Camping Trip

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Every summer I would go camping in the mountains with my extended family, and this summer was no different even though me and my cousins were now adults. I was still sharing a tent with my cousin Tim, at nineteen a year older than I was, but a great deal more cocksure and worldly wise than me, a naive and inexperienced eighteen year old virgin. Not that I didn’t have the urges and sex drive of any normal teenage boy, it’s just that I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to act on my urges. In fact, lying there that night in the tent, I couldn’t help but get a little bit of a hardon at the thought of Lara, Tim’s eighteen year old sister, dressed as she had been earlier that afternoon in a tiny bikini top and a pair of daisy dukes.

I knew it was wrong to be getting hard thinking about my cousin this way, but I couldn’t help my naughty urges. I had heard from all the guys my age at school about what a slut Lara was supposed to be, how she gave great head, and a part of me wondered whether she would, in fact, get off on something as kinky as her cousin, her own near relative, wanting a piece of her tanned, toned, teenage body. Or perhaps she’d scream and run from the incestuous thoughts of a perverted freak like me. But even so, I couldn’t stop thinking about it or her, and the thoughts were making me aroused in a way that could only frustrate me lying in this tightly confined space with a close male relative.

‘Man, I’m horny,’ I heard Tim say, echoing my own thoughts in a way that made me jump with surprise.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, my semi hard dick jumped too. It seemed the thought that my cousin was equally aroused as he lay there beside me was a strangely exciting thought as my mind dwelled on thoughts of his hot sister. I wondered if he was kinky enough to think about his own sister the way that I did.

‘Well, no use just talking about it and not doing anything,’ he went on, flicking on a torch and lighting up the inside of the tent where we lay side by side in sleeping bags, throwing our shadows onto the canvas wall of the tent beside me.

He got up out of his sleeping bag and knelt on the ground of the tent, dressed in just a t-shirt and boxers. It was obvious that he hadn’t been kidding about being horny, I could see a large, obvious bulge in the front of his boxers to suggest his erect cock was straining for relief. He seemed to take it for granted that I was just the same, knowing, even if he was unaware that his sister was the cause of it, that teenage boys like us all think the same to some extent.

‘Come on, cousin,’ he grinned at me, ‘We’re all family here. I’m not ashamed to relieve my urges right now, you shouldn’t be either. This is what guys do together.’

With that, he dropped his boxers and pulled out a throbbing, veiny erection. I could really only take his lead and take his word that this mutual self pleasuring was normal among guys like us. I got out from my sleeping bag and from my underwear and pulled out my own firm member. I couldn’t resist the almost subconscious urge to compare manhood with my cousin. I’d always had a bit of an inferiority complex about mine and I saw now that I was in some way justified as I noticed with some envy that Tim’s thick, uncut beast was larger in every dimension than mine.

I had never really seen another man’s dick this close up and my cousin’s erection therefore held a strange sort of fascination to me that went beyond the simple matter of my envy at his larger and prouder endowment. I couldn’t help but stare at it as I watched him grasp it in his fist and tug at the fleshy skin, his glistening head sliding just out of the foreskin.

‘Oi, fag, don’t stare like that, you’re creeping me out,’ he noticed where my gaze was directed and I flushed bright red, I wasn’t staring because I was attracted to my cousin’s hard dick, was I?, ‘Go on, you’re supposed to be jerking your own, you little queer.’

I turned my attention on my own excitement and followed his lead in pleasuring myself, enjoying the intimacy of kneeling there side by side in the torchlit tent, both stroking our throbbing boners and thinking about hot girls like his sister. Then things took another slightly surprising turn.

‘You know,’ Tim began, after we had been masturbating our dicks side by side for a few minutes, breaking the silence of our sweaty, lustful teenage grunts, ‘It’s so much better when somebody else is doing it. Why don’t you jerk mine and I’ll do yours, hey? We can just imagine it’s some hot chick that’s doing it.’ I must have looked shocked and unsure, because he went on, ‘There’s nothing gay about it, man, I’ve done this loads of times with other guys. It’s just like stroking your own, but it feels like someone else is getting you off.’

Before I could say anything for or against this argument, I felt Tim’s hand on my dick. He was right, this did feel much better with somebody else doing it. I reached across to his crotch and did the same. Now we knelt side by side, only our hard, sweaty bodies were touching as our hands reached over and rubbed each other’s hardness. bursa escort It felt really great, my cousin tugging at my member, pulling me off as I did the same to him. But it felt pretty weird and wrong, this was a guy jerking at my dick, and not just any guy, my cousin! So, why did that make it feel extra good? And why was I enjoying wrapping me own hand around his fleshy meat as much as getting my own stroked?

‘You can’t tell anyone about this,’ he insisted, which I thought slightly strange when he had just told me that this is what horny guys did together.

But, perhaps he meant not to mention what he did next, something that, even given the strange homoerotic incestuous situation took me by surprise. He shifted position to pull away from where my hand had been gripping his cock and instead leaned into where his hand was on mine. Before I could quite appreciate what was happening, he had opened his mouth and took the glistening, aroused head of my hard erection inside it. He continued to tug on my shaft, only now he was sliding his wet mouth and tongue right over my dick’s hard head. It was the first blowjob I’d ever been given and it felt more amazing than I could have imagined.

‘This isn’t what you do with the other guys, is it?” I gasped.

‘No,’ he smirked, flicking his tongue around the slit in my foreskin, ‘This is what Lara taught me!’

I couldn’t believe how hot this situation was. I hadn’t thought about Tim at all in this way before, but I certainly had about Lara. The idea that the guy giving me head was doing it just like his sister made me even more excited. The naughtiness of him being another guy just made it feel even better.

In fact, it wasn’t long of this expert oral attention and I was about ready to burst. All of a sudden, an orgasm shook through me and blew me mind. Without warning, I shot a load of my sticky white spunk right in my cousin’s surprised mouth.

He was none too happy about the surprise either. He took his dick right from my still dripping dick and spat the spunk right back in my face so the gooey white juice mixed with his saliva slid down my chin. Instinctively, I licked around my lips and found myself eating my own cum. And kind of enjoying the taste.

‘Urgh, don’t shoot your fag juice in my mouth, queer,’ Tim complained, ‘Now I’ve got you off, it’s your turn to do me a favour.’

I wasn’t sure I was ready, even after the new pleasures I was just getting into, to take my cousin’s hard dick in my mouth. I was fortunate, in a way, that that was not what he was planning.

‘Oh no, you’re gonna give it all up now, little cousin,’ he leered at me.

He pushed me onto my hands and knees facing away from him and it finally dawned on me what he was going to do to me. I was a little surprised that I did nothing to fight it. I knelt there quite willingly as my cousin spread my legs and knelt behind me, slipping his finger into my tight asshole.

Lit by the torch against the tent wall, Tim loomed with dark shadows as I looked over my shoulder to see his thick veiny dick hanging above my firm, tight ass. I knew he was about to fuck me, his younger cousin, and I knew instinctively that I, dirty little bitch that I was discovering I was, was going to enjoy it.

He spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva on his veiny manhood to give a bit of lubrication and then, without any further messing about, just pushed it right up inside me. It was painful at first but I just bent over and took it, allowing him to thrust his dick right up into me and then withdraw.

Before too long, I was getting used to being penetrated and really starting to like the feel of my cousin pushing his cock into my tight waiting hole. The only sounds in the tent being our grunts and the sound of his sweaty thighs slapping into mine, our balls hitting together and his dick burying itself inside me as I rode back to meet his thrusts. I had been a total virgin earlier that afternoon and now I was taking my cousin’s cock in my ass like I’d been a submissive gay slut for years.

Our dirty moment was suddenly interrupted, however, by the zipper on the tent door being drawn back. We were caught, locked in dirty gay incestuous anal sex! And worse than that, the intruder was my dad, Tim’s uncle. He looked suitably disturbed and shocked to see the fruit of his loins bent double taking his nephew’s dick up his ass and loving it.

‘Turn that torch out boys,’ he said, when he could speak, ‘You’re projecting yourselves onto the wall of the tent like some homo shadow puppet show!’

Tim turned the torch to face the other way, while I just knelt unable to do anything with my cousin’s cock still buried inside me. I was painfully aware that my own just ejaculated dick had got quite hard again by the time my dad had arrived and, equally embarrassingly, had only got harder at this parental discovery.

‘Don’t tell anyone, Dad,’ I said, ‘Are you mad?’

‘No,’ he answered, ‘I’m jealous somebody in this camp is getting some action.’

‘What?’ I asked, surprised.

‘Your mom won’t put out, and watching bursa escort bayan your dirty assfucking has made me pretty horny,’ he explained, coming right into the tent and stripping off his clothes. As he dumped them in a pile in the corner of the tent, I couldn’t help but admire his still hard body and his nearly hard cock.

It was, even at this early stage of arousal, already larger than either mine or Tim’s and this thick, fleshy snake seemed ready to spring to life even more as he watched me, his son, take a cock right up my ass. Still, I couldn’t quite believe what was going on.

‘I don’t understand,’ I pleaded.

‘It’s simple, your mom won’t do it, so I want you to suck my dick, son,” he grinned at me, waving that throbbing slice of hard meat right in front of my hungry eyes, still I hesitated though, sucking off my dad was even more wrong that getting fucked by my cousin, right?, ‘Come on son, we haven’t got all night. Obey your father and suck my cock. Your obviously fag enough to take your cousin’s dick, so you should make a fine little dicksucker too!’

I did it, and now there was no turning back. I opened my mouth, leaned forward and allowed my tongue to lick all over my dad’s growing manhood. I had now given both my holes up to pleasure my family’s big cocks and it was turning me on like nothing I’d ever done before. It didn’t take long before I had as much of my dad’s dick as I could swallow in my mouth and as much of my cousin’s as I could fit buried in my ass.

I loved the way I could feel my dad become more aroused in my mouth, his dick felt warm and alive and becoming harder by the second. I knew he thought it was just as dirty to be fucking his son as I did, but I could sense from the feel of his dick that he must in some way be enjoying the thought and feel of it just as much as I did as well.

Pretty soon I found myself slammed between two family dicks, one thrusting from behind, pushing me forward onto one in front, then the one in front would fuck my face and leave me sliding onto the one in my ass. My dad and my cousin impaled me from both ends between me and all that anyone heard was the slurp of my mouth on Dad’s dick and the slap of Tim penetrating my ass.

‘Get ready for a mouthful of Dad’s cum, son, cause it’s coming right now,’ my dad sighed and filled my mouth with his warm wet jizz.

Unlike Tim, I swallowed the mouthful of cum right down and was rewarded with another load, shot by the former right into my tight, newly penetrated ass. No longer a virgin, I felt a total thrill to have been well and truly fucked by the hanging dicks of the men of my family and had a raw ass and sticky cum filling at both ends to prove it.

I knew right then, even as my dad and cousin looked on me with a little disgust now that they’d had their way with me, putting their sticky dicks away and turning from me, that I was converted. From now on, I was going to love dick and, best of all, family dick. The only thing that hadn’t been taken care of was what got me into the situation in the first place. I may have cum once tonight, but thanks to my dirty gay double incest penetration, I ended the night with a raging hardon far stiffer than the one I was trying to take care of!

* * *

The next morning, sticky with sweat and spunk from the night before, I headed to the campsite’s shower block before Tim, or anyone else, was awake. I had enjoyed the events of the previous night more, perhaps, than I’d admit, even to myself. But, I knew I needed to carry on amongst the rest of the family as if nothing unusual had happened. I needed to make myself presentable again.

The shower rooms were large and basic. One for men and one for women, simply open sheds with communal shared shower spaces. There was nobody in at this time of the morning, so I simply stripped off my sticky clothes and walked to the central shower and stepped under the hot, running water.

I felt the sweat and spunk run from my body, felt clean and ready to start a fresh day, but the images and sensations of the last night kept flashing before my eyes. I could hardly believe I’d had my dad’s dick in my mouth, yet that was just what had happened. Thinking about it now, I began uncontrollably to get hard again as I stood naked in the big, empty shower room.

Only, I now realised I wasn’t alone. I turned to see my Uncle Stan standing there in the shower room with me, eyeing up my naked wet body and semi hard dick in a way that he had never looked at me before.

‘Your dad said I should come see you,’ he said, ‘That you’d help me out.’

‘With what?’ I asked, although I was beginning to suspect what he was getting at.

‘My wife’s not much interested in me anymore,’ he explained, ‘I suggested to your dad that he might like to help me out, just like we used to do when we were your age. He told me that you were the one to see about that.’

‘About what, uncle, I don’t get it,’ I played dumb, wanting to hear him say how he wanted this naughty incest from his nephew as much as I did.

‘Don’t be an idiot,’ he growled grumpily, escort bursa ‘You sucked your dad like a little queer, now do the same for your uncle.’

I didn’t really need asking twice. He stripped off and joined me in the shower. His body was a little flabbier and hairier than his younger brother, my dad, but his dick was just as thick and, as I knelt down in front of him, the shower waters splashing on my shoulders, I could think of nothing I wanted more than to feel him come alive in my mouth.

He lasted longer than Dad did, pushing that fat dick between my mouth as I licked and slurped, tasting that salty pre-cum and urging myself on to get another load of family spunk. He sighed and moaned as the water ran down his dick and around my mouth. I could feel him getting close.

The shower room, however, was a public space, and I could see as I brought my uncle off to a messy climax, that we weren’t alone. As my uncle’s white sperm splashed over my face like the shower waters, I glanced up to see two other men, naked and about to step into the showers, watching the show with obvious enjoyment.

‘I didn’t realise this was a service the campsite provided,’ one of them smirked at the other as my uncle, embarrassed at the audience, quickly made his exit, leaving me still kneeling, cum dripping from my chin and my dick as stiff as ever.

‘Looks like it’s our turn, bro,’ said one of the two new guys, both strapping, muscular blond men in their early thirties, their appearances similar enough to suggest they were brothers even if he hadn’t mentioned it, ‘You don’t mind sharing this piece of queer ass do you?’

I guess it was obvious that I was up for it, because neither said anything to me about what I was after, they simply strode over, large, cut dicks hanging out, waving at me right at the height that my head was at. They both began stroking their cocks as they poked them into my mouth at once. I toyed with the two purple heads with my tongue for a while, thrilled to have gone from one cock the night before to three this morning. I was really getting a taste for this now.

I took one cock right in my mouth and began to bob up on it until it got nice and slick and hard and then switched my attention to the other. The first guy, probably the elder of the two brothers, pushed me onto my back on the wet floor and pulled my legs open, while the other leaned over and pushed his dick right down my throat.

As his brother fucked my face, the elder pulled my ass into the air and pushed his hard wet cock right up inside me, fucking me like a girl while his brother enjoyed me slurping at his purple hardness.

‘Nice job brother, finding this nasty piece of ass,’ he grinned as he watched his toned, naked brother slam his dick into me, ‘So much easier to get a cockhungry fag like this than waiting for your girlfriend to put out.’

‘Oh yeah, you should just be pleased I don’t have to use your tight ass, bro,’ he replied, ‘You were never quite the willing whore boy that this tight little queer here is.’

I couldn’t believe how I hadn’t realised the amount that all these horny guys just seemed to get off with their close family. I guess when your dick is really hard, you’ll just grab the nearest ass. In this case, it seemed to be mine and I was only too willing to let these two brothers do to me what I’d let my own family do.

They were really hammering into me now, there was none of the slight tentative quality that my dad and uncle had started on me with, these were guys that loved to fuck ass and get their dicks sucked. My own dick was rock solid from the sensation of it and I gasped with pleasure as the brother that was screwing my ass reached between my legs and grabbed it in his fist. Now, as he pounded my eager hole, he pumped his hand along my shaft sending me off into a great spurting orgasm I’d been waiting for since the night before.

It wasn’t long after I’d covered myself in my own sticky cum before I got another load in my mouth and, seconds later, right up my ass. The two guys looked down on my body, wet with cum and shower water and smiled, satisfied with their good work, before leaving me in the shower to clean myself off.


That took a little while and it was some time later that I finally came back into camp. My dad and cousin Tim were packing backpacks for the day. As I approached they both turned to stare impatiently at me. There was a hungry look in their eyes that both worried and excited me.

‘Where have you been?’ my dad said, a little angrily, it was the first I’d seen of him since he had shot a load of cum down my throat, ‘We’re going on a hike into the woods. Just us guys,’ he said, loading this phrase with significance as he dismissed the women of the group.

I could pretty well guess what the intention of my dad, uncle and cousin were in getting me alone with them in the woods and it was already giving me a bit of a boner to think of being the centre of a multi-way family fuckfest. However, all the time we trekked into the forest, they didn’t say anything at all to suggest that the subject that was on my mind was also on theirs. I’d almost began to think that this was an ordinary hike, that they were so ashamed of last night and this morning that I’d never hear about it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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