Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 04

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You may want to read parts 1 to 3 so you are not lost as our story re-commences. As we left off in part three, Jill and Ben, two cousins in their thirties had just finished fucking in front of an audience, Nelson and Nancy. Nelson and Nancy then joined Ben and Jill on the bed and began introductions.

Introductions were a bit weird, but heated, given that both couples had just watched each other fuck. His name was Nelson and he was about 6 feet tall with sandy hair a good build and about 6 inches between his legs. Jill immediately noticed that he was shaved, or mostly shaved, something that turned her on. The girl was about 5′ 5″, asian as I said, with streaked brown and blond hair down to her shoulders. Her boobs looked like they were at least 36D’s and she had no hair on the hottest pussy either Ben or Jill had seen in a long time.

Nelson and Nancy sat down and conversation began slowly as they introduced themselves. They discussed where they were from and why they were in Florida, in both cases to go to Haulover Beach and hang naked and enjoy National Nude Day. They also discovered that Nelson and Nancy were cousins also. Nancy’s mother was from Vietnam and her father was from California and was related to Nelson’s father.

So, sitting in the bed, naked, sipping wine, they began to ask each other questions. Nancy asked Jill how she and Ben had gotten started, a story she retold gladly. Then it was Nancy’s turn.

“Well it all began about a year ago. I was out on the beach at San Onofre near Los Angeles trying to get a tan with my friend Laura. Nelson was out there surfing. Neither of us knew the other was there. Anyhow, Laura and I sat around enjoying the sun, but in the clothed portion of the beach. We got bored sitting around after an hour or two and decided to take a walk. We picked up our stuff and started walking south to where we saw a cluster of people and thought we spied a volleyball game going on. It seemed like a long way but before we knew it we came upon a sign saying ‘you may encounter nude people.’ Laura and I looked at each other and kind of giggled. I had never been to a nude beach and was not sure if I wanted to go to one. But Laura egged me on, telling me I only had to take off what I wanted.”

“We walked on a bit further scanning the people. They all seemed so comfortable just walking around naked, talking, eating, playing in the surf. It all seemed so natural. Oh and most of them were not exactly beautiful by Hollywood standards, but again they seemed so comfortable in their nudity.”

“Laura and I scoped out the scene a bit longer and came down to the volleyball net where a heated match seemed to be going on. It was so funny to look at. All those boobs and penises bopping around as people served and spiked and fell in the sand. I figured it must izmit rus escort hurt, at least with my boobs. Laura was a bit smaller, but not by much and I figured it would hurt her also. We watched for a few minutes and then decided to sit down. We spread out our blankets and sat down looking at each other deciding what to do.”

“Laura encouraged me, pulling off her top revealing these beautiful round white breasts with largish pink nipples. I knew she wore a 36C bra from shopping with her. They looked so bold against her tanned body that I almost laughed. She then slipped off her bottoms exposing her pussy to me and a small part of the world.”

“I was more nervous. Laura had seen me naked and afterall she is a girl, but still the context was so weird. After a little more hemming and hawing as Laura put sunscreen on herself, I decided to go for it, reaching behind my back and untying my strings. Soon my breasts were out there for Laura and everyone to see. She whistled. I got nervous again as I reached for my bottoms. Laura did not know I shaved myself and would wonder why. But I figured why not, I had gone this far and pulled my bottoms down over my legs and began to spread sunscreen on myself also.”

As the group heard this story they all began to get turned on. Nelson and Ben had each come twice that day already so their penises were struggling a bit in their respective attempts to harden. Jill and Nancy on the other hand, had no problem. Their nipples were soon hard and their pussies began to moisten. Laura went on with her story.

“We sat there for a while, just watching the surfers and talking about our bodies and boyfriends and what we liked and did not. As we sat, a guy came up and asked if we wanted to play volleyball. Laura and I looked at each other and debated whether it would hurt or not as the guy worked to coax us into the game. Finally we decided to play and stood up and walked over to the court.”

We played for about half an hour. During that time the surfers came in and started to watch the game, some stripping and some staying clothed. Then all of a sudden I realized one of the surfers was Nelson. I hoped he hadn’t noticed me, but he had. He just stood there smiling and asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I was so embarrassed. I had never expected him to be there or for him to see me naked. However the damage was done, there was no point in covering up. So I grabbed Laura, introduced them and ran into the water. Nelson pulled off his wet suit and soon joined Laura and I. The cold water held down his erection as we swam.

Soon we had had enough and Laura and I returned to our blanket, laid down on our backs and waited for Nelson to join us. It was so weird having him naked on a blanket next to me.”

Jill knew the feeling. izmit escort “That is how I felt when Ben first pulled off his pants and sat there, half erect looking at me.” But I got used to it and a bit turned on.”

“So did I.” Continued Laura. “Here he was, forbidden fruit sitting with my friend and I. But I got used to it and we had a fun afternoon.”

“So when did you two first have sex?” asked Jill.

“A bit later that day. Do you really want the story now?” asked Laura, realizing how turned on everybody was. Jill looked down at her fingers, two of which were now inserted in her pussy, making it hard to concentrate and then she looked at Nelson and Ben, each with a hand on their own penises and said “Maybe we should wait a few minutes. But then on second thought, if you tell more of the story I am liable to come again. So are they,” Jill suggested.

Laura put a hand on her own pussy, caressing her clit, and said “so am I.” She continued the story.

“As six o’clock approached the beach emptied and we decided to head over to Laura’s place for a cocktail and some pizza. Laura lived near a great pizza place, had a pool and a great backyard. As she ordered, Nelson and I mixed some margaritas and went out by the pool where Laura joined us. It was still hot out and we were a bit sweaty from the ride over. Laura, appreciating this looked at Nelson and I and said ‘lets swim.’ We smiled and were going to get our suits when Laura stood up, pulled off her shorts and shirt and jumped in the water naked. Nelson and I looked at each other a little embarrassed. It did not matter that we had just been naked together, it seemed a little weird. But Laura wouldn’t let us stand there. She walked up behind me, pulled off my top and then, as Nelson stood there staring, pulled down his bottoms. He was hard as a rock and jumped in the pool. I figured what the hell and pulled off my bottoms and joined him.”

“Soon dinner arrived and Laura put on a robe to get it. She returned with pizza, beer and her robe off. Nelson and I jumped out of the pool, toweled off and joined her at the table.”

“An hour later we were all fed, drunk and happy just sitting around naked when Laura decided to take certain matters into her own hands. She turned to us and said ‘you guys as horny as I am? Sitting here looking at Nelson’s dick and your breasts Nancy has me so worked up. I have been masturbating under the table for 15 minutes, but that won’t cut it.’ With that she got up, walked to Nelson, bent over and started sucking on his penis. I was shocked. My best friend and my cousin were having sex and I was so turned on, I could not keep my fingers out of me. I watched and fingered myself for about 10 minutes while Laura blew Nelson. She looked up and signaled me over to her. She took her mouth off his dick kocaeli escort long enough to ask if I wanted any. I did, but was not so sure. Nelson is my cousin. Still he looked so delicious with his hard dick all covered with Laura’s spit that I could not resist. I kneeled down and joined Laura kissing and licking his 6 inches.”

By now all four people were so turned on. Ben and Nelson were rock hard and Jill and Nancy were making a mess on the sheets. Ben had reached over and begun to play with Jill’s breasts. Following his lead Nelson reached over and began to play with Nancy’s breasts. Telling the story was getting difficult, but Nancy was almost done.

“A few minutes later, Laura looked at me, smiled and started to move up on Nelson, putting her pussy over his penis. ‘I am going to fuck him, want to help?’ I was not sure what she meant for a minute, but then realized what I should do. As she lowered herself I grabbed his penis and put it into her pussy. She began to ride him for all she was worth as I sat there and masturbated. It only took me a minute to realize that I had a better alternative. I stood up and lowered myself onto his mouth, facing Laura. Soon Nelson was eating me as Laura began to play with my breasts. I was so excited. I was watching my friend fuck my cousin, he was eating me out, and a girl was playing with my breasts. I was about to come when Laura asked me if I wanted to switch spots. She preferred to cum during oral sex and knew I liked a dick inside me when I cum. So we switched. I let Nelson fuck me as Laura began to kiss me and play with my breasts again. It was wild looking down at his dick as it entered me. I had never thought of fucking a cousin, but here I was with his dick in my pussy. It took no time for all of us to come, trust me. And that was my first time with Nelson, and with a girl. I have had many times with each since.”

“That is so hot,” Ben and Jill said in unison, turning toward each other and kissing. Nelson and Nancy did the same. Soon Ben was laying on his back and Nancy on hers. Jill was about to fuck Ben and Nelson was about to fuck Nancy. As the guys entered the girls Nancy reached out with her hand, grabbed Jill’s and said “race you to an orgasm.”

“Done, I am almost there already.” Jill said as she panted and moaned taking Ben’s dick in and out. As she did Jill grabbed Nancy’s breast and watched Nancy place a hand on her own. Ben and Nelson smiled as they looked up and saw the girls playing with each other. The sight was too much for them to stand and the two guys came almost in unison, each one cuming in his cousin. The girls however had not come yet. They rolled off the guys and turned toward each other. “First one to make the other cum, wins,” said Jill. “Agreed.” With that the two went into a 69 with Jill enjoying Nancy’s bald pussy and Nancy enjoying Jill’s pussy. Before long both of them came with a yell and rolled over, looking at the guys.

This was the start of a wild evening. Jill had lost count of her orgasms and Ben could not wait for the next step. Next part soon.

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