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Cade sipped his beer tipping the red cup to his mouth while obsessively scanning the party for any of the women he was hoping to see. The whole week before the party Shannon, Kimi and Stella had been flirting with him, texting him and all three had sent him nudes which none of them had done before. Cade was going crazy trying to find one of them as the party passed its peak.

Every single one of his frat brothers were there and most of them were mingling with and making out with one of the sorority sisters. Cade and a few other grumpy looking brothers were drinking on the side-lines craning their necks looking for someone to hook up with as the night wound down.

Cade wasn’t looking for just anyone though, he did have a specific list. The attention he had been receiving from the three girls had been intoxicating and their sudden disappearances an hour ago were beginning to stress him out. Had they found out about each other? Had they found other guys? Were they looking for him and just missing each other?

Cade had been prowling the party ever since the last of them had excused herself and he had eventually forced himself to stand still about fifteen minutes before. Positioned in the main room where the DJ was set up Cade could see the front door, the kitchen door and the main stairs going up to the second and third floor rooms. If any of the women were still looking for him he should be able to spot them from here.

With mounting disappointment he thought maybe none of them were looking for him.

There was a codified but unwritten agreement between his Frat and their Sorority that the members slept only with each other. In the three years he had been a member Cade had found that restriction anything but a hindrance. The ladies of the sorority were more than able to satisfy Cade’s prodigious sexual appetite and he had been lead to believe this party would be no exception.

And yet the night was past peak and couples were leaving together. Cade was horny, tipsy and beginning to feel disappointed the desire that had been coaxed and stoked in him all week seemed likely to end in frustration.

Last weekend when Shannon had asked him if he were going to come to this party he hadn’t been enthusiastic.

“The Toga party? Um… maybe… I have some papers due soon…” He had equivocated. In three years of university Cade had been to enough toga parties to last for a lifetime.

“You don’t want to miss this one. Its going to be special.” Shannon had cooed at him.

The curly haired vixen was always flirty with Cade and they had slept together casually a few times but something in her tone caught his ear.


Pleased with his sleight change in demeanour she smiled broadly, hooding her bright blue eyes sleepily. “Oh.” she confirmed. “The ladies and I have been scheming…” She purred, dimples showing on her cheeks.

Desire slithered awake in the animal part of Cade’s brain. Shannon was sexy with a toned body and a greedy sexual appetite. The thought of sleeping with her again filled Cade’s penis with blood and he felt himself growing hard while she teased him with her eyes.

“Well if you’ve been scheming then I suppose I owe it to myself to see how I might figure into your plots.”

“You figure into them significantly Cade so don’t miss out.” Shannon grinned mischievously and strutted away.

Kimi had spoken to him a day later.

“Please tell me you’re coming to the party Cade?”

Kimi was half Scottish and half Japanese and all adorable. Thin and athletic she dressed in skimpy outfits that showed all the time she spent in the gym.

“I was thinking about it.”

Cade smiled already sure he was going but deeply pleased Kimi wanted him there. They had slept together twice and even though she was fairly passive in bed Cade found her body so astonishing that he would be thrilled to fuck her once more given a chance.

“Oh please come.” Her dark eyes peered up at him and Cade felt a tingle in his loins as she patiently waited for him to answer. Something about how passive she was made him feel powerful and he indulged in her anticipation.

“Yes, I’d love to. Thank you for asking.”

She smiled and did a happy dance that made him laugh.

Cade couldn’t believe how happy Kimi was, there was almost a relief to it and when she hugged him he cherished the press of her body against his. That was why he felt almost guilty when Stella said to him. “I really hope you are coming to the party on Saturday.”

The tiny hazel-eyed cutie was almost beseeching him when she said that. “I’d love to see you there.”

Emotionally Cade was the closest to Stella, she was an old friend. Their families had known each other for years and the two of them had grown up together. As attractive as he found her Cade had never wanted to sleep with her and risk the friendship. The way she was asking him to come felt weighted, as if it mattered to her more than just having a hang out with a pal.

Seeing as she was the third girl to want him there Cade was feeling as if ┼či┼čli escort he were doing something he shouldn’t be.

“Yeah a couple sisters asked me…” He said carefully.

“Oh good!”

She appeared relieved which eased Cade’s tension but piqued his curiosity.

“Yeah having you there will make this way better. Cool!” Stella seemed anxious.

“Why? What is this scheme you ladies have cooked up?”

Stella grew pale, then blushed deeply right in front of his eyes and Cade knew something strange was going on.

“Stella! What the hell?”

“Nothing! I mean yes, but I’m not saying anything!”

At that point she literally ran away down the hall and Cade grinned after her bemused and growing more excited to go to this toga party.

The next few days texts from the three of them had filled his phone. Innocent seeming at first talking about who was going to be at the party, the DJ’s and ideas for togas. Then each girl had grown more flirty, even Stella. Sex had come up and each of them asked in different ways about men’s fantasies and things men liked to do in bed. It took a few messages before Cade realized that he was seriously flirting with three different women.

Nothing like that had ever happened to him before and it was a little overwhelming. Cade had no idea how to negotiate more than one lover, even though he slept around he focused on one lady at a time and found juggling more than one flirtation challenging.

On Friday morning Cade had woken to find a nude from Kimi on his phone. In the shot she was standing in front of her full length bedroom mirror,the phone right in front of her face but it was obviously her. Around her neck she had a thick leather dog collar with an attached leash that her free hand was holding toward the mirror and thus toward Cade.

Kimi’s body was fabulous, not an ounce of fat and her muscles toned, tight and tiny like a swimsuit model. Entirely feminine and soft-hipped her small breasts capped in dark pink nipples Kimi made his mouth water.

“Daaaayyaaaammm!” He texted back.

When he saw that she had seen his message he waited for her reply while stroking himself looking at the sexy photo.

“Save all your cum for later Cade! No wasting!” She replied and he groaned already feeling an urge to orgasm.

After that it had been radio silence from Kimi but Stella and Shannon had both started texting him before long and Cade felt confused and disoriented. Every few hours Cade would check to see if Kimi had messaged him and he sent a few memes to show how excited he was to see her but by evening Shannon had most of his attention with some very focused messages.

“Why are guys so fixated on anal?”

“Are we?”

“Aren’t you?”

“Only when hot girls bring it up.”

“So you are then?”



Then at the end of the night she sent him a shot of her bare butt.

“Most definitely fixated right now.” He replied.

Then she’d sent one more message.

“Save up that sperm. Don’t waste it tonight.”

Don’t waste it.

Cade was getting very suspicious.

After his shower in the morning he found a photo on his phone from Stella.

“Well I guess it’s back to the drawing board.” she wrote.

The pic was of her in a toga but the toga didn’t fit and one breast had popped out. Stella was rolling her eyes and shrugging while someone else took the pic.

Gazing at her bared breast Cade felt warm and guilty. Stella was his friend and he wasn’t supposed to think of her as sexy but she already looked hot in her toga and the bared breast was melting his brain. All the sexual tension of the last few days was disorienting and Cade didn’t reply right away not wanting to misconstrue his friend sharing a funny moment for something more.

After fifteen minutes of wracking his brain all he could come up with for a reply was.


No other reply felt safe including not replying.

“Decided to go old school.” Came her response then another pic.

This time the toga was tied around her neck and both breasts were bared. Standing defiantly she had hands on hips and was looking proudly off to the left both her full B cups presented to her uncomfortable friend.

Now able to see that he was being messed with Cade tried to play along and sent a GIF of a cartoon wolf bugging his eyes out and his tongue rolling across the table.

“Maybe I should avoid gender norms.” Stella wrote back and sent one more picture.

This time she was naked with just a Gladiator’s skirt on while holding a plastic gladius. She was making a fierce warrior face but Cade found her nudity the most compelling part. Her torso was more toned than he had realized and her beautiful breasts suited her body perfectly. Stella was hot and Cade could no longer deny that he passionately wanted to fuck her.

Cade sent a GIF of a Roman Emperor giving a thumbs up gesture.

The rest of the day was a haze of sexual frustration as none of the three women replied to any of his messages. mecidiyek├Ây escort Cade was beside himself with lust for all three of them and each had appeared to want him but now none were replying.

Stressed and apprehensive he had dressed in a toga and arrived at the party unsure what was going to happen. Normally fairly confident about his attractiveness to women Cade felt an unusual uncertainty about the night. Having three women interested was more unsettling than exciting he found.

Arriving at the huge manor house gifted to the sorority a hundred years before Cade took in the lights and sounds spilling from the massive old edifice. Just like every other party he’d come to here the place was dressed up to the theme. Littering the yard with as many Roman looking artifacts as the gals could find they dressed the house and lawn.

The first to meet up with him was Stella. The youngest of the girls texting him she was a junior sister in the sorority and was tasked with hosting duties like greeting guests.

Dressed in the first toga she had sent him a pic of she looked adorable with light-brown hair falling loose to her exposed shoulders. Bare-armed with chunky bracelets at her wrist, wearing slave sandals in her simple toga Stella appeared like a Roman servant. Her breasts were both covered now but Cade found that as his friend pressed against him he was able to visualize them perfectly because he had been staring at pictures of them all day.

“Thank you for coming!” she enunciated into his ear over the thumping sound of a DJ’s sound system. Still clinging to him Stella held her soft body close to Cade as she continued speaking clearly into his ear. “I have to work for a couple hours but come visit me sometimes ok?”

Pulling back she looked into his face and Cade read a strange intensity to her gaze that made him nervous.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” she brightened. “Its a party go have fun! But don’t get loaded I want to hang out later!”

Lifting up on her tiptoes Stella kissed Cade’s cheek close to but not touching his mouth, then she slipped away through the people coming in the door and posted herself by a large coat rack to take any items people wanted to leave.

The kiss had been a few degrees more intimate than anything the two of them had shared before but still shy of being fully flirtatious. Cade still wasn’t positive Stella was trying to seduce him or just messing around. She had a great sense of humour but wasn’t one for teasing or being cruel.

Before Cade could lose himself in introspection a drink was passed to him from Kimi’s slender tanned arm. The gorgeous mixed-blood girl looked radiant in a tiny toga that covered her torso in the front but draped low across the back and had a hem that nearly exposed her ass. With metal bracelets connected to her neck and wrists by a tiny golden chain and matching anklets she looked like a sexy slave girl and Cade stared openly as he took the drink.

“You look gorgeous!” he told her.

“Thank you.” she replied, every inch the demure innocent but her flashing eyes holding his in a confident grip.

Taking a sip from his red cup Cade tasted draft beer while he glanced round for Stella. The petite girl was speaking with two other guys just arriving. Feeling guilty Cade asked Kimi if she wanted to dance.

“Anything you desire master.” She said neutrally her eyes gleaming.

In seconds Kimi had Cade’s undivided attention as she undulated and swirled to the excellent music. The both sipped their drinks, danced and shouted whatever silliness popped into their heads for the next few minutes.

When Kimi leaned in close Cade thought she wanted him to kiss her but as he was going in her face swerved, her cheek met his and she murmured in his ear.

“I have to go for a bit. Sorority stuff. I’ll find you later.”

Kimi pressed her tight, fit body against him as she spoke and tilting her pelvis, pressing her abdomen against his groin stimulating him delightfully. The intoxicating press of her body against his left him speechless. Kimi left with a laugh, looking over her shoulder as he watched her lithe back disappear into the crowd. Taking another drink of his beer Cade grinned stupidly at his luck.

Thinking it through he realized that sleeping with Stella was too complicated, they had known each other too long and too well to blow it by sleeping together. The smart play was to go home with Kimi tonight. Kimi was fun and not complicated to hang with. Plus she was kinky.

Not long after Cade more-or-less-mostly-for-sure decided he was going to be with Kimi not Stella Shannon walked up and hugged him tightly.

Shannon wore a longer, noble-looking toga and the clingy materiel stretched taut over her firm body hiding none of her curves and showing off her flat, tight belly. Pressing her perky breasts against him Shannon moulded her body to his as she greeted him. In an instant all his careful calculations flew out the window as the potential to fuck Shannon reared its glorious escort istanbul head.

The gorgeous brunette’s mass of dark curls cascaded down her back and the delicious floral smell of it enveloped Cade as they embraced.

“I’m so glad you made it.” she said into his ear. “I was counting on you coming.” The tiniest of emphasis on the last word made the hairs on his neck stand up. Pressing her legs to his, her whole torso crushed against him, with both arms wrapped around him and her head on his shoulder Shannon spoke up at him as she held him tightly.

“This is going to be a very special night and I really want you to be part of it.”

Trying not to reveal how agonizingly curious he was Cade said in a fairly casual tone “What’s so special about tonight?”

“Would you believe me if I told you we are going to have a Roman orgy?”

“Look at me and say it?” He teased.

Shannon adjusted so she could look into his eyes with her gorgeous blue orbs and she smiled wickedly as she said “Tonight we celebrate Bacchanalia the festival of orgies and you Cade are welcome to participate.”

Cade felt Shannon was both mocking and being sincere; she was up to something but sex was likely on the table. Cade remembered the picture of Shannon’s sexy butt and her questions about anal sex as she waited for him to assess how truthful she was being.

“Thank you. I would be an idiot to say no and my GPA says I’m not.”

“Mmmm seduce me with talk of your big brain.”

“Oh yeah? Did you know I can converse in five languages?”


“I got 1490 on my SAT…” This was in 2019 after the new system was introduced.

“Wait-really? 1490? I don’t know anyone who got that.”

“Well…” Cade suddenly felt embarrassed. “I studied a lot…”

“Duh! Everyone studied a lot. Seriously 1490? What is that like ninety-nine percent?”

“Ninety-seven…” He murmured. Shannon was just a smidge too impressed for his comfort.

“Ninety-seven?! Fucking hell are you a genius?”

“No! No not at all. I’m just really good at tests. It has next to no practical use.”

“Well it impressed me so it might have some use. I’m all twitterpated!” Shannon batted her eyes and fanned herself, over-acting her sudden and profound desire for Cade.

In spite of knowing she was joking Cade still felt the heat of a blush from her attention. Shannon had a deeply erotic energy. Even the slightest gesture or look held the potential for innuendo and sultry glances. Cade assumed she was like this with most men.

Shannon had often singled him out in a group and cuddled up to him yet tonight her usual flirtations were dialed up to the maximum. Cade realized he had an erection just from the way she was pressing herself to him, groin to groin chest to chest while she looked up into his eyes as they spoke. Shannon was rocking back and forth to the music as they talked and the gyrations had aroused his cock without him realizing it. Now his erection was growing up along her belly and she must have felt it.

Trying to pull away Cade wasn’t able to disengage, Shannon held him firm.

“This party was my idea and I wanted you here especially Cade so don’t get too drunk and do not leave early you got me?” She had a gleam in her eye but a serious expression so he nodded briskly.

“You have my word.”

Then the beguiling young woman slipped into the crowd and away leaving Cade confused and aroused again.

How was he supposed to choose?

For a few moments Cade stood in a horny daze thinking about the three women who had been so intently flirting with him. Sipping his beer and looking around with unseeing eyes he almost didn’t notice that he knew the girl in the middle of the dance floor. Sophia was a tall, gorgeous sorority sister that all the guys in his frat adored. A statuesque brunette who had already made a name for herself in the professional modelling world she had stayed in school and was the centre of attention at most parties.

Dancing in a tiny slave toga that left little to the imagination Sophia was dancing in a small circle of people, mostly men who all ogled her gorgeous, undulating figure. In his hyper-sexualized state Cade was drawn to Sophia by the unstoppable force of her innate desirability. Unable to help comparing Stella, Kimi and Shannon to Sophia Cade found all the woman powerfully desirable in different ways and the mental work of comparing was an enjoyable exercise as he worked out which woman he would most like to be with.

When a hand touched his Cade jolted from his internal objectification of four woman to see another ravishing girl standing before him. Kayla stood in front of him a full cup of beer in her other hand, the one that touched his taking his mostly empty cup from him.

“Ready for a refill?”

Looking up at him from lowered green eyes the red-haired sorority sister smiled shyly, her pale skin blushing bashfully.

“Thank you.”

The last time Cade had spoken to Kayla had been the very last party at the house. They had spent the night together after Shannon had dropped him off in Kayla’s room. It had been one of Shannon’s many impossible to fathom sorority games. Cade had been a task for Kayla to achieve and the shy girl had performed a check-list of sex acts that Cade was asked to confirm in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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