Goan Holiday

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We were finally ready to leave having packed off the kids to my parents place for the next four days. I am Raj 40yrs 5’10” very overworked and a very fit 170 pounds. I take time off from the office to hit the gym or pool at 8 pm everyday. My wife Priya is also a very fit 115 pounds, 5’4″ with a 34b-25-34 figure. She is 33, extremely attractive, fair complexioned and with her highlighted hair and dress sense always makes heads turn. We both look much younger than our age and have been told so on many occasions. She is quite vivacious whereas I am quite the introvert. We were both looking forward to getting away for a few days to get away from the hectic life of Mumbai.

Our Jet Airways flight was on time and by the time we reached our exclusive resort in South Goa it was around 4 pm. The December weather was perfect, warm and sunny in the afternoon and would pleasant at night. No sultriness or chill at all in the air. We checked into our villa that came with a private plunge pool with Jacuzzi jets and open-air bathroom. It was costing me a fortune but what the hell money is earned to be spent.

“What a beautiful villa Raj!” exclaimed Priya as she walked thru the villa looking around. “A luxurious bedroom, spacious sitting room, our own private plunge pool, outdoor shower and loungers shaded under garden umbrella’s. I don’t think I need any clothes for the next four days. Nobody can so much as peep into our villa.”

“Yes sweetheart I concur, I don’t think I’m going to bother dressing at least while we are in here, it’s totally private,” I replied. “Let’s stash our bags away. Then I’m going to undress you and fuck you silly in the pool.”

“Fat chance of undressing me,” laughed Priya as she strolled to the small patio by the pool and dropped her jeans and singlet. She then sat on a lounger clad in her bra and panties and rested her bare feet on the grass which surrounded the pool.

Not one to be left behind I stripped totally nude throwing off my jeans, underwear and t-shirt. I put a bottle of wine into the mini bar and walked out of the villa over to my wife, my limp cock dangling between my legs.

“That was quick,” she grinned, “Somebody’s getting antsy. Come here I’ll let you undress me.”

I unsnapped her bra exposing her firm breasts that stood high on her chest. Her tits were capped with dark brown nipples just ripe for sucking.

“Aah…” she moaned as I took a nipple into my lips and having yanked her panties off rubbed her shaved pussy with my fingers.

My dick started rising fast as my fingers slid into her pussy and I could feel the start of her secretions.

“Ah fat boy has finally awoken,” she smirked wickedly, referring to my erection. Fat boy was the nickname she had given my cock. My uncut shaft stood an erect 7.5 inches but was extremely thick, hence the nickname. Priya could barely manage to curl her fingers around my cock Her thumb and fingers would meet only after she had managed to squeeze my erection really hard. I grabbed her as we jumped into the pool and latched onto a nipple.

“Ouch that hurts, be gentle Raj,” she complained as I bit into her firm breast.

“Sit by the edge baby, I want to eat your pussy,” I told her after having slathered her breasts with my lips and tongue.

Priya perched her buttocks by the edge of the infinity plunge pool and spread her legs wide offering her shaved pussy to me. Her pussy looked extremely inviting her outer lips were spread exposing the fleshy inner lips and clit.

“Aaahhh…that feels so good,” she moaned as my tongue snaked its way into the folds of her cunt.

“Oooh.. Raj you’re driving me crazy, lick me harder,” wailed Priya, generating copious amounts of pussy juice as I tongue fucked her pussy and licked her exposed nub. She bucked her hips against my chin willing me to lick her harder.

“Aaahhh… I’m cumming sweetheart,” she moaned again, as my tongue continued lapping and thrust into the folds of her vaginal lips.

“That was great sweetheart,” Priya sighed collapsing on the grass beside the pool her chest heaving as she recovered from her climax.

I got out of the pool and squatted by her face my erect cock inches from her lips and my cum laden balls resting on her arm.

“Suck fat boy baby, he’s feeling real horny,” I said pushing my fat cock towards her lips. “Aaahhh….” I grunted as she exposed the thick purple head and took it between her moist lips. She ran her tongue around my exposed head and licked the tip making my erection even harder.

“Take more baby,” I pleaded forcing my erection into her mouth. Unfortunately she gagged as my cock made contact with the back off her mouth.

“Fat boy is too thick,” she complained. “I can’t take too much of him. Why don’t you fuck me, he fits so well in my pussy,” she said naughtily.

“Ok babe, I’m going to fuck you in the pool come on in,” I replied jumping into the water.

My thick cock slid easily into her lubricated vagina. I fucked her hard as she floated on her şirinevler escort back. Her buoyant body was almost weightless in the water as I continued ramming my erect cock into the folds of her vaginal canal.

“I’m not going to cum in the pool sweetheart we’re going to have to finish on the lounger,” I said, after pumping my wife’s pussy for what seemed like an eternity. I then withdrew my cock from her pussy. Getting out of the pool Priya led me to a lounger and lay back as my hardness penetrated her vaginal opening again.

“Your pussy feels great on dry land sweetheart,” I grunted as our wet bodies thrashed on the lounger, my inflamed cock beating a steady rhythm into her pussy.

“Yeah baby make fat boy come. I want to feel him spurt inside me,” growled Priya, her manicured nails raking my back as she bucked her hips in rhythm to my thrusts.

“Yeah baby, I’m gonna fuck you real hard, gonna fill your pussy with my cum,” I growled back pounding my wife even harder. I soon felt the cum building in my balls and with a few final thrusts sought release in Priya’s pussy.

“There baby take my cum,” I wailed as I pumped my sterile seed into my wife. I no longer needed to wear condoms as I had undergone a vasectomy a few months earlier. I could now fuck and cum in my wife with my bare cock without having to worry about getting her pregnant.

“I need to cum,” complained Priya as I with drew my cock from the gooey mess I hade made in her pussy. “Get me my dildo please.”

I rushed inside the villa my leaky cock leaving a sticky trail on my thighs and on the wooden floor of the villa. Reaching the bedroom I rummaged thru Priya’s suitcase and found her favourite plaything. A flesh coloured latex imitation penis a full 9 inches long.

“Here sweetheart,” I said as I handed the sex toy over to Priya. She rammed the entire length in one go into her lubricated love canal and began fucking herself with it.

“Play with my clit baby,” she pleaded as she raised her hips from the bed. I reached out and began rubbing her little nub as she continued ramming the dildo into her pussy. She didn’t last very long as very soon she wailed again as she enjoyed her second orgasm of the evening.

“Lets shower baby,” I suggested as my wife lay before me, her breasts heaving as she got her breath back. She rose and carried the dildo with her as we walked to the outdoor shower to wash off our sexual secretions.

We washed each other off under the tepid water and padded naked into the villa, our naked bodies dripping all over the floor. We dried ourselves with the wonderful fluffy towels and Priya put away her freshly washed dildo. “Can’t leave it lying around, the housekeeping staff might see it,” she said.

“Yeah they just might,” I grinned. “Do you want some wine?”

“Wouldn’t mind a glass or two,” she purred.

I opened a bottle of Chardonnay and poured out a couple of glasses. We watched some T.V. in the nude as we sipped our wine within the air-conditioned comfort of our sitting area. It was around 6.30 pm when we decided to take a short nap. We settled into our cozy bedroom after washing and setting aside our used wine glasses.

Our nap lasted just under an hour. We woke up and showered, dressed and headed for the bar. I put on khakis, loafers and a navy blue polo T. Priya wore a short white skirt, which showed off her toned legs quite nicely, and a black halter. She didn’t bother with a bra although she did put on a g-string (for me to take off later she said naughtily).

The bar was not very crowded probably due to the high cost of alcohol, one of the problems of an exclusive resort, very pricey. What the hell I had my own supplies back in the villa we were just going to have a drink before dinner. We grabbed a couple of barstools; I ordered a scotch and a glass of wine for Priya.

As we were sipping our drinks another couple entered and took the barstools adjacent to us. They were white and looked to be in their mid 30’s. We got talking, actually it was Priya who initiated the conversation, she makes friends quite easily. Mark and Fiona were from Liverpool England, he was dark haired pushing 6ft I guessed about 195 lbs and Fiona an attractive blonde looked to be around 5’7″ probably 130 lbs. They were on a tour of India and had come to Goa from Mumbai and then were headed to Bangalore.

We indulged in some polite conversation gave them the usual touristy information and proceeded to take their leave as we headed for dinner. They were in the first year of their marriage and this break was the first after their honeymoon, which had been in Spain. Marbella and Barcelona more specifically.

We had a quick light dinner after which we proceeded once again to sample the comfort of our villa.

“That was a nice dinner,” said Priya as I started undoing her halter-top.

“Yes dear,” I replied, my hands now busy with my wife’s skirt.

“I quite took to Mark and Fiona, they seemed escort istanbul quite nice,” said Priya. “I’d like to invite them over for a drink tomorrow. We could use a little company.”

“Yup,” I mumbled as I began throwing off my clothes. Soon I stood naked before my g-string clad wife, my fat cock clamoring for attention. “Suck me baby, make me cum,” I told my wife. Priya went down on her knees and uncovered fat boy’s head. She put the uncovered head into her warm mouth and using her spittle as lubrication jerked my shaft with her right hand and massaged my cum laden balls with her left.

“Aaah… that feels so good baby, suck my cock,” I moaned as Priya sucked and licked my cock head. “Let me enter you now baby,” I pleaded, eager to put fat boy into Priya’s hungry pussy.

I led Priya to the bed and tugged off her g-string with my teeth. Kissing her ankles I coursed my way along the insides of her thigh until my lips reached her shaved pussy.

“Ummm…” she purred as my tongue flicked out and tasted the beginning of her secretions. I moved onto her nub and flicked my tongue over her love button.

“Put fat boy in me,” she moaned softly. I spread her legs and gently fed my cock into her waiting pussy. Inch by inch I slid into her love canal until finally my balls were resting on the crack of her buttocks. “Fuck me baby,” she purred and bucked her hips against me gently.

We woke early and hit the gym by 7am. After a decently strenuous workout we headed to the coffee shop to indulge in a good breakfast. Unlike the bar the previous evening, the coffee shop was packed with no available table in sight.

“Hey Raj over here,” called out a voice. I peered over the overcrowded tables and spotted the source of the voice, it was Mark. Fiona and he were seated at a table for four. “Come join us,” he beckoned.

Piling our plates with eggs and croissants we made our way over to their table.

“Thanks guys, we were quite hungry, just finished with our workouts,” I said gratefully.

“No problem our pleasure,” replied Fiona sweetly.

“So what are you up to today?” asked Priya between mouthfuls of scrambled eggs.

“Nothing just tanning by the pool and downing beers,” replied Fiona. “Why don’t you join us.”

“Let’s see we’d rather chill by the pool in our villa. In fact why don’t the both of you come along to the villa? We can hang out and relax. We have our own stock of wines and Raj can make Margaritas, we’ve carried the liquor with us.”

“You have a pool villa,” said Fiona disbelievingly, “I didn’t know they had them here. Is the pool totally private?”

“Yes, you’re welcome to come and have a look,” replied Priya.

After coffee we took a leisurely walk back to our villa, which was some distance away from the coffee shop. Fiona tugged along a small bag she was carrying as they had planned to go to the pool right after breakfast.

“Amazing villa Raj,” said Mark as he took a tour of the villa, “So well planned and with your own pool area and loungers.”

“I’m taking over a lounger,” announced Fiona, “That is if you don’t mind, Priya.”

“Go ahead,” laughed Priya, “Feel free.”

Fiona pulled her dress over her head revealing a well-cut printed bikini. Her bikini struggled to cover her more than ample bosom and butt cheeks. Her breasts were at least a C cup, a 36C I estimated. Fiona’s almost flat waist tapered into a generous backside and flared out into long lightly tanned legs. She dragged the lounger into the sun and lay back after putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Mark took off his T-shirt and lolled around in his shorts. He too looked to be quite fit apart the beginnings of a slight paunch.

“I need a shower,” announced Priya. “I’ll join you,” I replied, “Need one after the gym.”

We showered taking turns soaping each other. I ate Priya out in the shower to an intense orgasm, licking her shaved pussy until she begged me to stop. I put on my Speedos and Priya a modest bikini. We walked out to the pool area grabbing my ipod and speaker set on the way.

“Had a good shower,” Fiona grinned as we joined her by the lounger.

“Yes it was fulfilling,” laughed Priya.

Mark had managed to turn on the Jacuzzi jets and was enjoying a massage in the plunge pool.

“Priya could you rub some suntan oil on my back?” asked Fiona handing over a plastic bottle.

“Sure Fiona,” she said and smearing her hands with the oil proceeded to rub it into Fiona’s back.

“Beers anybody,” I called out. There was a chorus of affirmative replies. I set up the ipod and amidst strains of Dire Straits went into the villa to get chilled pints from the mini bar. Handing a beer to everybody I took a seat by Priya and Fiona and sipped the chilled brew.

Mark got out of the Jacuzzi and settled down beside us on the grass letting the sun warm his wet body.

We chatted for a while and had a fresh round of beers. Priya and I shared a shaded lounger after smearing our halkalı escort bodies liberally with sun block. Mark lay on a towel next to Fiona both well protected with tanning lotion as they lay out in the sun.

“Would it be all right if I tanned topless?” inquired Fiona, “I got quite used to tanning topless in Spain, found it very liberating and gives me a more even tan.”

“Go ahead, if you want to,” laughed Priya, “I don’t mind at all and I’m quite sure Raj would definitely prefer it, what say you sweetheart?” she said turning towards me.

“Oh ok,” I nodded stupidly. My wife had become quite the aggressor in bed of late especially after we had a threesome with her best friend Sonali recently.

“What about Mark?” I inquired, not quite sure how he would react.

“No problem with me, she’s been topless right thru our honeymoon,” said Mark nonchalantly.

Fiona undid her top and out spilled her ample mounds. The large fleshy orbs were capped with large light brown nipples. Her nipples started getting erect as she rubbed tanning lotion into her exposed breasts.

“I’m dropping my top too,” whispered Priya to me softly. Reaching back she unsnapped her bikini top exposing her firm breasts.

I was pleasantly surprised at my wife’s boldness at wanting to appear topless in front of another couple. Our earlier tryst with her friend had probably loosened her inhibitions to a greater extent than I previously thought.

I was now gazing at two pairs of wonderful breasts and rubbing sun block into my wife’s pair. Fat boy began to make a tent in my lycra Speedos. I moved position to camouflage my hard on. Fat boy continued moving north and I kept squirming trying to hide my excitement.

“Margaritas anyone?” I asked, hoping for a positive response, so I could get into the villa and cool my libido. There was once again a chorus of yeas. Swinging off the lounger I walked into the villa with my back facing my wife and our guests.

I took my time preparing the Margaritas using a plastic bottle as a shaker. Grabbing two wine glasses I proceeded to the loungers to find Mark chatting nonchalantly with the topless women.

Putting on a straight face I proceeded to pour out the Margaritas but my dick started getting hard again, I cursed myself for not having put on a pair of lounging shorts like Mark had on.

I sat down behind Priya to camouflage my growing erection once again. Both my wife and our guests made short work of the first batch of Margaritas. Now I would have to go make some more. Embarrassingly I stood up and the women laughed at the obvious bulge in my Speedos. No doubt emboldened by the quantity of alcohol they had imbibed.

I rushed back into the villa and whipped up another batch of potent Margaritas. I took the precaution of changing into a pair of loose lounging shorts. My cock was only semi-hard now and my crotch didn’t bulge obscenely as it had in my Speedos.

I walked back outside quite confident that I wouldn’t embarrass myself. Pouring out the Margaritas I once again took position behind my wife, sitting in the shaded area of the lounger.

The Margaritas were disappearing rapidly once again and we were all getting a little buzz.

“Priya could you please rub more some lotion on me,” requested Fiona.

“Sure,” replied Priya, smearing her hands with the tanning lotion she began to rub Fiona’s back. She strayed from her immediate area of application as she boldly massaged the sides of Fiona’s ample breasts. The alcohol was really having an effect on my wife.

“You can massage my breasts too Priya they could use an extra layer of lotion,” said Fiona playfully.

My cock took off as soon as Priya’s palms closed around Fiona’s tits. She kneaded and massaged Fiona’s chest her hands well lubricated with the lotion. Fiona moaned as Priya’s fingers closed around her nipples and massaged the little nubs until they stood erect.

“There, all done,” said Priya, taking her hands off Fiona’s breasts.

“Looks like your husband has gotten very excited from watching you massage me,” Fiona grinned staring at my shorts.

I looked down; the outline of my prick was clearly visible in the loose material of the shorts. There was nothing I could do and there was no way in hell I could will my cock to go down. The loose shorts had done nothing to help camouflage my erect cock.

“Sweetheart you look so very uncomfortable why don’t you just lose the trunks,” laughed Fiona naughtily. “We don’t want the host to be uncomfortable, do we Mark?”

Mark just grinned and started peeling off his shorts, bringing his semi hard cock into view. I felt funny looking at his circumcised cock. I mean I’m no prude but being nude with my wife in front another nude couple was not something I had experienced. Priya too was staring. She had been a virgin when I married her and mine was the only cock she had seen, other than the cocks in the numerous porn movies we had watched together.

Somehow I managed to peel off my shorts over my erection, fat boy did not disappoint he stood as hard and erect as ever.

“Whoo hoo hunky,” hooted Fiona, “Priya, your husband looks absolutely ready for action.”

“Want to sample him?” asked Priya her inhibitions further dropping as the alcohol took effect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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