Greg’s Girlfriend

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It all started like a normal day. It was a bright sunny day, Greg’s girlfriend texting him while was in class. She was in high school still (a senior) while he just started college. They were still very sexual with each other while apart, sending each other stories to turn each other on, maybe the occasional picture.

Greg was in class when Amelia sent him a text saying she got a ride home with her friend Cathy. Amelia and Cathy had been friends for a long time, and they were both really cute.

Both white girls, Amelia had brown hair, freckles, a cute smile, blue eyes, C-cup, a cute butt and really nice and funny. Cathy, was very similar to Amelia, she has really nice blonde hair, a little curly hair, green eyes, a B-cup, a bit quirky, but nice.

Well, Amelia had been sending Greg texts where she would have no intro, just telling him something sexy. So it seemed normal to him when he got a text saying “Hey Greg! Cathy drove me home… but it got kind of weird…”

“Ho demetevler escort yeah! What happened? You okay? This is about to be a sexy story, right?”

“Well that depends. Do you like to imagine Cathy and I together? ;)”

“Haha what? Yeah, of course I do! You know that! What happened???”

“Well, she was driving me home, and we were just listening to music and talking, and all of a sudden she kinda started rubbing me leg? I thought about stopping her or at least saying something, but I don’t know, it was nice!”

“Oh wow. That is sexy as hell. This is just a story, right? :(“

“No the weird thing is this actually happened!

She was just rubbing my leg, and I started to like it, and we got to my house, and I kinda started rubbing back! It was just like a reflex! It felt natural!”

“Oh my gosh babe. That is super hot, but I do not know how I feel about that…”

“It gets better. We otele gelen escort were in her car and kinda rubbing each others legs and I just started blushing and looked away. At the point she grabbed my chin and turned my head towards me and she kissed me! And, I do not know why, I just started kissing back! It was so great.”

“Please go on!”

“Well we were kissing and rubbing each other, and finally I stopped and was like ‘wait, you cannot do this. We both have boyfriends!’ and she was like ‘just think of this as a way of learning things about our bodies!’ and we again started making out, and rubbing more sensually. And finally she started to rub my clit through my jeans. I really wanted her at this point. I grabbed her hand and let her unzip my pants. She starting kissing me on my neck and slowly caressing my body while unzipping my jeans. Then she slowly started to reach her hand into my pants, I felt myself get balgat escort wetter and wetter the closer she got! I never thought I’d be so turned on by a girl like this, the thought never crossed my mind. But it was so sexy, seeing her be such a slut for me! Anywho, she started to slowly rub my clit through my underwear, and finally she started to rub a little faster, she felt how wet my pussy was and got this big grin on her face and kissed me again. After that, she knew it was game on. She leaned in towards me, and started to make out more vigorously with me, I felt our girlish tongues just swirl around each other, and I let out a little moan when she touched my clit a certain way. She smiled really big at this point, and slowly started to reach into my panties…”

Then the texts stopped for a while. “Hey, Amelia! Where’d ya go?” Greg would text, but he got no messages from her for the rest of the evening. Greg didn’t know what she was doing for so long. He was unaware of Amelia rubbing her pussy on the other side of the phone, thinking about the situation happening. He would find out that weekend though. She was going to finish the story to him, she was just… taking a break. He would find out how often Amelia would fantasize about this exact situation, actually. And he was definitely going to find out where that story goes very soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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