Avoiding the Beer Run

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“Oh my God, this heat is ridiculous!”

David looked behind his shoulder at the young woman, nodding in agreement. For the fourth day in a row, the sun had punished the state with an unrelenting curtain of humidity and heat. He dipped his hands into the beer cooler to splash the relief of icy water on his bare back, but the ice had long since melted, leaving only a lukewarm pool of water where a single can of beer floated.

The girl who had been complaining approached David, investigating the cooler as well. “Any more beers, big guy?”

“Just one,” David told her, handing her the can. “It’s pretty warm though, Shelly.”

David was a muscular young man at six feet tall, with short dark hair, a lantern jaw and broad shoulders. Being as tall as he was, he stood just the right height to get a glimpse down Shelly’s shirt without it seeming obvious. He gave her a smile, dropping the beer into her open hand.

Shelly scowled a bit, holding the barely cool can of beer in her fingers before dropping it back into the cooler, where it splashed water back out onto the deck.

“Ehhh, I think one of you boys are gonna have to make a beer run.”

David shrugged in a non-committal gesture, it was clear he didn’t want to drive the fifteen minutes to town. “Us boys made the last beer run, it’s time for one of you girls to drive out.”

Shelly walked away, grunting in disgust—-more at the searing heat than the lack of beer. As she wandered over to the edge of David’s in-ground swimming pool, he stopped to admire her figure for the fifth time that day. She was six inches shorter than him, thin and lithe, with short blonde hair that was matted with sweat from the summertime heat. She didn’t compare to his girlfriends’ bust, but she had more than enough cleavage to keep his fantasies fueled. However, Shelly had been dating his best friend Gary for several months now, so he tried to keep his thoughts to himself.

It didn’t help, he thought pointedly, when she would occasionally jump into the swimming pool to cool off, as she was doing right now. Since David had installed the pool, Gary and Shelly took every opportunity to visit David and Lori. His place was secluded, far from town, with the nearest neighbor at least a mile away.

Shelly dove into the pool, swam around for a few minutes, and re-emerged with a big grin on her face. Her t-shirt was soaked, clinging to her skin and hugging her contours….contours that were not, he noticed, restrained by any bra or bikini. She had been slamming down beers over the last few hours, which made her dangerously flirtatious. Gary immediately turned away from Shelly, pretending to fiddle with the grill. If Shelly caught the twinge in his shorts, he would have been beyond embarrassed, and she was the type of girl who loved to see men stare at her.

“Better not let Gary catch you checking me out, Davy,” she taunted from the poolside.

David turned to face her, momentarily at a loss for a clever comeback. Just a few seconds before she wrapped an oversized red towel around her body, he caught a glimpse of stiff nipples. He was about to speak, when his girlfriend Lori stepped out onto the patio.

“Aw damn, I was hoping it would cool off a bit by now,” she moaned, shielding her green eyes from the sun. Lori pulled her shirt off, revealing a tempting pair of generous breasts restrained only by a green and blue bikini top. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and chest, with a tight little ass that just completed the package. She was a bit heavier and taller than Shelly, but her dark, exotic features made her infinitely hotter in David’s book.

Of course, he had always been curious about Shelly….especially when she so aggressively flaunted her charms.

“Yo, Davy!” bellowed a fourth voice. David turned around, just in time to see a tomato-sized yellow object hurtling towards his face. He closed his eyes and tried to dodge when he quickly identified it as a water balloon, but he couldn’t move anywhere near fast enough. He caught the full impact of the balloon on his cheek, and it exploded in his face.

“Fuck!” screamed David, half-laughing and half-shocked. Wiping the water out of his eyes, his blurred vision could just make out the shape of his friend trying to make an escape around the deck. Hurtling towards Gary like a rabid linebacker, he body tackled his friend like a freight train, sending both of them into the swimming pool.

The girls were still laughing when David and Gary came up for air, and the guys quickly joined in.

“You’re a dick,” Gary said, still coughing up water but genuinely laughing.

David pulled himself out of the pool, panting for air. “Yeah, I think that’s enough exercise for one day…..just running across the backyard in this humidity nearly killed me!”

Shelly knelt down by her man, helping Gary out of the pool. “Yeah, well I got more bad news for you, honey. David didn’t get enough beer!”

“Oh crap, we out?” Lori asked, immediately checking the cooler. After finding the one warm izmit escort bayan can of beer floating in a pool of hot water, she stamped her foot in frustration. “Wow, I’m surprised this water hasn’t evaporated yet.”

“Which of you girls are gonna go for some more beer?” asked Gary hopefully.

“You guys drank most of the beer, you should get it,” Shelly laughed, as she rubbed Lori’s shoulders. “Maybe we girls wanna stay here and make out.”

“Ooh, yeah baby,” laughed Lori, playfully bumping her hips with her friend.

“Yeah, right,” Gary smirked, rolling his eyes. “What would the neighbors think?”

“That’s why I bought this house way out here in the country,” David pointed out. “My nearest neighbor couldn’t see us with binoculars. We can have orgies out here and no one would know.”

They all laughed at the suggestion, but David could swear that out of the corner of his eye, he saw Shelly softly bite her lip at the suggestion.

“Well, the guys did get beer earlier today,” Lori finally conceded. “It’s only fair if we get some more ice and beer so the guys can concentrate on getting the hamburgers cooked up.”

“You can go,” Shelly suggested quickly.

“I wanna swim, you can go,” Lori shot back.

“Girls, girls, there’s only one fair way to settle this,” Gary put in. “I call for an erotic dance-off!”

The girls broke into squeals of laughter at the idea, but a look of mischief quickly came over Shelly’s face. “Okay, boys, have a seat on the deck….and lean back.”

Not knowing where this was going, but both of the men certainly interested, they did as Shelly asked. She walked over to Gary’s boom box, and tuned through the channels until a seductive rap song started playing.

Shelly grabbed Lori’s hand, leading her across the deck. Shelly was standing in front of David, and she parked Lori in front of Gary. “What are we doing,” Lori asked tentatively. “Why am I standing in front of your boyfriend?”

“Erotic dance off,’ Shelly said, trying to goad her friend into playing along. “I’m gonna dance for Davy, and you get to dance for Gary. If you give Gary a hard-on before I do, I have to run to town and fetch the beer. If I make your guy hard first, then you have to be the beer wench. Deal?”

“Are you serious?” Lori laughed, covering her mouth in shock at her friend. The guys just sat there in shocked silence, watching Shelly move her hips to the music, licking her lips and caressing her skin.

“Well, I for damned sure ain’t driving down to the liquor store,” Lori replied. She grabbed the last beer from the cooler, slammed it down in one breath, and then joined her friend on the deck. She didn’t have Shelly’s dance moves or natural lack of inhibitions, but she had a much more enticing body. She locked eyes with Gary, and knelt over, shaking her huge, swinging breasts to the music. He wasn’t hard yet. In fact, he seemed too shocked that the girls were making a contest out of this to focus on being aroused…but there was definitely a twinge in her pants building.

Lori’s eyes darted back and forth, alternatively watching Gary’s eyes and his package. Next to her, Shelly began gyrating in front of David, who was already beginning to break into a sweat. She didn’t touch Lori’s boyfriend, but she shook her small ass just a few inches away from his face, prominently displaying her beautiful backside.

David’s cock was beginning to twitch, and Lori knew that she had to step up her game. Locking eyes with Gary, her fingers began to crawl across her chest…..and as her fingertips came an inch away from visibly erect nipples, her friend called foul.

“Hey, no fair taking your shirt off,” cried Shelly, slapping her friend on the ass. Lori yelped in startled surprise. The sun had done a nice slow bake on her skin this afternoon, and the light spank carried a surprising sting. She turned to face her friend with a shocked expression.

“I wasn’t taking my shirt off,” Lori retorted, giving her friend a return slap on the butt. “I was playing with my nipples.”

“You’re playing dirty,” Shelly replied, taking a soft slap at Lori’s right tit.

“What the fuck?!” Lori yelped in shock—-neither of them were looking at the boys anymore. “We never said I couldn’t use my tits!”

“Fine, if you can, so can I,” Shelly taunted, and she quickly slipped her wet t-shirt off. Standing there now only in her bikini shorts, her tiny, oiled bosoms shined in the hot afternoon sun.

Lori took a step closer to her friend, and responded by taking her own top off. She stood there, smiling, hands on her hips triumphantly, as her mammoth double-D’s dwarfed her friends’ chest like a school yard bully. “Bitch, you ain’t got nothing on me,” Lori laughed. “You wanna trying taking a slap at me again, or are you gonna apologize?”

Innocently, Shelly put her hands behind her back and just smiled at Lori, as if in surrender. Then, without warning, she leaned over and quickly flicked her tongue over Lori’s left nipple. “I apologize,” she replied in a childish sing-song izmit eve gelen escort voice.

Before Lori could respond, Shelly looked at the boys again. She nudged Lori to do the same—-they were both sitting in their chairs, shorts around their ankles, with fully exposed rock hard cocks in their hands. They looked spellbound.

“Well, fuck,” Lori grunted. “Who got hard first?”

The guys shrugged. “Beats the hell out of me,” David sighed. “We were watching you two.”

Shelly slapped her forehead in frustration. Then, with a spark of inspiration, she walked across to her boyfriend Gary and knelt down in the grass next to his chair. “New game then……first girl to make a cock explode doesn’t have to go on the beer run!”

Without any further warning, before he could so much as protest, Gary’s cock vanished into his girlfriend’s mouth! He grabbed the side of the lawn chair and grunted in surprise, but he kept an appreciative eye on Lori’s huge jugs, bouncing wildly, as she sprinted towards David’s dick. Despite the sweltering heat, both girls began hungrily gobbling down their boyfriends’ cocks.

Shelly may have been short and petite, but her lips easily wrapped around Gary’s throbbing weapon. He could see the mischievous smile in her eyes as she pushed four, five, and finally all six inches of his cock past her teeth. She could feel the warmth of the tip, almost blistering against the roof of her mouth, as she pressed it nearly against the back of her throat. When she pulled her mouth back, thin strings of saliva mixed with Gary’s pre-cum drizzled from her lips, and across his balls. She licked it back up with a rapid flicker of her tongue, all the while keeping two eyes on her man, and two hands on his cock.

Over in the other lawnchair, Lori was beginning to look worried. Giving head was never her specialty, and the added pressure of trying to beat Shelly to the finish line wasn’t making it any easier.

Her special trick was to let David slide a well-oiled cock through her cleavage, but that took time and just the right position….something they didn’t have here. To make matters worse, she had just fucked her boyfriend that very morning, and she wasn’t sure if he was ready to pop again quite so soon. Lori knew that she wasn’t going to be able to suck David off before Shelly succeeded, and then an overlooked fact just dawned on her.

“What were the rules again?.” Lori asked.

Shelly let her boyfriend’s cock slip out of her jaw just long enough to say, “First girl who sucks off a cock wins,” she replied.

“No, that’s not what you said,” laughed Lori, slipping off her shorts, revealing a freshly shaved mound, dripping with sweat from the summer heat, as well as the excitement of the contest. “You said first one who makes a cock explode wins…..you didn’t say how!”

David grinned as Lori straddled him. By the time his hands had wrapped around her heaving chest, his cock had easily glided into her….and in front of the other two, she began bouncing up and down on his pole. Lori leaned backwards a bit, enjoying the satisfying curve of his weapon filling her, while she started to massage her clit.

“Two can play that game, bitch,” laughed Shelly. Her thong was already off, and she was kneeling on the ground, exposing her tight, tiny pussy to the sun. It only took Gary a brief second to jump off the lawn chair, and mount his girlfriend from behind.

And for the next five minutes, the four friends began fucking each other side by side. Shelly had picked a spot right next to Lori and David, close enough that she could touch or be touched by her friends. Lori continued to bounce up and down, reveling in the sensation of having her breasts squeezed and groped, while flicking her own clit. Next to her, Shelly grunted with every pelvic thrust that Gary attacked her with….all the while quite aware that Lori and David were watching them both, and vice versa. The guys couldn’t last much longer now.

“Gary,” gasped Shelly between thrusts, “play with my ass, baby!”

David and Lori’s eyebrows raised in surprise, as Gary licked his thumb and began massaging Shelly’s tight, brown hole. She gasped in pleasure, and began meeting the rhythmic stabs of his cock with ecstatic laughter.

Shelly peeked over at David, who’s eyes were glued on them. His breath was getting shallow, faster and excited. He was getting close. But so was Lori! Shelly decided to play dirty.

“Gary, jump off honey!” urged Shelly. He was confused, but he did as she asked, pulling his cock away.

“What are you doing?” Lori asked in confusion, watching her friend crawl closer to her. As Lori continued sliding up and down the length of her boyfriends’ cock, she was stunned to see Shelly’s warm mouth slip over her nipple!

“Holy shit,” Gary gaped, unable to believe what he was seeing. Not only was he watching his two friends fuck like animals, his pretty blonde girlfriend was sucking on a pair of breasts that he’d been envying for months.

It izmit otele gelen escort was just a moment later that Gary finally began to realize what Shelly’s wicked plan was. While she kept licking Lori’s bouncing breasts, her fingers roamed downwards and gently touched her friends’ clit! It was a gamble—-David was getting achingly aroused at having Shelly’s hand so close to his cock—-but it paid off when Lori began grunting and screaming in uncontrollable ecstasy.

She slid off her man, gasping hungrily for air. Her cunt was wet, gaping and pulsating from her orgasm, and as she began to come down from this unexpectedly erotic episode, she absently remembered that she was in a race with her friend. Somewhat dazed, she looked back to the lawnchair, ready to finish David off with her mouth. However, Shelly had beaten her to the punch.

“Right here, baby, right here,” she heard Shelly whisper. Her friend was on her hands and knees again, and David was kneeling right behind her, engorged cock aimed towards her backside.

“You fucking cheater!” hissed Lori, attempting to scramble towards her friend. But by the time she got back to her feet, David was already planted balls deep into Shelly’s ass.

Shelly slammed her fist into the dirt, clearly enjoying the nearly overwhelming combination of sensations—–the escalated raunchiness of the moment, the recent knowledge that she helped her friend cum when she touched her, the sight of Gary stroking his cock in her peripheral vision, and the impact of David’s generous cock filling her ass.

Lori once again realized, belatedly, that the agreed upon rules stated the winner would be the first girl to make a cock explode. They never said which cock it would be. She quickly jumped towards Gary, and replaced his hands with her mouth. But as soon as the tip of his warm cock pushed past her lips, the contest was over! A few feet away, David was making that distinctive noise that she had heard almost twice a day for the last several months—–only this time, it was Shelly on the receiving end! He was holding her by the waist, thrusting violently, his cock fully slipping in and out of her asshole, coating her back door with an endless jet of hot, sticky fluids.

“Well, shit,” grunted Lori, defeated, as she let Gary’s cock slip from her mouth. “What the fuck, Shelly? You get to fuck my boyfriend, and look at me—-I didn’t even get a chance to get busy with Gary, that’s not fair!”

Shelly shrugged, laughing, and she placed her fingers on David’s cock. “Well, it is a nice, big dick,” she admitted. “But fair is fair…..you have to get some more beer.”

Lori took another glance at Gary’s package, groaning in desire.

“Come on, Shelly, we can’t let her go to town like this,” Gary offered. “It’s inhumane.”

Shelly considered this, and finally agreed. “Lie down on the ground, Lori,” she commanded. “We’ll take care of you, sweetie.”

Lori didn’t know what she meant by “we’ll”, but she quickly found out. As soon as she laid on her back, feeling the hot summer sun warm her skin, Shelly had straddled her face! Shelly was lifting her legs high into the air, giving Gary full access to her pussy, still throbbing with the aftershocks of her last orgasm.

For the next few minutes, Shelly let her boyfriend drill Lori with an unrestrained tempo, while Shelly herself began to grind her cunt over her best friend’s mouth. She could taste the tangy, wet lips of her pussy, as well as the unmistakable flavor of David’s sperm, dripping out and cascading over Lori’s jaw.

Everything was happening to Lori at once now. Gary was fucking her vigorously, Shelly’s pussy was sliding over her mouth, Shelly’s fingers massaged her clit, and the last drops of David’s cum poured like a waterfall from Shelly’s ass, pooling over Lori’s forehead. From the corner of her eye, she could see David’s feet standing inches away from her, which could only mean that he was hard again, and currently filling Shelly’s mouth.

It all blurred together into one astounding crescendo of sensations…..Lori could feel the rising pressure in her clit begin to build, and she tried to push it back, tried to prolong the experience. But between Shelly’s fingers stroking her clit, as well as Gary’s cock thrusting in and out of her, she didn’t have a chance. Her body began to spasm, pinned and helpless but nonetheless happily ravished. They were all climaxing together now….as her twat muscles tightened and contracted, Gary’s cock rewarded her with a healthy spray of jizz that sizzled against her sun-drenched thighs. Shelly’s clit throbbed in her mouth, and David somehow climaxed again, spraying over Shelly’s chest.

They all helped Lori to her feet, gently, all of them kissing her body. Shelly, David, Gary—-all three of them planted kisses and tongues on her shoulders, her knees, her nipples, her stomach…..she felt worshipped.

“So,” she finally said awkwardly, looking around for her pants. “I’m…..I’m going to get the beer now.”

Her friends laughed, loudly and appreciatively, as they all began to find their clothes again. Lori was determined to make the trip to town a quick one……she couldn’t wait to see what this cookout would bring once the sun finally set on this hot summer day. But she would dwell on the possibilities all the way to town.

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