obeyed, asking “like this Sir?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Are you going to close the curtains Sir?”

“No,” I said. “Everything you have is on display for anyone to see.”

I pondered this idea for a moment. The lane where Kate lived was fairly quiet at this time of day, and the curtains were partly drawn, but there was no doubt that a neighbour or passer-by could inadvertently peak in.

“How does this make you feel?”

“Like a dirty little whore, Sir,” she replied meekly.

My fingertips caressed her bottom. It was pale and smooth like her breasts. My fingers glided across the deep crack of her sex and she let out a whimper.

“Oh that’s terribly naughty, Sir,” she gasped.

I then brought my hand down with a short sharp smack. She yelped, and then shuddered again as I struck her once, twice and then three times, each spank falling on alternate butt cheeks, lingering longingly.

“Oh my,” she said, “what a wicked wicked man you are.”

I spanked her repeatedly bringing dark red welts to her bottom. Her sex oozed a clear glistening cunt-fluid down her thighs. I played my cock teasingly over the lips of her crack and she moaned again, this time loudly and without abandon.

“Fuck me, please,” she whispered.

“Pardon,” I teased.

“Fuck me,” she said more loudly. “I want it hard.”

Roughly I entered her and she gasped with shock or pain or both. I don’t know which for I was too carried away in the moment. This wasn’t going to be gentle love-making but a pounding fuckery to slake her desire. I plunged long and deep, sinking my full girth and length into her. She gasped Sarıyer escort bayan again and then again as I stabbed down, bucking against me like a brood mare and I responded by pusing harder and more deeply until brought short by my cock against her cervix.

“Oh my,” she whimpered. “Fuck me.”

I continued my work accompanied by the grinding of her pelvis on mine and the softer slap of her breasts against her face. Eventually I found a natural cadence where she met the meat of each stab with a little whinny of delight.

“Oh God I’m going to come,” she said. “Oh my, it’s happening.”

I thrust down harder reaching my climax too, ejaculating my load. Fluid drops welled up and over her lips and dripped down her thighs as she lay there sweating.

She took off her blindfold and stepped away from the couch collapsing in my arms. Her cheeks were flushed and it was some minutes before she sank down onto the carpet breathing heavily.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before,” she said. “Edward, my late husband, was such a considerate lover but never very adventurous. He would never have bent me over the couch or the kitchen table, and I never would have asked. You see Edward was my first and only, until you. I still can’t quite believe that sex could be as explosive as that.”

We chatted easily as I played with her tits and clitoris. She was quite comfortable in her nakedness, welcoming my probing hands. Her eyes wandered longingly over my cock too and I knew that she wanted me to go again, but the slow hand of time had moved on.

“I have to go,” I said. “Work calls.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “Will you come round tomorrow?”

“Of course,” I said.

Tomorrow came and so did the next day, and on each occasion I fucked her. We continued like this throughout the duration of the summer. Her appetite as insatiable as mine but like all things, our love making eventually began to wane. The explosion of that first day was never quite captured again until quite unexpectedly I said, “Next time bring a friend.”

I couldn’t quite believe that I had said that — it wasn’t premeditated or calculated like most of my actions. Kate was shocked too — I could see it in her eyes — but there was something else there too. Excitement, or perhaps fear — it was hard to say. She responded meekly that she wasn’t sure she knew anybody she could ask.

I left hurriedly, heart pounding, not quite sure if I’d gone too far. I knew she might be upset, but I reasoned our affair could only last so long before it petered out anyway. Perhaps this was the tonic we needed?

The summer had faded into autumn and autumn had given way to winter. It was a year to the day, give or take, since I had first met Kate, and I wondered what would greet me at the doorstep when I arrived. I tactfully tapped on the door careful not to alert the neighbours. The old lady on the left had a tendency to give me a hard stare whenever I caught her eye, and the old man to the right had once given me a knowing wink. Neither neighbour did I wish to antagonise, and so it was with relief that Kate came quickly to the door and ushered me in.

I asked if she had brought a friend but it was obvious from the quietness of the house that she had not been successful or perhaps had not been willing. I was curious though – her mood was chirpy, elated even.

“So, I didn’t find anyone as you asked,” she said, “it’s not the type of question you can casually bring up in conversation. Hi there, do you want to watch my lover fuck me?” She made a show of waving her hand in hello to an imaginary friend.

“Is there no-one you can ask?”

“Someone, maybe, Judy. She’s had a hard time recently and doesn’t seem to be very lucky with the men, but I’ve never really spoken to her about sex before. I know you men think that us girls are just gossips and talk about men and cocks and sex, but not everyone, or at least not me.”

We retired into the living room and we spoke as we had spoken on my first visit — she sitting in the armchair with the afternoon soon catching her hair and me, cup in hand, on the couch. At the end of an hour I got up and we hugged as was our norm by the front door.

“Luke?” she said, “if Judy agrees will you take me like you did that first time?” Kate had a way of mixing sexual language with perfect diction and it caught me off-guard every time.

“We’ll put on a show,” I said.

The next day brought filthy weather and I pondered whether it was worth going to Kate’s. I could just text her as it was unlikely that she would have found anyone out of the blue to watch us fuck. After all that’s not something normal people do, but the thought of her tits bouncing as I entered her from behind spurred me into action.

Once again I set off on that familiar route and presently I found myself negotiating the path leading up to Kate’s door and tapped lightly on the knocker. It opened immediately and I entered into the narrow Silivri escort hall. Thinking back, I think it was that narrowness of the hall that had brought us together for that fateful first hug. Now though wasn’t the time for reminiscing as I could see that Kate was quite animated which sent a thrill through my stomach.

She cupped a hand to my ear, “She’s in the living room. I’ve told her not to speak unless spoken to.”

I smelt the strong odour of alcohol on her breath and she replied slyly, “We’ve both had a glass or two of wine, you know, to jolly things along.”

“By the way, as it turned out it was easy in the end to persuade her. I just asked how her sex life was and she said she hadn’t, and I quote, ‘had a good rogering in ages’. When I suggested that she came over to, ahem, observe, so to speak, she almost bit my hand off. I spent the rest of the day fending off rude text messages about how big you were or what you were going to do.”

She kissed me full on the lips and I slid my hands under her coat. I hadn’t stopped to think why she was wearing a full length coat indoors, such was my excitement at learning about Judy’s arrival, but it was obvious really. She slipped out of it in one silky motion and did a little twirl — naked from tip to toe. She took my hand and pushed me into the room.

Judy was sitting obediently in the corner armchair like a well tutored schoolgirl and said nothing when we entered. She was younger than I expected, and seeing my reaction, Kate said that this is Judy, one of Wendy’s friends that she’d gotten to know over the years. Less so a friend, but more of an acquaintance I was to learn. Judy was probably in her thirties with a pretty face, but had let herself go and could be aptly described in today’s parlance as a ‘big girl’. She had two huge udders of breasts beneath a thick woollen sweater and loose jogging bottoms that didn’t really suit her.

“Hi Judy,” I said, “You’ve come to watch?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied eagerly.

“You like to watch people?” I asked.

“Oh yes Sir,” she replied. She giggled nervously. “I like to watch it on the internet. It turns me on something wicked Sir.”

“Yes Kate said you seemed to be quite keen,” I said.

“Oh yes Sir, and if there’s anything I can do to help Sir, you just need to ask.”

The thought intrigued me — what kind of help did she have in mind?

“Well enjoy yourself.”

Kate had already draped herself over the couch. Her eyes twinkled in anticipation and I must admit the thought of having a voyeur in the room aroused me. I slowly caressed Kate’s bottom as I had and then smacked it. A crisp crack rang out and she whimpered in pain and shock and lust.

“Don’t hold back,” she coaxed, “I want everything, every last dirty thought and deed.”

I was about to spank her again before I realised that she hadn’t spoken to me, but had addressed Judy. Judy sat in the chair with that inward look of focused concentration, glazed eyes staring into space. She responded to Kate’s command by slowly sliding her hand down between her legs. I couldn’t help but stare. I’d never seen a stranger masturbate so unashamedly before. I could see the tension building in her face and her back arched as she slowly massaged her button.

“Why don’t you take off your knickers Judy,” Kate said.”

Judy hesitated, but only for a moment as if woken from a dream and then lifted her considerable backside up off the armchair to slide off her panties. Her mound was unshaven but her pink sex was bright and glistening. Her fingers made repetitive circular strokes on the surface, occasionally diving knuckle deep. All the while, she stared fixedly at me as if imagining what it would feel like to be in Kate’s place. Reading my mind she hoicked up her legs and parted the lips of her pussy.

“I think she wants you to fuck her,” Kate teased, “but me first.”

I bore down on Kate with renewed vigour, who thrashed under my onslaught, emitting soft bleats with each pounding thrust. I massaged her butt cheeks, gently drawing them apart to reveal her purse string anus. I had played around with it before but for some curious reason I had never explored this particular fetish with her. Lubricated, I slid my index finger into her bottom and she immediately squeaked with delight.

“Oh I was wondering how long it would take you to discover all my secrets,” she said. “Do you think he should bugger me Judy?”

Kate had a lascivious habit of using carnal language to shock and tease and Judy responded with an enthusiastic nod of the head.

“I think she wants you to fuck me in the arse,” she coaxed.

My cock throbbed — engorged enormously with blood — and with pre-cum welling on its surface, but rather than immediately partake of that particular desire I instead thrust into her cunt plunging easily into its depths. Pressing down, I buried my cock to its hilt and Kate softly moaned. I began moving rhythmically with Kate’s backside Escort Topkapı responding with little wiggles to accept my phallus more deeply. She purred beneath my efforts and began rocking backwards and forwards causing her ample tits to bob under their pendulum weight. Judy too made little ‘ohs’ and ‘arrs’ causing my balls to ache in anticipation and then abruptly I withdrew. I asked Kate to kneel in front of Judy and perhaps guessing my intent she eagerly complied. I then pushed her face down into Judy’s hairy mutt. Judy started as if she had been electrocuted sending a thrill through my balls. She stared at my manhood longing for me to penetrate Kate again, and with a smile of satisfaction I placed my swollen glans against Kate’s anus. It slipped in half an inch, the tight anus resisting, and then with a pop I buried myself into her backside. Judy groaned like a bitch in heat. Kate moaned too as I set to work again, driving down without abandon.

Kate worked Judy’s clitoris with her tongue and her own with her hand. The two girls purred and moaned in unison. After several minutes Kate moaned, “I’m coming,” her voice weak and ragged. Her body spasmed wildly once, then twice and then a third time before exhausted she fell onto her back with a hand clutched between her legs. I though had not finished so I wrapped my arms around Judy’s obese thighs pulling her onto her back. I entered her roughly and without warning through the anus. Judy screamed and tensed by the brutal penetration, momentarily pausing before resuming her clitoral massage. I pounded her backside without mercy, picking up pace as Judy relaxed into my rhythm, plumbing repeatedly into her depths. Glancing down, Kate had propped herself on one elbow murmuring soft encouragement.

“Fuck her like a whore. Make her squirm like a dog.”

My orgasm was building so I paused to catch my breath which gave Kate the mischievous opportunity to nuzzle up behind me.

“I want to see you fuck her like a dirty whore,” she whispered into my ear. “Fuck her and let her know you mean business.”

She cupped my balls with one hand and then poked her forefinger up my bum. I had never been entered from behind and the sensation was not altogether unpleasant. In fact, as Kate worked my anus I felt a growing sense of excitement that pushed me to the edge. I began pumping again against Judy’s butthole.

“Is that good you little whore,” Kate asked, enjoying seeing her friend used in this way.

“Oh God yes,” Judy gasped.

“Let me hear how much you like it. Bark for me.”

“Oh God, fuck me like a dog,” Judy cried. She then started barking and yapping. “Harder. I want it harder.”

“Give it to her Luke. Make her big fat swollen arse cum.”

I was near breaking point now. Kate had her finger buried in me up to the top knuckle, reaching deeper each time I prepared to dive down, until without warning I climaxed shooting thick wads of creamy cum into Judy’s arse. I withdrew giddy with excitement and watched fascinated as gobs of semen oozed out and dripped down Judy’s backside.


The following weeks were the best sex we had ever had. Kate and I explored how we could humiliate and degrade Judy who seemed happy to be used in this way. We variously tied her up, gagged her, whipped her and exploited her for our own deviant sexual satisfaction. Judy responded with glorious shows of masturbation with animated moans to encourage us, and then for the main act, barked and brayed and mooed as we fucked her cunt and arse and mouth. Eventually though our sexual desires were satiated and Judy perhaps freed by her experiences came round less frequently until one day Kate announced that she had got married. Perhaps that planted a seed in Kate’s head too because not too long after that I found myself proposing to Kate. My original marriage had evaporated. We had split by mutual agreement and so on a crisp winter’s morning Kate and I were wed.

“So who would have thought we’d get married,” Kate said on our wedding night.

“Not me,” I replied.

“So just me then,” she smiled with a devilish grin. “You see, I planned this from the beginning. That first time we met I saw you checking out my tits and I found that I didn’t mind it at all. In fact I quite encouraged it. It was obvious you wanted me but I was going to make you work for it, besides, I quite liked our little walks together. I liked the feeling of your eyes wandering over my body. It made me feel young again, like a little school girl coming into womanhood and realising for the first time the effect on the boys.”

She kissed me on the lips and pushed me onto the bed. She unbuttoned my fly releasing my cock, pulled down her knickers and matter of factly slid it into her vagina. She swayed back and forth with a slow sensuous motion.

“Losing Toby wasn’t something I anticipated. In fact, I grieved and couldn’t think about our relationship until I saw you quite by accident in the car. The lycra was very effective though in setting the right mood.” She laughed softly as she rocked on me.

“And you were very restrained, a gentleman… almost.” She emphasised the word almost. “I thought not wearing any panties would be enough. I loved showing you my pussy whilst pretending nothing was happening. Your poor penis though!”

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The Lady of the Manor Ch. 03

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The Lady of the Manor — Chapter 3

Thomas, the Viscountess and Claire enjoy an afternoon of intimacy. This chapter starts exactly where Chapter 2 stopped. I hope you enjoy it. It will be the last in this series. As always, comments and feedback are very welcome.


The Viscountess Baythorpe and I continued to look at each other, me with a slight grin on my face, Caroline’s face red with embarrassment but otherwise impassive.

‘Are you suggesting some sort of group sex Thomas?’ she asked, eventually. ‘A threesome?’

‘Yes,’ I said, simply. ‘Or rather what I’m saying is that if you wanted to try that, I think Claire would go along with it.’ In fact I wasn’t so sure. It was one thing for Claire to say those things while we were making love, it was quite another for her to actually indulge in a threesome with her female, aristocratic and considerably older employer. But one bridge at a time.

Caroline’s breathing had become faster and shallower and I could feel her heartbeat against my chest. She was clearly affected by the idea but how she would respond I couldn’t tell.

‘I don’t know,’ she said, at length. I stroked her hair and kissed her lips and she smiled and traced the line of my sternum with a red-tipped finger. ‘I’m not against the idea, in principle, in fact it’s a very exciting thought. I’ve never… touched another woman in that way. Some of the older girls at boarding school were at it like knives every night, though I never did. But it has been one of my fantasies over the years.’

‘So shall I talk to Claire?’

‘I don’t know,’ she said again. ‘In some ways it would be easier if it were just your girlfriend and I didn’t know her. The idea of… well of having sex with Claire terrifies me.’

‘She’s very fond of you. She’d never do anything to hurt or embarrass you.’

‘I know, but I would be embarrassed. And I know she’s a lovely looking girl and with a great figure and I bet she looks terrific naked and… oh God, Thomas, I want to say yes but I’m frightened.’

It occurred to me, and not for the first time, that I was entering an emotional minefield and I needed to tread carefully and respect the mores and sensibilities of the two ladies involved in this little rural drama. If it all went tits up, Claire would probably be out of a job and Caroline would be deeply hurt. I was toying with the idea of calling the whole thing off when Caroline raised herself on one elbow and looked down at me.

‘Right, I’m a bag of nerves and my stomach is churning but yes. The answer is yes. Talk to Claire. I want this more than I’m frightened of it, I think. She hugged me tightly. ‘It will be alright, won’t it?’

‘It’ll be wonderful,’ I said, my cock hardening at the thought of being on this bed with Claire and Caroline. Watching them make love. It was a scant half-hour since I’d pumped my load into the Viscountess’s anus but now I was rigid again, my glans tender, an angry purple red. ‘But right now I’ve got something to take your mind off things.’

I got to my knees and parted Caroline’s legs. Her pussy was still gaping and pink, the pubic hair slick with her secretions and mixed with the lubrication I’d used on her rosebud. I knelt down and entered her and she groaned and wrapped her stockinged legs around mine and I kissed her as I thrust into her and she responded, mashing her lips against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth, raking her scarlet nails across my back. I flexed as her nails bit into me and pushed harder and she started crying and said: ‘I love you!’

‘I love you too,’ I replied, automatically, although when I thought about it later I realised I probably did love her. But right now I was desperate to have my orgasm; it was maybe my seventh of the weekend and my body was showing some understandable reluctance. I pumped furiously and Caroline had another climax and screamed and writhed beneath me as I staggered past the chequered flag and squirted my final trickle of semen into the Viscountess’s cunt.

We slept like the dead that night, together in her big four-poster bed, not stirring until the sunlight hit the big east facing window and the shadows of the night retreated to their corners. Then it was time for me to leave, before Claire arrived for work.

‘I’m not looking forward to seeing her today,’ admitted Caroline, sitting in bed with a cup of tea Sarıyer escort while I pulled my clothes on. ‘I mean it’ll be a huge elephant in the room, her knowing about us.’

‘So the sooner we’re all in it together the better,’ I smiled.

‘I suppose so,’ she said, reaching for her cigarettes.

‘You’re smoking more,’ I observed.

‘I’m nervous. And don’t nag.’


The following Friday I went round to Claire’s flat in Bath and she cooked us lamb tagliatelle. She also told me about her week at Baythorpe Manor.

‘Talk about awkward. We could hardly make eye contact and that’s really not like Caroline, or me. In the end we just tried to avoid each other.’

We were watching a film and finishing off the bottle of Chianti that we’d started over dinner. My arm was around Claire and she was snuggled up to me, her legs slung over my lap.

‘What did she say when you told her about us?’

I thought for a moment: ‘she said “bloody hell”.’

Claire looked at me. ‘And what did she say when you told her I knew about the two of you?’


‘That’s what she said, “fuck”? Well I’ve never known her use that word before.’

The film finished at ten and we watched the news for a bit then I started kissing Claire and cupping her breasts through her blouse and she got up off the settee and tugged me in the direction of the bedroom where we stripped without much ceremony and climbed in under the duvet.

Claire felt warm and firm and rounded in my arms and my desire rose as I kissed her and tweaked her nipples. She cried out as I took one in my mouth and gently bit down on the little rosy nub. My right hand was parting her thighs and exploring her glorious silky black bush, my fingers seeking her labia, pushing the outer lips apart, sliding into her wetness, finding the centre of her pleasure and stroking it with my fingertip. While I gently masturbated her I told her about last Sunday evening and how I’d used the riding crop on her Ladyship and then taken her roughly from behind, and how I’d then told her to strip and had tied her down and fucked her pussy and her mouth and her anus.

Claire gasped, red-faced and aroused. ‘You had anal intercourse with the Viscountess? Does she like it?’

‘Loves it. She comes when I do it.’

Claire came at that moment as I masturbated her. She said afterwards that it was one of the strongest climaxes she’d ever experienced. As her orgasm shuddered through her I knelt up and slid into her velvet depths and took her slowly but firmly; long, slow, hard thrusts. Withdrawing until my glans almost slid out then sinking all seven inches back in. Claire gasped beneath me, open mouthed and open eyed, her hands on my shoulders, nails digging into my muscles.

‘Go on, fuck me you dirty arse-fucking bastard. Give it to me hard!’

I’d never seen Claire so aroused. There would never be a better time.

‘I bet you’d like to join Caroline and me in bed, wouldn’t you,’ I grunted down at her as I thrust into her tight, black-haired cunt. ‘I bet you’d like her Ladyship to lick your juicy slit wouldn’t you. And then kiss you so you could taste your juices on her lips–‘

It was too much for Claire. She screamed and bucked her hips wildly as her second climax swept over her in a tidal wave of pleasure. I’d been visualising the things I’d been saying and now I exploded inside her, jet after jet of hot spunk pumped into her sopping twat, erotic visions flickering through my brain like sheet lightning.

Afterwards I lay back as Claire mopped herself up with some tissues from the bedside table. Then she rolled over and lay against me, her head on my chest, her raven-black hair tickling my nipple.

‘You certainly know how to turn a girl on, Tom. All that stuff about Caroline. Bloody hell! And you really fucked her up the bum, too?’

‘Yes. And she’s up for a threesome,’ I said, quietly.

‘You are joking!’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘With me?’

‘With us, yes.’

‘You’ve discussed it!?’

‘Briefly. She’s never done anything like it before, she’s as nervous as anything but she’s really, really turned on by the idea.’

‘Christ, so am I!’

‘Have you ever been with a woman before?’ I asked, intensely curious.

‘One or two little fumbles. Nothing serious.’ She looked up at me. ‘So how Escort Silivri is this going to work? I mean she’s my employer, in case you’d forgotten.’

I’d thought about this quite a lot but now I paused, pretending to consider the matter. ‘I think,’ I said, slowly, ‘that the best way for it to work is if I’m in charge and telling you both what to do. I think that’ll be the best way to avoid too much awkwardness.’

Claire laughed. ‘And it’s the best solution for your male ego, right?’

I laughed too and kissed her mouth. ‘Well if you’ve got a better idea…’

She was silent for a few minutes. ‘No,’ she said at last, ‘I haven’t.’


Caroline and I didn’t sleep together that next weekend but I did see her on Sunday afternoon at a garden party thrown by the tedious Margery Jameson whom I’d met at Baythorpe Manor the first time I’d been invited there and who now invited me to all her charity events and fundraising campaigns. I usually found an excuse not to go, but I knew the Viscountess would be attending on Sunday so I went and endured Margery’s blethering about the Womens’ Institute for half an hour before I saw Caroline and excused myself.

Ms Jameson’s garden was large and parts of it were quite wild so Caroline and I were able to find a bit of peace and quiet on an old wooden bench behind a clump of laurel bushes.

‘Don’t keep me in suspense,’ said Caroline as soon as we’d sat down and she’d lit a cigarette. ‘What did she say?’

‘Oh, she said the over sixties Bring and Buy was a great success and they’re going to hold another one before Christmas.’

‘What!? No, not what did Margery say, idiot. What did Claire say?’ She laughed and dug me in the ribs.

‘Claire is very, very much up for it,’ I smiled at her.

‘Is she? Oh God, now I’m really nervous.’ She drew hard on her cigarette and took the smoke down deep into her lungs. ‘How’s it going to work?’ she asked, echoing Claire. So I told her and she smoked another cigarette and finally relaxed a bit, or at least enough to join the rest of the party.

As we walked across the lawn to the other guests on the patio I said quietly: ‘did you mean what you said the other day, about loving me?’

‘Yes,’ she said simply. ‘Did you mean it too, or was it just a reflex action?’

‘No,’ I said, I meant it too.’

‘What about Claire?’ asked Caroline, a touch cattily I fancied. ‘Do you love her too?’

‘We’ve only been going out for a few weeks. But yes, I think I could fall in love with her.’

Caroline smiled that lovely wide-mouthed smile. ‘Life could get quite complicated for you couldn’t it, Thomas darling.’


D Day was the following weekend, on the Saturday afternoon. The week inched by, deliberately slowly it seemed. During the day I found it difficult to concentrate at work and found myself staring out of the window, lost in erotic thought. In the evenings I was torn between an intense desire to masturbate and a wish to save it for the weekend. I did order some more stuff from the online sex shop, which I discussed with Claire but not with her Ladyship. It arrived on Friday.

Claire knocked on my door just after midday on the Saturday. It was the end of a hot, dry spell and there were black cumulonimbus clouds hanging over the fields and a distant rumble of thunder, which I tried not to interpret as a bad omen. She was dressed in jeans and a roll-neck sweater but she had an overnight bag with her and she disappeared into my bedroom, emerging half an hour later, transformed. She had made her face up with care and with more than her usual minimal amount of make-up. Her eyes seemed huge within the eyeshadow and liner and her face, with its high cheekbones, looked long, and sensual, framed by her raven-wing hair. Her full lips were a tarty scarlet and she’d painted her fingernails to match. But it was her lingerie that I couldn’t take my eyes off: she was wearing black, seamed stockings with a matching suspender belt and black silk french knickers. Her legs were one of her best features and encased in black nylon they looked like the legs of a woman on a Pop-Art poster. A black, lacy bra and black patent high heels completed the picture. She looked divine. She clearly didn’t feel one hundred percent comfortable.

‘Is this a bit too much do you think?’ she asked, Topkapı escort bayan doubtfully.

‘No way. You look ravishing. Her Ladyship will be drooling over the Axminster.’

‘I feel a bit self-conscious. And that’s before we’ve even got there! Will she be dressed in stockings too?’

‘Oh yes.’

‘And you’ve talked to her and she wants us to do those things? Spank her and tie her down and everything?’

‘Yes,’ I said again. ‘Relax.’ Although I was almost as nervous as Claire. ‘Let’s have a drink before we go. That’ll help.’

I opened a bottle of Merlot and poured two generous glasses and we sat in my tiny sitting room and sipped them in silence. Actually I sipped, Claire gulped, draining her glass in about three mouthfuls. I went to pour her some more.

‘I’d better not, I’m driving.’

‘I’ll drive,’ I said, filling her glass, and she gave me a relieved look.

With the bottle three-quarters empty, we looked at each other, hugged and got into Claire’s car for the drive to Baythorpe Manor; Claire was now wearing a black cocktail dress over her stockings. The journey was short and in no time we were standing together under the portico and ringing the bell. Caroline, the Viscountess Baythorpe, answered the door about thirty seconds later. She too was wearing a black cocktail dress and I saw the two ladies eye each other. We exchanged tense hellos and went in and Caroline shut the door and we stood looking at each other for a moment, uncertain what to do.

‘Come upstairs,’ said Caroline, leading the way. ‘I expect that we could all do with a drink. I know I could.’ Following her up the wide staircase I could see Claire looking at her Ladyship’s legs and rear end. Caroline too had been careful with her make-up, and at fifty-eight it was always going to be more of a challenge than for Claire in her early thirties. But she looked good, exuding a sensual and sexy mature aura, her ash-blonde hair shining, her lips a dark red and her nails a rich plum colour.

Inside her rooms she asked what we wanted and Claire opted for gin and tonic. I asked for a whisky and water. There was evidence on the coffee table that Caroline had started the party early: an ashtray with three or four butts and a tumbler half full of a clear liquid and with a slice of lemon. As Caroline put our drinks in front of us I stood and pulled her towards me, roughly, putting my hand behind her head and forcing her mouth against mine. I wanted to start off as I meant the afternoon to progress. Behind me Claire watched silently, wide-eyed. The Viscountess tasted of gin, cigarettes and mouthwash.

‘You’ve been smoking, haven’t you?’ I said, sternly. It was a bit of a stupid thing to say with the ashtray on the table but it was all part of the game.

‘I’m sorry, Thomas, I was nervous.’

‘Go and brush your teeth. And bring the handcuffs back with you.’

‘Yes,’ whispered Caroline, and disappeared through her bedroom door.

I looked around at Claire who had already finished her industrial strength G there was no way she’d leave them in place all week to be discovered by her maid when she cleaned the room.

‘Right,’ I said briskly to Claire, ‘strap her Ladyship down on the bed and make sure she’s tightly secured.’

Claire barely hesitated. It was clear that she was very excited. Her pupils were dilated and her breathing rate was heightened; pink spots glowed on her cheeks. She took the arm Caroline was holding in front of her breasts and pulled her to the big four-poster bed with its wine-red drapery. Neither lady said anything as Caroline climbed onto the bed and obediently lay down on her back, one hand still covering her pubic bush. Claire got onto the bed with her and secured straps around her employer’s slim ankles before clipping them to the straps on the bedposts. Caroline put up some resistance to stop Claire from pulling her hand from between her legs but it was a token effort and a minute later both the Viscountesses arms were secured above her head and Claire was going round the buckles and pulling each one tight so her Ladyship was spreadeagled on her bed..

I helped Claire off the bed and started to undress her, slowly and tantalisingly, aware of Caroline looking at us, unable to move. I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, rustling over her stockings. She stepped out of it and shed her high-heels and I kissed her and reached around to unclip her bra. Cupping her small, rounded breasts I suckled on one nipple and Claire moaned, crying out as I gently bit down. On the bed Caroline was enthralled, breathing quickly and flexing her thigh muscles as though to stimulate herself.

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On The Naughty List

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This one is for the Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest. As always, your votes and comments would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it.

And thanks to No1Ukno for his invaluable editing skills.


Ooh, I can hardly wait. Just another few days, and we’ll all be off for ten whole days for the holidays.

I’ll be enjoying Christmas with my family in snow country in Hillsdale. And from what I’ve heard, my boss Noah, aka as “Hot Stuff” around the office, will probably be off to some warm, sunny destination in the Caribbean, or some posh ski resort up north, probably with a gorgeous woman or two to entertain him.

I know it’s really none of my business what he does, except for one tiny little thing — I’ve been head over heels in love with him from the day I started working for him just over two years ago.

The man is absolute masculine perfection. Tall, sandy-haired and ridiculously handsome, with just a touch of gray at the temples. He might be forty-seven, but he sure doesn’t look it. So delectably toned and fit, he can really fill out a suit. Whenever he looks at me with those big, slate blue eyes, I can actually feel my panties starting to melt.

Sadly though, most of the time he’s all business. Considering he owns the company I can’t really blame him. Especially since he built his privacy protection firm up from nothing on his own. Though he’s done really well for himself, he’s not the type to sit back and rest on his laurels.

Aside from being wickedly smart, he’s also got a heart of gold. Which in my books, is a pretty lethal combo. Though hardly anyone knows how kind he is, because he’s not the type to brag. But I’ve seen so many organizations writing to thank him, for not just his generous donations, but also the time he puts in to help out.

Maybe just as well he’s been kind enough to give us this time off over the holidays. Then I can go and recuperate at my parents’ place. Where I can finally think about something other than peeling him out of his suit, and having my naughty way with him. It makes me so crazy sometimes working together side by side, and not being able to even touch him.

Silly thing is, I know it’s just a fantasy. Noah would never be interested in me. Outside of the office, he’d never look at me twice. So, obviously it’s never going to happen.

I’ve seen the type of woman he’s into; typical snooty, blonde-haired blue-eyed, rake thin models. Whereas, I’m a little on the curvy side with a full 36-24-36 hour-glass figure. And fiery red hair, with a dusting of freckles across my nose and breasts, along with what I consider, overly big brown eyes.

I also know it’s not exactly fashionable to have a little junk in the trunk, although my last boyfriend never complained. I imagine it would give a guy something to hang onto whenever we made love.

When I walk into boss man’s office in the morning with his coffee, I always smile and give him a cheerful, “Good morning, Noah.” With the holiday so close, today I decided to add a plate of Christmas cookies I baked, hoping he’d like them.

Without even bothering to look away from his computer, just like always, he mumbles, “Morning, Kendra. Thanks for the coffee,” without skipping a beat, or even taking note of the cookies I took hours to decorate.

I’m pretty sure I could send his morning coffee into his office with a drone, and he’d probably say the same thing.

I’ve come to accept the fact that as far he’s concerned, I’m invisible, and he barely knows I’m alive.

I know one day I won’t be able to take it anymore. But before I give up and hand in my resignation, I think it might be fun to strip off and wander in with his morning cup of joe, wearing nothing but my sexiest bra and panties, and a smile, just to see if he’d sit up and take notice.

If I’m going to be on my way out the door, once I’ve had enough and finally decide to quit, I figure I’ll have nothing to lose. Except for maybe the last of my dignity. If I do get up the nerve to wander in there wearing nothing but a few scraps of lace, and “His Hotness” doesn’t even bother to lift his gaze from his monitor, it’ll crush me.

Today, I was just about to turn and leave his office and he shocked me when he turned his head and actually asked, “So, what are your plans for the holidays, Kendra?”

Now that he’d spoken to me, I nearly swallow my tongue, trying to get the words out. “I’m uh, going to rent a car and drive up to see my family in Hillsdale.”

He nods, and I feel his gaze slowly slide over me. Deciding to be a little festive, I’m wearing a red body-hugging sweater, that really shows off my girls. Along with a black pencil skirt that hugs my tush like a second skin, and black heels, that give me a little height, considering I’m only five foot two.

Just from the look in his eyes, I can feel my nipples growing embarrassingly hard. I know he’s gotta notice, too. Damn things are poking out hard enough to make him wonder if I’m trying to smuggle Escort Yeşilköy pencil erasers out of the office in my bra.

Then my jaw almost hits the floor when he casually says, “I’m driving north for the holidays, too. So, I could give you a ride if you want. Save you having to rent a car.”

I look around, wondering if I’d heard him right, or could be, I was still in bed, dreaming. We’d ridden in taxis before and usually chatted on the way to meetings, and realized we shared the same sense of humor, whenever we took a minute to joke, but never gone anywhere that wasn’t work related. So, this would be a first.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that he was waiting for me to answer. So, I cleared my throat and took a breath. “Well, if it wouldn’t be out of your way.”

He shrugged. “No, I’m driving up north for some skiing with a few friends. So, I could drop you off and circle back to the resort.”

“Sure. That would be great. Thanks, Noah.”

Then he looked down and smiled when he noticed the cookies. “Did you make these?”

I nodded. “I did. I always like to bake around the holidays. Makes it feel more like Christmas.”

When he just nodded with an odd look in his eyes as he reached for a shortbread, I smiled and went back to my desk outside his office. Sitting down in my chair, staring at my computer, I could hardly believe that he’d offered to give me a ride. We’d be at least two hours or more alone together in his car, so he’d have to talk to me then. At least I hoped.

Otherwise, it was going to be one long, disappointing drive.

Day before Christmas, Noah showed up at my apartment with his big, black SUV, with his skis secured on top. I’d never seen him in jeans and a sweater before, and I gotta say he looked every bit as hot as he did in a suit.

I winced though, when he cocked an eyebrow at my two suitcases and all the other bags with gifts and cans of cookies that I was bringing for my family. “It’s not too much, is it?”

He shrugged and actually chuckled. “No. The trunk’s pretty big, so I think it’ll fit.”

Once we were settled in and were driving north for a while on the highway, I was so zoned out, and feeling so comfy, I nearly jumped out of my skin when he broke into my thoughts and asked, “Are you warm enough?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” So good, now that I was getting to spend a little alone time with my hunky boss. I kept stealing glances at his handsome profile from the corner of my eye, and could still hardly believe that we were together like this.

He had the radio playing and my all-time holiday favorite came on, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You, which had me wanting to sing along. But then he disappointed me when he changed the station.

“You don’t like Christmas music?” I asked, looking across at him, surprised.

It took him a long while to answer. Finally, he heaved a breath and shared something I never knew. “It reminds me of when I was a kid, and stuff I’d rather forget.”

“Oh.” He didn’t elaborate, but it was obvious that Christmas wasn’t exactly his favorite holiday. My heart sank, so sorry for the boy he used to be, wondering what he’d gone through.

We drove for a while in silence. Then his mood obviously had lifted, the way he looked across at me with a little smile playing at his lips, and asked, “Apples or oranges?”


“Thought we should get to know each other, since we work together every day and never really talk much, at least nothing personal. So, which do you prefer?”

“Oh then, definitely apples. There are so many different kinds, and they can be super sweet or nice and tart. Oranges,” I shrugged, “are just oranges.” Then I smirked. “Although, given the choice, I’d much rather have a sweet, juicy mango dripping from my chin.”

Playfully waggling his eyebrows, he smiled across the car at me, chuckling. I felt a little flutter go through me, just seeing his face light up. He was normally so serious; I was really enjoying seeing his playful side.

“Okay, then,” he asked, “Chocolate or vanilla?”

Smirking, I eyed him and told him, “Actually, some warm, sweet caramel would do it for me.” Especially if he was painting me with it, and then slowly licking it off.

He looked a little surprised, I think realizing I was flirting, though I was just glad that he couldn’t read my mind.

“Okay. Your turn,” he said, and waited.

I don’t why I said it, knowing I should have asked him something he’d expect like, Dog or cat? I guess thinking it would be fun, I asked, “Top or bottom?”

That sure as hell surprised him. He choked out a laugh, and then laughed so hard he started coughing. Once he caught his breath, he narrowed his eyes on me. “I hope you’re talking about bunk beds.”

I gave him a little wiggle of my eyebrows and lied, “Of course.”

Then his eyes went dark as sin as he leaned closer and murmured, “Since you asked, I prefer to be on top. But I’d be just as happy to be on the bottom.”

I swallowed hard, Yeşilyurt escort my cheeks burning, as I pictured him with his weight on his hands, looming over me, naked and hard.

Seeing that he’d gotten me back for teasing him, he chuckled and turned up the radio. While I sat and blushed.

Finally, he broke the silence. “So, do you come from a big family, Kendra?”

Like I always did, I smiled as I thought of them. We were all so close. “Yeah, there’s five of us. Three girls and two boys, and I’m the baby of the family.”

When he just nodded, I asked, “How about you?”

“There’s just me.”

“Oh.” When he went silent, I didn’t know what else to say. But I thought I’d ask, “Do you ever go home for Christmas?”

I felt so bad for him when he said, “No. There’s no one to go home to. So, I usually just spend the holidays with friends.”

I never realized he led such a solitary life. And I really wished he had someone to call his own.

A few hours north of the city, as we drove deeper into the snow belt, it was starting to come down so hard, he had to put on the wipers. The way the wind was picking up, and blowing the snow around, was making it nearly impossible to see where we were going.

I could see Noah hands gripping the steering wheel pretty tight, while I was biting into my lip, praying we’d get there in one piece.

The snow plows hadn’t come out yet, and the road was getting slippery. Just in time, thankfully Noah managed to put the brakes on without sliding. When up ahead, we saw through the driving snow, two cars had slid into the ditch. Thankfully, there was a police car stopped to help them with its emergency lights flashing.

Twisting my hands in my lap, starting to feel anxious, I whispered, “This is getting bad.” He nodded when we saw that straight ahead, two more police cars were stopped in the middle of the road blocking traffic with their full light system on.

One policeman standing in front of the squad cars had a flashlight, and was waving everyone off the road onto an exit ramp. It looked like they’d closed the highway because of the whiteout conditions that were starting to make it really hazardous to drive.

Not long after we got off the highway, Noah pointed ahead when he noticed a motel with its ‘Vacancy’ sign lit up, that thankfully had a restaurant attached. “I think we’ll stop and grab some lunch and see if this blows over.”

I nodded. “Yeah, probably a good idea to get off the road until the snow plows come around.”

When we stepped inside the old motel decorated with a single strand of multi-colored Christmas lights strung along the length of it, we noticed people were lining up to get a room. Noah nodded his head at the lineup. And I think we both realized if it kept snowing the way it was, if we didn’t get a room soon, we’d end up spending a chilly night in the car.


I knew I should never have offered to give her a ride. Now we were going to be stuck together, probably overnight. But I’d hated the thought of her driving up on her own, especially this time of year when the roads could be treacherous. So, of course I opened my big mouth, and look where it got me. Stranded at a motel with my sexy assistant.

It was hard enough working with her every day, thinking how much I’d love to peel her out of her clothes to finally get a peek at her gorgeous body.

Around the office, I can’t even look at her if I want to get anything done. Super smart, funny and so cute. And good god what a body. Curvy in all the right places. I get hard sometimes just thinking about her.

Now I’m hoping we can get separate rooms, or things are going to get awkward.

Just my luck, the old guy at the reception desk smiles and tells me how lucky I am, because they’ve only got one room left. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I look over at Kendra and she just shrugs, so I tell him, “We’ll take it.” Though I’m kicking myself, knowing how crazy this is going to be, having to spend the night with her, while trying to keep my hands to myself.

Biggest problem with her, aside from the fact she’s that basically half my age at only twenty-five, is I can tell that she’s a nester. I know she’s the type who’d love to settle down with Mr. Right and have a bunch of babies. But I never plan to marry, nor would I ever dream of having kids. Considering I never had any role models growing up, I wouldn’t know the first thing about being a father.

I don’t think it would be fair to her to even consider starting anything. Plus, the fact that she works for me, so I shouldn’t even be going there.

Once I unlocked the door to our room and we took a step inside, Kendra always willing to look on the bright side, looked around at the dated décor, smiled and said, “This looks okay. At least it’s clean.”

Only one bed, though. Shit.

I watch her unzip her coat and toss it aside, and my eyes of their own volition make a slow journey over her luscious body. In a body-hugging black sweater Zeytinburnu escort bayan and skin tight black jeans, and over the knee leather boots, with her long red hair curling down her back, she looks like sex on legs, and no surprise my dick’s already twitching to get at her.

Deciding I needed some air, I nodded at the door and told her, “Be right back.” I headed outside, where it’s snowing like mad. And thankfully cold enough to make my cock deflate.

With a brisk wind nipping at my face, squinting against the blowing snow, I opened the trunk. Glancing around at everything inside, I decided I’d better tuck the wine I’d brought into my suitcase so it doesn’t freeze.

As I’m lifting out our suitcases, and locking up the car, I already know this going to be one long night. Maybe the longest of my life. Lying next to Kendra in bed, staring up at the ceiling, with her close enough to breathe in her intoxicating scent, without being able to lay a finger on her, is going to be absolute torture.

It’ll sure as hell test my resolve. A few years back, I managed to complete a grueling Iron Man challenge, that I thought at the time had really tested my mettle. But I already knew this is going to be ten times harder to get through. Sleeping beside the woman who haunts my dreams, and makes me question nearly every day that I work with her, why I even hired her.

Though if I’m going to honest, I know why. I took one look into those big, innocent brown eyes, and I knew I didn’t want her to walk out the door. So, being a sucker for punishment, I hired her on the spot. Lucky for me, she’s so good at her job, I don’t know what I’d do without her.

So, there’s no way do I want to screw up our professional relationship, just for a little fun between the sheets. No matter how incredible it would be to finally connect with her like I’ve only ever dreamed of.

I notice on the way back to the room there’s a lineup now for the restaurant, and I think I’d better grab us some lunch.

I knock on the door, about to hold up the bag and say, “Lunch is here,” when Kendra opens up, and I can’t believe my eyes. She’s shed her wooly sweater and now she’s in a little white skin-tight tank top, that really shows off her perky twins. And with her butt-hugging jeans, and her hair up in a messy bun, she just looks so damn sexy, I wonder if I should turn around and head back out into the blizzard.

Fanning herself with her hand, she explained, “It’s so hot in here, but I couldn’t see any way to turn down the heat.”

I hand her the bags of food. “I got us some lunch. Let me get my stuff off and I’ll see what I can do.”

She flashed me a pretty smile. “Thanks, Noah.”

After pulling off my coat, and slipping out of my boots, I take a look around and can’t see any controls for the heat, imagining it’s all centrally controlled from the office. So, there’s no way I can adjust it. Which is not good. I had planned to keep my clothes on all night, but that’s not going to happen when the room’s as hot as a sauna.

“I think it’s all controlled from the office,” I finally told her and she just shrugged, I guess accepting the fact we’re be boiling all night.

I notice Kendra rummaging around in her suitcase, before she disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out, I can barely breathe. Still in the skin-tight tank top that really shows off her gorgeous breasts, now she’s wearing a tiny pair of silky baby-blue boy shorts, making her legs look amazing. And she’s got such a beautiful round ass, that I’m almost tempted to bend her over my knee and take a bite.

Resolved to a night of torture, I took a seat at the little table in the corner, and opened up the two containers of veggie soup and unwrapped our tuna sandwiches. Not exactly gourmet fare, but luckily neither of us is fussy.

Kendra came and sat across from me, and said, “Thanks for lunch, Noah.” And now we’re eyeing each other as we eat, both of us kind of smirking. Deciding, ‘What the hell, why not?’ I get a bottle from my suitcase, a couple of glasses from the bathroom, pour us some wine, and settle in for a night I have a feeling I’ll never forget.

I notice the remote control on the edge of the table, and turned on the TV. And I smiled at the way Kendra’s eyes lit up when she realized the original Miracle on 34th Street was just starting.

“Oh, I’ve always loved this movie,” she said, curling her delicate little feet under her to watch it as we ate, making her look so tiny and cute.

I’ve never really enjoyed this time of year. It only reminded me that growing up, Christmas was never exactly a happy occasion. Living with my no-nonsense grandmother, there was no joy in our house. No tree, no lights, nothing. It wasn’t her fault, though. She just wasn’t into kids. Especially at her age, having to start over at nearly 60, when she’d been looking forward to retiring from her job at the library, and then got saddled with me.

Every year, I remember quietly waiting by the window, peeking through the curtains, hoping with everything I had that my mother would surprise me and show up on Christmas eve. I didn’t care about her bringing me a present, I just wanted to see her, I guess to know she cared. But she was always too busy partying with her friends to think about the kid she’d left behind for her mother to raise.

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Jayne’s World Pt. 10

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Big Tits

Jayne’s World Part 10.

A nearly fuck in a car park.


There had been several times when you had taken my breath away. This was another one of them.

As I’d showered and dressed, I had been wondering about what lay in store. Pop out for a meal. What exactly does that mean? Were you thinking of some quiet little place, maybe romantic, out of the way somewhere? Or were you planning somewhere more central, where we could be seen by anyone you knew.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that. And I wondered whether you’d thought that through? Being confronted by any of your friends, how would you introduce me? What would you say? What would your demeanour be like? In some ways, I was looking forward to that. It would help me see inside Jayne and add another piece to the jigsaw of what makes her tick but in other ways I had my doubts for it ran through my mind that I might be standing in a group of twenty somethings at a bar discussing……. what? In reality what was there for me to discuss with them? Other than perhaps Jayne, her tits, her legs and bum and what a good fuck she was; no thanks. Alright, I could manage a chat with anyone about football, at a push cricket, economics and politics of course, but were they topics of interest to her friends? Fuck yet another divide between the young and old, well mature!

Nor had you shared any of your fantasies with me, yet. Maybe we would talk about them during our meal.

Perhaps this was one of your fantasies? Taking me to a bar/restaurant that you knew well and having me fuck you in the restrooms, as I have heard is the habit of the youth of today. Or up against a wall, under a table or, best of all, on the table with plates and glasses hitting the floor around us while people gasp in shock and horror.

I could just hear the owner, tapping me on the shoulder as I drilled down into you. “Excuse me, you’re disturbing the other guests. This particular table is for eating only. If you want to fuck, we have the beer garden out the back!”

But all those thoughts momentarily disappeared when I saw you sitting there in a wonderfully short, light blue dress. Arms spread out and resting on the sides of the wicker chair, perfect tanned legs crossed showing a large expanse of thigh and chest and sexy white, stiletto shoes, well we were in Essex, with those Jayne-eyes sparkling at me. The hem was clearly well up your thighs although sitting down it’s hard to tell just how far up and the scooped neckline was both interestingly low and excitingly loose. One of the spaghetti straps had slid off your shoulder and I watched as you reached across your body and slipped it back in place making your boobs jiggle confirming to me that there wasn’t even a strapless bra under it.

The reaction between my legs told me I might be well on the way to recovering from our earlier exertions; I certainly hoped so, but had my doubts.

“Hi,” I answered. “Yes, I love the frock it’s so classy, but as sexy as hell, too. A perfect combination.”

Your smile widened. “That’s me classy and sexy!”

“Wait,” I said, as you began to stand. “You look so stunning there. One kiss, before you get up.”

You grinned and raised your head as I bent forward as you offered your glossy lips to mine.

But that wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I slid to my knees in front of you and took hold of one leg, uncrossing it as I pulled it to one side of my body. My other hand took your right leg and pushed that to the other side of me. You were spread now, long tanned legs spreadeagled, white panties clearly on show.

My hands went under your knees, pulling your bottom forward so that your head dropped back as your body slid forward. For a second, I felt like running my tongue along your cloth-covered pussy, as it was so close to my face, but I didn’t. Instead, I pushed my bulge against your mound, letting you feel the hardness that was forming there, well I hoped it was. My hands slid upwards, checking that indeed, you weren’t wearing a bra under the dress. With the softest of featherlight touches, my fingertips traced little circles around your nipples. I pushed my hips closer, so that I could ever so gently rotate my hardness against your pussy.

I did think of dragging those thin straps downwards to expose your tits, devour them with my mouth, but held back. Don’t spoil the moment. Instead, I closed in for the kiss, moving my head back an inch each time you tried to respond, letting you know that I was controlling this.

When our mouths touched, I licked across your lips, down to the edges and back again, before slipping my tongue inside your mouth, flicking it against your teeth, your gums, your tongue. Hips rotating, fingertips caressing, tongue brushing yours, all as lightly as I possibly could, I felt our breaths intermingle, enjoying that special, sexy moment.

I pulled away as quickly as I’d sank to my knees, taking your hand and helping you to your feet. I hoped you felt as I did. Aroused in a sensual rather than outright raw, Yeşilköy escort bayan needy way.

God was I hard, well almost I realised, confirming my recovery, fuck I am a stud, I grinned!

“Want a glass of vino before we go?” I joked.

“No thanks, I’ve already got to redo my lippy that you’ve fucked it up,” you grinned turning away and confirming clearly that the length of the dress made it impossible for you to bend forward hardly any distance without flashing your knickers. It was a clear hard-on inducing dress!


The bar of Fleece was, as usual, crowded, was it never? What was nice about it, from the point of view of me being with you, was that it drew people of all ages, it wasn’t a ‘kids’ pub with blaring music which I hate.

“You get the drinks, James,” I said rather more authoritatively than I intended, “I’ll sort a table.”

“What would you like?”

“I’ll pass on vino, but a large glass of Chablis would be great,” I smiled over my shoulder as I walked through to the back room to find the owner, Ralph. “Wait there,” I mouthed to you.

I looked around and was relieved not to see anyone I knew of my age group or any mates, but quite a few older who I was on nodding terms with and to some of them I nodded wondering what they would make of me being with you,

As usual it was a pretty smartly dressed crowd. Lots of jeans and tees of course, ridiculously short micro skirts, glitzy tops with thin little straps and sequins, blouses undone a button or two too many and tight clothes everywhere; and as for the girls?

“Any chance of a table for two, please Ralph?” I asked standing just a little too close to the forty something owner who I had always quite fancied, but had never yet fucked.

“For you Jayne,” he replied staring unashamedly at my tits “Anything. Want it now or later?”

Smiling at the double entendre, I replied. “Oh, you know me Ralphie I’m an anytime girl.”

“I wish,” he quipped back. “Say twenty minutes and you can have the one in the window.”

That was the best table, for in addition to the window with a good view of the room, it was by itself.

“Great luv, thanks,” I beamed at him, “I owe you one.”

I returned to the bar and found you. “The table’ll be twenty minutes,” I told you leaning against the bar.

“Great. Here sit on the stool,” you said pushing a bar stool towards me.

I smiled. “You are joking, aren’t you? Sit on a stool in this?” I said looking down at my, barely, crotch covering dress.

“You said you wanted to be a sexual adventurer,” you smiled.

“Yes, but not where I am known, those adventures need to be my, well our secret.”

“Ok I see, but it’s not the most challenging adventure in the world to flash those pins to all and sundry, is it?”

“Ok” I said smiling and feeling a little excited as I climbed up onto the high stool, my social conditioning taking over as I made sure I didn’t flash too much when I crossed my legs but, in reality that was impossible.

“Yes, very ok,” you said moving closer and partially shielding me from most onlookers as, staring into my eyes, you ran your fingertips slowly from my knee to the hem of the blue dress. Holding my gaze, you slid your fingertip slightly under the hem. We just stared at each other as you moved your fingertips in tiny circles on my thigh. Your gaze seemed to be asking questions and my mind was answering. Your eyes were saying ‘want me to go further?’ My mind was saying ‘yes I do.’ But we both knew that was not possible, well not here, not in The Fleece, not where I knew so many people. But by Christ was my body screaming out for you to shove your hand right up my skirt as I spread my legs on that stool so that you could get your fingers into my knickers as everybody looked on. What a fucking buzz that would be!

“Your table’s ready Jayne,” I heard Ralph saying as if from afar. It wasn’t from afar, though, for he was standing just behind me and was looking intently at your hand on my leg. I beamed a big smile at him and leaned forward as I stood up, the front of the dress gaping a bit.

“Thanks Ralph, by the way this is my uncle James. James this is the owner of the pub, my good friend Ralph.”

A little like two adversaries sizing each other up, you shook hands saying how pleased you were to meet each other. Fucking liars, I thought, secretly feeling pleased at the obvious antagonism between you.

“So, I take it you have fucked him.” You said very matter of factly after Ralph had taken our orders.

“No, I haven’t, why did you think I had?”

“The way you get on and how he looks at you.”

“We have got near, but never gone very far.”

“Would you like to?”

“What fuck him?”


“Not really in the normal course of events, too messy, his wife is close friends with my mum, and he has got a loose mouth.”

“What do you mean normal course of events?”

“Life generally.”

“Is there an alternative?”

I smiled, again Escort Yeşilyurt leaning forward so I knew you would see most of my boobs and possibly my, hardened nipples too. “Yes, for sexual adventurers there is James.”

“How do you mean?”

“How about him fucking me as you watch?” I asked my heart starting to pound at the thought.


I wondered whether ‘Uncle’ was worse than ‘Grandad’, and decided that I didn’t give a fuck. Suddenly, I’d been rocked out of my warm feeling and a sense of irritation splashed across my insides.

Why? I wasn’t sure.

Perhaps it was because I’d been introduced as your uncle? With my hand halfway up your thigh, it was quite clear I was anything but. So why lie? Wouldn’t ‘this is a good friend of mine’ have done instead? Coyness wasn’t one of your attributes, so why use the uncle line?

Okay, it wasn’t that important. Unreasonable, maybe. But combined with two other things, it built into something more than it was.

Two other things?

First, I didn’t like Ralph. Why? Partly because I don’t like cheating. Okay, an old-fashioned notion, I know. But there you go. But it wasn’t just that, of course. It was because he fancied you and that you fancied him. That was so obvious and easy to see from the way the two of you interacted; actually, flirted might be a more apt term. The smiles, the words, the tone, the intonation all added up; up to what, though, fuck who knew?

Hell, I suddenly realised I was jealous. Now that was unexpected.

But even those two things were as nothing compared to the third point. When you’d talked about our sexual adventures, I’d assumed that meant exactly that. Sex involving the two of us. I guess a liberal interpretation was that by watching, it did involve me. But that was kinda stretching the imagination.

The man himself made his way back to our table. “Ready to order?” he asked.

Given that he’d only handed us menu’s a couple of minutes ago, I thought that was quite a piss take. “No,” I spat out, my eyes saying, fuck off.

“Not quite yet, Ralph,” you interjected, giving what appeared to me to be a sugar-sweet come on smile.

My irritability edged up another notch.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, flashing me a different sort of smile. Smug, I thought as your foot ran up my shin.

“Nothing,” I lied, deciding to come right to the point. “So, our sexual adventures will include others, will they?

“Yes, of course, why don’t you like that?”

I ignored that and replied “Hmmm. So, tell me, being adventurers together, what do I get out of watching you and the man with the big gob fucking each other’s brains out?” You raised your eyebrows and took a drink from the wine. “Don’t you think it would be exciting to watch another man fuck me and uncle, remember I do have some gorgeous friends and of course there’s also mum of course?”

“No,” I sullenly replied. “Not at all.”

“Really?” I grinned.

“Well of course your friends put a different shine on it, assuming they are female.”

“Which they are. Can you imagine being with two or even three Jayneys?”

“Actually no.”

“But would you like to?”

“God knows?” I replied as unconsciously I pressed my leg against your knee under the table.

“Come on James be truthful, you’d loving being with me and another Jayne wouldn’t you?”

That hit home. “Well, er, yes I guess so. Would you and she sort of um, well,” I fumbled.

“Get it on James? That what you are searching for?”

“Well yes actually?”

“That would be telling love wouldn’t it, what about me and mum?”

“Jayne for God’s sake stop it in here.”

Your smiling reply excited me. “Stop what daddy?”

“You know full well,” I mumbled as your big toe investigated my thigh as I rather frantically looked down and thankfully saw the long, red-checked, for fuck’s sake how seventies, tablecloth.

“Shame,” you said, that twinkle in your eyes getting even bigger as you played me like a puppeteer. “I think it’s really hot, well actually I think it would be cool. I’d get off big time on it.”

“On what?”

“You watching me being fucked.”

I sighed, trying to maintain my mature composure. “Even though he’d tell everyone of his success?”

“Well…” you hesitated. “Maybe he’d watch while you fucked me afterwards?”

“No,” I instantly replied, unsure whether you were joking but not willing to play that game. “Not fucking likely.”

This time you laughed and your foot pushed further up my leg. “Struck a nerve?”

“Only that this is a development I hadn’t considered,” I replied, draining my wine in one go.

“I see,” you said, sitting back and crossing your arms. “So, at my very first suggestion, my fellow sexual adventurer is saying no?”

I stared into those bedroom eyes. I really had no idea whether this was a wind up, or something you really wanted to do. Knowing you, it could be either.

“Au contraire,” I said, leaning forward and aggressively planting Zeytinburnu escort my elbows on the table. “As sexual adventurers, anything goes. If this is what you really want, then I’ll reluctantly go along with it. But what’s that saying? What’s good for the goose……?”

“Ah,” you smiled. “So, you like the concept, it’s just me and Ralph you have a problem with? Okay, so if you watch him fuck me, I have to watch you fucking someone. Is that the deal?”

“No,” I said quite firmly, still unsure whether you were pulling my plonker. “Not quite. If I watch him fuck you, then I want to watch you being fucked by a woman!”


‘Au contraire,’ I thought. ‘Fuck me where does he get his language from?’

I looked around. Partly to see if I knew anyone well and partly if anyone could see under our table, they couldn’t, but also to see if Ralph was looking, he was. That excited me. It was an odd situation to be sitting with you, talking about being fucked, running my foot up your leg and leaning forward to flash you my tits, as Ralph, a man I had come near to having a fling with many times, looked on: a bit like I had, half-jokingly suggested in reverse, with you watching as he fucked me.

“Is that, along with us shagging in dangerous places, the main things you would like to do, uncle?” I said looking up at Ralph and emphasising the uncle, hoping he hadn’t heard the earlier part.”

“Are you ready now Jayne?” He asked.

I smiled up at him. “Yes, I think we are, aren’t we, uncle?”

The look on your face almost made me laugh out loud; it was such a ‘fuck it’ look.

“Yes, what do you want or, should we ask the waiter what he suggests?”

“Ralph owns the place James, he’s not a waiter.”


We ordered and ate our meal almost, but not quite, in silence. ‘Had I gone too far? Had I pushed things further than you would take? Had I, as I had often in the past ruined things before they had really got going? Why don’t I learn, why am I always the smartarse, the flash one with words, why do I get so in people’s faces? Fuck knows, but that’s part of being an Essex girl and an adchick, and that was me and that was what I had to offer, well apart from a pert pair of tits, blonde hair, a tight pussy and a very open pair of legs to the right person.

I slid my hand across the table as I slid my foot up your shin. I put my fingers on the back of your hand. “Sorry, James,” I said looking right into your eyes.

I think that surprised you. You looked sort of relieved and pleased.

“That’s ok,” you replied taking hold of my hand, which I didn’t like. Stroking is fine, rubbing is ok, but holding hands, fuck off that’s what boy and girl friends do, and certainly we were not that, we were sexual adventurers weren’t we? I pulled my hand away.

“Shall we go? You had enough?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“This wasn’t a good idea was it, bringing you here?”

“No, it’s ok?”

“Come on, be truthful, you hate Ralph, don’t you?”

“Hate’s a bit strong.”

“What is it then?”

“He’s unfaithful to his wife, you say he’s got a loose mouth and….?”

“And what?”

“Well, you fancy each other, don’t you and I don’t like that.”

“Are you jealous?” I asked.

“Sort of yes and, before you say it, I know it’s daft.”

I liked your honesty, it made me feel closer to you. I felt all warm and cuddly and wanted to share that with you. I don’t know why I did it. It was so unlike me, but I found myself standing up and putting my hands on your shoulders I leaned across the table. I was vaguely aware that as I did, so the front of my dress gaped and the hem rode up my thighs. It didn’t seem to matter. It was almost as though it was a film, as if it was happening to someone else. I forgot all normal conventions and momentarily I toyed with the idea of pulling the front of my dress down and shoving my bare tits right into your face. That seemed such a great idea, but of course, my ‘better-self’ prevailed.

As my sex addled mind was contemplating pulling my front down, I was also thinking just what it would be like if I pulled the hem of my dress up and flashed my, nearly, bare arse at the diners? If perhaps I laid flat out on the table, my legs drawn up and parted and said, ‘Fuck me, James. Fuck me in front of everyone.’

Naturally, I didn’t, it was unthinkable to do that, but it was wonderful to think about it. Instead, knowing that my tits and my bum were on show, I kissed you.

“It’s not daft, James, it’s nice,” I whispered.

“Really Jayne?”

“Yes really,” I went on wondering if Ralph was watching, but aware that if he wasn’t plenty others were looking at the tiny white thong snaking between the rounded orbs of my bum.

I whispered. “Perhaps it’s time you took me somewhere and shagged me

I was impressed at how cool you were. How well you took my exhibition in your stride and how you handled having a bird in a skimpy dress draped all over you. I knew it could not have been easy and many blokes, particularly those of my age would have been totally pissed. Experience on your part, I suppose.

As I sat down again you looked at me and smiling said, just as Ralph walked over with the bill, which I had asked for by that daft sign of pretending to sign my hand.

“Yes, perhaps it is time for that Jayne?”

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Carry It to Others

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At fifty, she could pass for forty. At five eleven, she easily gave the impression of being several inches taller, and most who met her would have thought her six foot three or six foot four, even when she wore flats. She was lean, triathlete lean, and often dressed to accentuate her slender legs and long torso.

Plus, when male colleagues would be around, she often wore three-inch pumps with chunky heels.

But at work, Hailey was all business. For the past two years, since she arrived from points south, she had become the top therapist for male veterans in the entire capital area. Her evaluations were always higher than all of her colleagues, across the various facilities the Veteran’s Administration maintained for their patients. And her results, buried in the databases of the government and the healthcare bureaucracies, showed that, among the tens of thousands of veterans seeking counseling services in the area, Hailey’s clients achieved, on average, more positive outcomes and more frequent positive outcomes than other patients receiving treatment from other therapists in the system.

Hailey had counseled and therapized many clients over her decade in social work, but the client populations in the capital area were a natural fit for her natural skills.

From her military bearing, her military posture, her military formality and utterly neutral affect during most of her therapeutic talk and counseling sessions, many of her clients inquired if Hailed had served.

“I was raised by a Veteran,” Hailey would reply. “My father was Army,” but that’s all she would say.

From the neutral tones of her clothes, the simplicity of her short hair cut, and the uniform of pants and breast-minimizing-and-hiding tops Hailey wore interchangeably to work each day, her clients wondered to themselves about her sexual preferences.

Hailey worked hard to drain all sexuality from her office, from her counseling room for group sessions, from all of the counseling and discussion and analysis she provided her clients.

She lived alone in a simple house on the exurban edge of the metroplex sprawl. Her adult children, pursuing their post-graduate educations, were busy in their own lives, and although they texted daily, they seldom visited, giving Hailey plenty of time for herself.

She knew that moving up to the capital area would provide her with the hunting she was looking for. With a population large enough and discreet enough, so that Hailey could finally realize the fantasies she had held on to throughout decades past; from long before meetings, and sobriety, and children and love and loss.

Most Friday nights, she’d leave the clinic, buy a pack of Newports at a gas station near the highway, then drive slow through the commuter traffic, window down low enough for her cigarette’s plume, until she crossed the arbitrary boundary between her consortium of Veteran’s Admin medical centers, into where the next territory began.

No passport needed, no papers to be shown, and Hailey was in a world beyond the restraints of her workweek.

It was as if her sensible Subaru drove Yeşilköy escort itself the rest of the way. The highway to a state road, then the first exit, then two traffic lights and then she had reached her destination. There was a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at eight that led to a nine-thirty Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, both in the same storefront church in a dying exurban shopping mall.

Hailey pulled into a spot in the back, away from the rest of the cars. The digital clock on her dashboard read 7:53.

The community around the mall where the meetings were had prospered in the last decade, settled by veterans participating in the more lucrative post-service careers within the military industrial complex, and the Friday meetings had a regular group of old drunks with thirty-plus year chips, and a reliable set of mostly heroin survivors at the opening narc-anon meeting. Hailey knew which ones were long-divorced or never-married and stable, which ones to shake hands with and then avoid, which ones to not shake hands with and avoid, and which ones were married but had the skills to handle a tasty temptation in the form of a woman twenty years younger who had enthusiasm their wives did not have anymore, who could handle the tricky test of their sobriety that Hailed would present for them, after a meeting in the shadows of the parking lot on a Friday night.

Hailey, despite decades of practicing rigorous honesty, would never say she set out to suck off the married sixty-year-old, thirty-plus-years-sober drunks in the front seats of her’s or their cars after those meetings. Hailey would say she went to a meeting someplace where she would not run into any of her patients. Someplace where all the veterans she met would not already know her from work, from her treating them, but she would never say that she was looking for a meeting heavy with Army vets and Army helicopter pilots.

But when Hailey’s life felt that fuck-it-and-run-feeling, she ran to the place that instinctively she knew she could be safe and appreciated and accepted, the warm laps and the gratitude of these gentlemen and the high-cabs of their vanity pickup trucks. Leather seats, hi-fi stereo, and a Veteran’s license plate.

Like her Dad, technically her adoptive dad, used to have.

Hailey might show up at these meetings once or twice a month, stay low key and to herself, but invariably, at the end of the meeting she would have picked her target and she seldom had to choose twice. Hailey knew the look to give, the look she was looking for back.

The way to hold her eyes. The way to hold her mouth, to position her lips, to hold her body and position herself. Giving only the smallest sign that there was an opening in her schedule immediately after the post-meeting coffee-klatch, if he was discreet enough to leave on his own and find her in the shadows of the parking lot.

Hailey had given it little conscious thought beforehand, but the only proof of premeditation was un-refutable: the skinny jeans she brought with her to work on Friday, when she went to work dressed as Yeşilyurt escort bayan usual in her drab and genderless and sexless uniform of pants and tops and neutrals and nothing remotely tight or clingy.

The skinny jeans she changed into late Friday afternoon, after she typed up all her notes for the week, entered them into the computer system, and all her colleagues had left.

Checking her butt in the ladies’ room mirror before she left, seeing that her black thong left no visible panty line.

The skinny jeans that she used to perfection to highlight her impossibly long and lean thighs, those hips still so slender after children and life and whatever.

Twice, the tallest men in the room had sided over to Hailey to chat her up after meetings. But Hailey knew how to shut them down quickly and politely, without ruffling them up and treating with delicacy their delicate, addict egos.

Tall was not what she was looking for, tall she had a plenty all on her own. Hailey knew instantly when she saw it–that right look of withered but not overly grizzled, of having lived and tried to have a good heart, of being on the path of rigorous honesty, self-reflection and self-acceptance, and was in the sweet spot just on the other side of sixty or sixty-five, the look in his face and bearing that made Hailey instantly know that she herself would enjoy the gift she was going to bestow upon him.

That she knew, in her heart of hearts, that he deserved. That her higher power had put her there to give.

Hailey liked their cocks because they showed their age so sweetly, so unpretentiously to her eyes and hands and mouth. Always hairy, never overly trimmed, Hailey savored the manly musk, the unmistakable scent. She knew that soft, curly hair must be largely gray, though in the dim of parking lot and its imperfect overhead lights, Hailey saw her partners in only the best, most flattering light.

Once she had them out, and they knew she was for real, they often popped a little pill, and while they waited for it to work, Hailey used her fingertips ever so gently and caressingly. They did not talk, and there was no sound other than their breathing and the words they would feel compelled to say because of how compelling Hailey’s mature and knowing touch was.

And when Hailey started sucking the red heads of their growing cocks, they always lost their minds.

Hailey kept her eyes open and looked at them while they so often closed their eyes and let the physical sensations she was giving them be the only thing they could focus on.

She loved the wrinkly faces and skin of these sixty and seventy year old men she blew so sweetly and freely. The shy way they let her take control of their still most precious part, the thing they had been so protective of and so lucky to return home with from wherever their country had sent them those years ago.

She loved their skin and the permanent lines creased into their skin; how undeniably older and more mature they looked and felt to her, how their skin proved that proof of age and life and survival.

And Escort Zeytinburnu she knew how intoxicating her younger, smoother skin was to them. That even though she had the beginning signs of crows’ feet and the other wrinkles of age that affected all women in time, even though she bore the marks and stripes and cellulite of age and motherhood, to men decades older than her, Hailey was a complete treat.

Softer and fresher and newer and their’s. Right there for their touch and taste.

Her soft cheeks, which they would kiss during the hot make-outs that often preceded Hailey’s cocksucking.

Her luxurious hair, while short, still had wonderful volume and texture that her impromptu lovers adored to feel in their fingers and even sometimes to pull tight in the ecstasy of their climaxes.

Her plump breasts in their D-cup bra, that her lovers got to squeeze and feel and caress and a few, usually on full moons when Hailey was feeling especially frisky (like most Tauruses are wont to feel at full moons), when Hailey might pop her thick nipples into the mouths of her greedily grateful and hungrily sucking lovers, giving these men the special intimacy to suck the same nipples that nursed Hailey’s three kids to healthy adulthood; the thick, pencil-eraser shaped nipples that were of far more than pencil eraser thickness and felt so good between the lips of these grateful, wonder-struck men.

She felt like a college girl to these old men, and she could feel that feeling from them, how by showing up and sweeping them off their feet, bye making it easy for them, she was taking them back to that younger, impulsive, instinct-and-hormone-ruled time of youth, when their natural feelings were also hopelessly tied to their addictions.

But now, decades later, Hailey was bringing them both back to that innocent place of play and exploration again. Of giving and touch and fun, with no worries and no baggage and no complications.

Hailey did have a sense of humor about it, especially when hooking up with fellow anonymous addicts for second and third times.

When she said their cocks out, she might say, “Remember, it works if you let me work it,” and he would laugh and then he would moan, because Hailey would have stuffed his entire seventy-year-old dick into her fifty-year-old mouth.

When they would shoot into her mouth, after she would swallow, Hailey might tell them, “Remember, keep coming back,” and smile and kiss the head of their shrinking erections.

“You should be the thirteenth step,” a witty one told her once. Often, these old men would suggest she become their sponsor–or they hers, but she always sweetly rebuffed them and then never sucked them off again, no matter how tight her skinny low-waisted jeans on those Friday nights.

One who knew her skills and her sweetness, and how many of his brother drunks this beauty, who appeared out of nowhere one night and then reappeared without warning or predictable pattern, had rewarded for working on their sobriety at the right place at the right time, asked Hailey one evening after she swallowed his cum in his truck, “what do you get out of this?”

Hailey, never one for much conversation in these encounters, as she thought of them, replied, “if you’ve had a spiritual awakening, carry it to others in need,” and then she gave his cock another, sweet suck before tucking him back into his boxers and pants.

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That Night at The Prom

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I had promised never to tell this story out of privacy and respect, but after all these years and still not being able to get it out of my mind, I think the only way I can stop thinking about it is to write it down and release it into the world. For the sake of retaining some privacy, details like names and places have been changed, but other details? Those are emblazoned in my mind as if they only just happened, so I assure you, you’re going to see, read and feel every moment as I did.

My story begins during my senior year in high school when I was 18. I was relatively strong academically, seemingly at the cost of my popularity with some of the other students. I’ve never understood why people are criticised for actually wanting to learn whilst at school, particularly by their peers, isn’t that the point of being there? I was tall and slim although not much to look at in the looks department as I was regularly reminded. You try to ignore these things but it does eventually get to you, and even after close to 7 years of the same relentless abuse, I found myself quiet and alone as my peers filed out of our English class.

“Alex, is everything ok?”

I looked up to see my English teacher, Ms. Scott, stood in front of my desk with a concerned look on her face. I had always gotten on well with Ms Scott as I think she appreciated my willingness to contribute in class. She had become something of a light confidant over the years and I felt comfortable talking to her about the issues I was having with other students or any kinds of struggles in my life. She was in her early 30s but still retained a youthful face and a pleasant smile that lit up when she was discussing the different aspects of English. You could tell she was in teaching for the pure love of the subject, and it was an energy that I found to be contagious.

She was relatively short, no taller than about 5″4′ I would have said, meaning that when I stood I towered over her with my own 6″ frame. She wore modest clothing that was appropriate for her job role, usually consisting of a blouse and fitted trousers. She had what I would have described as being a typically womanly figure if you were to base your assumptions on what you see day to day rather than on TV. Her fitted trousers, whilst still professional and appropriate, stretched tight across her ample backside and her breasts whilst always covered were noticeably outlined beneath her blouse.

If you couldn’t already tell, it was safe to say that I had more than a bit of a crush on her. Like most boys at that stage in their lives, I had hormones racing all over the place pushing thoughts of various degrees of sexual and lustful desires into and out of my mind. I would never have dreamed of acting on any of my impulses like some oafish Neanderthal with no self-control, although it was noticeable that some of my male peers didn’t exactly share my philosophy. It was embarrassing to be completely honest, witnessing the way they would leer at and talk about the female students and some of the female staff to a certain degree. I don’t consider myself to be prudish (I mean I’m writing this for heaven’s sake) but I found something distasteful about the way they openly went about things.

I appreciate that all of that makes me sound like a hypocrite considering the description I just gave you of Ms. Scott’s figure, and I suppose I am to a certain extent, but still I maintain that whatever thoughts I may have had I kept to myself and only to myself where they could do no harm. I had my fantasies, and they were to remain as just that. That being said, the gods, if there are any, seemed to think it fit to reward me every now and again when it came to aiding my imagination. I remember the first time that my feelings of affection towards Ms. Scott breached into full on desire; I had developed a habit of what I hoped was subtly noticing her figure, particularly as she walked away from me in class. Being sat at a desk, I was eye level with her waist and ass, making it difficult not to steal a glance as she passed my desk, and typically causing an excited rush in my body. Not enough to get me hard, thank God, but enough that it was pleasurable and that I took the opportunity to do it whenever I could. I guess there was a certain voyeuristic rush to it.

On this particular occasion, she had walked past me and as normal I stole a quick glance away from my work to check her out and noticed she had squatted ahead of me to assist another student. Her ass looked fit to burst out of her trousers from the additional pressure but what caught my eye the most was that her blouse had also ridden up slightly at the back revealing her lower back and the top of a lacey, black thong.

‘Holy fuck,’ I thought.

Now blazing at the forefront of my mind was the image of Ms. Scott standing in nothing but that black thong. I quickly snapped my gaze away as it suddenly felt like I had been staring for hours rather than the couple of seconds at most it actually was. Still the image wouldn’t go away and what was more, my mind was adding to it. Escort Şişli It was as if every desire was suddenly being activated as in my mind I heard her say, “do you like what you see Alex?”

I very much liked it. Too much in fact. I could feel a rapid tightening in my pants as blood started to rush uncontrollably to my crotch. Thankfully, Ms. Scott stood back up and removed the visual stimulus from me, allowing me to start regaining control before I embarrassed myself. That was the first time I vividly remember having such a strong reaction to her. Needless to say, at home that night I blew the biggest load I had ever mustered as I thought about her and touched myself.

The next and slightly more embarrassing incident came about later that same year. At this point I had been trying desperately not to rely too much on thinking about Ms. Scott when on my own, but my mind always came back to her in one form or another. It felt like infatuation rather than actual attraction, and I told myself over and over again that it was nothing more than a rush of hormones caused by my maturing body.

I sat down in her class and prepared myself for the next hour. At least when I was doing classwork for her, I had something else to focus on making the lessons manageable. As she was addressing the class at the front of the room, I started to notice something. Each time she turned her body to the right to motion at something on the whiteboard, I saw a flash of black clearly between the spaces between buttons on her blouse. An entirely accidental effect of course, but the material seemed to be folded outwards rather than the typical inwards, presenting a small window to what lay beneath her blouse.

I tried my best to ignore it, difficult as it was. I told myself that as long as I could only barely see from where I was sitting, there was no need to become aroused or lose control. She started us away with a task and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to try and distract myself from what I had seen. As I opened my exercise book to begin writing, the boy sitting to my left raised his hand. He asked for help clarifying the task we had been given, prompting Ms. Scott to walk over to where he was sat. ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought to myself. Why did it have to be the guy on my left and not my right? Everything would be ok, as long as she kept standing upright. The gods, on this occasion, weren’t kind.

She bent over in front of his desk to talk to him more quietly so as not to disrupt the rest of the class, ironically having seemingly no clue of the amount of disruption she was about to cause me. As I had feared, the gap in her blouse was more pronounced up close, and I could see the black was a lace bra and her right breast filling the cup with a combination of size and gravity working on it. It was too much for me to suppress and my mind burst into action filling my head with images of her in the bra and the thong that presumably went with it. My pants were tightening once again, a raging erection trying to force its way out of my trousers and creating a large, noticeable bulge. I tried everything to force it back, but my mind would not let me.

‘At least no one can see,’ I foolishly thought.

To my left I heard the sound of a pencil dropping to the floor and saw it roll just under my desk.

“Whoops,” said Ms. Scott, “I’ll get that.”

Panic setting in, I watched in terror as Ms. Scott leaned and looked under the table where my throbbing erection awaited her. I couldn’t be sure, but I could have sworn she stopped for just a brief second and quickly looked up at my eyes and then back under the desk. What would she do? She must have noticed, surely? God this was so embarrassing!

In less than a second it was over. She grabbed the pencil and returned back to what she was doing as if nothing had happened. Maybe she hadn’t seen it? No, she must have, it was pretty obvious! But there was a chance she hadn’t, right? Whatever had happened under the desk, I was going to make no attempt to bring it up, on the off chance she either hadn’t seen or had seen and didn’t want to talk about it. That suited me just fine. The difficult part was spending the rest of the lesson trying to subdue my aching boner so that I could actually leave the classroom.

Luckily, these thoughts were far from my mind as she stood before me in the classroom now. She had asked if I was ok and to be honest, I wasn’t. My time at the school was almost at a close and I was supposed to be considering my future, but the only consideration I had at that moment in time was the looming threat of the Leavers Prom. I wanted to go, it was a milestone event after all, but I had no one to go with, no one I would really socialise with at the event even, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be better for me to miss it than to turn up alone and open myself up to more abuse.

“It’s nothing really, Ms. Scott,” I said with the pre prepared lie that everyone seems to do when someone asks how they are.

“Are you sure?” she responded. She knew Sultangazi escort me well enough to know when something was bugging me and how to get me to talk.

“I don’t want to take up too much of your time…” I tried to protest.

“I have a few minutes I can spare,” she said, taking a seat at the desk nearest mine.

“Well, it’s silly really, it doesn’t really matter, but I’m feeling a bit low about the Leavers Prom,” I finally confessed.

“Ok, how so?”

“I’m just really wondering whether it’s even worth me going.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’ve likely noticed I’m not the most popular person around here, I feel like going to a gathering of all of the people I don’t get on with won’t necessarily be the best thing for me. But at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on celebrating my achievements, you know? Plus, everyone is going to look their best and it’ll just accentuate the fact that I’m not as good looking as everyone else, I get enough grief for that as it is.”

“Well, I think you’re quite handsome,” Ms. Scott suddenly replied.

“Excuse me?” I replied in shock.

She seemed to have realised that what she had just said could be misconstrued somehow and was fighting to give a more appropriate response.

“By which I mean that you shouldn’t be concerned about what others think about how you look. Whatever your best is should be good enough for you and not anyone else.”

I was still processing what exactly she had said but managed to muster up a quiet, “I guess so.”

“And besides which,” she continued, trying to move past her previous comments it seemed, “it won’t just be other students there, it’ll be staff too.”

“Including you?” I blurted out, far too keenly.

“Yes of course!” she replied with a smile.

I thought about it for a brief moment and then nodded my head.

“Ok, I’ll go.”

“Lovely,” she replied. “Now off to your next lesson, I’ve got a little prep work to still do for mine.”

I left the classroom with her words still echoing in my mind, over analysing everything as usual. There was no way she meant what she said, she was merely being kind, but still to hear the words, ‘I think you’re quite handsome’ come out of her mouth was a difficult thing to move past.

* * * * *

It was the night of the Prom. The school had booked out a local hotel with a function room and I was on my way there now, suited and booted. I enjoyed wearing a suit and felt I looked my best in one, but my nerves were still through the roof. I arrived early and immediately went and propped myself up near the bar. I watched as other students filed their way in, taking little notice of what they were wearing or how they looked; I only had one person I wanted to see tonight. I was definitely looking forward to seeing Ms. Scott outside of the context of school and had wondered what she might wear. I couldn’t allow myself to think about it too much however for the reasons I have made clear throughout this, but for those brief moments I felt a sense of anticipatory excitement.

Almost everyone was here now, barring a few missing students and a couple of members of staff, which seemingly included Ms. Scott. I started to worry and wonder where she was or if she was even coming tonight! All of this ran through my mind as I heard a voice say my name behind me. I turned and saw Ms. Scott standing in front of me. She was wearing a pale blue dress with a print of white flowers on it. It stopped just above the knee and hugged her figure completely from top to bottom. Her brown hair hung in loose ringlets over her shoulders framing a swooping v shaped neckline that emphasised her bust which I could now see was bigger than I thought before. I stumbled over my words as I tried desperately not to stare.

“H-hi Ms. Scott.”

“I’m so glad you decided to come Alex, you deserve it after all of the work you’ve put in. And that suit does wonders for you, you look like you’re supposed to be wearing it if you get my meaning.”

I was still struggling with basic comprehension at this point.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean some of the other boys here you can tell aren’t comfortable in formal wear and are probably looking to get out of it as soon as possible, but this really suits you, it looks good.”

I was so unfamiliar with receiving a compliment on my appearance that I didn’t quite know what to do or how to respond. I defaulted to the only thing I could think of.

“Thanks, Ms. Scott, you look amazing too!”

Oh, sweet Jesus, I had just told a teacher they looked, ‘amazing’, could I have been anymore inappropriate? I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole before anyone noticed.

“That’s kind of you Alex, thank you,” Ms. Scott said, clearly noticing my discomfort and mercifully moving the conversation past it before things could get even more awkward. “Are you staying at the hotel tonight?”

It was an option that had been made available to us all should we want to take it, but I had decided Taksim escort bayan that the comfort of my own bed would be sufficient.

“No, no I decided against it.”

“I always stay,” she continued, “saves a drive home and means I can enjoy myself, you know?”

“Speaking of which,” I interjected, “can I buy you a drink? As a thank you for everything over the years and for, well erm… tonight I guess?”

“A thank you for tonight?”

“Well, you know, I mean I wouldn’t have come if you weren’t going to be here too… erm I mean, if you hadn’t convinced me.”

It was one faux pass after another tonight. I felt an overwhelming urge to just leave and put this night behind me, but Ms. Scott’s disarming smile was keeping me from leaving.

“Well, I’m flattered, but I’m sure there are other reasons for you wanting to be here than just me,” she replied. She was looking me directly in the eyes and I returned her gaze trying to understand what exactly was happening, if anything.

“How about that drink?” I asked, neither confirming nor denying what she had just said.

The truth was she was the only reason I was there. Call it infatuation or desire or whatever you want, I needed to see her again if this was going to be the last opportunity to do that.

“Sure,” she replied with a smile.

* * * * *

We ended up sitting down in a corner of the venue talking for most of the night. We had a couple of drinks, but only enough to loosen the conversation and calm my nerves. We talked about my future, reminisced on the years gone by and generally grew more and more confident in each other’s company. Truthfully, I had another agenda, one that it was taking me hours of anticipation and build up to even try and engage. I had decided before coming tonight that I needed to come clean about my attraction towards Ms Scott as part of me was racked with paranoia that she may think less of me or have been embarrassed by my behaviour towards her over the years. This would allow me to apologise and to move on, at least in theory.

“Um, Ms. Scott, I… I have something I need to say to you,” I began, feeling a slight tremble start to form in my voice as my nerves and anxiety burst to the surface.

“Go ahead Alex, I’m listening.”

“I just wanted to, er, I mean, I want to, not just…”

“Slow down Alex, take your time,” she reassured me.

“I wanted to apologise.”

“Ok, what on earth for?”

“Well, you know, the way I, er…”

She looked puzzled as the words I wanted to say failed to leave my mouth.

“The way I’ve acted around you this last year.”

“I’m confused, Alex, you’ve been a model pupil…”

“It’s not the academics I’m talking about, it’s the… the…”

“The what?”

“The way I stare at you and check you out all of the time.”

There was quiet between us for a moment. I couldn’t bear the silence so just kept talking and blurting out whatever came to mind.

“I mean I’ve spent most of my time in class catching glimpses of you and your amazing figure, hoping you wouldn’t notice, knowing somehow that you must have done and how horrible and awkward that must have been for you and…”

“I… I don’t quite know what to say Alex,” she began.

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry! It’s completely inappropriate and I feel really bad about it which is why I wanted to talk to you…”

“Ok, calm down Alex, if it makes you feel better, I’m not technically your teacher anymore so whilst it’s unorthodox and surprising to say the least, you aren’t going to get in trouble because of this, ok?”

She was taking this so well, far better than I could have imagined. I was expecting her to reprimand me in some way, perhaps even slap me for being so perverted and basically admitting to leering after her day in and day out, but in typical fashion she was being so kind and understanding. At the very least she was trying to reduce my levels of panic which unfortunately wasn’t working despite her best efforts. I could feel my pulse had risen considerably and my breathing was getting quicker and shallower. I was blossoming into a full-on panic attack.

“We need to get you away from here to calm down and catch your breath,” she said, standing and digging in her purse. She produced what looked like a key and motioned for me to follow her. “Come with me, we’ll go to my room and you can lie down while I get you a glass of water.”

I obediently followed her up a single set of stairs to the floor above us and down a corridor to her room. She opened the door with a single quick motion and waved me inside.

“Lay on the bed and do your best to try and slow your breathing down. Take a big breath in through the nose, hold it and then out through the mouth and keep doing that, ok? I’ll be back in a moment with some water for you.”

I did as I was told, too wrapped up in my panic to really assess the situation around me, which was probably for the best all things considered. I was laid in a bed in a hotel room waiting for Ms. Scott to come back, the thought alone would have been enough to set me off. I closed my eyes as I repeated the breathing exercises she gave me and felt my panic slowly starting to subside and my heart rate returning to normal. I opened my eyes again just in time for Ms. Scott walking back through the door and holding a glass of water.

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Mustang Sally , Afternoon Delight

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Architecture student Bobbi is on summer break and finds the vintage motor inn of her dreams but really lucks out when the older owner is pretty hot himself. Summer romance and self discovery.

This is a Summer Lovin’ Contest story so please vote for me!

Mustang Sally

‘Mustang Sally you better slow your Mustang down.’

Jerry Robertson

I’ll admit I noticed the Mustang before the girl driving it. Poppy red 1965 Mustang convertible. I know this because it was the year I was born and it is a car I coveted all my life.

The girl quickly grabbed my attention. She stood behind her open door and seemed to study the office, then she looked up at the HiWay Motor Inn sign. She pulled her black cats eye sunglasses down her nose. The corner rhinestones winked in the sun as she looked at me through the front window. I would not pick her for a tourist, and certainly not in our little town.

When the interstate went in and bypassed our town, things went downhill. I worked here when I was a kid and of course it became mine after my Dad passed, which was right about the time my wife wanted me to sell it. I was kicking it around but then she died, so after that there was no reason to change.

The bell on the door jingled when Mustang Sally stepped in along with a puff of hot humid summer air . She smiled and removed her sunglasses. Chocolate brown eyes and hair made me want to see if she tasted the same. Where the hell did that come from. I’m dreaming, I laughed to myself, this girl is young enough to be your daughter.

“Hi! I just love this place!” I smiled, waiting for her to ask for a room. She had an elbow on the high check in counter and all I saw above it was white with red polka dot top. “You’re the owner?”

“Ah, yes, yes I am. Can I help you with anything?” At all. I hope.

·Not really, I always wanted to stop by. This is such a great example of googie architecture.·

Before I could reply, the phone rang and I went back to my desk to answer. While I tapped in the dates of stay and information in the computer, she came back and perched on the edge of my desk. She crossed her legs, and the white sandal dangled off perfectly manicured red toes that matched her capri pants that matched her car.

I had to ask them to repeat the information before I hung up.

She sat saying nothing and still smiling, giving me time to notice the midriff top she was wearing, which I had not seen since i was a teenager. This top was obviously current though and buttoned low, exposing a lot of her ample cleavage, and tied in the center of those wonderful breasts.

She held out a slim manicured and and said, “My name is Roberta Jeanette Thibideaux, but you can call me Bobbi for short. That’s Bobbi with an I.”

“I thought your name would be Sally.”

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

“All you want to do is ride around Sally”

On an impulse I turned into the parking lot of an old motor inn on the outskirts of town. I imagine before the interstate, it was a happening place. Today I suspect they do mostly hourly business.

As an architecture student, I noticed the googie style, popular in the fifties and sixties. The sweeping roof lines, and bold dramatic angles. The atomic HiWay Motor Inn sign that was spelled out in individual letters vertically soared high and could be seen forever it seemed. A wall of breeze block punctuated the style.

I parked and marveled at how this place had just been lost in time. No one had marred it’s atomic significance with renovations.

I hadn’t planned on going in, but the silver fox guy at the desk caught my eye. No one ever accused me of being bold, but here I was.

The bell on the door jangled loudly and would have caught his attention most anywhere on the property. There were twelve units in a U shape, with the office at the front on one side, the other looked as though it may be laundry and storage, so all the units were well back off the street.

At five foot six inches I’m not short, but the check in counter nearly came to my shoulders. It was the same sweeping curves as the roof line. I gazed around a room that I was sure had not changed from the day it was built.

I noticed him staring at me, with a bit of a frown. “Hi! I just love this place!” Whoa, girl, is that the best you can do. “You’re the owner?” I asked, knowing by now he would think i was totally nuts. His phone rang before I got in deeper. Especially after my googie comment.

I walked around the high counter to check out the rest of the room, but I could not help but check the handsome proprietor. He could have been my Dad, and did have a little bit of a Dad bod, but there was a latent maleness that usually only younger guys have. And what I was thinking about him was definitely not Dad like, I thought wryly.

While he took the call, I sat on the edge of his desk, which would normally be another bold ballsy move for me. I chalked it up to Şişli escort bayan the atmosphere of this place. His voice was raspy and deep bass. A voice i could listen to all day. A voice I could get rich by pandering him to women for phone sex.

He leaned back in his office chair just as I crossed my legs and noticed he was distracted by my sandal swinging off my toes. Although I saw no ring, I wondered if he was married.

He hung up and I introduced myself. I had to wonder what made him think my name would be Sally. Who the hell was Sally anyhow? But I decided then and there that had more important things to discover about him.

“I remember having gone by this place as a little girl and wondering about it. I guess I loved architecture even then.”

“Oh, you’re an architect?”

“Student. Another year and I will be. I’m on break.” Done with talking about me, I looked around the room. “This place looks as though it hasn’t been touched since it was built.”

“Not really. My wife wanted to do some updating, but my father was adamant it stayed the way it was.”

Wife. Ugh. I was afraid of that. Why should I care, I asked myself. Because he is intriguing, that’s why!

“Well no offense to your wife, but I’m glad you father wanted it to stay that way. I take it he has passed?”

He nodded. “Yes, both my wife and my father.”

I almost grinned but caught myself at the last moment. “Sorry to hear that,” was all I said, and he nodded, giving me the feeling it had been a while back.

I picked up a piece of mail off his desk. “So you’re Jerry Robertson?” I didn’t know if he heard me he was so busy watching my leg swinging next to his, but he did nod.

“Yes, sorry, I should have introduced myself.”

“Was your wife’s name Sally?”

“Huh… No, why?” He looked quizzical, then exclaimed, “OH! No. Haven’t you ever heard the song, Mustang Sally? Way before your time, so maybe not.”

“Ohhhhh, yes of course I have! I just didn’t put it together. I love that song! I have it on an 8 track in my car.” He started to say something but I interrupted, “Yeah yeah 8 track wasn’t factory until 1966 but it was installed as a hang on.”

“You really know your car, don’t you?” he said, impressed.

“Yes. It’s the only car I’ve ever known. My Daddy had it and passed it on to me. It’s all i have of him.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said sympathetically. I nodded, my eyes straying to his open shirt and the silver hairs glinting in the black fur on his chest. Thinking about how hairy he may be caused me to squirm a bit on his desk. “You can sit in a chair if it’d be more comfortable.”

“No, I like it right here, Jerry.” I liked using his name for the first time.

Jerry Robertson

So Roberta Jeanette Thibideaux was a college student. Still too young for me, or I was too old for her. Either way. Although she did seem to be flirting with me. But it could just be her personality. The friendly type.

She uncrossed her legs and let them dangle, and leaned forward a bit, which gave me a great view down the valley between her breasts. I got a glimpse of delicate white lace of her bra, which made me cross my legs to try to hide the growing bulge in my lap. Too late because I saw her smile.

“What have you designed? Buildings, houses…?” I trailed off knowing really nothing about architecture. Hell I didn’t even know this old motel’s design had any historical significance.

“I’ve designed most everything for my classes, but I love designing modern homes with touches of mid century modern. It’s very popular now thankfully.”

“Is it something that would be popular around here?”

“Nah, I doubt it, but I plan on working in Atlanta anyhow.”

An hour away. Oddly I felt a bit depressed at that thought. “Okay I’m sure you’d be busy there.” She nodded.

I excused myself and picked up the phone, spending the next five minutes explaining why I did not rent for short amounts of time.

After I hung up, she asked, “You got something against afternoon delights, a little lunchtime nookie?” I just stared at her, shocked. “Or you just don’t like sex,” she stated.

“Of course I do!” Although I couldn’t think of the last time I had a date that involved sex. Not many available women to choose from in this little town and most of them had known my wife and felt sorry for me more than anything. My wife had lingered with her cancer.

She leaned towards me, offering an even better view of those luscious globes, and said, “Then what do you have against them renting from you for a few hours of fucking?”

My eyes were mentally caressing those ivory skin breasts and her words coming at the same time made my balls ache.

“It just doesn’t…. What if…. ” I really had no excuse. “My wife would have flipped if I would have done that.”

“But she’s gone, Jerry,” Bobbi said softly, leaning forward to touch my shoulder. I nodded. It was long ago and I can think about her and talk about her without Escort Sultangazi the pain anymore.

“You’re right. Sometimes it’s just easier to do what we’ve always done around here and not have to think about it.”

“I get it.”

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

‘I bought you a brand new Mustang.. A nineteen sixty five, huh’

Jerry was a lonely guy, no doubt about it. He had accepted the death of his wife and moved on from that, but just has not really been living. The fact he got an erection when I unintentionally flashed him my tits, gave me hope.

“So you’re a sexy guy, Jerry,” I said, noting his reaction and wondering if anyone ever told him that. “I’d think you’d be using your own rooms here now and then.” I made it a statement and not a question. It still made him blush. He had a virility about him that would seem to be hard to temper. With a little nurturing….

He chuckled. “No, not me. Just a boring motel owner.” Those devilish blue eyes told me that once unleashed, this guy would be anything but boring.

“You don’t have any kids do you?”

“No, how did you know?”

“You’re not old like a guy that has been all wrapped up in his kids. Hard to explain.” I shrugged.

He looked at me for a moment. “So is that a good thing or a bad thing for me.”

Without skipping a beat, I replied, “Good. Oh it’s very good.”

·Then this is indeed my lucky day.·

I slid off the edge of his desk which left me standing close to his chair. ?ay I have a tour of one of the units? If you have time, that is.·

“Of course!” He stood up and had to brush against me when he went by.

He put an old Out To Lunch sign on the office door and locked it. We went to one of the back units.

As was typical back then, all the good stuff was on the outside. The rooms back then were meant for a quick bath or shower and a good night’s sleep before hitting the road again the next morning. It was fresh and clean smelling, but needed a little updating. Not remodeled, just new paint, curtains, that sort of thing.

I picked up the motel shampoo bottle and tossed it up and down in my hand. “You know, if you do decide to offer a little love shack room, I bet it would be a swinging door of traffic. I mean, who doesn’t like a little spontaneous sex right?” He nodded. “There are probably things you wouldn’t need in the room, like extra blankets, maybe other stuff…. Keep it simple and don’t use resources you don’t need.”

“Yes yes,” he said, thinking. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. “What else?”



“Paint, new curtains, blankets, and the like. You have the awesome terrazzo flooring, so nothing needed there. It’s in beautiful condition.” I walked around, considering everything. “The furniture is in great shape and of the era so I wouldn’t change that at all.”

“That’s all good and we can do that, yes.” I don'[t know if he realized he said ‘we’ but I liked it.

“You know we can get this in the media. There are followers of the atomic age, googie, space age, and ultramodern would love to stay in a place like this.” I stopped and laughed. “Just so you know that afternoon sex wasn’t all I thought about.”

This devilish blue eyes danced when he grinned and said, “I’ll remember that.”

Jerry Robertson

I felt like a moth around her flame, flying close, then backing off. What was it about her. I don’t remember ever having been this playful. But again, our age difference was at the forefront. Even if it was a game between us, I planned on enjoying it, for however long it lasted.

Her ideas for the units were all wonderful and I began to get inspired. She seemed to have an eye for it because of her love of vintage.

“Yes, paint and all the rest are possible,” I agreed. But she could have suggested anything and i would have agreed with her. “As long as you’re here to supervise it all.” I smiled.

“Yes! I’ll help! I’ll not only supervise but I’ll help paint and stuff. I love doing that!” She was flitting around the room like a butterfly while i enjoyed her breasts bouncing and sexy little ass in those tight red capris. “When can we start?!” She bounced up and down in front of me.

I smiled, not saying anything, just enjoying the impact of that luscious body my libido. She glanced down and grinned impishly.

“We can start anytime you want,” I said. “Anytime.” The sooner the better, I thought.

“Tomorrow? I can bring you paint samples unless you want to go look yourself?”

“No no no, it’s all yours, Bobbi.” I moved to the door. I hadn’t spent any money on this place other than general upkeep, and that was mostly behind the scenes, that i was willing to invest in this place.

Suddenly she hugged me and i was not expecting that. I wasn’t ready for the sweet smell of her neck, the softness of her hair, the creaminess of her skin, the firmness of her breasts into my chest. And I certainly hugged Taksim escort her tighter and longer than would have been normal for the situation, but she kept hugging me too, and I knew this was right. Whatever this was.

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

‘Guess you better slow that mustang down, huh’

Never expected that my whim this morning would turn into such an exciting project. I was irrationally excited to begin and stopped at the store after I left the motel.

I was somewhat surprised that Jerry was so agreeable to my suggestions. It made me wonder if it was just because he had been alone for awhile and had no one to do it for. I mean obviously an improvement in a business is always a good thing, but most people have to have an investment in it personally, even if it does include someone else.

It was apparent he had a physical reaction to me and I wondered if that was also because he’d had no one for awhile. Oh maybe he had been dating, but I suspected it was no more than a few dates here and there. I wanted to think he was interested in me, although I was likely too young for him.

I gathered a number of era appropriate paint samples and while at the store, got some pictures of possible window and bed coverings.

·Good morning! I brought you coffee. I hope you drink it. Just occurred to me you might be one of those weirdos that doesn? like coffee. I got sugar and cream in case you lean either way, or swing both ways. And since we need sustenance to get through this,·I tossed a box of donuts on the desk. He sat there, somewhat stunned. ?on? tell me you?e not a morning person?·

·Ummm, I am not a morning person, but you are waking me up. Quickly,·he said laughing. ?nd good morning to you too. You?e looking nice today Bobbi, and yes coffee is imperative.·

I admit I liked turning him on and dressed for that today. “Thank you,” i smiled appreciatively.

I sat on the edge of his desk and fanned the paint swatches out in front of him. I crossed my legs, today they were bare up to the short denim cut offs. I had a matching blue midriff baring tied shirt that was open from collar to the tie, creating a deep open V, giving a more revealing view of my breasts. I decided i was not going to play fair. I expected him to throw out stumbling blocks, but I was ready for them. I had set out to seduce him.

We quickly narrowed down what we liked, which I’m pleased to say were pretty much the same. We were not quite as in agreement over window and bed coverings, so I told him i would find some other ideas.

“Now we need to get the paint. I can give you a check you can pay with.”

“Why don’t you run and get it. I can stay here and check in any guests. It’s pretty clear how it works. I can call if I get in trouble.” He agreed and I tossed him the keys. “Here, take Sally.”

He didn’t argue, but walked out the door with a huge grin on his face, fired her up and off he want with a bright grin.

I checked in a couple of guests before he got back. “I see you got initiated as an innkeeper,” he said smiling.

“I did! These folks won’t stay long, ” I said, cringing and giggling.

“Really? How much did you charge them?” I showed him. “Wow, they paid that much.”

“Sure, they’ll pay for morning nookie. Or afternoon.” I laughed.

“I guess so!”

We started with the room next to the office so we could keep an eye out for any check ins and outs.

He grabbed a brush and began cutting in, and grabbed a roller. We were halfway around the room in no time.

“It’s so much brighter already!”

He stepped back and looked around. “I believe you are right!” I bent over to load the roller and started on the third wall. “You are a distraction though you know.”

I looked over my shoulder and he was pointedly looking at my ass. I knew the shorts had ridden up baring more than I normally would. For anyone but him that is. “Do you want me to change?”

“HELL NO.” I smiled and went back to painting. I like a man that didn’t beat around the bush. At least not until he was ready to deal with my bush. This man brought out my naughty thoughts, I’ll say that.

We got the first coat on the room and had to wait for the second, which i intended to do today. “Hey, I’ll help you change out those rooms while we’re waiting.”

It also took us no time at all to strip the beds, grab all the towels and take them to the washer. He started the washing machine and i went back to put clean sheets on. I was bent over smoothing the sheets and stepped back right into him. He grabbed my waist so neither of us would fall.

“Ooops, sorry, I didn’t know you were back there,” I whispered because neither of us had moved. I felt his erection against my ass. His hands tightened on hips. I relaxed back against him. He slid his hands up to my bare midriff and i gasped from the heat.

“Bobbi, I -“

We heard the crunch of tires in the parking lot and I jumped away as though I was stung. He went to the office while I finished the two rooms.

Jerry Robertson

Bobbi had no idea the thrill I got driving that gorgeous red Mustang, now christened Mustang Sally. A car was an odd connection between a man and a woman, I thought. But corny as it sounds, my life is already brighter with her presence in it.

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