Gloryhole Rediscovery

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My motorcycle was finally possible to ride, including its fresh inspection, and the tempting pull of the bathhouse led me, after a run of unsuccessful chores, to stop by. But it being 2:35pm, it was still closed – weekends are not the same as weekdays, making my hopes crumble in the face of reality.

However, in the general area I had seen a new adult bookstore complex when driving to the car dealer to handle our malfunctioning airbag (loose contact, easily enough fixed) a couple of months ago. Actually, it was a bit more than a book store or sexshop, including ads offering a darkroom area and ‘cruising’ on its windows. Parking nearby, I walked through the heavy curtains to see admission was the same price as the currently closed bathhouse, but considering I had a helmet, jacket, and a bag with rainpants, passing up this opportunity wasn’t hard.

I went into the next shop with an equally heavy curtained entrance, which had video booths, From the sound, at least one was occupied. Looking at the row, the last one away from the entrance was empty, and looking inside, there was a glory hole. It has been quite a while since my last pure gloryhole experience, and the possibility that the entire row had glory holes added to my excitement. The slider was almost fully open, and I closed it almost completely when going in.

The booth space was quite small, but adequate to place my helmet down, and get out condoms, my little brown bottle, and a few bills. Feeding my first bill in took a while, but it was clear that a man was sitting in the other booth, making the effort a bit frustrating until the credits appeared.

The porn started playing, and was quite loud – without any apparent volume control I could discover. The channel switcher was two buttons in the chair arm, making the entire video experience really quite old fashioned. Luckily, most of the porn seemed to be of the reality style, which is my definite preference. Searching through the channels, a man and a woman on a couch, both in underwear, with the woman having her clit played with, caught my interest, especially when she reached for her partner’s hard cock.

My pants were open, and after a bit of stroking, I opened the slider wider to look through the hole, and saw that the gloryholes did go from booth to booth, even if the next one over was empty. The hole itself was not that large, though not tiny. The other man was 3/4 erect, and wearing a dark grey cock ring, which was a bit unusual – the last cock ring I remembered well was in the darkroom at the bathhouse, getting my ass rimmed for a long while by the man wearing it.

Being my first time here, settling in comfortably took a while, especially since as the couple on the screen become more aroused, so did I – real sex is what turns me on, and this Escort Bayan was another good example. I stood up, my cock jutting, and pulled my pants down, facing the gloryhole the entire time, even if I wasn’t quite sure how well, if at all, the other man could see.

I sat back down, legs spread, my cock free and hot, and it didn’t take long for fingers to appear from his side. By now, the combination of porn and memory was starting to make thinking difficult, even as my hand started to really stroke myself as his fingers stayed along the rim of the opening. I almost reached out to touch the questing fingers as I generally did in the past, but this time, I just stood, my cock positioned to let him touch it, while reaching for the poppers bottle.

The first touch was extraordinary, gentle and perfectly placed. His thumb moved on the ridge of my cockhead, and I began falling under its blissful spell. My cock grew harder, and his touch continued to mesmerize me. I began to move closer to the hole, though with a distant determination not to let anything else happen without a condom.

A thought which only grow more difficult as I took a deep hit of Rush, and the sliding sensation became more liquid, and incredibly arousing even as the Rush took hold of my body. Now thrusting against his palm, it became almost impossible to resist the temptation to simply let myself sink against the wall and let him have my cock. Now I remembered just how intense a gloryhole could be, and almost ironically, the only thing that stopped me on the brink of crossing the boundary was almost cumming.

Focusing on not having an orgasm right then allowed a certain sense of control to take over, even as the pleasure of what he was doing continued, making me moan, and then reach down to his hand to slow him. Which only led him to wrapping his hand around my cockhead, and begin to pump me. I began thrusting against his strokes, watching the porn as he jerked me off, now remembering just how much of a role the porn played in the experience, while enjoying the re-introduction immensely.

After reaching the brink yet again, I sat down, amazed at how utterly wonderful the finger work had been.

I fed another bill into the machine, and noticed that someone was in the booth on the other side – after a bit, it was clear they were looking in, while the man in the middle video booth continued to jack off. My own fingers now reached through the opening, somewhat desperate to let him know how much I wanted his cock, and he stood. After a short pause, he stuck his cock through. A large cock, which grew as I stroked it, my face just inches away while I reached for a condom. Its size was surprising, and it was becoming one of the largest cocks I had ever handled, even if it lacked the majesty of the last large cock which had almost tempted me into sucking it at a gloryhole.

It took a bit of effort to open the condom package, especially since my attention was almost completely focused on pleasuring this heavy and stiff rod, so close to my face. But trying to slide the condom over even just his cockhead wasn’t possible – I was only able to lick a bit, and after a bit more fumbling on my part, his hand reached down to try to slide the condom further down, with a bit of success – which simply made his cock larger in my stretched and wanting mouth, and the condom even less suitable.

Generally, condoms are a bit on the tight side when covering my cock, which tends to be a negative trade-off in terms of sensation (though I have read for latex condoms, tight is best – unlike the lambskin condoms I used decades ago for birth control). In his case, the condom was completely inadequate, even after he sat down and tried to place it over his massive cock. I could also see fingers coming through from the other gloryhole, leading to him pitching the condom in the small trashcan, stand, and turn to the other side.

He was somewhat heavyset, and after watching for a moment, I leaned back, flipping through the porn until finding some MMF porn – one man eating the woman’s pussy, stroking himself, while getting fucked by the other man. Looking through the opening, I could see how he had pressed against the wall, clearly getting sucked off. However, there was actually little to see, which after a moment of lazy thought, made sense – a gloryhole is really quite private, except for direct physical contact. It also occurred to me that the other man was certainly offering something I hadn’t managed to. The sounds from the other booth were becoming as loud as the those coming from the two speakers near my head, especially a series of deep moans that turned into helpless growling.

Peering in again, my cock again completely hard, there was still little to see, apart from noting how he was pressed against the wall, arms spread wide, causing my fantasies to run wild, imagining what it would be like to suck such a huge cock off. But the forward leaning and low position necessary to watch wasn’t comfortable, making me return to an upright position – and concentrate on handling another upright position. It seemed likely he had cum at some point, causing me to assume he was done, so my stroking to the porn mixed with the reality of just how hot he had made me feel. wondering whether to cum or leave without cumming, as has been the case a number of times in the past.

And then appeared flesh at the opening, as if he had backed his ass up against the wall. I reached out quickly, my left fingers sliding over the very top of his ass crack, and I couldn’t stop myself from starting to pant. This was the second time that someone wanted to get fucked at a gloryhole, and this time, everything was ready – both the condom and the bottle, and most especially, my incredibly turned on cock.

I stood quickly, and ripped out the condom wrapper, sliding it over my cock with a certain hurried distraction. As soon as it was on, my right hand picked up the bottle, and my left touched his ass again, right at the top of where his ass spread. Positioning myself, my cock slid into paradise. Even after cumming, what had felt so good, even better than his fingering of my cock, was a mystery.

The sensation was fantastic, and I could feel myself moving deeper, knowing that at some point, I would be unable to stop myself from cumming. And after just another moment of pure sexual bliss, I wasn’t even sure if I could do a hit of Rush before pumping a man’s wanting asshole. Luckily, the cap was not screwed on tightly, and getting it open while beginning to thrust deeper into glory was not a major distraction from the pleasure, though enough to keep me from orgasming right then.

The sensation of pure male lust filled me as I breathed out, knowing that there was a cocksucking man bending down in front of my hot cock. A cock sliding deeper, my balls now feeling the smooth wood of the gloryhole, completely encompassed in warm sensation. A spreading sensation as I reached the wall, moaning how good it felt, my arms rising up against the hard surface. Slowly, pressing harder against the wall, I pulled my hips back a bit, and started to cum as I slid further in. And to keep cumming, my cheek flattening as the waves of orgasm poured through my cock.

After recovering enough to be able to leave, with a fair bit of time still left on the system, the reason why gloryholes had seemed so addictive had returned – the incredible mixture of porn and being in the booth to get off with a completely unknown man creates an unbelievably intense experience, focused on horny cocks, with almost no distraction.

The experience was so satisfying, I returned to my original, nearby gloryhole the next day, and then rediscovered several other aspects of the experience – no one there, or if there was someone, they lacked all interested (while blocking the other side from being used by anyone else). Not to mention the expense, always feeding the system while waiting, hoping with cock in hand that something more will happen beyond the admittedly enjoyable if very expensive (in the age of the Internet, at least) porn. The second gloryhole visit in two days cost almost as much as two visits to the bathhouse, with little of the satisfaction that even one bath house visit normally provides. A point that was easily made, as my last visit to the bathouse had only been the week before – it being so hard to resist its wonderful temptations after having sampled them so many times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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