Before the Marriage

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The marriage of Jeanne and Don had happened only seven years ago, but as seniors, they had not forgotten the playfulness of young love as they “courted.”. Both had been married before, one spouse developed ovarian cancer, the other had a terminal heart problem, so the excitement sexual passion had been placed on a back burner during those years as they cared for their failing spouses. Almost as if by some quirk, both lost their spouses exactly one month apart. During those long periods of stressful dedication to their spouses, Don and Jeanne had become re-acquainted following a class reunion where they exchanged stories of their spouses illnesses and what they were both going through. Tit was the first time they had actually seen each other since the summer after high school graduation when both went in different directions for college. The brief talk they had during the reunion was really more about their current lives and how difficult it was seeing a spouse in a terminal condition.

Those long dreadfully sad days following those losses, both had called the other to tell them of the death of their spouse, but neither could muster the effort to call after that, although both had often thought of each other in the months following. Jeanne was living in the Southwest U.S. and Don was in the Midwest-Great Lakes area, some 2,500 miles apart. But it is strange how things sometimes work out.

Being attractive individuals, both were eventually pulled into short term relationships, some even involving a bit of sexual exploration. For Don, the “casserole brigade” was soon out in force, and a number of women who considered him to be a great catch, literally tried to seduced him with food (among other things) in bold attempts to capture this eligible widower. At sixty, he was still handsome, charming and had a wonderful reputation in the eyes of women for wonderful and loving care he had provided for his late wife. Likewise, Jeanne, a striking blond, had no trouble attracting men, having had one even approach her at the funeral, suggesting she consider him for a date not too far down the road. He was immediately rebuffed for his poorly timed move, but as a woman with an above average sex drive and good looks, she was destined to become the object of attention of a number of men, both younger and older than she.

Don was approached by a number of women as the months went by. He was a charismatic master of seduction, but he decided to use a different technique, waiting for the woman to make the first move. In doing so, he marveled at the subtle approach they used to get “into his pants” and his plan never seemed to fail. Waiting until the third date, the woman always made her move, as if that had been a “proper waiting period.” They all invited Don to dinner for that third date, and under the guise of “dessert” made their move. He began to wonder if they had all read the same book. Similarly, all of them made some sort of an initial statement before the first date, claiming they were NOT looking for sex and that he should understand they were NOT easy nor were they looking for a one night stand! He always responded that he had no expectations and just hoped to enjoy their company. So, having made no move before the third date, some began to wonder if he might possibly be gay. To that end, some decided to try a seduction approach to check his response. Ultimately, none of them were ever disappointed!

Often during conversation after dinner, the women would managed to steer the subject to sex …. having moved to the sofa with an after finner cordial …. a successful approach in most every case. Some used the casual “boob in the the arm approach” as if by accident, a couple began a well planned scenario of innocently stroking his leg and gradually working up toward “the junction!” The two who used that persuasion were not disappointed when they encountered a stiff and rising erection, already awaiting their maneuvering fingers, which usually happened in the middle of a well executed French kiss. When one of Don’s hands sought out a breast, there was never any resistance and he knew that “dessert” was about to be served. He was always amused, that, once a woman decided “that night was the night,” how determined she became to accomplish her goal.

In Jeanne’s case, she found herself wanting “something” much sooner than she had expected. About five months after the funeral, she acquiesced to a couple of casual dates with an older friend and on the third one, he decided to make his move. They had returned from a lovely dinner where he had treated her to an expensive dinner with good wine and ample smooth talk, all of which she rather enjoyed. Neither were feeling any pain at the end of dinner. They were just feeling good and enjoying each other’s company! They had made an early evening of it and were back at Jeanne’s where she invited him in for a “9:30 night cap” ….. and so the stage was set. Jeanne loved to be kissed and soon they were locked in an passionate embrace in the den bursa escort and George (age 72) was rapidly raising her blood pressure as their tongues dueled. On the to previous dates, she has received a polite kiss good night, but George had not gone any farther than that. Before she realized it, he was caressing a breast and, though surprised, she decided she didn’t seem to mind that at all. In fact, it felt good to be wanted again! He eventually got around to undoing three buttons on the front of her blouse and without realizing it, he had pulled the blouse from her skirt. As the kissing continued, he worked the blouse up high enough up her back to reach the hooks on the back of her bra. Once unhooked, she felt his hands massaging her back as he hugged her to him. The sensation was wonderful and as they broke a long kiss for air, his hand slipped around her side until it had slipped under the cup of her loose bra and was caressing her breast. Almost immediately he felt a very erect and sensitive nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. His lips soon followed.

It seemed like forever since Jeanne had felt that thrill of pure passion, that internal roar in her ears …. that undeniable horniness she was feeling at that moment, as his tongued teased and sucked on both her nipples. She totally surrendered to the pleasures of his touch as she thought back to her days in high school when she had that first experience of allowing her steady touch with her breasts for the first time. Now however, her urges to advance this passion, instinctively caused her hands moved to his belt and zipper and soon Jeanne had expertly exposed him to her cool, manipulating touch. His excitement was definitely a match for hers as he sought out her womanhood. She had rolled to her side on the sofa to be more accommodating, she was very aware of his hand as it move inside the elastic and of her slacks, inside the top of her pantyhose and down across her abdomen. She was experiencing for the first time in years that fluttering tremor in her stomach as his fingers continued on their journey. The shock of feeling his middle finger suddenly dipping and stroking it’s way through her rapidly moistening pubic hairs, set off alarms and passion she could barely remember and she felt no desire to fight off his advances. They simply felt TOOOOO good! His erection, fiercely caught in her grip, was twisting and turning like a snake caught in a trap…. but he, too, was loving every twist and turn of it. She was, after all, a true expert!

Then, as if in slow motion, George released Jeanne long enough to allow her entire body shift and pivot on her hip, her face beginning a slow decent to the front of his unzipped trousers. Her hand still held his manhood, captured and stroking it up and down through her teasing fingers. It was at this point that he fully began to realize exactly where she was headed. His body twisted, too, to align his erect cock on a direct path to Jeanne’s lips. Like those two attracting dogie magnets, their bodies were rapidly drawn together until her tongue slithered out, snake-like, searching until it made contact with the tip of his rigid cock. A slight smirk danced across her hidden face as she felt him respond to her flicking tongue. She was about to enjoy getting back into the swing of things! Her fist felt him flex and thrust in an attempt to bring it to her mouth. But she needed no encouragement …. she just wanted to tease it a bit first!

“Ohhhhhhh,” he moaned. ‘Suck it, Jeanne,” he moaned, surprised at his own words, as she thought to herself, “Beg me, beg me a little first, George!!”

Unable to restrain herself any longer, her tongue lapped across the head of it before she finally engulfed the colorfully engorged head of his cock and slowly pushed head of it up and into her mouth. Her lips slowly slid down the first half of his throbbing cock as her tongue teased the sensitive underside as her mouth began some serious sucking. While her mouth slurped up over the end of it, her hand continued to jack off that portion that was still not buried in her mouth.

In the meantime, and almost with out her awareness, his hand had moved to push her slacks and pantyhose down and instinctively, she had raised her fanny to let him push them down beyond her knees. Turning on to her side and raising the knee of her top leg, his fingers had complete access to her smoldering pussy. His middle finger was once again buried deep inside her, curling back and up against her aroused G-spot while the pad of his thumb rotated on her hard and erect clit. She was easily guided her to her first thundering orgasm of the evening, the first of many that night! Agonizing moans were finally transitioned into muffled shrieks of passion followed by the flailing of her abdomen as a genuine orgasm exploded in her for the first time in more than two years. Most of her body remained levitated above the sofa for moments, her mouth now gasping, bursa escort bayan removed from his saliva covered cock, before she crash down to earth again with a magnificently “lung clearing” sigh that almost muted the words she spoke, “Oh, my gawd, George, did I ever need that.”

She lay there limp for a couple of minutes before her hand began searching for his softened cock. When she found it, it quickly began to stiffened back to life and her mouth moved to capture it for more of her “world class sucking.” George moved around until he was on his side and in a position where he cold thrust it easily into her sucking mouth. The sensations he was feeling were like nothing her had ever experienced, a combination of a wonderfully soft, wet and suctioning mouth. Gradually, he pulled her abdomen closer and eventually managed to wedge his face between her thighs as he sought her pussy with his tongue. The commonly referenced “69” was not among her favorite positions, but the playfulness of his tongue was driving her crazy as she attempted to get as much of his cock in her mouth as possible. With about a seven inches to work with, a majority of it fit.

This scenario continued without words for another ten or fifteen minutes when he heard garbled sounds emanating from Jeanne’s still filled mouth, ….”Oh God, George, I have to have the real thing in there!”

George, in his teasing mood asked in the throes of passion, “Ahh, what is it you are talking about?”

Jeanne’s mumbled reply was, “You know darn well what I’m talking about!”

“I …. I can’t understand when you talk with your mouth full,” followed by his snicker.

“Ouch, …. hey, stop biting me, Jeanne! Are you asking me to put it into you?” George inquired coyly?

“God, you can be impossible. Yes, that IS what I was asking.”

“Okay, Sweetheart, that can definitely be arranged!” And with that said, he pivoted on the sofa and aimed his seven inches of harden manhood straight at her pussy. But, George continued to tease. As “it” made the first initial contact with the pussy lips, he stopped, moving its head up and down her “heat generating target” before gradually easing the head of his cock slowly into just the opening. However, his stalling tactic was only frustrating Jeanne and she lost her patience by ordering him, “WILL YOU PLEASE JUST PUSH IT IN!! …. You are driving me absolutely crazy!” Finally he buried two or three inches of it in her and then slowly withdrew all but a half inch. He slowly began to push back into her, this time giving her about four inches of it. This tease continued until, at last, he had successfully planted all seven plus inches into totally her welcoming and gripping pussy, his balls up against her ass, aided to some degree by her heels which were locked above his hips, forcing him down fully into her.

“Oh, my gawd that feels good! Move it around, George, it feels so good in there! Do it to me, … yes, just like that ….. Aahhh….. I just love that feeling of having you inside me like this!”

It was an outstanding performance for this seventy-three year old man. George continued to rock back and forth, pushing her to three violent orgasms in succession before she finally pulled away, stating that her overly sensitive clit could not stand any more for a while.

Subtly, when she had caught her breath, Jeanne’s head once again dropped to George’s lap and began licking and sucking and within moments, his hands held her head firmly in place as his cock entered her sucking mouth. He felt that tell-tail tightening in his balls, so did Jeanne, indicating his climax was only moments away. Then, in a moment of sheer pleasure, he exploded into her mouth as she sucked him dry, even licked up those drops that had escaped her lips and had dripped down on her hand.


George was not Jeanne’s only paramour. There was a young man, David, who did frequent odd jobs around her house and yard. He WAS a hunk, 19 years old, 6-4 and about 190 pounds. Good looking, he had even played some very small parts in a couple of movies that were being shot in Tucson. Oh, how she had dreamed of bedding him down. But recognizing the fact that she could almost be his grandmother, caused her to control those animal urges. He stopped one morning unexpectedly to see about an outside faucet that seemed to be leaking around the hose connection. She had just showered and was finishing her make-up and hair when the door bell rang. Thinking it was the UPS truck that always stopped about this time and left immediately after ringing the bell, she opened the door to the carport and was bending over to retrieve the package when she looked up to see David only a couple a yards away, peering innocently down the gap of her loose fitting light weight robe. He had arrived just as the UPS truck left. He rushed to help her pick up the package, though unable to pry his eyes from her exposed breasts. When they stood up with the package be held by both of them, his eyes were escort bursa still focused much lower. He still stared helplessly, riveted on her breasts and her now rapidly erecting nipples. The fabric of her thin robe was drawn tightly over them with her end of the large box pressed up snuggly against her waist.

When eye contact was finally made, both were blushing and Jeanne was amused. She finally released the box and turned to go into the house, holding the door for David who now carried the box alone. Fascinated that this hunk was captivated and fascinated by her breasts, she placed her arms across her waist, again stretching the flimsy fabric over her even more erected nipples, curious to see if his eyes would again be magnetize to them. As he turned around, they were still focused there and she smiled confidently.

“That was so sweet of you to carry that in for me, David, but I was not expecting you until much later in the day,” she said, making conversation.

“Well, we had an order of steel that was supposed to be at the site early this morning, but it won’t be there until after 3 PM so I just thought I’d stop by to take a look at that faucet. Seems I caught you at a bad time……” his eyes now locked on hers, only to magnetically drawn down to her breasts momentarily before looking directly into her eyes. Aware she was aware and blushing awkwardly, he said to her, “You sure have a (cough, cough) …. a …. great looking figure, Mrs. Buckhold! I hope I didn’t embarrass you, catching you in your robe,” he blurted out and then blushing an even brighter red at the boldness of his comment. Jeanne turned to the refrigerator and pulled out two Cokes, turned and walked into the den, motioning with her head that David realizing was to follow. They both sat on the couch when Jeanne had patted the cushion next to her. She sat sort of side-saddle, facing him with the hem of her robe half way up her thigh. When he turned around to seat himself, she thought she saw a slight “bulge” at the from of his short work pants. Working in Tucson in the summer with temperatures often to 110 to the 115 degrees, loose fitting pants and shirts were the order of the day. She smiled as he took a long swig of the cold Coke and immediately fought back the urge to belch.

The conversation wandered as they talked about the heat and his construction project, but she eventually steered the questions around to his romantic life. He was certainly a handsome young man who would never have trouble attracting women ….younger or older. His blue eyes and short blond hair and tanned, rugged appearance would attract a wide range of women, regardless of age, she thought. As they talked, however, she had manage to move, causing the hem to creep up another inch or two and the front of her garment to gap slightly, something his eyes had not missed. Causally, she mentioned how tan his arms were and had reached over and stroked his muscular forearm and patter his wrist at one point. The seemingly innocent contact caused her to shivered slightly as she felt his muscles flex as a wave of pure lust race through her. He had noticed all of this, but simply smiled at her. While working at the house, he had often wondered what a woman of sixty might be like, but never dared to even imagine if she’d be interested in him, still practically a kid in her eyes.

She found herself losing track of the conversation as she wondered what his reaction would be if a woman old enough to be his grandmother were to make a move on him. He’d probably freak-out, she thought, leaving her embarrassed. Probably better play it straight, she thought, but yet, there seemed to be more than a passing interest in her boobs and where that hem seemed to be moving. A few minutes later, her hand moved again, almost involuntarily, stroking his forearm a second time. Looking him directly in his eyes, she commented on how strong young men were these days …… and handsome, too. In part because of her inner most thoughts ….. and in part because of the air conditioning and the silky fabric of her silky robe moving over them, she was definitely becoming aroused and realized her nipples were hard as rocks … something that had not escaped either of them!

David had not missed anything! He was well aware that something was going on between them and was finding it difficult to look directly into her eyes when talking to her. When she spoke, her voice was a million miles, as if she was talking through a long tube and he continued to be helplessly drawn to those incredible boobs with those great, pointed and hardened nipples that were only inches away from him. Oh, how he desired to reach out and touch them …. but fearful of the consequences!

“It seems to be quite cool in here,” she said rather nonchalantly, as she moved the palms of her hands up and down the outside of her own bare arms, a gesture intended to warm the skin. This only caused him to focus on that motion which was causing her breasts to sway. It also enhance the visibility of her already visible cleavage as her robe moved on it’s own. Following his eyes for a moment, she glanced down at her cleavage, only to see that her nipples totally outline in the fabric, their arousal totally obvious.

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