A Chance Encounter

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She wasn’t just beautiful but funny as well. A random person met in line at a store, we hit it off immediately. It didn’t go far during our first five-minute interaction, but we learned enough about each other to be interested and for me to know that she was married. Pretty, with dark hair, and a kid in college, she wasn’t a kid herself. In fact, we were both obviously over forty. When we parted, I figured it would be just be a random encounter with someone interesting, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Ten minutes later, as I walked out of another store, I met her again, this time with her husband. A couple of friendly jokes as we passed and her pointing me out to him, it was obvious that our first meeting had made an impression on her as much as it had me. A few minutes later in yet another store, as I ended up behind the couple in line, once again the banter started up and was a bit more friendly. She proved to be a quick wit besides being beautiful. Our brief relationship came to an end when the couple left, I paid for my items then headed for my car.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, I noted them sitting in the car directly behind mine. Before I could turn the key, the passenger door opened of their car, and she climbed out to make her way toward me. Hitting the button, I slid the window down as the beautiful middle-aged brunette leaned into my car window.

“There’s something I want to ask you?” She smiled at me.

“What’s that?”

It was hard not to notice her gorgeous smile and the twinkle in her eye.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Stunned, I glanced in the rear-view mirror to eye her husband, who was a bit bigger than me. I certainly didn’t want to tangle with her after hearing her question. Still, I wasn’t sure how to answer. There was no doubt that I DID want to fuck her and she instantly read my mind. “My names Kat. Katherine but my friends call me Kat. So? Say yes?”

“Am I your friend?” I grinned up at her.

“I hope you will be. You see—,” she glanced back at her husband still sitting in their car. “Todd and I’ve been talking. I want to have two guys at once.” She paused to let that fact sink in then continued, “I decided I want it to be with you.”

My jaw dropped upon hearing her revelation. “You don’t even Ankara Rus Escort know my name.”

“So—-what is your name?”


“Then that’s settled, Devin. We can be friends. What do you say?”

Glancing in the rearview mirror again, I locked eyes with her husband not detecting a hint of malice towards me or the situation with his wife. Looking back at Kat, I drank in her beautiful face and the sly eager smile before wandering my eyes down her body. She wasn’t a girl but a woman with real curves. We weren’t kids and were about to do something very adult.

“I’m in.”

“You will be soon,” Kat winked at me grinning. “Follow us. We don’t live far.”

Her hips swayed as she walked back to their car, and I was watching every sultry step as my cock started to harden. It was going to be a great afternoon.

As Kat had said, she and Todd didn’t live far and as I parked in the driveway behind them and then followed them into the house, I was already putting aside the fact that I’d be fucking a woman with her husband at the same time. In the bedroom, it didn’t take things long to heat up as Todd and I alternated kissing his wife while we undressed her. Naked, she didn’t disappoint.

Voluptuous with just the right amount of curves, she was proving to be far from shy as I wandered my hands over her body along with her husband. As we lay her back on the bed, Kat spread her legs giving me a view of her pink slit already glistening with her desire. Todd said not a word as he motioned for me to dive in. Pulling my shirt and pants off, I climbed on the bed between her legs and breathed in her musky scent. Her tangy sweet taste hit my tongue seconds later as I began lapping at her while her hips moved with delight, and she moaned.

“God yes. You’re so good at that,” she breathed as she snaked a hand down to ruffle my hair.

Still wearing my shorts, I began eating her as the bed shifted and her husband climbed toward Kat’s head. She turned to him as his erection probed toward her lips and she engulfed his cock as he reached a hand down to fondle her firm breast. The center of our attention, it didn’t take Kat long to start to come.

Her hips thrust as I worked Yenimahalle Escort my tongue on her clit. She was thrusting Todd’s cock in and out of her luscious lips as he rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefingers. Minutes after I started dining on her, the juices flowing into my mouth became a river and she pulled her husband’s cock from her lips panting.

“Yes—yes—yes—that feels—so good.”

Her breaths came in ragged gasps as her body tensed. She still had Todd’s cock in her hand pumping it with a death grip as her orgasm built. I pushed two fingers deep inside her to stroke upward into her g-spot and it was all over for Kat.

“Fuck yes!” She cried as she came, and I was rewarded with her sweet cum flowing into my mouth as I kept up a steady staccato rhythm on her clit.

She convulsed then crashed to the bed and melted back into it as her orgasm subsided. As I slowed my tongue working on her, I looked up at Todd.

“You first. It’s your pussy, Sir.”

“That it is,” Todd agreed as he moved toward me.

Moving up the other side of Kat, I quickly doffed my shorts, and my erection sprang free.

“Oh my!” Kat exclaimed at the sight of my cock.

“You hit the jackpot Kat,” her husband told her as he settled between her legs before thrusting into her.

Holding himself off his wife, he left room for me to sidle up to her head for her to suck my cock.

“I had a feeling you’d be big,” Kat purred as she began stroking my cock as I leaned into her. Her lips encircled my bulbous cockhead as she moaned with her husband’s cock driving into her. With each forceful lunge, Todd was pinning her to the bed. Above her, I was driving my cock into her hungry wet mouth. Kat was being fucked by two men and enjoying every second of it.

Several minutes later, her moans on my cock intensified as another orgasm started to rock her. As she climaxed, she pulled me from her lips to moan and gasp as my cock lay across her lips and I squeezed her large breast to push her over the edge. Kat arched her back as she came then slammed back into the mattress.

Cracking her eyes open as Todd slowed his lunges into her, she told me. “Fuck me.”

“From behind,” I told her wanting to get my hands on the ass I’d been admiring since I’d first met only an hour or so before.

Her husband pulled out of her, and we turned Kat around maneuvering her onto her hands and knees. With her round ass presented to me, I drank in the heavenly sight as I took my place behind her. She was drenched as I sank slowly into her, and she groaned her approval.

“You’re huge.”

She couldn’t utter another word as Todd lay in front of her and his cock was presented to her. Kat took him back in her mouth eager to suck her cum off his organ. Picking up the pace, I began ramming my cock into her as her fleshy ass moved in waves with each impaling thrust. Her moans turned to muffled screams as I began fucking her mercilessly and Todd held her head like a vice as it bobbed on his cock.

“Oh fuck,” Todd groaned minutes later as I fucked his wife. “I’m coming.”

Seconds after that, he moaned as he came thickly in Kat’s mouth, and she swallowed down his load. The entire time, she was slamming her round ass back to meet my thrusts and I watched my thick cock disappearing into her tight cunt through the deep groove of her ass. Like Todd, I wasn’t able to hold back.

“Here it is,” I told the couple through gritted teeth struggling to hold back my orgasm.

“Fill her,” Todd told me.

Digging my fingers into her fleshy hips, I intended to do just that. Semen rocketed up my cock as my thrusts became even more savage. Kat climaxed with me as I flood her womb with what seemed like a gallon of cum. My hot spunk filled her as she moaned on her husband’s softening cock until I finally slowed my thrusts then knelt behind her struggling to catch my breath. My cock pulsed inside Kat until it eventually slipped from her.

“That was amazing,” she sighed as she slowly crashed to the bed between us.

Todd and I grinned at each other before he asked her. “Is that what you were hoping for?”

“Even better,” Kat moaned sleepily totally exhausted after being fucked by us both.

“Should I go?” I asked the couple.

“Not yet,” Kat replied dreamily. “I want you both again.”

“I’m game,” I told her husband and he nodded at me.

“Next time I want you both at the same time,” she told us.

“I thought we just did that?” Todd asked her.

“I mean I want Devin in my ass while I ride you.”

Nodding my agreement at her husband, I grinned. Our chance encounter was proving to be the start of something beautiful and incredibly pleasurable and I was about to fuck Kat’s incredible ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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