Barbara’s Story Ch. 03

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“Close the door your letting all the cool air out!”

“I’m bringing in the plywood for the platform!”

“Let me help you before we let all the cool air out, dear.” Janine replied. It was a blistering hot July afternoon. Jim had taken off from work to finish the last few jobs necessary to complete the Fantasy room. The last item was the platform. Already in place were the love swing, a sofa, a double wide bed four poster bed, and a comfortable, maneuverable chair with arm and leg restraints. The flexible chair stood on top of the platform. With the platform finally in place, the Fantasy room was complete. The Fantasy room had been something they had wanted for years. Now, that they were reaching out a trying out new things sexually, instead of just dreaming or talking about it, they needed a room solely devoted to sexual pleasure. The room had a double wide bed with plenty of space to move around it – good for getting at anyone who was on it. There were arm and leg restraints too for games they liked to play. On one wall, there was a large screen TV with a VHS and DVD players. In the corner, a tripod video camera. Another camera was mounted in the wall and pointed at the bed where it could capture all the action that occurred there. Another corner was filled with a set of shelves of video tapes they had made. The most recent tape there read Barbara and Janine: Barbara’s Initiation.

“Wow! I can’t believe its finally done.” Jim was wet with sweat from his exertions. “Yeah, me too” said Janine, her hand on the leather seat of the love swing. She imagined all the wonderful things that would happen there. They had just bought the love swing, but hadn’t christened it yet. Janine slipped her arm around Jim and kissed him.

“Sheww! You smell sweaty.” She thanked him for all the work he had done to make the room perfect.

Janine worked, too. She had decorated it with erotic pictures. Some of the pictures hanging on the walls were of them. Others were of them with different partners. Janine wanted to hang one of her and Barbara together.

But, she had to find the right clip from the tape. She couldn’t wait to show Barbara the picture and the Fantasy room. She would be so surprised! The Fantasy room had been inspired by Molly, a dear friend, a great lover, a sexual adventuress, and a great fuck who had devoted three rooms of her home to her sex club.

Molly had made a bundle with her idea for a discreet, clean, fun, safe sex club. It was, she bragged her neighborhood’s erotic little secret.

“Get showered up Jim. I have a surprise for you. It has to do with Barbara.”

“You didn’t!”

Jim guessed with excitement that his wife had seduced another, as in more than one, woman.

“I’m not telling. Just go in there and get showered up.” Janine had already showered and was going to set things up while Jim showered off. She was tempted to join him. She knew how much he liked to have her wash him and how much he liked having her soap up his penis.

But, she had things to do.

Jim recognized the look in her eyes. She was up to something. His heart skipped a beat and then took off racing like a greyhound, not the bus line.

His cock twinged to life. He’d been eyeballing, not balling as he would have liked, Barbara for years. Her big titts made him so horny. He’d jacked off to fantasies of sucking and fucking those titts, not to mention, fucking her red haired pussy. He was excited. He could hardly contain himself. Better not think about her too much. A few strokes in the shower though wouldn’t hurt, would it? After all, he had to wash didn’t he?

“Don’t be too long in there. We are going to have a long, hard evening.”

Janine promised with an impish look in her eyes. She kissed him fiercely, inhaling his musky aroma, the manly smell he exuded, even his sweatiness.

It turned her on. Dirty woman. She let her hand travel down his flat stomach to his shorts where she gave his bulge a playful squeeze, hinting of things to come. Things to cum, much later. She was going to make him beg. She knew just how to do it, too. She smiled to herself. She was going to have some fun.

Jim went into the bathroom, pulled his shirt over his head flexing his powerful arms as he did so. Working construction did that to you, not to mention the time he spent in the gym. He dropped his shorts and underwear both at the same time and stood looking a himself naked in the full length mirror. Not bad he thought, but better keep up the exercise. His waist was slim and if he lost a little weight he might have a six pack. He was pleased with how he looked, dark hair, tan, tall, and muscular. He checked out his posterior.

Firm and shapely. Good. The exercises he found in those men’s magazines worked. Janine liked his ass. She loved to handle it. He could be squeezed or pinched at any moment around her. THAT was a turn on. Sometimes, she would take a big handful, pull him close, and squeeze his ass. She would tell him how much she almanbahisbahis loved it and how much it turned her on. She laughed jokingly that it was one of his best assets. He had one other and she liked it more.

His hand wandered down to his flaccid pecker. He nudged it with his fingers and the pulled it with his hand. He imagined undoing Barbara’s shirt and seeing what had to be a well built bra holding in her magnificent mammaries. He undid the clasp and put his hands on her soft shoulders and on the bra’s straps. With his fingers, he caressed her soft skin and began slipping the straps off her white, freckled shoulders. He could smell her scent.

“I don’t know.” she said. And the straps fell down onto her arms while she held the bra up just covering her breasts.

“I just want to take a look. Won’t you let me see?” She slowly lowered her top and he could see the swelling forms of her milky white, freckled breasts. He could just imagine how beautiful her nipples would be. Would they be pink or brown? His cock was semi erect in his hand and he was stroking it. A noise from outside the door broke his reverie and the image was gone. He sighed. Deprived of its excitement, his cock went limp. He stepped into the shower and washed. His hands stroked his well muscled arms and chest, then went to his powerful legs and his tight ass. He cleaned himself thoroughly. He lathered up some soap in his hand and began stroking his cock. It felt good.

Oh, yeah, it felt good. He let the water rinse his turgid member washing all the soap away. What did Janine have in store for him? Had she seduced Barbara? Could it really be? Now, Molly, there was one hot fuck. He loved her brunette looks and her dark bush. He wrapped a warm hand around his semi-erect penis and gave it a tight squeeze.

He hadn’t brought any clean clothes. Damn! He wrapped himself with a clean towel and a not inconsiderable bulge formed where his cock was.

“Come in here, honey.” Her voice called him from the Fantasy room.

Erotic desire sparked in him. He entered the room clad only in the towel his bulge quite noticeable. Janine was standing there in lingerie. She was pleased at the site of the bulge under the towel. Her titties were visible through a shear black bra. Her nipples were erect. Hard pebbles. She was wear a matching pair of shear, black, crotchless panties. Damn, she looked fine thought Jim. She moved like a cat toward him. Standing in front of him she asked, “Do you like?”

“I do.” he said reaching for her.

“Uh, Uh, Uh.” she said avoiding his grasp.

“Sit.” she directed. Jim looked toward the chair on the platform and she slapped his ass. Thud, the blow was blunted by the towel.

“Get a move on.” He sat in the chair. Janine moved sexily around him and stroked his arms. At his wrists were the leather straps and she fastened them. She moved around behind him trailing her hands up his tan muscular arms, shoulders, and down his chiseled chest to his belly. She tweaked his nipples.

“That feels good.”

She saw his cock stir with life beneath the towel. She kissed his neck passionately with her warm lips and exhaled her warm breath on it. In his ear, she whispered electric words.

“I fucked Barbara. I ate her pussy till she came in my face.” A electric jolt travel down his spine to his penis. Jim loved it when she talked dirty. Jim’s cock strained at its fabric prison. He was fully erect with desire. He imagined his wife sucking and squeezing Barbara’s breasts and then imagined her with her mouth on her friend’s red haired pussy. Janine had considerable pussy eating skills. He saw Barbara writhing and moaning.

“And then, she fucked me with the Stretcher, Jim. I never came so hard. It was great. My pussy got so wet. And Jim,” she said drawing it out, “she ate my pussy.” Her hands stroked his chest harder and with her fingers she twisted his nipples. Desire swelled in Jim and his dick swelled, too. His cock throbbed so hard it ached.

“Ohh,” escaped Jim’s mouth, his jaw dropped.

“Did you record it?” he asked hopefully.

“I’ve got the tape right here.” she said, wagging it in front of him.

“Do you want to see it?” A hint of teasing marked her words. She slipped one hand between her legs and stroked herself.

“Yes, yes, I do. Uh, please.”

“Uh, please?” is that how you ask?”

“No, no. I would like to see it. Yes. Yes, I would like to see the tape.”

“That’s better.” Janine moved in front of him and sat in the comfortable recliner facing him.

He watched her. He loved her beautiful, heart shaped ass. He got a eyeful of it as he watched her walk toward the chair. He eyed her crack and each of her beautiful globes encased within her shear panties. He remembered seeing it for the first me. Squeezing it. Rubbing his face in it. Later, he fucked it, too.

He remembered how much trouble it was getting her to try anal sex for the first time. It took a lot of convincing, but once she was convinced almanbahis giriş they were going to do it the right way, a safe and clean way. She agreed. She had been surprised, once she got over the initial discomfort, that she liked it. She said she orgasmed differently when he fucked her ass. She came hard, but it was different. She had been a fan ever since. Jim loved to fuck his wife’s ass. He liked the preliminaries, too. The enemas. He took them, too. But he’d never been fucked. She had rimmed him thought. Man, that was something. Something niggled in a dark corner of Jim’s mind. Something he couldn’t quite make out.

All cleaned up, he would to rim her ass. She loved it. It was kinky. She said being rimmed felt really good. Warm. Warm in the very center of your being was how she described it. He remembered the time he rimmed her upside down with her legs sticking in the air. That was with Mike. That was some afternoon he thought. He agreed to let her try and he liked it.

“I told her you thought she was attractive.”

“You did? What did she say?”

“She was flattered. She liked it. She didn’t admit it, but I think she is attracted to you, too.” Jim smiled at the possibility. Janine knew Barbara was attracted to him. Jim was a strikingly handsome man. Plus, she’d seen Barbara discreetly checking him out when she had been over. Janine saw a lot of things.

Janine flipped her hair over one shoulder. Then she began tracing circles around her nipples through the sheer material of her bra.

“Mmm,” she said as she pleasured her nipples.

“I fucked her Jim and I sucked her big breasts, too. Oh, yeah.” She squeezed her nipples harder pinching them.

“She came while I played with her titts, Jim. She came hard. Her breasts are so sensitive. She loves to have her nipples teased and her titts squeezed, Jim.” Janine squeezed her own nipples again harder as she said this. It turned her on. Her pussy was getting her wetter.

“You’re making me so hot. Can I please see the tape?”

“Do you want to suck her titts, Jim?” Janine asked, not in a hurry at all. She put one long, tan leg over the sofa. Jim was staring at her crotchless panties. He could she her beautiful pink flower framed by the borders of her sheer black panties. He wanted her so bad! Janine’s hands slid down from her breasts, down her belly to her soft panties. Janine caressed her inner thighs putting on a show for Jim.

“Would you like to squeeze her breasts, Jim?” She squeezed her own lewdly.

“Would you like to suck her titts? Would you like to fuck them? Stick your big dick between her titties and fuck them hard while I squeeze her nipples.

I’d bet we’d make her cum, Jim. Would you like that?”

Jim strained at his restraints. He wanted to leap over there, grab his wife, throw her on the bed, and eat her pussy till she came and then fuck her hot pussy until her exploded inside her. But, he was restrained.

Jim’s cock snapped to attention and it felt like an iron rod. Blue steel. His cock throbbed at his wife’s words and with the thought of having them both together, especially the thought of them fucking Barbara together.

“Yes, I’d like that.” A bead of sweat formed on his brow. His cock was so hard it ached to the point of hurting.

Janine’s breath quickened she was getting excited on, too. Making sure Jim had a good view, she sucked her middle finger into her mouth wetting it with her saliva. Then she ran it up and down her wet slit spreading her lips aside. Jim’s cock was at full staff and it ached. He could feel precum working its way up his long, thick tool.

“Oh, Jim. She fucked me so good. She knows how to use a dildo. She is so hot. I can’t wait to fuck her again. I want to fuck her with you. I want to eat her pussy with you. I want to watch her suck your cock. I want to tease her pussy with your cock until she begs to be fucked. Would you like that Jim?” Janine slipped her finger into her hot box and let out a sigh. She stroked herself and worked her well lubricated finger in and out of her pussy. She was finger fucking herself in front of her husband. Desired coursed through her. She loved the effect she was having on him. He would jump out of that chair and fuck her wildly if he weren’t restrained. She loved it and teased him more. She moaned loudly.

“Jim, she made my pussy so wet!. Ohhhh!” She plunged her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Her cum was near.

She pumped her fingers in and out faster. Jim heard the wet slaps of her hand against her pussy. He saw the look of pleasure and concentration on his wife’s face as she raced towards her orgasm. A car speeding towards a cliff. A moan escaped her. Then and sharp squeal. She came convulsing with pleasure. She sat there enjoying the warm residue of her orgasm and smiled at Jim like a cat who just ate the cream . Poor Jim, sitting there with his cock so hard. Janine got up.

Janine turned away and bent over giving Jim an excellent view of her ass.

She spread almanbahis yeni giriş her legs slightly showing Jim her wet crotch. Her pussy’s pink lips protruded from her crotchless panties. She slipped her hands between her legs and stroked her pussy again for him. Then she parted her lips showing him what as inside. He groaned. He wanted to fuck her so bad.

Just fucking wait! The wild animal within him surged.

“Do you like that?” Jim gaped and strained.

“Oh, yes. Fuck your pussy with your fingers, please.” She did, first inserting one then another until she had three inside. She finger fucked herself again. Her knees got weak and she sighed. It felt so good. She loved performing this way with him watching. She was going to cum again. She was going to cum hard. She fucked herself harder with urgency. Jim enjoyed the wet smacking sounds as his wife’s fingers plunged in and out of her pussy. Janine’s moans increased. The first orgasm shook her as she finger fucked her pussy.


She had to steady herself on the dais as she came again her fingers working her clit. Her orgasm rolled through her.

Afterwards, she came to Jim and offered him her finger. He sucked them.

Janine undid the towel and Jim’s cock sprung free. She turned away with cat like grace and with a satisfied sigh took the video with her and placed it in the VCR and pushed play. Jim was sweating. His arms strained at the restraints, but they would not budge. He was at her mercy. His cock strained upward like a flag pole reaching for the sky on the Fourth of July . There were fireworks today.

Janine wet her fingers in her pussy again and she offered them to his mouth. He sucked them in tasting his wife again. She smiled as he sucked her fingers eagerly. Good husband, good lover.

She ran her fingers through his short, dark hair. She enjoyed how it felt. So soft.

“Now, you get to watch.”

Jim watched mesmerized. Janine kneeled down between his knees, placed her hands on his well muscled thighs, and looked at his rock hard penis. It jutted upward like a tower. She loved its gnarled, venous appearance. its bulbous head, and the brown circle a little farther down. She thought of all the times he had fucked her so hard and all the times she had sucked his big, wonderful cock. She loved to watch cum shoot out of his hot rod, especially when it was a big load, long held back. One that she had nurtured and cared for until she brought him off in an explosion of white liquid. It would be like that tonight.

“Mmmm” she said as she wrapped her hand around the thick base of Jim’s straining cock. She squeezed. With her other hand, she squeezed him under the head of his penis. No sense in letting him come to soon. Jim relaxed and sighed. He no longer felt the immediate urge to cum.

Janine stroked his cock. She loved how it was hard and soft at the same time. The skin on his cock felt so soft, the flesh underneath so hard. Her good little soldier. She liked how his skin moved with her hand. Up and down. She stroked with full strokes then short fast ones under the head of her husband’s fat cock. It heightened Jim’s pleasure. Jim moaned loving what his wife was doing to him.

On the screen, he watched his wife squeezing and sucking Barbara’s beautiful breasts. Janine stroked him faster. She heard Barbara cumming.

More precum seeped onto the already wet, large, purple head of Jim’s cock. The head of his cock was shining with it. Janine took his head into her mouth and sucked him in tasting him. She loved the smell and taste of her husband’s cock. When he told her to rub it all over her face she did lustily. Her tongue circled his head. Her mouth enveloped him and she sucked hard. He groaned. She slipped it out and then she sucked the underside of his thick tool. She was getting wet, too. Sucking cock made her hot. She worked his throbbing tool.

Barbara and Janine were on the bed now. Jim marveled at his wife’s pussy eating skills. Barbara writhed, moaned, and came powerfully bucking wildly. She bucked Janine’s mouth off her pussy. Janine matched her efforts with the sounds from the video. She took Jim to the brink of ejaculating and stopped. She could tease him so good. When his balls drew up in preparation to cum, she played with them gently, working them around loosening them up. She pulled them down. Time to start over again big boy. She pulled the skin of his ball sac kneading it. She moved his balls gently and then gave them a gentle squeeze. He loved his wife’s ministrations. When she was sure the urge to cum had subsided, she again vigorously sucked his tool.

“Ohh, God! It is so fucking good!” Barbara was now eating Janine’s wet pussy and teasing her with her favorite dildo, the Stretcher, a huge black cock they had bought together after Mike thoroughly fucked his wife. He had fucked her ass and she had cum uncontrollably with both them inside her. Their cums triggered her own.

Janine, too, was getting turned by the sounds of her previous lovemaking with Barbara. She began rubbing her pussy with one hand. She heard herself crying out to be fucked by Barbara. She knew her on screen orgasm was close. She was working her way towards another. She sucked Jim’s cock harder and stroked her pussy more vigorously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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