Even more of Wonderful Aunty Rachel

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My heart raced a little faster when I saw the unmistakable, curvy figure of Aunty Rachel coming towards me down the platform of Waverley Station in Edinburgh.

She looked as beautiful as ever as I gathered her up in my arms for a kiss. She was wearing a figure-hugging, light blue dress showing off her ample cleavage, underneath a short, pale yellow jacket and white scarf with blue polka dots. She was looking very summery with her tan, sun-lightened, brown hair and large round sunglasses.

I grabbed her suitcase and held her hand as we headed-up onto Princes Street and then on to Rose Street to a pub for a drink, so she could relax after her long journey from the South of England

The pub was very busy, so we sat cosily next to each other chatting, whilst I drank my pint of Belhaven Best and she sipped her gin and tonic. Her sweet perfume and the proximity of this luscious, mature woman had my cock swelling a little in my trousers, so I leaned over to kiss her full lips, as our thighs rubbed softly together and her hand gently stroked my knee.

After a second round of drinks, I was beginning to feel a bit tipsy and even more horny at the thought of a proper re-acquaintance with this gorgeous creature. We left the pub and took a cab from a nearby taxi-rank for the short journey to my flat in the old city.

On closing the door to my cosy wee place, Rachel put her arms around me for a hug and I pushed her gently up against the wall in the hallway so we could kiss passionately, our hands running hungrily over each others’ bodies. My fully engorged prick ground against her luscious mound as we snogged, with Rachel rotating her hips a little to allow maximum contact to her sensitive places, making her moan quietly into my mouth, as our tongues fenced and swirled.

Breaking-off reluctantly and holding Rachel’s hand, I gave her a brief buca escort tour of my little bachelor pad at which she was suitably impressed. I had set a romantic table for two in the kitchen and started to cook a light stir-fry with sea-food in my wok, as Rachel chatted to me cheerily over a glass or two of Chablis.

Rachel looked even prettier with her eyes sparkling over our candlelight dinner and I felt my seductive banter and boozy, home-made tiramisu was bound to get her in the mood for loving.

After the meal, Rachel disappeared into the bathroom, whilst I sat languishing on my sofa with a wee dram. She entered the sitting room wearing my toweling bathrobe. As she stood in front of me with a cheeky smile, she undid the belt and slowly slid the robe off her shoulders to reveal a magnificent sight to a young, horny guy.

Rachel was in the finest lingerie, matching ivory silk bra and panties covered with red roses and silk stockings and suspenders of the same creamy colour. With her tan and feminine curves, she looked amazing as she gave a sexy little wiggle and turn for my admiration.

I rose to my feet, with a hard cock pressing visibly in my trousers and held her hand above her head as she twirled like in a ballroom dance. Standing back and gazing from her head to her varnished toes with unbridled lust, I gathered her into my arms for a passionate snog. My hands stroked up and down her lovely body and through her hair and she did the same with my manly frame.

We carried-on french kissing and moaning gently as my hands cupped and fondled her large, silk-encased globes, thumb flicking softly over her nipples, causing them to poke-out through the shiny fabric. My other hand strayed between her legs to rub up and down her pussy lips, so that moisture seeped on-to my fingers through the silky material. Rachel alsancak escort moaned and held hard onto me, as her knees buckled at the pleasure flashing through her from my dexterous digits.

I was desperate to shaft this gorgeous, mature woman, so scooped her into my arms and carried her into my bedroom, throwing her onto my king-sized bed. As I was stripping off my clothing, Rachel spread her thighs and ran her graceful fingers up and down the soaking silk of her panties. “I love your strong, young body” she gasped. When I’d stripped off my boxer shorts and my thick, hard cock bounced-out, she couldn’t take her eyes off it and placed her hand inside her panties to rub her sensitive clitty with abandon.

I manoeuvred my head between her legs and pulled aside her panties to admire her moist pussy, then used the flat of my tongue to lap at her engorged labia. This had Rachel squirming and moaning as she ran her fingers through my hair. Flicking my tongue like a side to side like a lizard on her little bud, whilst fingering her vagina, soon had Rachel arching and spasming in orgasm, squirting some love juice onto my hand and face.

Moving up her lovely body, she had undone her bra, freeing me to fondle those fulsome, tanned boobies and suckle and butterfly flick her long, brown nipples to her evident delight. Her hand reached down to grasp my thick cock, jerking it up and down slowly with elegant fingers.

“I want that big boy inside of me” she pleaded, rising up and guiding my rampant erection towards her silk covered womanhood. Pulling her panties to one side, she slowly impaled herself down onto the thick shaft, gasping as she did so. “Oooohh, how you fill me, oooohh I love it” she moaned and shuddered.

Rachel began to ease up and down, soon riding my cock like a desperado, her mouth open wide in ecstasy, bornova escort as I pumped up into her. Warm love juices and precum mixed and streamed down my pistoning rod, flowing over hairy balls onto the duvet beneath. We were both gasping and groaning in unity, with me so close to exploding and Rachel screaming as she came again, a second huge orgasm pulsing in waves through her gorgeous body.

Turning the panting Rachel onto her back, I lay on top kissing her face and neck, as she recovered from such a powerful climax. The head of my engorged prick was probing lightly at her dripping labia and throbbing clit as we petted lovingly. Soon she was ready for me again and reached down to guide my hard cock towards the entrance of her open pussy, then grasped my firm buttocks pushing me all the way deep into her soaking love tunnel.

I began to thrust, slowly at first and then with gathering pace as Rachel’s lovely, hot pussy enticed and squeezed my throbbing shaft. She moaned and cried: “Oh God, oh God” as I pumped her harder and harder, grinding on her clitty on the downward stroke to push her towards heights of desire.

Soon, I knew that I could hold out no longer; my aching balls were rising and the pressure within them building to blasting point. In and out, in and out I humped, balls-deep into this beautiful cougar, her wanton body arching upwards to match my thrusts. Then it was there, I was coming, sperm rushing from balls through throbbing shaft, jetting streams of hot white spunk into lovely Rachel’s soaking pussy, herself rippling again in orgasm, as if to milk every last spurt of young man’s juice into her grasping womb.

We lay in each others’ arms, gazing into adoring eyes and kissing fondly as we caught our breath from our loving exertions. We had the whole weekend ahead of us and I knew I would have to summon all my youthful strength and energy to satisfy the unbridled lust of this wonderful older woman.

P.S. to my female readers; Rachel was an incredibly orgasmic, mature woman and I believe I brought-out the very best of her sexuality – so I say to you ladies of a certain age, this could be you!

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