Carina Pt. 05

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Kate’s body was amazing, and I wanted to know her secret. She’d started using a personal trainer, after we made love for the first time.

“Your body is so unbelievable, and I felt I needed to get mine into better shape,” she told me.

She certainly achieved that. We had amazing sex, exploring each other bodies.

“So who is your trainer?” I asked her.

“Zoe, and she is so hot.”

Zoe was one of the trainers at our gym. She had an amazing body, and I could never keep my eyes off her. Standing at just under six foot tall, and with long blonde hair, she was certainly striking. I teased Kate, and asked her if she had tried to get it on with her.

“I wish,” she laughed.

“Why don’t we organise a fitness session with her?” I asked her.

Kate was up for it, and said she’d contact her, to see if it was possible.

Thankfully, she was happy to do a session with us both. She was also happy to do it at my house. We were so looking forward to it.

Kate came over to mine early, on the day, to get ready. We put on our gym outfits, and we found it hard to keep our hands off each other.

Zoe arrived in her car, and we both watched her heading up the drive. She was fucking hot, wearing a blue hoodie sports tank top, and tight blue shorts. Her body was out of this world, with a nice pair of tits, and long legs. I answered the door, and invited her in.

“Hi Zoe, my names Carina, pleased to meet you.”

“Thank you, glad to meet you at last.”

“Kate told me all about your fitness training, and I wanted to experience it.”

“With a body like yours, you obviously do a lot of working out.”

“You have an amazing body also, if you don’t mind me saying,” I told her.

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied, with a big smile.

I showed her to the gym, where Kate greeted her.

“This place is impressive,” she told me.

We started doing our warm ups. What then followed, was forty minutes of hard work. We were all sweating, by the end of it. It always felt great, after a good work out.

“That was great Zoe, thank you so much,” I told her.

“You are both welcome,”

“Do you have istanbul travesti time for a drink?” I asked her.

“That would be nice.”

We headed to the indoor pool area, and told Zoe to make herself comfortable.

“Your place is truly fantastic, Carina.”

“I love it,” I replied.

“Is fresh orange juice OK for you both?” I asked.

They both said yes, so I fetched us three glasses. We sat around the table, having a lovely chat.

“So, do you have another half Zoe?” I asked her.

“I’ve been dating for about a year now. We get on so well, he is certainly Mr right. Would you like to see a photo of him?” she asked.

We both said yes, so she showed us a photo. He was a very hot looking black guy.

“Bet you two look hot together,” Kate said.

“I guess we do,” she laughed.

“Anyone fancy a swim?” I asked.

“If only I knew, I would have brought my swimming costume,” Zoe said.

“Who needs a swimming costume,” I said, then started removing my gym outfit.

Kate followed my example, and we both dove in the pool, naked. We swam a length, but unfortunately Zoe hadn’t joined us. When we swam back to the other end, I tried to get her to come in again.

“Come on Zoe, it feels great in here, you’ll love it.”

“It does look nice. OK I’ll come in,” she replied back.

We both watched, as she started to remove her clothes. She had gorgeous big tits, and her nipples were very big. Her pussy was nicely shaven. I could feel my nipples growing with arousal. Kate’s hand was caressing my ass.

“She is so sexy,” she whispered in my ear.

Zoe dived in, as we started swimming again. After a few lengths, I got out and sat on the side of the pool. My legs were slightly open, so Zoe had a good view of my pussy. Eventually, the two of them stopped beside me.

“Let’s go in the hot tub.”

And with that, I stood up and headed to it. It was lovely and warm, as I stepped into it. I turned the bubbles on, and sat back, watching Kate and Zoe getting out the pool. They started walking over to me.

“Kate do you fancy getting us a drink?” I asked her.

“Sure, istanbul travestileri I’ll fetch us some.”

Zoe got in beside me, as Kate went to get our drinks. She returned, and handed us our orange juice.

“This feels great Carina,” Zoe told me.

Kate got in, and sat the other side of me. I could feel her hand on my leg. My foot touched Zoe’s leg, and she didn’t move it. I turned to Kate and kissed her on the lips, thanking her for the drinks.

“It’s nice being able to share this with friends,” I replied back to Zoe.

Zoe raised her glass, and said “Cheers, to good friends.”

We raised our glasses to each other. Zoe sat up, so her tits were out the water. Her nipples were rock hard. She saw me looking at them, and gave me a sexy smile. I turned to Kate, who was also checking her out, and gave her a passionate kiss. My hand went between Kate’s legs, and she was soaking wet.

We stopped kissing, and looked at Zoe.

“I’m so sorry about that Zoe,” I told her.

“Don’t worry about it. Let me get us some more drinks ” she replied.

We watched her go to the fridge. Her ass was amazing.

“I want her so much,” Kate told me.

“You and me both babe,” I replied.

She returned with our drinks, but rather than coming into the hot tub, she sat on edge. Her nipples were definitely bigger than before. Could she be getting turned on, I wondered to myself.

“It’s pretty hot in here, I need to cool down a little,” I said.

I stood up, and stretched. My nipples were very large by now, and Zoe was looking at them. I sat near her, on the edge, and opened my legs wide. My pussy lips were fully exposed to her. She was checking out my body, then she slowly opened her legs. I was getting a good view, of her swollen lips.

I started playing with my nipples, while still looking at Zoe. She started licking her lips, while opening her legs wider. Her pussy lips, were very swollen, and looked wet. Our legs were touching each other by now. Kate stood up, and went down between my legs. Her tongue was buried inside my cunt. I let out a moan, as I felt her tongue exploring me.

I travesti istanbul looked at Zoe, and she was now playing with her pussy.

“You two are naughty girls,” she said.

I stood up in front of her, and she stood to meet me.

“Naughty, but nice,” I said.

She then started kissing me, her her fingers exploring my hole. Kate came behind me, and started playing with my tits.

“Why don’t we get more comfortable girls?” and led them both to the sofa.

We all dried off, then Kate and Zoe started kissing passionately. I sat on the sofa, watching them, my finger playing with my clit.

They stopped kissing, and Zoe said she loved the taste of me, while she was kissing Kate.

“I want some of that,” she said.

I opened my legs wide, so she could lick me. She knelt between my legs, her tongue licking my clit. Her finger was tracing along my lips, then she inserted it, inside me. She was now sucking my clit, as her finger went in and out. Kate was behind her, doing the same to Zoe.

“You are so wet,” Kate told her.

Zoe let out a loud moan, as an orgasm hit her.

It was my turn to taste Zoe, so she laid down on the sofa, her legs opened wide. Her body was unbelievable, as she laid there. Her nipples were huge, and her lips were very wet.

Kate was positioned, so Zoe could give her head. It was hot, watching her do this. I then went down on her, and she tasted so good. My tongue licked her lips, enjoying hearing her moaning for more. Kate came all of a sudden, as I started inserting a couple of fingers inside Zoe. My other hand started playing with her tits.

Kate came behind me, and started inserting her fingers into me. She started slapping my ass, as she was doing this.

“God, I feel so wet,” I told them.

“Let me taste how wet,” Zoe asked, so we went 69, with me on top. Her tongue was now buried inside me again, her fingers exploring my ass hole. She was very good at it, and I could feel an orgasm coming.

Me and Kate took turns, eating Zoe’s cunt. Every so often, we would kiss, or lips wet from her. Kate had three fingers inside me. All of a sudden, myself and Zoe had a massive orgasm. We told Kate to lie down, and we both went down on her. It wasn’t long until she came also.

Zoe took a shower, then got changed. We all agreed, we’d have to organise another fitness session again. She kissed Kate and myself, before heading home. What a day, what a body.

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