First Lockdown Sex Party Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This one has a longer intro but bear with me as it is:

1) 100% real

2) important to explain and capture the vibe

and 3) the first one of a two-part series

This one is dated back to the second lockdown in central Europe, more specifically November 2020. For those that can still remember, there was a period in the history of mankind where every shop, bar, restaurant and club was closed and the streets and roads of our cities were weirdly empty for weeks. This was also the time of the most severe lockdown in my country, the covid numbers were through the roof, doubling every week and generally, the people were actually scared of the situation. I often spent my evenings browsing the web and dating apps looking for hookups but as a fan of bathhouses and cruise clubs, those hookups were not that fun for me. And let me just note, that this story is taking place before anyone was vaccinated in my country.

Until one day, I found a profile with a name along the lines of “Regular Group Actions”. After a bit of chatting, pic exchange and so on, I found out, that behind the profile is basically one guy, who has a few gay friends and he organises group fuckings during lockdown. The way he does so is that he books at the time empty Airbnbs (by messaging the host directly and paying in cash) and then messaging people who he knows would participate or people he found through dating apps and sex portals the details about time and location. The message always looks like this:,,Event tonight, Streetname 123, starting 20:00, bring your own towel, lube, condoms and toys.” Took me a few missed events and a bit of tension growing in me after not fucking for a while till I decided one day, after another day in the homeoffice mode that I need to blow some steam off, despite the istanbul travesti covid situation.

It started by getting the same message as always in the morning during an online meeting from work. I thought about going there since getting the message, the only thing scaring me regarding those events is the lack of knowledge about the number of participants and the participants themselves. But I said fuck it and after my work was done for the day, I cleaned my ass thoroughly, plugged it, put my sluttiest latex jockstraps, sweatpants and hoodie on, packed lube, condoms, poppers and for some reason leather collar, leather blindfold and cuffs, got into the car and drove to the address. It was a few minutes before 22:00 which also was the start of the serious curfew in place every night till 6:00. I was thinking what my excuse will be if I would be stopped by a police car on the way home around midnight, which I thought would be the time of me returning (spoiler alert, it was at 11:00 in the morning the next day).

Got off the car and at this moment, I realised I don’t know how to get inside the building. I messaged the guy and waited for a few minutes with no luck in a form of an answer so after contemplating whether I should call him or rather go home, I decided to call him. He picked up after a while, I could hear very loud music and voices talking loudly in the background and his voice saying “Hey man, the combination of the lockbox is 1234 and use the keys to unlock the building and open the lobby doors and then put the keys back into the lockbox and come upstairs to the 3rd floor, then right and you will see an open doors.” I did as instructed and upon getting to the third floor, I could hear the music and indeed see the opened door. I took a deep breath and entered istanbul travestileri the room.

Red and blue disco lights and loud music combined with a crowd of around 6-7 half naked and naked people greeted me upon entering the apartment. Some of them were sitting on a couch watching porn on a flat screen TV and slowly wanking their dicks, some of them sat at the bar in the kitchen, talking and holding a drink or a beer in their hands, one person with a latex hood on. I was feeling very shy, so I just waved at the crowd as they all took a long look at me and some of them greeted me with big smiles on. I’m into older men and all the guest’s age was between 35 and 55 so I was pleasantly surprised. One of the men at the bar loudly greeted me and I recognized the voice I talked to on the phone. I figured that should be the first guy I should introduce myself to so I did that.


To my huge surprise, he told me he was actually waiting for me to join for a while, mentioning he and others liked the pictures I’ve sent him on the dating app. I felt a bit exposed and combined with the fact that everyone near me was smiling at me, I started to get slightly afraid what will happen next. But it was only guys who shook my hand, told me their names, asked me what I wanted to drink and so on. We started drinking and talking, I answered questions like how old I am (25), how did I get there, if I’m planning to stay the whole night, if it is my first time and then just basically talking about the situation in the country and so on.

We’ve spent like a half an hour talking and then I actually realized that I’m the most clothed person in the room, so I joked something along the lines of: “Maybe I should take down my hoodie after looking at the dresscode” and they all laughed travesti istanbul and agreed so I did take of my hoodie and a t-shirt and one guy, who was apparently bit tipsy already shouted: “And what about those sweatpants?!” I felt much more relaxed by now so I laughed and put them down, receiving an “Wooooo!” from some of them. I felt like I was a stripper at a bachelor party? I excused myself and went to the bathroom, just to put out the butt plug and make sure my ass is clean and relaxed. Until now I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the guys on the couch, from whom an older one, as I was passing them, was already giving a blowjob to a guy still watching porn on the TV.

In the bathroom, I took a whiff of my poppers and right as I came out, an older, hairy, but relatively muscled bald guy (probably in his fourties-fifties) with a nice belly and huge arms I was talking to at the bar was waiting for me in the hallway stroking his average sized cock with a cockring. I had my backpack in my right hand and my phone in my left and I admit, I was a bit shocked for a second but then the dick abstinence and the effects of poppers made me to put both the items on the floor and started stroking his cock first, followed right with Putting his by now hard dick into my mouth and sucking him vigorously. He was moaning loudly and petting my head, holding my hair, then slowly bending over and started feeling my butt. “Would you lick my ass?” I asked as I suddenly felt a deep need for a tongue running around my hole, he said something like a “fuck yes” so I just found myself standing up, with legs spread and hands on the wall of the hallway, with this stranger spreading my cheeks and rimming it quite deeply I would add.

Then I thought to myself that I want to make him cum into my mouth, being very oblivious to the fact, that he probably wants to spend the night fucking and not cumming into my mouth right in the beginning of the party. Of course he told me to slow down and then grabbed my hand and told me to come to the living room.

To be continued in chapter 02.

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