Magical Enchantment

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Hello Lovely Reader,

I thought this would be a cute read just in time for the spooky season. This story is the final installment of a story that I started a while ago. If you want to start from the beginning, I recommend reading Hazel, Magical Desire, and Hazel Ch.02. If you prefer only the male-on-male stories then at least read Magical Desire for context. As always, please enjoy and leave comments!

XOXO SkylerLuv



My eyes burn from staring at this screen for the past seven hours.

I ask myself again: is this really worth it?

Reluctantly, I come to terms with it, of course, it is. Who am I kidding? Being a Star Dust member is a life goal. Something no one outside of their coven has ever had the virtue of imagining. My fate has been sealed and the ancestors are all rooting for me. I feel like a first gen college student making his family proud. Except this isn’t college. This is the most powerful coven in the US. I am doing something that none of us ever thought we would be able to achieve. No one in history has ever been asked to join their coven. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I’m doing this for my coven and our ancestors almost as much as I’m doing it for myself.

I don’t feel them around right now. Usually, the spirits do a good job of announcing themselves when they want to get in touch. And I mostly only hear them, never actually see them. The only time I saw two of them was when we took down Elise, the wicked witch of the damn, and even that was enough to keep me up at night. They are dead but they are here to guide us. Having them talk to me is one thing, seeing them in person is quite another. And it’s not like there are others that I can compare notes with besides the Knight’s Coven leaders. As second in command, I need to be available to them at all times. It still sucks that I’m feared because of it sometimes.

No one wants to talk to the guy who hears voices.

“How is the studying going?” Paul walks into my room.

I snap my fingers to brighten up the room. The tan clay walls soothe my anxiousness. They are primitive, calming, just what I need. Paul doesn’t come by my room unless he needs to talk about something that can’t wait.

Both he and Gina give me my personal space without asking for much in return. As their successor, I owe them a lot for taking me in as the son they never had and guiding me through my journey here. I don’t know anything about my birth parents. Only that I ended up on Paul’s doorstep and had magical powers which meant I had to be part of the Knight Coven. To this day no one has had any information about who left me here. I was destined to be the next Knight leader but everything got turned upside down after a special request from the Star Dust Coven leaders. I wonder whom they will pick to take my place.

“It’s going. Who knew being a Star Dust member would require so much knowledge?”

He smiles at my lame attempt to joke. We both know it is not a light task.

His skin is light brown, he is mixed. Gina’s skin tone is shades darker than his but still not anything close to my dark complexion. He’s wearing jeans and a green t-shirt with black sneakers. Paul looks too young to be my dad but he has earned my respect and our coven’s. He has done a lot for us and has always had our best interests at heart. I can’t imagine anyone better for Gina, who is the kindest woman I have ever met.

“I think you should take a break. We’re in need of spare hands if you’re up for it?” It is not really a question. A leader will not demand anything from their people that they are not willing to give.

“Sure.” I close my laptop screen and stand. He doesn’t move as I expect him to and he places a hand on my shoulder.

“We are very proud of you.”

And just like that, I know everything I’m doing is absolutely worth it.


It is a month before I am set to leave.

My nerves are starting to get the best of me. I have had a month to think about the big change in my life and get comfortable with the idea of being a Star Dust member. But it is just not possible. Star Dust members are born into the coven. They have never looked outside of their coven to find others. This is an exception. Taking down Elise, the biggest and most powerful Rebel, gave me, Leo, and Hazel the privilege to be asked. But I knew they wouldn’t take it. Leo has Jake and Hazel has Amelia. They have their soulmates and being a Star Dust member means you cannot have a soulmate. Soulmates are for other covens who are not overseeing the whole US.

I have no one, so my choice was easy.

I look in the mirror one last time. My black shirt and dark jeans are comfortable, probably not as comfortable as my cloak but I don’t think they would appreciate it if I showed up in that. I’m not Jake who has a muscular body from playing football or Leo who is lean and all muscle. I am somewhere in between. I like my body just the way it is. I’m average height, dark-skinned, with dark eyes. My hair is cut very close to my scalp. Nothing special.

I sigh. Maybe I should stay in. istanbul travesti Being around humans is weird for me. I already feel like I don’t belong within my own clan, I can’t find any reason to feel better around humans. They like standing out but not too far out. They like being the center of attention while also fitting in even if it is with just a small clique. I thought I had found my small group of friends but now that I am leaving, I will have to start all over again.

I have to go. They are doing this for me.

I shake my shoulders and wave my hand in the air. In a matter of seconds, I’m outside the small bar they asked me to meet them at. Transporting used to take longer, but with some inside help from the study guides the Star Dust Coven has provided me, I am getting better at it. I look around to make sure there are no wandering eyes and remove the invisibility cloak spell. This would be easier if we had just met back at my own coven but I guess dating humans makes you do things like this. Hanging out with other humans is a must. I don’t know how they can do it. Especially Leo, who hated humans for a very long time.

I spot his soulmate, Jake, first. He’s wearing a creme white top and dark jeans. The colors compliment his dark skin. He’s standing by the pool table talking to another buffed-out guy. They’re probably on the same football team. Leo is not too far away from them. He’s wearing his usual dark colors that bring out his gold eyes and blonde hair. He’s leaning down focusing on the cue ball. He looks up for half a second at Jake and I see the heated stare between them. He misses the ball completely.

I chuckle and make my way over to them.

“That was impressive.” I slap Leo on the back. He rolls his eyes but daps me up. Jake sticks out his hand as well. The guy next to him nods in my direction as a greeting, I do the same.

“Nice of you to join us.” Hazel steps out of the corner table and hugs me. She’s wearing a flower dress that lightly brushes the floor, her hair high up in a ponytail. Her skin is glowing almost as much as Amelia’s, who follows close behind to hug me too. Amelia’s skin is a few shades lighter than Paul’s but her curly hair highlights her mixed race. She’s wearing it down tonight. It’s hard to miss the strong smell of tropical hair products.

“Sorry, I was studying.” And debating if I should come out tonight.

Hazel brushes my apology away. “I’m just glad you came. All you seem to do is study nowadays.” She grabs my arm and pulls me towards the table. There are seven shots with clear liquor inside of them. Uh oh. I don’t drink. I can’t really. Losing any type of motor control is terrifying. And as a future leader, I am always being watched to set an example. Now I have an extra set of eyes watching from above. The thought is unnerving.

“Don’t worry, they’re not all for you.” Amelia tries to ease my nerves. Her bright green eyes are reassuring.

I give her a small smile. She is very sweet and brings out Hazel’s softer side. They were truly made for each other.

Leo slaps my back and hands me a small glass. “But we are going to get you drunk tonight.”

“I don’t think-“

“Nooo.” Hazel puts a finger up. “No excuses, no thinking, just drink. We are probably never going to see you again, especially now that you’re a month away from leaving. We need to make tonight a good one. It’s your going away party.”

All of them are staring at me. Is this what having friends is like? People wanting to see me inebriated but happy at the same time?

” Oh, what the Hell.” I grab a glass and everyone cheers.

They go around saying some nice words, wishing me luck, and offering their support and help should I ever need it. We slam the drinks back at the end. Oh shit, that burns. Leo pushes two other shots toward me. I rub my chest to help the burning sensation go away.

“These were for Adam and Jules but I have a feeling they’re not going to make it tonight.” His smile says it all. Ever since Adam was released, I have heard he hasn’t seen anything but the inside of Juliet’s bedroom. I was hoping he would be here tonight so I could pick his brain. Being an ex-Star Dust member makes him the best guide. I should have guessed he would be too wrapped up in Jule’s to make it.

Again, I am reminded of how alone I truly am. I take the two shots quickly and feel them try to make their way back up.

Everyone is staring wide-eyed but cheer on after I don’t throw them back up. This is exactly what they wanted.


Time is just a concept at this point. The small glasses in front of me are piling up and I’m happy. This is fun. The girls are singing at the top of their lungs to some old Madonna song. Leo and Jake are dry-humping in the corner not even trying to be discreet anymore. I’m talking or at least trying to form some coherent words with the guy that Leo was playing pool with earlier.

“I just don’t get it. Why not me?”

The guy is almost as drunk as I am but he’s not leaning against the table for support like I am. “Love is just a distraction, man. You gotta focus istanbul travestileri on your success.”

The words help my ego and I nod. “You’re right.”

“Yeah, fuck love.”

I chuckle. “Fuck love.” I raise another shot glass to him but my hand gets stuck mid-air.

Something in the air changes. I can’t put my finger on it but something is off. I look around the room.

“Jake, you fucker!” A God-like creature walks towards us. His long, blonde hair is pulled back by a black hairband. It is probably long enough to brush his shoulders. He is tall and muscular. His smile does something to my insides. He’s glowing. There is an aura around him that is almost blinding. His skin isn’t gold but it might as well be with how appealing he looks. The closer he gets the more my heartbeat increases. Being drunk has my senses all screwed up. I drop the shot glass.

Everyone turns to look at me, including him. I blink. Is this real? Why do I feel like this? Hazel places a hand on my shoulder and the spell is broken. I look into her eyes, afraid.

What the Hell is going on?

“You okay? You need to throw up?” She looks worried.


“Hey Everette, this is Chase.” Jake introduces this infuriatingly appealing man to me and I want to disappear.

He sticks out his hand and waits for me to respond. His eyes are curious. I must look crazy. And that is because I think I am. My brain feels like it is being split in half. A sane part of me is screaming to get a grip and the other part wants to get close enough to get a whiff of his scent.

His scent? Oh, fuck!

I push Leo out of the way and rush towards the exit. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, no amount of breathing is calming me. I bump into people and barely register their angry words. The turning in my stomach is alarming. I push the door open and take a lung full of the thick night air. I walk across the street to a nearby tree and place a hand on it. This tree is real. This grass beneath my feet is real. I rub a hand against my face. What just happened?

“Hey man, you ok?” The air crackles around me.

It’s him. I know it deep in my gut. It is him.

I turn to face my fears. He is alone. He crosses his arms to hide his discomfort.

“Yeah,” My voice cracks. I clear it. “I just needed some air.”

I’m still drunk. My eyes trail down his perfect lips, chin, and wide chest. An unknown feeling flourishes deep in my chest. Holy-

“You sure?” He takes a step closer to me and I put a hand up. I don’t want this. I don’t like this. Whatever he is doing he needs to stop. He takes another step and I step back but lose my footing. His hands reach out to grab me before I fall. It is a mistake. The moment his hands wrap around my arms there is no denying it. Electricity runs through us. The drinks could have never gotten me this drunk. His skin against mine intoxicates me more than alcohol ever could.

I look into his eyes and see the shock on his face. Before I can control myself, I lean up and kiss him. Hard. I blame the drinks on that. My control is nowhere in sight. I lean closer to him and groan when I rub against him. I moan when I feel his rough hands cup the back of my neck. The hunger in my stomach drops straight to my…

The drinks are getting to me now but I don’t care. His soft lips feel like heaven against my own. I don’t ever want to stop. The irrational part of my brain has a stupid idea and I run with it.

I transport us back to my place.



I feel a shift in our surroundings. The night air doesn’t feel humid anymore. I don’t hear the cars in the distance or feel the squishy earth beneath us.

I open my eyes and jump back. “What the fuck was that? Where the fuck are we?”

He opens his eyes slowly, his lips wet. Why do I still feel the electricity running through my veins? His eyes are glowing a dark purple shade. My heart jumps when they land on my lips. His hand goes to his heart and he looks confused. Then he shakes his head.

“What is going on?” I know I should be scared. How did we get here? Where are we? But I don’t feel scared, more concerned than anything. Something is going on with my body. I feel hot all over, my throat is dry, and my heartbeat is going crazy. I have only ever felt like this after a hard football practice session in the middle of summer. But there is no blazing heat beating me down. There is just this guy, looking at me like…like…

He looks up at my eyes and his gaze becomes unfocused. “I think I’m going to get-” He holds his hand out and the trash can from the corner of the room flies into his grasp just in time for him to throw up.

I jump back, putting as much distance between us as possible. I try to catch my breath. What the fuck? I start to pace back and forth when I hear him throwing up some more. When I think it is becoming too much for him, I lean down next to him and rub his back. I don’t know why but I want him to feel better. I want to make him feel better. Just touching him is doing things to my insides.

What is this? Some type of magic trick?

He travesti istanbul tries to push my hand away but I continue to pat him. I look around but don’t see any water around. I get up and see a bathroom door slightly open. I walk in and grab a small towel and put it under some cool water. The light is low so I can’t see much but this room feels like it is his room. The walls are made of clay. That’s different. I try to look for a switch but don’t find anything.

“Here.” I walk out with the towel and notice he’s no longer throwing up. No, now he’s leaning against the bucket on the floor with his eyes closed. Is he snoring?

I shake my head and do what feels natural. I clean him up. Just like I would for my younger brother, Grayson. Except Grayson doesn’t have any out-of-this-world powers. At least not that I know of. He is not any help, completely comatose. I remove his shoes, shirt, and pants. I try not to stare at his body and avoid touching him unless I really have to. My body wants to lean into his warmth. My hands want to wonder. Any time I feel his skin against mine my blood sings. This is wrong. And yet it feels the opposite. Once I tuck him in, I sit on the floor next to him and lean back against the bed. I listen to his deep breathing, matching it to my own. I close my eyes for a few seconds. It’s not like I can go anywhere.

I don’t even know where I am.



I feel gross.

My mouth is dry and it tastes like liquor. The same liquor I was drinking last night like a madman. I groan and turn over. I jump back when my hand lands on a warm, soft surface. I sit up and look down at the right sight of my bed. Someone is in bed with me. All I see are gold strands everywhere, covering a face. A face that I feel like I have seen many times before. One that I can pick out from a crowd and yet I know I’ve only set eyes on it last night for the first time. I control my breathing and move away from his hand which is very close to my hip. His shirt is riding up, and I see his boxers peek from under his pants.

What is going on?

I gracelessly fall from the bed and rush to the bathroom. I throw cold water on my face and wave my hand in the air to turn on the lights. I don’t look as awful as I feel. Aside from the stranger being in my bed and my mind being in shambles, I look the same. I feel nauseous, my head is killing me and I want to go back to bed. I focus on my heartbeat but notice something different. I place a hand over my heart. I feel my heartbeat but it also feels like it is not here. Like it is back in my bed. And then there is another heartbeat on top of mine if that is even possible. But how?

I snap my fingers and a cup appears on the counter. I pull ingredients out of thin air and say a quick spell. According to Paul, this helps him get over a hangover quickly. I have never had to use it and I hope I never have to again.

I start feeling more like myself after drinking it.

Just as I am finishing it I feel a push from the other side. The spirits are trying to get in contact. Out of all the mornings to reach out to me, this is shit timing. Like a criminal, I start to clean up around me, trying to hide any trace of what happened last night. I toss the trash can out of my room and throw my clothes in the hamper. I wave my hands around trying to tidy the place up. I stop avoiding my bed and finally focus on the sleeping giant. He is impossibly big.

Memories from last night start flooding my brain and I groan. What did I do? I feel the spirits pushing again and I scramble onto the bed. I need him out of here. I pat him down and feel a wallet in his pocket. I pull it out and see his student ID. There is no information in regard to where he is living. His driver’s license is from Washington, so I can’t send him there. I pull out my phone and call Leo. He answers on the third ring.

“Hey buddy, where did you run off to last night? How’s the hangover?” I hear the gruffness in his tone. I must have woken him up.

“Hey, I need your help.” He must hear the worry in my voice because he doesn’t hesitate.

“What’s up?”

“Chase is on my bed.” I don’t have much time to explain, the spirits are getting anxious. “I need you to get him home. Make him forget last night if you can. If you can’t, I’ll deal with it later.”

There is a slight pause. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll call you later.” He hangs up and I turn to the God-like figure on my bed.

He’s lying on his stomach, his arm reaching out to my side of the bed. For a brief second, I wonder what it would be like if I just went back to bed. Wrapped my arms around him and ignored the spirits. I sigh, wishful thinking is not going to get me anywhere. I debate on waking him up or just transporting him while he’s asleep but I don’t think Leo or Jake would appreciate a sleeping Chase on their bed.

I nudge his arm but he doesn’t move. I shove a little harder, avoiding getting too close to his chest. His eyes slowly open. He looks around for a bit then looks up at me. A smile starts to form on his lips before his eyebrows pull together. He sits up and scrambles to sit on the edge of the bed, closer to the wall. I force myself to stay put. As much as I want to run away and hide from his hazel eyes, I also want to make my way into his lap and see what it would be like to have him hold me.

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