Flower Shop

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I was broke! Broke and bi curious. I’m a good looking, in good shape 27 year old that was plain and simply, down on his luck. With too much time on my hands, due to lack of work, I was spending more and more time surfing online personals… from women looking for men, to men looking for men, and even a few trannies looking for men!

Regardless of which section I was in, I always seemed to find a good posting that lead to some solid ‘alone time’. Masturbation was my job. Sometimes up to three times a day, I’d read a posting, get turned on, and blow my load into my hand or on my stomach while sitting at my computer.

A bit about myself, well, my names Tommy, I’m in pretty good shape. Have blonde hair, blue eyes, and do fairly well with the ladies!

One afternoon I noticed a posting for a job in the men for men section. Someone was looking to hire a cashier for their flower shop. I found it peculiar that they were posting in this section, but was in dire need of the cash, so I applied! Not long after I received a reply to my email telling me to come in for an interview.

The interview was fairly straightforward at first. I was meeting with the owner of the shop, a tall, thick, athletically built man named Alex. He was a good looking guy, clearly worked out, in his mid 40s, with a neatly trimmed goatee and a full head of blonde hair. It was also clear that he was a fan of tanning salons, as he was nicely tanned.

We talked about my job experience, my situation, why I wanted the job, you know, all the usual stuff. Then as the interview was winding down, he asked about my sexual orientation. I got slightly uncomfortable with the question, but informed him that I was straight, to which he responded with a question about what I was doing in the men for men section online.

I had forgotten about this little detail, and kind of went blank looking for a logical answer, but I had none.

“A little curious are we straight boy?” He asked.

“Um, yeah, I guess…” I sort of stuttered.

“Have you ever experimented with a man before?”

“Um, no Sir, just fantasies I guess…”

Before I realized what I had said, he shot at me “Fantasies eh? What sort of fantasies”

I was stuck. I wanted to run out of the room, but my legs seemed to be working against me. I needed this job, and didn’t want to tell my potential new boss to ‘mind his own business’ so I did my best to answer him.

“Well, um… I kinda, sorta have been wondering what it would be like… you know… to touch another guys… um… well… his…”

“Cock?” He interjected.

I giggled nervously before saying “yeah, his um, his cock.”

“Ah, so you’ve been thinking about servicing a man with a big cock? About what it would taste like, what it would feel like in your hands?”

My body was starting to respond to our conversation, and my dick was swelling.

“Well, yeah, I guess. You know, having someone tell you what to do and stuff.”

“Oh, so you like being controlled too? Being subservient to a stronger man?”

“Um, well, I’ve never done it… it’s just fantasies…”

I was shaking. My voice was quivering, my palms were sweaty, and my dick was raging hard! He seemed to be as comfortable as anything. Sitting back in his chair, legs sort of spread, his strong arms lightly crossed. He was definitely enjoying the discomfort that he was applying to this young ‘straight’ kid.

“Well, you can start tomorrow. Wear a white t-shirt and some jeans. Oh, and try wear some tighter undies so that your little hard on isn’t so obvious!”

I nearly died! My boss noticed that he was giving me a hard on! My GAY boss! But somehow, I never even considered not showing up the next morning. I just got up, adjusted my penis, and left after saying thanks.

The next morning I arrived at work, dressed as indicated, and was trained by one of my new coworkers Jay. He was nice enough. Kinda tall and lanky like me, but he was much more effeminate. He taught me how to work the cash, how to use the credit card machine, inventory, etc. All the things I’d need to know to get my job done.

The store was located on the edge of the gay village in our city, so as expected, the clientele was 90% gay men. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some more obvious then the others, but one thing they all had in common was that they flirted hard with our staff. From little comments, to pats on the bum, to full on ass grabs! I was thankful that my job kept me safely behind the counter.

There were four other guys who worked at the store, and all of us were of the same body type. Tall and slim, and fairly ‘boy next door’ looking. Alex would help us out when we were busy, and would also be there to close the cash at the end of the day while we cleaned up. He’d constantly take jabs at us. Calling us his ‘little bitches’. Saying things like “Look at my pretty little boys keeping my place good and clean, while Daddy takes care of the real work”, and he progressed quickly to “The bigger your cock the bigger the responsibility Ankara bayan escort you have!”. “Hey boys? Who’s your Daddy?”

“You are Sir” we’d answer in unison.

I took most of these interactions as ‘gay jokes’… thinking that they might be common in that community, and not wanting to lose my job, or piss Alex off, I just went along with it.

“And who’s got the biggest thickest cock in the room?” He’d proudly ask.

“You do Sir!”

He’d tease and taunt us in an unthreatening sort of joking manner constantly. Telling us that we weren’t men yet, cause our little dicks were too small, and he’d point out how cute we looked each day. Reminding us, subtly, that he was physically the bigger man.

Two weeks into my job, Alex came to see me near the end of the day, and told me to meet him in his office after closing. I know I had been working my ass off, so this definitely wasn’t a discipline thing, so I was kinda curious as to why he wanted to meet with me.

Nine o’clock rolled around, and just after we locked up, the other guys left for the evening and I made my way to the back of the store to meet with Alex. I knocked on his door, and he shouted for me to come in.

“Have a seat” he said, pointing to a foot stool that he had next to his desk.

“Sorry about the chair. So, how’s it been going so far?”

“Good I guess. I’m learning pretty quickly, and I seem to get along with everyone.”

“I’ve heard good things” he said, much to my relief. Losing this job wasn’t an option for me! I needed rent money badly!

“Listen” he started, “On slower days we don’t have anyone working the cash alone. The guys working on the floor selling also ring up their own bills. I’d like to give you more shifts, but we’d need to get you comfortable selling. Is this something you’d like?”

I was thrilled! More shifts meant more money! I responded almost instantly “Sure! I’d love that!”

“Ok then, I just wanted to make sure you’d be comfortable servicing our clientele”

I had momentarily forgotten about all the touching and flirting that goes on, but the thought of more hours and more money overshadowed my concerns. After all, I’m not gay, so how would a little flirting hurt?

“I’m fine with it Sir. When can I start?”

“Easy there tiger, not so fast! You may not have noticed this, but our sales guys all wear a uniform of sorts”

“Really?” I said. “I haven’t seen one… other than the white shirt and jeans, but I wear that already?”

“Well, with all the standing and crouching we like to offer our customers a strong incentive for frequenting our store, so we have our guys wearing thongs with the store logo on the back. So when they crouch down or bend over to grab flowers, the customer gets a little visual treat… that gonna be a problem for you?”

“Um, no, I guess not… I’ve never worn a thong before… um… yeah, I guess I can do that.”

I was getting a bit nervous, but the thought kinda turned me on too.

“Great, try this on!”

With that, he reached into his drawer, pulled out a little white thong, and tossed it to me. He then sat and sort of stared at me intently. He wanted me to change in front of him! Oh my! I’ve never been naked around another man before… “Um, should I change in the washroom?” I suggested.

“No no, here’s fine… you can go behind that decorative divider if you like”

He motioned toward one of those Asian looking decorative fold up-able walls. So I moved behind it, and removed my pants and boxers, before pulling on the thong. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty horny pulling it on, and my dick was definitely reacting!

“Seems to fit ok!” I shouted.

“Great! Let me see.” He said, clearly not allowing for ‘no thanks’ to be an answer.

He could tell I was hesitating I guess, so he continued “I just gotta be sure it fits right in the back, so that the logo isn’t stretched or crumpled.”

With this, I slowly slide out from behind the divider, and made my way to him. I was nervous for two reasons, the first was obvious… I’m almost naked in front of a gay man. My boss. The second was cause it was turning me on… and I didn’t have anywhere to hide!

“Looks great! Spin around for me… nice and slow… just gotta make sure it works from every angle. Oh, looks like someone is enjoying this more that he wants to!” He said, noticing my semi hard on. “I thought you were straight? Why’s your little dick getting stiff? Haha”

I felt like an object. A toy. Here for this mans pleasure… and also for my own. He started tugging on different parts of the thong, seeing if the waist was too tight, and tugging it upwards to make sure it was on all the way. I wanted to move away. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I didn’t. I just kept spinning slowly for him.

“Hands over your head please.” He said.

I obeyed without hesitation. I was now completely vulnerable to this man. Suddenly, as I spun, his hand cupped my crotch, and sort of started to adjust my dick.

“Hmm, Escort bayan Ankara there’s a bit of extra space in this area, hehe, but the rest fits nice.” He said, again taunting me about my size.

“You should see what it looks like when it’s filled out properly by a real man!”

With that, he stood, pushed me down onto the stool, opened his pants, and pushed them down just enough so that I could clearly see his big thick cock bulging behind a thin layer of zebra stripped silk. My eyes were glued to his crotch, as he reached down and gave himself a little jiggle to emphasize the enormity of his cock.

“Like what you see straight boy?” He said, noticing that my much smaller penis was now fully erect at only 5inches.

“I think my limp cock is bigger than your little erection boy! Funny how my little ‘straight boy’ employee is getting hard just from seeing my big Daddy cock. I thought you liked girls? Ha ha!” He taunted.

“How straight would you be if I actually pulled it out boy? Bet your mouth would be watering! And your little prick would be throbbing even more!”

I felt helpless… like I wasn’t worthy of being there. And strangely, I wanted to be. Somehow, I wanted him to enjoy me, to be turned on by me, and this sign that I was letting him down actually hurt me!

But even with me fully exposed like this, his big meat didn’t seem to grow. I wasn’t turning him on. Why not? I’m good looking. I’m doing what he wants… why isn’t he getting hard? Wait… am I really thinking this? Am I really concerned about turning a man on? My boss for that matter! My mind was racing.

When I snapped back into reality, he had pulled his pants back up, and had sat back down, and continued with my ‘fitting’.

“Stand up boy! I want you doing 50 sit ups a night to get those abs into shape!”

“Also, you’ve got some hair on your lower back that we’ll have to get rid off. Two doors down there’s a guy that does waxing… you’ll make an appointment before your next shift. Wait! Let me see if he’s still there.”

He picked up his phone, and made the call. Fortunately, the store was still open. Well, not open, but the guy was still there, and he agreed to do the job immediately.

“Ever been waxed?” Alex asked.

“um, no, but I hear it hurts… a lot!”

“Oh, only the first few times… here, this’ll help!”

With that he pulled a bottle of scotch from his drawer, and we started taking shots. He said he would come with me for support, as I was clearly nervous. After about 5 shots each, we headed out. My legs were a bit tipsy, but we didn’t have far to go.

When we got to the store, Alex and the clerk hugged, and it was immediately clear that they were fairly well acquainted. The clerk was all business. He led us into a room in the back, and instructed me to remove my shirt and pants and to lay face down on the table. I had forgotten that I was still wearing my new ‘uniform’ up until that very moment. ‘Oh well’ I thought, this guy seems pretty professional.

As I climbed up onto the table, the two men chatted and seemed to ignore me. Alex had brought the bottle with him, and the three of us continued to drink.

The table itself looked like a massage table, but had some interesting alterations. About half way down, where ones legs would start, the table split into two moveable pieces, I guess for legs that were spread for bikini waxing purposes. The table also had straps on these leg sections. I was to find out later that he used them to secure the legs to avoid people jerking during the waxing, and kicking him accidentally. Or so he told me.

As he moved into position beside me, he said “Mmm, uniform looks great!”

Clearly I wasn’t the first employee to make this trip.

He started with my lower back, and the pain was intense! The guys just laughed at me at first, but when I started squirming around, the clerk asked Alex to try to hold me down. Alex moved to the head of the table, and grabbed my arms, pulling me towards him. With my legs strapped down, and my arms held tight, I was now completely still. Every wax strip was more painful than the last!

When he finished my lower back, which seemed like hours, but was really only about ten minutes, we had another drink. I stayed on the table, still strapped down, and strangely never questioned why. As we chatted, the clerk asked if I wanted to get rid of the other ‘unsightly’ hair on my back side. This made me extremely self conscious, especially considering that I was wearing only a tiny little thong in front of these two fully clothed gay men who were ogling my body.

Before I could answer, Alex said “Why not! I mean we’re here right, may as well get the whole job done!”

With that he grabbed my wrists, and pulled me back down onto the table. The clerk started stepping on peddles, and hitting levers, and before I knew it, the leg supports had dropped down, and my bound legs went with them. So I was now bent over the table, with Alex firmly holding my wrists in place, and my head Bayan escort Ankara sort of hanging off the table. Maybe due to the alcohol, or perhaps for other reasons… but I didn’t object.

As the clerk began waxing my butt cheeks, the pain intensified, and with a bright red face, it was suggested that I have something to bite down on to avoid biting my tongue off. Without hesitation, Alex undid his belt buckle, and without removing it from his pants, he folded the tail of the belt, and offered it to my mouth. He even undid the top three buttons on his pants to give me some more leeway. With tears in my eyes, I opened my mouth and bit down on the leather. My face was now only inches from my boss’ monstrous cock! I could smell the power and sweat of his manhood. I could almost taste it!

With my hands help firmly in place, and my face only inches from my boss’ crotch, the clerk started pull my cheeks apart, and began spreading wax on my crack. Alex felt me squirm, and told me that it was all part of the uniform, and not to worry. Strangely, once again, I trusted him, and let it happen. I could feel the thong being yanked from side to side to make room for the waxing, with strip after strip of my hair being torn away from my body. And before long, the clerk gave my ass a solid slap, and said “All done back here, anything else?”

When I heard his voice, I sort of snapped back awake, and realized that my face was now firmly pressed into Alex’s crotch. To a point where I could feel the thickness of his shaft on my cheek, through his underwear. I guess I had nuzzled my way past his jeans, and pressed my face into his stripe covered crotch. And more, he was no longer holding my arms down, but instead I now had my arms wrapped around his powerful legs, and was pulling myself towards him.

I released the belt from my mouth, but didn’t let him go. Instead I just sort of breathed heavily and held him tightly. With one hand he caressed the back of my head, and with the other he was manipulating my thong to help the clerk out. The clerk was now slowly applying a lotion to the areas he had waxed. Starting with the lower back, then working his way to my ass crack. He had waxed everything short of my ball sack, and made sure not to miss a spot with the lotion.

As his finger grazed my virgin hole for the first time, I let out a moan. This was the first bit of pleasure that I’d felt in what seemed like forever, and it just sort of slipped out of my mouth.

“You like that boy?” Alex asked.

I was in a sort of daze, and was defenseless against his questioning, so I answered truthfully.

“Yes Sir”

After hearing this, the clerk slowly made his way back to my hole and started circling it with his finger. Tracing a line from my lower back down, around my hole, to my ball sack where he slowly ever so gently cupped my balls and gave them a light squeeze. The thong I was wearing had been pulled aside, and my penis was hanging free. As he held my balls in his palm, he used his thumb to rub my hole. I was squirming and moaning, and lost in the pleasure of his massage.

Alex started to slowly grind his crotch onto my face, rubbing himself all over my cheek and then my mouth and nose. He tightened the grip on my head, and started saying “That’s a good bitch boy, you like that don’t you? Having Daddy’s big cock on your face while your hole is played with… tell me how much you like that!”

“Yes Sir, I… mmm.. yeah… I like that… mmm… oh! … oh yeah…”

“How does Daddy’s cock feel boy?”

“Huge Sir!”

“Do you like Daddy’s cock on your face? Hm? Tell me how much you like having Daddy’s cock on your face”

“I love it Sir! I love having Daddy’s big thick cock on my face!”

“Really? You love it do you? Why don’t you give Daddy’s cock a nice little kiss?”

As I turned my head to face his cock, I puckered my lips, and without hesitation, I started to gently kiss his silk covered monster. As I did this, the clerks massage intensified, and he slide his thumb gently into my tight hole. Just a bit, then he pulled it out and circled before sending it back in for a quick ‘in and out’. My body was theirs. I was slowly grinding my hips on the clerk’s finger while I delivered kiss after kiss to my boss’ cock.

“That’s it” Alex said.

“Show Daddy how much you love his cock. Show him how much you want his cock in that sweet young mouth of yours. Mmm”

With that encouragement, the kiss became more intense, and my tongue started tracing lines all over his thick shaft and balls. He was getting hard… He was getting hard! I was doing it! I was turning him on! I was making my master happy!

Wait! My Master? Had I really just thought that? Was this man really my Master? I dropped the thought right then and there, and just focused on getting his cock big and hard!

With the clerk now freely fucking my ass with his thumb, I was now licking my boss’ thighs, balls, and cock hungrily! I was trying my best to slip my tongue underneath his thong. My body was sliding around begging for more thumb, but not wanting to get too far away from my Masters giant cock!

“Why don’t we pull Daddy’s cock out to get a better taste? Would you like that Tommy? Do you want to taste Daddy’s big thick cock? Tell me Tommy”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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