Brian’s Story

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“Mom, can we talk?” Brian said, standing at the doorway to my mother’s bedroom.

Lisa was lying in her bed reading a book, one of those dime store romance books, soft porn disguised as novels. She looked up at her son and smiled, as she patted the bed beside her. Brian couldn’t help but notice her erect nipples poking against the fabric of her silk nightgown as she shifted her position to make room for him; he had been noticing things like that more and more as of late. As he sat down on the edge of the bed, she leaned over and placed her book on the night stand, her movements serving to pull the fabric even tighter against her flesh, outlining the fullness of her breasts and the erect nipples.

As Brian sat there staring at her breasts through the thin fabric, he felt his cock beginning to harden. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. A mistake, as soon as he closed his eyes, images of his mother’s naked body flashed through his mind. He shifted around, placing his hands in his lap to try and cover the growing erection. This was going to be more difficult than he thought.

Brian opened his eyes, sighing in relief when he saw that his mom had repositioned herself, and the nightgown was no longer stretched taught against her flesh. She stared at him questioningly as he sat there, his hands fidgeting nervously in his lap. He had planned this all out in his head, but now that he was here in front of her, his whole planned out conversation seemed ridiculous. A son just didn’t go up to his mother and say what Brian had intended on saying. There are just some lines you don’t cross.

“What is it, Brian?” she asked, becoming impatient.

Brian took a deep breath and started speaking, slowly at first, but then like a dam letting loose, it all flowed out. He told her about his failed attempts at sex with Kelly. With each statement, the next became easier, the words flowing off his tongue easier and easier with each sentence. She just sat there, not even a nod of understanding, or a look of embarrassment.

“What do you mean it swells up?” Lisa said, after Brian explained Kelly’s reason for breaking up with him.

“Just that, mom.” he replied. “It swells up until it’s huge. It’s so big, Kelly says it hurts her.”

Lisa couldn’t help but glance down at the bulge in Brian’s shorts. She had to admit it was a rather large bulge, but by no means was it abnormally so.

“Well Brian,” she began, her voice calm and controlled, “I’m sure you know about how sex works. It’s quite normal for a man’s, uhm, penis to swell up during sex. Usually, the more excited he gets, the more blood flows into his penis, making it swell.”

“And as for Kelly, maybe she just wasn’t able to handle you. That doesn’t mean other women couldn’t. In fact many women prefer a slightly larger penis, when it comes to sex.” she said, at the same time thinking to herself, “God knows I do!”

She reached out and grabbed his hand from his lap, pulling it to her lips and giving it a quick kiss. As she did, Brian quickly moved his other hand to try to cover the obvious bulge.

“It doesn’t just get big, mom.” Brian said, his face turning red with embarrassment. “It gets huge. Kelly said it’s a monster.”

“Look, Brian. I don’t know what else I can tell you. If Kelly say’s it’s huge, then maybe to her it is. Still, I bet that you will find someone who can appreciate your, uhm gift.” Lisa said, finding that she kept glancing at his crotch as she spoke. “I don’t know, maybe you should find a girl with, uhm, a bit more experience.”

“Now, I invited your Aunt Julie over for dinner tonight. She’s been really depressed since the divorce, and I was hoping a night of cards might cheer her up. How about you run down to Leomin’s and pick up a couple of pizzas while I get a shower and get dressed?” As she said this she leaned back over again, grabbing her purse from the floor. His eyes followed her, and as she reached out for her purse, he could see down her nightgown, one entire breast nipple and all clearly visible. He thought he was going to explode in his pants.

“Oh, and pick up a bottle of wine from Lighthouse.” she added as she sat back up and handed him the money.

Brian slid from the bed, keeping his body turned away as he stood up. His mom had already grabbed up her book and was reading again as he headed toward the door. He had just stepped out of the room and was about to close the door when she called out to him.

“And Brian,” she said, looking up at him, “Don’t worry; things have a way of working themselves out. Just give it time. You’re barely twenty-one; you have your whole life to find the right girl.”

Brian just nodded and tried to smile as he slowly closed the door.

Lisa waited until she heard the front door close. She had known for some time that Brian had been stealing her underwear. She had found several pair stuffed in the bottom of the hamper with dried cum on them. She wasn’t even that surprised by how aroused he Ankara escort got when he was sitting on her bed. She couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his trousers when he was sitting on her bed or the look on his face when she grabbed his hand, her fingers coming dangerously close to that bulge.

What had surprised her was her own reaction to seeing him so aroused and his candid talk about sex.

Of course she had tried to blame it on the novel she was reading, but she knew the truth of it. The book fell to the bed as she slid down, kicking the covers off. Her fingers began caressing, exploring her own body, pushing the soft fabric aside as they explored, moving slowly downward, promising at least some relief.

Leomin’s was packed, and they told Brian it would be half an hour before the pizza’s would be ready so Brian drove over to Lighthouse Liquor to pick up the wine. As he walked up and down the aisle trying to look like he knew what he was doing, the sales clerk stood at the counter staring at him. After several minutes of staring at bottles without a clue of what to get, Brian grabbed one and walked up to the counter.

“Special night?” the clerk asked, taking the bottle and running it under the scanner.

“I guess. I mean, yeah!” Brian replied, not wanting to look foolish if he had bought some sort of wine for special occasions.

“You know, a special night is always a bit more special with flowers.” he said, nodding toward a vase in front of the register.

“Uhm, sure.” Brian replied, pulling two flowers from the vase. “Two of them, then.”

The clerk raised one eyebrow, and Brian wondered if he had screwed up. No matter, now. The clerk asked for his ID. Brian pulled it out, and handed it to him. The clerk raised his eyebrows again as he read it, looking from the ID to Brian and back again.

“It’s me.” Brian said, reciting off his name address and date of birth, along with the driver’s license number for extra measure.

The clerk just smiled and handed the ID back before taking the money Brian held out to him.

“Just had to make sure, son.” the clerk said, handing Brian his change and the bag.

By the time Brian got back to Leomin’s the pizzas were waiting. He drove home and carried the stuff into the house. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw mom standing at the counter talking on the phone while trying to make a salad. He put the bags on the counter and went over to help her. She was still in her nightgown, over which she had thrown a robe, left untied in the front. He nodded toward the bathroom and told her to go take her shower, while he finished getting things ready. She nodded at him, and walked away, the phone still held in the crook of her shoulder.

Brian put the wine in the fridge and the pizza in the oven, before finishing the salad. Then he cleared the dining room table off and set out plates and glasses. At the last second, he remembered the roses, and put one on each of the two plates, one for his mom, and one for his aunt.

“So what are you going to do?” Julie said, adjusting the phone as she slipped on a pair of lace panties, pulling them up to cover her freshly shaven mound.

“What do you mean, what am I going to do?” Lisa responded, as she turned on the shower. “What can I do?”

“Well, the way I see it you got two choices.” Julie responded, grunting as she pulled her too tight jeans up. “You can ignore it and he’ll just get worse, or you can play match maker, and set him up with some young girl who’ll spread her legs. Get the boy laid, girl. If he’s as big as you say he is, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. He really is that big, huh?”

“Put it this way.” Lisa said, feeling a little uncomfortable, “His hand barely covered it. Christ, when I bent over and caught him staring down my nightgown, I thought it was going to burst right out of his shorts!”

“God, if I hadn’t married your husband’s brother.” Julie muttered, as she sucked in her stomach and snapped her jeans.

“Julie!” Lisa admonished, “He’s your nephew and my son!”

“Oh, come on Lisa.” Julie replied, starting to put on her bra, but changing her mind, a wicked smile coming to her face. “Tell me you didn’t at least think about it. Something that big, I bet you damn near creamed yourself.”

“I did not!” Lisa replied, cursing at Julie for being right. “And that’s not the point.”

“Okay, okay!” Julie said pulling her sweater over her head, shivering as the rough fabric dragged across her nipples. “I tell you what. There are a couple of girls I know. I’ll talk to them.”

“Uhm, alright.” Lisa responded surprised by the how she felt; jealous. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

Julie hung up the phone and walked over to her dresser, pulling her sweater down over her jeans. Looking into the mirror she smiles approvingly. The sweater, like the jeans was a size too small, and hugged her skin, forming to the shape of her well formed breasts, the outline of her nipples clear through the Ankara escort bayan rough fabric.

“Alright, girls.” she said, looking down at her breasts clearly outlined by the tight fitting sweater. “I told Lisa I’d talk to a couple of my friends about Brian. What do you say?”

Lisa stripped down and climbed into the shower, painfully aware that her earlier session after Brian had left had only served to deepen her desire. She stood under the warm spray and closed her eyes. She was in her bed. It was dark out, and a noise had awakened her. There were footsteps coming down the hallway. They stopped, and she heard the handle of her door turn. The door opened, and Brian stood there. He was completely naked and his member, even now she couldn’t think of it as a cock, his member was pointing straight out at her, pulsing and twitching. Even in the dim light from the hallway, she could see the fluids oozing from the tip as he walked slowly across the room.

She felt the bed shift as he knelt down beside her, his hand reaching under the covers to slowly trace a path up her leg. His fingers began caressing her, gently pushing against the fleshy lips of her opening. She could feel her juices starting to flow, covering his fingers as he slid one inside her, slowly moving it around.

“Ohh god.” she cried, wanting to pull away from him, but her body just thrust upward against his intruding fingers. “Ohhh, please, Brian we can’t, we mustn’t.” she moaned as he inserted another finger into her.

Her body betrayed her, her hips thrusting upward, as her hand reached out to grasp his massive member.

“We mustn’t but god, I need you.” she moaned, pulling him onto her, guiding his cock, oh god, his cock into her anxiously waiting body.

“Stop it!” Lisa thought, stepping back. She grabbed the body wash and hurried through her shower.

With the table ready, Brian headed to his room, wanting to change before his aunt arrived. As he walked past the bathroom, he saw that the door was partially open. He could hear the shower running, and as he reached out to pull the door closed, he heard a soft moan. He stopped abruptly, listening to his mother.

“Oh God, oh please, oh, ohh!” she moaned.

Brian recognized the sounds immediately. As he stood there listening to her moans, his cock hardened, straining against his shorts. His hand dropped down to caress his cock through his shorts as he continued to listen to his mother.

“Oh yes baby, please, ohh god, Brian.” she moaned.

Brian froze, his hand gripping his cock through his shorts. “Had she just called out his name?” he thought, taking a step backwards.

He heard her again, using his name. He stepped backwards, moving away from the door, unable to believe what he was hearing. He turned and walked to his room, his mind spinning as he pulled the door closed.

“Could it be that she wanted him?” he thought, standing with his back to the door.

By the time Julie pulled into the driveway she was no longer so sure it had been a good idea to dress the way she had. Still there was nothing to do about it now. Parking her car, she climbed out and walked toward the house, the feel of the fabric on her bare tits as they bounced with each step was enough to remove any feelings of doubt about what she was doing.

Lisa met her at the door, a look of uneasiness on her face. Julie’s jaw dropped when she saw what Lisa was wearing, a short cut skirt and a sheer silk top, sheer enough that Julie could see her bra through the thin fabric. The two women hugged then walked inside.

“Brian, Aunt Julie’s here.” Lisa called out as the two women walked into the dining room.

“You would almost think he was getting ready for a romantic evening.” Julie said walking up to the table and picking up one of the roses.

She put the flower to her nose to smell it, but suddenly pulled it away, as one of the petals sprung upward, revealing a lacelike material.

“Oh my god!” she said, putting the rose down, “Those are panty roses!”

Just then Brian walked in. “Hi Aunt Julie.” he called walking across the room.

Julie spun around, feeling her breasts sway, the nipples rubbing roughly against the knit.

“Uhm, Hi Brian.” she said, feeling her face flush.

She picked up her rose, and held it to her nose. “Uhm, thanks for the rose, where did you get it?” she said, letting the loose lace catch between her teeth. She slowly pulled, loosening the binding, and the skimpy lace panties popped out.

“Oops.” she said, smiling, “I think I broke it.”

“Its alright.” she said, seeing Brian blush. “I think they’re adorable, don’t you Lisa?”

Lisa just stood there shocked by what had just transpired.

“I’ll get the pizza and wine.” he said walking past then and into the kitchen.

“I’ll get the cards out.” Lisa said, frowning at Julie. She had noticed the way Julie’s breasts swayed in her sweater and how her nipples were poking out against the fabric. Escort Ankara It was totally clear she had come over without a bra. And the stunt with the panties was way over the top.

“What are you doing, going braless like that.” she whispered as she walked past Julie.

“Like you can talk.” Julie hissed in response.

“What are you talking about, I’m wearing a bra.” Lisa responded, stopping to stare at her sister in law.

“Yeah, I know. It’s a white lace bra that barely covers your nipples. A Victoria Secret bra if I’m not mistaken.” Julie replied, straightening her sweater.

Lisa just blushed and turned away. She hadn’t realized just how see thru the blouse was, “Or did I?” she thought, grabbing the cards and returning to the table.

Moments later Brian entered carrying the pizza and the bottle of wine. They all sat around the table as Brian served up the pizza. Julie offered to pour the wine, but Brian shook his head. He hadn’t failed to notice his mother’s sheer blouse, or his aunt’s nipples trying to poke holes through her sweater. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he damn sure was going to enjoy the view. He moved around to stand beside his mom and bent over to fill her glass, taking the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her breasts through the opening in her blouse.

Julie sat watching, as Brian ogled his mother’s breasts. With the wine glass filled, he paused for a moment, and then moved over to stand beside her chair. As he filled her glass, it was like she could feel his eyes on her. She glanced over and almost gasped at the obvious bulge in his crotch. Lisa hadn’t been exaggerating. She doubted that she could get her fingers completely around it and it had to be almost ten inches long. Glancing over at Lisa, she arched her eyebrow.

The three of them began playing cards. Every time either of the girls’ glasses was empty Brian would jump up and refill both of them each time taking the opportunity to stare down their blouses.

They were playing Rummy, and by the time the second game was done, the wine bottle was empty. Lisa had just finished the last bit of wine in her glass, and set it down, looking over at Brian.

“Sorry, mom.” he said, holding up the bottle. “It’s empty.”

“Hey, wait a minute.” Julie piped in. “How come only your mom and I are drinking?”

Brian shrugged and put the bottle down. “I don’t like wine.” he said, holding out his hands.

“So what do you like?” Julie said, leaning out onto the table, her arms positioned to force her breasts together so that they nearly spilled out the top of her sweater.

“Well, uhm, rum I guess.” Brian said blatantly staring at his aunt’s tits.

Lisa, who hadn’t eaten any pizza, was already feeling the effects of the wine. She looked at Brian, staring at Julies tits which were damn near bursting out of her sweater. “And boob’s, apparently.” she thought.

“What’s that?” Julie said looking at her.

Lisa put her hand to her mouth suddenly realizing she had spoken out loud.

“How about you go get some of that rum?” Julie said, returning her attention to Brian.

“Well, uhm is that alright, mom?” he said, looking over at Lisa.

Lisa just nodded, her mind whirling with the effects of the wine, and the obvious sexual tension in the air. As Brian got up and headed to the kitchen, Lisa stood up as well.

“I’ll be right back.” she said as she headed down the hallway and into the bathroom.

As Julie heard the door close, she jumped up and headed into the kitchen. Brian had grabbed a bottle of coke and some glasses, and was reaching into the cupboard above the fridge. She walked up behind him quietly slipping her arms around his waist, as she pressed into his back. She felt him go stiff, as her hands reached around to caress his stomach, just above his belt line.

“Need some help?” she said, her fingers sliding up under his shirt to stroke his bare skin.

“Uh, no thanks.” he said, twisting sideways and stepping away from her. As he did he felt her fingers drop down tracing a path across the front of his legs coming within an inch of his cock.

“You know, Brian.” Julie said, reaching out and running her fingers down his chest, stopping just below his belt line. “If there’s ever anything I can do for you.”

Brian just stood there, staring at his aunt, unable to believe that she was actually coming on to him. His skin tingled where she touched him, and his cock was straining against his pants. She moved in close, her breasts almost touching his chest as she looked up at him, smiling.

“And I do mean anything.” she whispered, letting her fingers slide down brushing across his swollen cock.

Just then, they both heard the bathroom door open, and jumped apart, both of them blushing as they headed back into the dining room. They had just sat back down, Brian having to pause to adjust his erection, which caused him to blush even more, as Julie stared at him, running her tongue across her lips, when Lisa came strolling back into the room. Brian’s mouth fell open as he looked at his mother. Her blouse was tucked into her skirt and pulled down tight. He could clearly see the outline of bare breasts through the shirt.

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