He Can Take It!

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We’d gone down to Cancun for Spring break thinking we’d reserved two rooms, one for me and my boyfriend Tim, and the other for Nora and her boyfriend, Sean. But when we got there we found they’d screwed up at the hotel, and had only one room waiting for the four of us. They shrugged, apologizing that they were all booked up, but explained that the room they reserved for us did have two big king-size beds, so maybe it would do. Well, we had no choice so we took it, Nora giving me a sly smile as we realized we’d be sleeping with our boyfriends in adjacent beds, and not just sleeping! I’d heard the rumors back at the sorority that Nora sometimes liked to get into 3-ways and 4-ways, so naturally now that we’d be sharing a room I couldn’t help thinking about that and it kind of made me excited. Nora’s such a cute little spitfire and her boyfriend Sean is pure GQ material.

It was a gorgeous day so we figured we’d waste no time and hit the beach for a few hours before anything else. Nora was the first to strip off her clothes and put on her bikini in full view of us, so I followed suit, and the guys sure didn’t mind. Well, it was good that there’d be no special need for modesty now that we were all sharing a room. And it was at this moment that I glimpsed what a meaty, gorgeous cock Nora’s boyfriend had hanging down there. She’d brag about that cock to us girls, but we knew Nora could be a braggart. But now I could see that she sure wasn’t exaggerating when she went on about the glories of Sean’s big penis. Even with one quick glance I could see it was a hell of a specimen.

When we came back from the beach a few hours later we needed to shower, Nora and Sean taking theirs first. Of course they walked out of the shower and into the room stark naked and dripping, drying each other off. In the shower I went down on Tim and got his cock nice and hard but didn’t suck him off. Then we took a few more minutes so he could soften up again before we waltzed back into the room.

There was no need for us to do that, because the first thing we saw when we got out of the shower was Nora and Sean in bed naked, her hand wrapped around his fully erect cock, stroking it slowly, smiling at me and Sean lewdly, her eyes sparkling, licking her lips. And though Sean’s cock in his ordinary flaccid state had been quite an eyeful, his cock now, erect, was just an amazing sight. Girls like to talk about “huge” cocks. But though I’d seen and handled and enjoyed my share of cocks, some big and some very big, like Tim’s, I don’t think I’d ever seen one (except in pornos) that I could honestly call “huge.” But even the word “huge” seemed to be not enough to describe what Nora was holding in her hand. It was super huge, spectacularly huge! Of course I couldn’t help but rivet my eyes on the stunning sight and I noticed Tim was staring just as hard as I was, though he tried to be casual. And there was one thing I knew about my boyfriend Tim that Nora also knew but Sean may not have known. Tim was bi. He had a personal familiarity with cock, so I figured the sight of Sean’s massive penis was as impressive to him as it was impressive to me.

“Nice, huh?” Nora purred sexily, the show-off girlfriend proud of her boyfriend’s sensational endowment, knowing she probably had a keen audience in both of us, in me and Tim. Me and Nora were always talking about cocks, their shapes and sizes and how we loved them. She’d bragged many times about how hung Sean was, but she hadn’t quite prepared me for what my eyes were seeing right now!

“Very nice,” I said, looking at the two of them and then back at Tim. Size comparison and being in the presence of a cock larger than his own has made more than one guy very uptight, that’s for sure! But with Tim being bi and something of a cock fiend himself, I knew I could share with him this appreciation for Sean’s gorgeous penis.

So now, as we stared, I reached down and started to stroke Tim’s cock and that heated cock of his became stiff in a jiffy, as it had in the shower when I sucked it, as it always did.

“Mmmmh, another nice sight,” Nora said appreciatively, or was it tactfully.

“How big is that thing anyway, Nora? I know you. I’m sure you’ve measured it,” I asked, nodding at Sean’s remarkable penis.

“Eleven inches plus, and I ain’t kidding. And you can see how fuckin’ thick it is,” she said, placing her wrist right alongside Sean’s cock.

One thing about Nora; from the first time I met her, I could see what a deliciously foul and filthy mouth she had on her! And that was all the more surprising and provocative because she was such a cute young thing, a perfectly proportioned five foot tall strawberry blonde whose slinky 95 lb athletic body was more girlish than womanish and who, at first, seemed to have such a sweet innocent expression on her very pretty face.

Now me and my man stared over at Nora and Sean as we girls stroked their rock hard cocks, the four of us sleek, showered and stark naked. Then Nora suddenly pushed Sean down on their izmir escort bed and tumbled down alongside him. Now, licking her lips and purring like a kitten, she very provocatively began to lick the underside of his long, thick, erect cock, from the balls to the tip, twisting in her hand the ample length of shaft she was licking. I followed suit, leaning down to lick Tim’s erect penis as the me and Nora watched each other licking and the guys watched each other getting tongued by their girlfriends.

And then Nora had her lips wrapped around Sean’s big plum-shaped knob and was sucking his cock. I took the cue and wrapped my mouth around my boyfriend’s meaty log and started giving him head.

“What a pair of cocksuckers, huh Tim,” Sean said with a sly laugh.

Tim and I had never had sex together with anyone else in the room, and I of course wondered whether Nora and Sean had. She’s never mentioned it. Though I knew she’d been part of threesomes and foursomes in the past.

By now our two pussies were as wet as the surf we just came from, me and Nora making sure to spread legs wide as we sucked cock, flashing plenty of gleaming pussy. I’d seen her naked many times, but never gazed at her cunt, as I was doing now, and as she was gazing at mine. And the guys, of course, took the opportunity to get a big eyeful of two perfect, wet young cunts, and then looked down at their own cocks and glanced over at each others, our lips clamped around their fat, meaty logs.

“I need to get fucked!” Nora suddenly growled, pulling her mouth away from Sean’s cock and falling back on the bed, flexing her legs and spreading them wide, “Fuck me, Sean! I need that big dick of yours in my foxy young cunt!”

Sean slid his sleek, smooth body between her open legs, taking his massive pole in hand and guiding it to her glistening vulva, then diving right in.

“Oh yes!” she yelped, wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing him tightly against her, “Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me, make me fucking feel it!”

Oh, I’d bet those thick eleven inches of his were making Nora feel it okay!

“I need to get fucked too, babe,” I said to Tim, pulling my mouth away, falling back on our bed as Nora had, spreading wide for Tim.

Moments later, Tim was between my legs hammering his stiff one into me. God, I felt hot! And from the moaning and groaning over on Nora’s bed, I knew she did too. We looked over at each other as our guys pounded our two cunts, eyes sparkling, faces aglow with passion and lust.

Soon Nora had flipped over so she was on top of Sean, riding his cock. She even moved so that her ass and pussy and his cock, slamming up into her cunt, were perfectly in our view as me and Tim looked over. The horny little bitch even looked over her shoulder at us, licking her lips lewdly as she swayed her ass and grinded her hips, eager to take the hard fucking she was getting courtesy of Sean’s massive shaft. To add even more spice she wet a finger in her mouth, reached back and started fingering own asshole as Sean ripped it into her pussy! What a slut! But there’s a reason some girls back at the sorority like to refer to her as ‘nympho Nora.’

I like to fuck in different positions too, but right now I was in the mood to lay flat on my back, spread those legs wide open for Tim, and have him just fuck me nice and deep and hard with that smooth, steady rhythm of his.

Nora, though, was in the mood for a show. So now she lifted herself off Sean, got down on elbows and knees, on all fours, and looked back at Sean.

“I want that huge dick doggie style now, babe,” she hissed, and he obliged, kneeling behind her and slowly working that massive pole into her tiny body. And tiny it was, which just made the awesome cock entering and filling her cunt look even more awesome, even more obscenely oversized.

As he fucked her like this she reached down between her legs with a hand and started strumming her clit. I like to do that too when I’m fucked from behind, that perfect extra bit of stimulation.

I guess it was so perfect for Nora that soon she was sighing and crying out, flailing her head back and forth, beads of sweat on her forehead, panting and moaning

“Fuck me, fuck, fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!!!” she shrieked.

And then her back arched and she flung her head back, letting out a shriek I’m sure everyone could hear down the hall, her body quivering.

“N-N–Nowwww!!!!!! She howled, and I knew that at that moment, her whole body quivering, Nora had cum.

Just a few moments later, she pulled away from Sean, pushing him back with a hand, his massive cock suddenly coming into full view again, rigid as steel, glistening from having just been buried in Nora’s sopping cunt. He was stroking the shaft slowly; still rock hard and fisting himself, obviously he hadn’t cum yet. Nora looked over at me and Tim, still fucking away.

“Right after I cum I can’t stand having him inside me, at least for a while. He’s alsancak escort just so huge!” Nora said, looking back at Sean with a sassy smile, trying to make him feel good despite the fact that his thick tool was no longer engulfed by her tight, clinging cunt, pointing to the tool now. “Can you believe that he actually has been begging to fuck my ass? He wants to work that up my asshole! Now you know I’ve been fucked up the ass, Amy, I’ve told you so. By normal-sized guys. But a girl can only take so much back there.”

So with those words she was both flattering her boyfriend about the immense size of his penis, and denying him access to what he wanted, her ass.

Naturally hearing all this gave me ideas, wicked ideas! I knew how much Tim liked taking it in the ass. I did it to him like that a lot, and he loved it. I even brought a strap-on with me on the trip, thinking we’d have our own room and I’d be able to use it on him. Tim even confessed to me that he’d taken it up the ass a few times with guys, and really liked it.

So now I couldn’t help thinking whether Tim would be able to take on Sean’s tool. Here now, while he was still fucking me, with the four of us in the room. Sean, as far as I knew, was straight but he looked so fucking horny standing there and watching us fuck as Amy slowly stroked his shaft. So I started wondering what he’d think of fucking Tim’s ass. Or what Tim would think about it.

I looked Tim in the eye as he kept thrusting into me and he must’ve read my mind.

“Are you thinking–?” he whispered.

“Yes I am; would you?” I asked.

“Wow, that would really be something,” and right away I could see my boyfriend was game.

“I know one ass Sean may be able to fuck,” I said, turning to Nora as I reached around to spread Tim’s cheeks wide open, “this one.”

“Holy shit! Are you serious!?” Nora just about gasped as her eyes went wide and a big smile creeped up on her face.

“We can try,” I said hopefully as Nora looked at Sean.

“What do you say, babe? You wanna fuck yourself some ass, don’t you? How about some nice tight boy ass?” Nora knew Tim took cock, though whether he’d be able to take this cock was still to be determined. “I’d love to see you fuck a guy in the ass with that monster tool of yours, babe, fuck Amy’s cute boyfriend. With that dick being so huge you’re not gonna get too many chances to fuck ass. But at least Tim’s willing to give it an honest shot.”

Sean looked stunned but his tool sure stayed nice and rigid as his eyes drifted sideways to look over at Tim’s ass, Tim pumping away at me. Now Tim has a cute, tight ass, smooth as a baby’s, but hard and muscled. And holding Tim wide open now, I was showing off the prize, the target, Nora and Sean both gazing down.

“Come here, Sean,” I purred seductively, wagging a finger at him as Nora looked on with bright, amazed eyes gleaming wickedly. Tim sauntered over, his massive eleven inch cock, rock hard, bobbing slightly as he walked the few steps to our bed where Tim was pounding away at me, his strokes slower now as he turned his head to watch Sean.

I reached over and wrapped my hand around Sean’s cock, tugging at it, the cock so thick I couldn’t even get my hand all the way around the spectacular girth.

“Can I?” I said teasingly to Nora, licking my lips.

“Be my fuckin’ guest,” she said in husky whisper as I craned by neck a little and started to lick his knob, then wrapped my lips around Sean’s cockhead and started sucking it, Tim’s face inches away. As huge as his dick was staring at it, as immense as it felt as I wrapped my hand around it, now that I had it in my mouth I was just awed at the size the tool, and way it just crammed by mouth. And now I knew something else about Nora, my closest girlfriend, I knew what her cunt tasted like as I lapped up the sweet creamy pussy glaze that covered Sean’s cock.

“Have a taste, babe,” I said to my boyfriend, pulling away and holding Sean’s cock out for him, feeding it to him. God, my heart was beating so fast and I was so turned on. Not just because of the grade-A fucking I was receiving courtesy of Tim’s big beautiful cock, but because I was finally going to see Tim, who I knew was bi since we first hooked up, have sex with another guy.

Sean just knelt there as Tim took his cock between his lips, sucking the knob as he took hold of the club-like shaft, taking it from me. Tim groaned, loving it. He may’ve been straight but he sure didn’t mind having Tim sucking his big dick, and it probably turned both guys on even more that Tim was fucking me as he was sucking Sean.

Nora, meanwhile, was panting excitedly, her hand between her legs, strumming away, even though she’d enjoyed a monster orgasm only minutes ago.

“Fuck his face, Sean, fuck his cocksucking mouth!” Nora urged, pushing back on Tim’s head, Sean now really ramming that cock between my boyfriend’s lips, crazed with arousal.

“Suck that fucking dick, bitch!” buca escort Nora growled. She knew Tim and knew he was a masculine jock, but now he was sucking her boyfriend’s cock and nasty slut that she was, she couldn’t help mouthing off like that. And she made me feel wickedly nasty too as I gazed into Tim’s eyes as he sucked away.

“Straddle my face, Sean,” I told Nora’s boyfriend who now flung a leg over. I was looking up at Sean’s big balls and beautiful ass, and the underside of his stiff dick as Tim sucked away

“Are you gonna do what I think you’re gonna do?” Nora cackled.

To answer her I didn’t have to say anything. All I did was grab hold of his buttocks, spread them wide, and slid my tongue into the crack between those smooth, hard muscled ass cheeks, finding his hot little hole. I had once told Nora just how much I liked to rim guys.

“Oh, yeah, look at you! You love eating my boyfriend’s hot ass, don’t you? Just like your boyfriend loves sucking his huge dick,” Nora hissed nastily.

With my tongue working his asshole, all I could do was grunt, cupping his big balls in my hand as I lapped away at his puckered hole, his powerful muscled thighs pressing against my cheeks.

“Ok Sean, now switch,” Nora told her boyfriend after a few minutes of this, me and Tim orally ganging up on Sean’s cock and ass. So now Sean lifted himself and turned and there was his huge cock staring me in the face again. Naturally I took it in my mouth and kept up the sucking.

“Now I want to see you eat Sean’s ass, you slut, while he fucks your girlfriend’s face!” Nora hissed nastily as I reached around to spread Sean open, giving Tim room to dig his tongue into the sweet spot. I’d often heard how much gay and bi guys like to rim ass, and my boyfriend was proving himself an ass-licking champ as he lapped away, lapped while I sucked. Tim always loved licking my ass and I figured he picked up at least some of his moves rimming the hot assholes of studs like himself. Sometimes I like to fantasize how guys like Tim, cute college jocks, secretly jacked and sucked and rimmed each other after they came out of the showers in the gym locker room. Now I didn’t have to fantasize about that anymore. It was happening right now, on our hotel bed, here in the spring break paradise of Cancun, Mexico.

I unclamped my lips from Sean’s cock and told him that was enough. Enough cocksucking, enough rimming. It was time for more fucking. I was still getting sweetly fucked by hard-pounding, long-lasting Tim. Now it was time for another kind of fucking, ass-fucking, the fucking of male ass, of Tim’s ass!

“Get back here, babe,” Nora ordered Sean, ” it’s time to fuck some ass, time to pack that big dick of yours up some tight ass.”

So Sean stood up, his hand going immediately to that overheated dick of his, slowly stroking the massive log again. That dick was eleven thick inches long, and every thick inch had been well-stimulated. Nora had sucked it then welcome it into her pussy for a sizzling fuck. Then we and my boyfriend had given Sean’s cunt-scented cock even more head. Now it was time for this dick’s final destination.

With Sean no longer kneeling up by us, or sitting on my face feeding me and Tim ass and dick, I could gaze up into Tim’s eyes as he just kept on fucking me. We kissed, our two mouths just having serviced Sean, front and rear, a new intimacy between us as we shared something we had never shared, another man’s cock and ass.

“I love this, Tim,” I whispered to him, “I love that you’re doing this, that we’re doing it together.”

“Shut the fuck up, you two love birds and spread that ass for me,” Nora cackled teasingly, “And where’s your lube? You two ass fuck, so you must have some lube around.”

Now I reached around and as I gazed lovingly into Tim’s eyes, I spread his smooth, perfect ass cheeks wide open, knowing I was exposing the hole to Sean and Nora, who were standing behind us.

“Mmmmmmmh, baby, look at that,” Nora purred as she took hold of Sean’s cock again and stroked it some more. I told her which bag the anal lube was in and she went and got it. Nora was right, me and Tim ass fuck a lot and I made sure to bring lube with me on the trip.

Laura set the lube down and then knelt down behind Tim’s ass as I kept holding his cheeks apart.

“I think I’ll have a taste first. After all, Amy licked your asshole, Sean.”

And then I could feel Nora’s cheeks as she pressed her face into Tim’s ass and started licking his hole, slurping away, Sean looking down watching as his girlfriend bend down to lick another dude’s ass.

“Mmmmmh, I know much you love a wet tongue in your sexy ass,” I sighed to Tim, “she’s starting to get you ready for that big dick you’re about to take. I love it! I love that my man takes it up the ass. And is brave enough to try taking Sean’s monster tool.”

“Nice!” Nora said, coming up for air after a long, leisurely rimming. Then she came up to me and gave me a sexy open-mouthed kiss. We’d become real close and we talked about sex all the time, and there was that sexual thing in the air between us. But we’d never had sex and I always thought she was straight. But here we were, kissing passionately, two female mouths meeting, carrying on them the taste of dick and male ass, and Nora’s pussy too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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