Jenny Loves “Arse”

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I didn’t want to wind up like my sister, going to our local community college and residing at home. With our mom and pop looking over our shoulders all the time, living with them was not exactly a pleasant experience for a young woman. Though at nineteen and twenty-one respectively, me and my sister Lynn certainly regarded ourselves as two young women, mom and dad couldn’t stop thinking of us as their little girls, girls who had to be watched and told what to do every minute of the day.

What a drag!

So I had vowed that wouldn’t happen to me, staying at the old homestead. I could’ve gone to college locally and lived at home, like my sister, but, instead, I applied to and got into a university out-of-state. My folks disapproved and told me they wouldn’t help with the tuition or living expenses. So I decided to spend the year after high school working at two, sometimes, three jobs, and saving my money. Then I’d go to college wherever I wanted, even if I began my freshman year late, at nineteen. Plus, I got myself a scholarship.

In a week I was due to fly two thousand miles, to the East Coast, and begin school. Naturally, I was thrilled. Two thousand miles between me and dear old mom and dad! It was sheer heaven to think about it.

“I feel so good for you, sis,” Lynn said, hugging me, happy that I had chosen this path, a path she herself couldn’t muster the means to attempt. “You’re so lucky, getting away from here, getting away from them-“

“I know,” I said, squeezing my sister’s hand. I loved her dearly and we were always there for each other. Sometimes we wondered whether we had been adopted, the two of us a couple of live wire and very red-blooded American women, while our parents were the very picture of gloom and spite and envy and suspiciousness.

“You’ll have to come visit me whenever you can,” I told her. “Who knows, maybe next year you can transfer or something.”

“I don’t think so,” she said, sadly shaking her head. “It’s too late for that. I’ll just stay here and finish up. Then, when I get my degree and get a job I can finally get away from this shithole.”

Now my sister looked at me and that look told me there was something else on her mind.

“Listen, sis,” she said, leaning close, almost whispering, even though there was no one in the house but the two of us. “I want to tell you something. I’m going to have Jimmy come over and spend the night with me. So when mom and dad get back be careful not to say anything about him being over here, okay?”

Lynn’s boyfriend Jimmy lived at home too, with his mom and his sister and her two babies. So it wasn’t too much fun for Lynn to go over there either.

Now our mom and dad hardly every went anywhere, and were almost always at home, but through some kind of raffle or something they won a trip to Las Vegas. So we knew they’d be away from the house for the rest of the weekend, the first time in a very, very long time they’d both been away together.

“Oh mum’s the word, I won’t say a thing,” I said, reassuring my sister, secretly thrilled that she’d have her boyfriend over for the night and be spending the night screwing him right next door, right next to my room. Jimmy was this really sexy guy too. Lynn had been seeing him for a couple of months now and she had told me more than once that he was a really hot lover. She got off describing him and their lovemaking in detail, and I, of course, encouraged her. She’d tell me how they did it and what his cock was like, that kind of stuff. My sister could sense how hearing all that really turned me on, and she got a charge out of that, out of exciting me with her descriptions.

“Listen,” she said, leaning even closer, smiling conspiratorially. “You know, after we go to my room tonight, I’ll leave the door cracked open. So if you want, you can tip-toe over and sneak a peek at what we’re doing.”

I gulped when she said that. I had once told her, after hearing a long and detailed account of how Jimmy had fucked her up the ass one time, that it would’ve really flipped me out to watch them do it that way, or any other way. She smiled wickedly then, loving to hear how charged up I had become by the idea of watching her and sexy Jimmy making it. And now, here she was, telling me I could get to do exactly that!

They had gone out to see a movie and I waited anxiously for them to get back, counting the hours, the minutes after I knew the movie had ended and they were on their way home. I was in my room in bed, wearing a nightgown. I tried to read but I couldn’t keep my mind on anything but the thought that, if everything worked out, I’d be getting to watch my sister do the nasty with her horny boyfriend. Lynn and me talked about sex all the time; we were a little sex-crazy, you could say. Two years older than me, she was considerably more experienced. So I’d listen to her stories and her observations and, of course, shared my own with her, since I’d become pretty active in the sex department myself of late.

They say it’s mainly guys who get really turned by the visual side of sex, who like flipping through dirty magazines or watching porno films. But I guess I must be an exception. Once izmit escort I caught my mom and dad making it, which wasn’t exactly an exciting sight. But I love going through sex mags or watching hot, nasty tapes, stuff like that. So naturally, the prospect of seeing my sister actually do it in the flesh was incredibly exciting to me.

A few minutes later I could hear the door open and knew they were finally home. My heart started thumping in my chest as I heard them walk upstairs, past my room, to my sister’s. I had made sure to turn off the lights so Jimmy’d think I was asleep. The way my sister put it to me, about my sneaking over on tip toes, I figured she didn’t say anything to Jimmy about having her sister watch them. Although I knew that horny bastard would love it! Lynn probably figured that’d be going a little too far, having her sister openly watch her and her boyfriend doing the deed.

They went into her room and then I heard my sister’s footsteps as she left and walked into my room, coming up to my bed and whispering.

“Wait about five minutes till we get our clothes off, okay?” she said.

So I waited, staring at the illuminated dial of my clock, counting off the seconds. And then I got out of bed, quiet as a church mouse, and walked out into the hallway, towards Lynn’s room. The light was on and I tip-toed over so I could peek in. Lynn had made sure to leave the door half-way open.

There was my sister, completely naked already, unbuckling and tugging down Jimmy’s pants.

“We gonna leave the lights on?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah,” my sister said. “Let’s leave them on tonight so we can see, I want to get a good look at that big cock of yours, Jimmy, while I suck on it.”

He smirked, loving it. Some guys expect the lights to go off right away, but a lot of women like to leave the lights on, a least a little, so they can see the guy they’re doing it with.

Suddenly there it was, his cock, fully erect, and as big as my sister had always claimed it was. I was so excited I was afraid the two of them could hear my heart beating in my chest.

“Oh yeah, I want to taste some of this now,” my sister said, twisting Jimmy’s rigid penis in her hand.

“Gosh, Lynn,” Jimmy said. “You’re a real talker tonight, let’s not wake up your sister.”

I knew she was doing it for my benefit, talking like that.

“Oh, don’t worry about her, she sleeps like a rock,” Lynn said as she leaned down to wrap her lips around Jimmy’s cock, quickly glancing at the door, seeing me there and winking, her mouth stuffed with his meaty shaft.

Now I just stood there, frozen, as I watched my sister give Jimmy a vivid, sloppy blow job. And she made sure that his cock and her face were positioned so that I’d have a perfect view, so nothing would be obscured.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck it down!” Jimmy growled, pushing her head down on it, thrusting forward, fucking her mouth. I’d seen plenty of blow jobs in porn tapes me and my friends had rented, but nothing came close to this. My sister was really going at it like a pro, and Jimmy couldn’t get enough.

“How about I get on top tonight?” my sister asked Jimmy.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, spreading himself out on her bed, on his back. Now I watched as she straddled his body. My sister is tall, taller than me, and lanky, with a great figure. So now I was staring at her back, watching her reach down to take hold of Jimmy’s cock, working it into her pussy, sinking down on it, impaling herself. I love to do it like that myself, getting on top of a guy, riding him.

I gazed straight ahead as my sister fucked the shit out of Jimmy, rocking up and down on his thick pole, twisting her pelvis, really doing it. It was partly for my benefit, she knew I was watching. But I also was well aware that my sister was a hot one. This was the first time I’d seen my sister fuck Jimmy, or anyone else for that matter. But I’d heard her fuck before, another time when my folks were away. And I could still remember all her howls and groans. Yeah, good old Lynn was a freak for hot, raw sex! Just like me!

I stared at the gorgeous sight of Jimmy’s straight, hard cock sinking into my sister’s cunt, her buns shaking from his rugged thrusts deep into her body. God! This was making me so hot! I couldn’t help myself now, lifting up my nightgown and bringing my other hand between my legs where I was wet as a swamp. I reached right for my clit, swollen now, as big and round as a pea, as hard as a marble.

Suddenly my sister turned her head to look back at me, smiling broadly as she saw me masturbate to the sight of her getting fucked. For a moment I felt a little exposed and embarrassed, having her see me fingering myself like this, but then I figured that’s what my sister would expect and want to see, me getting all charged up by the sight of her making love. Lynn always claimed she had a powerful exhibitionistic streak.

Now I just watched, spellbound, as my sister took her time fucking Jimmy in this most perfect of positions. At least perfect from my point of view, the observer’s.

“Hey Jimmy? How about you do it to my ass now?” I heard her say, as my heart skipped a beat.

“Sure, izmit escort bayan baby,” he said, and he started to push her off so they could shift into position for that.

“No,” she said, “This time, let’s try it another way. Let me stay on top. Go on and fuck my ass with me on top of it, okay baby?”

“Yeah, cool,” Jimmy said, loving it all.

I was astounded. I’d heard my sister talk about getting her ass fucked and how much she loved doing that. Jimmy had just done it to her for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I knew, but I guess it had become a part of their repertoire already — I myself was still a virgin in that particular department.

Now, thrilled beyond belief at what I was about to witness, I watched my sister reach over to her purse and pull out a tube of something. In the dim light I could see her squeeze the lubricant onto her fingertips, then reach back and slap it between her buns, Jimmy’s cock all the while still pumping up into her cunt.

“Okay, I’m ready for you,” she said, lifting herself off of Jimmy, freeing his cock from the grip of her cunt, but immediately reaching back and taking hold of it, working it back an inch. I knew at least one reason my sister felt like getting her butt fucked in this position tonight. That way she’d be pretty sure I’d have a perfect view!

And I sure did as, my jaw now hanging slack in awe, I watched her impale her lubed asshole on Jimmy’s cock. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Here I was, watching my sister get fucked right up the ass!

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass, Jimmy, fuck it hard!” she gasped, partly for my benefit again, I knew. She even reached back now to spread open her buns and touch his cock as it entered and filled her butt. And that, too, I knew she was partly doing for my viewing pleasure as well. I stared, mesmerized, watching Jimmy’s beautiful, thick cock busting open my sister’s asshole, disappearing into her bottom.

“Oh yeah, Jimmy, yeah!” she cried out now as she moved her hand back in front. I had been real curious when she first told me about it, when she said that whenever she gets her ass fucked she uses her own fingers to work on her pussy. Which is what she was doing now.

And there was someone else here too, standing in the doorway, working on her pussy!

Now I could hear Jimmy begin to growl and moan and then when he slammed it all the way into her ass with one savage thrust, burying the full length in her rectum, I knew he had just unloaded, spraying his spunk deep into my sister’s bottom. Just the thought of it made me swoon. And her too, because moments later she was panting and howling, her whole body shaking and twitching as she got herself off.

With one more flicker of a finger I could’ve gotten myself off too, but I held back. I wanted to return to my own bed now, to vividly re-live all this in my mind, what I’d just witnessed. And with those beautiful images swirling in my feverish, erotically-charged brain, I’d rub my pussy until it was raw, holding back until I was ready to explode in one shattering, volcanic orgasm — the kind that would leave my body numb, and let me sleep the dreamiest of sleeps!

A few weeks later I was ready to pack up and head East to begin my Freshman year in college. My parents had finally adjusted to my decision, although they never relished the idea of independence for any of their children, even my two brothers who were both pushing thirty. That’s just the way mom and dad were. But this would never be a concern of mine again. That, I knew for sure. I was going away to college. I intended to support myself fully from this point on, even if it meant I had to drop out for a semester here and there to work and save up tuition money. But I knew that from the moment I got on that plane and headed for my new home, a college campus, I’d be free!

I was a little concerned that, at nineteen, I’d be a year or more older than most of the other Freshman, but that should really be no big problem. After all, there were all those upperclassmen around and I could mix with them, especially the guys!

My main worry now was who my roommate would be. As a Freshman you don’t know anyone on campus yet so obviously you can’t choose your roommate, the college chooses one for you. Since I was aware that the rooms in the Freshman dorm were pretty small and that day-to-day life there would be at close quarters and intimate, I only hoped that my roommate would be someone I’d get along with. I’d heard horror stories from friends who’d already started college about how awful some of their roommates were, and how that could make your first year in college a real nightmare.

So when I finally arrived at the airport, got a cab, and headed for campus, I was naturally a little apprehensive,

I had the cab drop me off at my dorm. I’d already visited the campus when I first learned I was admitted, so I was pretty familiar with the layout. Now I headed for my assigned dorm room and immediately saw that there was someone already inside, my new roommate.

“Hello,” she said with a big, warm, cheerful smile the second she saw me. “I’m Fiona, your izmit sınırsız escort roommate. And you must be Jenny?”

“Yeah,” I said, shaking hands. “Fiona? Is that an English name?”

I had already detected that she wasn’t American, but probably British, or maybe Australian or South African.

“No, South African,” she said. “I’m from Johannesburg.”

Right away I liked her. Not only did she give off this direct, warm vibe, but I was thrilled I would be rooming with someone from overseas and not just another boring co-ed from Podunkville or somewhere like that. She was a lovely young thing too, all lithe and graceful and, I could sense, rather sophisticated. She did, after all, say she was from Johannesburg which I had heard was a pretty cosmopolitan city.

“I’ve always wanted to live in America, so after going to boarding school in England and taking my A-levels, I decided I’d go to college here in the States. You’ll have to be my guide Jenny, my guide to all things American.”

“I’ll do my best,” I said, deeply relieved, delighted that my new roommate seemed so nice, and so interesting. And, framkly, so lovely to look at.

And then there’s something else I have to admit now. I myself am bi-sexual. I’m as attracted to females as I am to males. So naturally I thought about what it would mean sharing close quarters — a single, modest-sized room — with another female. Now with Fiona being as lovely as she was, mixed feelings swelled up within me. If my roommate had been the sort who didn’t turn me on at all, none of this would be an issue. And, in a way, I hoped that would’ve been the case. But part of me also longed for a roommate who was cute, someone I could fantasize about a little. If it turned out she was straight, I’d just keep my fantasies to myself. If it turned out she was bi, like me, then we could be fully open with each other and share our feelings. And then of course there was that third possibility, that we’d become more than just roommates. That we’d find occasional solace and pleasure and intimacy with each other. I was, however, wary of having a confirmed lesbian for a roommate. I’ve known a few hardcore lesbians. They sometimes have a difficult time with bi-sexual women like me, and vice-versa. But I was pretty sure that Fiona was no lesbian and figured that, like most young women her age, she was probably straight. When I noticed a photo of a guy pinned to the wall above her bed that only confirmed my hunch.

Anyway, Fiona and I got along just swell, and the first weeks of our Freshman year, and the adjustments which that entailed, were made easier by having each other’s company. I, in particular, helped to smooth the way for Fiona, filling her in on the quirks of American student life, and the culture of co-eds.

I had brought just a few clothes with me to campus, and so one day, a few weeks after I arrived, I had gone out shopping for some items I needed.

“What’ve you got there?” Fiona asked, seeing me bringing in a bag from one of our favorite clothing stores. We’d gone shopping there together a few times already.

“Oh, I just bought myself some new underwear,” I said, “They were having a sale down at Scott’s, so I picked up a bra and a couple of pairs of panties.”

“Let’s have a look,” Fiona asked, eager to see my purchases. Fiona was a real clothes hound and subscribed to several fashion rags.

“Well, I’m wearing one pair right now. I put them on down at the store,” I explained, “But here’s the other pair, and the bra.”

I took out my lingerie and showed the items to Fiona. The panties were a simple pair of lilac-colored bikini briefs imported from France, and cut low at the hips. The bra matched.

“Oh, I love these!” Fiona said, picking up the panties, holding them up, feeling the fabric. “I should rush down there and get a pair just like them for myself. Did they have any more or was this the last pair?”

“I think they had several more pairs,” I told her.

“I wonder how they’d look on me?” Fiona said. She was addicted to clothes, and especially to lingerie.

“Well, why don’t you try them on and see,” I suggested. But I was being more than a generous roommate, I knew. With the feelings I’d recently felt building up for Fiona, especially since that one night when I secretly listened in to her masturbate, pretending to be asleep myself, this opportunity of having her try on a pair of my panties, having them pressed against her flesh as she tried them on, aroused me immensely.

“Could I?” she said, her big, bright eyes shining.

“Sure, go ahead,” I told her.

She pulled down her jeans and now stood there clad in her own panties, a very alluring pair of bikini briefs, too. Of course, as roommates sharing a single room we saw each other naked just about every day and took it for granted by now, neither one of us being particularly shy or modest. I had long admired Fiona’s svelte, waifish body. She had hardly any tits and her hips were only slightly rounded, but her boyish figure was nonetheless extremely sexy and feminine to me, reminding me, especially, of many of the English models who graced the pages of the fashion magazines Fiona had sent to her by her old school chums from London. Plus, she had the loveliest of faces, full lips, these big, emerald eyes, and slightly wavy blonde hair that went almost down to her waist. All in all, naked, she looked like a young Lady Godiva.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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