Cam Life Pt. 03

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I was shocked that I made money on my first night camming. I had to call Kayla and Jessie and see if this was normal. They agreed to meet me at the same bar where I had med them the first time.

The were sitting in a booth this time when I came in so I went to join them.

“Hey girl! I see you got everything set up ok?” said Kayla

“I think I did. Does my profile look ok?”

“It’s ok, but it can benefit from some work. But we can coach you through that later. I want to know how your first night went.”

So, I told them what happened and about the couple of guys that went private with me last night.

“Here’s the big question,” the other girl said, “Did you like it? Or were you uncomfortable at all?”

“No, I was nervous but once I got going I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Everyone that came in the room was pretty decent.”

“Good, because you’d never last long or even make a lot of money if you don’t actually enjoy what you are doing,” said Jessie.

“Ya, I can see that,” I said. “But I didn’t mind it at all. It’s actually kind of well, a turn on.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Lots of us think that it is a turn on. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t stick with it for so long.” Kayla laughed.

“So, did I do ok for money on my first night?” I asked. I told them how much I made.

“Ya, that’s great. Lots of people don’t make any money at all on their first night.”

“Do you think I could make more?”

“Of course. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to put into it. And if you’re able to put a little money into it.”

We sat there for about an hour or two, talking about the business. They explained things like having a niche. escort bayan Some guys really like certain kinds of girls and would look for them. Since I wasn’t ethnic at all, I couldn’t go with that but the girls said I looked really young and innocent so I should play that up. Not wear too much makeup. Wear cute and young clothes. Which wasn’t a big deal because most of my clothes were still from when I was a teenager anyway.

I thanked them for all of their help and advice and went home. I was eager to get back online and see how much more money I could make.

When I got home I spend some time fixing up my profile as best as I could. I hadn’t really put a lot of info on there before. The girls said the more info the better because guys liked to feel like they really know who you are before they even go in your room.

Once I was done. I put up some posters around the room that I hadn’t had up in years. Rainbows and unicorns were the posters that I used to love so I hung them up so they could be seen behind the camera. I made the bed and put on something cute.

It was time to enter the room again and see if I could make some more money.

At first there was no one in there but then slowly, a few guys started entering the room. They wanted me to talk dirty to them but I said that we had to go private after I teased them a little bit. At first, no one took the bait but then this guy said he wanted to talk privately with me.

Once we were in private he typed, “What are your turn ons.”

I told him, “I like older men. Boys are boring and they just don’t know what they want.”

“What else?” he typed.

“Ummm izmit escort – well, I really like being watched.”

“Do you?” he typed. “What do you like to do when someone is watching?

“I like touching myself. I like playing with toys. I like knowing that wherever I am doing is turning you on.”

“Do you have a vibrator?”

“Of course,” I giggled like I was a little bit embarrassed to admit that.

“Show me.”

I pulled out one of my vibrators. It was a purple rabbit and it was always something that got me off. I made a mental note that I was going to have to buy some more because I really only had this and one other dildo and sooner or later people would notice that.

“That’s a cute dress you’re wearing. Take it off?” he typed.

I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Just a cute pair of panties. White with little flowers on them. I thought that would be cute and girlish enough.

“You have nice tits. Small. I like.”


“Touch them.”

I did as he asked. Slowly letting my hands slide over my breasts, running my hands lightly over the nipples until they were nice and hard.


I pinched them because I liked how it felt. And I remembered how the guy from last night liked it.

“Rub your pussy – over your panties.”

I opened my legs and leaned back against the pillows. Rubbing my hands over my panties I could feel that they were already wet. I was getting excited because I knew that this was turning him on.

I slipped my hand into my panties. Felt the wetness. Then I looked at the computer screen.

“NO! You are a bad girl aren’t you.”

I pouted. yürüyüş yolu escort “Yes. I know. I am just so horny.”

“No touching under the panties until I say so.”


“Ok what?”

“Um – ok, Sir?”

“No,” he typed. “Daddy. Call me Daddy.”

“Ok Daddy. I won’t touch myself again until you tell me to.”

“Good. now keep touching your pussy over your panties.”

I went back to soft caresses. I didn’t want to cum before he was ready for me to.

“That’s good. Keep doing that.”

I felt like it was kind of tame but he was the one that was paying. I’d had him going for about 10 minutes and the girls said if you could keep a guy going for that long he really liked you and was likely to become a return customer if you gave him what he wanted.

Finally he typed. “I want you to do exactly as I say ok?”

“Yes Daddy,” I said.

“Pull your panties down and turn around but don’t take them off. Get on your knees. Bend over. And then slide the vibrator up and down your lips. But don’t put it in.”

I did as he said. On my knees, Panties pulled down but not off. Spread my legs so he could see everything. Then sliding the vibrator up and down against my pussy. I was really getting worked up.

I looked behind me to see if he’d given any other instructions.

“Now. Fuck yourself with the vibrator. Hard.”

I slid the vibrator in my pussy in one deep motion. Fuck, I was so wet. I rammed into it in deep, over and over again. I was so close to cumming that I immediately began to moan and groan. I could feel the waves sliding over me already.

As I came, I screamed. “I’m coming daddy. I’m coming for you!”

My body convulsed as I orgasmed and my muscles in my pussy closed over the vibrator.

I wondered if he had cum, too.

When my body finally calmed down, I went back to the screen. He was already gone. But he had typed, “Good girl. If you cum like that all the time, daddy will be back for more.”

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Camping in the Ozarks

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While I was going to college, I joined a group that did a lot of outdoors activities. We went rafting, canoeing, camping, and hiking all over the Midwest. My normal partner for most of these events was Greg. Greg was two years older than me. I spent my first year of college at a local community college near my home. I started at the University in my sophomore year. Greg was a junior then. Greg spent all his summer vacation time working in Oklahoma in the oil fields. He was not a large guy, but he was very muscular and hard. I used to love to tease him by feeling his bicep and telling him how strong he was, all the while I was looking into his big blue eyes. Greg’s real strength was in his brain. He was the smartest guy I ever knew in outdoors stuff. He did all right in the classroom, but it was in the field where he was an absolute genius.

While the group did activities at least once a month, Greg and I normally did something nearly every weekend. My parents were not really happy with this because they knew we were sleeping together, but Greg and my dad got along right off the bat. My mother told me that my dad told her that if I had to be sleeping with someone, at least I picked someone that was not a loser. My dad decided Greg was not a loser when Greg came over and helped him put a new roof on the house. He chipped in and helped without being asked. We just stopped by the house so they could meet him and we found my dad up on the roof.

Like all girls that grew up as a single child, I knew my dad really wanted a son. Most of the guys I dated in high school (there were only a few) were close to being losers. They all were in my dad’s eye. All except one. My dad changed his mind on Derek when he entered the Army after high school. Derek was the first man I ever let touch me. My dad would have killed him if he had known how Derek and I were fucking every chance we got.

Greg was as close to the ideal man my dad could want for a son. He hinted strongly to me he would not be unhappy with Greg as his son-in-law. My mom really liked Greg as well. My mom saw something in Greg I did not see at first. Or would not admit to seeing. Mom saw Greg was not obtainable by any human woman. The wilderness had claimed his soul for her very own, and a mere human mortal would not be able to lure him away from her. It took me a while to understand Mom was right, and that there was not anything I could do about it, no matter what I tried. The lady of the wilderness was his true mistress. She was willing to share him with me. I learned to be content with that.

During the third weekend of September, Greg and I went for a solitary hiking trip. This was the first thing Greg and I did alone together. The weekend before we had gone with the group on a canoe trip. Greg and I got to know each other very well on that trip. I was thrilled to have him ask me out alone. I liked the group activities, but I enjoyed solitude (with Greg’s arms around me) more than I did the group activities.

Greg drove us down to Taum Sauk Mountain. The Taum Sauk Trail goes through there and we pitched our tent in a public campground at Johnson’s Shutins Campground. Johnson’s Shutins is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is where a river has eaten into the side of a mountain and still flows over the hard rock. Over time, it has caused a large pool to form at the bottom of a waterfall and many, many pockets of little water rapids that are great to swim in.

We pitched camp on Friday night, ate supper, and when it got dark, retired to our cozy tent. Greg brought with him something that trip I have never seen before. A sleeping bag designed for two people. It was two full sized sleeping bags zipped together. Since neither of us is super large, (I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall, weigh 110 lbs with long black hair, and I wear a size 35C bra. Greg is 5 foot 10 inches, 160 lbs with medium long brown hair and a nice sized 6-inch cock, and a smile that drives me crazy.) we had room to spare in the double sized bag.

After I undressed and climbed inside the bag, Greg undressed and climbed in after me. We used to wrestle around to see who got to sleep on the right side of the bag. More often than not, I won. As I was laying there in the large sleeping bag, just listening to the night noises, Greg leaned over and kissed my cheek. Just as I was wondering if this was a good night kiss before he rolled over to go to sleep, he leaned over and very tenderly kissed me on my lips. After his first kiss, I leaned into him and kissed him back. When I kissed him, I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick into his mouth.

Greg pushed me on my back, crawled over on top of me and was returning my kisses when I reached up and put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Greg reached down and slipped his hand under my nightshirt and over my left breast. Greg knew when he touched my left breast, no matter what else he might do to me, he owned me. The way to open my legs was to touch my left nipple. Greg teased kocaeli escort me once and called it my “ON” button.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. And pulled him closer to me. I just lay there and rained kisses on his face. Soon Greg started his journey down my body. First, he visited my neck. I threw my head back to give him better access to me. I couldn’t have cared less if he was leaving his mark on me or not. I was his toy anyway, in my own mind. Then he worked his way down to my breasts. By now, he had my nightshirt completely undone. I was so lost in his kisses that I never felt him undo my shirt. After what seemed like a short trip to heaven for me, Greg pulled my panties off. I was wet and waiting for him to visit me down there. I had missed Greg that week. I had been having a hard time concentrating on my classes all week. I was both very lonesome for him and very wet and excited at his touch.

Greg worked his way down my body until I felt his hands pushing my legs apart. I willingly spread wide open for him. I never felt Greg undressing, but the next thing I knew, I felt Greg’s cock head rubbing up against my wet pussy lips. I opened my legs as wide as they would go, just as Greg slipped his cock inside me. Greg felt so wonderful going inside me like that!

“Oh Greg! Yes! Yes Greg!” I said in his ear. I buried my head into his shoulder. With that, Greg started his rhythmic thumping on me. I could feel Greg pushing himself into me. He went in deeper with each thrust. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to pull him into me deeper still. Greg reached up and squeezed my breasts as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I always thought he was drilling for oil when he made love to me. I never tired of his drilling.

“Dusti, I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want me to cum at?” Greg asked.

“Cum inside me! Deep, deep inside me!” I told him. Greg knew I was on the pill and I just loved to have him cum deep inside me when he could. However, being a woman, sometimes I wanted him to cum somewhere else. He always asked me where he should cum. Once I had him cum on my toes. Then he had to lick it off them. Greg loved to lick my toes. It was his fetish, I learned later on. Mine was having him cum deep inside me like this.

Greg grabbed both my knees and pulled them up as far as he could. I scooted my ass up towards him as close as I could get it, just as Greg trust forward as hard as he could. I could feel Greg’s hard hot cock grow harder still and thrust deep inside me. His cum shot out of his cock as if it was a jet of hot steam from a steam-cleaning rod. His hot cum went deep inside me, all the way into my love canal. I squeezed my legs together as hard as I could, and tried to will my pussy lips to close and bite off his cock.

When Greg was finished squirting his this white hot love juice deep inside my pussy, he collapsed besides me in the sleeping bag. He was worn out. I rolled over and put my arms around him to hug him. I was one very sexually satisfied college sophomore co-ed that moment. I fell into a deep contented sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

Just after both of us were finished dressing the next morning, Greg told me that he wanted to explore a part of the trail that had been closed for the last five years. He had talked with the rangers before we came and they just told him to be careful around the rock ledges. They closed that path because several people had nearly fallen off them. Greg knew the rangers well. They also knew Greg well. They knew he knew what he was doing and would be no problem.

We ate a large breakfast and started out hiking. We hiked up the mountain for about three hours, until mid-morning and came to the place Greg wanted to deviate off the trail. We were both carrying daypacks with some survival gear, food, and water. Greg headed off the beaten trail into the woods, with me right behind him. When we stopped for a break, Greg told me that we were going to a place he used to come to a long time ago in boy scouts. He loved to look out over the shutins from high above them on the mountain. We hiked for forty more minutes to get to the cliffs. It was turning out to be a very warm day for September.

We crawled up on a rock that over hung the ravine. Greg threw a blanket over the hard rock, and we lay on top of it and looked out over the top. The view was fantastic. We could see down the whole ravine cut by the river over billions of years. The shutins were way down below us. There were at least three hawks flying around the ridges as well. I could understand why Greg wanted to come back here again. It was a place I knew I would never forget. And not for just what happened a few minutes later.

“When I was a scout, we used to lay here on this rock and dream that we had a girl friend with us and we could fuck her while looking out over the edge,” Greg said, looking down over the edge. He was really reminiscing out loud. Thinking back to yahya kaptan escort years before now.

“Is that why you brought me here?” I asked him in a chiding way. I was horny again.

“No, Dusti. I just remembered that while I was looking over the edge, watching the hawks,” Greg said. I think he was surprised by my question. He was still gazing over the edge, and not at me. I could tell he was really lost in his memories. Mentally, he was somewhere far, far away.

I reached up and undid all the buttons on my shirt, all the way down to my waist. I wore a bra that unsnapped in the front for that day. I was very glad I did just then. I unsnapped my bra and let it hang from the straps on my arms. Greg was still leaning out over the rock, looking down, lost in his thoughts. I walked up behind him and pressed myself up against him. I put my arms around him and lay my head on his back. He called this playing spoons once. I reached around him and could just barely get my hands under his waist. I was able to undo his belt and then unsnap his blue jeans as well. I leaned up and bit his ear, which finally got his attention. Greg turned around to look at me, and I reached and pulled his jeans down to his knees. Then I pulled his briefs down as well, exposing his cock.

“What the. . .” Greg said in confusion.

“Hush,” I told him as I pushed him back on the blanket, right against the rock.

With that, I took his placid cock in my hand and started to pull on it. I kneeled down on his pants and looked up at his face. He had the cutest look of bewilderment on his face. I took his cock and put it up to my lips and slipped it right in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over his cock head, and then started to suck on his cock for all I was worth. Every once in a while I would look up at his face. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, licked around the rim of his head, and stuck my tongue in his little pee-hole. I loved the taste of his pre-cum.

Greg just lay there, plastered to the rock. This took him totally by surprise. He was very much turned on now and his cock was as hard as the rock he leaned on. Bent back the way he was he could not reach forward far enough to grab my head to push his cock deeper inside me. I was enjoying this. I did not get to dominate Greg very often. This time I had him right where I wanted him and he knew it. Greg must have been reading my mind just then. Suddenly, he just lay back and totally surrendered himself to me.

“Oh God Dusti! I had no idea you could make me feel so good! God how I love this! I have never had anyone give me head like this before!” Greg said. He just lay back, looking up at the sky and the hawks circling around us. Greg told me later he thought the hawks enjoyed the show.

I just kept sucking on his cock and pulling on his balls with my hand. I was running my hand up and down the inside of his inner thigh as well. Greg could not move and could not stop me from doing anything to him I wanted. Then I had another idea. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and put the middle finger of my left hand into my mouth and got it all slippery and wet. I kept pumping away at Greg’s cock with my right hand as I did this and I don’t think he even realized his cock was not still in my mouth.

I could always tell when Greg was about to cum. His body got all tight as he tensed up. Just before I felt him do this, I reached up with my left hand and felt behind him. Right when he started to tense up, I slipped my slippery wet finger right up into his asshole. My finger slid in all the way in up where it could not go in anymore because my hand was in the way.

“OH GOD!” Greg yelled. He pushed his hips straight up in the air towards my face, just as he started to cum in my mouth. I was swallowing as much of his cum as quickly as I could to keep up with what he was putting out. I was beginning to think I was a milking machine. Greg just lay bent over the rock pumping what seemed to be gallons and gallons of cum in my mouth. I could not hold all of it in. Some of it over ran my lips and spilled out over my cheeks.

After he finished cumming, I cleaned his cock off with my shirttail and stood up next to him. He picked up a canteen of water and gave me a drink and took one himself. (I cleaned off my finger as well.) I just leaned up against him and put my head on his chest. He put his arms around me and hugged me close.

“Thank you,” Greg said. “No one has ever done anything like that to me before.” Then he reached over and kissed the top of my head. It was not an erotic kiss, it was a possessive kiss. One meant to show closeness, and possession. I really think we sealed our bond to each other just then with that kiss.

“Your welcome. If you keep pleasing me the way you have been, I will do my best to please you as well. You have given me more pleasure than anyone else ever has. It is only right that I please you. Speaking of pleasing me, after we eat lunch, izmit eskort I want my turn on the rock. I would love to have you fuck me while I look out over the edge. Take me doggy style and we can both see out,” I told him with a smile on my face.

“Great idea! Let’s hurry lunch. I want to feel my cock buried up your cunt while I have you spread out over the rock,” Greg said. I only smiled up at him. I glanced down and saw his cock had gotten hard again. I knew then we were not going to wait until after lunch.

I sat down on one of the rocks nearby and pulled off both my boots and then dropped my pants. Greg pulled my panties down and picked me up and lowered me down on the rock. I opened my shirt to him and he reached in and pulled me down to where his cock could reach my pussy.

“Now, Greg. I want you for lunch. I want you to fuck me for lunch,” I told him. Greg pulled me closer and I could feel his cock poking to find my wet slit. I reached down and guided his cock just where I wanted it to go. I was super wet and Greg forced his way deep inside me on his first thrust. I’m not sure, but I think my pussy lips reached out and sucked him inside me. My pussy has a mind of her own and we both love the way she acts on her thoughts.

“Oh YES!” I said as Greg started to pump away in me. Since I knew he had just cum a few minutes before this, I knew I was going to have him pumping away inside me for a long time. I was right. I know I came at least three times before I gave up counting. Then Greg turned me over to where I was face down on the rock and he mounted me doggy style.

I could look almost straight down the side of the cliff. It was a about a 500 foot drop off. It thrilled me to have Greg fucking me while I was on the edge of a cliff. I could feel my breasts swinging underneath me. We kept this up for a few minutes before Greg laughed.

“The rangers are watching us fuck through binoculars!” Greg said.

“Really!” I said surprised

“Yeah. I can see where their truck is parked and I saw a sun reflection flash off the lens,” Greg said. “I knew those guys were perverts. I guess I should have known Jim would have remembered like I did how we used to talk about bringing girls up here to fuck them,” Greg said. He was amused at the juvenile stunt of his friends.

“Then if we are going to give them a show, let’s give them a real show,” I said. “Kneel down here next to me,” I told him. After he pulled out and kneeled next to me, I took his cock in my hand and started to pump it up again. I started to suck it and really got into the blowjob. Just before he came, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jack him off. When he came, he blew his load right into my face and my wide open mouth. I swallowed as much of his cum as I could and then went back and finished sucking the rest of it out of his cock. I ended it by licking his cock all the way from his balls up to under the head of his cock. After we were finished and cleaned up, we started down the other side of the mountain.

(I learned much later that not only were his friends watching us through binoculars, they had a 35mm motorized camera mounted on a tripod and took three complete rolls of 36 exposures per roll, worth of film of us with a high power lens. Several of the photos actually shows Greg’s stream of cum shooting from his cock across the air directly into my open mouth. All the photos are very high quality ones and we can easily be identified in them. I really blushed when I saw them. The look of utter contentment on my face as I swallowed his cum and while he was fucking me was priceless. We did not know that then. It was over a year before I learned of this. We saw the photos in an album at a party we attended just before Jim’s wedding to another ranger, Gina.)

I was quiet most of the trip down the mountain. I started thinking on the trip down the mountain. Greg sensed something was wrong and when we stopped for a break, he asked me what it was. It took him a little bit of coaxing for him to drag it out of me. I really didn’t want to discuss it with him. I was afraid to learn the truth. Afraid I was going to be hurt by the truth.

“Greg, did you know your friends were going to be watching us make out today?” I asked him.

“No Dusti, I didn’t know they would be watching. It was not until I saw them watching us that I remembered back that it was with Jim that I used to daydream about making out on the top of the rock. I bet Jim remembered that as well as me. When I showed up here with you, he guessed what we were going to do and they went to a location where they could watch to see if we did it. I would never have done what we did if I knew we were going to be watched. I don’t consider this to be a spectator sport.

“If what you are really asking is if I set this up, no I didn’t. I didn’t really give any thought to making out with you until we were there. I was worried you might be afraid of heights or get nervous about being exposed like that. I was not even going to bring it up with you at all. And I want you to know that I would never, ever do anything like that to you,” Greg said looking me right in the eye. I learned later on that Greg was really true to his word. He never put me into a position where I was exposed to public view while undressed.

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Cabin Retreat Ch. 2

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We finally get to the cabin after what has seemed like an eternity of a drive.

After opening the door to the cabin you practically knock me over, leaping into my arms and kissing me like you have never done before. I tell you to relax, and look around. I have to get things unpacked first. This is done one because things needed to be unpacked but also to tease you just a little more.

I show you OUR room and go unload the car. When I come back inside I notice water running in the shower, and figure you just wanted to wash the day off of you. But by the time I bring the last of our things in I can still hear the water and figure I had better check things out. I slowly open the door to the bathroom; you are just sitting there. Not in the shower just sitting, with an evil grin.

You tell me “It took you long enough”‘ and proceed to strip my clothes off and drag me into the shower. The water is warm and feels good against my skin. But not as good as you do having finally made skin-to-skin contact. No clothes between us, just flesh on flesh.

We kiss. Letting the water run over us. Your hand moves between us and you wrap it around my hard cock making it throb. I reach up and izmit escort bayan lightly pinch and tease your nipples until they are hard. Leaning down I kiss you r neck and move down to your breasts and take your nipple in my mouth. You sigh waiting for the moment when we are together without interruption. Further down I kiss causing you to let go of my cock.

Kissing down your belly. I sit down in the bottom of the shower, pulling you towards me until you are standing inches from my face. I lean forward. Kissing your inner thigh, causing you to spread your legs slightly. I run my tongue further up you leg. Until I reach your trimmed pussy. You move forward straddling my face and sigh, as my tongue finds its mark.

Even through the running water I can smell your sweet sex. My tongue runs up your slit as you grab the back of my head pushing my face into you with urgency. I can tell you need to cum, and badly.

I let you determine the pace at which you do. As my fingers move up your thigh you start to grind your pussy into my face. My tongue flicking your hard clit as my fingers find your waiting hole. First I slide 1 then 2 fingers inside escort kızları you, your knees start to shake as the first orgasm hits you. Your juices distinctly flowing as I lap them up. I run my tongue the length of your wet slit trying to catch every drop. My fingers have moved to your tight asshole where I flick the tip of my finger against it causing you to jump. As the second wave of orgasm starts to hit you, I gently push the tip of my finger inside your tight ass. My other fingers rubbing your hard clit while I tongue fuck you, pushing inside you as deep as I can feel your pussy start to contract. I know you are close now. Your knees give way as you cum. You slide down the front of my wet body and stop just short of my hard cock. Your breath is rapid and just starts to slow down when, I move forward so the head of my cock just brushes the entrance to your tight pussy. You can’t wait any longer and reach behind you and wrap your hand around me and guide the head of my cock inside you. Anxiously and with trembling knees you lower yourself down my entire length until your pelvis rests on mine. I gasp, as your pussy is so tight and feels so good. You slowly gebze escort bayan start to move up and down, feeling every ridge of my cock rubbing you inside.

Faster you pick up the pace. Felling the need for release again you start fucking me. Not caring about anything but cumming. I don’t care and watch as you move up and down, my hands grabbing at your tits, pinching your nipples. Hearing you tell me how good it feels and how you want to fuck this way forever.

You start to cum and your pussy tightens and I feel you cum on my cock. You feel so good when you cum. I lift you off and put you on your hands and knees. With slow teasing motions I push the head of my dick inside you. Then pull out slowly then in a little harder until finally I am fucking you hard and fast. You reach under between your legs and rub your clit wanting to cum again. I feel my balls slapping you as I thrust in and out, your fingers stroking my balls now, trying to coax me into cumming.

I tell you I am about to cum and you fuck me back taking me all the way in as I start to cum you yell for me to fill you with my cum and I oblige you as I explode inside of you. You move away and turn around, taking me in your mouth, sucking the last drops of cum from me. All of sudden the water goes cold, and we haven’t even cleaned up yet. You step out and dry off and go to get dressed and all I can do is stare at your tight as move as you walk out of the bathroom, turn and blow me a kiss and say “I have just begun”

More later?

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All for You

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Hairy Pussy

There are times when it is an exquisite release to watch and listen to a woman being pleasured exclusively. Take the time we found ourselves in the secret hotel spot – just the two of us meeting for the afternoon tryst. Your mood was one born out of the tedium of what had already been very long week. Mine was randy (no surprise there) and although each encounter we have is wonderful the thought of going through the activities was a bit out of your most fervent desires at the moment. What to do to distract?

You, attired in your finest business wear and I having already removed my jacket and tie began by kissing warmly if not totally deeply. Our tongues dancing in unison and feeling warmth build but not that sudden heat of passion we normally could feel – especially from your end. The wear of the week had gotten to you so I thought perhaps something a little different was in order.

Standing now before you I held your shoulders and eased you back onto the bed to sit. Just for a moment. I knelt down and removed first your shoes then reached up and unbuttoned your blouse. Your nipples erect as always shown through the undergarment neatly – I could already feel my cock beginning to swell. But that’s not what this was about. Deftly removing your skirt, your hose and your panties you sat in only your bra – some excitement tingling inside you but the ennui still lingered.

“Here,” I said as I stood and extended my hand to you while standing now. I pulled you close and held you with another kiss as I swiftly removed your bra. Seemed the same but with me clothed it didn’t have the sensation we anticipated somehow.

Now then – I removed my shirt and dropped off my pants. Slipped stockings went into the heap and we stood before one another again – you completely naked and I in underwear only. The underwear betraying the fact that I was already excited. Your posture telling me that something different need occur.

Then I reached down and picked up your blouse again – you remember the one – satin and smooth with delicate pearl buttons. I aided in your placing on again – not buttoned – just hanging over you.

As you stood I bent first to your lips, then your neck and shoulders. Reading your reactions as I tasted you. Cool but now feeling some build up. Still with your arms at your side (my insistence) I reached with my hands to hold each of your breasts while I continued the kissing and tongue work along your upper parts. My fingers twiddling with your nipples. Now the flats of my hands rolling across just the very tips of them. Awakening them once more to a more rigid state than ever for you is natural. Somehow the feeling of your blouse hanging over them and my hands added to the opening awareness of what was happening.

Allowing my hands to slide down your sides and turning my hands just a izmit escort bayan bit I pressed lower onto the fronts of your thighs while bringing my mouth down onto one nipple. There my lips pulled it and my tongue danced on it. Then the other. All the while gliding my hands over your thighs – upward on the fronts then into the center and down along the inside. Your legs spreading just a bit. Some wanting.

Standing upright again I held your shoulders and urged you back again to sit on the bed. Just at the edge with your feet on the floor. Another tactile command you leaned back braced against your arms. Fully bent now I leaned over you and let my tongue roam along the body I have come to appreciate for all that it gives.

Licking with just the tip of my tongue over your upper body, one hand now slipped down along your thigh again. Outside this time then across the knee and back upward. Just the slightest touch between your legs at the top. A flick – nothing more. Then back again along the inside of that thigh. The return trip for my hand was on the opposite thigh with a route reversal – up, flick down the outside. Meanwhile my mouth moving over you – spots on you that you’ve forgotten are sensitive being rekindled. The taste of you so intoxicating.

I raised my head again and you lifted yours to see what was coming next. My smile in return did not divulge much. I knelt again before you and pulled your hips forward just a bit while spreading your legs – more accurately directing you to do so with touches and pressures from my hands.

My hands on your knees and then pointing my fingers up your inner thighs I bent again to run my tongue from end to top of your thighs. As with the fingers before it, my tongue lingered but briefly at the very top and then with my lips cascaded down the opposite thigh. You watch with curiosity, as things are getting just a bit warm now. My senses attuned to this, I moved my lips again toward the top of your thighs.

First just the outside of your warm but merely moist pussy. Tongue working the outer lips of you. Darting between occasionally. Then one long tongue stroke between those lips. The taste of you bringing me to full erection.

I reach around behind you with one arm and grip your ass slightly to hold you and tilt you just a bit. The other hand comes up to your pussy. My eyes watching you as you watch as well. Fingers spreading you and simultaneously finding your still slightly hooded clit. Rubbing it gently and circularly. Slow movements that begin to stir you. A brief glance tells me that you are getting wetter now. Holding you open I reach my tongue back into action. My fingers spreading you open and lifting the last barrier from your clit to allow my tongue full access. Just the tip of it. I look to see what kocaeli escort and where everything is for assurance and then move back. Your clit fully exposed and the tip of my tongue working all areas of it. Once section at a time. My lips now come closer and briefly take you clit between them. Releasing again and working my tongue over it with broad, flat strokes. A slight probe with the oral appendage into you to get the full flavor of you and find how wet you are becoming.

Now fully engaged in the activity my mouth descends on your love button fully. Sucking it in and clenching it slightly. Inside my mouth the tip of my tongue patters across the top of it. Held in place for a moment. One hand is suddenly freed up. Unwrapping my arm and now reaching beneath my own chin I slide a finger inside you. Tip upward seeking your spot. It is there and just becoming more open to such attentions. Slow strokes in and out of you while I continue the oral pleasure delivery – long strokes of tongue now matching the finger sliding in and out of you.

You reach yourself for added entertainment. One hand still bracing you in a leaned-back position the other now reaching for your own breast. You squeeze and rub on nipple while my ministrations between your legs continue. I can feel inside you that you are gathering steam toward some pleasure despite the arrival mood. Your hand moves from your breast to my head and encourages me as I work your lips, your clit and your opening fully. The pleasure begins to mount slightly. As for me, I am hard and wanting but this is for you.

Just as the activity seems to be reaching time for another movement toward penetration I move away from your pussy slowly. Down along your thighs again as I sit first on my haunches then stand again. Your first anticipation is to sit up directly thinking I will now offer my member for your own activity.

Instead I hold your hand and urge you upward again – to stand. To kiss and share with you your own flavors still lingering on my lips and tongue. We turn and I sit now. Your anticipation remains as it was and you begin to kneel. My guidance stops you. You are following a dance lead with new steps.

I push myself farther back onto the bed now. Back against the headboard, legs extended. My erection having to be re-arranged to account for the binding of the underwear in this seated position. Taking you hand I guide you to me. Still following my lead I encourage you to lie across my lap. Face down. Your hips just shy of my own.

“Get comfortable,” I ask. Affording yourself the opportunity of a pillow to rest your arms and head on, you comply.

Spreading your legs I readdress my hands to the inner thighs of yours. Then along your ass caressing and holding and then. ….

Running my fingers sınırsız escort back between your legs the palm of my hand over your pussy and onto your ass my fingertips once more open and expose that luscious small mound of sensitive flesh. Slow strokes over it, then quick ones across the top of it. Occasionally slipping inside you to draw more of your self-lubrication. Your breathing increases and I wonder if it is due in some small way to the pressure of a now fully engorged penis pressing into your belly.

As you feel the heat build the time has come for the balance of the play. I slip my hand back a bit and turn it. The palm of my hand now pressed against your clit. My thumb entering you. Finding that spot of yours in earnest now.

Less delicate strokes across that spot. Careful notation of the sensations being sent by you indicates that there is a small swelling there now. With fully pressure I engage your spot with the head of my thumb. Rubbing it now while clutching your lips and pressing onto your clit. A bit more pressure on your inner spot rubbing it harder now. You can feel the pressure building inside you. Taking you closer to the edge. Roaming around the spot over and over then across it again and again the mounting passion has overtaken you fully.

Your hips reflex against the pressure but not in resistance merely at the intensity of it. Soon you release your fullest climax as you buck slightly against my hand and moan of the passion emerging. I allow you to finish and stop the direct application. Merely fingering your clit again. However this lasts no more than 30 seconds or so when you find that you are penetrated again. With precision onto your spot once more. Driving you hard and wild again over the edge so quickly this time.

After the fourth round of these attentions your orgasmic sounds have taken on full voice and still they come. Come round eight you are nearing a physical exhaustion that far surpasses your original mental letdown when you first arrived.

After a tenth full release you ask gently for respite but the timing between strokes inside you only shortens by half. You are wet beyond capabilities your juices pooling on the bed and soaking one side of my still in-place underwear. At last all of your mental capacity has been devoted to anything other than what you brought into the room that afternoon.

My hands now move back to tenderness. Fingering your inner thighs at just the right point and swirling delicate circles to prolong at a much lower level that fourteenth and last release. Your skin is aglow with passion and you are now physically spent. After some more tender touches and admiration through tactile stimulation of each square inch of your ass and back I slip from beneath you and roll you over to lie next to me. Kissing you tenderly yet with passion I explain:

“You looked as though you’d had a rough day.” Your smile tells me you have moved well past that point. “Just think though, ” I continue, “how bad the maid is going to have it when she tries to pull up that wet mess over there.” A grin, a chuckle and our afternoon drifts further on. Without boredom.

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But I’m A Good Girl

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As always, Valentines Day fell on a cold February night, but that didn’t stop the love in the air. Couples young and old took to the town in the night filling the atmosphere with a lovey dovey air, though for some it wasn’t the same, some couples had to spend the night working but that wouldn’t stop their fun.

Jon and Leanne, both worked in a busy pub in the centre of town, a pub which saw one of the busiest nights of the year, Valentines Day mixed with an international rugby match between Wales and Scotland and both were looking forward to what the other was planning for when they finished work. The night drew on, and finally their shift ended with a quiet drink with the rest of the staff, followed by a usual rendezvous in Café G’s night club Leanne changed from her work cloths, she always liked to dress nice, she wore a nice black short skirt and matching top emphasizing her lovely cleavage.

At the top bar they could be found, drinking and waiting,

“Victoria Gardens?”

Jon looked back at Leanne, “After this drink.”

Leanne stood next to him watching him drinking,

“Go wait for me there; I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

Leanne narrowed her eyes at him and noticed a cheeky smile moving across his face, “go.”

She thought for a second and then left for the Gardens wondering what he was planning, she wasn’t going to argue, this was probably going to be fun. She made her way through town and around the side of the gardens to the hole they often used to get in, this was a regular haunt for them, they would often sneak here after work to make out, enjoying the thrill of trespassing and the possibility that they may one day be caught.

It was a dry night, so she sat on a bench near their favourite tree.

Time passed, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, she lost track, it seemed like an eternity leaving a now pretty pissed off Leanne sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night.

She heard some rustling in the bushes behind her, she stood up and looked around, a man in a police uniform and hat was approaching her.

“Miss, your trespassing, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you in.”

Leanne froze; she had never been arrested before. The officer moved closer, he was a small man, with a medium build, her look of fear turned to a sly smile as she had figured out who it was. He got closer revealing more to her, she recognized the shape of his body and the outline of his face in the dark.

“Officer, I’m a good girl, I didn’t mean to break the law, but I guess you’ll have to take me in.” she grinned as he reached for a pair of hand cuffs.

“Miss kocaeli escort bayan step back against the fence please.”

The gardens had been undergoing work for several months now, and metal fencing had been placed to stop people crossing into the work area.

Leanne walked backwards until she reached the fence, it rattled as she walked into it.

“Turn around.”

He pushed her roughly against the fence from behind, “Arms up, spread your legs.”

She could feel the officer rub himself lightly against her,

“I’m going to have to search you” His hands began to work over her familiar form, though not in the way someone should be searched, not like in real life or the movies, he moved his hands adventurously over her form, sliding softly when they came to skin and groping heavily over her clothing. Leanne’s head dropped back slightly as she felt his breath on her neck she could almost feel his lips already on her neck, but he held back. His hands on the other hand found their way up under her skirt, she recognized the familiar feel, the way he touched her, the way he caressed her butt, if there was any doubt at all, now it was gone, these were Jon’s hands on her skin, and his body close to hers.

“Your clean, face me.” He took her arm roughly and turned her to face him, He pressed himself against her as he placed a cuff on her left wrist, and held her between him and the fence as he threaded the chain through near the top and cuffed her right wrist, she was now attached to the fence, unable to move.

“You have the right to remain sexy, anything you say and do can and will be used against you in my imagination, if you give up this right, I will be forced to make love to you until you feel sexy. Anything you would like to add?”

Leanne grinned as she moved herself against him, “well, I don’t know, I’m not feeling too particularly” He began kissing her neck, “mmh, sexy right,” his tongue began to work over the little area where he had given her a love bite in the past, She tried to finish her sentence, “sexy… rig… ht… now.”

Jon’s hands slid up her body, over her stomach and breasts as he licked a trail to her earlobe, Leanne’s breathing began to get heavier as he sucked and licked her ear, his tongue slid over the back taking her ear into his mouth. If she had control of her hands, Leanne would have hugged and kissed him by now, but she couldn’t, all she could do was take his affections, it was like an itch, one of those itches which you cant reach no matter how hard you try, and you need someone else’s help with. Jon moved his lips to hers she took otele gelen escort the opportunity to kiss him, deeply and passionately, their tongues met between their lips and felt each other’s form, she could feel her excitement, she could feel his heat.

Jon’s hands reached back inside her top and opened her bra clasp, then lifted her entire top, exposing her breasts to the night. Jon kissed her again softly and then kissed a trail down her chest and slid his tongue between her breasts. She entwined one of her legs in his as his tongue worked over her nipples, the sensation of cold to warm and then the chill of the night air on her wet nipples made her shudder with delight, Jon’s affections were no where near an end, he sucked and licked her soft pink nipples, and ran his teeth over them, nipping lightly at her flesh. His lips moved back to her neck, too suck and lick some more, as they did she felt a different feeling; his fingers were trailing up inside her skirt, up to her moist underwear. Her itch began to grow, almost desperate, she couldn’t scratch it, a moan escaped her lips instead, she had to do something, but the cuffs stopped her, she ached with desire and lust.

Jon’s fingers rubbed her wetness, they had been there before, and they knew where her buttons were, his finger tips rubbed teasingly, toying with her soft spot and then moving away.

She lashed her tongue out at his ear as he kissed her neck. Jon suddenly pulled away from her and looked her over, she stood there, cuffed to the fence, panting with her hair messed and her cloths hanging off, he smiled at the picture, reaching for a camera.

“No” Leanne struggled with her bonds, desperate to not be photographed looking like that.

Click, the flash beamed and the photo was taken, Jon smiled, “this is good, I’ll treasure this.”

He moved back towards her and knelt down in front of her, “I need to get you out of those cloths.”

He slid his hands under her skirt and took her panties, sliding them slowly to her ankles and off one of her feet, so he could spread her legs. Which he did, quickly placing his fingers into her wet sex, his tongue played with her soft spot while his fingers worked in and out of her hole, he had no idea what she looked like up above right now, he could only imagine the look on her face.

Leanne’s bit her lip, she gasped and moaned at the experience, they had often talked about power games, a fantasy of theirs, and she figured that this was his ‘valentine’s surprise’ that he had talked about. Leanne pressed herself against the railings and her sex into his darıca escort face as she could feel herself building, Jon’s tongue rubbed relentlessly back and for over her favourite spot and his fingers pushed into her soft pink enclosure.

She groaned and her head fell back, as he stopped.

His lips quickly met with hers as he stood back up, she could taste herself on his tongue, they kissed dirtily and passionately, the heat between them could have melted the polar ice caps.

She knew what was coming next, his zip was being opened he was going to make love to her very soon, thoughts crossed her mind, she knew that it still hurt, but she was dieing for him to be inside her, she needed the release.

His trousers fell to the floor; she could feel his hardness against her skin.

“Wait” He stopped and looked at her, “Do you have a condom?”

He reached down to his pocket on the floor and pulled out his walled, reaching inside he revealed a small packet, and took it out, “yes, I do” she couldn’t see, but she could hear the rubber plastic slide down his member.

He lifted her hips to his and held her tightly; she wrapped her legs around his waist and held tightly to the cuffs as he gently slid his member into her soft pussy lips. She yelped lightly as a sensation of pain erupted, she could feel him rubbing her inside, mixing the feeling. He held inside her, waiting for her lips to adjust to his length, he could feel her muscles moving around him, tightening, relaxing, pulling her flesh over his length.

He could feel her beginning to relax against him, and it was a cue to him, he pulled out and then thrust deeply back inside her. Leanne’s head fell back as he moved in rhythm his hips pressing against hers, and then drawing back, feeding himself into her womanhood. He held her tightly and began kissing her neck to the sound of the fence creaking with their movements, his tongue dampened a spot, and then his teeth nipped at her hungrily.

Leanne enjoyed his lust, trapped between him and the fence, unable to go anywhere, she was at his mercy, she enjoyed it, feeling needed, and desired, and boy could she feel his desire, it was like a burning tip, driving inside her, quicker and quicker. His fingers joined in the fun, his thumb rubbing at her sensitive clit driving her further and further.

She began to moan as she climbed closer and closer to climax. Jon was like a relentless animal, ravishing her body, he fucked her hard and fast the fence made enough noise to show the speed of his thrusts, the idea that someone may hear them from outside wasn’t important, all that was important was what was happening now.

Leanne let out a cry or pleasure as she orgasmed against him, her love muscles tightened hard around his member pulling him over the edge, with a large breath he climaxed his warmth erupted inside her, protected by the rubber.

He stopped, held inside her until he went soft. They kissed lovingly.

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Business Away

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It was strange, we had spoken so many times on the internet and now we were going to meet for the first time ever. I was so nervous, I didn’t know butterflies in the stomach could feel so bad but so good at the same time. Paying the taxi driver I took my overnight bag out of the boot, walked into the hotel and over to the reception desk, Oz had told me that he would have the room in both our names so all I would have to do is ask for the key at the front and go up.

“Hi, booking for Gothchick,” the woman behind the desk looked up and then back at the computer screen.

“Ah, yes, you’re booked into one of the four poster rooms.” I looked blankly at her as she explained handing me the key and directing me to the room in question.

As I walked to the room my head began spinning with everything I had teased him with and hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed with me, yeah I can act like the bitch but when people look at me it’s a different thing all together.

The door was right in front of me; taking a deep breath I pushed the key into the lock and promptly fell into the room as the door swung open and I looked up to see a mask of terror upon the face of the guy who had kept me moist for months. He put out his hand and I grasped it getting back up to my feet.

Kicking my bag to one side and closing the door in one fluid movement Oz pushed me against the door kissing me hungrily on the lips, face and neck, his hands traced over the lines of my bra inside my baby doll top. Pulling the straps down his kisses followed down my shoulder to the soft tops of my breasts, I could feel myself getting very moist and knew there was nothing to I could do to stop it. My hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face back towards my own noticing for the first time that he had no shirt, just a pair of leather jeans and a smile on.

“Hello to you too,” I breathed as I pulled his lips to mine and stroked his tongue with my own.

As our tongues explored each other’s mouths I felt my skirt being pulled up slowly, my pussy started dripping at the anticipation as I felt Oz’s fingers gently part my pussy lips and stroke my clit. My body sizzled with an explosion of orgasm, it was the first time he had ever touched me and it was amazing.

My hands moved down his back and raked around to the front, I could feel his cock trying to fight its way out of their confines, moving swiftly I opened his jeans and pulled his huge cock out stroking it to its full size.

Moving over to the bed Oz gently laid me down I could feel his cock now against my exposed leg as he pulled the straps of my top and bra farther down to reveal my breasts. Suckling on the nipple he moved his body between my legs and I felt his cock press against my soft pussy.

“Oh, yes Oz please,” I breathed as he pushed slowly, the tip teasing my soaking pussy, finally he could take it no longer and pushed hard and fast.

Feeling his cock twitch inside me as my own orgasm started pulsing I screamed out his name and felt as Oz filled my pussy with cum. I had dreamed of kocaeli escort bayan this moment for years.

“Oh Lisa,” Oz whispered as he leaned in and kissed me again, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to throb right out of my chest. My arms wrapped round his back and raked lines up and down his back.

Sitting up on his knees Oz looked down at me, smiled and began pulling my skirt down my legs revealing my suspender belt and stockings, I was sure I heard a low growl come from him but I didn’t have time to think too much as he lent down and kissed my pussy lips. His tongue flicking in and out lapping up the juices and finding my clit, just the tiniest of touches made my body convulse in waves of sheer pleasure. Oz’s hands reached up and stroked my breasts, feeling the start of a strong orgasm storm across my pussy I arched my back and called out, “Oh Oz, god yes.” As I came hard on his tongue my juices flooding out to his waiting face. Oz sat up; his face glistened with my juices.

“On your knees,” he almost pleaded; I knelt in front of him and felt as he positioned his cock pushing gently again into my pussy. I pushed back hard to take him all in one go; I wanted him in me so bad. Oz’s cock filled my pussy as he pumped it in and out grabbing my hair and gently tugging it so my back arched. Slamming his hard man hood into my pussy Oz pulled my hips to him faster and faster before pulling out and spraying his hot cum up my back. It was time for a shower.

Pulling him off the bed and towards the bathroom I peeled my top off and discarded it on the floor then did the same with my bra. My stockings were rolled off and were thrown across the room, my suspender belt unhooked and dropped to the floor, then I turned to Oz and kneeled in front of him pulling down his leather trousers and taking his semi-hard cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked my juices off until he was hard again. Then getting up and walking into the bathroom I started the shower off and got in letting the warm water flow over my body, I knew Oz would follow and soon I felt him behind me, his cock pressed against my backside he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the nape of my neck, biting gently here and there. I turned round and sunk to me knees and took his hard cock into my mouth again, sucking the length of it in and out of my mouth. I could hear Oz moan as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicked over the head. I reached up and felt his balls, I massaged them in my hand as I sucked his cock, feeling a twitch I knew he was going to cum again and sucked harder feeling Oz’s hot seed hit the back of my tongue. I swallowed every bit before releasing his cock from my mouth and licking it clean.

Oz helped to wash me down before leading me back to the bed wrapped up in a towel and laid me down. Taking position beside me Oz just stared, gently removing a strand of wet hair from off of my upper chest Oz let his hand trace up my shoulder to my cheek cupping it in his hand he moved in and kissed yahya kaptan escort me softly. New tingles zoomed round my body as Oz lovingly kissed me in the most romantic surroundings I wanted him again, feeling all the tingles reach my pussy and the moistness started again. Oz’s hand slowly caressing down my body and untucked the towel and opened it to reveal my body in all its glory. I pulled hard at the towel to try and cover my body again but Oz hushed me and my feeble protest, looking at my body I could see him getting hard again. I couldn’t understand it myself but my pussy was not going to pass on the opportunity to envelope him again, his touch was more controlled and gentle. Feeling both our hearts beating Oz leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I want to make love to you.”

Not waiting for an answer he pulled his own towel off and leaned in, kissing my lips so softly before tracing my whole face with tiny kisses. Shifting his body so that he lay between my legs Oz drew back looking me in the eyes, his whole face told me that he had been wanting this just as much as I.

I gasped as I felt Oz enter me again; rocking gently my hips met him with every stroke as he placed feather light kisses over my face and shoulders. His cock felt so good rubbing against my g-spot I felt myself rocking my hips faster, Oz felt this. “Oh Oz, I’m gonna cum my darling,” I whispered to him as the first tingles started and travelled through my body followed by a second lot and then a third, My pussy pulsing with every new orgasm. I closed my eyes and lifted my head back as Oz kissed my now exposed throat. “Oz my darling, cum for me.” I wanted to feel him cum so bad.

His strokes became faster and I met every one feeling his cock delve farther into my pussy, as Oz came the pulsing set another rocketing orgasm off in my already quivering pussy. Oz lay upon me his body spent, his cock slowly retreating from inside me, “Oh my darling,” I whispered as he lay his head on my chest I stroked his long hair, I love my men with long hair.

I thought I heard Oz whisper he loved me but I could not be sure.

When I woke up the covers of the bed had been pulled up over our bodies, Oz lay beside me, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist. As I looked at his handsome features and wondered whether it would wake him if I kissed his forehead Oz opened his eyes and looked deep into my soul.

Just a look from him and I was his.

I moved in and kissed hungrily at his lips and traced his jaw with my tongue getting to his neck biting lightly and gently using my body to push him onto his back, this was going to be my time to make him feel like a god. Pushing the covers down the bed exposing both our bodies to the cool air I kissed down to Oz’s cock which was becoming harder with every kiss, I pushed my breasts around his cock and massaged them. I could feel Oz getting more and more excited, his hands reached down and stroked my back flowing down to my ass and under to my pussy. Moving slightly, Oz’s cock gebze escort sprang up to my waiting mouth which I closed around him. Oz’s cock tasted so good, his body moving now to fill my mouth with more and more of himself. I pulled my mouth away and swiftly positioned my pussy over his cock, lowering myself and taking his whole length in one go I sat back and started bucking my hips, Oz’s cock stroked my g-spot and I rocked faster as I came again, hating myself a bit for being so quick. Looking down at the most beautiful man I had ever seen I felt his cock pulsing wildly as he grabbed my hips and sped my pace up to cum. “Oh Lisa,” Oz breathed as he came in my pussy again.

Laying back next to Oz, my head on his chest I heard his heart beating hard, what a lovely sound.

The only thing going through my mind was that it was not to last, we both knew that, getting out of the bed I walked over to my bag and opened it taking out fresh clothes. Oz sat up and watched seeing what I was about to do.

“Don’t go yet,” he spoke softly, his face showing his growing heartache I hated this part.

“You know I have to go soon my darling,” I looked down at the soft carpeting under my feet and wished it wasn’t so.

“You never know I may just have to come and see you again soon,” I said trying to alleviate the growing pain inside his wonderful big heart. Getting dressed in silence I felt like the worst bitch in the world, but I knew that this was not to be.

I collected my soiled clothing and packed them into the overnight bag, picking it up I walked over to the side of the bed and lent over to kiss Oz. Suddenly I found myself flipped over and pressed between the bed and Oz.

“Hey, no fair!” I protested as Oz fixed his mouth upon my own, I felt his hands cupping my breasts on top of my t-shirt.

“I having one last fuck and you can’t stop me.” He said tracing his hand down and unbuttoning my jeans, rushing the zip down and sliding his hand into my pants. I started to push against his shoulders, his weight keeping me from moving as his fingers found my pussy lips and parted them stroking my clit. I pushed at him again but found myself melting to his touch as he found the sweet spot on my clit and rubbing it softly. Pulling him closer I felt my hips start bucking with each stroke of his magical fingers. Oz stopped and sat up on the bed, pulling my jeans and knickers down and discarding them off of the side of the bed, my shoes slipping off with them. He focused on my t-shirt pulling it up over my head and sliding it up my out stretched arms stopping at the wrists and using it to bind them together.

“What are you doing?” I looked into his eyes and saw a twinkle.

“Whatever I want this time,” hooking one end to the t-shirt over the head board and securing it in place he moved down to my bra which he unhooked the back and the straps and threw across the room.

“Now you’re my little pet for one fuck so let’s make it a good one. You can’t really think that I was going to let you go without wanting more did you?” I already wanted more but I wasn’t going to let him know that. Looking down at my prone and exposed body I saw Oz lick his lips.

“I think I will start with tasting you again,” he said leaning down the bed and gently pushing my pussy lips apart and flicking his tongue over my clit I knew he was going to be my regular “business trip” from now on.

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Bowling with Carol

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When I was in my mid twenties a friend and I joined a bowling league at the local University. He was attending class there but we both worked together. The teams were made up of 3 person to a team. Our third person was a very friendly girl by the name of Carol. As time went on I learned that Carol was married. I really did not give her much thought until one might when I was joking and said, “If you don’t get a Strike I’m going to spank you”. Well at that she just turned around and looked at me. It was the way she looked at me that kind of shocked me. Granted Carol was not a real knock out but there was some about her that stood out.

As the weeks went by me and Kelly, my friend, would give her a ride home to her apartment. It some became apparent the Carol and Kelly did not see eye to eye on anything. Carol started talking more and more to me as the weeks went by. Her husband work nights so she had taken up bowling as a means of getting out of her apartment. One night I could tell she wanted to talk to me more so I slipped her my phone number as I dropped her off. Shortly after I got back to my apartment she called me and we talked for about 30 minutes. The next night she called me again. For almost a solid week we talked to each other at night when she was alone.

Then one night she asked me to come pick her up at her apartment, it was early about 7:00. The University was not that far away so I was there in less than fifteen minutes. As I got there she was outside waiting for me. She got in my pickup and I asked what she wanted to do she said she wanted to go to my apartment. So back to my place we went, talking all the way.

Once inside we sat and talk for a while merter escort and then she wanted to see the rest of my place. I knew from our talks that she was very lonely at home but I was not about to do anything that would ruin her marriage. When we went it my bedroom she walked around a bit and then looked in my closet and saw some magazines I had in there. She asked if she could look at them and I said yes if she wanted to. So she got them and sat on the bed looking at them. She was sitting close to the end of the bed and I had my back up against the headboard.

While she was looking through them I thought about moving up behind her and hugging her. I shock that idea out of my head for fear of what she might say and do. After Carol got through looking at my Playboy’s and Penthouse magazines she put them back in the closet where I had them. From there we went into the kitchen and had a glass drink.

We had just set our glasses on the table when she noticed a bookshelf I had close by. We were both kneeling down looking at the books at the time when all at once she pushed me on the floor and started kissing me. Of course I was kissing her back. Her hands went to my ribs and started tickling me. That really got to me as I’m ticklish there.

So out of frustration I started spanking her and she leaned into me and started kissing me more. After a few minutes of kissing she looked down into my eyes and said that she better go home. I really did not want to take her but I did. I wanted to take her in the bedroom and make love to her.

Being the gentleman that I am I did as I was asked. As I dropped her off she came up to my door and leaned in and kissed bayrampaşa escort me again. Not long after I got home she was calling me. Again we talked for quite awhile. She asked me if I had ever fantasized about a threesome when I told no she asked me what I fantasized about. When I told her anal sex she got silent for a minute and said she had never thought about that before. Shortly afterward we said good night and I went to sleep thinking about what had transpired.

The next day at work the events of the previous evening kept going through my mind. By this time I think Kelly had a feeling that something was going on between Carol and me but he never said anything. I got home that afternoon from work and bathed and ate and had a beer. Then about 8:30 Carol called me and asked me to come get her. I could tell that she had been drinking, a lot from the sound of her voice. So I told her yes I would come get her. As I got to her place she came out and got in and leaned over and kissed me. When she had called she had said that she loved me.

Well that kind of surprised me to say the least. But I figured it was the alcohol. We got back to my apartment and she just about slumped on the floorboard of my truck. I went around and was trying to get her out when some guy saw me and helped me get her up stairs and on my bed. I thanked him and he was off. I went into the bed room and sat down beside her and she reached out and pulled me down and we started kissing. She broke it long enough to ask me to make love to her. By this time I was in no mood to argue with her. So I stripped and then removed her clothes. There we were in bed kissing and we were having sex. çapa escort

Out of nowhere she asked me to hit her. At first I told her no but she kept insisting so I slapped her a few times. That only set her off more and really light her passion. I was really giving to her when she asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass and of course I said yes. So I grabbed her legs and bent them toward he chest and guided my dick to her asshole She was so wet that we did not need any lubricate I pushed and I stared into her. I looked at her face and I saw her tense up as I pushed more into her ass. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no.

There I was fucking her ass and she stared moaning. After a while I got tired of holding her legs up and pulled out of her ass and reentered her pussy. After while she said she wanted me to fuck her ass again. I told her to turn over and she moved onto her side and I laid down behind her and entered her again.

We were rocking along when she started getting sober. At which point she asked where she was. I told her she was with me and she just kind a moaned out a, “Oh no”. She asked what time it was and I looked at the time and it was 1:00 in the morning. She said she had to get home and she stared getting dress. I stood up behind her and reached around and played her tits and eased my dick back into her ass for a last time that night. Afterward I drove her home before she got out she leaned over and kissed me.

Two days later she called me from the hospital. As I walked into her room the next day she was surprised to see me. We talked and we kissed gently. She said she loved me and her husband and did not know what to do. I was tempted to tell her I needed her more than he did but I didn’t do that. I told her she had to decided that herself. A week later she was back at bowling and afterward told me she was staying with her husband and was going to stop bowling. We never saw each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Black on Black Pegging : Ummah

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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When selecting the perfect strap-on dildo, you must take your time. There’s really no other way to go about it, really. That’s why I went to the adult video store on near the Rideau Mall in downtown Ottawa that Saturday morning, and bought a toy I dub “Mister Shiny”. It’s shiny and black, modeled after the penis of Lexington Steele, an African-American porn star with a legendary reputation. You should have seen the look on the short-haired female clerk’s face when she saw me walk in, with my hijab and long skirt. Apparently, hijab-wearing Somali girls aren’t supposed to purchase sex toys. Where is that written in the noble Quran? I guess I’ll never know.

I paid for my selected item and left the store, a plastic bag in my hand. When I set foot outside the porno shop, an old white dude gawked at me. I knew what he saw. A five-foot-eight, slim but curvy, dark-skinned young woman clad in a hijab and a skirt. Coming out of a porno shop. Definitely not something you see every day. I smiled and happily flipped him the bird before crossing the street. Then I caught the number eighteen OC Transpo bus heading from downtown Ottawa to Vanier. Ten minutes later I got off on Donald Street, and made my way to Coventry road, and approached a certain plain brownstone building. I rang the bell, and about a minute later, I got buzzed in. The person waiting for me is an old friend. I’ve known Hakim Tahir for a long time. Ever since our days at Saint Eugene High School in Ottawa’s south end. As Salam Alaikum, I said by way of greeting. Aku Salam my sister, Hakim greets me joyfully. I hand him my coat and he hangs it on a rack. Did you have trouble finding the place? Hakim asks me with a smile.

You know us black folks always show up on black time, I say, grinning. Hakim looks good. Much better than the last time I saw him. He’s around five-foot-ten, somewhat round in the belly but not exceedingly so, and roughly handsome with his light brown skin, curly black hair and almond-shaped golden brown eyes. The brouhaha that echoed across the Somali community of Toronto after Hakim publicly came out as bisexual has died off, somewhat. Living in the West has changed many across the Ummah and most of us aren’t ready for it, to say the least. Sitting across from Hakim in his living room, I couldn’t help but notice the hollow, haunted look on his face. He’s holding up but barely, no matter how brave a face he puts on.

Have you seen Amina since the divorce? I asked Hakim, carefully gauging his reaction. He sighed deeply, and nodded. I get to see my daughter every other weekend because that’s what Johari decided and the Ontario provincial court sided with her, Hakim said bitterly. I gently touched his knee, cursing myself for bringing up such a sore subject. Long story short? Four years ago, Hakim and I were good friends and classmates at the University of Toronto. I was taking up sociology and he was a business student. We became buddies, and he was really awesome. The kind of laid-back, easygoing and friendly guy that’s kind of rare in our community. We hung out together, going to the mall and movie theaters together along with some mutual friends. The brother was handsome, smart and going places. Honestly, I had a crush on him. I nurtured visions and fantasies of us getting married, and having a life together. What I couldn’t figure out is how come Hakim didn’t have a girlfriend. Most of the Somali brothers at the University of Toronto are into white girls and the ones that aren’t are either with black women from non-Somali backgrounds or they’re busy dreaming about Arab women, the forbidden fruit for many Muslim men.

The more I hung out with Hakim, the more I realized how different he was from most guys I knew. He was smart, friendly and respectful. A lot of our brothers love to taksim escort go out and have fun with ladies from other backgrounds but if they see a hijab-wearing sister sitting at a table with a guy who isn’t Muslim, they flip out. If that isn’t the ultimate double standard, then I don’t know what is! Hakim wasn’t like the others. When I met a handsome young Haitian guy named Guillaume Grenier, and found myself attracted to him, many of my fellow Muslims frowned upon the two of us dating. Hakim actually encouraged me to date Hakim because he wanted me to be happy. Life is short so make the most of it, he said to me when I asked whether it was alright for me to go on a date with a brother from another religion.

Yeah, Hakim was different. When my relationship with Guillaume ended ( not because of religious or cultural differences but because he graduated from the University of Toronto and moved to Calgary, where he found a job ), Hakim was there for me unconditionally. I think it’s around that time that I started falling in love with him. I could confide pretty much anything in him. The guy was always there for me, and the rest of our mutual friends found him smart, friendly and reliable, but I knew next to nothing about him. Well, one day, I got to know the real Hakim and I must say that I got more than I bargained for.

One night, we were hanging out at the mall and there was something going on in the food court. This effeminate dude was getting teased by a trio of burly guys, who called him faggot, among other things. I’d seen scenes like this a thousand times, and as annoying and sad as they were, they didn’t get to me anymore. Hakim’s reaction surprised me. He totally went off on those bozos at the mall, man. He wanted to fight them. I couldn’t figure out why he got so riled up but as his friend, I pulled him away. The last thing we needed was to get in trouble with mall security. They always assume you’re guilty of something if you’re shopping while B.L.A.C.K.

Hakim drove me home that night, and we had a long talk along the way. To break the ice, I told him some of the things I’d been doing lately. I told Hakim that while my relationship with Guillaume ended, I did have fond memories of him. I shared with Hakim something I’ve never shared with anyone else, including my closest girlfriends. I had sex with Guillaume several times while we were dating. This is considered doubly haram, because Guillaume is a Christian and Muslim women aren’t supposed to have any dealings with men of other religions. Also, I had sex while unmarried, and if my family knew, I might end up dead. Hakim’s reaction to this revelation? He congratulated me on having the guts to live life to the fullest. This was definitely not the reaction I would have expected from a Somali brother, that’s for sure. Still, I was happy that my best friend accepted me instead of condemning me.

Now, I felt the urge to ask Hakim why he exploded at the mall, and there was no way to pussyfoot around it. So I asked him bluntly. Looking me in the eyes, Hakim told me that he couldn’t stand homophobic bigots who picked on ‘obvious’ gay people because, well, he considered himself bisexual. When those words left his mouth, I was stunned. Understand that as wild as I considered myself in those days, I could still be shocked by certain things. For a Muslim guy from the Somali community to reveal his bisexuality, now that was really shocking to me. Hakim and I had arrived at my apartment building in Ajax, and stopped. He looked at me and shrugged. Cat got your tongue, sister? He asked bluntly. I looked at him, smiled and shook my head. Gently, I touched his hand. I support you, I said simply. Hakim looked into my eyes, soul-searching. After a moment, he nodded and smiled. Thanks, he said.

This fatih escort revelation changed our friendship, that’s for sure, but only for the better. Hakim told me a lot about himself. He’d only been with two girls, a couple of white chicks who lived in his old neighborhood. The Somali sisters in Toronto were a bit too conservative for his liking. When he told me that, I grinned. If only he knew that some of us Somali sisters were far wilder than we are given credit for. My ex-boyfriend Guillaume introduced me to BDSM which stands for bondage, discipline and combined with sadism and masochism. I discovered something through our sexual fun and games, mainly that I am a bit sadistic and I like to dominate. When I shared that with Hakim, he told me he wasn’t much for kink but hey, all is cool between consenting adults.

Anyhow, life went on. Hakim met a young Djibouti gal named Johari at school, and they seemed to really hit it off. Six months after they met, Hakim told me he wanted to marry her. I cautioned him about Johari. She’s so different from him. This chick is very strict, religious and traditional. Hakim belongs with a woman who’s wilder, more open-minded and experimental. Honestly, I think he bowed to pressure from his parents when he decided to marry Johari, but don’t quote me on that. Anyhow, I showed up at Hakim and Johari’s wedding because, well, I was expected to be there since he’s my best friend and all. I watched my best friend marry a woman whom I honestly couldn’t stand, and prayed to Allah that she wouldn’t shatter his heart.

Four and a half years later, she did exactly that. They’d been having problems in their marriage, and Hakim made the genius decision to tell her about his true self. I told him not to do it, honest. Not every woman can handle having a bisexual man for a husband or boyfriend. Most women can’t handle that kind of thing, especially in the Muslim community. Hakim should have heeded my warning but he didn’t. I guess that’s why we are here. His wife divorced him, and now he only gets to see their daughter on weekends. Thanks to his ex-wife, the entire Somali community of Toronto knows he swings both ways, and he’s basically a pariah among our people.

So, here we are. Two friends, sitting down and talking. After the mess in Toronto, Hakim had to leave town. He came to Ottawa, where he found a government job. He’s surviving, at least. He’s come to rely on me more and more these past few months, and our relationship kind of evolved over time. Yeah, one night, about three months ago, we crossed the line that separates friends and lovers. I am not sure what we are now. Friends with benefits? Lovebirds? All of the above? I don’t know. Whatever. I have never much cared for labels anyways. Looking into Hakim’s eyes, I asked him, now that we had both unburdened ourselves, whether or not he was ready to begin? Hakim smiled and nodded.

I sat on the couch, and ordered him to undress. Hakim did as he was told, at last he stood naked before me. His body was a bit rounder than the last time I saw him. At five-foot-ten and two hundred and forty pounds, he still looks good but if you ask me, he needs to lose about ten pounds. He still looked good to me, though. I like the fleshy look on a man. Never much cared for skinny guys or muscle dudes. The two of us got comfortable, with him naked and with me rubbing my feet on the carpet before ordering him to kneel before me and suck my toes. Hakim did more than I asked, he kissed and sucked every last one of my toes. I smiled and rubbed his head, before continuing.

I bent Hakim over my knee, and gave his hairy butt cheeks a sound spanking. First I spanked him with my bare hands at first, then used a hairbrush. That got some screams out of the usually stoic Hakim, fındıkzade escort which made me smile. To intensify things a bit, I whipped him with his own belt. Watching the leather strike the flesh of his back, legs and buttocks, and how he trembled and shuddered, not to mention his gasps of pain, that turned me on like you would not believe. To really fuck him up, I put a doggy collar around his neck and led him around his own house on a leash. I had him go upstairs, on all fours, to go get some lubricant and condoms. Watching his cute little butt scuttle up the stairs on all fours made me laugh.

Moments later, Hakim came back, nearly tripping as he made his way down the staircase on all fours, the tube of lubricant and condoms in his mouth. He found me sitting where he left me, only I had strapped my new dildo to my hips and I stroked the long and thick ebony plastic cock. Hakim’s eyes widened when he saw it. I smiled and told him to assume the position. Hakim gulped loudly, then did as he was told like a good little slave. I looked at him, face down and ass up. He looked so wonderfully vulnerable. I took the condom, rolled it on the dildo, then applied lube all over my shiny new toy. I told Hakim to spread his ass for me and he did. I applied lubricant all over his asshole, then knelt behind him before pressing the dildo against his ass.

When it comes to penetrating someone with a dildo, you must remember the essentials of lubricant and patience. You’re going to need plenty of both to get through it. Being a versatile bisexual man who’s ridden his share of dicks, Hakim can take a bigger sized dildo than most guys I’ve pegged but when it comes to fucking him with the Lexington Steele strap-on dildo, I needed lots of lube. Hakim groaned loudly as I eased the dildo into his ass. I added more lubricant and took my sweet time as I worked the dildo up his bum. He bottomed out at about six inches, not bad at all. Gripping his hips, I thrust the dildo up his ass, causing him to buck wildly and scream. He didn’t shout the safe word or beg me to stop so I continued pounding his ass. Hakim likes the rough stuff and I’m happy to oblige. Smacking his ass for emphasis, I yelled Yee-haw like a redneck and slammed my dildo into him. The ear-splitting scream which escaped from Hakim sounded like a death rattle, only with a higher pitch. I loved it!

I finally pulled the dildo out of Hakim’s ass when my favorite sub finally said “uncle”, which means “I give up” for those of you with your heads up your asses. I looked at my dildo after pulling it out of Hakim’s ass. Damn. It was black when it went into him and now it’s kind of, um, brown. That’s okay. I’ll just wash it. Hakim lay slumped on the floor, moaning softly, his body covered with sweat. I gently knelt beside him and asked him if he was okay. Hakim rolled over on his back and smiled faintly at me, telling me he felt great. I smiled and gently kissed him on the lips. You haven’t felt anything yet, I told him as I climbed on top of him. Time to continue our kinky fun, with some more traditional sex this time. I felt Hakim’s cock harden underneath me, and I grabbed his hesitant hands, putting them on my hips. I leaned closer to him, until our faces were inches apart. I’m not wearing any panties under this dress, I said with a grin.

Hakim laughed, then grabbed my hips tightly as he thrust his cock into my pussy. I always feel horny before, during and after a domination session. After banging a guy with my strap-on dildo, I always feel like riding his hard dick. Some dudes can’t get it up after getting their butts filled with dildo because their prostate is overstimulated. Hakim wasn’t like those, thank Allah. I felt his hard dick fill my pussy, and cried out with joy as my sexy sub began pounding the hell out of my pussy like there was no tomorrow. Fuck me like you’re paying for it, I told Hakim. Grinning, my sexy stud smacked my ass and did as he was told. Ah, the freaky things us Muslims do behind closed doors. You think you know but you really have absolutely NO idea!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Better the Beginning

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


My wife, Dawn, likes to fuck. She really enjoys it. No fingers and no tongues in her pussy, “That’s not what it is made for”, she used to tell me. I could rub and lick her tits but not suck her nipples. I have never understood how she could be this way. Watching porn would turn her on. She would even talk to the actors on the screen, “Suck that cock baby! Lick that wet pussy!” she would yell at them. Girl on girl sex would get her excited and even anal sex scenes on occasion.

“Crack that ass big guy!” “Great entertainment, but not for me.”

It was what she believed. There was no changing her mind. After awhile our porn appetite even included some gay porn. It got us both hot. Dawn would tease me about it, “How could you be gay! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

It really did turn me on. It was what we needed to keep things going for us. It actually kicked our sex drives into overdrive. A whole new dimension to our sex life.

Dawn would admit to me about being attracted to other men. She would tell what she liked in different celebrities at first. Then the men we knew and strangers too. I found myself checking men out too. First for hard-ons. Very few that I could tell. When I did see one though, there was no denying it! I remember seeing a good guy looking like he’d just left church with a tent pole in his slacks.

I started looking at more than just men’s crotches. I noticed how their clothes fit and wondered more about the hot bodies they covered. I checked etiler escort out their eyes and smiles too. Some guys were easier to talk to. This made me wonder if they were checking me out while I was checking them out. I don’t like facial hair or tattoos but if he has beautiful eyes I don’t even notice them. My attraction lead to me being excited and aroused by a hot guy . This gets me turned on a lot of the time. There are so many to look at. Their chests, shoulders, arms, asses, legs and crotches catch my eyes constantly. I’m not really sure what it is I like. Most are straight, I know some are gay. Their masculinity doesn’t seem to be it for me. I’m still not sure what it is. I’m just glad it happens.

I realized something about myself. There were guys I worked with I wouldn’t look in the eye because I was afraid of them catching me checking them out. Now, I just look them in the eye and think how beautiful they are.

I was keeping Dawn very satisfied. No doubt about it! Nothing better than keeping your wife horny and happy. I sort of felt a bit like a teenager again.

The rest of our life continued and we found ourselves downsizing. The kids we were ready for never came. We sold our four bedroom house and bought a condominium. We came out so far a head on the deal we’ll be able to retire while we’re still young.

We moved into our new place and met our new neighbor Cheryl. She was beautiful, long dark hair, beautiful bright, pale blue eyes and fair beşiktaş escort skin. She had a full figure and seems to be in great shape. She might be forty. Dawn told Cheryl how beautiful she was the moment we met her.

We settled in pretty quickly and got to know Cheryl a little better. She told us Woody would soon be home from school. He was a freshman at some liberal school down state. I assumed he was her son and didn’t ask anymore about him. Cheryl said Woody spent a lot of time in our condo with the girl who lived here before us. She went to college out of state. It took her parents awhile to sell this place to be closer to her.

I don’t believe Woody had even unpacked before he was knocking on our door to say hello. He really missed the girl I guess. There was no mistaking why he was called Woody either.

He had quite a package! He tight shorts sported quite a large dick. I’m sure I took too much checking it out. For Woody not to notice. He wasn’t very tall, maybe five nine. I’m sure he was a runner. He had a lean build, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights and Cheryl’s beautiful blue eyes. Kind of cute. Easy to talk. He loved school, had a scholarship there for cross country and was studying sports nutrition. He really missed his girlfriend and all the good times he’d had here with her. I think I understood what he was talking about. He was awful young but I could feel myself getting hard.

I made an excuse about having to get something şişli escort done before Dawn got after me. I needed to get away from that hot bod before my dick got any harder. He said good bye and went back next door to unpack

I shut the door and turned back towards Dawn. She said “Now!” We hurried to our bedroom and got our clothes off. Dawn laid down in bed with her legs apart with her knees in the air. I’ve always found this to be the most inviting position for me. Wide open, wet and ready. I went straight in her hot cunt in one smooth stab.

Like I said, Dawn does have a filthy mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“He can’t handle a man like you!”

“Your dick is mine!”

“I need it!”

“Make me cum!”

“I’ll make you cum when I’m ready.” I told her.

“I’m going to get my hands on him and then you’ll really cum!”

“You better not get jealous or it won’t get any better for you!”

“I won’t!” she moaned, “Just make me cum! Please!”

I thrust into her do hard I could feel her pelvis against mine. She tightened around my cock. I could feel her orgasm building within her along my cock. She stopped and held still waiting for the release. It seemed like minutes, hours maybe. When she was spent I pulled out and jerked myself off hard until I came all over her belly. When I was done I kissed it and licked the cum from her. Then I kissed her on the mouth. I didn’t stop until she opened her mouth and tasted my cum.

I collapsed next to her. I licked the cum on her mouth and kissed her again. She opened her mouth and let my tongue in. She licked it tasting my cum again.

We were exhausted. We got cleaned up without saying a word. We knew the whole world had changed for us.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Body Art

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Body Art (by Mystral and Animal)

She had run away from home, throwing a few things into an overnight bag, barely thinking of what she’d flung into the dark recesses of canvas. Driving as far as the tank held, she pulled into a gas station and asked for directions to the nearest motel. The cashier probably thought she was nuts. Her thick wool sweater for warmth dwarfing the cotton shorts she’d worn earlier that night. Her legs beneath her shorts, clad in thick socks and her gardening clogs were chilled, her hair hastily woven into a thick braid. She’d incoherently babbled her request, her words punctuated by staccato stabs of intonation, tired but still livid.

No one could make her more furious than he could, no one could push her beyond all her boundaries the way he did when they argued. Their arguments were both frequent and drawn-out; they were both strong and had opinions on everything, most of which were diametrically opposed. Any time they spent together was liable at some point to rise into disagreements over almost any topic, from politics to housework.

And yet, they sought each other like rain to parched earth. Their relationship was like a gravitational force, drawing them together to drink deeply of each other. It was as if they had to explore everything, nothing had bars, nothing could be held back. It created an unusual dynamic for each of them, to test their own limitations, both good and bad. Their relationship was fiery, tempestuous, and easily ignited into arguments that eventually melted into a cauterizing, healing passion which they could neither deny or escape. They knew that while they were angry they couldn’t see that they were at the same place but with different ways of achieving their viewpoints. Their opposing thought patterns were consistent in their inconsistencies. What they did know was that they wound up with intense and insatiable longings, she for him and he for her. So close, they couldn’t see how alike they were, yet realizing their differences without understanding them. It would be a small thing for them to be on the same page, if they could ever allow themselves to see each other for who they were.

With each mile she put between them that night, she missed him more, becoming acutely aware of the distance, knowing he felt the same way. The evening had started out calmly enough. They’d each finished long work weeks, and were looking forward to what promised to be a quiet, romantic evening. Things had been (for them) almost placid, and she wondered how long it would last. The first stirrings of their emotional volcano began rumbled as they sipped a particularly good white wine after dinner. They’d been discussing the rising cost of providing health care for employees. Their comments began to veer to the conservative and liberal views on subsidized health care. Inwardly, she sighed, knowing where they were heading, yet feeling her anger sparked by his lack of compassion for those who had no health care. And so it had began.

She knew the intensity he felt by the grip his large hand had on the wine glass’ stem, the tightening of his jaw, and felt the same surge of anticipation to debate her views, even as she longed to avoid it and snuggle deep into his massive arms. “Ah, well,” she thought as the conversation heated even more, “time enough for that later.” But their tempers flared, then boiled over with a suddenness that startled her. This fight was different, more intense, more personal. There were no pauses, no backing away to be playful as a reassurance, before each scuffled into the issue again.

Finally, she’d had enough and realized it had gone too far this time. Neither seemed able to pull back and she felt herself becoming panicked to just get away from their words—and from him. As she got up, her wine glass banged jarringly on the table, and he reached out for her meaning to grab her and pull her to him, knowing that even for them, it had gone beyond what was acceptable. But his hand closed over thin air, and she didn’t see the reconciliatory gesture as she headed for the bedroom. He picked up the wine glasses, taking them to the kitchen to rinse them out and give him time to think. As he turned off the water, he intended to go to her when he heard the door slam, and by the time he got to the door, he heard the car’s engine rounding the corner.

As she pulled into the motel parking lot, tired and feeling defeated, yet still hurt kağıthane escort and harshly angry, she regretted leaving. But there she was, and at the thought of their argument, she felt her own raw anger burning hot again, and checked in for the weekend. She called him from the room, and despite the hours that had passed and the regret they both felt, their tempers again flared. She finally told him where she was and that she’d be there for the weekend before she got off the line in case the whole thing erupted again, leaving him to his own thoughts.

That night, she slept fitfully, waking in an unfamiliar place to reach for him, but his scent was nowhere in the room. Finally, she got up, taking her bag to the shower, grimacing as she realized that she’d be stuck with the shorts she’d worn the night before. After a shower, she changed what clothes she could, and set out in search of breakfast.

Later, sustained with a large bottle of water and a map added to her large canvas bag, she headed out to the nearby lake. As she neared the end of town, she noticed a small art supply shop and stopped, buying a sketch book, some watercolors, and charcoal, along with an artist’s sketch pencil, settling them on the seat, glancing with a vague awareness that it had been too long since she’d had time to paint. The last painting was of him as he slept, in muted shades of blue and gray, the colors playing around his features in repose. The sky emerged through the long night behind her, bright and warm for late spring, with no hint of clouds. Following directions to the lake, she began try to understand their relationship. Sitting by the water, she pulled the sketchpad onto her knees, testing the pencils with her thumbs. She pictured his face, brushing her fingertips over the paper, feeling her way across the page with the touch of one accustomed to feeling for roughness and gauge, porosity and give. It suddenly reminded her of his cheek, just before he shaved.

As he worked in the yard, peering down the street, his eyes seeking her car as if looking for a ship on the horizon, and he suddenly had the feeling of her fingers on his cheek, and then it was gone. Moments later, the sensation returned again, as if she were softly stroking his face. He closed his eyes with an ache, before brushing the feeling aside with a shrug of irritation, returning to weeding the flower beds. By the lake, she pulled her sweater off, catching her T-shirt in her fingers as it rode up with the sweater. His face fixated in her mind, and she began to sketch an outline of his features, roughly hewn and tender. She recalled his face from memory, from touch, from scent and taste and everything between, his eyes slightly smiling, watchful. She drew his eyes first, in such a way that they seemed to gaze back at her as she worked, craggy eyebrows that could lift sardonically, for emphasis.

She smoothed her fingers down the image of his nose, slowly smudging the lead to form a shadow, as if seen by the dim light of the reading lamp on her side of the bed. As she drew with the artist’s pencil, the images somehow reversed, transposed, and he began to think in degrees of color, remembering past times, the smell of her, the texture of her skin. As she began to apply washes with the soft wash brush, layering color one coat at a time, he began to focus more in black and white, the things that are concrete, thoughts he could handle thinking about, the things he knew for sure, his love for her, his admiration, his need for her.

At first, he thought a trickle of sweat was running down his nose, absently brushing his fingers over his skin before returning to weeding the flowerbed. “It’s just sweat,” he thought to himself, mid-weed-tug paused. He closed his eyes to concentrate, and a sensation of the familiar feel of her fingertips brushed over his lower lip. He closed his eyes to shake the uneasy feeling of dependence, adamantly refusing to admit even the word into his consciousness.

As the weather warmed up, she peeled off her thick socks, burying her toes in the grass as she sketched his mouth. On the paper, full lips emerged, smooth, slightly darker than his face, rubbing a touch of charcoal over her fingertip, and she began to create the rounded sensuality of his lower lip, having the sudden sensation that she was touching his lips, and found herself slowing her movements. Short, sure rubs, the paper feeling güngören escort more and more like his skin, a sense of three-dimensional breath.

As he worked in the yard, he looked down the street again, thinking he’d heard something. Unsure he returned to work, wiping the sweat off a dry cheek for the third time, frustrating himself. Then he remembered her touch, briefly, wistfully, and tried to brush it off, thinking crossly, “I have work to do, no time for this.” Yet, in that fleeting moment, he saw her form in the moon light as she removed her silk, her fragrance was the same as his lilacs blooming in the garden. Suddenly, his mind’s eye held an image of her removing her sweater by a lake.

This isn’t sweat, he thought to himself, mid-weed-tug paused. He closed his eyes to concentrate, and a sensation of the familiar feel of her fingertips brushed over his lower lip, the touch of a lover. Sitting back on his haunches, he welcomed the feeling, lips slightly parted in a silent sigh. He missed her, no matter how infuriating she was to him. The feel of her finger slowed, becoming more firm, more deliberate, more exploratory. Dropping the weed in his hands, he concentrated on her touch, and knew something impossible, yet very real was happening. Yard work forgotten, he went into the house, lying on the bed to focus on her, just as the sensation stopped. Breathing deeply, after a long night without her and the warm sun beating over his shoulders while he worked in the garden, he drifted fitfully off.

She shifted her hands from the paper, startled. She could swear that the charcoal-smudged lips on the paper had moved beneath her fingertips. She found it much easier than he did to suspend disbelief, and she gazed intently into the eyes of the image before her. They seemed alive, watching her to see what she would do next. A small spider crawled over one crimson toenail. The sun grew a little more intense. Small children squealed in the water. An old woman, at the water’s edge, stopped and smiled, an ancient and knowing smile, before continuing her shuffling gait. All this was lost on the woman, who gazed at her lover’s eyes on the paper before her.

Just as she realized the connection, he awoke, bathed in sweat, listening to the same eerie chuckle that she’d heard from the old woman, at once not of this world, yet so serene as to calm him. A dawning awareness swept over her as she realized that he could feel her sketching, that he could feel it on his own skin. She felt him waiting. Touching the charcoal image, it felt alive. The old woman’s laugh drew her back to awareness with a start. Shuffling slowly towards her, the woman said with a sandpaper voice, with eyes both vividly alive and timelessly old, “You know what to do. All things are possible in a reality with no boundaries.” She looked down at the image of him on her lap, then back up to the old woman, who had somehow moved a quarter of a mile down the water’s edge, her thin laughter sounding faintly back to her. She stood up and headed back to the motel, the shadows of evening long in the distance.

In their bed, he waited. His hands stretched behind his head, eyes searching the dim coolness of the room, as if he’d see her somewhere in the shadows that played in the corner. Somewhere outside, he heard an old woman’s laughter, full of knowing mirth. Once in the room, she quickly pulled her clothes off, dropping them where they fell. She got the water glasses and the white plastic ice bucket and filled them with water. Pulling the bed table to face the bed, she sat on the bed, one leg straddling each side of the table and quickly began to sketch. Sketching each large sheet, revealing his body to her, charcoal in her fingers, switching to soft lead for watercolors.

His hands emerged as he lay on the bed, feeling pencils softly rubbing and her fingers. He held very still, his hands folded over his chest, fingers laced. He focused his attention on his hands, stroking the sides of her breasts in his mind, “Let’s see if she feels this,” deeply chuckling the words to no one in particular, knowing somehow that she did feel it. As the stroking on the backs of his hands slowed, he whispered, “don’t stop, wench,” closing his eyes again.

Tipping his back, he felt her at his throat, totally trusting as she created contours and hollows. She’d stopped using the pencils, rubbing the charcoal over her fingers, creating their esenler escort connection with fingers blackened, in sure movements, his body vivid in her mind. Their sensuality deepened into eroticism, each naked, miles apart and utterly together, the aroused and the arouser interchangeable.

As she worked, she felt his hands stroking her back with all the love and slow gentleness she knew he felt, but struggled to say. Tension and their argument forgotten by both as they reached out to soothe and comfort, excite and tease. Breathing quickened as she suddenly got a fresh sheet of paper and began to mix paints, creating a palette of colors that matched his swarthy skin, darker for shades and shadows.

In stark contrast to the white paper, her paintbrush created the image of his thighs. He gasped as she used the thick sable wash brush, slowly tracing the inside of his thighs, fingers splayed, not daring to breathe as the detail brush created shadows between his legs, going over his thighs, high up, near his balls with a dark sienna brown; the pleasure he felt was exquisite, painfully stiff as he was. He pictured her nakedness before him as he loved to have her, lying on the bed, his head between her thighs. With single-minded determination, he saw her, legs spread, her pussy swollen, lips parted enough to see her glisten, reddened, warm flesh that was his secret to enjoy. With his tongue, he licked her slowly, tracing up the length of her slit, sucking at her inner labia before continuing up to leisurely lap at her clit, feeling it stiffen, sucking at it, the small budding tip moving beneath his tongue in response.

With a cry, she felt his mouth, her breathing coming in staccato gasps. She fought to keep her eyes open, wanting to fall back on the bed as she felt his fingers spreading her open to enjoy. Dipping the brush into pools of watercolors with trembling fingers, she began with a fresh sheet of paper, long brushstrokes creating and lapping at him simultaneously, his cock turgid, the soft sable wetly painting his shape, his size, the veins and dips, the shadow beneath his head. She took the small detail brush and darkened the ridge between his head and shaft slowly, surely, knowing he felt it.

The brushes were an agony for him, and he renewed his tongue movements, holding her open and taut, his thumb pushing her clitoral hood back to suck her clit into his mouth. Raising his head briefly, feeling his balls tightening beneath the soft pressure of her paintbrush, he growled, “go where you want, you can’t change the fact that you’re min.” before lowering his head again to her twat with a new onslaught on her clit, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of her, curling his fingertips to rub against her G-spot.

A red haze filled her being, and she knew she’d cum soon. Dipping her fingers in a soft pink wash, with her other hand gathering her juices a bit at a time, mixing slick pussy juices into the paint with her fingers. Stroking them over his cock on the paper, creating a third dimension, her mind wrapping her hand around his cock with fragrant, slightly salty and slightly sweet nectar-thickened paint.

At the feel of her fingers, instead of her paintbrush, he began to involuntarily buck his hips up, pulling her up to him, forcing her over his hips, hands guiding his aching cock inside her pussy with a low noise at the back of his throat. Her paint and charcoal covered fingers splayed on his chest to balance herself as he held her by the hips, pulling her hard onto his cock, howling as she clenched against him, squeezing hard with the muscles she held him fast inside her. He howled, the quintessential beast, as she clenched against him, squeezing hard around him, thrusting hard and evenly, impaled on his cock.

They toppled over the edge together, cumming long and hard, miles apart and inseparable, howls and groans interchangeable. In the midst of their orgasms, he grabbed her hands and she felt her fingers interlace with his. Spent, she fell on the bed and he began to emerge from the other side of intensity, each taking in great gulps of air.

Coming back awareness, each suddenly knew the ache of loneliness that they felt whenever they were apart, punctuated by deep, resonant sighs as their yearning for each other again began to build and resonate toward the other. With the remainder of her strength, she tried to tell him, “I’m on my way back, baby.” Simultaneously, knowing her as he did, he tried to tell her to sleep, rest before coming home. As they each fell asleep, aching for the other, neither heard the other’s message, yet they both knew they’d said it, sent unerringly across the miles. And somewhere, an old woman laughed in delight.

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