Carmen , Me Ch. 02

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You have to be 18 years or older to read this story. This story is purely fictitious and not intended to represent any person living or dead.

* * * * *

A month went by since my first encounter with Carmen. It was still a hot Summer, and I didn’t really see Carmen that last month. I thought she was avoiding me, embarrassed at what happened. I thought that a pity and feeling guilty that I have transgressed some rules and humiliating her. I had mixed emotions, I wanted to do it again with her and I thought leave her alone. I didn’t want to hurt her. I really wondered if she really enjoyed it. I got all the pleasure.

In the middle of Summer, I was working in my apartment as I usually do. Frustrated and lonely I just kept on working. Maybe my life will change.

One day while I was working I heard a tapping at the screen door of my apartment. “Come in”, I said.

To my surprise Carmen stepped in. Amazed and smiling I said “Hi Carmen!” At first she didn’t return my gaze, looking down and at the sides she said “Hi Kent.” I want to apologize, avoiding you like I have.” Then she met my gaze and we had a rapport at that moment.

“No problem”, I said. I got up and walked toward her. I want to apologize at putting you in that situation. I felt guilty at what I did.” I walked around her and closed the door for privacy.

“Carmen, I must apologize, I was just so excited at that moment.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She looked at me and said “Kent, I liked it. I cann’t stop thinking about it.”

“What I saw, and felt and tasted was amazing.”

“I haven’t experienced anything like that, ever.”

At that point I was feeling excited again and my cock was starting grow. I reached out to draw her closer to me. She drew closer to me. Her browns eyes made contact with mine and our contact drew stronger. Her hips making contact with mine and feeling the heat of each others bodies, my cock was growing, and it was almost fully erect embedding into her stomach. She was rather a petite woman and her head only reached my chest. I reached around and gently hugged her.

Her head bent down and looking down at her midriff section, she giggled like an innocent child and looked up at me with a smile. Smiling she quietly whispered, “Kentt since I ate your cum, I want you to eat my pussy.” At that, I led her to the bedroom.

“Kent, I want to see your body again, standing in front of me naked”, I want to see your beautiful body.”

“Can I see you too.” almanbahis I asked. “Not yet, I want to see you first standing in front of me”, she said. “I’ll kneel so you won’t feel so vulnerable”, she replied.

She knelt in front of me as if surrendering. I slowly took off my shirt, then my shoes and socks, then my pants. I was standing in my briefs before her, my cock was only semi-erect from the nervousness I felt. She was kneeling in front of me staring at my body and her eyes darting around gazing at my entire body. Her eyes darted at my crouch with anticipation for me to lower my briefs. I did slowly, feeling nervous at the situation at not knowing what to expect. When my cock was exposed to her view she smiled and gulped, then a look of hunger grew over her face. When I finally lowered my briefs to my feet and flung them over to the side she reached out with her arms and hands to my thighs and gently said “Come closer.” I drew closer, a step or two, and my cock was in semi-erection. Her hands holding the back of my thighs, then rubbing my buttocks, returning to my thighs, and then my abdomen. Finally her small hands reached my pubic area and feeling my hair there. I have never been so exposed to a woman before, with her still dressed and me totally naked before her gaze and touch.

She finally touched my cock, at first quickly, then stroking it lightly, then returning to my buttocks. She looked up at me and then felt my balls quickly. “Does that hurt”, she asked. “No”, I replied. Then she returned her hands to my balls and gently stroked them again. “You have beautiful balls, I don’t won’t to hurt them”, she said. I swung my cock lightly in front of her face. She grinned and then giggled. “Your cock looks like a snake slithering around”, she quietly said. Then her hands returned to my cock lightly stroking it. “You’re a snake charmer Carmen”, I gently retorted.. She giggled like a little girl and said, “Swing it around again.” I swung it around a little harder this time. She giggled, then held my hips and started rocking my thighs to make my cock swing at her behest. Giggling, she said “That’s so nice. What a beautiful thing.” She hugged my thighs with my cock against her cheeks and mouth.

Kissing and stroking my cock harder, my cock grew fully aroused and stared her in the face. She was stroking harder to bring me to full erection. The tip of my cock glistened with pre-cum.

“Carmen, if you continue, I’m going to cum”, I said. She pinched the end of my cock hard almanbahis giriş and said, “not yet, don’t cum yet.” She licked the end of my cock tasting the pre-cum. “First I want you to eat my pussy.” She stood up and kissed me on the lips still holding my cock. She lowered her blue jeans exposing her sylph like thighs and hips.

“You like?” she asked. My face must have belied my feelings because she opened her mouth and laughed. I quickly lowered her panties, pushed her back on the bed, and started kissing her bush. My face was embedded in her bush and kissing it. I lowered my mouth to her nice little slit and started sucking her clitoris like she sucked my cock. I wanted to return the pleasure she gave, so I licked her pussy lips, inside and out. I tongued fucked her. I grabbed her legs and drew her legs against my shoulders. I ran my tongue on the underside of her clit and sucked it. As I was doing this her pussy started watering and I knew she was enjoying it. I inserted my finger into her pussy and rubbed her little slit as if I were fucking her with my dick.

I looked up and saw her head turned to the side with a glazed look in her eyes. I continued for some time, it seemed like forever, and I didn’t want to stop. I enjoyed giving her pleasure. I wanted to eat peaches from her pussy. My lips were soaked with her pussy juice, but I wanted to give her my cock. I stood up and inserted my cock into her, and started pumping my cock. I used my cockhead to massage her vagina walls. I pressed against them and rubbed my cock all around her sweet pussy and she started moaning. At this point, my knees were on the side of the bed and her legs were on my shoulders. She gently looked at me, hers eyes half open, “Kent, I can feel your cock in me”, she quietly said. “You like”, I inquired, breathing hard. She nodded as if she was exhausted. I continued my thrusting, and I felt my orgasm starting to happen.

Not wanting to get her pregnant, I grabbed the back of her head, and drew her head up and withdrew my cock and pointed it to her mouth inserting the tip between her lips. My orgasm exploded into her mouth and over her lips. The fist shot entered her mouth, then the second shot spread up over lips and in her delicate nose, then I shoved my bulbous cockhead into her mouth and came again, flooding her mouth, overflowing down the sides of her cheeks. I continued to dribble cum on her mouth and face. She was smothered in my cum. She didn’t swallow immediately, but ran her tongue around in almanbahis yeni giriş her mouth with my thick membranous sperm coating it. She drew her lips together and formed a bubble with it. I don’t think she knew what she was doing at the time. And finally, she swallowed my sperm in her mouth.

I lowered her head onto the bed. She still had a glazed look in her eyes, as if in another world. Looking at me with my cum covering her face, she smiled.

Exhausted I fell next to her, sweating in the humid air of the summer. She turned her face towards mine smiling and said “I like it.”

“How do I look” she quietly asked. “A mess”, I said.

“It’s your mess and I love it.”

“Eat it all”, I gently commanded her. She licked her lips, took her index finger, and scooped it into her mouth. The rest I gently wiped off her face with a towel.

“You’re a good pussy licker.”

“That’s easy, your pussy tastes good”, I replied.

She giggled. She rolled into my arms and kissed my chest. Lying there, we just folded into each other arms and quietly went to sleep.

I woke up with Carmen stroking, and playing with my cock. “Come on big dick, I want to see if you can cum again”, she said intently. She kneeled beside me with both her hands stroking my cock like she was trying to milk it.

“Can you cum again, Mr. Big Dick?”, she asked intently staring at my cock.

“You drained my balls”, I replied.

“Let’s see”, she continued her intense pumping action, with her ministrations, my cock swelled in her small hands, and it looked like my cockhead was going to exploded. At this, my cock spurted out two more shots for her, not as copious but still thick and white, flowing over unto the sides of my cock. She licked it up greedily smacking her lips.

“Carmen, the cum eater”, I said.

“Yep, that’s right, I acquired a new taste”, she retorted.

After this, she scooted off the bed and went to the bathroom, washed up and got dressed. I was still naked sitting on the edge of the bed with my cock hanging between my legs. She came back into the bedroom with a ruler in her hands.

“I want to measure your cock now. Stand up!”, she commanded me.

I stood up.

“Pump it so it’ll stand straight out.”

I pumped it vigorously as she commanded. She took hold of my cock and placed the ruler on top.

“Wow, not quite nine and half inches, looks like nine and three eights inches”, she reported. “Can I come over and play with it again?”

“Sure, but won’t your husband get suspicious”, I inquired.

“Oh, the pud whacker doesn’t notice me, he just jerks off to porn on the internet”, she said angrily.

“Anytime you want, honey.” I kissed her on the lips and she took off out the sliding glass door.

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