Bath Time

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Wearily, I save my file before slipping off my glasses to rub aching eyes, glad to have a large project finished. Setting the gold frames on my desk, I massage my eyes and the bridge of my nose, hands then moving to my temples and, finally, down under my hair to the kinks in my neck. In what has become almost a ritual, I close my eyes, let my chin rest on my sternum, and arch my back, loosening my spine. And still, I’m tense.

I sigh and then tell myself that I’ve more than earned the hot bath I’ve been using as an incentive. After all, there’s a new bottle of bath oil sitting next to the tub, bought for this purpose, and candles as well. I’m home alone, and there’s plenty of time before I have to start dinner, so I have no excuses to put off treating myself. I slowly climb the stairs to the bedroom, stretching my legs and arms. I slip off my blouse and skirt, putting them in the hamper, before fussing for a minute with the clasp of my bra. It always gives me a bit of trouble – the straps have to be just far enough down to leave some slack in the band, but not far enough to restrict my arms. I manage, wishing you were here to help, and ease the black satin off my breasts, dropping it in the hamper with my clothes before lightly running my fingers over the lines where the band has pressed into my skin. Removing my panties, I take a moment to enjoy the sensation of the breeze from the ceiling fan passing over my bare skin, causing my sensitive aureole to tighten and a small shiver to run up my spine.

On my way out of the room I wrap my white chenille bathrobe around me, tying the belt loosely around my waist. I pad across the cool tile floor of the bathroom to draw a bath, fussing with the temperature before adding in the oil, perhaps a bit too much, sighing softly as the fragrance fills the air. I light the candles, placing them around the deck of the tub. I pin my hair on top of my head and dim the lights before turning off the faucet and climbing gratefully into the bath. As I lean back against the pillow, I can’t help but almanbahis sigh blissfully as the heat makes my muscles soften and relax. I close my eyes and let my mind drift, letting the tenseness drain away. The oil in the water makes my skin feel a bit slippery, and I let my hands drift over my stomach, enjoying the feeling. They continue upwards, sliding over the swell of my breasts, around to the sides, taking pleasure in the strange slipperiness of oil on the smooth skin.

My thoughts drift in another direction, wishing I were not here alone. After all, the tub is large enough for two. But, since you won’t be home for some time, I let my mind wander back to our last encounter, and my hand slides down, past my stomach, to nestle between my legs, feeling the same slipperiness on my shaved labia. I remember when you last touched me this way, and my fingers slip between my southern lips to caress my clit, slick with another kind of slipperiness. Another shiver passes through me, a sharp contrast to the heat of the water, as my fingers drip down to the source of the wetness and back up before circling my clit again. My mind drifts further as my fingers play, my other hand caressing my breasts, still thinking of you, and teasing myself over the edge into a gentle orgasm. As my mind drifts back to reality, I look up to see you kneeling by the side of the tub, smiling. “Enjoying your bath?” I nod, still confused at you being home early. “I enjoyed it too, especially after finishing up early at work. It was nice to come home to. Very nice.” You strip off your shirt before leaning over to kiss me, softly at first, but quickly growing more passionate. My arms slip up around your neck, soft with oil, as our tongues play and explore. When I break off to catch my breath, you ask if I mind company, and I smile, making a welcoming gesture. You stand up to unbuckle your belt and remove your pants, and I see just how much you had enjoyed my bath. You grin at me somewhat sheepishly, but I simply reach up to caress your cock through your boxers, a almanbahis giriş devilish smile on my own lips.

“I see you enjoyed it too,” I murmur, tongue running unconsciously over my lips, and now it is your turn to nod, as my hand squeezes you gently. “Mmm, I like this, you know, but I want to see more.” I reach up for the waistband as you reach down for the same goal, and we slide your boxers off together. “That’s better.” I kneel up a bit now, pulling you just a bit closer so that I can grasp the base of your shaft with my hand, my tongue lapping the small bit of wetness from the head before licking from my hand back up to the tip. I look up at your small gasp, the devilish grin still present. I let it spread a bit wider before I bend my head back down breathe warmly over your cock. My lips part and slide down over the head, to enclose the shaft in warm wetness. I slide my mouth up and down, a bit further on each pass. My tongue swirls and caresses, as I suck on you, my enjoyment clear. However, we both want something more, and just as you are about to say something, I stop, smiling again and tugging your hand gently, urging you into the bath with me.

Once you join me in the tub and settle back, I grab the bottle of oil and pour some in my hands, rubbing it into your chest, then kneeling over your legs and rubbing my tits against it, grinning at the slipperiness. You pick up the bottle and add a liberal amount to them, hands sliding easily over my skin. I moan, back arching to give you better access. “God, that feels so good,” I whisper, “But something else would feel even better.”

“Oh? What would that be?”

“Maybe something like this.” I rise up a bit on my knees, and, grasping your cock, guide myself down over it slowly. I place my hands on your shoulders for balance, eyes closing as I feel myself slowly filled and stretched, my warm cunt slipping down over your hard shaft. As I slide down, the velvety walls constrict around you, almost as if pulling you deeper yet. I rise up again, keeping just the head canlı bahis siteleri inside me, before sinking down, breasts bouncing with the motion. You reach up to cup them, still slippery with oil, and caress them as I slide up and down on your cock, moaning softly at first, but louder as the tempo speeds up. Your hands move to my nipples, pinching as much as you can before your fingers slip off, and I start to feel the first real stirrings of orgasm building within me. I speed up further to reach it, crying out loudly as my pussy contracts rhythmically around your cock, my head falling back as my eyes unfocus, hips still moving against you, and you can tell the pleasure washes over me in waves.

Eventually I am left gasping, unable to continue, and you hug me understandingly. You lift me off your cock, and climb out of the tub. You spread a thick, fuzzy towel on the cool tile floor, and give me a hand out of the water, laying me gently down on the towel. I smile gratefully up at you, and you push gently into me. “Please, fuck me,” I whimper, eyes full of need, and you oblige me, thrusting hard and deeply into my tight pussy until you feel me come again, almost screaming with release this time. As you continue, it keeps building in me, my cunt squeezing you even tighter, and you feel your own orgasm build. As I peak one last time, you drive deep into me, and come with me, my pussy feeling almost as if it’s milking it from you, the waves flowing between the two of us, leaving us gasping a bit for air.

After a few moments to recover in your arms, I realize the room is slowly cooling. I mention this to you, and you help me to my feet and drain the tub for a warm shower. We languidly soap each other, kissing softly and often. After some time, we can make no more pretense at cleaning each other, and you step out, giving me a hand before wrapping my robe around me, fetching your own as we head into the bedroom. Relaxing on the bed, I lie against you, my head on your chest and your arms around me, hair still pinned on my head. Just a few moments, I think, to cuddle and then I’ll get dinner started. It is at that point that I realize your breathing has slowed to a sleeping rhythm, and my own inevitably follow suit as I drift off, warm and comfortable in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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