Daughters and Fathers Ch. 04

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The others nodded, snorting silently at the mention of sleeping, since their thoughts about bed and sleeping were inseparably related to what else they did there. Britta agreed:

“I do too, and it’s raining now. I’ll take a nap, if you let me use your thigh for a pillow.”

She was looking at her father, who nodded, but then murmured:

“Only if you just take a nap.”

“I’ll try,” she agreed with a smile, and joined him on the sofa, facing the room. With a smile, she said to her sister:

“And you can sketch me, don’t have to include the sofa or my pillow.”

“If you just take a nap and lie still.”

“I’ll try.”

They all snorted, and Maren got paper and pencil and sat down at the table. He brushed Britta’s hair back and put his arm up on the back of the sofa, to stay out of the picture, although his inclination was to rest his hand on her breast. As Maren began to draw, he enjoyed a look down along his daughter’s nude body. His cock grew a little fuller, but then he began to feel drowsy from the sound of the rain, and Britta was entirely relaxed, breathing peacefully. With heavy eyelids, his head sank, his last thought being that it was nice that they could be so close without anything happening.

They were roused by Maren’s murmur:

“That’s not as good as I wanted. Have to try again.”

“Oh, I did take a nap,” Britta murmured, and reached up and rubbed his thigh.

“Um-hmm, me too, he agreed, and now his hand did slip down, just resting on her waist.

“Maybe it would be easier to draw a rear view, if you want to turn over and rest some more – less curves. Hm-hmm! And the nipples were sleeping, too.”

His hand slid up and found one – that woke up. Britta murmured:

“Don’t do that, if you want me to go back to sleep.”

He nodded and removed his hand. She rolled back, sliding around to lie on her back, giving him a mild smile. His eyes left hers and perused down her body, over her firm breasts and down to her pubic hair and nice legs. He looked back at her face and murmured:

“If you want to.”

She nodded and rolled over on her other side, facing him with her head on his thigh. As she got comfortable, she asked:

“Did you leave out the sofa and my pillow?”

“Um-hmm, and your head, too, … feet, too; both too difficult.”

Britta wiggled her toes and remarked cheerfully:

“But they’re so pretty.”

“Um-hmm, but now I know why real artists also just do torsos: no hands, feet or heads, too much trouble.”

“And men don’t care about seeing them,” her father commented.

“Just what’s in between,” Britta added with a chuckle, adding:

“Like women also do.”

“Go back to sleep! Forget it!” he replied, worried that his cock could give her other ideas; now fuller than it had been before, now with her face nearer it.

“I’ll try,” she agreed, moving to get more comfortable, with her shoulder up against his thigh.

“That’s fine, a lot easier, just a nice curve over your hip,” Maren remarked.

He glanced down, appreciating it from his perspective, more the curve of her ass. Britta seemed to relax again, and he let his head drop, not minding the thought of continuing his nap. But he was looking down at his lap, at her face, and also his cock below it. Her eyes were closed, but could she be unaware of how close her mouth was to it, he wondered; not entirely, from what she had said before, and what he had said. They both had inferred what could happen – what could happen if his cock grew much more. Thinking about it wasn’t the way to stop that, and he was thinking about it. But maybe the girls had anticipated this? Maybe Maren’s wanting her to pose that way suggested that she wanted it to, at least, wouldn’t mind? He sure wouldn’t; it would feel good – of course! – and she wouldn’t have to make him come, just arouse it a little. They all knew that Maren had claimed the “next time.”

It didn’t take much concentration about how it would feel to have his cock in her mouth to make it rise. It was going to be interesting see what happened, literally to see it. Maybe Maren wouldn’t notice from where she was sitting. He concentrate some more: just the head of his cock between her warm lips, and her tongue gently caressing it. She would have to move her head a little to have its head fully in her mouth; he could see that it was just going to brush the corner of her lips.

It did. Her lips just twitched; maybe she was really dozing? But his cock seemed to know that it was close to its goal – he certainly did. It twitched up, touching her more firmly. Her lips twitched again, and then he saw her eyes flicker open and heard her barely audible “uhn.” Her eyes looked up at him, and slight smile move the corner of her lips. He gave her nipple a quick glance, wondering if he had noticed out of the corner of his eye that it had popped out. She opened her mouth and turned her head down slightly, and he watched her lips slip around just the end of his knob and saw and felt them move on it, and felt the tip of her tongue find his little slit. Ankara escort His cock twitched again.

“Uhn-hnn,” she acknowledged very softly and slowly moved her head, until her lips were holding his groove. It was feeling as good as he had anticipated. Was she also thinking that Maren shouldn’t notice, but his twitching cock and her mouth both wanted more of it to be in her mouth. She gently move her head again. Now his knob was fully in her mouth, just like he had wanted it to be: her lips holding his cock, and her tongue now caressing around its firm head, and she sucked gently – perfect!

What are you doing?!”

Maren’s sudden question broke the aroused reverie he had been enjoying. Britta snorted softly and sucked harder once, fresh air slipping past her lips as he saw her smile with his cock in her mouth. He raised his head and gave Maren a wry smile, replying:

“Only what you would have done. Didn’t you expect it?”

“Hmm! But it wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“With your wanting us to be like this?”

“Hmm! I guess so, … but don’t really do anything; … you know what I want to do.”

“Hm-hmm! Go to sleep listening to the rain.”

“Hmm! Before that!”

Britta had been chuckling and nodding slightly during this exchange. She nodded more emphatically once, and he replied:

“We won’t. It just feels good, something to do while you sketch.”

“Hmm!? I hope so. … I still think it’s cheating a little, … and keep your hands out of the picture, if you know what I mean.”

“Of course!”

He folded his arms on his chest. Maren snorted and returned to sketching, and Britta resumed her gentle arousal of his cock. After a few moments, he unfolded his arms, so he could see his cock in her mouth again, and relaxed back against the sofa. For a minute or two, he just enjoyed the nice feeling, purring a little in appreciation. He gave Maren a smile, who snorted with wry grin, and then enjoyed a couple of glances up and down Britta’s body, observing that her nipple was relaxed, despite the nice things she was doing on his cock. She really liked to do it, he thought, and praised the suggestion that the girls sketch, letting this happen – and what had happened in the forenoon! Great idea!

Then Britta’s tongue stilled, and she was just holding his cock in her mouth, not really sucking, just nursing on it like a child would on a pacifier. He hardly noticed, however, his head sinking down, almost dozing again, then really dozing. He was awakened by Maren’s cheerful remark:

“I think I’m finished. I like this one a lot better.”

“Oh, it slipped out,” Britta remarked softly, apparently also awakened by her sister.

She opened her eyes and turned her head down to see where his cock had gone. He also looked down and saw it small and relaxed down between his thighs. They both snorted. She looked up at him with a smile and rolled on her back and grinned at Maren, saying brightly:

“See, we didn’t do anything. … Hm-hm-hmm! But nice, falling to sleep with it in my mouth.”

“For me, too, thank you. … Mmmm, now I can do what I wanted to before.”

He fondled one and the other of her breasts. She smiled at him at replied:

“Good thing that you didn’t, or probably something would have happened.”

They all chuckled. He helped her sit up, and they joined Maren, agreeing that they also liked her picture. Then they insisted on seeing her first attempt. She demured, but then let them see it, remarking:

“I need more practice doing breasts.”

“Any time, … if we can find such a nice way to pose for you.”

“Hmm! You really just fell asleep doing that?”

“Um-hmm. Just nice. Oh, I guess because we knew that we could some other time – not like being in bed with a friend and knowing one of us had to go home.”

“Hmm? Friends in your room?”

“Um-hmm. When you both were out.”

“But never both of us with one.”

“Hmm! That’s something, at least. … Oh? And not both of you with just one?”

“Oh no. We only did that with Johan,”

“Hmm! And me. Hm-hmm! Good idea: just keep that in the family.”

They all snorted and smirked. Then Maren smirked again and asked:

“Do we have any other cousins?”

“You don’t know?”

“They’re too old and married, or too young,” Britta replied.

Maren feigned a scowl, while it occurred to him that “too old and married” hadn’t kept them from sleeping with him – nor him, with them. The girls both nodded with slight, wry smiles, letting him think that they had had the same thought.

“The rain has let up,” he remarked.

They understood his suggestion that they go outside again, and did. They all snorted with smirks, as their streams arched out. Then Maren smirked and reached down, followed by Britta, and wet their fingers in their own, licking them. He snorted, remarking:

“You really do.”

They nodded, looking at him expectantly with smirks. He snorted again, and did the same, as his stream dropped down, snorting again and murmuring:

“Like you said: Ankara escort bayan doesn’t taste as interesting as me, and certainly not as good as you two.”

The girls nodded with smiles, obviously pleased that he tried it. They all chuckled and returned to the cabin. They looked at Maren’s sketches again. She was more critical than the other two, but pleased that they like her work. She glanced down at his cock and then up at his face with a grin and said:

“If you want, I can try to do one of you, … just what girls want to see.”

“Hmm?! I don’t know about this. … Hmm? You really want to?”

“Nothing better to do right now.”

“Hm-hmm! That’s a new attitude, but I like it. … But I reserve the right to tear it up.”

“Even if Britta and I want to keep it? … You know, so that we don’t forget?”

“Maybe it would be better if you did.”

“Let me try first; probably won’t be good enough to keep. Sit down again.”

He snorted with a wry smile and did, watching her get the chopping board to support her paper and understanding that she wasn’t going to work at the table. As she sat down cross-legged on the floor a few feet from him, he unconsciously loosened his sack. She glanced up with a smile and agreed:

“Um-hmm, more on the edge of the sofa, so … uh, everything can hang down. Spread your legs a little.”

He obliged, smiling down at her. Britta snorted and asked:

“Just like that? I want a picture like …, well, you know, … a little more ‘interesting’.”

“You keep out of it, and stay away from him, … and don’t do anything else.”

“Oh, if you insist.”

“You could start peeling potatoes for dinner,” he suggested.

“Good idea, … and don’t come and look over my shoulder and disturb me; this is going to be difficult.”

“I bet! They sure didn’t teach us anything about drawing nudes in school, especially this way.”

They all chuckled, and Maren demanded:

“Now be quiet and peel potatoes.”

She began sketching, smirking to herself, while he glanced down at his cock and then at her, a little disappointed that the board with her paper obstructed his view of her red pubic hair, wondering how it felt for girls to sit like that. But he could see her breasts – and her sister’s. She was standing at the table, facing him as she peeled. That let him wonder if he could tell the difference between their nipples with his lips and tongue, thinking that they would also think that was a nice experiment.

“Oh! I’m going to have to start all over.”

Maren’s disappointed remark let him look back down at his cock. He snorted softly; it had definitely grown longer, and it felt like his sack had too. He gave her an apologetic little smile and replied:


“Hmm? Could have expected that. Can you just keep it like that?”

“I’ll try, try to think about something else. If it doesn’t, just let me know and wait. Maybe it will return to being like this.”

“Hmm! I hope so.”

“Hm-hmm! You could make a whole series,” Britta suggested with a grin.

“Just one will be difficult enough.”

“But with practice, … Hm-hmm! You could probably draw it without a model.”

“You too, if you could draw. You probably don’t need a picture, nor a series of them. Just close your eyes and envisage it, … any, all the ways you want.”

They all snickered, and Maren got a fresh sheet of paper, glancing up at him and asking:

“Do you think you can keep it just like that – more or less?”

“Maybe. Don’t throw away the first sheet; maybe it will be like that again.”

“Hmm? This is better.”

“Glad you like it.”


Maren sketched for a few moments, again apparently enjoying her subject – with another slight smirk. He was wondering how to keep his cock like it was: think about it a little, but not too much.

He snorted to himself, then after a moment’s hesitation said quietly:

“Uh, … uh, well, … it doesn’t have to be a … true-to-life ‘portrait’, … if you …, well, think …, wanted to idealize it.”

“Hmm? ‘Idealize it’? … Hm-hmm! You mean make it bigger?” she murmured.

He nodded, slightly embarrassed by his suggestion and her immediate response. She glanced up at him with smile and said softly:

“Oh no, it’s just fine. … Hm-hmm! Bigger than Johan’s, … if that’s what you were thinking about. Hm-hmm! Both ways: like before, and well, … you know, the other way. Isn’t it, Britta?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“His is bigger than Johan’s, … both ways, isn’t it?”

“Hmm?! Hm-hmm! ‘Both ways’?! Hm-hmm! Of course! … Really, no flattery.”

“Hmm! Thanks.”

He smiled at them both and leaned forward and looked at his cock. The girls snorted with grins and Maren assured him:

“It’s just fine. Just keep it that way. Hm-hmm! As good a ‘portrait’ as I can make of it.”

He nodded with a snort and replied:

“Either way, just let me know, and I’ll think about something else, or start thinking about it again.”

“Hm-hmm! Escort Ankara If it forgets that I’m looking at it, I bet that it will remember, when I talk to it.”

“Hmm! For sure!”

They smirked at each other and were silent, as she resumed sketching. He returned to his thought about trying to identify the girls by sucking their nipples, then wondering if he would recognize them when licking their pussies. Even though he was trying to remember if they looked different, how they could look different, his cock remained more or less like it had been, but he was aware of his balls and reached down and jostled them in his loose sack.

“Keep your hand out of the picture! I was just beginning to draw them. Now I think they’re hanging lower.”

“I do too. Thought you would like that.”

“Yes, but don’t do it again.”

“Don’t think they could hang any lower, now.”

He reached down again and pulled the skin at the bottom of his sack and murmured:

“No, they can’t.”

“Hmm! Then you can do it again, if necessary.”

They exchanged smiles at their fairly open discussion, even though they avoided using nouns when talking about his balls and cock. That thought lead him wonder what words the girls did use to talk about balls and cocks and their own pussies – each other’s pussy – if they did talk about them, with each other or with their boyfriends. Maybe they didn’t talk about them, just obliquely, like they had been doing the whole time together, but they must think about them with nouns, must know a few nouns and euphemisms for them.

He was pleased that this line of thought was keeping his cock like Maren wanted it to be – for her sketching. She sure liked to see it ‘the other way’, however. Forget it, he admonished himself, but not without recalling that she had insisted that she was going to do it with him sometime before they went to bed. “Do it,” another euphemism, but the girls had both used the most explicit word for that when they were aroused. If they knew other ones for that, they forgot about them and hadn’t seemed to hesitate to use that one when they really wanted to “do it,” – even with their father! – so they must use it with their boyfriends. Did they use the words when telling the girls what they liked to do, what they wanted them to do?

He snorted and jostled his balls again. Maren snorted and remarked:

“What was that for? That wasn’t necessary.”

“Just want to be sure.”

“Hmm! They’re still there. Hm-hmm! I’ll tell you if they disappear. … What were you thinking about?”

Britta had finished peeling and rinsing the potatoes and put them in a pot of water. After a quick glance over Maren’s shoulder, smirking, she sat down at the other end of the sofa, crossing her legs, and remarked:

“Yes, what were you thinking about? Seems to have worked.”

“Um-hmm,” Maren agreed.

“Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! I real proud of myself.”

The girls laughed and both repeated their question:

“So what were you thinking about?”

“You really want to know?”

The girls nodded with expectant expressions. He snorted with a wry smile and admitted:

“I was wondering what words – explicit words – we have been avoiding using.”

The girls smirked at each other and then at him, and Britta replied:

“Lots of them, … just seemed more tactful not to. You haven’t.”

“I thought so too; one doesn’t mention to one’s daughters this and that. You don’t have to tell me which ones you know. I was just enjoying trying to keep it like Maren wanted to sketch.”

“Hmm! If we’re going to keep talking, I’ll have to finish this later. No, you can’t look yet.”

She turned the page down with a smirk, and then said:

“But I like it so far. … Hm-hmm! Not just my sketch, your cock.”

“Maren!” her sister admonished, only half seriously.

“He wanted to know. … Don’t you like his cock?”

“Yes, but …!”

“Hm-hmm! I do, too, probably like you like your … whatever you call them, like I do.”

They all snickered and then laughed, nervous release. Maren looked pointedly at her sister, wanting her to reply. Britta looked looked a little uncomfortable, but then replied softly:

“Our ‘pussies’; we use the English word, seems nicer than the other ones we know.”

“I think so, too. Very nice, sweet ‘pussies’.”

They all chuckled with smiles. He snorted and said:

“You don’t have to tell me the other ones; I’m not completely from another planet, … nor what you do with them. Hmm! You’ve already use that word.”

“We have?!” both girls asked in surprise.

“Um-hmm. Just surprised me a little, but in ‘the heat of passion’ – to use another English expression – it seemed the most appropriate thing to say; anything else would have been less spontaneous.”

“Hmm? It must have been – asking, telling you to do that,” Britta replied with a blush.”

“If I did, I sure wanted you to, … just like that.”

“Hmm?! Hope I did.”

Both girls snorted with wry expressions and nodded. He nodded with a smile, and they all snickered and then laughed again, more nervous release. Maren, who was still sitting on the floor, looked down at his cock and remarked:

“I don’t think it – your cock – thought that was as interesting as we did.”

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