Goddess Valentine

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After three years of being college roommates, with more than two of those years being lovers as well, I eagerly anticipated the return to campus, to spend one more year sharing a dorm room with Valentine. But this year, we were lucky, for as seniors, we had first choice of dorm rooms, and we were able to get a relatively large room (as dorm rooms go) in the newly-constructed dorm by the lake, with a beautiful view to the west – just perfect for viewing a sunset.

Since she was a member of the soccer team, Valentine had arrived on campus well before the dorms officially opened to the general student population. So when I arrived with my two suitcases and my overloaded backpack, it was a pleasant relief that my two-day bus trip had ended and the dream of once again seeing my beautiful goddess was about to be realized.

After acquiring my key and saying hello to a few friends I saw in the stairwell, I finally made it to Room 301. Our names were both emblazoned upon the paper sunflowers posted upon the wooden door. Valentine had already posted a small dry-erase board with a marker and an eraser, so that anyone could leave a message for either of us when we were gone. With a weary smile of anticipation, I slipped the key into the lock, and opened the door.

Valentine was not in the room, unfortunately, but her presence was definitely felt. My girlfriend had already made the beds and moved them together, exactly the way we preferred. With the beds positioned underneath the single large window, we would be able to receive the cool breezes off the lake as we slept at night. She was once again clearly eschewing the college’s ban on open flames, as I smelled the dragon’s blood before I saw the already-used incense burner atop a bookcase. Her laptop’s screensaver displayed various pictures of us – sometimes solo, sometimes together, sometimes with friends – but the picture which captivated me was one in which she stood nude before the window of our sophomore-year dorm room, facing toward the window with her back to the camera, her head turned to look over her shoulder and produce a seductive smile…

I was weary from the long journey, and after putting away my belongings, I undressed, put on my pink terrycloth robe (Valentine had always enjoyed seeing me in it), gathered my shower items, and made my way down the hall.

I was a little surprised to see someone else in the changing area, her back to me as she stepped into a black thong. I was even more surprised to see that it was my goddess.

Needless to say, the greeting was a heartfelt one, and I was not at all surprised when she took off the thong and joined me in the shower. We lingered there for a long time – kissing, hugging, touching, and to some extent rediscovering each other, all under the soothing hot spray from above.

Dinner was the usual college campus food, but it somehow seemed çankaya escort more special with my girlfriend sitting across the table from me, her foot resting upon my thigh. The return to the dorm was slow and meandering as we chatted about the summer, further explaining events we had only briefly mentioned in our letters and e-mails to each other over the previous three months.

As we strolled along the lake, we came to our favorite spot: a large boulder within a grove of trees. Few people ever paused to sit in this grove, and once again, we had the grove to ourselves. It was there that we sat and talked and traded caresses and kisses until the sun had set beyond the lake several hours later.

That was when we both knew: It was time for the talk to end and the adoration to begin.

Being a typical Saturday night, there were several impromptu parties in progress when we returned to the dorm, as well as many students preparing for or heading out to a night at the local clubs and bars. Since classes had not yet started, there was no homework to be done, and everyone seemed to be taking advantage of that fact.

…including us.

With the door to our dorm room closed and locked behind us, the loud heavy metal from Melissa’s room down the hall seemed to suddenly fade away like a rapidly-forgotten dream. Valentine turned on the main light just long enough to set a flame to each of the candles she produced from her closet, then turned off the main light to bathe us both in the flickering soft yellow glow.

Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. I simply spread my arms, and Valentine stepped into my embrace, her body seeming to melt as my love for her radiated around us both. Her love caused the warm energy in the room to expand until, to my relief, we were protected from the hard, grating noise Melissa called music.

All that existed was us. As my goddess stepped back from me and began to shed her clothes, my eyes and my heart were riveted to her. I reached forward to touch her, yet she playfully and repeatedly slapped my hand away, teasing me, tempting me, enticing me, her smile evidence of her glee at sharing the same physical space with me once again.

She stood nude before me, and I was moved. Somehow, I found myself upon my knees, hugging her thighs, my head pressed to her stomach, my nostrils full of her natural scent. Throughout the long hot summer, I had dreamed about this very moment, attempted to envision how I would react to our first intimate moments together following our return to college, yet I had never anticipated this reaction. I had long thought of Valentine as a goddess, but this was the first time that I had ever knelt before her and hugged her so, the first time that I had ever felt as if I was unworthy of gazing upon her natural beauty.

“I’ve keçiören escort missed you, too,” she whispered, her voice as smooth as silk and as soft as a gentle breeze. Her hands stroked my head, her fingers toyed with my hair, and I felt my breath catch, my heartbeat quicken, my soul filling with her love. For the first time in several years, I felt nervous before her, nervous that I would not meet with her liking, nervous that she would somehow find me lacking.

I need not have worried, for she knelt before me, cradled my head in her hands, and gazed long and lovingly into my eyes before she kissed me.

My lips were instantly ablaze with passion. Each strand of my hair felt electrified by her touch. The breast-to-breast contact created its own warmth upon my chest while my heart seemed to swell within me. As if it was vying for attention, my clitoris twitched, which caused the crotch of my panty to moisten with my growing desire for this beautiful young woman, this stunning goddess. She sucked the breath from me and gave me her own, her hands slipping from my hair to my shoulders to cause them to tingle with excitement and delight.

Yet I was still fully dressed, which could not last much longer. I wanted to be naked for her, be naked with her, be naked so that she could press her bare flesh directly to mine and we could better increase the loving energy filling the dorm room.

…and suddenly, I was naked, her bare flesh pressed directly to mine, my clothes having dissipated into a fine warm mist surrounding us. I clutched the goddess with an even stronger embrace, kissing her with even more passion, ingesting her soft whimper as I gave in to the months of passion about to burst through the cracking dam of a required and lengthy separation.

Tearing her lips away from mine, Valentine gasped for air, the sound loud and unladylike and captivating in its own right. Her exhalations were warm upon my face, then upon my neck as she seized me tightly, her breath liquefying and pelting my skin with an even finer mist than that which already surrounded us. Opening my eyes at last, I could not see the dorm room, only a vast rainbow of colors as the mist surrounding us caught the dancing flickers of the candles.

I had missed these moments during the summer – these moments when the world practically ceased to exist and was instead replaced by manifestations of Valentine’s desires and emotions. I was in awe of her magic, of her ability to create such a space dedicated to our love, of her ability to bond us ever closer together within her magical, romantic realm.

I was ever more in awe of my goddess.

I became even more in awe of her as she began to slowly dissolve before my eyes, herself transforming into a dense mist. Her mist-form began to swirl around me, moving slowly, etimesgut escort reminding me of a competitive ribbon dancer seen in slow motion on television. Languidly, her mist-form trail closed in on me, first brushing me across the forehead, and beginning to wrap down my head, my neck, my shoulders, my arms and torso.

With a lightning-fast rush, the mist-form eased into me. The sensation was indescribable: something solid yet liquid yet neither. I was filled with my Valentine, penetrated by her entire being, and I cried out, both from the surprise of her act and by the sweet love with which I was being thrilled. I bathed my love with my love, yet she was able to transform my liquid desire into a continual warm caress, stroking me from inside my own body, igniting my passions even further.

I could not be still, nor could I be silent. My eyes closed to better revel in the inhuman coupling, I felt nothing beneath me, yet I knew instinctively that I was practically convulsing on the floor, my mind too overwhelmed to make any sense of the ecstasy spiraling outward from my core. My body was inexplicably sensitive, resulting in a never-ending stream of incoherent sounds spewing forth from my mouth. As my goddess loved me from the inside, I loved myself from the outside, my hands roaming my own body in a brazen display of self-gratification.

Somehow, I found myself upon my stomach upon the floor I could not feel. With my fingernails burrowing into the unfelt carpet, my world exploded, my senses decimated, my body shredded by pleasure, my voice carrying beyond the very ends of the universe. Yet it was not just a single explosion, but a string of explosions, the execution so perfectly timed that one peak of pleasure essentially formed the base of yet another peak, sending my spirits higher and higher and higher, and my loving goddess was both the passenger and the cause.

I do not know how long the unusual coupling lasted. Time, like corporeality, had no meaning. I only know that when I felt as if my heart would burst and I would be permanently deaf from the thundering in my hears, a cool mist enveloped me, while the mist-form inside me became effectively inert yet very present. As I descended from the most recent peak, the loving magical assault would resume, increasing my pleasure until I thought I could survive no more, then my goddess would temporarily relent. It was a cycle that continued well into the night, a cycle which was all the more special because it had been completely unexpected…

I awoke upon the floor, naked, my clothing beneath my head in a makeshift pillow. Upon me, upon my back, lay my Valentine, my lover, my goddess, snoring softly in my ear. Judging from the amount of light in the dorm room, it was nearly sunrise. Looking around, it was clear that the candles had burned to stubs in their holders and extinguished themselves. The scent of love was clearly evident in the room, and as I turned my head toward her, I realized that it was not just the scent of love, but the scent of my love coating my sleeping love.

That was when the tear began to fall from my eyes, for I am a mere mortal, and will never be able to grant such exquisite pleasure to my goddess.

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