Teri, Please Don’t!

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[Haven’t submitted anything in far too long, so I finished one of several unfinished stories. Hope you like it – I think there’s definitely potential for these two to get up to a lot more naughty escapades! Any suggestions will be gratefully received.]


“No Teri, _please_ don’t!” pleaded Jean. Just as with the last few times she’d said it, Teri ignored her totally. Again, just like the last few times, Jean didn’t really put up much of a protest.

It had been meant to be a night out in town with a whole lot of their friends. As Jean and Teri slowly drank their way through first one, and then a second bottle of wine, various text messages and phone calls arrived. Each one was someone else piking out on them:

“Jimmy wants to stay in tonight.”

“My parents are coming tomorrow.”

“I need to get a good sleep, I might be going mountain-biking in the morning.”

Partly due to the wine, it wasn’t until after eight that Teri realised that it was just the two of them left.

“Bastards!” she exclaimed, “I was up for a bit of carnage, too!”

“well, I dunno about you, but I’m feeling pretty pissed,” said Jean, “I don’t feel like stopping drinking, though.”

“Fuck it, let’s have a beer each, wine’s too bloody strong,” Teri said, slurring just a little bit.

She came back from the kitchen, handing Jean an opened bottle, and keeping one for herself.

Jean put the bottle to her lips to taste it, only to be interrupted.

“Wait!” Teri almost yelled. “I thought maybe we’d play ‘I’ve Never’, make things a bit more interesting.”

Jean pulled the bottle away from her lips, nodding and saying, “OK.”

She’d only moved in with Teri a couple of months ago – she knew her through some mutual friends. So far they had got on fantastically well, Jean’s more retiring nature perfectly complementing Teri’s more brash, outgoing personality.

Really though, Jean knew very little about her flatmate, and a game like this might help her learn a bit more.

“I’ve never . . . ” said Jean, pausing to think. “I’ve never wagged school,” she finished, immediately taking a sip.

Teri took a sip, but with a condescending look on her face said, “Dude, you’ll have to do better than that for an opener. Think of something really crazy, really naughty.”

Jean flushed a little on hearing this.

“OK, um . . . I’ve never . . . god, um . . . “

A naughty glint caught her eye. “I’ve never been caught playing with myself.”

Both girls took another drink, Jean explaining, “I wasn’t even really doing it, just absent-mindedly fiddling under the covers when my mum burst in.”

Teri looked at her sideways. “You’ve only ever been caught _once_? Really?”

Jean’s face reddened again.

“Yes,” she lied, “I’ve just always been really careful.” Well, she had ever since the _other_ time she got caught, the time she wasn’t mentioning.

“Wow,” said Teri, “I can’t even _count_ the number of times I’ve been caught at it! Since you shared, though, I’ll tell you one of the more, I dunno, _embarrassing_ times.

“I was on a long drive back home from somewhere, I’d been driving, by myself, for two or three hours, drinking Coke. I stopped to have a pee by the side of the road, seriously in the middle of nowhere.

“Even though there was no-one else around, I walked into the forest a little way. I took my shorts and knickers off completely, in a little dirt clearing up above the road.

“What?” she says, to Jean’s quizzical look. “It’s just easier to have them out of the way sometimes!

“Anyway, before you know it, I’m totally naked, frigging myself silly as I strut around the clearing. I hear a car, and fucking hell, it stops beside mine!

“A girl, a bit younger than me gets out, and comes running straight towards me.

“I was actually pretty close to coming by this point, but I froze where I stood. I’m not sure what I thought this would do – I mean, a six-foot-tall white girl, stark naked? I didn’t beşiktaş escort really blend in!

“This girl still hadn’t seen me – I guess she was just so busting to pee that she was oblivous to anything else.

“She stopped about ten feet away from me, _facing_ me! then hiked up her skirt, frantically pulled down her knickers, and squatted there in front of me.

“I was still right on the edge, and this girl was still looking down between her legs, so without really thinking, I started rubbing myself again.

“I watched the girl, still oblivious to me, for a few seconds, then I could feel myself starting to come, and closed my eyes, getting lost in the feeling.

“I think she still might not have seen me, except I made some kind of noise as I was coming. I opened my eyes to find her staring straight back at me, open-mouthed.

“There was nothing else I could do but let the orgasm run its course. I don’t think I’d _ever_ come so hard!

“I was still feeling little aftershocks as the girl calmly stood up, pulled her knickers back on, and walked back to the car.

“It was only at that point that I noticed what I can only assume was the girl’s mother in the passenger seat.

“I don’t know how well she could see me, or how long she’d been looking at me, but as they drove off she smiled at me and licked her lips.”

Like Jean before her, Teri hadn’t quite told the whole story there, but she’d got the idea her flatmate might not be ready for that kind of thing. Not yet, at any rate.

“Right, I’ve got one for _you_ now,” Teri said, with something very close to a wicked grin.

“I’ve never been turned on by a girl telling me a story about getting caught playing with herself!”

Teri immediately took a swig, then looked at her flatmate, whose bottle was still on the table.

“Are you seriously telling me you aren’t turned on? Look, you’re squirming!”

“Teri, please, don’t,” a now very red-faced and flustered Jean mumbled, looking down at her drink.

“Come on, Jean, if you’re turned on, you’re turned on! It doesn’t matter! You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. In fact, by the rules of the game, you _have_ to tell me, it’s the law!”

Jean opened her mouth as if to say something, still looking down at the table, but closed it again, shaking her head.

“Please, Teri, don’t . . .” she finally said, still not meeting her flatmate’s gaze.

“Come on, man, theres no need to be ashamed about it. Look, I’ll make things easier for you: one, I’m turned on from telling the story, just thinking about it makes me horny as hell; two, if you don’t want to keep playing, just shake your head.”

Teri paused while Jean just continued to look down at the table.

“So you want to keep playing, then?” Teri asked.

An almost imperceptible nod was Jean’s answer.

“Fuckin’ A! Right, you’d best be taking a drink then, ’cause I _know_ you’re turned on right now!”

Jean sat up, leaned heavily against the back of her chair, and finally raised the bottle to her lips, taking a long swallow.

“Yeeeeesss!” Teri yelled, “I bloody knew it! Your turn now – before you ask a question though, take time to make sure it’s a damn good one – you owe me!”

“Oh, I’ve got a good one alright,” said Jean, still unable to look her flatmate in the eye.

“I’ve never . . . _mas_turbated in the kitchen,” Jean paused, this time loooking straight into Teri’s eyes, “while someone else was in the lounge.”

“Fu-u-uck,” Teri said, with an astonished look, “looks like I’d better add another one to ‘being busted.’ I . . .”

“Better have a drink then,” Jean interrupted, grinning again now she had the upper hand.

“Sure,” said Teri, stopping to take a swig, “but I thought you had no idea about that one. How did you know?”

Jean maintained her grin, “Did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out? Maybe if you’d just gone out to the kitchen every ad break taksim escort I might not have realised, but when you disappeared out there for a whole section of whatever it was we were watching, I got suspicious!”

“Shit, I never realised I was in the kitchen that long!” exclaimed Teri. “God, I really did get a bit carried away, didn’t I?”

“I’ll say,” replied her flatmate, “I could hear you at one point – kind of a squelching noise behind your panting. Then, when you came back, I could see that your fingers were wet, and most of all, I could _smell_ you!”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” said Teri, looking very ashamed now, “I thought I was being so discreet. You must have been disgusted . . .”

“Um . . . yeah, actually I was,” said Jean, thinking quickly. “I think you owe me an apology – in fact, I think you need to make it up to me somehow.”

Jean’s face had turned from mischeivous to stony very quickly. “Fuck, I’ve really gone too far this time,” thought Teri, “she doesn’t seem to be _too_ angry though. I just hope she doesn’t ask me to move out.”

“Look, you’re completely right, I promise I’ll make it up to you, just let me know how,” said Teri, a genuine look of contrition on her face.

“I will,” said Jean, finishing her beer. “First thing you can do is get some more beers, though. There aren’t any left in the fridge, so you’ll have to go out to the garage.”

“Sure, sure, back in a minute,” said Teri, relieved to be given an excuse to make herself scarce.

As soon as she heard the back door open, Jean swung into action, muttering, “it’s now or never,” to herself as she peeled off her tights and knickers, leaving them in a pile on the floor.

These were soon joined by her top, and a couple of seconds later her bra landed on the pile, leaving her standing completely naked in the kitchen. She knew she was taking an incredible risk by doing this, but she felt so horny from hearing Teri’s story, and she didn’t want to regret never having at least tried this.

She could hear the fridge in the garage slam shut outside, and knew she only had a few seconds to be ready for Teri. Her stomach was doing flip-flops, a combination of nerves and horniness. On top of this, she could smell her sex, now that there were no layers of cloth masking it.

Just as she’d got herself positioned nicely, the back door clicked open, and she could hear Teri speaking.

“Look, dude – Jean – I think maybe it’s best if we just forget it ever happened. I can _assure_ you it certainly won’t happen again.”

Jean heard a drawer open, and a noise as Teri searched through it for the bottle opener.

“Maybe I need some help, I mean, I just get sooo fucking horny sometimes, I do stupid things, I don’t even think about the consequences.”

Now Jean heard two clicks as Teri opened the bottles, followed by the metallic noise of the lids hitting the benchtop. Her tummy started up all over again – there was no backing out now, Teri would see her any second.

“So anyway, I’m _truly_ sorry, and I never meant for you to . . .” Teri trailed off as she rounded the corner, bringing Jean into view.

The first and most obvious thing was that Jean was _completely_ naked, not a stitch of clothing on, and not even any jewellery. To Teri, Jean’s skin appeared shiningly white, alabaster even.

She had two of the most perfect tits Teri had ever seen, with small, light pink nipples standing to attention.

These were the only exceptions to her beautiful white skin, aside from a red flush over her upper chest, neck and face, and the fine ginger curls at her crotch.

Her naked white legs were either side of one of the dining chairs, straddling it, with the back of the chair behind her.

Most surprisingly of all, Teri could see the bottom of one of their empty beer bottles between Jean’s legs. The neck of the bottle was quite plainly buried in her flatmate’s lips – there was nowhere else it could nişantaşı escort possibly be.

The deep green of the glass was a perfect contrast with Jean’s light skin, and complemented her light red pubic hair beautifully.

Teri quickly put the beers down on the table – she was in danger of dropping them otherwise. She tried to think of something to say, but had been rendered completely speechless by seeing Jean this way.

Jean was also unable to speak. She still had no idea if she’d done the right thing – maybe Teri was disgusted with her? Whatever the case, she’d gone far too far now to turn back, and besides, she was feeling even more horny since Teri walked into the room and saw her.

Jean reached a hand down between her legs, gripping it around the bottom of the beer bottle. Once she had grasped it firmly, she slowly straightened her legs, gradually pulling herself off the bottle, until it wetly popped out of her.

She found that the sexiness had given her the courage to look Teri right in the eyes while she was doing this – she still couldn’t bring herself to say anything, but the eye contact was enough to send shivers of naughty pleasure through her whole body.

She began to gently lower herself onto the bottle again. Jean was leaning back a little, so Teri could see the mouth of the bottle pressing harder against her flatmate’s lips, until suddenly it plunged its way inside, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from Jean.

In short order, the neck of the bottle was totally inside Jean again, her lips tightly clamped around it.

Jean was _really_ starting to enjoy herself now. She was still looking Teri in the eyes, but could now see that Teri was looking nowhere but at the bottle, at Jean’s crotch.

Jean started to slowly straighten her legs again. Teri could see Jean’s lips as they clung to the glass while being pulled up and away from it. They seemed to resist the bottle being pulled away, stretching down the neck of the bottle as if to keep it inside Jean’s fanny as long as they possibly could.

Then, suddenly, the bottle was out again. For a split-second Teri saw Jean’s lips retain the circular shape of the bottle neck, before they came back together again, to another sharp breath from Jean.

As Jean started to lower herself onto the bottle once more, Teri could see the neck glistening wet, with a drop of milky fluid running down over the shoulder of the bottle and onto Jean’s hand.

Jean was definitely moving faster now, the neck wholly inside her in just a couple of seconds, then quickly being drawn back out again.

When the bottle starting pushing its way inside her once more, Jean was astonished to find that she was starting to come. The fluttering deep within her and down through her fanny to her lips was unmistakeable – soon the spasms would become stronger and closer together, until they were completely involuntary.

She was surprised by this as she had _never_ been able to come this quickly before. She was well past the point of caring what Teri thought of her now, and closing her eyes, started to really fuck the bottle in earnest, feeling her orgasm build and build. God, it felt so amazing!

In just over a minute she passed the point of no return, feeling her cunt spasm hard and uncontrollably, alternately gripping and releasing the bottle.

It was without doubt the most intense orgasm she had _ever_ had! It seemed to be going on for longer than she’d ever come in the past, and with the pleasure barely diminished, she became aware of her surroundings again.

She opened her eyes, suddenly desperate to know how Teri was responding to her orgasm.

To her delight, Teri’s pants were around her knees, her hand vigorously rubbing her very erect clit. Teri’s eyes were still firmly focused on her flatmate’s crotch, Jean’s orgasm pushing her on towards her own.

Without warning, Teri started bucking her hips wildly, plainly coming hard. Jean’s orgasm was just beginning to subside as Teri’s began, and it was now Jean’s turn to be transfixed by her flatmate’s climax.

The only noise to be heard in the room was panting, as the two of them came down from their climaxes.

“Well,” Teri finally said, “I can’t _wait_ to hear what you’ll get me to do to make up for masturbating in the kitchen that time . . .”

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