Adam , Jesse Ch. 12

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Several hours later, they sat on the couch looking over the papers she had first showed him. She wanted him to understand the project and her goals fully. She also was very open to suggestions and any ideas for improvement. Adam astounded her, easily understanding her diagrams, figures and costs. She was impressed how well he easily he comprehended everything she was showing him and found herself relaxing and opening up more and more with him.

Adam on the other hand was utterly perplexed by her and decided it had a lot to do with her looks and the way she had acted up until now. He was having a hard time believing anyone her age could put this all together. She might have the money, but this project took time and experience and every time he took a quick glance at her, what he saw just didn’t fit with what she was planning. He finally had to force himself not to think on those lines and just actually enjoy working on something worth while with someone he was growing to care for. He also reminded himself that he needed to get a hold of his boss as soon as he had a chance.

“I know there’s a lot of work here,” she said practically reading his mind, “but I think it can be done within a year. That is if we find the right people for the job.”

“And that’s one of the hardest things to do,” he hadn’t looked at her until after he made the comment or he would have seen her smirk.

“Yes, it probably will be, after all, look how long it took me to find the right person for my bodyguard, bouncer and babysitter job.” She could only hold a straight face for a minute before laughing. “I’m sorry Adam, I couldn’t help myself, you just made it so easy.”

“Obviously, but how do you know I’m the right one anyway? Huh, have an answer for that miss smarty pants?”

He all but tackled her, letting the papers fly into the air when the two of them collided and landed on the floor. He had only intended to tickle her a bit, but now he was finding it hard to get a grip even on her arm. Her squirming and giggling had her moving all over. He finally got hold of her ankle and held her while he regained his composure sitting back on the couch.

“Hey, that’s not fair, you’re stronger than I am,” she finally said trying to catch her breath. She managed to sit up, but remained on the floor shaking her ankle trying to free it from his grasp.

“Exactly my point,” Adam stated, grinning, lucky to have gotten this opportunity. He could almost see the thoughts spinning above her head and for a few moments, thought he was about to be canned.

“If Gerald or anyone gets a hold of me, yes I’m an easy target, but aren’t we all in some way or another? Besides, what makes you think I’m going to get close enough for him to actually touch me?” She kept looking back and forth between her foot and him, completely disregarding his meaning. “Besides, isn’t that why I have you?” she laughed until he finally released her. Jesse picked herself back up with a little help from his extended hand and planted her butt back on the couch. “If you spend as much time and energy on my project as you spend on trying to show me how compromised I might be by Gerald, then you are the right man for the job.” She waited for his response but only got a dark stare from him. “And just to refresh your memory, you once told me you weren’t as serious as Mark. Have you changed that cause it sure….”

“Hush!” he stated before kissing her long and hard.

Neither had heard the a door open but when their kiss broke, they were both startled by Marks presence. He was in his shorts, a towel over his shoulder with his arms folded in front of them. Seeing the expression on his face and the way he shook his head back and forth had them both laughing.

“Guess I don’t have to ask if I’m interrupting. So much for continuing the party! Maybe you should have said private party on Sunday.” Mark started to turn to leave when she quickly was up and at his side.

“Oh come on Mark, we were only having a little fun. And you really are way too serious sometimes.” she said knowing they had hurt his feelings, then suddenly wondered how he had gotten in. “Wasn’t someone at the front door letting you know to go to Richards house until this evening?”

“I’m use to those tricks, I came around back. And look, you’re patio door is wide open. I bet you’re electric bill is high.” He was beaming.

“So, that doesn’t give you the right to just walk in here,” she quickly lashed back, her mood having changed rapidly.

“She has you there Mark,” Adam said, getting up to collect all the papers on the floor, easing the tension that was building in the room. Something about Mark’s attitude had him on edge. He wasn’t sure it was the lack of disrespect for her privacy Mark showed or for the simple fact he had gotten over on her.

“Come on,” Mark said, now looking at them innocently. “A weekend party, like the other ones, wasn’t that the invitation?”

“Sorry guy,” Adam said quickly before Jesse could respond. almanbahis adres “She needed some rest and we needed some uh privacy, you know what I mean.” He dropped the folder of papers on the table and put his arm around her. Jesse was glowing, actually enjoying how Adam had took control.

“Sorry, I should have known. I’ll just be on my way, maybe find me a naked woman,” he chuckled, but stopped at the front entrance. “Oh, in case I don’t see you later, I won’t be around for a few days, I leave late tonight. And Adam, Talley will be at the house with her new found friend, you just might plan on staying here awhile.” He left not waiting for a response.

“Thanks, I just might do that,” Adam called after him. He waited until he was sure Mark was gone before he approached Jesse. “How well do you know Mark?”

“I don’t know, seems like a long time. I met him sometime after I started seeing Reese…You’re not thinking…no Mark would never hurt me. He’s become more of a friend to me than he is to Reese lately,” she studied Adam.

“Seems to me, with Mark, that’s already three men against one little…”

“Fuck you Adam!” Jesse jerked away from him and walked off.

“Hey wait,” he called after her, surprised by her sudden change. “I was kidding, Mark is my friend. He might have a few screws loose, but he is my friend.” Adam was doing his best to make light of his seemingly playful act, confused by her harsh reaction.

He followed her outside to the pool. Jesse was ignoring him and skimmed the surface of the pool from its leaves and several discarded undergarments. The silence between them was extremely unsettling, especially for Adam. He had no experience in dealing with her sudden mood change and it dawned on him he might be the one who needed to open his eyes. After all, he really didn’t know her, any more than he knew Gerald, probably even less. Here he was coming off like a big hero when in fact he was the outsider. He had only been around about a year. Damn, he thought to himself, this was going to be much more difficult than he figured.

“Before we go any further, let’s get something straight,” Jesse had quit cleaning the pool and now was only several steps away from Adam. “Mark is my friend, I didn’t say I trusted him, but I do like having fun with him. And considering there are already soooo many people on my enemy list, I really don’t want to add any more. But to ease your mind, Mark is too uh, smart, to get involved in any business dealings where Gerald and Reese are involved in, or in mine for that matter.”

“You mean too afraid, don’t you?”

“Alright afraid, do you blame him?” Jesse walked on past him picking up wet towels along the way. “You’ve only been around a short time Adam, you don’t know these people like I do. And don’t go looking so surprised. I checked up on you long before you did on me. Although you got more information on me than I did on you. Why is that I wonder? Doesn’t matter really. You aren’t wanted by the law and not very well known around here,” she said now having moved within an inch or so of his body then added sweetly, “and you are rather cute.”

“Are you going somewhere with this conversation or are you just trying to distract me as usual?” he asked, actually letting her know he was on to her games.

“I knew as soon as Mark told me who you were and I did some checking that you were the one person that could help me. If Mark is an enemy, you’ll find out when we start working more closely. That is if you decide to work with me. I’ve given you a run down on the plans and the players, it’s up to you. But if you’re waiting for me to sugar coat it and say its going to be easy, no one gets hurt and all that crap then say no now. You could get yourself killed same as me. I need your dedication, not your protection.”

To say Adam was floored by her honesty was an understatement. Having thought he had the upper hand, he hadn’t been prepared for her candor. The puzzled expression on his face made Jesse grin. She had realized quickly after Mark’s interruption that she had to be honest with him, at least about work.

“I’m glad I made such an impression. And thanks for finally clueing me in on what this was all about. I just might have gotten both of us killed.” Adam said flatly, not wanting her to see how strongly an impact her words had had on him. Being a strong man and use to having the upper hand and in control, he wasn’t about to show her how shocked he was. He had to wonder how much she really did know about him. She had just changed everything in a matter of seconds and he didn’t want to be caught off guard like this again.

“I take it that’s a yes then, you’ll help me?”

“I’ll work for you, but we better decide on the kind of relationship we are going to have in order for this to work. Do you want people to think of me as your bodyguard, you’re boyfriend, or just the man you’re fucking? I do believe that needs some clarifying. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, almanbahis adresi husband might be the answer,” she hesitated glancing in his direction. “but we both know that isn’t going to happen. Well, what’s wrong with continuing like we have been. We both do care about each other and we are in an intimate relationship, sort of, even if it is mostly sexual. It would only be natural for us to keep seeing each other and that would explain why we’re always together.”

“How will that explain my presence at your company meetings or hanging around you there? Or was I not going to be included in that part of your plans?” Adam was trying his damnedest to remain cool, even cold. It just dawned on him what Mark’s statement meant when he had talked about her using sex and not wanting it. Maybe he should back off and just go home. It didn’t take him long to shrug off that thought, he was right where he wanted to be, and damn if she didn’t know it.

“Hmmm,” she thought for a few minutes. “Well, why not let them know I hired you to assist me on this project? You are qualified and I will need one as you pointed out earlier. Who says I can’t fuck my assistant?”

Their eyes connected, both determined to have their own way. Problem was, Jesse was the one calling the shots. It was her after all, her company, her plan and of course her money.

“So I’m to call you boss in public and baby in bed. Got it! Or do you think I should put that in my notes so I don’t forget how to treat Ms Jessica Taylor Martin.” He was sorry he said it the second it came out of his mouth, but it was too late. He could see the hurt look in her eyes and he knew there was no taking it back.

“Just remember it.” she said coldly. His words went thru her like a knife, even if she deserved it. She should have been honest from the day they met, she thought to herself. She turned her back on him heading for the house, the tears forming in her eyes. His words had hurt her and she wondered if maybe her decision to hire him was the right thing to do.

“Jesse wait,” he followed her resisting the urge to grab her, kiss her and tell her he was sorry.

“I have to change for my party tonight,” she turned back to him, “and you better get home and get some of your things since I would assume you’ll be moving in now. At least for awhile, new job and all.” With that she walked off towards her bedroom leaving Adam simmering.

His temper matched her own and he left, slamming the door behind him. Damn woman, he swore to himself. He was beginning to feel haunted by Mark’s words describing Jesse. The woman did have a knack for getting her own way. He wondered briefly if this project was really the only thing she was after.

He walked in his house and heard the noises coming from downstairs. He had forgotten about Talley and her friend and right now he wanted just a few minutes to himself. Was that too much to ask for? Shit, maybe he should just pack his bags and go home, back to his job. At least there he knew what to expect and everything was under his terms. He then had a vision of Jesse, her hair brushing against his chest, the feel of her naked body against his, the taste of her lips on his. Dammit man, get some control, he told himself. She was not going to get the best of him, nor was she going to get him to act the silly puppy. He would work for her, keeping her safe until her project was completed. He decided that fucking her was his incentive, cold as it sounded, he wasn’t about to fall… Shit! Who was he trying to kid anyway, he finally conceded to himself.

Jesse had no idea how tormented Adam was, how could she. He never let on about his feelings, only his desires. But how could she blame him for what he said, when it had sounded like she was trifling with him from the very beginning. Wasn’t she guilty of hiding her own emotions too. Visions of him, naked, the warmth of his body against hers, his kiss, his hands all over her, these were the thoughts she couldn’t rid herself of no matter how hard she tried.

It was after 7:00 before Adam strolled over to Jesse’s house. He had put on pair of taupe pants and dress shirt, leaving the neckline open. He was glad it wasn’t going to be one of those stuffed shirt nights, he hated those. Now that he decided to work with her, he knew he would be in for a lot of them. Half way across the street, he remembered he was suppose to call his boss. Swearing, he shrugged, telling himself he would do it tomorrow. He had decided to take a leave from his detective job to work with Jesse. Now that he had a better idea of her plans, he also decided not to let anyone in the department know what he was doing. It struck him that this might not be the best idea he ever had, but with the situation and Jesse, there was no telling what all this could involve. The only thing he hadn’t figured out was how he could manage bartending and looking after Jesse. He had thought about quitting that, but changed his mind figuring it could actually be of almanbahis adres some help along and keep him close to her.

The first place he looked for her was at the bar where she usually stood and was surprised not to see her there. He walked around chatting with several people he had met and practically knocked Mark on the floor when they bumped into each other.

“So you made it after all.” Adam was the first to speak. “Guess you didn’t find any naked women over there. I don’t see any one on your arm.”

“I had my fun, but remember, I do have to leave in a little while. Didn’t want to leave a date hanging around.”

“Afraid someone might take her after you left?” Adam joked. “You see Jesse anywhere? I’ve been looking for her.

“No I haven’t seen her since I got here. Get yourself a drink and ask the bartender if he knows where she is. They generally know everything, don’t they.” Mark replied grinning. He suddenly looked away eyeing the new lady that just walked in unescorted. “Good luck, think I’ll make a new friend before I leave.”

Adam laughed at Mark and continued his search for Jesse. Unsuccessfully, he was back at the bar. He found out, much to his disliking, the she had received a phone call and left. All she had said was that she would be back in about an hour. Adam’s temper flared immediately. Why hadn’t she called him? Where the hell did she go? What kind of trouble was she in now? Dammit, he was her body guard. He should have been with her. With all his unspoken questions, he hadn’t noticed her come in. He only heard that sweet unmistakable voice she had.

“Looking for someone?” she softly having come up behind him.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I was,” he turned finding the sweet fragrance of her perfume intoxicating. “You look beautiful sweetheart. Did you wear that just for me?” he flirted. Upon seeing her, he was quite taken by her choice in attire. She was wearing a soft blue summer dress with thin straps holding it on. It was low cut, exposing her breasts in a teasing way, one that hadn’t gone unnoticed by him or the men at the bar. She had decided to test him, he thought, and in turn decided to start his job immediately.

“Yes, I did wear this especially for you,” she teased back. “And you’re looking exceptionally sexy tonight.” She walked around to face him and took a seat at the bar. Joe, the bartender handed her a glass of wine and before she could say any more to Adam, her admirers were already asking for dances.

“Sorry fellows, this lady is taken.” Adam stepped in, letting everyone around her hear him claiming her as his own. He ignored the sudden stares he was getting and held back a grin when he saw Jesse smiling at his comment. Even Mark had heard the comment and looked at the two of them puzzled at the public statement. Adam, having a lot of experience at this, ignored the looks and probably whispers, continuing “So where have you been?”

“I had an errand to run. I would have asked you to come, but since you weren’t here, I went myself. It wasn’t anything to worry about…”

Adam didn’t let her finish gently taking her arm. “I’d like to have a very private word with you,” he interrupted, not caring what others thought. His arm dropped over her shoulders and they walked to the back of the house towards her bedroom.

“Adam, the party just started, we can’t be disappearing like this to fool around all the time. It is my party after all and I do have a reputation to keep.”

“You’re reputation? Come on Jesse, you don’t really care what any of them think. In fact, I think you enjoy teasing them with your relationships. Besides this will only take a minute,” he stated, then saw the sexy way she was smiling at him. “Sorry to disappoint you but I have no intentions of making love to you right now,” he continued and saw her expression change instantly and quickly added, “Not saying we won’t be in bed later.” Once they entered her bedroom he let her go and stared at her for several moments. “So where the hell did you go and why didn’t you call me before taking off like that?” He asked letting her see his anger.

“It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Besides, it was more of a personal nature and you really didn’t need to come with me.” she said, now her temper was up. “Besides, who said you had to be with me every minute anyway?”

“You did when you hired me. That is what a bodyguard does, remember!”

“And a boyfriend, does he do that too?.” She flirted with him knowing full well he was having a hard time separating the job from the relationship. “You can’t be getting so upset every time I get a phone call to take care of something…”

“Yes, I can. If you want me to really keep you safe, then I have to know everything going on with you.” Adam stood in front of her where she had sat down on the bed. Damn if those eyes weren’t going to get the best of him. “Look, if you really want a body guard then that’s how it is. I have to know what the hell is going on so I can protect you. Got it!” He waited only a second or two for her to say something before continuing. “As far as the relationship, I don’t think either of us need direction there…” he hesitated when she stood up and pressed against him, “Maybe some restraint wouldn’t be a bad idea,” he added.

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