First Time – New Relationship

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Stepping off the flight after flying some 20 some odd hours from the US to Bucharest, I was nervous. An excited, finally nervous…a good nervous by all means. I only had one carry one and my backpack so going through customs was easier than I thought. I had never flown international so all of this trip was full of firsts for me. The weather – skies clear and sunny but the temperatures were cool to cold as it’s was Winter time, just after the first of year.

The reason for this trip of many firsts, LOVE. Loving a girl so beautiful inside and out, it amazes me that she has picked me to love back. I am in awe of her, her life, her struggles, her failures, her successes in life. We all have them, but – in all my life, I know I have found that one girl in the world who understands me, ALL OF ME. She takes my flaws that I see and doesn’t see them. She catches me when I start to fall…just like I do for her..even half a world away and seven hours time difference. We are connected in a way that only the Universe has explanations for and I will never doubt what It has planned next for me.

I’m a 58 year man from the US, recently left a long term relationship that should have ended 15 years ago. I stayed to take care of her. Medical, Surgical and Mental Health issues – to care for her. Sex was over long before I left. Love ended as well and obligation was the only thing left, for me. She’d tell me she loved me but never acted on anything. I didn’t feel it. All my life, I’ve loved, cared for, and supported others. This time, when I left, I decided I would never to that for anyone else unless it was reciprocated, as equal as possible. Life makes us not 100% at times. Having a partner there to add to whatever you have to offer is important to get that 100%. If I have 20% to give, I’m hoping she has the 80% for me and visa versa.

Awaiting my turn to finish up, I head towards the pickup area, I search for that one set of eyes I have been seeing for months via WhatsApp video calls and pictures. She is 32 years old with an 11 year old son. She’s been married and divorced for some time now. The set of eyes that return my love to me that I have show to her the best I can far away. We met, unconventionally, through an online site. I found myself more and more attracted to Eastern European women over the past year. Why you ask? I have no idea. It was more of a question again I don’t ask as the Universe must have been involved. Talking, sharing and loving each other as best we could has finally come to the act of me flying to her home country for a three week visit. What if I didn’t want to return home? So many many “What if’s” running through my head, when I spotted her. Her eyes were the only thing in the terminal as it melted away. Like in the movies, she ran to me when she spotted me at the same time. We stopped – looked at each other – embraced and kissed….Passionately there in front of the world. I melted at her touch and kiss….we’ve been dreaming and planning for this exact day. I want this to be my last first kiss with her. It started off incredibility powerful for me and I think her as well.

Giddy and giggling like teenagers, we hold hands as we talk and go to her car. I just didn’t ever want to let her go and take my eyes off of her. She was the love of my lifetime. That only girl I had fallen IN LOVE with and she has told me the same. Her eyes said it all. This was real. We were together in the same space…together. Putting my few bags in her car, she drives us to the Hilton downtown in Bucharest. She lives two hours outside of the city, but we wanted a few days (and nights) together, just us so that we can get to know each other, talk, kiss, make love and enjoy each other for more than a few minutes online. Heaven, I’m in heaven. This place, her home, I hope to make my home one day.

Her smile warms me. Always has. She calms me when she looks at me and talks. I do the same with her. She admits to falling in love with me first. I was coming out of a short term fling and tried the other dating apps – and it just wasn’t working out for me. When I saw her and started talking, I was also talking with other Eastern European girls. But, one by one, I decided to end just the casual chatting situation and kept coming back to her. Over and over, I sought her out. I knew her hours available to chat and made a conscious effort to go to her. Minutes turned to hours of chatting on the site we found each other. Day after day, hours and hours as our friendship started and we learned about each other.

Looking back to the early days, we had much almanbahis in common despite our age differences, our upbringing, life events we grew up with…the differences didn’t matter because we had something more. We had a connection that grew. We would finish each other sentences, if not out loud at least in our heads. Her love of nature, animals, gardening were all the same that I have. She has a kind and loving heart and soul. I so wanted to be wrapped by her love like a blanket warms you up. I was falling in love as well. Our relationship grew over the next few months more organically until we confessed our love for each other and to BE IN love with each other. My world changed. She was all I thought about.

Back at the Hilton, I check us in and she helps me with the language as I don’t speak Romanian. Her English is very good. Of course the English language can be a mess so I just help her understand words or terms she has questions about. She’s smart, beautiful, loving, funny and MINE. We moved to an exclusive relationship where we were only dating each other. Busy in our lives, time and distance, didn’t stop us. We learned to move through each obstacle and get closer.

Gathering my bags and hers now, we go upstairs. A large suite with one king-sized bed for us. A view overlooking the city, as it was starting to become late afternoon, the skies changed color as a storm was coming in. With the temperatures, most likely some snow. No matter, I had on other place to be in the next few days (and nights) than here with her…and room service.

We get into the room, put our bags down and embrace again but harder and with more familiarity. Less nervous and more passionate as we were alone…finally. Totally alone in a world I wanted to go away and just keep this moment frozen in time. I smelled her skin, her hair for the first time with this kiss. Intoxicating to me. Having tried to imagine her, her skin – how it would feel, her hair – what if felt like, her smell – scent off her skin. I was in a trance with her for what seemed like an eternity but probably just a few minutes. Tongues intertwined, as I wanted to experience all of her.

Finally breaking away, I hold her…just hold her and she can’t seemed to be close enough for me. She just clung to me. I tell her. “I’m real, baby girl”. She looks at me and kisses me again. It’s amazing that we have used words for so long in much of our communication but now, we don’t seem to need as many words between us. We know each other. We see each others heart, mind and soul and want to be apart of each other for the rest of our lives.

While holding her hand, I move to the big window overseeing the city, and hold her from behind as I wrap my arms around her as she leans into me. She’s telling me all the landmarks from the window. I know this is as close as I’m getting to any of those places this visit. But, I take it all in. I am with her, finally. Kissing her neck as she lets me by moving her head to the side, I feel her relax. I whisper into your ear, “I love you so much, baby girl”. She nuzzles her head next to mine and whispers back, “I love you more, my baby Daddy”. She melts my heart every time she calls me that. I am in love with this girl, this woman, my best friend, my soulmate. She is mine and I am hers, forever. We know.

We ordered room service as it’s getting late and we are both getting hungry. Getting more comfortable with each other as we sit on the couch, talk, kiss and hold each other, there is a knock on the door. I get up to answer it (she was going to but I stopped her). I am a gentleman and would not have her answer a door without knowing who was really on the other side. It was dinner. The room service attendant brought in our food and drinks as well as a bottle of wine. I’m not a real wine person, but she assures me it’s a sweeter wine. I’ll try anything she wants me to try. Anything she wants, needs, desires, I am hers.

Gentle conversation as we ate our meals. Easy conversation, like we’ve done this before. Laughing, she makes me smile and laugh. She calls me “Serious Daddy” sometimes. When I’m working, thinking or concentrating, I suppose I look serious. She has may “Daddy” names for my moods. She is my baby girl and I am her baby Daddy. It’s what we have called each other for so many months. I doubt I will call her by her first name…as she is my baby girl.

Putting all the empty dishes outside of the room, we open the bottle of wine and I grab up two glasses. She looks into my eyes as we kiss and embrace again. Sitting on the couch almanbahis giriş so that we can see the city lights as we sip and chat. It’s like we are just validating that each other is really here. It’s getting late and we are more than sexually attracted to each other. After a long flight, yes I am tired but with her, I am re-energized. She has captured me and my heart, mind, body and soul is hers…absolutely. We kiss and decide, a shower is in order before…we sleep together for the first time.

This hotel has a large walk in shower and plenty of room for the two of us. She prepares the shower for us as we undress and see each other. She is perfect for me. Small breasts, shaved pussy, smooth skin, long black hair and a body of a goddess. Me, I have more age on me and with life comes visible scars. She doesn’t see that in me. She sees a wonderful, loving, handsome man…but a few pounds heavier than I should be. She sees none of it. She loves me completely as I am. We start to slowly explore each others bodies when we wash and rinse each other. Though, I have never showered with a lover, my hands are shaking in the beginning. I don’t every want to do anything to offend her. Touching her gently, as I run my hands all over her body, her eyes close as she moans with touch of her body for the first time. In turn, she washes me and touches my body in a way no lover has ever done. She looks into my eyes as she does so. So much love between us.

As we leave the shower and dry each other, we embrace again, two naked bodies together, and kiss with more passion an any other kiss today. Candles lit by the bedside that I had done before our shower are the only light in the room as the lights go off in the bathroom. Music playing softly in the background. I take her hand in mine and lead her to OUR bed. Laying her down in the middle of the bed, we kiss as I lay next to her. Touching her face, caressing it. She has her hands in my hair pulling me closer to her. I feel my body move closer to her as I start stroking her skin…from her face, to her neck, down between her breasts, further down her stomach and to just above her pussy. I feel her shift her weight and open her legs for me. We start making love as the world melts away. It’s just us. Together in this moment in time, my heart will remember forever. Our first time.

I start to move my hand back up and rub her nipples with gentleness and then explore her. Increasing the pressure as I start to pinch her nipples, pulling on them, she says “Yes” and starts to arch her back. She kisses me harder as the sensations from her nipples goes straight to her pussy. I start to smell her odor, her pussy is wet, I can tell from just smelling her. Sliding my hand down her stomach and tracing her gentle curves as I head down towards her pussy, I detour to her upper thighs and she lets out a moan of disappointment. I massage her inner thighs as she opens her legs even further for me. She whispers to me “I want you, Daddy”. She melts me when she says this. Slowly, I slide my fingers up towards her pussy and feel her wetness that has already spilled out. Rubbing her clit, she arches her back again towards me. Kissing her, rubbing her clit, as she starts to push my head down to where she wants me.

As I kiss my way down her body, I stop to suckle on her nipples as I start to finger fuck my beautiful girl. Driving her absolutely crazy with my touch, she moves my head down further. I let her guide my head to where she wants me…she needs me to taste her. I so want to taste her. Slick with her wetness, I continue to finger fuck her as I take her clit into my mouth and suck on her. Her clit is hard, rounded and eager for me to take it. I nibble on it, biting it at times, sending waves of pleasure through her as I increase the speed of my fingers and go in deeper. She grabs my head while she has a handful of my hair, “Fuck me, baby Daddy”.

With every intent to give her pleasure and show her my love, I start to finger fuck my baby girl with two fingers, slightly curved and finding her g-shot, I increase my speed, pressure, and depth inside of her. Showing her my love for her, her pleasure, her importance in my life, I continue to finger fuck her as I feel her vaginal walls clamp down on my fingers. Sucking her clit, finger fucking her, she is pushing my head into her pussy. She’s moaning, calling out, “You are MINE, baby Daddy. Take me, I give myself to you, baby Daddy. Your baby girl needs your love”. With that, I fuck her until she starts to cum. She’s under my control as almanbahis yeni giriş I break down any reservations about us. I take her and make her mine as I please her body, mind, heart and soul with my touch and have her cum for me…over and over so easily.

Her body shakes with her first orgasm together. I know her. I know what she needs, wants, desire and I have ever intention of being that man for her. She speaks not at all as her words are garbled and nonsensical. But, I know she is going to that one place where she can go to and I keep her safe until she comes back to me. Holding my fingers very still inside of her, I move my head up and kiss her mouth…giving her a taste of herself. I curl her next to me as I hold her and kiss on her…always wanting to keep her safe and warm. This was meant to be…between us.

When she comes back, she kisses with so much passion. I had already removed my fingers before that. I just hold her. The sweetest thing for me is just to hold her. She is so comfortable in my arms. Her arms holding me as she starts to kiss my neck and work her way down my chest, torso, stomach and to my cock. She understands me. She knows me and loves me as I am. Her long nails trace on my skin, sending me over the edge as she start to put my cock in her mouth. Sucking on me as she works her nails on my skin. She is tasting me as my cock gets harder in her mouth. My hands are now in her long hair, holding her head between my legs. Our love…and connection, few words are needed tonight. As she makes love to me, I am lost in time. Feelings and emotions that I have never had are at the surface. She senses this in me and is sweet and gentle with me. “Baby”, I tell her. She has brought me to my first orgasm with her as I cum in her mouth. She takes all of me in and cleans me up as she is very attentive to my needs. She kisses my body as she comes up towards my face, her long hair trailing over my skin sends me off again as I have another orgasm…she holds me.

As we catch our breath, we are holding and kissing each other. Lovers talking together, reflection on these firsts and our love for each other. She leans into me “Fuck me, Daddy. I need you inside of me, Daddy”. With that, I am instantly hard again, as I position myself between her open legs. She wraps them around my hips and her arms around now around my back. My cock enters her very wet pussy easily. She is open, having given herself to me tonight. As I slide my cock deep inside of her and listening to her telling me how she wants me, her nails start to digging into my back. At first, I feel it. But as we bring each other towards a shared orgasm, I don’t feel any pain. Endorphins have taken my mind over and fucking this beautiful and loving girl of mine is all I want to do. I want to please her and love her for a lifetime. Feeling her walls around my cock as she starts to spasm and I feel my orgasm building. She holds me tightly with her arms and legs and digs those nails in deeper as I fuck her faster, harder, deeper and……. we cum together for the first time. I continue to fuck her through her first shared orgasm into the next one…then the next one after that.

Our bodies tense and relax as we cum again and cum with each other so easily. She cries out, tears of love down her cheeks. She has found that in me, I will love her for a lifetime. I know what I have in her. We are spent, breathless, and holding tightly to each other. Kissing her salty tears. My cock deep inside of her as she’s holding onto me. Raising my head up from the side of her neck, I look at her eyes and she’s looking back at me. Candlelight flickering…as I see only love in her eyes for me. Total, Absolute and Unending love for me. She reflects back what I see in her. I have finally found that one girl in the world that is my soulmate and I know I will make her my wife one day. She is mine. I am not sharing her with anyone. No other man will have this girl, in my arms. Looking at her, “You are mine, baby girl. I am so in love with you”. She responses in kind, “Baby Daddy, You are mine. I am in love with you”. Kissing her deeply as I slide my cock out of her and I hold her body next to mine. Skin on skin.

We fall asleep in each others arms for the rest of the night. Kept warm and safe with each other. As she stirs the next morning, the sun is up and light is coming in through the window. When she stretches, she makes this small sounds that I find comforting and brings a smile to my face. I am so in love with her. We bring in the day together as we did last night. Kissing, touching, making love and fucking each other. Ordering room service for the next few days. Our time split between showers, talking, and making love in between meals. A light blanket of snow is over the city, but our naked bodies are warming us as we push the world out of our heads.

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