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Big Dicks

My boss, Byron Powers, was a good looking black man who had risen through the ranks of company much faster than anyone before. He ran marathons, worked out on a regular basis (he even had a portable gym in his office) and and as far as I know had his fill of all the pussy he could ever desire.

I liked Mr. Powers. He had an easy going manner and his employees respected him. There was something about him that I couldn’t put my finger on, but you just couldn’t help but like the guy and you wanted to work hard for him…to please him.

I had just turned 22 and had been working in the mail room when Byron first met me. He towered over my slender frame by at least 5 inches and I was little intimidated. I had been making my rounds, dropping off mail to the executives when we bumped into each other.

He told me that he had heard good things about me and that he expected a lot. He said the world was mine, all I had to do was take it by the horns. He shook my hand firmly and slapped me on the back saying something about keeping up the good job I was doing. Then he said something about he was sure I was going to work out perfectly.

I liked him from that very moment.

As time went on Mr. Powers went out of his way to be good to me and I felt as though I had found a father figure I had so been longing for since my father abandoned my mother and I when I was 13. He looked out for me and even put me up for a promotion. I owed a lot to Mr. Byron Powers and found myself wanting to work harder and not disappoint him. I guess that is the mark of a good boss.

In time, Byron invited to his house for the weekend. He said that he had a pool and a tennis court and I was free to stay the weekend. It was a Friday and being single I had no other plans.

I took him up on his offer and packed a small bag to take with me after work. Friday was pretty much a blur to me as I anxiously waited for my trip to the country and Byron’s estate.

When 5 O’Clock rolled around I punched out and jumped in the car that Byron had arranged for me. I must say I felt like Donald Trump sitting in the back of that town car. Mr. Powers called me on the phone in the compartment that also had a television and mini-bar and asked if I was comfortable. I said ‘very’ and he told me he would see me in a little while.

Mr. Powers’ house was a mansion. There was no other way to say it. It was a huge sprawling house on gorgeous grounds. I knew he made good money, but I didn’t realize he made that much.

He greeted me at the door in a pair of loose slacks and polo shirt. There was a drink in his hand and with his hand on the small of my back, just above my belt, welcomed me into his home.

His lavishly decorated home looked like something out of a movie. He lived there alone, which I thought was strange, but people with a lot of money usually walk a different path. He mentioned that his houseboy had just quit to take a job in Europe but he was managing just fine for the moment without him. He was always looking for new talent, he added with a handsome smile, as he led me through the maze of hallways.

He walked me into the den and offered me a drink. I wasn’t much of a drinker and said I would have what he was drinking. He told me he liked that and fixed my drink. It was strong and I knew that several of those would have me under the table.

We sat in leather chairs in his den and chatted about work and my future and his vision for the company and about a million other things, but I had the nagging sense that there was something he wanted to talk about, something important, that he had yet to come to.

The sun began to set and Byron, and yes, I was allowed to call him Byron, because Mr. Powers was his dad and so on and so on. We ate steaks he grilled himself and sat on the huge deck which overlook his property, which included a pool and tennis court. The steaks were delicious and I had two more drinks and was feeling no pain at all.

Byron lit up a thick rolled cigar and offered me. I politely declined. I watched as that thick stogie rolled past his thick, lush lips and found that my cock was stirring a little. I had never had a gay thought in my life, and maybe it was the alcohol, but I found myself attracted to the athletic black man sitting just inches away from me.

Byron caught me staring at him and he laughed. Smiling he asked if I liked what I saw, “Because,” he added, “he sure did.”

Was my boss flirting with me? And did I mind? Was he picking up on my signs? And more importantly, did I care?

We joked a little and Byron finished his cigar, saying there were only a few other things he liked on his lips more than a Cuban cigar.

Well. There’s no ignoring subtlety like that.

He stood and asked if I wanted to take a swim or watch a movie. It was a beautiful summer’s night and I said a swim sounded great but I was afraid that I had drunk too much and that maybe a movie was the better option.

He agreed and esenyurt escort we retired to his movie room. Yeah. The guy had his own theater with comfortable leather sofas and a huge screen and even a popcorn machine.

We sunk down onto the couch and watched a movie from the ’80’s called Weird Science. It was a comedy about two high school boys who create their own dream girl. We found ourselves laughing out loud. I was very relaxed and having an awesome time. At some point during the movie, Byron joined me on my couch. I could smell his cologne and when he pushed his hand into the popcorn ball on my lap, I found myself thinking naughty thoughts.

In one scene of the high school boys wakes up in the morning only to discover that he is wearing the panties and cut off sweat-shirt of the actress in the movie.

I have to admit, with his smaller, slender frame and longish hair he did look very cute in those blue Calvin Klein panties. The panties were high up on his hips and hugged his little package perfectly. The cut off sweat-shirt showed off his flat belly. He was very cute and he reminded me of someone I knew, I just couldn’t think of who in my drunken state.

I found myself strangely aroused. I would have thought it was the alcohol but apparently Byron was thinking the same thing because he rewound the scene several times to watch over and over again. He especially liked the scene when the young actor walked away from the camera and pulled the panties out from between his smooth cheeks. Very much like a girl would do. His smooth girlish bottom looked very hot in those high cut panties and I found myself crossing my legs to hide an erection.

Byron laughed and paused the movie, saying “Yeah. That scene always gets me too. See?” I looked down to where he was pointing and saw that a monster had awoken from behind his zipper. His pants were tented by what had to be an 10 inch cock.

I gulped and tried to look away but Byron slid closer to my side of the sofa, reached out and uncrossed my legs.

“It’s okay if you like what you saw, Nash. I love that scene. I’ve watched it over a 100 times.” He leaned in closer and touched my thigh. “I just love seeing that little white ass in those panties.” He leaned in closer and I smelled the liquor and cigar and his intense man-musk as he whispered “And that cute little cock and balls all nestled so sweetly.”

I tried to pull away but something in me told me to stay. I turned to meet his gaze and he kissed me on the mouth. Hard. Pressing those thick lips against mine and sliding his tongue into my mouth. His hand found the small lump in my pants and he squeezed it as I sucked the tip of his tongue….like it was…a cock.

He pulled away momentarily and eased into the back of the leather sofa, encouraging me to sit on his lap facing him. I felt small, like a child, as I sat on those broad muscular legs, a knee over each leg and leaned into his face for another kiss. I felt his hard cock under my butt and I found myself pressing down and actually grinding into it.

Byron looked into my eyes as his strong hands cupped each of my buttcheeks and first squeezed them together and then slowly apart. He pushed up towards me and his cock slipped into my crack and filled the length of it.

I sat up straight and Byron’s hand went under my shirt to pinch my hardened nipples. As his his index finger trailed down my flat tummy towards the top of my khakis, I became lightheaded and passed out.

When I awoke in the morning, I found myself in a strange bedroom on a large platform bed. The walls were a slate gray and there were black and white photos of older men and younger men engaged in all sorts of very erotic poses.

I was a little fuzzy but my hangover was nowhere as bad as it could have been. I studied my surroundings and saw that the room had it’s own private bath with an enormous tub and walk-in shower.

There was a large walk-in closet and a dressing table.

I noticed a large white box on the dresser with a red bow. I stumbled over to it and opened the card. It read:

“Good morning Nash. I hope you slept well and that you were comfortable in the pajamas I dressed you in…”

It was then that I noticed I was wearing an over-sized football jersey which came down to just above my knees and a pair of white cotton bikini briefs. In my haze I couldn’t tell if they were men’s underwear or panties. They hugged my little package and butt comfortably, and even looked great on me and a voice in the back of my mind promised me I would never ugly old boxers again.

I wondered whose voice that had been. Mine or Byron’s?

The note continued…”If you would like to continue what we started last night, grab a hot bath and soak for at least half an hour while I go on my morning run. Get your skin nice and soft and then shave yourself baby smooth for me. Your armpits, legs, butt, and yes, even around your beautiful cock istanbul escort and balls. I want your gorgeous body smooth, BabyBoy.

When you are dry, wear the outfit that is in this box and meet me in my bedroom.

If you decide not to, then no harm-no foul. I will have the driver pick you up and take you to your place. No one will ever have to know what happened and I will not hold your decision against you.

Either way, last night was wonderful. Thank you.


“BD?” I wondered. Byron’s initials were BP.

I opened the box and discovered two articles of clothing. The first was a pair of blue, Calvin Klein panties. Blue Calvin Klein bikini panties with a white waistband. The second was a gray, cut-off sweatshirt. It took me a minute and then I realized that this is what the character in the movie was wearing. That high school kid who wakes up and puts on Kelly Lebrock’s panties and shirt when he wakes up after a night with her. The same panties and sweatshirt that had so turned on Byron.

I remember how Byron had paused that scene several times to re-watch it, even putting the dvd on frame-by-frame when the character Wyatt pulls his panty wedgie out of the crack of his very cute butt.

Now Byron wanted me to dress in the same outfit and come to his bedroom. It took me about ten seconds to decide whether or not I should and I walked into the bathroom and began to fill the tub with warm water and rose-scented bath salts.

I undressed and thew the jersey and cotton panties, and yes, they were panties, in the hamper. I caught my reflection in the full length mirror. I had always looked younger than I was and here at age 22 I looked no older than 16. I had a slender body with little muscle mass, especially when compared to Byron. I had let my hair grow longer this Winter and Spring and it was just at my shoulders. Someone had even commented that I looked like that Justin Beiber kid.

I thought about the actor in the movie and wondered if I would look the same as he did in those high-cut bikini panties…the same meaning as cute…as hot…as attractive to Byron.

I climbed into the tub and gave myself a good soak.

The water felt great and the bath salts softened my skin and relaxed me. I had never shaved my body before. There was really no need. I had very little. But I stepped out the tub and into the walk-in shower, lathered up and took my time shaving myself smooth. It was actually kind of meditative and I couldn’t understand why girls complained so much.

I rinsed off and toweled myself dry feeling the cool air on my freshly shaved body which sent tingles all over.

I caught my reflection again and saw my 14 year old self staring back at me. I smiled, turned and looked at my butt. It was definitely cute. It would definitely look cute in those panties and Byron was definitely going to find it…me…attractive. I stepped into the bedroom and walked over to that white box. I pulled out the panties and slid them up my smooth legs. They fit like they were made for me and I pulled them into place. They cupped my balls nicely and I smoothed out the front, adjusted the sides onto my hips, and then ran to the bathroom to see my reflection. I turned my back to the mirror and looked at my pantied butt.

It looked really cute and girlish. I slid fingers into the leg opening and pulled the blue material out of my crack. I did this several times. Smiling with flirtatious eyes as I did. My reflection smiled back and seemed to say ‘Byron is going to love you like this.”

I slipped the cut-off sweatshirt over my head and it fell to just about 4 inches above my belly button. I messed with my shag haircut a little until I felt I looked as much like as that actor in the movie as I ever would.

Then I padded down the hallway to his bedroom like a little kid running to the tree on Christmas morning. About ten feet from his door I slowed my pace and tried to walk more like a girl with smaller steps. I even pushed my butt out.

I knew that would drive him crazy.

As my hand reached for the doorknob, I heard that deep baritone voice say “Come in, Nash. I’ve been waiting for you.”

I opened the door slowly and saw Byron laying on his king-sized bed. There was only a white satin sheet covering his muscular, ebony frame. His hands were folded behind his head and he sat up propped up on several pillows.

There was something moving between his legs, under the thin sheet, and as I got closer, it seemed to grow larger.

“Well just look at you. Don’t you look pretty enough to be in a movie?’ “Do you like…am I okay?” “Angel. You are perfection. Simply put, you are magnificent. I couldn’t have imagined you any better. Now turn around and let me see that pretty girly butt of yours.”

I did as instructed and slowly turned, never losing contact with his magical hazel eyes. I flexed my cheeks a little and heard him gasp and then I gave him the beylikdüzü escort move I knew he was waiting for. I faced forward and slowly reached behind, slid my fingers in the legs openings of my blue bikini panties and pulled the wedgie out.

Then I readjusted my twitching cock, which was leaving a wet spot on the front of my brief wardrobe, and turned back around expecting applause or at least a job well done.

What I got instead was a shock. Byron had pulled the sheet to the side and was stroking his monster cock while his hand played with the nipples on his right breast. His cock was the biggest cock I had ever seen and looked as if it were chiseled out of black marble, with thick, with rope-like veins running along the glistening shaft. The head was a large purple mushroom and it was leaking precum. The salty secretion made the spongy head look shiny and inviting and I found myself licking my lips.

I swallowed and took a few small steps towards him. Byron told me to stop and model for him. He said he wanted to see his pretty white boy show off his pretty little ass for him. So I turned once again and bent over slightly. I heard Byron take a deep breath and I bent over even more, giving him full access to my pantied ass. I pulled the material up into my crack slowly, exposing my pink-white cheeks and even playfully spanked myself.

Then I turned to face him as he lay there, pumping that gorgeous steel rod in his hand. I pulled the waistband of those bikini panties up towards my navel, pressing my now semi-erect cock against my belly. I cupped my balls in one hand. I traced a finger along the thin shaft and even allowed my pink cockhead to pop out from underneath for just a second, teasing Byron.

I then put my finger in my mouth, flirting with my eyes as I sucked the finger in and out. I pulled my panties down, exposing myself fully, aiming my small cock at him and then quickly pulled them back up, feeling the material go into my crack. He smiled and patted the bed next to him and told me to come to him.

I crawled up onto the foot of the bed, my pantied butt in the air, sliding between his thick muscular legs until I was an inch away from his cockhead. “You want this, don’t you?” he said has he aimed his cock at my mouth. “Yes.” “Yes what?” he asked with an authoritative tone. “Yes sir.” “YES BLACK DADDY.” “Yes Black Daddy,” I answered. “Well then crawl around here so that pretty little ass of yours in my face and you can have all you want, BabyBoy.”

I swiveled my body so that my butt was inches from Byron’s face and my face was just an inch or two from his black beauty. I leaned forward, smelling the muskiness of his man-cock and gripped the thick veined shaft with both hands. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and licked at the mushroom head tentatively. I had never sucked a cock before and hoped I would not disappoint him.

I closed my eyes and capped the monster head with my soft lips and kissed it. The large slit leaked a large dollop of precum and I quickly licked and swallowed the salty treat.

As I marveled at my first cock, my first black cock, my first enormous black cock, Byron was acquainting himself with my backside. His strong hands cupped my white cheeks and pulled them apart. He gave me a playful spank and I squealed like a girl which thrilled him.

He pulled the bikini panties down to my knees and pulled my butt to him. I could feel his hot breath on my little puckered hole and then something hard and wet touched it. Byron’s tongue was knocking at the door of my virginity with little flicks and pokes.

I pushed back a little to tell him to continue, access was granted, and he slipped his tongue inside me and began to eat my ass like it was a cherry pie. He pulled my cheeks apart and drove in deeper as I was pumping his shaft and sucking on the mushroom head like a baby nursing a bottle.

Byron ate my boy-pussy, as he called it, for about ten minutes and when he stopped I was dripping with his spit and primed for whatever was about to happen. I had also been working hard and Byron’s cock and it was like a glistening steel pipe. Fully erect, with a slight curve, that ebony cock shone with the fruits of my sucking and licking. It was slick with my sweat and spit and ready for the next thing.

Something long and and hard slipped inside me and it startled me. This was not Byron’s tongue. It was a finger and it was probably longer than my own cock. It gently slipped in to the third knuckle and began to massage my prostate. I whimpered and pushed back against it. Another finger slipped inside and the two of the stretched my tender ring to new dimensions. I knew, though, that the biggest and better was to come.

When he had prepared me the best he could, Byron told me to turn and face him. I did. My face glazed from the last ten minutes or so.

He told me to squat over his cock, making sure to aim my pussy at the head. I did as I was told and found myself balancing while trying to slide his cock into my crack and on target.

I felt the sandpaper head against my tender pucker and Byron told me to open up for Daddy. He told me to push out and his head would slide right into where it belonged.

I pushed out and after a second or two, his large mushroom head slipped inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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