Breast Friend Ch. 06

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–SESSION 11– Paige, Nicole, Chelsea and Janine

Peter woke up the next morning with the excited glee of a man who had won the lottery. The triplets had smothered him into oblivion, and he knew things would only get better from here. It was time to begin combining girls into larger sessions, where he would further assert his newfound power.

As he went about his day, Peter’s mind raced with fantastic possibilities. Who would he summon first? And what would he have them do? He found himself licking his lips over and over again as fantastic fantasies crawled through his brain. And one of the best parts? Their tits were still growing. He didn’t know when exactly the drug would lose its effect, but he fully intended to hold onto this harem for as long as he could.

Peter texted Paige, Nicole, Chelsea and Janine first. He wanted to segment the twenty women into five ensembles of fourÔÇönot so many that he would be totally overwhelmed, but enough that he could fully spoil himself. He noted that his plan was not to have sex with them yet; another round of exclusive breast focus was just what he needed, especially if he intended to hold his load long enough to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He arrived at Paige and Nicole’s house at the designated time for Chelsea and Janine to arrive. The two sisters opened the door, and Peter once again mentally thanked the drug for the fantastic bounty it was continually bestowing upon him.

Paige and Nicole were each at least F cups by now. They wore fluffy white bathrobes, as per Peter’s instructions, but he could still see those robes straining to pull their waist ties off and free the girls’ monstrous melons. The two young women were still ready to cater to Peter’s every whim, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Hey, you.” Nicole winked.

“Come on in, baby.” Paige grinned, welcoming him in.

Peter received a warm, wet kiss from each sister as he entered.

“You girls ready?” he asked.

“You bet we are!” Nicole responded enthusiastically.

“Where are Chelsea and Janine?”

“They’re waiting for you.” Paige replied.

Nicole and Paige led Peter to the house’s master bathroom, where a large, glass-door shower was stationed in the far corner. The bathroom, which belonged to their parents, was lavishly decorated and beautiful to look at, but Peter was thoroughly distracted by Chelsea and Janine, who waited for him in bathrobes that matched those of the two sisters.

Chelsea and Janine were also at F cup level. Peter began to drool as he realized that this was actually going to happen. He had texted the girls two hours ago:

“Paige, Nicole, Chelsea, Janine: group shower at Paige and Nicole’s house. Two hours. Wear bathrobes to discard upon my arrival.”

Now, here they were. It was all happening Ankara escort as he had demanded. Chelsea and Janine smiled warmly at him. Chelsea, with her short hair but beautiful, sultry facial expression, and Janine, with her breasts that looked disproportionate on her frame even before the transformation; now they were simply cartoonish.

Paige, Nicole, Chelsea and Janine lined up in front of Peter, their hands at the ready to discard their only articles of clothing.

“Are you ready, sir?” Chelsea inquired earnestly.

“Yes.” Peter said, with an air of regality, “Take them off.”

His girls obeyed.

Four robes fell to the tile floor, and eight enormous breasts were revealed to his gaze. His mouth fell open. These girls had not been topless in front of him before, but they appeared stunningly unfazed, as though they knew this was a necessity and that they might as well do it. He went from one girl to the next, gawking unabashedly. The quartet simply retained their polite half-smiles, knowing that their role was not even close to fulfilled. After a long moment, Janine’s voice broke the silence.

“Shall we?”

Peter nodded dumbly. The girls approached the shower. Paige ran the water and beckoned Peter over to check its temperature. He signaled that it was appropriate, and the girls began to file in. First Paige, then her younger sister Nicole, then Chelsea and Janine. Each one of them had to hold their boobs in their hands to shove them through the narrow glass doorframe, but soon it was finally time for Peter to enter.

He deftly discarded his own clothes and slipped into the shower, his erection leading the way. He was greeted with the sight of the four women dampening their hair and bodies under the warm spray, naked as the day they were born. It was a tight squeeze in that shower with those four hotties, but Peter had a rough shower agenda in his head. He shut the door, got himself wet and comfortable, and then turned to Nicole.

“Body wash?” he asked.

Nicole nodded and picked up a bottle of thick pink body soap from the edge of the shower. He took it as though it were a scepter, and popped the lid open.

“Who wants to go first?” he inquired, looking the girls over.

None of the girls were particularly excited at the prospect of Peter washing their tits, but they knew it was not up to them, and that he would want them to at least feign enthusiasm.

“Me.” Paige said, stepping forward.

“No, me.” Chelsea countered, stepping even closer.

“Me, please.” Janine said, mimicking her roommate.

“Please, sir.” Nicole pleaded gently, stepping so close to Peter that her F cups almost grazed his bare chest. “Wash mine first.”

Peter decided to grant Nicole’s wish. He poured a healthy handful of body wash into his hand and licked Ankara escort bayan his lips hungrily as Nicole pushed her chest out toward him. Peter thought of all the time he had spent fantasizing about Nicole; how pretty she was, how hot, how desirable, and now here she was. Asking him nicely to wash her enormous breasts, in the shower with three other busty beauties.

It was time.

He took what was his. His slippery hands clutched her huge boobs, smearing them with pink body wash. He smiled and sighed with delight as his slid his palms over her nipples, squishing her flesh between his fingers in ecstasy. The soap only added to his rapture, as he covered Nicole’s rack with suds and made sure every inch was lathered up. He felt no need to wash any other part of her; she and the others knew that this was Titty Time.

Nicole stood there, allowing this to occur, a demure smile etched onto her face. Underneath that was surely some humiliation. Paige, Chelsea and Janine remained under the cascading water, knowing their turns were coming, but wondering who would be next.

Peter bounced Nicole’s tits in his hands a few times, saving their weight and heft. They were truly huge breasts, and they were all his. After a few coats of soap suds, he removed his hands and nodded to Nicole, cuing her to rinse off.

“Chelsea.” he said simply, prompting her to present herself.

As Nicole rinsed, Chelsea stepped forward to within arm’s reach of Peter. He squeezed out some more body wash, and repeated the process with her. He grinned as he rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. In spite of herself, she cooed lightly when he did so. He lathered them generously and squeezed their suppleness to his heart’s content.


Without a word, Paige and Chelsea switched places, and Peter began his third round of tit-scrubbing. Peter locked eyes with Nicole for a moment as he fondled her older sister’s jugs without so much as a single protest.

“I love these titties.” Peter said, breaking the silence.

“I’m glad.” Paige said, smiling warmly.

He jiggled them around and gave them three coats of soap before nodding for Paige to be dismissed and eyeing Janine, who stood in the corner of the shower, waiting patiently and reluctantly for her turn.


Paige rinsed off next to her sister. To Janine’s surprise, Peter handed her the bottle, indicating that he wanted her to begin the process. She obeyed, squirting a healthy gob just above her rack. Peter went to work, rubbing it in thoroughly and washing his fourth pair of boobs.

“Mmm.” he intoned to himself.

Peter pushed Janine’s breasts together, creating an impressive line of cleavage, and slid them up and down against one another. His smile grew as this reminded him of what he wanted next. He motioned Escort Ankara for Janine to rinse, and then addressed the quartet once more.

“You know, girls, it seems unfair for you to get clean and not me.”

The girls made eye contact, seeming to understand. Nicole and Chelsea put body wash on their hands and stepped toward Peter, arms slightly extended.

“No, no.” Peter corrected. “You know what I want you to use.”

Janine and Paige locked eyes for a moment before taking the body wash from Nicole and pouring it on their enormous tits. They lathered it up themselves this time before stepping closer to Peter. Janine handed the body wash to Chelsea, who took the cue.

Peter looked behind him and saw an outcropping in the shower, used for seating. He took it. Janine and Paige crossed to either side of him, kneeling on the bench.

“Ready when you are.” Peter said, elated at what was about to happen.

Janine and Paige held the undersides of their F cups and pushed them gently yet firmly against Peter’s arms. They began to slide them up and down, washing him with their breasts as though they were using sponges. Janine leaned over and covered Peter’s chest next, as Paige moved upward toward his neck. Those giant boobs felt incredible all over his upper body, so smooth and soft and silken…

“Don’t forget my face.” he told Paige, a smug smile on his face.

Paige merely nodded and raised up on her knees. She shoved her tits in his face and rubbed them around sensually. Peter moaned with joy from insider her wet, slippery cleavage as she washed his face for him. Janine was almost done with his stomach and chest.

When Paige finally released Peter’s head from her tits, he opened his eyes to see Chelsea and Nicole standing at the ready, pink liquid soap already on their huge endowments. As Janine and Paige continued to dutifully wash his arms, he gave them the other two girls their marching orders.

“What about the legs?”

He motioned toward the floor of the shower with his eyes. Chelsea and Nicole’s eyes burned with the quiet fuel of resentment, but after a moment, they took to their knees. Paige watched as her sister and their friend knelt before Peter, totally naked, holding their large breasts upward with their small hands. Slowly, they brought their boobs to his shins.

Peter closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation. Four enormous, sudsy pairs of jugs bulged all over his body, and these four babes rubbed him down gently and lovingly in the best shower he had ever taken. Squishy, warm, supple flesh caressed his arms, shoulders, neck, knees and legs, and he simply laid back and sighed. This was the life.

“Janine, it’s your turn to do my face.”

Janine soaped up her tits some more, lathered up before his eyes, and mushed her rack into his face, securing him tightly in her moist, slippery cleavage.

“Ahhh…” Peter moaned, feeling Chelsea, Nicole and Paige still hard at work.

Now, he wondered, who to summon next? And what would he have them do?

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