In Another Lifetime

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Have you ever met someone and feel like you know them. Everything that’s said and done is so familiar. Like it’s a part of you? Well, this is one of those stories. A couple that come together, feeling like they’ve been reunited after being apart. They rent a suite on the beach, to refuel those feelings from a “life time ago.” Or did it happen yet?

This is how she sees it. And her way of telling him her thoughts on it. And so it goes… The feel of your skin, your voice when you speak. And the unspoken words when you look into my eyes…

The way when we come together we fit so well. No words have to be spoken, it’s just a given. I know what you like and how you like it, as do you with me…

Well, let’s see, mmm the way I worship your cock with my hot hungry mouth. The licking, sucking, the attention I pay to your heavy cum laden balls. The smooth feeling of your skin as your cock slides deep in my throat, something about the shaven skin, feels so good … your manly scent as I lift your heavy balls and lick up in your ass crack, your taste, forever emblazoned in my mind. The taste of your creamy cum, the way it slides down my throat with ease, so familiar…

How just sucking you, gets me there, to that point sooo hot, sooo wet sooo ready for you… Then there’s the way your tongue knows every little nook and cranny of my sweet little pussy, All the trigger points that will send me over the edge. You know just when it’ll happen, and how long it’ll be, you know my body so well.

How your cock head fits just right against my ‘on’ button, stimulating me to readiness. The way you open me up to you, we fit so well together, like two pieces of a puzzle. That allows you to fully embed yourself in me, the way your cock twitches, throbs, causing my pussy to slather your cock with my juices, till I puddle under us, with my love juices, the ones you evoke in me. Your slow intense strokes only emphasizes my lust for you.

When your strokes get faster and we get into our rhythm, the one we know so well. That rocking rhythm where on each stroke our pelvic bones rub, and the thick base of your cock rubs my clit. Our bodies grinding together, meshed into Escort bayan one. The way you know you have to hold my hands, knowing how you make me soar, I get into that zone, the way that you have to blow a gentle breath in my face to bring me back, and I take a gasp, as I was holding my breath, I was so close, My God, the heights you take me to…

MMM baby, there’s no such thing as me having just one orgasm. And you love drawing it out over several hours, stopping, you pull it out of me. Your engorged cock laying against my tummy, between us, throbbing. I love that feeling. You move to my side, giving you more access to my body. Leaning up on your elbow, you look into my eyes, while you gently caress my swollen with lust pussy lips, every once in a while lingering for just a second to flick my clit, sending it into spasms, but never enough to send me over the edge. My hand slowly stroking up the length of your manhood. Bending down you softly kiss me on my lips. But as always it becomes quite passionate, tasting you, my tongue lightly outlining your lips, then over them, between them. I suck your bottom lip into my mouth and gently bite on it, no nibble would be a better word.

Being on your side you pull me to you, your arm going under the crook of my neck, your other hand on my ass pulling me tight against you. Pressing our bodies so close, giving me little teasing kisses.

Then you whisper, “would you like a drink, I sure would?”

Smirking you get up to get us a drink, before I can answer. I give you a growl of aggravation. You know how to tease me. Always keeping me on the edge.

You bring back our drinks to find me not in the bed, glancing around you see me on the balcony of our suite, looking out over the water. It’s so beautiful, with the French doors open it allows a nice breeze to blow in. I’m standing there, with just your shirt on, I bring the collar up, to breath in your scent. You stand watching, the breeze catches it lifting the shirttail, you catch a glimpse of my ass, a low groan rises in your throat, one of your favorite sights. Your cock twitches at the sight. And you think you don’t know how long you can continue Bayan Escort the tease.

As you call out to me, I turn around, the wind catches the shirt blowing it away from my body, the cool air bringing chill bumps to my skin, my nipples becoming erect too. You hand me my drink, we both sip it as we gaze into each others eyes with pure unadulterated lust.

I ask,” Are you ready to really make love now?”

You see I knew what you were up to, and let you carry on your little ploy. Or would you rather go for a midnight swim?

“Your all day tease needs to be cooled off a little,” I tell you.

So I put a cover-up on and grab a couple of towels. You pull on some shorts and we go down in the elevator, still pretty wrapped up in each other. If anyone else was on the elevator we wouldn’t have noticed. Guess it’s good it’s late.

Coming out of the elevator, we head out the doors to the beach. Walking hand in hand, occasionally stopping to kiss. We get to the water edge and you look at me, as if daring me, dare taken, I drop my cover-up. Standing there in the moonlight naked to any eyes watching, I raise an eyebrow at you, your not sure about baring all. I tease you, calling you a ‘chicken’ till you finally take off your shorts, and we run out in the surf. Splashing each other, bobbing in the surf like a young couple from a long time ago.

We swim a little, but always end up back with each other, to catch our breath, or is it for a few kisses. The surf is so strong. You pull me to you, and I wrap my legs around your waist, bringing my pussy in direct contact with your cock, as always he rises to the occasion. The waves crashing over us, forcing our bodies harder together, you slide into me, slowly thrusting, the waves adding to it. Sending us into a fevered pitch. lips meeting, tongues dancing the dance of true lovers, my breasts firmly against your chest, arms wrapped around you, holding you close.

You carry me to the waters edge, laying me in the sand, your body follows me down. And you enter me with such a hunger you take my breath away. Wrapped in each others arms, molded as one, as you thrust into me, my body responds Escort by thrusting back, meeting yours. As the waves occasionally crash over us, so does our orgasms. Mounting in the same way as the waves, harder, more ferocious. All the teasing and begging over with. Consummating our coupling finally.

Our fingers meshed together, with my hands over my head. My legs wrapped around you, heels pressing against you for leverage, thrusting against you. You slow the pace, making it last, your so close, that just one squeeze of my pussy will send you over the edge. You tell me to be still, as you plant soft kisses on my lips, my face, my neck, nuzzling into my wet hair… I can hear your pants,releasing my hands, I run them down your body, down to your cute ass. I squeeze and massage your cheeks, making you moan softly in my ear. You start slowly thrusting, just little strokes. In and out, in and out. Building back up to full length strokes, so deep, omg Baby, my pussy fitting around you like a silk glove, massaging you, my pussy muscles rippling along the length of you.

Your cock swelling within me, reaching places yet to be touched. Your mouth on my neck, biting gently, then across my shoulder. I moan out to fuck me hard, ooooooooh yessss, Baby pleaseeeeee. Upon hearing that, you lose all sense of reason and fuck me like never before. Full hard strokes, all the way in, then out to the head only to be thrust deeply again. You grunt out your gonna cum, and lift my legs to your shoulders, your hands on my ankles, holding them wide, pounding my pussy hard.

Gentle love making now animalistic, only wanting, needing the end result. My orgasm starts from deep within, building, as my back arches, my pussy starts spasming around your cock, milking it. Gasping, as my head thrashes back and forth. You thrust one last time hard, holding it deep within me.

The first spurt of your hot cum, sets me off. Each time you spurt, you thrust, accentuating it. MMMMM so deep, our cum mingling together. As you drop my ankles on either side of you, and you kiss me, first just soft kisses graduating to a deep passionate kiss. Our bodies meshed together, such a perfect fit….

And that you know my needs, that few special minutes of afterglow with you totally surrounding me. Arms wrapped tightly, holding me close to you. My face nestled in the crook of your neck. Sighing, as both of our breathing comes back to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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