Boys for Toys

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Fridays are always a hit and miss for me. They can produce some very memorable nights or leave you in complete boredom. This Friday was the former and became a memorable night for many years to come. Mark was young and eager and that was just what I liked in a man. This Friday was the start of his change from a boy to a man and I helped him do that. Let me tell you how I did that for him.

Mark had jumped in his new toy, a Header Orange Dodge Charger that had caught his attention the moment he saw it. He had left his condo and pulled out just ahead of me and almost lost it from giving it too much gas.

He was cruising along the main strip of town, trying to look and see if the single women walking along in pairs or groups were noticing him, without being obvious about it. He put a cocky smile on his face and tried to look as assured of himself as he could.

Being twenty-four years old and just out of college, he had attained the smarts required to land a job as a software architect with a local firm. The starting pay was more than sufficient for him to get his own condo and the newest toys, including this new toy.

Mark loved all his toys and had many at his place to enjoy. The 60″ LED Smart TV, connected to a high end 5.1 speaker system, allowed him the joy of watching movies comparable to a theater showing. He had spent numerous hours downloading music from iTunes to his MacBook Pro, which played through the system. I got to see it all the first time I went to his place. All the toys for boys to make him happy. Toys were what made him what he was.

He stopped at the red light and searched through his iPod Touch for the right kind of tune to play loud and catch some attention. He was keeping an eye on the traffic light, the movement of my car coming up beside him caught his attention. He glanced over and watched my ’71 Chevelle ragtop pull up alongside him.

As he let his focus follow the car, he noticed me. I was listening to a soft rock station and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel along with the song. He must have hated soft rock and as soon as he found his song, he turned it up loud and rocked his head in time with the beat.

He looked at the opposing light turning yellow and then noticed the passenger window of my car go up. He put a mocking smile on his face, thinking I was put off by the loud, alternative rock he was playing. The light turned green and Mark gave it more gas than it needed and made the tires squeal when he took off. The feel of the power and the pounding beat were putting him into the party mode he was looking to be in. He drove along, scanning the sidewalk for pretty women to impress, as I cruised along behind him.

Up ahead, he noticed a woman walking along by herself and he slowed down to check her out. She had great legs, even at the distance he was from her, he could tell they were nice, I sure could. Her ass swayed in a sensual rhythm with her step, her hips twitching at the end of every step, accentuating the curve of her cheeks. The short, white mini-skirt seemed to wrap itself around and cling precariously to her, threatening to expose the ample treasures underneath, should she slip up and move the wrong way.

He changed lanes and pulled into the curb lane to get a closer look. She had a long, lean looking body that was obviously exercised to stay that way. As he came closer, I knew he could make out the details of her well defined legs and the accentuation of her calves, made more so by the white high heel shoes.

Mark watched her long, light brown hair swish and bob with her steps and became entranced by her. He was close now to being beside her and looked sideways, trying to get a better look. The swell of her breasts was more than ample and suggested that they were either God given beauties, or enhanced by the wonders of silicone. Either way, they looked tantalizing to him as they bounced seductively.

The loud music caught her attention and she turned to it. She noticed Mark and flashed him a smile. Mark smiled back with the best ‘Check me out’ smile he could muster. She was drop dead gorgeous with a face to rival any pin-up girl. I was finding it interesting to watch, as I followed along just behind him in the other lane.

As he focused on the beauty before him, he failed to notice the parked car until it was too late and before his reaction to stop could be transmitted to his foot, he rammed into the back of an old Oldsmobile. That’s when I pulled in behind slowly and stopped.

He stared in shock and disbelief that he had done it. He had wrecked his new car of only three months and all because of a woman he couldn’t stop looking at. He searched through the gathering crowd for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. She had vanished in his moment of distress and hadn’t even stopped to make sure he was okay. He got out and went to look at the damage, as steam started rising from the front of the car. That surely meant his radiator was damaged.

A number of the onlookers were laughing, having seen the reason he had crashed. He felt as şişli escort embarrassed about the why, as much as the how he had crashed. He tried to open the hood, but it was dented in and jammed the mechanism. The owner of the Oldsmobile came out of a liquor store and looked at what had occurred.

“What happened here?”

Mark looked at the disheveled, old man carrying a bag of liquor bottles and apologized.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking at something else and didn’t see your car in time.”

The old Oldsmobile had a solid, but rusty bumper and didn’t sustain any real damage. The old man just looked at Mark and shook his head.

“Well no real damage to mine, son. But yours is going to take a bit more than paint to fix it. No need to get the police or insurance involved is there?”

“I guess not. Again, I’m real sorry, mister.”

Mark apologized again, more out of embarrassment than a need to.

“I’d say, just keep your eyes where they’re supposed to be and you won’t have this problem anymore”

The man told Mark with a smirk, knowing that it must have been something to do with a woman that had caused it to happen. He got in his car and started it up, blowing blue exhaust smoke from the tail pipe. Mark stood in the cloud of foul smelling, oily smoke and cursed himself. The small crowd dissipated and went on their way, leaving him standing by himself.

Mark looked forlornly at his beautiful possession and kicked the front of it and swore at himself for being so stupid. He walked to the back so he wouldn’t have to be reminded of his stupidity. As he stood calling for a tow truck, I pulled up slowly behind him. He turned and looked at me, at first not recognizing me as the woman who had stopped beside him earlier. I got out and came around to him.

“You’re not having a very good night, are you?”

“No, I’m not. I just wrecked the front of my new car and I’m pissed off at myself for doing it.”

He was showing his anger and frustration, so I tried not to mention the woman and add to his misery that way.

“Need a lift, or anything?”

Mark remembered me and changed his attitude towards me to one with more respectful tone.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you like that. It’s just, well, I just got the car and I was going out to have a good time tonight and…”

Mark tried to explain his frustration to me, but wasn’t sure how.

“I figured as much. I was behind you and saw you looking at that young woman on the sidewalk. Very pretty, wasn’t she?”

I smiled as I exposed the truth to Mark and left him red faced with embarrassment.

“Yeah, I was watching her. And yeah, she did look real hot.”

“So what are you going to do now?”

“I called a tow truck and they said they’d be right over. I’ll get them to take it to the dealer and then I guess I’ll grab a cab back home.”

Mark replied dejectedly, knowing party night was over before it began.

“If you don’t mind, you can sit with me in my car and wait. I’m not going anywhere really,”

I offered that to him as I lightly touched his arm, creating a bond. Mark felt comforted and found my gentle manner enjoyable.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out for my stupidity in all this,”

I’m sure Mark was happy I asked, so he’d have a place to hide himself from the constant on-lookers staring at him.

“No problem at all, Hon. C’mon, climb in and I’ll wait with you until the tow truck comes. If you’d like, I can give you a ride home. Like I said, I’m not doing anything tonight and it would be a great time waster. At least I’d have some company for awhile.”

“My name’s Mark, thanks so much…I don’t know your name?”

“It’s ShaeLee, but just call me Shae, okay?”

Mark could see that I was a big softy at heart and found himself enjoying my company. He watched me look out the windshield into a space not there, as I secretly fantasized a bit about him. I was preoccupied with my thoughts, but I could sense he was thinking I was still an attractive woman. Small lines had started to form at the sides of my eyes, but they seemed to make them more defined and animated. My skin was still firm and clear, although not like the woman he was enthralled with earlier.

My hands were still smooth looking and the nails were shaped and painted a pale pink. The more he looked me over, the more I could feel his attraction to me grow. He let his gaze fall to my body and studied the outline of it. My breasts were full and looked natural and he knew they were by the way they had moved when I laughed.

My stomach had a slight roundness, but nothing that could be considered fat. He probably knew it was the remains of childbirth, seeing as I did have that ‘mom’ look. My legs were nicely shaped and the amount of bare thigh showing beneath the hem of my dress was firm and showed no signs of cellulite. His eyes started back up along the path they had come and he found that his observation was being noticed by me. I had kept my eye on him staring at me admiringly mecidiyeköy escort and smiled to myself.

“Not bad for an old girl, huh Mark?”

Mark blushed as red as he ever had at being caught staring at me.

“Oh, don’t get all bashful because I caught you looking at me. I’m thrilled I can still get some attention from a good looking, young man like yourself.”

“You think I’m good looking?”

Mark asked me in seriousness, thinking a compliment from me was as good as any he could get.

“Of course I do. You’re tall, have a nice face, I love your hair, and your eyes have such a wonderful color to them. I like blue eyes like yours. You seem to stay in good shape and have a nice body, so yeah, I’d say you are a good looking man.”

Mark felt a surge of pride in himself and enjoyed the compliments that I was offering.

“Oh, here’s your tow truck,”

I said it as I saw it pass by my window and pull up beside his car.

Mark got out and went to the driver and sensed that he was being stared at. He turned and looked quickly at me and saw that I was looking at him with more interest. He flustered trying to tell the driver where to take his car and then went to the truck and paid for the tow. Mark took his car key off the ring and gave it to the driver to slip through the after-hours slot at the dealer, then walked back to my car.

He stole another quick glance and noticed my eyes were looking right at his crotch. He felt an immediate sense of nervousness at seeing me look there and then a feeling of pride that a woman of my age would want to check out his package. He climbed back in and buckled up as I started the car. The soft rock played on the radio and I could tell Mark wanted to change the station, but he respected my choice of music in my car and put up with it.

“Where to, Mark?”

“I’m back the other way about four miles, on Bleaker Street. The new condos they built there.”

“I have an idea, if you’re up to it. Seeing how your night’s a wash out and mine is just another boring night alone, would you be interested in joining me for a drink or two, so the night isn’t a total waste for either of us?”

Mark sat for a minute and thought about the offer and noticed I had turned to him. My brown eyes were sparkling in the light and it added a hint more of color to them. The look on my face wasn’t one of desperation, but one of a desire to spend some time having fun.

“Sure, why not. Probably might have ended up alone anyway. So sure, where do you want to go?”

I had to smile bigger at that point.

“I live not too far from here and there’s a place close by I like to go to. They play music like this, you don’t mind stuff like this, do you?”

Mark felt an uneasiness in his stomach and I knew he’d have to lie. He thought of his choices, either having to go home alone, or spend a possibly fun time with this nice woman who befriended him.

“Sure, it’s alright. I don’t normally listen to it, but it’s okay.”

He lied as convincingly as he could, so I let it go.

“Great, I thought you might not like it, after I heard you playing your music. Sorry, but I just can’t take the booming and pounding like you do. Don’t worry, I think you’ll like the place. Lots of great people go there and they’re a fun bunch. They have Karaoke Night on Thursdays and that’s a hoot.”

I reached across and touched his arm gently. Mark didn’t share my enthusiasm for Karaoke and I could tell he was glad it was the night before, but the touch of my hand was a welcoming feeling. He started to feel comfortable spending the time chatting with me as we drove along the street. A few blocks later, I pulled into a strip plaza and passed a grocery store, a dry cleaners and a convenience store, then pulled in to a spot across from a nondescript looking place called Mickey Joe’s.

“Here we are. Don’t look at it like that. It’s nice inside. And besides, it’s the company your with that counts, right?”

I could see he wasn’t the least bit impressed by it, but I wanted him concentrating on me, not the place we were in. Mark looked at me and smiled, realizing I was right about the company part. We went to the door and Mark held it open for me. I gave him a big smile for showing me his gentlemanly qualities. We stopped inside the entrance and I looked around to see if I knew anyone there. Noticing no one, I took Mark’s hand and led him to a booth at the back, close to the dance floor. Mark accepted the invitation of my hand, but wasn’t thrilled about the possibility of having to dance to the music that was playing.

A waitress in her early fifties came over to us and put her arm around my waist. I knew her well and knew she was just making ends meet after her husband left her and I liked to leave a good tip or two for her to make sure they met.

“Hey Shae, how you doing tonight? And who’s this fine looking man you’ve got with you?”

“Hi Sylvia, doing great thanks. This fine looking man is Mark. Mark, this is Sylvia, a good friend of mine.

Mark looked at the Sylvia and nodded politely, noticing the horribly dyed, platinum blonde hair that looked as stiff as hay. His eyes took in the heavily made up eyes that didn’t hide the deep wrinkles set around them. Her smile was pleasant enough, but the tar from too many years of smoking had colored her teeth a permanent yellow shade.

As Sylvia turned towards me, he quickly scanned her body and noticed the large, sagging breasts and the paunch belly, probably from drinking as much as she served. Her wide ass was squeezed into a pair of spandex pants that Mark would only think of as stretch and seal clothing. It did nothing to hide the dimples of sub-dermal fat that pocked her thighs and ass.

Mark looked disgusted at the sight and I wondered if he hoped that he would never end up with a woman who looked like this. I, on the other hand, was a different matter. I was intent on keeping my looks and figure well into a late age. Mark asked for a rum and coke and I asked for my usual, a double JD on the rocks. Mark looked at me with a note of interest, that I might be a bit of a lush. I sensed the disparaging look from Mark.

“What? Too much for an old woman like me to be drinking a double Jack?”

“No, you can probably handle your drink okay. I was just thinking about getting home again if you’re going to get wasted.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I only have one and then switch to diet cokes for the rest of the night. I like to get a little loosie goosie and unwind too you know.”

Mark laughed at the terminology I used and thought it was kind of cute to see me get into it. The music started to pick up in pace and a good, classic rock song came on.

I looked at Mark with excitement and asked him to dance. I held out my hand in an, ‘I won’t take no for an answer’ move. Mark grinned and took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. I got right into the song and he was surprised to see that I still had some moves in me. He kept up the pace and found himself getting tired, moving at such a quick rate. The song ended and another good tune started right after.

I kept him there and enjoyed the fast paced rhythm of it. By the time it ended, Mark could feel a trickle of sweat run down his back and dot his forehead with beads of sweat. He looked at me and I was as cool looking as when we had started. He was impressed that I didn’t tire easily and thought more of me as a person he would like to be with, even at my age.

We sat and drank our drinks and watched others dancing, then I asked him about himself. Mark went through his short life history of birth, school, sports and his toys of course, before he asked me about myself. He was sad to hear that my husband Ken had been killed in an accident seven years ago and wondered why I hadn’t re-married.

“After Ken, I didn’t feel I could go through the same hurt again, if I married and lost another husband. I’ve just dated the odd guy here and there, but no one really struck me as someone to get serious with. I couldn’t have kids myself, so it didn’t matter to me about marrying that much. I didn’t feel the need was there.”

Mark felt a deep sadness for me and I felt a desire to comfort me somehow. He didn’t know me at all really, but felt a connection between us. A slow song came on and I looked into Mark’s eyes with a shine in my eyes from the wetness of reminiscing about lost loves, but Mark saw a sparkle of something more. There was a look of attraction for him.

“Would you like to dance, Fran?”

Mark asked me with an interest that belied that attraction and I played on it. I smiled happily and held my hand out again. Mark took it and at once felt the difference in how it felt. There was a warmth and fondness in it, a feeling of affection. He led me onto the floor and for a brief moment, stopped and looked into my eyes before he pulled me to him. Mark noticed the look that was far deeper in meaning than friends.

Was he imagining more than he saw? The look said to him that I was wanting more than just a few laughs and a good time tonight. He drew me into his body and felt the soft, fullness of my breasts meld into his chest.

Our hips just barely touched as we swayed slowly to the music. Mark’s hand rested just above the curving of my womanly ass and could feel there was little chubbiness in it. I began to wonder if he was thinking what it would be like to feel the body of a mature woman. I was sure he had felt many young ones, from athletic types, to girls who he considered large and would be BBW’s soon.

I could tell the feel of my body was inviting and warm to him, as he smelled the fragrance of my shampoo and the soft, subtlety of my perfume, warmed by my body heat. He breathed me in and enjoyed the aroma of it, as I felt his arms tighten their hold and become more of an embrace and the rest of the room vanished into a haze, as our bodies moved in unified movement.

I guess what struck me more, was a new desire to experience more of him. I started to imagine him naked and pressed tightly to him, the softness of my lips as I kissed him and pleasured him. My mind conceived of the pleasures my warm, soft hands could provide and the ecstasy of being wrapped in the folds of my womanhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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