Closing Time

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There’s always one person you want but know you can never have. When you’re in high school, he’s the quarterback of the football team. The guy who exudes confidence and has every teenage girl hot and bothered when they think about him before bed. By the time you get to college, he’s your young, hot art professor and you go crazy imagining a very “Ghost” like moment with him behind you at the potters wheel. When you’re a young waitress at a small restaurant he might be the sexy blonde bartender but no matter who he is, the idea that you can never have him often makes you want him even more.

While all three of those have been my kryptonite at one time or another, its the third guy who really piqued my interest. Who still piques my interest…

It all started when I got a job serving at a local bar. The kind of place where everyone knows everybody and regular customers are more expected than diners checking the spot out for the first time. This was my first serving job so saying I was nervous would be an understatement. I walked in for my first night shift and the restaurant was pretty slow. A very cute blonde guy was standing behind the host station eyes affixed to a crossword puzzle. I felt an immediate attraction to him and stood at the door watching him for a little longer than necessary. Regaining my composure, I walked toward the stand but he was too wrapped up in the puzzle to notice.

“Lost,” I said.

That obviously got his attention because he finally looked up, “what?”

“Four letter word for confused. Lost. Which is what I am. My name is Eliza, I’m the new server.”

He smiled a gorgeous smile and stuck out his hand, “Yeah, sorry. We’re so slow tonight I wasn’t paying any attention to what time it was. I’m Jack.”

I took his hand and shook it holding on a little too long. What was wrong with me? I’m not usually this forward. He just smiled again and slowly pulled away.

I finally got into work mode and listened while Jack and another waitress showed me how things worked around the restaurant teaching me the POS system and giving me a tour. When we got to the storage shed behind the restaurant, my mind started to wander- it was just him and me back there now. I could hear Jack talking, but all I could think about was him pushing me up against the wall, kissing my mouth, my neck, biting my chin, grabbing my tits, sucking istanbul escort my…

“Eliza? Are you okay?”

I snapped out of my fantasy feeling a little light headed. Jack was staring at me with an amused look on his face and continued talking about dressings, condiments, and everything else that was stored in the shed.

After my shift I went home and poured a glass of wine to unwind. Jack kept popping into my head and no matter what TV show I tried to watch, the fantasies I was having wouldn’t go away. I decided to take a bath and alleviate some of the heat I was feeling manually. Get a grip Eliza, I thought, he’s your coworker.

I really started to like the restaurant. The more I got the hang of serving, I discovered I was really good at it. I gave respectful friendly service to our older patrons, and flirted hard with the available and slightly unavailable men who came in and out of the bar. I received a lot of phone numbers on credit card receipts and great feedback from the families I waited on. I did more than my fair share of flirting with Jack too.

I liked to tease him. Subtly but deliberate. I’d stick my ass out a little while wiping tables and slightly peek at the bar to see if he was watching. He usually was. I’d lightly graze my full breasts across his back when I was…

“Right behind you,” I said in a low voice. I was holding a rack full of glassware that Jack had brought to dish. We had been so busy this particular night that hand washing all those pints seemed like hell. Although I’d have gladly done it to be stuck with Jack for another hour or so.

“Uh, thanks Eliza,” he said obviously thinking about the heat that just passed between us.

“No problem,” I said nonchalantly, “is there anything else I can do for you?”

He paused a minute and said with that sexy smile, “No, you’re good.”

I came back from behind the bar and took a seat right in the middle. It was almost closing time and the place was empty besides a couple people outside. My gaze drifted to the patio and I noticed two of the employees from the fancy restaurant down the street ravaging each other. Clearly they had had a lot to drink but I honestly don’t know if that perpetuated anything because hook ups between coworkers were second nature among workers of the neighboring places. It was getting hot and heavy between them. escort bayan Hands up shirts, down pants…

“Hey guys, its two,” Jack’s cool voice sounded out breaking their concentration along with my reverie. They just laughed and said see you later and Jack came back with a smirk on his face.

He locked all the doors and came back behind the bar to pour us two beers. “Who knew we were in for a show. Can’t lie, I was kind of into it.”

That got me going, Jack was watching them too. I looked up at him coyly as I drank my beer. “Bet we could do one better.”

Holy shit. Did I just say that?

Jack laughed at my obvious embarrassment. I never have been good at keeping my thoughts to myself.

“I think we probably could.”

Holy shit… did he just say that?

He came from behind the bar and walked toward my bar stool never breaking eye contact. He stood behind my chair and slowly started giving me a massage. My chin dropped down to my chest and I closed my eyes as he worked my shoulders every so often dropping his hands lower grazing the top of my breasts. His head tilted down and kissed my neck his hands openly fondling my tits over my bra. I turned my head to meet his lightly biting his lower lip as if to say, “give me more.”

He got the message. A naughty light flashed in his eyes an even naughtier smile spread across his lips and he picked me up off the bar stool and set me on top of the bar facing him. He pulled my shirt over my head, unhooked my bra and threw them both on the floor letting my full 34D tits bounce free. He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked and licked as I pulled his head into my chest. He squeezed my other breast with his hand and pinched and tweaked my nipple causing sensation overload. I let my head fall back, my lips parting, eyes closing. I stayed that way focusing on his mouth and hands. He started kissing and licking his way down my chest, down my stomach, all the way down to the waistline of my shorts tracing the skin above the fabric with his tongue. He was driving me crazy and I struggled to unbutton my shorts. He pulled them off and his eyes widened when he realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“You’re a naughty girl,” he said as he continued to tease me working his way down each thigh licking a trail to my pussy. He bit the lips of my pussy deliberately avoiding my clit escort istanbul which was making me insane. Then he found my little bud and lightly sucked it into his mouth making me moan in pleasure. He was trying to make me cum. That wasn’t going to happen yet. Fighting every urge I had to just lay back and let him tongue fuck my pussy, I pushed him back and jumped off the bar.

“My turn,” I said with a wicked smile that I’m sure was the mirror image of his. I pushed him into a pulled out chair at the closest table and slowly sank to my knees. I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, reached into his boxers to pull out his fully erect cock. Never breaking eye contact. I looked down to see what I was working with and licked my lips extremely satisfied with his length and width. I bent my head down teasing the tip of his cock with my tongue, swirling it around then licking down the shaft teasing him the same way he had teased me. I licked slowly back up and took his whole cock in my mouth sucking as much of it as I could and using my hands for the rest. I bobbed up and down swirling my tongue the whole time. Faster, harder, slower, softer. Repeating this pattern until he moaned and tangled his fingers in my hair. I looked up and said, “I want you.”

Getting off my knees, I straddled him and sat down on his lap rubbing my clit all over his cock before he steadied me and slowly plunged inside. We both gasped as I started to ride him slowly at first, the pace quickening with each thrust. He felt so good and our fucking got hotter and more intense until I was bouncing up and down on his cock so fast I thought I’d cum right there. He pulled my head to his and explored my mouth with his tongue biting my lip, ear, neck hungrily.

“Fuck me!!” I screamed and he got off the chair still plunged deep inside me and lowered me onto the floor.

He slipped out and turned me around leaning me over the table. “Put your hands on the table,” he said in a deep throaty voice.” I complied and felt him push back inside me fucking me from behind. He reached out and wrapped my ponytail around his wrist gently pulling my hair.

Oh. My. God. How did he know I liked that?

He thrusted in and out moaning my name.

“Fuck, Eliza, I’m coming.”

His orgasm matched my own and he collapsed on top of me pushing my body onto the table. I could still feel him inside of me and grinded my ass into him wanting even more.

We stood that way for awhile catching our breath, our feverish bodies still pressed together…

Definitely a shift I’ll never forget.

And to think, I never had a thing for blondes before.

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