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Baseball & Hot Tubs…Who Would Have Guessed Their Relation?

The baseball season is in full swing here again in SW Virginia. My husband and I have always enjoyed going to the games, and the more friends who come with us the merrier. Well, last Thursday (which was Thirsty Thursday) with beer flowing at 75cents a glass, my hubby and his best friend Jeff were feeling NO pain. I have to pause here to tell you that I am very sexually attracted to Jeff. There is a sexual chemistry there that has been brewing for many, many months. We have never done more than casually flirt and light petting when we’ve all gotten together for a party or a night out for dinner and whatnot.

As the guys were tied up watching the game, I slipped away to find the little girls room, and much to my suprise, I ran into a guy from highschool that I went out with a few times. His name is Todd, and he introduced me to his wife, Lisa. I have not seen Todd since HS, and I can tell you that he has changed a lot over the last 12 years. His wife, Lisa, is a complete knockout. We all started talking, and Lisa and I really hit it off. We talked like we’ve been friends forever…which I find that is hard to do with other females. I tend to get along with guys better, and I have always had a hard time finding many girlfriends to hang out with. Well, Todd went back to his seat and left us to chat. Be that as it may, the conversation turned to sex. I don’t remember exactly how we came upon the topic, but she said that Todd had a big fantasy of having a threesome, and she wouldn’t mind trying a BI-experience herself.

Now, at this point, I was totally hooked on the idea, and trying to remain casual and unflustered on the outside. The idea made me so horny, and what better person to try this with than someone that I knew and his attractive wife. Neither of us made any reference ataköy escort to the three of us, but I think the idea had been planted. We both wandered back to our respective parties and agreed to chat later. I ran into Todd later in the ballgame, and by the grin on his face, I could tell that he and Lisa had discussed the possibility. What has resulted has been a cat and mouse game of email over the past week. He said that he and Lisa talked this week, she thinks she would like to try the BI-experience, but him as a strictly hands off watcher. Now why does this upset me?? I frankly don’t like the idea of having someone watch without the possibility of them joining in. It may be her insecurities coming out. She knows that Todd and I dated at some point in the past, and she is afraid that I might become interested in him again? I don’t know…

And to continue the story…Todd and Lisa went their own way after the ballgame, which left my husband, Jeff and myself….and let me remind you, I was so horny at this point. I still get wet thinking of what happened later in the night. Jeff suggested we go back to his place (only about 2 miles from our house) and get in the hot tub after the baseball game. Bingo…lucky night for me!

My husband immediately stripped down and got in the hot tub, and I was much more reserved, not wanting to strip down in front of Jeff, especially with hubby watching. I opted for the modest act and told them I was coming back home to get a T-shirt, some towels and warm clothes for when we got out. Jeff so obligingly offered to come with me, and my husband didn’t object, so we drove the two short miles back here, which seemed like an eternity!! Jeff teased me the whole time I was driving, running his hands along my inner thighs and teasing my pussy outside of my jeans bakırköy escort to the point of near distraction. I was sure he could tell how wet I was. When we got into the house, I thought I was leaving him in the living room, and when I started up the stairs to get the towels, I felt him grab my ankle. I turned around to see him below me, his dick out of his jeans, and staring me with all its hardness in my face. What was girl to do but sit down and start enjoying herself.

I briefly sucked the length of him, listening to his moans until a moment of “Oh my God …what are you doing?” crept into my head. I stopped what I was doing and told him I didn’t think it was right. Being the nice guy that Jeff is, he asked my what I wanted, and to be honest, all I could think was that I wanted his cock deep inside me satisfying this hunger that I’ve had for him, but I lied and told him that I didn’t know….it just wasn’t right. We’d left my husband and his friend in the hot tub at this house, and he was expecting us back soon since it wasn’t that far away. Silly me had to say, “And what is it that you want?”. Did I get quite the answer. He said “I want to fuck your ass”. That was enough to render me speechless as I stumbled for clothes and towels. I pretended to ignore the comment and grabbed keys, heading back towards the door. Needless to say, the ride back was uncomfortable, I imagine he was lamenting on what had almost happened as much I was.

When we got back to Jeff’s, he stripped down to his briefs and got in with my husband, and I turned my back to slip off my jeans, my blouse and my bra. I put on a simple T-shirt and climbed in also. My husband quickly approached me and pulled the shirt off and said you couldn’t really see anything. It was dark, and we were outside. Now here is where topkapı escort it gets interesting I am sitting in this hot tub, my husband to my left playing with my breasts, and Jeff to my right trying with all his might to get into my panties. I thought I was going to die when my husband moved his hand down and touched Jeff’s hand. No words were ever spoken, but it was like an unsaid understanding that it was OK.

To be honest, I didn’t know whether to be pissed that my husband was willingly let his best friend take me, or whether to enjoy the pleasure of two men at my disposal. So here we all sit, no one wanting to make the next move. I don’t know how many minutes passed until my husband sat me up on the side of the hot tub and started eating me out. I felt so wicked, like such an exhibitionist…Jeff watching me as I wiggled and squirmed closer to make myself cum. I wanted a dick inside of me so badly!!! I whispered in my husbands ear about taking him and Jeff at the same time. He didn’t answer me, but sat up on the edge where I had been, and pushed my mouth down to his dick. The next thing I knew, I felt a hand on my ass cheek, and felt Jeff’s hand slide towards my pussy and my clit.

He positioned himself behind me and slid in. I felt like I was making a XXX rated movie, and I was loving every minute of it!!! I shyly and coyly asked my husband if I could sit on him and let Jeff take me in my ass, or vice-versa. Leave it to me to have a homophobic husband who refused to go along with the idea. Jeff was eager to comply, but my husband was adamant against it…simply bbecause “I don’t want to feel another guy’s balls slapping against mine”… Big sigh here…I don’t know what was driving me, but I wanted it badly!! So, that is how my night ended, my husband cuming in my mouth, Jeff pulling out to come on my backside.

That night was like a sexual awakening to me. I began to look at women in a different light after meeting Lisa. I hope we stay in touch and mayhap fulfill Todd’s fantasy for the three of us…but then again, I can’t complain about my husband and Jeff’s loving later that night. I just know that I hope to be going to a lot more ball games this summer…

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